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  1. Add in Watson to the list. The number of times he has made something out of an objectively horrible play call is amazing.
  2. Isn't that what expanded rosters was for? That is just stupid.
  3. Before I respond, what would you give prime Jerry Rice?
  4. I think I've asked you this before. What is the reason for this comparison? This looks like these are just 4 random WRs you put together in pairs. What is the relevance? Admittedly we are pretty lacks with enforcing this rule, but at least that is when there is an evident relationship for the comparison. I've also let posts like this go before, but I would like you and everyone to please remember the rule above. mse
  5. A) They never fire umpires unless they do something illegal or unprofessional. General incompetence isn't enough (though should be) B) They won't touch him and maybe throw him a small bone as long as the lawsuit is still going.
  6. I said with the definition he used. Historical greatness and you can't lose it. Minnesota was unquestionably one of the dominant programs in the 30's into the 40's. Obviously they haven't been good for a long time, but if you can't lose it then that shouldn't matter? If it wasn't clear, which it should have been, I wasn't suggesting Minnesota is a blue blood. I was pointing out why that definition is too strict. It becomes both over and under inclusive
  7. Army maybe not. Princeton Yale and Harvard though? Princeton and Yale still sit a top the table of national championships by at least one major selector In more seriousness though, Minnesota is the one that becomes an interesting debate with that strict definition.
  8. Is a decade for Nebraska over Miami really the difference between "blue" and "new"? Nebraska started prominence 50ish years ago, Miami 40. I don't think the distinction is that clear. LSU is also close if not there. A few pre AP era championships (by at least 1 organization), another in 50's, really exploded in 2000s. In between though still several top 10 and top 25 finishes not too different than the 70s and 80s Longhorns. Texas was getting conference championships because they didn't have the same competition. They didn't have the same success early as these guys did, but they've always been there.
  9. Washington already stole one Canadian team, now you want them to take another?
  10. Honestly any lawyer that would even start to offer an opinion on this is an idiot. The allegations are pretty big and there are any number significant criminal offenses that can be charged if they are true. But allegations are just that. If even half of this can be substantiated though being forced to sell is the least of Snyder's worries.
  11. Certainly not as bad as me thinking the writing said Blue Organ at first
  12. Nonsense. Expansion teams have hope for the future
  13. How did 2 judges give Usman R1? Even in a clear fight the judges manage to highlight their incompetence
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