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  1. Not a chance given his back issues.
  2. Orioles Asking for Offers on Machado

    That year is meaningless in these negotiations. If you think it would have any effect you don't know Scott Boras
  3. The Philadelphia Phillies Thread - RIP Doc

    Trading for Machado would be an awful idea. We aren't winning next season anyway, Machado doesn't change that. I honestly don't even know why we are wasting time talking to them unless they actually think Boras would let him sign an extension without going to FA
  4. Orioles Asking for Offers on Machado

    If you don't know where he's signing (which is true) why do you keep talking about giving him to a division foe for a decade? It's only 1 season. What happens after that has nothing to do with any trade they make (unless part of the trade is him negotiating an extension which is not going to happen).
  5. Orioles Asking for Offers on Machado

    Yup. If a win is up to about a $8M now that is just 5 WAR a season. Certainly doable for him. At the very least he should do well enough that it isn't an albatross of a contract.
  6. MVP in the true sense

    I get that but you are also saying based on the title that is the "true" meaning. That means you don't think gross value exists? Or it does but it isn't true? I don't see how you can say one is true but the other exists as well in this context. Like I said they both exist in economics, but if you are asking who the MVP is you can only have one meaning of value. So they other in this context doesn't exist. But you simultaneously claim relative value is true while gross still exists. That doesn't make sense here.
  7. MVP in the true sense

    You are when you talk about how the argument is about two different types of value. It might be used different ways in economics, but not here. It's one or the other. Given that you think relative value is what makes the "true" MVP I'll assume you are on the wrong side.
  8. MVP in the true sense

    There isn't a strict definition. You have to watch and say who had the best year. But record and playoffs and anything else that is a team stat is irrelevant
  9. MVP in the true sense

    The issue is you can't fence sit like that on different definitions of value but call one of them "True."
  10. MVP in the true sense

    The player who had the best year. If you had the best year you provided the most value.
  11. Cycling Thread: Froome does the double

    http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/13/sport/chris-froome-drugs-test-tour-de-france/index.html Well this will be interesting. I think public opinion wise it won't actually change anything. Those against him already will use this. Those that support him will say how this is different. And of course historically it doesn't seem like PED use or suspension has hurt how too many view Contador or even Merckx. There is still more that needs to be determined, but it could end up resulting in him being suspended for the Giro and maybe Tour as well. However it isn't a given
  12. Is Antonio Brown a Top 10 WR of All Time?

    I said 15-20 (although probably would have said 11-14 if that was an option though I haven't created a list to be sure) but I fully expect him to be top 10 by the end of his career. In fact given what his peak is even if ages at a normal rate rather than exceedingly slower I expect him to be top 5. I generally value peak more than longevity, but I do think when talking top 10 you need some longevity. He already has the peak well in hand. A few more seasons and I'd say top 10, 5-6 gets him top 5 even if they are just a bit above average seasons (which would be pretty pedestrian for him).
  13. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    I mean this should be a fireable offense right? If your manager thinks this way he is not god at his job.
  14. The Philadelphia Phillies Thread - RIP Doc

    Surprised we don't see this more. Bad teams sign relievers for decent money and flip them at the deadline. Essentially they are paying say $5-7M for a top 100 prospect which is great value. The reliever gets more than they would if they signed elsewhere AND is still very likely to play on a contending team come September and maybe in October. Seems like a Win-Win.
  15. MVP in the true sense

    What? The dollar value in the analogy is based on how they perform in a given year not a general assignment. That should be pretty obvious. The point is that the person who provides more value generally is always more valuable than someone who may have had a bigger (falsely called value) effect on their teams chance.