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  1. This one was more of a fun one for me. These picks aren't necessarily picks I would make for the team but more of the "crush" I have for that selection. The fit may not be there but its a player I like. I also made no assumptions on offseason additions and/or subtractions. So onto the draft! 29) Dillon Radunz, OT, North Dakota State - This one fits both a crush and a need. Radunz was a stud at NDSU and should fit in nicely in the NFL. Great run blocker with versatility to play multiple positions. This was a tough choice as Asante Samuel is my other crush at this point, but my NDSU allegia
  2. I like this move for Indy and Wentz. I think Wentz is still a good QB and was kind of hung out to dry by Philly last year due to injury. It likely ends up as a 1st in 2022 as well so the Eagles got a fair return in the deal.
  3. This was probably the best possible fit for Wentz as well. I thought the Eagles would have gotten more for him but its possible his market wasn't that hot.
  4. Yea, I was very disappointed with the senior bowl reports. But I am still a believer at this point but not in love with the pick. Kind of the feeling I had with M Adams when he was selected.
  5. I once again used The draft Network Machine for this one. Not going into detail on the offseason but assumed losses are: Aaron Jones Kevin King Corey Linsley Retaining: Rick Wagner Billy Turner Christian Kirksey With those assumptions made onto the draft: 29) Asante Samuel, CB, Florida St - He was in my last mock and may be there in the next one too. With King gone Samuel has become my favorite target at this spot 61) Tommy Togiai, IDL, Ohio St - Big heavy run stuffing interior guy. Hopefully frees up Kenny Clark some to penetrate more. N
  6. Honestly no I don’t expect him to be there that late but that’s how the draft machine fell this time. I was actually expecting to use that pick on Patterson from Buffalo but with Sermon there I had to go with him. I feel Sermon will be gone by the middle of round three.
  7. I don’t think he makes it out of the second round either but according to the draft machine he was there!
  8. This is my first shot at a mock. Only doing the draft. Honestly don’t have time to run through an entire offseason and make the money work especially with an unknown cap number. I used the draft networks mock machine. So tear it apart as you like 29) Asante Samuel Jr., CB, Florida St. A little undersized but is a great man cover guy. Replaces King and hopefully forms a great tandem with Jaire. 61) Dillon Radunz, OT, North Dakota St. Tough physical blocker. Has versatility but hopefully replaces Wagner on the right side 92) Marvin Wilson, IDL, Florida St. Highl
  9. Just wanted to fix a couple positions for you. But as for the game I’m expecting another close game. Could go either way. The biggest impact will be the return of Skalski and the improvement for Clemson on that side of the ball. I’m going to stick to my homer roots though and say the Irish squeak it out.
  10. So I browse the mocks drafts being out out by various sources just to get a feel on names and where players are expected to go. The common theme for the Packers once again this year is WR in round one. Will the media melt down when, once again, the kick is not a WR? The only linebacker I would want in the first is Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. I think he can be that Raven Greene type player but with more pop to him. Also, he will be long gone. Like others have said, improve the DL and all of a sudden those LB’s get better.
  11. The bold was said about Trey Lance? As far as your other points I mostly agree although the offense is more complex than you think. And is more of a pro style offense than most college teams run. He does have a tendency to pre determine his throw though which leads to staring his receiver down. I don’t know if it’s inability to feel pressure or a trust in offensive line since they typically don’t allow a lot of pressure. But that’s something that can be learned. He has the tools you can’t teach so that’s why he is ranked as he is. Plus he is very young yet.
  12. They aren’t exactly the same but in a general sense they are. You have an aging HOF QB that still has some run left. A young although flawed prospect falls in the draft. The selection is made when other areas of the team seemed to be more important at that time. So that’s three quite similar trait in the situation. I wasn’t a fan of the lick at the time (I was a fan of the Rodgers pick though). I think the Love pick game a year early for what I would do but if you see the guy as a top end talent you can’t pass since those opportunities don’t come often.
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