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  1. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    BB is known for reviving careers of players and it would not be at all a surprise!
  2. Former WR Reche Caldwell killed in home invasion

    Well they just went from drug dealers/robbers tno now murderers!
  3. Panthers sign CB Eli Apple

    Just hope he can land a team who can give him a long term. Just need to be coming clutch.
  4. LA Stadium seeking more money

    Need to use the money for now to fight this virus and pandemic before we talk about building up stadium.
  5. Saints vs Bucs Fearsome 4-some

    Brees just by a little bit but never deny GOAT by TB #12!
  6. Baseball is back? 60 game season incoming

    Yeah as it all depends on flattening the curb and the case and death tolls that shrink.
  7. Rams new logo unveiled

    Well like it or not it is the new logo! Get used to it!
  8. Titans extend QB Ryan Tannehill

    Well wonder what that means to the contract of people like Derrick Henry!
  9. Peyton did not at all want to be an sportscaster due to his not wanting to criticize Eli but now that he has also retired, ESPN could find a gold mine. If the price is right.
  10. That would give them two byes if it goes that way. Heard a lot of teams are against this!
  11. Travis Kelce vs George Kittle

    Like them both but George can block a little bit better but Travis is a better receiver. Will have media careers with their charisma and personality one day.
  12. What movie are you watching?

    Thought I would had saw Little Women but change of plans. Went and saw "Frozen 2" and "Like a Boss" Frozen 2 is 9/10 Like a Boss is 7/10
  13. What movie are you watching?

    Going to see "Little Women" tomorrow!
  14. What movie are you watching?

    Spies in Disguise a cute movie as love cartoon movies as a 45 year old. There I gave my age LOL!
  15. Pro Bowl Results

    Goodell is right about one thing, switching Pro Bowls meaningless to that of the Super Bowl last game to build up hype.