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  1. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Can anyone confirm, is this actually true?
  2. The Official Recruiting Thread

    In other Bama recruiting news they just got a flood of CBs for Sopsher.
  3. The Official Recruiting Thread

    I mean I'm not saying it's impossible, but saying "great" chance is a bit much. Especially if you are counting on one those two tackles. I haven't heard anything about them really thinking of UGA other than Neal being there for an official visit. To simply suggest they have a great chance at one because of Pittman is stretching it. I think people are making too big a deal about Sanders reply tweet to Smith. It seemed more just like a friend and teammate having fun. As for Williams I don't think that is about replacing Sanders. And he is also doing an official to UGA in the coming days. He has been a guy coming on of late and I think both are doing due dilligence either for a preferred walk on spot or a grey shirt.
  4. The Official Recruiting Thread

    that would be surprising. They certainly don't have a great chance at either. They don't even have a good chance at either. And Stevenson isn't ranked as a 5* by any of the 3 main sites or the composite.
  5. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Great? Smith Dean Webb Walker Blaylock Who else do you have a great chance at? Haselwood you have a chance still but all signs are pointing to Miami. And that still only makes 6.
  6. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Not that it means anything but Bama has made up ground in the last few days in 247 crystal ball.
  7. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Webb to UGA. Mother says Pittman was the deciding factor.
  8. Prime JJ Watt or Aaron Donald?

    Not underselling anything. Watt's 2015 was pretty freaking great you know. You're underselling Watt's season if you think it is so ridiculous to say they are on par.
  9. Prime JJ Watt or Aaron Donald?

    Wasn't aware sacks are the only criteria. Of course he is also on pace to be behind in TFL which I guess aren't as good as sacks for...reasons. He'll be no where close in PDs. He'll have some more FF and likely have faced a higher double team percentage. Like I said pros and cons for both, with seasons on par with each other.
  10. Prime JJ Watt or Aaron Donald?

    I said 3rd or 4th. It will likely be on par with his 2015, why is that so outrageous to say?
  11. Prime JJ Watt or Aaron Donald?

    What's so funny. This season is not better than Watt's 2012 or 2014. 2015 will be debatable with pros and cons for each.
  12. Prime JJ Watt or Aaron Donald?

    I know I'll be called a homer, that's fine. But this is Donald's best season and it would likely be about Watt's 3rd or 4th best.
  13. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Let's go whole hog (elephant?) and say they pull the coup and Sopsher too. lol
  14. The Official Recruiting Thread

    So right now they have 24 commits. And they still have some studs left that very likely will sign in Sanders, Neal, and To'oto'o. They have a good chance at Webb. Very outside shot at Thibodeaux and Dean. They have decent chances at flipping Dent (from FSU) and Battle (from OSU). Not to mention other 4 stars. It'll be interesting to see if they lose any of their lower 4*s that they can't commit to yet or if they are ok getting processed. There is a realistic though ultimately small chance they end up beating last years UGA class