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  1. Same city: 1993 Houston Oilers -> 1994 Houston Oilers 1993: 12-4 and bounced from the playoffs by Joe Montana and the Chiefs 1994: 1-9 under Jack Pardee (previously lead Oilers to 9-7, 11-5, 10-6 [ended that season on an epic blown lead to the Bills in the playoffs], 12-4), then 1-6 under Jeff Fisher who ended up coaching them until 2010 QB: Warren Moon (1993) -> Billy Joe Tolliver/Bucky Richardson/Cody Carlson (1994) Lost Mike Munchak at Guard Lost Buddy Ryan as DC who literally fought the OC on TV 1993: 3 starters on the DL with 9+ sacks 1994: 0 starters with 9+ sacks
  2. Josh McCown has like a year of high school coaching experience right? Like at best that's a OC job not HC right? Most likely QB coach? Was Bieniemy Josh's OC in any of the 57 years he was a backup? (edit: the answer is no)
  3. I'm cool with not counting pre-merger and sending the Chargers to the void. I wasn't aware Dallas Texans were the Chiefs.
  4. Raiders have 16 01. 1967 02. 1968 03. 1969 04. 1970 05. 1972 06. 1973 07. 1974 08. 1975 09. 1976 10. 1982 11. 1983 12. 1985 13. 1990 14. 2000 15. 2001 16. 2002 Probably you didn't count the player strike year the Raiders finished with the best record in 1982. If I'm not mistaken Chiefs are at 12 1. 1966 2. 1971 3. 1993 4. 1995 5. 1997 6. 2003 7. 2010 8. 2016 9. 2017 10. 2018 11. 2019 12. 2020 The other two have 15 though
  5. We had five HOF on the offensive line in 1971 with Ron Mix being the 5th and a reserve that year, but he started a handful of games. Art Shell, Gene Upshaw, Jim Otto and Bob Brown rounded it out. Daryl Lamonica, Kenny Stabler and George Blanda all on the team that year. Fred Biletnikoff catching balls from them. Some all time favorite Raiders like Phil Villapiano, George Atkinson, Jack Tatum and Willie Brown on that team's defense. We even had Apollo Creed from the Rocky movies on the roster in Carl Weathers. In '72 we got Otis Sistrunk the guy from "The University of Mars" who didn't go
  6. I don't think having Haskins on the roster with Rudolph/Ben will be appealing at this point. When it's maybe retiring Ben and Rudolph it's kind of appealing. This point with Haskins joining Ben/Rudolph/(Dobbs?) I feel like any addition would be a rookie, because that's a crowded vet QB room. Even if Pittsburgh signed Haskins as just an evaluate and cut that's reps another vet isn't getting in a QB competition. I think this eliminates Jameis as a potential Steeler unless he gets next to zero interest elsewhere.
  7. I would have thought Winston would have been their target for this type of signing. Kinda weird to me to sign Haskins before you can even see what Winston wants/asks for. I guess he's roughly 4 years younger than Winston, but raw talent and developmental upside I still think I'd gamble on Jameis over Haskins if the money is equal (and cheap).
  8. Talking about Jaycee Horn, I am kinda more interested (at likely 2nd or 3rd I'd think over Horn in the 1st) in his teammate Israel Mukuamu who fits that 6'3" CB profile we've swung at a few times (Keith McGill and Sean Smith come to mind) that might be able to develop into the kind of guy you put on Kelce (though probably not to the best results year 1 lol). He destroyed Jake Fromm (South Carolina v. Georgia) if you wanna see a good one. Could develop into Johnathan Abram SS insurance/back up if his hips don't rotate enough for corner and/or Abram gets hurt/fails.
  9. I don't follow the Falcons much, but Grady Jarrett might be available just looking at their cap situation. Like I know he is very very good, but trading him would free up almost 10mil for them when they are in a really right spot and can't really trade or cut Julio/Ryan. Like if they traded Jarret and cut/traded Ricardo Allen, James Carpenter and Allen Bailey they are restructure away from being out of the red. I don't know what fair value would be for Jarrett in trade, but acquiring him then following it up with a draft pick might be a good direction to address DT without the "sign Leonard Wi
  10. @drfrey13 did you get PM'd the workbook yet?
  11. Derek Carr is shown as the budget contract here, but he was the highest paid QB when he signed that deal.
  12. Unless they hire Wade back I guess lol
  13. Did Tom Brady get at least to the Conference Championship Game? 2001: Yes. 2002: No, but finished with a winning record. 2003: Yes. 2004: Yes. 2005: No, but made the playoffs. 2006: Yes. 2007: Yes. 2008: No, but it's also the year he hurt his knee and didn't play. 2009: No, but made the playoffs. 2010: No, but made the playoffs. 2011: Yes. 2012: Yes. 2013: Yes. 2014: Yes. 2015: Yes. 2016: Yes. 2017: Yes. 2018: Yes. 2019: No, but made the playoffs and left the Patriots after the year. 2020: Yes,
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