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  1. Not sure how I feel about Biles taking herself out. I think mental health does need to be talked about more and treated more seriously. I think it needs to be treated like any physical injury. And some times that means you can play while treating it, and other times it means taking off to heal. Only she knows so I can't really criticize her decision and I do hope she is ok. And there certainly is a ton of focus and pressure on her. But if you are going to put a goat on your leotard and do a ton of commercials there is a bad taste in bowing out of olympic team finals because of what the pressur
  2. I'd be interested in a few PAC12 (Cal, UCLA, Stanford) or ACC (UNC, Duke, UVA) schools, and that's it. Texas would have been fine if they wouldn't mandate OU coming with them. Otherwise, pass. Why are we ignoring the obvious. If A&M doesn't want to be in the SEC with Texas then move to the B1G. 🤠🤑
  3. Sir Tom Daley is in our future. Maybe Adam Peatty too
  4. Honestly I like to pretend you two are the same person and you're arguing with yourself. It makes hockey threads surprisingly hilarious. Haven't decided which of you two is Tyler Durden yet though. Probably @beekay414
  5. Yup. Always been an olympic junkie. Couldn't care less about many of the sports but during the olympics I have to watch.
  6. Playing the long game. We know that teams go up and down so we are setting up for 2050
  7. The more I think the name about the more it fits baseball. They have the worst team names in sports 4 are named after socks (Reds, Red Sox, White Sox, Cardinals) 1 no longer fits the location (Dodgers) 1 is so absurdly generic to sports (Athletics) 2 are just name them twice (Phillies and Angels) 1 is a generic location (Mets) 1 is a term that has generally been used derisively (Yankees) 1 is linked to corrupt politics and depending on your inclinations racism (Braves) And some others aren't great either. But these are particularly bad to me in the sense that if they were
  8. That return seems fair for Cruz. Doesn't seem like it indicates a seller's market. What do you think he should have netted?
  9. If the 53rd player on the roster can claim the same thing then you didn't do it. It has no meaning as a player stat. Players don't win, teams do. That is a fact. A QB has never won. He has only been part of a winning team. And it does imply the QB is the reason, that is why they give it to the QB and no one else. They were the most important so they get the stat. There is nothing that can be gleaned from a win loss record as to how good a player is. It's just as useful as list for the QBs stats the number of interceptions his teams defense had.
  10. The point is that every other stat, though imperfect, at least represents something the QB did. The win stat doesn't. It represents something the team did.
  11. Don't you have to sign the player in that slot to get the pool money?
  12. I think we should all celebrate Jose Altuve today. Improving oneself and overcoming fears is something we should all aspire to. And while being "too shy" may sound small it can indeed have consequences in one's social life. His ability to overcome it should be an inspiration to us all.
  13. It's not even that. Even if you are only willing to offer slot then do it and dare him to turn it down and go to college. You get the pick back next year if he doesn't sign and if he does you have a top 5 talent for top 15 money.
  14. basically there are some players that want more money than what their slot would be on talent (like a top 15 player wanting top 10 money). Those guys fall because teams in his draft range can't afford the bonus demand. If you go underslot up top then you can get him at the top of the 2nd or and of the various comp picks. You have the extra money from what you saved so you can afford it and get a second top 15 player
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