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  1. And he's probably magic'd himself out of another 20. Some on him but a lot on the O-line
  2. I don't like the rule period, but especially this year given the uncertainty that was going on all offseason. Did he sign before or after the B1G "cancelled" the season?
  3. That's just false. It rarely occurs, and never occurs if it effects the playoffs.
  4. After only 1 day off and probably having a bull pen game tomorrow it was the right move given that and the score. Even the worst relievers can get through an inning scoreless most of the time.
  5. Kershaw looked great today. I do think it was smart to take him out though. Make sure he leaves on a high for confidence later on and you have breathing room
  6. I don't know that I'd put Harris above Jeudy but I do love them both. I'm always baffled when people say Najee is overrated or won't be a good pro. Like what does he not well enough for you?
  7. I'd be willing to wager it isn't the top teams that are completely against a salary cap. They may not want it but other parties would put much more of a fight. First the players definitely don't want it. As for the clubs any number they set is going to have to be sufficiently high to meet the revenue split with the players. The Rays can only get away with paying what they do because the Yankees pay what they do for instance. The small market teams would be killed by a salary cap while the big market teams get to pocket all the extra money. The schedule and regionality of the sport doesn't lend itself to predominately national TV contracts so that isn't a possible way to bridge the gap. And revenue sharing won't work because most of the big teams are part owners of the stations that broadcast the games so they'll just pay themselves less in media rights and the money will be in an outside venture (the station) rather than the baseball team and wouldn't be subject to the split.
  8. I'm a fan of the sport, but not of any specific team. The closes I come to rooting for a team is Penn St since I have several friends that went there. I probably come off a bit of a Bama fan but that is only because I like Saban, unlike most, and think they get hated on for things they shouldn't be so I end up defending them, but I honestly don't have any real rooting interest in them.
  9. I don't know that I agree with that. Especially now that there are days off. Buehler looks healthy now and is probably the best pitcher in the series. Kershaw is still Kershaw until that one inning. The key for Roberts will be recognizing when that inning will be. Julio Urias has also looked really good. With the days off they can start him because they don't need to have bullpen games. Snell has looked shaky this postseason and he and Morton even when they pitch well don't give a lot of innings.
  10. Gotta love baseball. Though we do have to recognize that while the Dodgers have a massive payroll they are almost all home grown players. Betts and Pollock are the only big salary impact guys that they got for money reasons (FA or trade that they and few others could afford). They've done it through the draft and reclamation projects like Muncy and Turner and turning Jansen into a reliever. The money allows them to retain their guys, but they haven't bought a championship team.
  11. I want you to repeat after me. "The random crap I come up with, is not real."
  12. He seems really underrated all over the draft community. I really like him as a mid round selection who should be a pretty good backup at least and has the potential to become a good starter in this league.
  13. What were those scores? I don't have a problem saying Lopez won but those scores were wow.
  14. Lopez took round 12 easily, really impressive upping his game like that. Should either be a 6-6 draw or a 7-5 Lopez win depending on who got round 7
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