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  1. Offseason Discussion

    Winston needs to be more consistent. And a lot of that means being more decisive in red zone area and quicker decisions need to be made. That’s where he struggles. Yes an improved running game should help but winston’s weakness is decisiveness and a reason why he takes more sacks than he should is he holds on to the rock a little too long.
  2. Offseason Discussion

    It may not matter but I wonder if winston came forward to the Bucs in May of 2016 when he was accused of this from uber that this may have been resolved quicker?
  3. Demar Dotson to miss entire offseason program

    Well Dotson is 33 and just had knee surgery. If we draft mcglinchy, I would say Dotson may not come back. Also look at the Nate solder deal. Donovan Smith is a pending FA. If the price tag is too high for Smith, then mcglinchy could kick to LT.
  4. Demar Dotson to miss entire offseason program

    YES. Makes a lot of sense.
  5. Offseason Discussion

    But we saw what Godwin could do and were going to limit his snaps?
  6. Josh Allen

    THe thing is. Josh Allen possesses elite physical tools. But when you evaluate the mental process and football intangibles, you see inconsistent accuracy. You see him miss the easy throws or not see them. When I see reports he needs to improve his field awareness and be more decisive, it means he probably won’t correct that. During the senior bowl, he threw some dimes but he reminds me a ton of Josh Freeman. Every year, we were reminded that his accuracy flaws and decision making were issues that needed improvement. They can make the rare tight window throws but couldn’t hit the easy throws that were given to them consistently. Inconsistent field vision where most of the time they’d stare down read number 1. Josh Freeman’s personal issues did him in. Josh Allen seems like a better athlete but he’s similar to freeman on the field as a Qb. He’s not a top 10 pick imo.
  7. Draft Rumor Mill - All Things Related

    I like what i see from Fitzpatrick and from scouts takes, he gets the comparison of a Swiss Army knife. Was a good corner then filled in at safety and played at high level. Jalen Ramsey was a similar player only he flipped from safety to corner.
  8. Draft Rumor Mill - All Things Related

    I’m iffy on Wynn only Bc it seems like we’re going with a power scheme. Not sure he fits.
  9. Draft Rumor Mill - All Things Related

    Yeah I don’t disagree. Either one of these two installs a mean ground attack
  10. Draft Rumor Mill - All Things Related

    It concerns me how they’d love Hernandez and not Nelson st 5. Could it be possible teams like the Bucs and broncos have Hernandez and Nelson graded the same?
  11. Prospects to keep an eye on for the Bucs

    THERes durability issues and there are freak injuries. That is why I’m ok with draft Chubb over guice. Chubb tore that acl in 2015 but he’s bounced back and stayed healthy and got stronger afterwards.
  12. Offseason Discussion

    I still don’t get the hate for Conte. He’s not great but he’s not horrible. We’re talking like he’s Sabby P. Ryan smith i still have hope for. Remember this secondary had zero pass rush help. Mike smith was running every coverage and front in the book to just try something. Honestly we can get by with : 1. Conte 2. Smith 3. Barber 4. Sweezy.
  13. Draft Rumor Mill - All Things Related

    I agree with a statement you made the other day. This draft process is too darn long. It’s the last two weeks before the draft. All this smoke. I think licht not having two picks on day two is bothering him. I believe he’s had multiple discussions about trading down.
  14. Prospects to keep an eye on for the Bucs

    With guice the injuries added up. Licht has installed a mentality to this football team. Get more physical. Guice and Chubb I believe are going to be our targets in round 2.
  15. Draft Rumor Mill - All Things Related

    Buffalo is my guess. Hey that gives us a shot at Nelson or Barkley.