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  1. BDP's 2019 GM Mock Discussion!!

    Did the Bengals Raiders AJ Green trade get approved? I couldn't find the post saying approved by BDP but I might have missed it. Wondering if it did not go through if I could think about potential offers.
  2. BDP's 2019 GM Mock Discussion!!

    Really like the idea of Landon Collins on the Raiders nice trade Daine
  3. BDP's 2019 GM Mock Discussion!!

    Chargers possibly interested in Soloman Thomas. Tyrell Williams will be my offer, if you pick another offer or want something else keep Chargers in mind.
  4. BDP 2019 GM Mock Depth Chart Thread

    Chargers QB: Phillip Rivers, Geno Smith RB: Melvin Gordon, Austin Ekler, Justin Jackson FB: Derek Watt WR: Keenan Allen, Tyrell Williams WR: Mike Williams Slot: Travis Benjamin TE: Hunter Henry, Antonio Gates, Virgil Green LT: Russell Okung LG: Dan Feeney, Scott Quessenberry C: Mike Pouncey, Cole Toner RG: Forrest Lamp, Michael Schofield RT: Sam Tevi DE: Melvin Ingram DT: Brandon Mebane, Damien Square, Justin Jones DT: Darrius Philon, Corey Liuget DE: Joey Bosa OLB: Kyle Emmanuel MLB: Denzel Perryman OLB: Uchenna Nwosu, Kyle Wilson CB: Casey Hayward CB: Jason Verrett Nickel: Desmond King FS: Jahleel Addae, Adrian Phillips SS: Derwin James, Rayshawn Jenkins Have more on roster, but these are the guys I have typed out so far
  5. BDP's 2019 GM Mock Discussion!!

    I'll sign up for the Chargers @BringinDaPain
  6. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    When you open your team workbook it says "make a copy because the file is in it's owners trash and you will soon lose ability to access the file", right? Like I clicked make a copy, but that is normal correct?
  7. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Flacco has been coached by Kubiak who is Elway's friend and who Elway wanted to be OC before Fangio shot it down. I think the idea of Flacco as a Bronco for Elway probably began when Kubiak was going to be his offense and he just went with it even after losing Kubiak. I'd also guess that double overtime playoff game shootout between Manning's Broncos and Flacco's Raven has stayed with him.
  8. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    Bears won't be trading or releasing anyone until at least the first round of free agency and maybe the second. Quality roster and playoff team not trying to do anything rash. I guess if someone wants like Parkey or something similar go ahead and offer (anything other than dumping cap onto me), but legitimate players I won't be moving until at least I get an idea on what FA is going to look like. Potentially available real players are Kyle Long, Allen Robinson, and Jordan Howard. I am more than comfortable to keep them on roster so they will not be cheap acquisitions in trade, to get a rough valuation from my end somewhere around mid-4th for Long, high-2nd for Robinson and high 4th for Howard seem like baselines for what I would be looking for in exchange. Once again not looking to move any of them until at least round one of FA results post, but listing some potential guys and asking prices so you guys can also maybe consider during your off season strategy plans.
  9. TCMD 2019 SIGN UP THREAD- GM's Announced

