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  1. NBA GDT | '19-'20 |

    I love that quote, and I really respect MJ because he doesn't try to play some character in the media, the man is about business and about building his brand in a certain way...even if in the end it's about selling overpriced gear. Seems LeBron is basically taking the NFL owners stance in kneeling fiasco, bad for business, don't do it. Which honestly I don't necessarily have a big problem with, but he has no problems speaking out about other issues or getting involved in politics. Seems to me like this is an issue he doesn't really care about and it may inconvenience his business dealings therefore he has no problem making those comments. If this was an issue that hit closer to home he might be the one sending out that Tweet.
  2. Playstaton 5

    I'm curious to see what they mean by "ray tracing support". Today, if you spent like $2000 on a PC, you can play a game from 1997 with ray tracing support at a whopping 30-40 FPS. Can't imagine the slideshow you'd have to sit through if ray tracing was put on a modern game.
  3. Westbrook traded to Rockets

    Harden was a very different player back then. He accepted and excelled in a more limited role. Also I don't know if Westbrook was peak Westbrook back them also, in terms of this crazy ego trip he's on. Current situation isn't comparable to that one back then.
  4. Westbrook traded to Rockets

    Thank you, basketball gods, for this dumpster fire that will be seen from outer space. cantwait.gif
  5. Weakest Move Kawhi To Lakers Or KD To Warriors?

    That's where I'll say I don't want to assume I understand what he wants career wise. I think there's an underlying assumption that the Lakers can only be successful now when we say this. If that's not the case I don't think it'll be a real simple scenario of everyone just expecting him to do nothing.
  6. Weakest Move Kawhi To Lakers Or KD To Warriors?

    I think he chose the Lakers because he wanted to play for them AND he thought he could win, even if there were other easier to win situations. If the Lakers were a dumpster fire situation, I don't think it's a safe bet he'd sign there just because he wanted to be there. I'm and AD fan, but seminoles is right. He's super injury prone and we no clue how he does on the biggest of stages. I think they match well together, and I wouldn't be surprised if AD will be the best player in the league starting next year, but there's still plenty of questions around him. Too many uncertainties to be certain about anything.
  7. Weakest Move Kawhi To Lakers Or KD To Warriors?

    Yea, it's a trend with fans of teams LeBron plays for saying this kind of thing. He didn't leave Cleveland to join LA with a bunch of youngsters, he came to LA expecting to get what he got with AD, preferably last season. I don't necessarily disagree with your and J's logic, I just think it's never a sure thing. You assume you understand what he wants. He may want something different and disastrous results could sway what he wants. There's never a sure thing, especially with this guy, especially in the current NBA. On a more detailed basketball level, all of LeBron's successful teams had a really strong defensive foundation, and most of that credit belonged to the guy on the sideline. If they can't get a guy to get the team to play D, it's going to be the same mess you saw last year and will likely not be good enough to win even with a lot more firepower.
  8. Weakest Move Kawhi To Lakers Or KD To Warriors?

    I guess it depends what his goals are now. If they lose 2 years in a row and it looks like the team just doesn't have it, plus all kinds of dysfunction...I dunno. Shiz is so crazy now a days, I wouldn't be surprised of anything happening. I believe I made a post when those Lakers management mess stories came out that Lakers will Lake again with AD, but now I gotta swerve back and say that they still gotta win, and this franchise is not run like it was in the glory days. The league is seeing crazy turnover everywhere, I have no idea what happens.
  9. Weakest Move Kawhi To Lakers Or KD To Warriors?

    True, he could join Kawhi on the Clippers if that happened.
  10. Weakest Move Kawhi To Lakers Or KD To Warriors?

    Kawhi going to the Clippers might be one of the most glorious moments we remember in resent history. Instead of going to live with AD and LeBron in a king sized mansion, dude moved next door into a modest house to take out those mothereffers and live their mansion. I know the Lakers have a history that the Clippers can never top, but imagine if the Clippers start to bop the Lakers around now, to the point that LeBron leaves for another team and leaves them in shambles again.
  11. MMA Thread

    Of all the people who are complaining about the excessive punches Masvidal landed after the knee, what's the overlap between those people and the ones who loved it when Holly basketball'd Ronda and Henderson landed that forearm against Bisping? My guess is well over 50%.
  12. What do we make of Donovan McNabb's career in 2019?

    History won't be kind to him because of the video game numbers everyone is putting up now, but I'll remember him as one of the better QBs who could produce with very little around him, at least in his prime. For whatever reason, when he got more help it didn't scale much. I think he was underrated in his earlier years, and not that great but still a good starter in his later year until he fell apart.
  13. MMA Thread

    Never heard a guy speak so directly to the hearts of internet haters. T'was lovely. I guess it depends what side you're on, but that end and celebration has to to be up there with Holm/Rousey and Bisping/Hederson for the people on the right side of fandom after those fights. Holy crap.
  14. MMA Thread

    I think Jones definitely won round 3. That's it.
  15. Why, it was a super clean look for the best player? Bricks were crapped all over Canada as that ball was heading at the rim.