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  1. The Offseason Thread

    Well not only was I one of the idiots who thought we could roll with Mett-Life and wanted us to take Leonard Williams instead of Mariota, I DID prefer Winston over Marcus if we went QB. I was a lot more familiar with Winston because I watched him for a couple of season, and only heard of Mariota. Like the critics, I felt that Winston was more pro ready and I loved his leadership skills. He and FSU kept making those miracle comebacks because they had that "dog" in them, and he led the way. Marcus, on the other hand, just had way too many questions around him. His ability to run a pro-style offense, call plays, arm strength, leadership, etc. So I was VERY skeptical about him. But I was never so glad to be so wrong!!!
  2. Luke Falk!

    J-Rob knocked 3 out of the park with Evans, Landry, and Falk, and got an RBI double with Cruikshank.
  3. Is LaFleur one and done with the Titans?

    That last part really bothers me. Learning his 4th offense in 5 years. If O'Hara eventually becomes the OC should LaFluer leaves, I hope they have an offense in place that can stay consistent for Mariota. They need to create a system that MM8 can master himself (much like Peyton Manning did) and grow in with the rest of his offense instead of changing damn near every season.
  4. Is LaFleur one and done with the Titans?

    I know it's early and just OTAs, but I'm dying here. Does anyone have any kind of idea how the guys are taking to these new schemes (offense and defense) yet? Are they catching on, loving it, hating it, struggling with it, ANYTHING???
  5. Is LaFleur one and done with the Titans?

    It'll be bitter-sweet if he is. I just wonder who will be his replacement should he take off for a HC job. We need to design this offense where Mariota can run it himself much like Peyton Manning did. He's definitely smart enough to do it. The OC will just be a consultant.
  6. Titans Sign S Kendrick Lewis Release Denzel Johnson

    Hell I just want Reed on the field in some way, shape or form. I still think the guy's a playmaker waiting to happen.
  7. 2018 UDFA Thread

    We also had this kid walk through the front door. No wonder we cut Muhammad. Both Wadley and Rose could make this roster with their skills. If they have a good camp, Fluellen won't be around for long either.
  8. THE CRUIKSHANK REDEMPTION....Coming to a secondary near you.
  9. 2018 UDFA Thread

    Had my eye on him before we signed Dion Lewis.
  10. Titans trade up to 41, select Harold Landry

    We're already loaded in young talent at WR, Davis, Matthews, Taylor, and Sharpe. It's not their fault the previous coaching staff didn't know how to use them. They were just as frustrated as we all are. We can still find some depth talent in the late rounds.
  11. Titans sign WR Michael Campanaro

    His return skills was one of the reasons we valued him like we did. He was a multiple threat. I just wanted us to stop using him on offense and just concentrate on defense and returns.
  12. New Jerseys Thread

    I liked the combos that Byard (Dk blue/Wht), Mariota (Dk blue/Dk blue) and Orakpo (Wht/Wht) wore. They can burn the rest of them.
  13. Suh Watch

    Well like I've been saying, we're no worse off than we were before all of this Suh business started. Not mad at Suh, just real disappointed at the outcome. But it is what it is, so back to Plan-A.
  14. Suh Watch

    People are too concerned about Vrabel being a rookie HC and his staff, but I'm not. Vrabel might be new to being HC, but he's neither new to the NFL, nor is he new to knowing how to win. And he's worked with and learned from the best during his time. He's got proven trustworthy coordinators and assistants whom he feels can actually TEACH the players, and "maximize" their skills. That was something the last coaching staff couldn't do, which is why they're no longer with us. The thing is, nobody knows what we have in store. Nobody knows what kind of schemes we'll run on either side of the ball. Nobody has any idea of how we'll attack or how to stop us. Unlike Mularkey's schemes and game plan, opponents won't be able to just sit back and study us for 10-15 minutes and figure out our whole playbook. They're gonna have to adjust and re-adjust and hope it works. Yes we'll have to face a returning Watson and Luck twice a year, but let's not sell ourselves short. Our division rivals will have problems of their own when they have to face a new and improved Mariota operating an even better offense. If he was already hard enough to deal with while trying to run a lame duck offense (that was slowly killing him IMO) and some poor QB mechanics, what will he be like with improved mechanics and running an offense that plays to his strengths? Just think about all of that. I have no reason to believe we won't be serious contenders for a Super Bowl run (Suh or no Suh).
  15. The Offseason Thread

    Just a wild idea from curiosity. Might have been thrown out there already but... Do you guys think Cyprien could possibly play LB? I want to upgrade at SS to make a better tandem with Byard, but would still like Cyprien on the field in the mix. I was wondering if he was skilled enough to move to a LB spot. Your thoughts...