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  1. Glenn Dorsey was a beast in LSU his final season too if you are looking for a great prospect that happened to not turn into Suh and Donald lol. - SEC Defensive Player of the Year? Sure did. - National Championship? Yes. - Outland Trophy (best college football interior lineman)? Yup. - Nagurski Trophy (best college defender)? Uh huh. - Lott Trophy (Integrity, Maturity, Performance, Academics, Community, and Tenacity)? He did. - Lombardi Award (best college player, offense or defense, focused on performance, as well as leadership, character, and resiliency)? You bet.
  2. Trojan

    FA 2020

    Makes more sense to me that if Bell was signed, he would be replacing Jalen Richard who makes ~4x Booker and is the pass catching complement which is what I would view Bell as.
  3. Gaskin clearly needs to be upgraded for a 12-4 team lol I wouldn't pencil in Jamar Chase either that team has some holes that need addressing much more than WR especially if Parker is extended.
  4. Too bad that won't show up as a sack for Clelin
  5. Kinda seems like the Sammy Watkins pulling his hamstring or whatever happened drastically changed this game up. I hope that missed XP isn't us handing the momentum right back.
  6. I think it has more to do with Jacobs has had a huge workload (over the season so far) and it's working with Booker so might as well not overburden Jacobs. If it's clutch time critical work I still expect to see Jacobs though.
  7. The way Mahomes just resets and our entire DL falls this drive is crazy to watch, if this was Madden I'd assume my opponent was using some cheat glitch.
  8. Trading for Smith over Haskins is completely ignoring the one reason to trade for Haskins which is a cheap contract.
  9. Mark Clayton (Dan Marino's WR), Braylon Edwards, Dwayne Bowe and Doug Baldwin all for those monster REC TD years For the completely forgotten and absolutely unknown William Beattie Feathers averaged over 8 YPC in 1934 for over 1000 yards and 8 TDs as a rookie. That year he threw 2 more TDs and caught another.
  10. First the Jaguars should get compensation from the Titans and then reschedule this upcoming game from week 5 to week 7 as both teams share that bye week. The Titans need to be slapped with a massive penalty. ET80's $100,000,000 fine isn't that outrageous. Formula 1 had a 100mil fine to a team (McLaurin Mercedes team).
  11. He isn't my choice for the future, but I'd consider trading for Dwayne Haskins. He needs time to develop, but I'd take him over Nathan Peterman (as long as other Gruden's system is at least vaguely similar and it's not a complete foreign playbook to him). Mariota costs something like 10x more. That said the deal would be Haskins at a like 2.5mil for 2021 and that can't cost all the much from the Raiders (ie. not looking at him as a starter, just as a potentially developmental starter that we'd have to deal with in FA and as a backup -- not paying anywhere near the Dolphins trade for Rosen as Rosen had a chance to start on that multi-year deal). In 2022, though if Haskins has developed and Carr hasn't taken us to the playoffs (but has done enough to keep us out of range of drafting a QB) maybe it would be worth extending and working with him and the 1.5 in the system would be a huge benefit.
  12. This is Eric Bieniemy's team right? Surely if you leave Mahomes to get your first HC job, you pick the team with Watson. You could get John Dorsey to GM as well who I think has some overlap with Bieniemy from KC and built a talented roster for the Browns pretty rapidly. Pieces like Fuller and Cooks likely would be good fits for Bieniemy's scheme too right?
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