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  1. How would you rank the QBs in each division?

    AFCN - Lamar Jackson (1, #3 overall), Ben Roethlisberger (2), Joe Burrow (3), Baker Mayfield (4), Case Keenum (5) AFCE - Tua Tagovailoa (1), Josh Allen (2), Sam Darnold (3), Cam Newton (4), Ryan Fitzpatrick (5) AFCS - Deshaun Watson (1, #4 overall), Philip Rivers (2), Ryan Tannehill (3), Garner Minshew (4), Jacoby Brissett (5) AFCW - Patrick Mahomes (1, #1 overall), Derek Carr (2), Drew Lock (3), Marcus Mariota (4), Justin Herbert (5) NFCN - Aaron Rodgers (1, #5 overall), Matthew Stafford (2), Kirk Cousins (3), Jordan Love (4), Nick Foles (5) NFCE - Carson Wentz (1, #6 overall), Dak Prescott (2, #7 overall), Daniel Jones (3), Andy Dalton (4), Dwayne Haskins (5), NFCS - Tom Brady (1, #8 overall), Drew Brees (2, #9 overall), Matt Ryan (3, #10 overall), Jameis Winston (4), Teddy Bridgewater (5) NFCW - Russell Wilson (1, #2 overall), Kyler Murray (2), Jared Goff (3), Jimmy Garoppolo (4), Nick Mullens (5)
  2. Fun Hypotheticals #2

    I think a lot of teams did pretty well. The teams I would think most would want to change their picks would be (and I'm choosing only guys round 2 or later to not mess up teams that like their guy) : Chicago: Leonard Floyd -> Dak Prescott Giants: Eli Apple ->Jaylon Smith Buccaneers: Vernon Hargreaves -> Xavien Howard Raiders: Karl Joseph -> Chris Jones Browns: Corey Coleman -> Michael Thomas Bills: Shaq Lawson -> Tyreek Hill Jets: Darron Lee -> Deion Jones Redskins: Josh Doctson -> Derrick Henry would have been cool to see bulldozing in DC. I think they wanted something similar in Perine and Guice and AP. Vikings: Laquon Treadwell -> Cody Whitehair Steelers: Artie Burns -> DJ Reader Broncos: Paxton Lynch -> Hunter Henry 49ers: Josh Garnett -> Myles Jack Cardinals: Robert Nkemdiche -> Corey Littleton Panthers: Vernon Butler -> James Bradberry (they got him a round later, but that 5th year option mightve been nice) Seahawks: Germain Ifedi -> Yannick Ngakoue
  3. Fun Hypotheticals #1

    I would think if there was a no season (NFL and NCAA) and lottery, whatever team regardless of QB situation is going to take Lawrence and have a QB battle. If your QB beat Lawrence and is still on a rookie deal, but Lawrence showed out in preseason and maybe a spot start here or there, you walk into the 2022 draft and can assemble any trade package you want with any team (and that package might be you keep Lawrence and sell whoever beat him but is closer to a bigger money deal too).
  4. What team unexpectedly collapses this year

    Indianapolis Colts, fantastic team and I'm feeling Rivers makes them a SB contender, but I could see a QB switch this offseason being one of the worst times to have a QB switch and it disappointing and the Titans finished last year hot and Watson is a superstar. I could see Colts having a collapse in 2020 Rivers retiring and them rebounding fast with a Fields or Lawrence Curtis Painter to Andrew Luck style. Saints are also uber talented, but it's not super difficult to see a possible collapse. The Buccaneers just added Brady to the division, the Panthers took the Saints 5-0 back up plan at QB (though I believe in Winston, it's hard to imagine if he has to start 5 games next year with this offseason and his risk taking profile against Bridgewaters safe as all get out approach I'm not sure 5-0 is an expectation at all). Then Kamara is in a money year and could hold out or something which would be a massive ding, especially after seeing McCaffrey's deal. I don't know if I'm as sold on the Saints guard duo this year as that's been a super strength for the team basically since Carl Nicks and Jahri Evans. This year Andrus Peat was paid, and if he does a got paid and regress which I'm not saying is likely just something that happens, and they've moved on from Warford to I assume Cesar Ruiz who may struggle as a rookie (but I love him as a prospect, just this is probably a tough year to be a rookie star). Then that could be some regression. Maybe the Falcons roar back returning a lot of their team off an injury plagued year and the Saints might be in a fight for #2/#3 in the division in a year with SB aspirations.
  5. Based off Mark Sanchez and Big Ben (who are the closest I can think of off the top of my head) the likely formula is ~top 10 rookie QB pick +stacked defense a good run game and get another RB to add to the run game in the same (or near) class for depth and have a veteran WR group. Like Big Ben went 11th but was third in his class after Eli and Rivers. Sanchez was 5th with a trade up with the Browns and was same class as Stafford. Steelers had Jerome Bettis and UDFA'd Willie Parker. Jets (year one) Thomas Jones, and (year two) had Ladainian Tomlinson and took Shonn Greene in like 3rd or 4th round. So looking forward to 2021, there is a shot at such a scenario. Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields are both special special and there are a handful of other maybe 1st guys like Trey Lance and surely someone else can emerge. If some team like the Indianapolis Colts just fall flat on their face and end up in position to take Lawrence or Fields that could be the type of team I could see starting a rookie in the SB. A team if an offensive line, weapons available at WR that area adjusted to the NFL (Hilton, Paris Campbell, Michael Pittman), and (if failed that means no Rivers/Brissett money at QB so they can basically cherrypick FA to build the last pieces to their defense) and a run game with Jonathan Taylor and Marlon Mack. Steelers if Ben retires after another injury year or whatever is a similar situation I think, though a Colts one is basically an ideal landing spot. The only way a team is realistically making it to the SB in the Mahomes/Jackson era though is through a run game (ie. Titans were a threat) a similar model might work which a rookie (talented) QB on a cheap deal might inspire.
  6. FA 2020

