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  1. Jones not really adding to his legacy the last 2 fights. While I would say those 2 fights were really close, I can't say for sure that Jones won either of them. Not really sure what the deal is. Some people hated GSP when he went from killer to top control guy to play it more safe, but at least he still dominated his opponents. The odd thing with Jones is he had decisive wins vs DC (before the NC) and Gustafsson, two dudes I think most would agree are his toughest opponents, but looks very iffy when you expect him to do more against lesser dudes. Mostly looks like he's trying to work more on his hands, his wrestling seems to have taken a back seat and barely a part of anything he does. I dunno WTF is going on, but these performances are way too lackluster for a guy the UFC is trying hard to push into Michael Jordan status.
  2. Damn son, football Gods are ruthless. All those Ravens fans who smashed on Pees, this must be tough.
  3. Bad day for purple colored ones.
  4. Dean Pees on Ravens For your consideration Rater R for R. Kelly
  5. With what your PC budget is, it'd be best if your monitor is 1440p or 144hz, or ideally both. For that kind of money if you have a really nice 1080p 60hz monitor, you're still kind of driving a sports car at speed limits. I've been using a 1440p 144hz monitor for a few months now, big thumbs up. Also depends on what games you want to play. IIRC you're not much of a esports online competitive gamer, so if I were you I'd aim for higher res before higher refresh rate. Both are good, but new games at higher res probably won't push you frame rate that high. Older games on the other hand will be amazing at high res and high FPS. Currently playing Witcher 3 all maxed with max FPS all the time. If you're looking more to play stuff online competitively, refresh rate is far more important. Either way, if your monitor is 1080p@60hz, highly recommend upgrading. Keep the current one for a dual monitor setup. I never heard of anyone burning their card unless they irresponsibly OC.
  6. I don't disagree, but I also thought the same thing about signing Paul -- seemed pointless. But it turned out to be a great signing because it undeniably got them closer to a championship. The only thing is Paul is an injury risk and older. I'm guessing they applied same logic with Westbrook, who is really durable. Problem is Paul was at the right point in his career and just wanted to win. Westbrook is still trying to prove that he's the BMF across all species in history.
  7. Somebody should go back in history and look up how many big playoff series would potentially go the other way before they started doing replay in the last 2 mins. That play where Beverley stripped LeBron, 100% of the time that play was and still is ruled out on the defender, but I would venture that well more than half, probably more than 75% of the time it is actually last touched by the ball carrier. Anytime that happens in a pickup game people argue for like 10 mins on who touched it last.
  8. I finished Horizon recently. The world design is impressive and I like the tools you had to take down the machines, and how you had to use different tactics for different machines. The variety of machines was also great. Though the melee combat mechanics were weak compared to other comparable games. The problem for me is as cool and wide as the world was, it felt almost dead. Sometimes you'd see machines fighting or something happening organically, or some humans fighting machines, but nothing else. When I play Rockstar games, I get immersed fairly instantly. Here it was just a bland open world with generic NPCs, weak dialogue, and really not much at all happening. The story was interesting at first, but then it kinda lost me and I was more interested in just finishing the game than trying to unravel the mystery. And the mystery didn't even feel like much of a mystery. It was still fun to play. I feel like people overhype the game, but I played it a lot later after it was launched, maybe that's part of the problem because much more impressive openworld games exist now. Also probably did not help that I played it between BOTW and RDR2.
  9. I run RDR2 at 1440p on a computer that costs a lot more than the new consoles will, and it hover between 60-80 FPS, sometimes falls below 60. You do the math. General rule here is to take a "I'll believe it when I actually play it" approach. You won't find many announcement or other hype vids that looks anything like the final product, if any at all really.
  10. I forgot about the 360 that had the RROD. That was the worst be default because it would just die. I had to trade 2 in, and never had a console die on me unless it was ancient. PS4 also had the worst controller because I had to buy thumb grips accessories to use properly, and it has a terrible battery life that you can't do anything about because the battery is built in. The interface like you said is unacceptably slow. The console also had the worst physical design ever, to the point that companies released dust fillers for parts that were hard to clean.
  11. There's nothing shown in hype videos that will reflect the final gameplay. Even if it's technically using the in game engine, it's either running on a PC that is more powerful than the console or it's a doctored video of gameplay.
  12. Even though I didn't own a ONE, I am a big fan of what XBOX has done this gen. I think the PS4 was the worst console I've ever owned...aside from the games. No idea which console I'll be buying next gen, or if both.
  13. IIRC ESPN suffered a pretty significant ratings decline some time ago. I think they have just adjusted their business model. Hardcore fans of a particular sport know where to go for better coverage. Real fans who watch ESPN and expect balanced coverage are looking in the wrong place. Life is better if you don't watch that channel. I laid out my plan to fix the NBA multiple times on this forum and Adam Silver has yet to contact me. Shame on him.
  14. Melo not being worthless for a stretch is the worst thing that can happen to the Blazers. Now he's there for good. RIP RIP City.
  15. Now that my boi Benny Sims got the infinity sized gorilla off his back, I hope all the haters and doubters will shut up and never expect him to hit another one again...EVER.
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