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  1. What was his mistake I thought it was Grant that fumbled
  2. I think he is still adjusting a bit. In college they were very similar and did dance more than you'd expect for a guy that size. But they were capable. Henry figured out in the NFL he had to use more of his physicality and pick and choose when to avoid, but that didn't come right away. Harris reminds me very much of early Henry and is perfectly capable of running violently as he adjusts to what will work best for him in the NFL
  3. Holy overreaction batman... I don't think it's an overreaction to says he runs like him. If he said is as good as him then absolutely, but the styles are very similar
  4. I know people kind of rag on Bama RBs not meeting expectations in the NFL but I don't think it's founded and I love how they run. That stiff arm by Harris was beautiful
  5. At some point coaches need to tell defenders you are only allowed to advance the ball after a fumble recovery or interception if there is no opposing player within 3 yards of you. After that go down. There can be an exception for those that can return kicks.
  6. Seemed pretty clear to me. He didn't let him get back to the ball and wasn't looking at it himself. Easy call
  7. PSU got screwed there. They had the first on the third effort
  8. It's easy to not care about the team when your team is cheeks
  9. loses points for being a negative play for his team
  10. With Richardson this Florida team is top 3 in the country. With Emory Jones they are still top 10. At this point I'd be surprised if we don't see this run back as the SECCG
  11. This whole OT is one giant blooper reel
  12. Hard to tell from TV, but he seemed to put way too much on the throw for that close and throug it high and a way. WR could have done better, but it wasn't a good throw
  13. Favorite Team: Houston Texans Week 1 pick: Green Bay Packers I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  14. So what you're saying is they should play Werner and Baun on offense
  15. That drop shot by Joker on the breakpoint in game 2 was insane.
  16. Fernandez - Raducanu finals. If you bet on that you'd either be filthy rich now or be under investigation for match fixing
  17. Makes the 40+ to tie, makes the 50 yarder in OT but gets wiped off and iced by the challenge, misses 37. OOF
  18. Fair catch takes it to the 25 I believe
  19. It seems I need to pay attention more. Still love it and it should be done more.
  20. Even though Tatis tied it up with the HR I have to say I love the idea intentionally balking to ge the guy off second. Never seen that before, but think now that it's out there we'll see it more.
  21. You don't have a point. We have said repeatedly if the game is still in the balance you do what you have to do to win. If that means bunting then so be it. So if you think the game is still in the balance then bunt away, that doesn't at all counter what we have said.
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