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  1. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | All Hail King Zion !!!

    Not Luka specific but the complete lack of thought for any player that isn't hitting at least 80-85% to try underhanded FTs is one my most hated things in basketball. It has been shown to be the most efficient way to make FTs and especially for big guys and those with long arms is much easier to repeat given it is a more natural motion. That everyone seems to be OK with players hurting their team because they want to look cool, or at least not like a fool (yes rhyming intentional and no I'm not proud of it), is baffling to me.
  2. Derek Jeter and Larry Walker elected to HoF

    Personally I think Belanger is second best. Actually if people were being honest he has a case for best over Ozzie. Smith was flashier so he immediately gets the recognition (I'm not saying he definitely was better but it is really close). I think there is gap between those two and the rest. Omar had the best hands of the three and probably ever, but he didn't have the range of those two.
  3. Derek Jeter and Larry Walker elected to HoF

    Just to clarify do you mean in general or just defensively?
  4. Derek Jeter and Larry Walker elected to HoF

    The way I do it (as in how I do my hypothetical ballot) is vote for 1) Inner circle guys (this is sort of just my gut on if they belong inner circle I don't have an actual criteria) 2) the guys are think are going to be on the cusp of getting in (to clear up clutter) 3) the guys I think are at risk of falling off. Then I can fill in whats left with those in the middle. Like as an example Manny Ramirez absolutely deserves to be in the hall but it is clear from last years ballot that he would be safe but also no chance of getting in. He would be one of the last I used my vote on because other than signaling it really wouldn't serve a purpose as it wouldn't declutter anything or protect someone. Then just hope that enough guys on that cusp get in to remove the clutter and I can vote for him next year. The 10 only rule is definitely dumb, and it's been made infinitely worse by the moralizing of the voters not voting for "PED" guys.
  5. Derek Jeter and Larry Walker elected to HoF

    Yup. But also ones that are in danger of falling off. I think Abreu is a hall of famer and was routinely underrated. Is he one of the top 10 that is eligible? No. But I'd have voted for him to ensure every chance he at least stayed on the ballot for future consideration (he just made it if anyone was wondering). Same goes for Giambi, who didn't stay on. I'd actually prioritize those guys over the ones in the middle who I know are safe but definitely not getting in, at least on this ballot. I just hate when guys like Lofton and Kevin Brown are one and done. I can understand not thinking they are HoFers but they are so much better than people that have got in, let alone stay on the ballot. (I'd also include my most underrated player ever on this list - John Olerud)
  6. Derek Jeter and Larry Walker elected to HoF

    I don't know who or why this person didn't vote Jeter. I can 100% say that I wouldn't have, but not because I don't think he is a HoFer. I think he is a bit overrated but undoubetedly a HoFer. However, I think there are more than 10 players eligible that are hall of famers and therefore can't vote for all of them (dumb rule but it is what it is). I would have left off Jeter if for no other reason than he was clearly getting in anyway so I can use that vote on another player on my list
  7. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | All Hail King Zion !!!

    And yet the Celtics are killing them on the boards, particularly offensive boards. Kanter has had himself a game this first half
  8. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    Henry wins this for the Titans is my prediction
  9. Starting 5 A-Team and B-Team

    Billups? I saw why you want him but surely there is someone better. I mean Chris Paul is only slightly worse of a 3 point shooter and much better than Billups at defense and moving the ball
  10. MMA Thread

    My stream conked out for 30 seconds. I missed the whole effing fight. FML
  11. MMA Thread

    How can you put her with Khabib because of 1 fight. I bet you can find 1 fight where tons of fighters did that. So why mention her? I'm just a fan of her's and so many do everything they can to say she isn't a great fighter. Your comment was emblematic of that.
  12. MMA Thread

    You think that is all Nunes does? In her last 6 fights she has 4 stops by punches or kicks. Only 3 decisions in last 10 fights. But all she does is lay on people. Sure.
  13. Clemson 2018/2019 Versus LSU 2019/2020

    I still think LSU. The offense for Clemson wasn't any different last year so no reason to think they'd do much better. The defense was obviously better, but I just think the LSU offense was too on point. They were only held under 30 once all year (to Auburn). I just don't know that even with that line they had they could have stopped them all game. 34-27 around there is my guess
  14. Except the three greatest QBs of this generation (Brady, Manning, Brees) don't have those elite traits you are talking about.