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  1. I'm not going to argue about what you meant, only you know that. But to me, and I think most people, "Baseballs changing, people can get used to it or feel free to no longer watch" implies a more broad statement of not watching baseball, not simply extra innings.
  2. Pretty sure he meant you don't have to stay through all the extra innings, not leave watching baseball period
  3. I guess that means he just isn't very valuable. Right?
  4. We were probably a playoff team last year with even an average bull pen. So far they have performed, but it's early.
  5. Pssshhh... HR derby. If we can do shootouts in other sports, then why not
  6. It wasn't even that he just leaned into it. That happens all the time. But that was clearly a strike. So the ump really didn't even have the "judgement" call about whether he leaned in or not. That is irrelevant when it is a strike. It's just a strike
  7. Not really on topic of this season, more generally, but why doesn't Trout steal anymore? I know that the argument used to be that Pujols doesn't like it, but given that he isn't following him anymore that can't be it. Not only is him not running limiting what value he can bring on the bases it also likely results in at least some walks that the other team would otherwise try a bit more to get him out.
  8. Honestly this is why I like Vanderbilt's coaching staff. Aside from constantly producing top talent they are also routinely making decisions very clearly about the kid and not win at all cost. One of the few colleges I'd be ok with a top high school pitcher going instead of signing
  9. Plus the historically bad play against the Rangers and Zibanejad and being the team to let the Sabres break a historical losing streak. Are they any other historically bad things we can do? If we can't be good at hockey we might as well be a good trivia question
  10. As if there was any doubt https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/31172557/umpire-angel-hernandez-loses-race-discrimination-lawsuit-mlb The opinion is linked below if you want to read the full thing. (it gives some background in umpire evaluations for those interested - warning it is confusing and not clear at all SHOCKER) https://www.nysd.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/2021-03/Hernandez v. Office of Commissioner of Baseball.pdf To put this into perspective for non law nerds, granting summary judgement requires that no reasonable jury could find for the "non movant" that is the
  11. If Ekholm was just this year I'd agree, but he stays next year and this defense has been horrendous. The goaltending hasn't been good at all, but the defense has been worse. I think we are relying a bit too much on ceiling from Myers. He showed some signs last year, but wasn't special, and this year has been poor. I'm not saying I'd give up on him, but he isn't stopping me from getting Ekholm. It's probably moot though with how the Preds have been playing. I don't think they trade him if they are in the playoff picture.
  12. Lindor And this is one few contract negotiations in the past few years where both sides are being completely reasonable in their asking and offering so far. Ultimately whoever blinks doesn't get screwed. And I'd be shocked if they don't agree to terms at this point. They are far too close at such a high value already that I don't see both sides willing to just walk away
  13. Would we though? At this point do you really care if we lose or Myers for instance? Or even that Seattle would take him over Voracek, JVR, Patrick, or Lindblom?
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