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  1. CBA Approved

    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28983601/nflpa-reid-claim-cba-invalid-completely-false I wouldn't say that his claim was completely false if you acknowledge the language changed. I haven't, and don't intend to, read the full contract so I don't what to make of this.
  2. Thor Having TJS

    Hospital Corpsman (or whatever they were called in WW2) did appendectomies on a submarine in the middle of the ocean with enemy ships around. I am sure Andrews can do TJS on a yacht
  3. 2020 Draft

    I have so much dislike and distrust in BOB that even though I really wanted Lewis knowing he likes him has completely changed my mind.
  4. Whew, I was nervous for a second As it is whatever potential there may have been for a discussion of them currently it clearly hasn't led to that. This thread isn't leading to anything productive.
  5. CBA Approved

    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28972490/eric-reid-calls-probe-revote-post-ballot-changes-cba We'll see where this goes, it may just be typo in the posted CBA but not the official paper one, but if not this could become something of a big deal.
  6. Thor Having TJS

    As I said with Sale, if you need it this is the time to get it. By why until the summer months? It's normally 12 months you can pitch in games again, another 12 months to get back to where you were. 18 months to even get back on the field seems high? Is this is a particularly bad tear?
  7. He won't. And even if he did it wouldn't
  8. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Smart. Delaying could cost 2021 and with this season in limbo anyway might as well have it.
  9. Opening Day to be Pushed 2 weeks RE: COVID-19

    I think you are underrating the number of ball park employees
  10. Hopkins traded from Texans to Arizona

    Another approach, if the season is cancelled can we say the offseason was cancelled too? If so I'm willing to be Coronavirus Mary
  11. Hopkins traded from Texans to Arizona

    Commissioner has a for good of the game clause right? Can we start a writing campaign to Goodell to veto the trade and perma ban BOB and force Cal to sell?
  12. Hopkins traded from Texans to Arizona

    He wouldn't go to prison. Justification is a defense to homicide.
  13. Hopkins traded from Texans to Arizona

    How can BOB actually be a worse GM than HC. Like how is that even effing possible.
  14. Well, now that BOB has went full BOB I think I'll be spending more time here. For those that don't know I am from the Philly area so I've always rooted for the Eagles though a fan of the Texans. So let's start with me bashing Howie Roseman. Needing a WR how can they not have beat the Cards offer for Deandre Hopkins /s