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  1. Preseason week one: Bucs @ Dolphins

    I get the feeling that Licht might be scouring the qb market soon. I just don’t think they are comfortable with griffin behind Fitz. And Jameis has some pretty tough stipulations to meet under his suspension that could make Licht think twice about a back up option. Bridgewater looks like a safe bet. So would mcarron.
  2. Question of the day 8/6 (Bucs Fandom?)

    Fudge you’re right. I’m 30 in September. You ?
  3. Preseason week one: Bucs @ Dolphins

    It’s still frightening Ryan griffin is one bad play away from playing.
  4. Question of the day 8/6 (Bucs Fandom?)

    We must be around the same age huh ?
  5. Question of the day 8/6 (Bucs Fandom?)

    I live near Philly right now but I’m moving to Sarasota. So stoked. Honestly I was like 10. My grandfather dropped off a Bucs duffle bag to get rid of lol and they were on tv so I rolled with them.
  6. Jason Licht gets one year extension

    Honestly I think you’re just trying to justify your statement Bc I was right on jimmy G and I got a ton of flack for it back on this board then. 😁
  7. Preseason week one: Bucs @ Dolphins

    I haven’t seen much splash from Ronald jones. Is he actually performing?
  8. Bucs training camp discussion - IT'S HAPPENING

    Like I said. Looks like we finally have a leader at qb in Fitzpatrick. And it looks like fitz can hit Jackson.
  9. Bucs training camp discussion - IT'S HAPPENING

    Looks like my post was deleted
  10. Jason Licht gets one year extension

    DAvid Carr got mentally shell shocked and got anxious in the pocket vs pressure. You either can deal with it or you can’t. Playing too early means you either will learn by fire or sitting- by watching. I’m for sitting a guy to learn but I don’t believe in all situations that playing early and failing means it was the situation. To play in the nfl you have to be mentally tough to go through the tough demands of the fan base coaches and organization. We don’t want to “ruin” guys playing them too early. If it does they don’t belong there.
  11. Our big looming extensions

    I’m interested to see what Cichy brings to the table.
  12. Jason Licht gets one year extension

    Jimmy G had the tools to be great. The accuracy. The football iq. Youre giving no credit to the players when you say they wouldn’t be where they are today without sitting behind legends. False. What hurt jimmy G in 2014 was that he didn’t play in a D1 school. He had everything else and had first round talent. Just didn’t face it.
  13. Our big looming extensions

    Call me crazy but I’d lock up marpet and smith before Kwon. He still misses tackles and he’s not an elite MLB. His position is replaceable and easier to fill than say a very good LT and LG. I’d rather risk losing Kwon than the other two guys.
  14. Our big looming extensions

    Unless we’re going to clearly upgrade from Donovan smith, I’d hold on to him. Smith has been solid and plays his best against better pass rushers. The pressures and sacks he gives up, most are on the ball being held on too long.
  15. Jason Licht gets one year extension

    Great coaches don’t make sub average players great. Jimmy G was a great prospect who would have been great anywhere.