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  1. We had ours over on Wednesday. As everybody came on over with some having to work. But my nephew and his wife did not feel good or he did not over frequent migraines. New normal but better than nothing!
  2. He did it for thirty six years and 8,000 episodes there over. A world record by the Guiness people at one point. May he RI)P. Very irreplacable.
  3. Tom Brady really has shown why the Patriot should never had gotten rid of him.
  4. Gase hire is more and more looking like a beyond bad idea. Due to the Jets owners insisting on it. Gase will be out sooner than later.
  5. Yeah as really tried to stay loyal to people and things. When they do not at all return the favor for me if ya know what I mean.
  6. Either Matt Patricia or that of Adam Gase. Both three seasons in. Last leg.
  7. Well Foles is just for now riding the bench. Will be seeing if Mitch will do well as maybe bringing in Nick F could had been a turning point for him.
  8. Hate that for him. Praying for him as nothing but class from what I hear. Great player but a better human being.
  9. Thought he was retired but seemed to have kept an open mind. He is a basket case.
  10. Makes you wonder what this will do to the deals of Prescott among others?!
  11. BB is known for reviving careers of players and it would not be at all a surprise!
  12. Well they just went from drug dealers/robbers tno now murderers!
  13. Just hope he can land a team who can give him a long term. Just need to be coming clutch.
  14. Need to use the money for now to fight this virus and pandemic before we talk about building up stadium.
  15. Brees just by a little bit but never deny GOAT by TB #12!
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