    On my laptop it loaded in about 5 seconds for me, almost instantly minus the balance picture which was what took 5 seconds. Looks good to me.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    FA: Edge ([shorter deals:] Ansah, Graham, [long mega deals, between Hunter and Mack tiers:] Flowers, Clowney), Corner [veteran scheme fit value guys that we always seem to get], WR [Tyrell Williams, DeSean Jackson] 1.04 TRADE to Jaguars: 1.04 = 1.07 + 3.05 1.07 Devin White, MLB LSU - Blue Chip talent that will be around pick 5-15, Jaguars trade up for Haskins. 1.24 Jaylon Ferguson, DE Louisiana Tech - Edge rusher of the future. I feel like you pair this with a FA "prove it" deal to Ziggy Ansah or a short deal to Brandon Graham whichever would sign. Alternatively if a younger stud signs in FA like Clowney or Flowers and it can be budgeted cool. 1.27 Mack Wilson, SLB Alabama - I feel like this pick could be Wilson or Dexter Lawerence. Wilson at SLB would excel beyond replacement level at coverage and be a nice pairing with White to massively upgrade our LB group, with Whitehead at WLB and Marrow and Lee being depth. Lawerence would be if the staff is low on Justin Ellis and/or can not find either Johnathan Hankins like singing or resign. A stud NT would benefit White as well for an upgrading of the LB group, but I think Wilson would be a bigger impact on more downs so he is my preferred option. 2.03 Nasir Adderley, FS Delaware - Rangey FS to pair with Karl Joseph, corner experience to cover slot or TE too, he might be gone by this pick but I'm going with my current ideal draft within projected ranges. 3.02 Julian Love, CB Notre Dame - Mike Mayock years ago did commentary for ND, although he wouldn't have covered the current class I have to assume he knows a bit more about ND prospects than your average GM. Love is projected low first to mid third right now but doesnt have ideal height or speed. I think Mayock could pull the trigger at great value in the third to be our #2 CB. 3.05 Andy Isabella, WR UMass - That senior bowl, that super bowl [I know he isn't Edelman, but watching how the slot WR was so clutch we don't have that, even the Rams slot was important this year], that I'm guessing quick combine. I want that slot option for the Raiders. The other WR I looked at for this spot is Hakeem Butler of Iowa State who has some insane traits, but it looks like a case of the dropsies with a less than ideal route tree. Since we'd need a contributor earlier than projecting an insane development maybe 3 years down the line I went with Isabella. I think Butler might rise higher than this anyways if he addresses the drops with great workouts as well as crisp diverse routes. 4.04 Alizé Mack, TE Notre Dame - Another Notre Dame guy. Mack's former last name was Jones before changing to his stepfathers name recently if you are looking him up. Has academic issues and some like flags, but his athletic profile is up there. I'd love to get Hockenson, but I don't think a first rounder to TE is what we are looking at. I still think Jared Cook isn't an option as he is past prime by Vegas and this is the year to start developing so the rookie is ready by Vegas. Talking about Vegas, Mack is from there. 5.20 Elijah Holyfield, RB Georgia - Evander Holyfield's son and what you'd expect - strong. He's a hard worker that has low mileage sitting behind Michel and Chubb before splitting carries this year, but his power behind another year of Marshawn (who would split carries) looks like a great fit for a replacement. Third down back could resign Richard, or a number of guys since that position always seems like there are options. 6.24 Jake Bailey, P Stanford - Like him, and think we need to address punter again as last years pick didn't do anything notable. 7.04 Bryce Love, RB Stanford - Probably gets drafted higher, but could be one of those "oh wow what a fall" guys that goes from a high round potential pick (his junior year) to a slip in play (senior year) to then tearing his ACL and falling hard. This lets him recover and have low to no carries for a while before competing.
  11. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    2014 Season: 9 REC 109 Yards 1 TD, 1 rush 7 yards, Champion 2016 Season: 5 REC 87 Yards, 1 rush 2 yards, Champion 2017 Season: 8 REC 152 Yards, lost to Eagles 2018 Season: 10 REC 140 Yards, 1 rush 8 yards, Champion, MVP Pretty crazy to think in the 4 SBs he played (5 attended, was on the team for second Giants loss but if I remember right he was like emergency CB that year) he has 32 REC 488 Yards, 3 rushes 17 yards. Like if extrapolated to a 16 game season that would be: 128 REC 1952 Yards 4 TD, 12 Rushes 68 Yards. That's 2k total yard pace, dude is insane in SB.
  12. TCMD 2019 SIGN UP THREAD- GM's Announced

    Awesome looking forward to trying a team with a tight cap in the Bears. Also who is the 49ers GM? Forge?
  13. TCMD 2019 SIGN UP THREAD- GM's Announced

    If all the teams were picked, and Daine still wants me to CO-GM the Raiders, I'd like that. If there is an available team though I'd like to participate again this year. I wasn't tagged in the opening post and apparently missed it. If it's all full, oops, and good luck to everyone participating. Also if Chicago is available that would be awesome to have Khalil and play the other side of the Raiders/Bears trade. I have previously done TCMD Colts, Chargers, Buccs, and Raiders. Favorite team would be what I can get, though my irl favorite team is the Raiders. It's a lot of fun delving into another team each offseason though and I'd take anything. Edit to follow the rules: Fan Favorite: Oakland Raiders Sub Forum War Room: Maybe, I make the thread but most teams don't want to participate Choice 1: Chicago Bears as that looks like it's the last available and would be my first choice to GM. Choice 2: Raiders Co-GM with daineraider Choice 3: If anyone drops out or becomes inactive to take over any other team.
  14. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Wouldn't KO have some value to a team like the Browns, Bills or Cardinals? They have 60-80mil in cap each and needs at guard and/or tackle. When healthy KO is a real player, so I would think he would have value. I think Gabe Jackson has even more value because he is young and near elite and dealt with a torn pectoral (Sep 10th) and fractured elbow (Dec 9) which he played through until being played on IR December 18th. I wouldn't bet against Gabe rebounding after showing that kind of toughness and want to play.
  15. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    His game was top WR with Fitzpatrick early on though, just didn't work with Winston. Fitzpatrick played weeks 1-4 and 8-11 Weeks 1-4: 22 targets, 17 receptions, 424 yards, 3 TD Weeks 8-11: 27 targets, 14 receptions, 205 yards, 1 TD so in half a year he played with Fitzpatrick, that is 59 targets, 31 catches 629 yards and 4 TD. We don't have a burner and unless we draft someone like Hollywood from Oklahoma, we probably won't have a burner. The above combine Fitzpatrick stats suggest a first down per target average, and close to 20 yards per catch. If Jordy can move chains and be a reliable target a big play option has purpose. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable drafting a WR and expecting 1000 contributor right away. If Desean could get 800 yards and 5 TDs with us, I think that would be a win as a signing. I think that's somewhere near what Jordy produced, or a little higher, but his expectation for the upcoming year as well, then Jared Cook as well had similar stats. That's 2400 and 15 TDs, allowing other options about 1,000 yards and 10-20 TDs to round out Carr's career norms. That's far more realistic a load for a rookie contributor to handle imo with reserve options and backs producing, that's maybe a 40 yards a game contributor, with upside, to find in the draft. That's essentially what DJ Moore was last year with a couple break out games sprinkled in.