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  1. Stranger Things

    Wiki says July 3rd
  2. Cycling Thread: Le Grand Depart July 6th

    On another note how disappointing has Porte's Tours been these last 3 years. I know crashes are bad luck sometimes but still.
  3. Cycling Thread: Le Grand Depart July 6th

    But will Ineos treat this like Froome-Thomas last year and let Bernal go for it on climbs? Or will they instruct him to hold back to help lead Thomas. If they didn't let Thomas go last year they were going to lose him. He had put his time in. Bernal isn't at that stage yet where he can dictate. They may be willing to order him to sacrifice himself. Particularly if they think Froome and Thomas will be back next year as strong as ever. We've seen with Movistar having 3 co-leads just doesn't work. And if Bernal wins there is no way you can instruct any of the 3 to hold back. You'd also have trouble telling Bernal he'll be racing the Giro next year if he wins this TDF. Unless Thomas completely blows up I think they force Bernal to play a super-domestique role for Thomas. Next year would be a nightmare if they don't.
  4. Tennis Thread

    Those two are so good. Other than Fed in the 2nd it was still a really high quality match.
  5. Houston Texans will not have a GM in 2019

    At this point I'm not even blaming BOB anymore. It's the McNair's. First, Bob and now Cal. They were/are horrendous.
  6. 2019 Home Run Derby

    It's for the safety if the kids shagging the balls.
  7. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Nope. If he loses he cost himself by picking him. Can't blame a guy for not being good. Blame the guy that selected someone who wasn't good.
  8. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    You can't work out that much or you'll break. Even an hour every practice/workout session would be enough. Probably wouldn't even need that much.
  9. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm a little surprised the camps in the DR don't also teach them English. If the whole point is to get them to USA you'd think learning the main language would be a benefit.
  10. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    This is awesome. Efing brilliant
  11. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    5 years ago perfectly clean. Now he definitely changed path from on to inside the baseline. I wouldn't call it dirty, but was illegal.
  12. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    This is your first half season reminder that Mike Trout is still the best. It's incredible that he has set his bar so high a 6 WAR first half is just old hat that we don't even hear much about it.
  13. 2019 Women's World Cup Thread

    Yup. In general she dribbles too much. She has skill but she tries to use it way too often. Doesn't really like to shoot or pass first. Always looks to dribble.
  14. 2019 Women's World Cup Thread

    We shoot low near post too much as a team. High near and low far should be the standard.
  15. 2019 Women's World Cup Thread

    That's how you do it. No fancy stuff just run straight at them and then let it rip.