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  1. It may have improved. I haven’t seen him play for a very long time. It may be better than I remember. I seem to remember him struggling with throws to the sideline.
  2. He is ok. Worth a tryout. Fairly athletic from what I remember but has a below average arm.
  3. Use it to get Himmelman too hopefully
  4. Wilson didn’t last long. I believe David Moore is out there yet. Kevin Stepherson, Cade Johnson are both good options. DJ Daniel would be nice too
  5. How does a guy named Cheeseman not end up in Green Bay??
  6. Late 6th round is ok to draft for special teams especially if your special teams are garbage.
  7. If they were going CB why not take my guy Shakur Brown? I know nothing about this guy though.
  8. Wrong Moore. I’m talking about David Moore the OG from Grambling.
  9. Well this probably eliminates my guy David Moore from coming in. Still hope for Shakur Brown though!
  10. I see no way Turner isn’t in the starting 5. He was a very solid RG and played well at RT. It’s just he gets exposed some at LT. it’s a net loss in overall quality moving Jenkins. The gain you may get with Jenkins at RT is less than the loss you get putting Stepaniak at LG. Don’t over think this. The line is basically set from last year. Slide in the rookie and let the best man win at RG.
  11. Still quite a few players I like hanging out there. Daviyon Nixon was projected in the 2nd a lot. Marvin Wilson is worth a flier at this point. I have no idea why Jabril Cox has dropped but he would be a great nickel backer. James Hudson, Brendan Jaimes, and Drew Himmelman give us options at tackle with David Moore, Tommy Kraemer, and Sarderius Hutcherson being good options on the interior. I would like to add another CB and my draft crush Shakur Brown is just sitting and waiting. I don’t think they add another wide receiver but Cade Johnson would be a solid pick. I think there will be lots of
  12. I loved Spencer Brown. He could have been a good one in GB.
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