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  1. Jamies Winston preparing for suspension

    Probably no more than 3 games. It’s odd we still don’t know who the third person in the car is. And week 3 MNF. I highly doubt that’s in consideration. The suspension is for protecting the leagues reputation if for some reason a video ever surfaces.
  2. http://www.joebucsfan.com/2018/06/buccaneers-blog-jeff-cameron-jameis-suspension/#comment-3981027 have at it folks. Reading around the web the consensus is three games. Franchise Leaders don’t get suspended. The biggest question is why the heck did he hide it from the Bucs? Especially when they took a chance on him ? Suspicion of guilt in my opinion
  3. Offseason Workout Discussion

    So here’s the reason I’m up for dealing D- Jax. It seems winston can hit other guys on this team deep. Godwin, Evans, Brate, and Howard. Not Jackson. If the offer is right, I’d pull the trigger for a G/T or a safety. Thoughts?
  4. Offseason Workout Discussion

    So happy gruden is not in Tampa.
  5. Offseason Workout Discussion

    Benenoch proved he can play both tackle an Guard. Hopefully Cappa can do the same.
  6. Offseason Workout Discussion

    I still think mike smith is a better HC than a coordinator. He’s well respected and let’s his coordinators do their thing. He’s almost 60 I believe so his HC day’s May be behind him
  7. Bucs draft WR Justin Watson - SIGNED

    Im sure there will be a place for him on Wall Street after football.
  8. Bucs draft DT Vita Vea - SIGNED

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Fitzpatrick was the guy at 7 but probably had Vea rated right behind fitz with James after Vea.
  9. Offseason Discussion

    I never saw much to complain about Donavan Smith. Is he a top 5 Lt? Probably not. He’s a good player. Jameis holds the ball too long often. I think our Ol in pass pro allowed 4 seconds prior to a qb hit or pressure.
  10. Offseason Discussion

    I think teams find it as a distraction. I hope we bring in Reid or Vaccaro. I’d prefer Vaccaro Bc he can line up in the slot and we steal from the saints.
  11. Bucs draft CB Carlton Davis - SIGNED

    Straight line speed still does not measure how you turn and run. 40 times do not measure game speed. If you get a bad jump in your 40, that’s a .10 second demerit on your time. Davis can re route WRs and jam at the line. He’s a rookie so he’ll struggle but his game physical to match up with any of these studs in the future.
  12. Rookie Numbers - REVEALED!!

    Well I guessed cappas number right when creating him in madden lol
  13. Bucs draft CB Carlton Davis - SIGNED

    How’s many DBs run on the field from a 3 point track stance? I don’t come care for straight line speed.
  14. Our biggest remaining need(s)?

    I still think people need to understand: our secondary had no help from pressure up front. That’s why we overhauled the DL adding three new DTs and 2 DEs. If we get a healthy Noah Spence and Buckner can elevate some guys, the secondary is already improved. I think we can get away from adding S or Cb but I’d add one more vet back there Bc we are inexperienced.
  15. Our biggest remaining need(s)?

    I’m actually really high on Stewart as a future starter. Hargreaves your right. He’s lacked physicality and who knows what he’ll bring this year. Maybe this wakes him up? I’m not sure it will. I am for bringing in Breeland on a 1 year deal. Same with Vaccaro. If we bring in Breeland , can we potentially trade Hargreaves for a RT? I liked how Bennenoch performed last year. But we could use some depth at tackle. Cappa can play G and T but I think licht took him to play Guard and cut sweezy.