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  1. Does the NFC get overrated?

    That's a rather arbitrary point you picked. And 1996 is hardly recent. Since 2011 they have been stronger
  2. Roast of Alec Baldwin

    Nikki Glaser killed it. Honestly best set I can remember at one of these roasts since Greg Giraldo. Blake Griffin was surprisingly funny too (although I doubt he wrote most of it).
  3. Come on in! Introduce yourself!

    Welcome. All opinions are welcome except thinking BOB is good and should remain the coach.
  4. Week 2 GDT

    I didn't say 50%. I said 50% of the conversion rate of a PAT. The PAT is not a given either. Since it moved back 2015, 2016 and 2018 the 2pt conversion rate was greater than 50% of the PAT conversion rate. 2017 was slightly less. Further if you look at the numbers it shows that teams generally aren't calling 2 pt conversion plays correctly. They call too many pass plays. they should be calling more run plays. If they follow that the conversion rate would increase. That is the conversion rate of runs on 2pt is way higher than your 30% guess. It's actually over 60% PAT is not 99.5% unless you haven't watched football in 4 years. It's actually 94%. https://www.boydsbets.com/nfl-two-point-conversion-success-rate/ https://rileykolstefootball.com/2018/07/08/two-point-study/ This is why you should actually look at the numbers and just guess.
  5. Week 2 GDT

    RTP call was horrendous.
  6. Week 2 GDT

    Wrong. The conversion rate of a two point try is greater than 50% (chances of winning in OT) of the PAT. Marrone was absolutely correct.
  7. Week 2 GDT

    No that is the point. Your system doesn't do that. If it's close you want them to call fumble, so that isn't getting it wrong then. And if it isn't clear in replay they have to stay with it so it isn't getting overturned. At no point are you asking them to make the call they believe is correct. This isn't rocket science.
  8. Week 2 GDT

    and instead you are taking points of the board, putting points on the board for the defense, and creating one of the most momentum shifting plays that happen.
  9. Week 2 GDT

    The risk is that an incomplete pass turns into a 80 fumble return for a TD. The risk is that a TD run becomes a turnover. That is a pretty substantial risk
  10. Week 2 GDT

    Then how can you not see you pushing the scale towards fumbles being the result?
  11. Week 2 GDT

    Again do you want to change the replay rule to let the ref call what he thinks is the right result even if it isn't clear?
  12. Week 2 GDT

    What does that even mean? It's not a fear they won't get the replay right, it's a fear (reasonable one at that) that the replay won't be clear
  13. Week 2 GDT

    Are you changing replay rules? Do the refs get to call what the think is most likely or do they still only get to overturn if it is clearly wrong?
  14. Week 2 GDT

    Not always. What if they called fumble here because it was close even if they thought it was an incomplete pass. Then in review it is not clear whether it was a fumble or incomplete pass. Maybe it even looks like it's probably incomplete. Now it isn't the right call. And wouldn't be the call but for your thumb on the scale.
  15. Week 2 GDT

    It has nothing to do with whether it is automatically reviewed or not. The issue is whether you are setting up a system to favor a result. You are doing that by favoring fumble (favor calling fumble on field and favor staying with the call on the field in replay). That isn't fair.