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  1. Ha another bias post by your MoD. Good job bud.
  2. The un-HYPEd Thread

    Peterman fits the description. Doesnt takes care of the football and can throw the ball innacurrately. Jason lichts type of guy
  3. Other coaching news

    Again. I know people here will whine and say I’m harping on this but it’s blatently honest and factual: The coaching candidates may not prefer Tampa bc of 1. Ownership. 2. GM and 3. Jameis Winston potentially being forced by ownership of the next head coach. Rah - Schiano - Lovie and koetter. All have failed and all were poor hires. Honestly there were better candidates than dirk and I feel dirk was forced to be hired as the head coach. However licht has personel moves that are still questionable.
  4. Other coaching news

    I’m gonna be that guy. Richard is probably one of my top targets. My problem is reading Kings’s article. Will candidates want to come here? The rest of the league if they see Richard as this top candidate, will wrap him up quick. When reading some of these articles it seems like the rest of the league view Tampa as a laughing stock We also won’t get a quick shot at him as he won’t interview til after Dallas is out of contention.
  5. Other coaching news

    Would will McClay leave Dallas ? He’s a large part of their success over the last few years. Some say the mind behind the evaluations of players they’ve drafted.
  6. Reggie McKenzie - Playoff appearance. Jason Licht? 4/5 losing seasons. Jameis has the most turnovers to Blake Bortles. Bucs are going to finish 5-11 or 6-10. Trolling or honesty?
  7. The un-HYPEd Thread

    I feel like the glazers are making that call. Hence why they are failed football decision makers.
  8. Mock Drafts

    Not a complete wash but very suspect. Rojo doesn’t even look like he belongs. Vea has come along but for him to be worth the #12 pick , he better become a pass rusher inside. Carlton Davis gets beat a lot. He’s shown flashes here and there but not enough to say we have a future starting corner. Whitehead has honestly been the best and he’s been solid at best. Cappa and Watson are suspect. And mj Stewart lacks athleticism and can’t run with guys at this level. Not sure what licht was seeing.
  9. The un-HYPEd Thread

    It’s the players.
  10. Other coaching news

    Honestly thinking about it, it’s beyter to get s new GM to pick the next coach. Having licht pick the next coach while he’s dangling on a string wouldn’t make sense if we’re not committed to licht long term.
  11. Other coaching news

    Is it though? We don’t know that for certain. That’s why we need people who are football gurus and not the glazers bc its just guessing that they can bring that success here
  12. Justin Evans and Alan Cross to IR

    Evans has been a disappointment. Year three will be critical but I wouldn’t hesitate to bring in competition for his job next year