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  1. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    1. What happened to going for NOW and not worrying about the future 2. Familia is better than Hand 3. As stated before team control of relievers is not a plus. Too volatile a position. And certainly not a difference to go from top 20 org guy to top 5 overall guy 4. Whether Hand should fetch more isn't the point. The point was that there were other options that didn't involve trading Mejia. And not requiring MORE than Mejia.
  2. Indians acquire Brad Hand

  3. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    Ehh...I actually like giving them both. It's not about more movement, it's about different. Lefty 4 seam appears to have a natural tail, but not as much downward movement. The 2 seam gives that which allows for swing and miss and ground ball rates that are really good. 4 seam for velocity and better command. And I agree with MWil I'd always teach 4 seam first even if I intend to switch to a 2 seam. The most important thing is repeatability of motion and that is easier for the kid to learn and see with a straighter, easier-to-command pitch.
  4. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    There is virtually zero chance he comes to the majors in the OF and then goes back to catcher. That is far too much development time missed, especially for that position. And he is worth more as a catcher. Absolutely the right business decision, imo.
  5. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    Honestly I don't think a breaking ball is even necessary. 4 seem fastball, 2 seam fastball, changeup. Especially since the 2 seem with the right angle can have some significant downward movement.

    This is where I'm at. I don't think I value the same things as him but he does much better than most analysts in explaining the game and its finer details. He isn't too generic or talking in gibberish. That at least makes him informative and interesting to listen to.
  7. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    1. Chapman is far better than Hand 2. Torres as a prospect at that point wasn't as good. He was top 20. Mejia is top 5. 3. He truly was blocked in Chicago by another young highly regarded short stop in Addison Russell (and Javy Baez), not Yan Gomes and Roberto Perez The situations if comparable don't compare favorably to the Indians. And even then it was seen as a hefty price. EDIT: See hrubes comment
  8. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    No one has said this at all. Trades can only be evaluated on the value traded not what ultimately happens because you can only make decisions on the information you have. A bad trade can work out. A great trade may not. That doesn't change the fact that the former was bad and latter was great.
  9. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    That isn't the point. You don't pay $100 for a product worth $20 just because you really need that product. Especially when there are other similar products that are worth $18 that you can almost certainly get for that or up to $25 at most. And if you think he is surplus, with that $100 you can get a player(s) that help more than that $20 guy will.
  10. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    Don't know where I said that, but ok. And even good decision makers can make bad decisions. He also gave up on Jesus Aguilar. I happen to think that entire team from the top down to Francona buts entirely too much weight on being able to call a game for a catcher, especially for a 22 year old catcher. Do you actually think Roberto Perez is anything more than a replacement level player at best?
  11. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    You've made claims or brought up possibilities far beyond that. But as said above I apologize for going too far.
  12. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    I'll admit I shouldn't have said he shouldn't post. That was overboard.
  13. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    This implies if you don't win you do care. A trade being good or bad isn't conditional on future events. If you honestly think the only deals for relievers available require the trading of a top 5 prospect then you need to stop posting about baseball because you don't know anything.
  14. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    So if you don't win you'll agree it was horrible? That isn't how you evaluate trades. If you think you lost the trade then you lost the trade. There is nothing that can change that. The history tells there are several relievers available. Basically every reliever from a non contending team is available. HAHAHAHAHAHA
  15. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    A 27 year old rookie who had a good first half is FARRRRR from proven. And again you don't get the concept of asset value. It doesn't mater who is or isn't proven except to the extent it changes the asset value. And Hand's value is not close to Mejia's value even if he has proven himself. Trading Mejia for Hand is a negative value transaction. You don't make a negative value transaction. That is basic economics. If you wanted to trade Mejia you could have gotten more value And I'll ask again why do you think you could only get Hand or could only get a reliever by giving up Mejia. You had other options.