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  1. Because people are fickle and impatient. They want instant greatness in a bottle, with no trials or tribulations. Mariota's taking heat and blaming himself, but they fail to understand that his struggles are due to him trying to make garbage work. Yes, he is in a funk right now. All QBs go through it at one time or another and nobody's denying that. The system itself is actually sound in it's own respect, but it's being rendered useless by an incompetent OC with horrendous play-calling and poor scheming. Once Marcus is clear of this cloud of stubbornness, he should progress as expected, and all the bootleg fans will start loving and praising him again.
  2. Mike Mularkey is Jeff Fisher 2.0

    Then if Mularkey doesn't make some sort of attempt to conform or at least modify his offense, then he's basically writing his own resignation. Like I said before, Robinson didn't get these new weapons for Mariota only to have them go to waste being underutilized in this outdated lackluster scheme. Physical ground 'n' pound football is fine, but you can't be totally one dimensional in the process. Marcus, Derrick, Corey, Taywan, and Jonnu are the future core of this team and it's time for Mularkey to create ways to start implementing their talents as we go.
  3. Tennessee Titans Free Talk Venting Thread

    The whole NE connection. Robinson worked with the Pats for like 13 seasons as a talent scout among other things before he went to Tampa Bay. McDaniel would run that offense through Mariota and help him develop like he should. He'd play more to his strengths and spread the offense more, giving him more options than the BS we're running right now. And I'll be Henry would get more touches as well. BTW - Another name that comes to mind for me as well is Frank Reich (Eagles OC).
  4. Tennessee Titans Free Talk Venting Thread

    If Mularkey goes, the only name I see popping up is Josh McDaniel. He'd be Robinson's golden boy. This would be almost a perfect situation for him to do the stuff he wants to do on offense. The defense would be another story.
  5. Tennessee Titans Free Talk Venting Thread

    We can go back and forth, and nitpick on each player all day. IMO we don't have all the pieces on defense, but we got more than enough talent on offense to do a helluva lot better than what we're showing. I'm putting a great majority of this on coaching, specifically the OC. Our offensive scheme hasn't evolved at all from last season, and our opponents have caught up to it. From what I've seen, we haven't done anything to really build on our passing game to go with the run scheme. Yeah we drafted new receivers, but I haven't seen any attempt to run a spread offense, aside from the 2 minute, or let MM8 develop a real rapport with his new weapons in game situations. Bottom line is Mariota blaming himself because he can't make garbage work. This offense in general is wasting the talent we have and stifling all their potential. It's stunting Mariota's development, holding back Henry, and completely wasting Taywan and Cory,. We need somebody who can develop better schemes and coach these young guys up...starting next week.
  6. I said it in another post. I HATE THIS MOVE. We should've cut Weeden or maybe even Dodd in this case. Fowler's got a lot of tools we could've used in this offense, excellent lead blocker, good pass catcher, extra power runner if needed, and he was grossly underutilized IMO. If our beloved OC had a stitch of innovation in him, Fowler could've been a real X-factor in our smashmouth game. I just hope we can obtain him again. BAD MOVE IMO.
  7. I was trying to figure out why did we design plays to throw deep balls to Decker? Taylor is clearly the better option. And why the Hell do we keep scratching Jalston Fowler from the roster? He's a big help in our power running.
  8. Adoree is still learning the finer points of playing CB, so he's still a work in progress. But he's holding his own quite well.
  9. I think that other guy was 341 lbs. so I can understand how that would happen. But I believe that was TJ Watt who did that to him.
  10. The Titans are now back in 1st place. DILLY DILLY!!!
  11. Tennessee Titans Free Talk Venting Thread

    Aaron Wallace has that speed to get after the QB, but so far he can't seem to stay healthy. Our biggest problem is Casey is the only starter on the D-line who seems to make any kind of impact. At this point, I'd try letting Karl Klug start a few games with Casey to see if that combo improves anything. I don't even know the names of the other starters on the D-line because I barely ever hear them called. EDIT: Erik Walden has made some plays for us, so I at least stand corrected in that sense.
  12. Tennessee Titans Free Talk Venting Thread

    We can absolutely go 6-0 for the home stretch, but we'll have to just go balls to the wall with each opponent every week. Killer Instinct and the will to execute. Since our coaches seems to do more demanding than teaching, they need motivate by instilling some iron willpower and give these guys a nasty attitude. We want to be a physical punishing offense, then we got to do more than talk about it and go through the motions. We need to hit people in the mouth and dominate defenses. Take no prisoners. OFFENSE O-line: Take on Lewan's attitude and be ready to manhandle everybody on that LOS. When you run block, knock them on their a$$!!! When you pass protect, don't just keep them away, knock them on their a$$!!! Our QB stays clean like he never took the field and our RBs don't get touched until they reach second level. RB: Both Murray and especially Henry...Run angry, run with attitude. Run behind your pads ready to deliver punishment to all defenders. Juke when you can, knock them on their a$$ when you need to. Make them have to gang tackle you on every run or there will be no tackle. When you pick up a blitzer, knock his a$$ the f--k OUT!!! Let that serve as a warning to the next guy trying to blitz. WR/TE: Rookies and veterans alike, attack every ball on every pass that's thrown your way. Every ball in the air belongs to you, only you and nobody else. Catching the ball is only the beginning of that play, fight for more yards and make them earn that tackle. When you block, knock them on their a$$!!! Lay them out. DEFENSE D-line: We need to hear more names called besides Casey. Sly, get your big a$$ in gear and eat up those interior blockers. Quit living on your past accomplishments. Klug start seeing a lot more PT because he seems to get more results than the other starters. OLB: Keep doing what you're doing, but do it better. ILB: Woodyard and Brown will be the new starting combo. They make a good speed combo. Williamson will be rotated in and out. CB: Keep doing what you're doing. McCain goes down the depth chart, and Kalan Reed gets moved up to the 4th spot as a needed upgrade. SS/FS: Keep doing what you're doing until we draft a better SS to pair with Byard.

    Just hypothetically speaking, how do you feel about the idea of Frank Reich (Eagles OC) taking over as HC with this personnel? Look at what he's doing for Wentz and the passing game, with a bruiser like Blount at RB. How do you think he would work for us with this talent?

    I want Mularkey to stay and want him to prove the doubters wrong as well. But I believe Robiskie's got to go. I like the tough physical run-first offense and all of that, but we need someone who can help Mariota further develop his skills on the pro level. I don't want him to fall victim to stubborn playcalling and a scheme that will hinder his growth. FYI - I think the next hot thing as HC is probably Frank Reich (Eagles OC).
  15. Week 7: Tennessee Titans (3-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-6)

    For some reason, that doesn't make me feel any better about it. The effort, or should I say execution, was pitiful.