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  1. is that not how it works for Chicago every year?
  2. original mock, editting the opening post with a revised one taking criticisms into account.
  3. Which rookie LT would you like Carman, Little, Radunz or Cosmi? I think in my revisions I'll give you guys the rookie LT, then have Jacksonville trade for Orlando Brown since they also could use Brown and also have cap space (but less future commitments, maybe Chark for them).
  4. 001. -- JAX -- Trevor Lawrence, QB Clemson 002. -- NYJ -- Zach Wilson, QB BYU 003. ** SFO -- Justin Fields, QB The Ohio State || IRL trade 004. ** DEN -- Trey Lance, QB North Dakota State || ATL trades 004 -> DEN trades 009 + 040 005. -- CIN -- Jamarr Chase, WR LSU 006. ** MIA -- Penei Sewell, LT Oregon || IRL trade 007. ** NYG -- Rashawn Slater, OL Northwestern || DET trades 007 -> NYG trades 011 + 076 008 -- CAR -- Christian Darrisaw, LT Virginia Tech 009 ** ATL -- Kyle Pitts, TE Florida || DEN trades 009 + 040 -> ATL trades 004 010 ** NEP -- Mac Jones, QB Alabama
  5. Completely random % just using it as like a gauge to show roughly how likely I think, obviously backed by nothing. 1. Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence (99%) Zach Wilson or Justin Fields (1%) 2. Jets: Zach Wilson (80%), Justin Fields (10%), Penei Sewell (5%), Jamarr Chase (4%), Trevor Lawrence (1% [100% would be pick unless he did something insane between now and the draft if the Jags passed]) 3. 49ers: Justin Fields (50%), Trey Lance (20%), Zach Wilson (20% [requires Jets passing]), Mac Jones (10%) 4. Falcons: Trade down (50%), Kyle Pitts (15%), Micah Parsons (10%), Kwity Paye (5%), Penei Se
  6. Mayfield is my least favorite player in my mock, but it's fully because I view him as volatile. Very boom/bust, but I think he fits what we would be looking for and I do think he has a decent shot of panning out if he lands with the right coaching staff, and I view Gruden/Cable as fits for him. He is very young, has like a year and a couple games starting experience and needs to coordinate how it all comes together. Beyond that I think he looks like he fits on our right side and helps get push in the run game. I wouldn't select him and be fully confident he locks down a starting spot in 2021 f
  7. I think it's the literal number so over 3.5 is 4, 5, 6 ... and under is under 3.5 as in 3, 2, or 1. So 'before' would be 'under', and 'after' 'over'. I'm not exactly sure either which is why I asked.
  8. isn't this basically the opposite of how over/under works or am I misreading the explanations?
  9. The Draft: 17. Trade down TB. 32 + 64 + 2022 3rd 32. Alim McNeill, DT NC State 48. Tyson Campbell, CB Georgia 64. Jamar Johnson, FS Indiana 79. Jalen Mayfield, RT Michigan 80. Pete Werner, LB The Ohio State 121. Shaka Toney, SLB/LEO Penn State 162. Jamie Newman, QB Wake Forest 167. Jaylon Moore, RG Western Michigan 200. Jonathan Adams Jr., WR Arkansas State Alim McNeill -- I realize this is higher than most have him, but this is the must come away with player of the class for me of prospect we will definitely have an opportunity to get. When you watch NC State, when it's
  10. 33 3/8th at his EXOS Pro day in February 26th, which is probably the source for NFL.com who rounded to 1/2. Draftscout.com also has him as 33.5 from his proday which they mark as updated in April. Where did you find a shorter version?
  11. Tevin Jenkins arms measure as 33.5" according to NFL.com profile on him, where do you get he's an inch short of 33"?
  12. The Oakland Renegades are signing Sammis Reyes, TE Tulane Basketball/International Player Pathway. I am also waiving Anthony Johnson, WR and allotting that money plus 200k to Reyes for a 1y/875,000 deal. If Washington Football Team's offer beats that then I keep Anthony Johnson, if it's multiple years but $875,000 works for year one we will beat WFT's extension and roll with Reyes. EDIT: IRL He signed a three year deal with the first year being 660,000. My year one beats that so I will sign him, and offer him years 2 and 3 for 1,000,000 flat each, for a 2,875,000 total.
  13. I think he will still make the HOF if he stays involved with football (coaching/announcing/working for NFL or Patriots) and stays relevant long enough to stay in people's minds as a more senior candidate. Someone like Jim Plunkett stays involved with the Raiders and radio (I think) and stays in the conversation as a senior candidate. Eventually his post season stats and championships will get him in. It might take until a decade or two after Tom Brady retires and the people remember how hard multiple championships are.
  14. With the NFL Draft two weeks away, I figured I'd make a mock post for a rough outline of what I'm thinking I'd like to do over draft weekend. Draft Pick 1.008 Patrick Surtain Jr., CB Alabama Draft Pick 2.034 Tyson Campbell, CB Georgia Draft Pick 2.039 Javonte Williams, RB North Carolina Draft Pick 3.066 Alim McNeil, NT NC State Draft Pick 4.107 Hunter Long, TE Boston Coll
  15. The biggest surprise that I could see happening is the Cincinnati Bengals moving down taking Milton Williams from Louisiana Tech (so Denver comes up for 1/2/3/4/5 QB in a row to keep with surprise in the top 10). Personally I think Jamarr Chase makes all the sense in the world, but the argument that the Bengals have weapons and should address the line also makes sense. Then once there they may talk themselves into the tackle class being deep, whereas the DL class has issues. They were present for Milton Williams freaky proday and might just think he could develop into what they need. I think i
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