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  1. Wasn’t Bledsoe the second highest paid QB after Farve?
  2. Week 3: New York Giants Previously used: Raiders (W1), Cardinals (W2)
  3. Derek Carr gave me a fist bump after his first win that Thursday Night when we were like 0-10 against the KC Chiefs.
  4. the play we just ran needs Ruggs doing the Renfrow role
  5. With Carr on the ground in pain, it is unfortunate but having Jon Gruden there talking to him and caring means a lot. Flash back to London with Carr in pain and Dennis Allen not giving a damn. Hope he's good to go stay health Derek.
  6. This team is sloopy, like sloopy sloopy and Gruden needs to get it together.
  7. Peyton Barber being the primary back over Kenyan Drake would be a major disappointment
  8. I know he didn't end up playing QB in the NFL, but Matt Jones, QB Arkansas who ended up a WR bust for the Jaguars had crazy combine numbers.
  9. I'm talking about contact way beyond five yards when the ball is nowhere near, you know the rules of the sport
  10. Do you know Renfrow is #13 at the bottom of the screen that ends up around the 48 yard line and not the RB that got a dump off pass ~20 yards away?
  11. Someone like DJ Fluker might make sense as a FA replacement. Needs that RG/RT versatility as that has been Good's true value to the Raiders. Fluker isn't as good, but has experience in that role and has the measurables Cable likes.
  12. Used: Las Vegas Raiders (W1) Week 2: Arizona Cardinals
  13. Feels good man Let's keep winning Don't put Mark in with the ugly, he's good people and loves our team we could have it so much worse with ownership tbh
  14. Then Mayock was hired for his great contract negotiation skills or what the hire makes no sense unless he is the The guy on draft nights
  15. Raiders are winning this. Don’t think it will be exceptionally close either. Deshon Elliott is the make or break star for the Ravens this game I feel like. Kenyan Drake is going to have a surprisingly large role for the Raiders as well opening up the game big time for Waller. Ruggs deep, Drake shallow and Waller exploiting.
  16. how good does Love have to be to win this job and trade Aaron? Is it even possible?
  17. Favorite Team: Raiders Week 1 pick: Raiders I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  18. I wonder if they use this spot to bring someone like Sims or Harmon back (or whoever else was at WR that didn't make it because the room was "deep"). I think Sims, at least one of them, was picked up by someone -- but a guy like Harmon would know the playbook and have an offseason+ with the team and staff and might work as a fill in.
  19. Really impressive how little the NFL is going to comparatively pay Shaq Barrett over his career in comparison to his contemporaries, although TJ is the high end of contemporary this is the new bar, and Barrett just signed this offseason for like ten million less a year.
  20. Many years ago I adopted a dog from the SPCA. I was to be his third family and on that day an obscure wide receiver named Danny Amendola signed with his third NFL team the Rams after offseason work with the Cowboys and Eagles previously. Looks like it was September 22nd, 2009 signed off the Eagles practice squad. Danny Amendola (it was always first name last name, his nick name was Dola and Danny Dog) was a great boy. Super obedient and deeply special dog who was with me through a lot of the rougher parts of my life, he lived until December 2016. I remember watching that Superbowl 28-3, but Da
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