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  1. Earlier someone brought up how AP and Henry compare, man include Henry's playoff run that's when he went "oh that's the leagues top back". He carried that team. The fact he hasn't broken down is insane. They go down in the score board most teams abandon the run, they give Henry 40 touches. There isn't a comp in the league right now. Henry is the only RB contender for MVP and he'd get voted over most of the "20 QBs more important" without a doubt including Tannehill who is a good QB. Lamar, Mahomes whatever elite QB is a higher favorite, but Henry is in the conversation and doing that as a RB i
  2. Basically Alex Leatherwood's comp
  3. I could see him holding the job full time. Team responding against Denver right off the bat is a very good sign. Retaining him leads to retaining Olson and Bradley who have both done nothing to lose their jobs. If we get to the 9-8 or better mark I think he's the guy.
  4. JJ Watt and Zach Ertz are on the Arizona Cardinals now and Kealia Watt and Julie Ertz are on the the Chicago Red Stars that's kinda neat
  5. I think an under-mentioned aspect of the cancel culture change is going to come from NFL Cheerleaders. They are frequently at the heart of the Washington scandal as victims and also have pay issues with the league as a separate issue. I know not many follow womens sports, but the NWSL (National Women's Soccer League) has recently had the head coach of one of the most successful teams the North Carolina Courage hit with sexual harassment of his players (and other like accusations). He has resigned and that league has a lot of issues to correct and make up for... but the report and the movement
  6. This is a Colin Kaepernick thread and the influence of him being cancelled going forward and its impact shaping the NFL, not a Jon Gruden resigning thread. Why are you guys posting about Gruden? Gruden didn't get canceled as you said. Even the OP is about Kaepernick.
  7. Colin Kaepernick was cancelled, but years later Goodell has marketed being on the players side and giving platform for them to speak out. Kaepernick most likely won't get justice as playing careers are time sensitive and it's just not realistic. Kaepernick's influence on the NFL is what can get brought back to life. I think the next step in this line is the Washington Football Team being rebranded. How they handle Daniel Synder's role in that I think will be the great indicator of if the change is real or if it's going to be slow. I think the Gruden emails if mishandled is also capable of lea
  8. "Flowers' issues in coverage continued in that game, and afterwards, he described it as a scheme issue while saying there was confusion among some Seattle defenders on how to defend certain route concepts." Isn't it roughly the same scheme or does he mean specifically on a certain play call?
  9. I don't think it's relevant to the Jon Gruden resigning thread though. Like why would Mayock be canned for this? Mayock may even have been good at drafting and Gruden just for the most part ignored him. Mayock very easily could survive this and knock the upcoming draft out of the park and get an extension and input on the coaching hire.
  10. I would love for David Shaw to become our coach, but I don't think he would leave Stanford. I'd be extremely excited if he did (to join us) though.
  11. 100% rebuild. Look at our 2022 team. Carr ~20 mil no guarantees -- is worth either an extension or significant trade compensation Kolton ~17mil -- just resigned is the cornerstone Clelin Ferrell ~10mil, about half guarantee -- if he's worth something in trade I feel like you take it. Waller ~7mil -- he's getting a new deal or asking for a trade this offseason that's why he hired a new agent. It's either extension or significant trade compensation. Cory Littleton ~16mil -- he's been restructured to hell but I think it's a cut bait and pay situation. Yannick ~15mil -- this is a locked in
  12. I don't think so either, but I'm trying to think of what Mark Davis would do. Mark Davis isn't a football mind and wants a guy he can trust. A move like that wold be hard to argue is wrong, and puts the football mind in the building. A decade ago I don't think there's a trade package that could be made for him. As is, maybe?
  13. One real funky option that I don't think has been discussed is a trade for Bill Belichick. Mike Mayock, who played for Bill, would essentially become head scout, and Bill would become essentially Al Davis in full control. I don't know if Belichick would laugh and retire, but maybe if Kraft is kinda done with that era and wants to move on to McDaniels or something.
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