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  1. I would think Adams to the Raiders for first rounder plus a little something more, then Rodgers to Denver for their first plus more. Then Raiders Broncos need to beat Mahomes and maybe Herbert or those are now premium picks. I would think it’s in GB interest to make their old players rivals to maximize returns.
  2. I feel like the Vikings OL is underrated. It’s young, but exceptionally talented.
  3. 2007 Browns I'm sure felt cheated. 10-6, Steelers won the division at 10-6 so they (CLE) were likely wild card. They just needed Peyton Manning's 13-2 Colts to beat Vince Young's Titans. Colts didn't need the game so they rested everyone and lost 16-10. If the Colts tried the Browns would have earned their playoff slot, but the Colts made the decision to not be competitive and instead rest heading into the playoffs. They went to the playoffs in 2002, then just again in 2020. I'm sure their potential wild card game in 2007 season would have been appreciated.
  4. Lions. Not this year just seems like the franchise to achieve that eventually.
  5. Tom Brady drinks electrolyte water and smoothies in the morning with his and eggs on avocado
  6. Suicidal thoughts can also lead someone to drink and drive and intentionally hit a barrier. The drinking part is to give them the confidence to not back out. If thats the situation and he was frustrated to leave uninjured he could have walked to his in laws and expressed how he wanted another shot at suicide, then they locked the gate and then his wife pleaded that suicide by cop wasn't going to be an issue. Very dark thoughts where you are truly ready to end it can drive great people to take reckless actions. I hope he gets the privacy needed and good counseling to escape the mental place he
  7. 2014: Colt Lyeria -- liked the hype I knew about of his talent and athletic gifts and the highlight videos. Taught me off the field stuff is real and made him not a real NFL prospect. Telvin Smith - Very talented coverage linebacker, but retired and I think off the field stuff tainted him as well. 2015: Jaelan Strong -- Liked him as a 4th or 5th round possession WR, but he went in the 3rd to the Texans and never really had the separation to make it. Kinda like fellow ASU WR NKeal Harry, but scaled down to being a mid-round version. Owamagbe Odighizuwa -- Absolutely insane freak body
  8. Alex Gibbs teaching offensive line concepts on youtube are great knowledge with a brash coach. I loved listening to them, and watch them about once a year. How he talks about cut blocking and the fine line of staying in the bounds of rules and redefining what to look for in scheme prospects to build a bigger deeper untapped pool of prospects is revolutionary. Gibbs and the system that goes to the Shannahans, McVay, LaFleur, Kubiak on and on changed the game is an awesome way. Consistent run games lead to winning games.
  9. A lot of their analysis and explanations are really enjoyable, but then they end up publishing some result like Devin White has a grade of 48.1 on this ranking. Most to all of their linebackers seem to be really underrated in their rating system, like Tremaine Edmunds isn't a 41.2, or rookie Patrick Queen a 29.1. If the Raiders could have SLB Devin White 48.1, MLB Tremaine Edmunds 41.2 and WLB Patrick Queen 29.1 or the Raiders have SLB Nicholas Morrow 63.7, MLB Nick Kwiatkoski 67.1, and WLB Cory Littleton 47.1 Their ranking system implies what they have would be better, but common sens
  10. What is odd with Fields isn’t the beautiful accurate ball, release or motion, instead it’s where he carries his elbow before and as the motion initiates. He holds his elbow high up, often over the plane in which his hand gripping the ball is. It’s like an OF in baseball that has that little extra leverage snap to launch it towards the catcher. It’s unique, but it works for him and he remains accurate and has good velocity. Where it potentially is an issue is against Indiana, the elevation may have been an indicator to Jamar Johnson on when to break to make a play on the chosen route. That’s sp
  11. I don't think Winston couldn't beat out Brees or Taysom Hill so much as he was there to learn and develop and see the game from the coach / reserve QB spot. The entire year was dedicated to learning the playbook and focusing on the other than physical side of the game. This keeps his value lower into free agency to resign him and then is the best version for the Saints now that Brees and his legacy have concluded. If Taysom is hot and it works it works, but this was the path that works for Jameis. Now they have a few games worth of Taysom and what he offers and a best version of Jameis to comp
  12. Lions make sense to me for a conditional pick that has a floor of a pick in the same round swap, but could scale up a bit if he actually pans out. Their room is I think Tyrell Williams (injury concern), Breshaud Perriman (injury concern/consistency), Amon Ra St. Brown and Quintez Cephus? That's two question marks as the headliners as out wide wrs and then two decent inside young options. Harry would be a develop option to compete with like Sage Surratt the rookie to replace one of the outside guys.
  13. 1. Travis Kelce 2. George Kittle 3. Darren Waller (+ Foster Moreau) 4. Hunter Henry + Jonnu Smith 5. Dallas Goedert + Zach Ertz Cheating and putting top 5 TE groups, Kelce and Kittle essentially stand alone atop the rankings. Waller is individually ahead of the others, whereas Philly and NE as using a duo to ascend. Buccaneers are really close as a trio as well and Ravens are probably my 7th ranking in before the next tier of more individual stars like Gesicki, Hockensen and Fant. Kyle Pitts somewhere between Waller and Fant, but may be a bit behind Fant in 2021.
  14. That makes a lot more sense to me and then move on from Terron Armstead. Like LT: Armstead G: Peat OC: McCoy G: Ruiz RT: Ramczyk in 2021 Then LT: Ramczyk G: Ruiz OC: McCoy G: Draft pick round 3-4 or Peat RT: Peat or RT round 1/2/3 Then the ~100mil deal looks more sensible to me. The RT exclusive type mega deals look like Conklin money, whereas having LT versatility looks like what the Raiders gave Trent Brown years ago. The ~20mil is someone they think is eventually going to transition left, imo.
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