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  1. AG20 Mock Offseason V2

    You hit the top three in my offseason wish list with Jones, Tyler Johnson, and Moss. If the rest came true I would be pretty pumped.
  2. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    They showed him after the play from what I remember. It was the same look he has after every bad play. So I’m not reading into as anything directed towards any single player. Just disgusted with how things went down.
  3. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    Yea I could see that. I don’t really take into account body language a lot since Rodgers kind of always looks pissed off or annoyed. There is a possibility he couldn’t even see the ball in between all he bodies too.
  4. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    Essentially yes. And I have no problem with that decision in this instance.
  5. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    I don’t agree with that criticism either. At first I thought that was the case but the replay showed the ball kick forward towards the defense. If Rodgers dives for that he has very little chance to recover and a high chance of getting stepped on or hurt by one of the many lineman in he area
  6. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    Man this rehashing and hyperbole on Rodgers is getting tough to read every day. Has he been great? No. Has he been trash? No. This year he has been ok. More inconsistent than anything. What the cause of that inconsistency is I don’t know. He may not trust what he sees anymore or just doesn’t have the physical ability. He misses open throws but I’m willing to guess (I’m not going to go back and look it up) that even during his peak years he was missing a lot of open receivers as well he just executed the scramble drill so well he masked the issue. But the constant bashing and dragging of Rodgers gets old. We all know he isn’t what he was but he still isn’t a bottom 5 QB as some want you to believe. It almost makes a guy want his replacement to be real trash so people can realize how spoiled fans have become.
  7. Fire Pettine

    I guess I would be fine with moving in from Pettine but this all seems somewhat knee jerk like after the dismal performance last night. There was an improvement this year over last year so that’s something. The 49ers/Shanny just seem to have Pettine figured out. Maybe Pettine hasn’t changed since his days on the staff with Shanahan or something but it just seems like a bad matchup more than overall performance.
  8. Shrine Game

    Unable to watch today but hoping my Bison guys (Tuszka and Ellefson) show well
  9. Two rounds. Constantly updating.

    Ok. Cool. WR isn’t typically a first round priority for GB but this year I could see as an exception.
  10. Two rounds. Constantly updating.

    For GB there is almost a 0% chance they go IOL in the first.
  11. How long until North Dakota State goes FBS?

    Fighting Hawks don’t exist in my mind. It’s just North Dakota. They should have just went nicknameless, which was one of the options, instead of using Fighting Hawks and stealing the logo from the postal service.
  12. How long until North Dakota State goes FBS?

    I was at NDSU during the transition. The hard feelings came from one side. NDSU gave UND every opportunity to make the move with them. I don’t see hard feelings being a factor in an FBS move.
  13. How long until North Dakota State goes FBS?

    They have made a lot of money off their recent success but not enough to completely rebuild a 30,000+ seat stadium. And as far as a new stadium goes they would likely have to buy a new plot of land since the plot that the Fargodome sits on now, when parking is added wouldn’t be big enough for a facility of that size. I’m not sure if I want to see them move up or not. Is it better to be the king at the FCS level or be a Central Michigan type are the FBS level?
  14. How long until North Dakota State goes FBS?

    I think you’re right about Boise but they came in a little too late.
  15. How long until North Dakota State goes FBS?

    I don’t believe this is a big factor in their decision. They left UND behind when they moved up from D2. And the only reason they wanted to move up with other schools at that time was so they could fill their own conference. If they moved up to FBS they would be invited into a conference and would need partners to make the move. This decision comes down to the financials.