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  1. Dribbling doesn't by definition make it harder. And without knowing what they consider open I can't answer that. Given that it looks like at least half the time Lebron's 3s are fadeaways I'm dubious of that number. You also were comparing him to pure spot up shooters to say percentage isn't what it's cracked up to be. Lebron isn't taking those type of 3's so that was also disingenuous. 2x more made isn't significant in telling who is better when they are still being made at the same rate and both are taking a reasonable amount of three's. You also have to consider why he is taking more 3's. It isn't because he's better at hitting 3s it's because he is worse at hitting 2's. He gets 1.125 pts/3ptA and 1.062pts/2ptA. Lebron meanwhile is at 1.107 pts/3ptA and 1.212 pts/2ptA. Harden should be shooting 3's more often than Lebron even though they shoot the same average because he isn't as good when shooting from 2. Again 7 years at the same percentage. That is more than enough to show they are pretty much equal.
  2. If you really think Lebron is just taking easier attempts you aren't watching. Taking more attempts doesn't necessarily mean you are taking harder attempts. And if you look at my previous post he has been at the same level as Harden for about 7 years now which is more representative than 1 season.
  3. Again, I disagree. What they are capable offensively doesn't change. They are as good or bad as they are. All it changes his how much of their value you tap into. That is still more or less equal. At least not enough to say that one is better. It also ignores what everyone shouldn't have an issue acknowledging, Lebron is a better 3 point shooter (and jump shooter in general) now than he was when he entered the league. He's 36.3% from 3 starting with his 2nd year in Miami. I know you might say that is an arbitrary point but it was clear then that he improved his shot and has sustained it over a good amount of time.
  4. Maybe raw numbers but that is like saying then that he is better than Curry. 3pt% they are Harden- .375 and Lebron- .369.
  5. Either someone is better offensively or not. A system can play to their strengths or not which will effect stats but it doesn't make them better or worse. And Harden really isn't better from 3. They are basically equal. And assists he was only really better last year. Other than that he has had a few seasons equal and few more well below what LBJ has done. Lebron also get's about .5 more ORB per game which doesn't sound like a lot but adds up. He also is someone you have to account for there making it easier for other bigs to get some as well.
  6. I'm watching Lebron putting up similar numbers with better efficiency. And doing so for much longer. I'm also watching Harden get ticky tack foul calls more than most.
  7. What exactly is the beef he has with the Spurs? I know there was talk of team vs personal doctors but is that it?
  8. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    OT but don't know where to put this and it isn't thread worthy. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/jun/10/la-dodgers-psychic-baseball-mccourt Was I living under a rock? How did I not know this
  9. You don't watch many Cavs games do you. He frequently gets hit and doesn't get the call. Do you really think he only deserves 6 FT/G with how often he drives?
  10. The only thing separating him from Harden is team record. Some people don't think that is important (I am one).
  11. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    Epic choke job by Cinncy
  12. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    Yup. It's to the university who give it to the kids as their uniform. I would be surprised if they get to keep them, though I don't know if kids can usually keep their game worn uniforms or not. This also isn't really altruistic by Curry or Under Armour. It's marketing and publicity that's it.
  13. NCAA Tournament East Region Discussion

    That and they have the most important thing a National Champ needs, a PG/ball handler that is cool under pressure and doesn't make mistakes. Brunson's ability to keep the offense and by extension the game under control is just as important as anything else this team has.