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  1. 2019 FA TALK!!!

    If we had any semblance of an O-line coach I'd like the get as flyer on someone who maybe can figure it out with a change of scenery and new coaching. Alas...
  2. MLB/MLBPA changes coming in 2019/2020

    Average game? Maybe. At least 15ish. But it isn't unusual that the pitching changes that go on in an individual game add 20+
  3. MLB/MLBPA changes coming in 2019/2020

    Taking away warm up pitches will lead to worse pitching. Every pitcher will tell you every mound is different. Those pitches aren't about warming the arm up (for relievers coming in) they are for getting acclimated to the mound. And this isn't a radical change at all. It's only been in maybe the last decade or so that we've seen the pitching changes they we are now. For the VAST majority of the game pitchers were pitching to multiple batters. Even if there is no commercial, there is nothing going on. It will cut out more time than you think. It can easily be 20+ minutes in a game given the way teams are using relievers right now. The other thing to remember is that it isn't about time in a vacuum (NFL games are longer), it's about the action, or lack there of, during that time. So yes getting rid of this nonsense and other things like not letting the batter step out after every pitch even if he didn't swing and not letting pitchers take 30 seconds to throw a pitch and not allowing unlimited mound visits not just add up to time saved but eliminate the dead periods that turn people off.
  4. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Not really. He wouldn't be a FA until 2023. That's 4 years arbitration and 2 years post arb that were bought. Given what people get in arbitration he's getting a pretty sizable raise in those years. EDIT: Or you can read @hrubes20 post above me.
  5. MLB/MLBPA changes coming in 2019/2020

    No they never start watching in the first place.
  6. MLB/MLBPA changes coming in 2019/2020

    It's not the crowd. It's the home viewers watching on TV.
  7. Angels Extending Trout 12/430m

    We can trade them Harper and $200M and any player(s) other than Nola.
  8. 2019 Draft Talk!

    1. Byron Murphy 2a. Kaleb McGary 2b. David Edwards 3. Oshane Ximines 5. Hunter Renfrow 6. Mitch Hyatt 7. Elijah Holyfield
  9. MLB/MLBPA changes coming in 2019/2020

    Yes because I don't subscribe to owners are be definition bad. Some are but plenty of owners have spent more than they had to. You have no proof that all of them will resort to that. Might it? Sure. But it isn't a certainty. And they do have another position to pay (because of roster expansion). Oh and of course the MLBPA is certainly welcome to negotiate a salary floor which I absolutely support.
  10. MLB/MLBPA changes coming in 2019/2020

    Or they spend it at other positions.
  11. MLB/MLBPA changes coming in 2019/2020

    Those are separate arguments. There is a difference between teams are lowering payroll and teams are lowering how much they pay one position but keeping the rest the same just to make money. This current situation is teams saying we are lowering payroll as a whole. That doesn't mean extra savings at one position won't be put to other positions as long as it stays within this new payroll. Example A team that used to spend $200M on salary is now saying we will only pay $175M. That isn't dependent on new positional requirements that may lessen the value of a certain position A team that spends $200M now with less value to relievers says we can now spend $10M less on them so we'll only spend $190M and pocket the rest Those are not the same. The current climate is the first scenario. But you can't then extrapolate that scenario 2. They aren't the same.
  12. MLB/MLBPA changes coming in 2019/2020

    Even if that's true it only hurts the players as a whole if you assume that the owners will just pocket that money rather than spend it on other positions.
  13. MLB/MLBPA changes coming in 2019/2020

    Limiting pitching changes is a zero sum (see my above post). The limiting of September expansion I like but it makes no sense to me to change the rules right as playoff pushes are beginning. With that said while it takes away an opportunity for some lower guys to surprise to get a closer look it again doesn't change the roster size. If that player loses out then a different player gains. It harms SOME players and HELPS others. It doesn't help or hurt PLAYERS as a whole. No one is making their career as just a September call up year after year. In fact the rule changes also increase the size of rosters by one. So there will be more players than before. The rule changes as a whole are benefit to players as a whole.
  14. MLB/MLBPA changes coming in 2019/2020

    But for every LOOGY that leaves a player that can pitch to both moves in. It's zero sum from a players perspective. If anything a positive in that it favors ability (being able to pitch to both hands) over accident (which hand happens to be your dominant).
  15. MLB/MLBPA changes coming in 2019/2020

    Nah, I like it. 4 or 5 pitching changes in an inning because a pitcher is incapable of pitching to an opposite handed batter is absurd.