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  1. Makar is healthy and plays for Colorado which is definitely not in the east
  2. But their tied with everyone else for jump punches landed
  3. Not all the games on ESPN+ are ESPN announcers. Many of them are carrying a local broadcast
  4. So one thing I've been thinking about recently is whether late in game when a team is down and go on the power play should they pull the goalie to go 6v4. I read this article and it says you should. But when you look at the numbers I'm not so sure it is that clear. You score far more often, but unsurprisingly also give up a goal more often. And it looks like the difference in goals per 60 would favor staying 5-4. Now that is obviously true for pulling the goalie at even strength as well, but when teams are typically scoring at about 25% at 5v4 anyway, as opposed to far less at 5v5 it seem
  5. NGL I love this troll job by the Canes. They are really a fun organization https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/32452933/carolina-hurricanes-create-website-troll-montreal-canadiens-only-hacked
  6. I love both of them but I'm taking Taylor because I think he is a bit more flexible in how to use him.
  7. With inches to go a sneak by a big strong QB is going to work well over 80% of the time (https://sportsinfosolutionsblog.com/2019/01/30/the-qb-sneak-is-the-most-underutilized-play-in-football/) Even with a paper mismatch for the defense that isn't going to change the success rate by too much.
  8. Surprised to see so many not like the decision to go for it on 4th. I thought that was clearly the right decision. You convert that way more often than not and OT is 50/50. Titans, or Simmons specifically, just made a great play. It happens.
  9. His fault for not calling himself a QB like Lamar Jackson
  10. He is but the Bills have done a good job so far. Obviously the one monster run, but under 3 ypc other than that
  11. It's not going to be instantaneous. The get the word then they have to blow the whistle. It will usually take a second so if he was told at 3 seconds he can't really blow until 2 which is when the ball was snapped. I just don't know why it was even reviewed.
  12. refs probably mismanaged it, but it didn't change anything. They had the spike in time anyway in real time. So it didn't harm the Steelers or help the Seahawks
  13. Fumble snap and then just picked it up a tried to throw it while getting it going straight up and into defenders arms first was 100% on Hill
  14. Yeah what a stupid scheme and playcall that was. Who calls a fumble play in that situation
  15. Yup even him of St Brown or anyone else you got. The risk of throwing it to them is absurdly low. The benefit is quite significant. Easy decision to take the chance
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