    The Nassib is 50-70% ____ Clowney, the fill in the blank is "star/name recognition of". One thing I like about the Nassib signing that I'm not sure we really had is he does that "JJ Swatt" move where his arms pop up into the passing lanes when his rush isn't going to get him to the QB. The dude is like 6'7" too so it's pretty effective. If I had to spend the money of a rotational quality guy right now I'd want a offensive tackle to back up Kolton and Trent. Tackles take a beating and one might miss some games and if either are out we are a significantly worse team. A Jason Peters or Cordy Glenn or whatever I havent followed in years, but surely one of the OT left on the market has relative health (at least veteran backup with potential to start 1-8 games). I don't want Kolton playing with a twisted ankle Trent Moving to LT and rolling Sharpe/Parker out there. We wouldn't be close to the same offense.
  7. FA 2020

    Khalil Mack Nick Bosa Joey Bosa Myles Garrett Chandler Jones Danielle Hunter Cam Jordan Frank Clark ZaDarius Smith TJ Watt Von Miller Just off the top of my head, I included an extra in case you wanted to argue they are strictly a 3-4 OLB, but I'm pretty sure they could all dominate at 4-3 DE too.
  8. Who has the best roster?

    Surprised Ravens aren't mentioned very often here. I don't know if they are the best roster, but they are in the conversation. Votes wise they are top 3 in the thread, but post wise is kinda odd.
  9. FA 2020

    I don't think Clowney is a realistic option. I think Tennessee is such a great fit for him that it's really just down to the Titans v. how much they are willing to spend. His best years were when Vrabel was his DC. The Titans are a team that had playoff success. I kind of think that's enough for him to have locked onto the Titans as a landing spot. I think Cleveland/Vegas interest in Clowney might be to drive up Tennessee's price as all three are realistically shooting for that wildcard spot (Ravens/Chiefs/Colts are semi-locks). Not just this year, but like roll over cap and we still don't want them improving in 2021.
  10. Sean McVay vs Doug Pederson

    Coaching grandpa: Mike Holmgren Coaching fathers: Jon Gruden and Andy Reid Andy's baby coaches: Pat Shurmur John Harbaugh Sean McDermott Ron Rivera Matt Nagy Doug Pederson Jon's baby coaches: Sean McVay Kyle Shannahan Jay Gruden That's like super generalized obviously, but I feel like McVay v. Shannahan is a closer argument for who is a better coach. I think both McVay and Shannahan have surpassed Gruden. I think Andy is still the best in his tree, maybe John Harbaugh has some argument of a claim over him. I think after Andy his former staff goes Harbaugh, McDermott, Rivera, then Pederson. I think Gruden and Reid have surpassed Holmgren too. I think it's worth saying that the "Gruden tree" is heavily overlapped with Mike Shannahan who adds in Gary Kubiak and is probably my favorite coaching tree and that influence has rebranded what was the "Gruden west coast" offense into something awesome.
  11. Washington Continentals
  12. He just recently passed away this month, but Ken Riley played cornerback for 15 years for the Cincinnati Bengals racking up 65 interceptions from 1969 to 1983. That's tied 5th all time with Charles Woodson. He was selected to no probowls and hasn't been a contender for the Hall of Fame either, I don't think. He was a 4 time All Pro though and in 1981 his team lost the SB to the 49ers by 5 points.
  13. Panthers sign CB Eli Apple

