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  1. Around The League V.2

    Bears 1st + 3rd = Minkah + MIA 2nd rounder Miami 2nd + 3rd = Jalen Ramsey w/ contract extension focused on NV taxes Boundary Corner: Jalen Ramsey Boundary Corner: Gareon Conley Nickle Corner: Lamarcus Joyner Single High Safety: Minkah Fitzpatrick Box Safety: (Karl Joseph in 2019) Jonathan Abram let's go win a SB Seattle style in 2020/2021
  2. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Shenault looks really interesting, seems to run like a RB after the catch and after seeing that he then starts taking Wildcat QB snaps and runs effectively. Kind of a neat prospect for a west coast where YAC should be a defining trait to look for.
  3. Chiefs @ Raiders Week 2 GDT!!

    Can't believe the score at halftime ended up being the final score. The second quarter felt like death.
  4. Chiefs @ Raiders Week 2 GDT!!

    Should be bombing to Tyrell. If it succeeds we score, if it fails maybe we get a PI. If it really fails we are losing anyways.
  5. Chiefs @ Raiders Week 2 GDT!!

    Two INT in the last four pass attempts, one targeting Tyrell in the endzone. Without those could be 28-20, then again Mecole had a bomb TD number 2 called back for holding so we still aren't stopping the deep ball.
  6. Chiefs @ Raiders Week 2 GDT!!

    Exactly he's 22 years old
  7. Chiefs @ Raiders Week 2 GDT!!

    Trade for Minkah. Our GM had him as a top 5 player of his class. Cheap multi-year contract. Good sized safety that also plays as a larger slot CB if Joyner is mismatched.
  8. Chiefs @ Raiders Week 2 GDT!!

    t h r o w i t t o t y r e l l I can't believe we aren't attacking KC deep with Tyrell, DJ Chark with Minschew or however you spell it took KC out back with the deep shots and we don't attempt after finding success there early. Insanity.
  9. Chiefs @ Raiders Week 2 GDT!!

    We need to target Tyrell more, since we stopped our offense has become significantly worse. This is a D that can give up big plays, take the opportunities.
  10. Chiefs @ Raiders Week 2 GDT!!

    Anyone know where to find Airborne Carr as a GIF? That should have been a 1st, but still looked awesome.
  11. Around The League V.2

    Our GM had Fitzpatrick as the 5th best player of that class though. Fitzpatrick also fits the leader mentality Mayock covets.
  12. Around The League V.2

    Conley Worley and Mullens are boundary corners. Joyner and Fitzpatrick could rotate playing single high safety and nickle corner. Karl Joseph, and later when he is back, Jonathan Abram play in the box safety. Fitzpatrick is a converted corner playing safety, and the Dolphins keep putting him in the box because they can't stop the run. I'd really like it if we can pull it off, but I'm really hoping if we don't get him he goes to the NFC.
  13. Around The League V.2

    Raiders 1st + Bears 1st for Miami's 1st and Minkah Fitzpatrick is a trade I'd offer. It's the first they are looking for if they truly aren't tanking lol.
  14. Random Raider Stuff

  15. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    1. Jacob Phillips, LB LSU 1. Yetur Gross-Matos, DE Penn State 3. Solomon Kindley, LG Georgia 3. Quartney Davis, WR Texas A&M 4. Marvin Wilson, DT FSU