    When he agreed to terms with the Raiders it was 1 year 5mil, I would assume its a similar deal
  14. Offensively we are excited about landing Tua Tagovailoa, and with no trade up there felt like a real chance we wouldn't land him with rumors of teams moving to Detroit's third spot. Once we landed Tua I felt like our offense should be vastly improved, and in the second round we wouldn't need to grab a WR like Mims and instead could could one of two ways. The first plan was making the defensive line a true strength long term by investing even more assets in the defensive line, which is the path I took. The other considered path was taking corners Jaylon Johnson and Kristian Fulton. Had we gone the other direction our edges would have remained Nick Bosa and Shaq Barrett, with interior lineman Zach Allen and Jurrell Casey. It's really appealing now in retrospect just as it was at the time. Johnson, Fulton, Mackenzie Alexander and Amik would have been a very good CB group and would have opened up moving on from Dre Kirkpatrick. However I valued building a bully more with depth and took Yetur and Epenesa. One reason was that I expect Shaq Barrett to command a tremendous contract next season and I don't think I'll be able to afford it. The other is I think this line has potential to elevate the play of the rest of the defense, because it can rotate and be fresh. I am looking to have Nick Bosa at a wide nine, then next to him in the 3 gap is Jurrell Casey, followed by Rashard Lawrence, then AJ Epenesa as a 5 tech base end. From Epenesa side I will have Shaq Barrett as a stand up blitzer mimicing a 3-4 look. These 5 are the pressure we will bring, with Zach Allen rotating with Casey and Epenesa, Lawrence rotating out in passing situations for a second 3 tech (Epenesa or Allen), and Yetur as a rotational rusher for Shaq Barrett and Nick Bosa. If all hell breaks loose and we have to move on from Casey and lose Shaq then we still have Bosa, Yetur, Allen, Epenesa, and Lawrence. This is the foundation of the team and our identity. The other trench was built up too. Arguably we over paid last offseason for Trent Brown, then we drafted Dalton Risner. Quessenberry is alright as a reserve, but the rest of the line was going to get Tua killed if we didn't revamp it. Signing Jack Conkin in free agency gave us book end power tackles, and then drafting Cushenberry as a center with rare positional length and Bredeson I'm happy. I almost wonder if Cushenberry and Risner would be better off flipping positions.as Risner played his freshman year as a center and his athleticism would be benefitual while Cushenberry's strength and length could work at guard. Regardless, I think this offensive line is worse than our defensive, but very solid and considerably better than where I feel an expansion team would be expected to be at. We can't afford to "David Carr" Tua. The only issue is our line is a real good looking power gap scheme looking line, and Gurley did a lot of work on outside zone runs. Gurley is only a 1 year deal though, so if it works it works, if not alright. Also we drafted Josh Jones to develop which was important as tackles can take a beating and both Trent and Jack has injury histories. Tua's weapons aren't fantastic, but they are roster able. Quintez Cephus will need to get more separation, and projecting him as the starter is a big ask, however last year we had Brice Butler -- soo we've upgraded the spot. Cephus impressed me with his possession catches and his ability to win 50/50 balls. He has hops, and so does Donovan Peoples-Jones our other rookie wide out. DPJ I drafted earlier, but is our projected backup because he is an athletic project in our view. We think he has WR1 upside, but needs time to develop into that player. This shortened offseason may harm that outlook as well and we likely look at the top crop of WRs next year and roll the wheel again. Harmon returns as a successful 5th round pick last year, and we hope Cephus can provide similar or better returns and DPJ as a longer term investment. Our slot Crowder looks to have a heavy load as the veteran of the group, and hopefully Ebron can focus and limit his drops to add another element. Rookie TEs Hunter Bryant looks like an athletic receiving option that is ready to roll as a #2 as long as his knees check out. I'm not too sad about his run blocking prospects as he was one of our 7th round picks and the receiving outlets aspect is more important right now for Tua. Pinkney I liked as a person and although he doesn't have the athletic profile I think he is a try hard and an effort guy that would be able to contribute. Littleton and Kevin Pierre Lewis should upgrade our LB corps, especially if Mack Wilson takes a step. Between Wilson and Littleton I believe we have two above average coverage linebackers which is a nice feeling when I intend to send 5 frequently at the QB. I like KPL and believe he may start over Wilson if Wilson doesn't take the necessary step this year, which is possible with the weird offseason. AJ Green, Lamar Jackson come in as depth CBs with the right build. It's funny that they have the superstar names, but I was targeting Dane Jackson as well, but Buffalo snagged him. I wanted some guys that could work in press man. I hope at least one of the two pans out so I don't need to go off on the position next offseason, but I am confident in Amik to lock down a spot. With Haha and Kojo on one year safety deals I think the defensive backs will be passable, especially due to what I consider an impressive front line that should generate considerable pressure. After last year not taking STers I'm happy to have landed Hot Rod and Charlton two guys I think can possibly be long term solutions at kicker and punter. I'm not demanding excellence, I just want NFL talent there. My expectations are about 6 to 8 wins with our WRs and DBs being the biggest issues. I hope for a break out from either group, but overall very excited for the future of the team especially with the foundations laid in the trenches and a franchise QB on board, just have to shed a few more of those starter expansion contracts this next year and the team should really take shape.
  15. Oops 52 players, got to sign one more player. Um. As a Navy veteran and GM of a fake team that doesn't have a long snapper... the 53rd spot on my roster will go to UDFA Michael Pifer, LS Naval Academy