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  1. Week 14 Jags vs. Titans

    Yeah, he's definitely missing some marks.
  2. Week 14 Jags vs. Titans

    Hopefully it's just a sprain ankle or something minor and not his knee.. But it looked ugly.
  3. Week 14 Jags vs. Titans

    I think we switched up the O-line personnel last week.
  4. Matt LaFleur

    I vote that Anthony Firkser should get more PT. Dude has answered the bell every time his number was called this season. I think he should move up behind Jonnu.
  5. Week 13 Jets vs. Titans

    I watched this play several times, and judging by the movement and body language I believe it WAS supposed to be a fake punt. The problem is somebody forgot to tell Kern. I think he was supposed to roll out to give himself just enough room to lob the ball to Byard with Trawick lead blocking. They had plenty of real estate in front of them to at least get the 1st down. Looked like a complete miscue there.
  6. Week 13 Jets vs. Titans

    OK gotcha...
  7. Week 13 Jets vs. Titans

    Anybody streaming the Titans/Jets game???
  8. Week 12 GDT: Titans @ Texans

    First thing is we need to correct an error and re-sign Aaron Wallace. That dude's pass rush was INSANE. Then find another beast to put on that D-line to pair up with Casey. The other guys are alright, but we need another impact player there.
  9. Is it Time ??

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOT FIRED BY SHANNON SHARPE... Go 2:35 min in and he says what I've been saying for over a decade.
  10. Around the NFL

    Been saying for the longest that we need to find another dominant player to put on the interior D-line with Casey. The other guys are solid, but we need another beast next to him to make a tandem. Thought we were gonna get it with Suh, but he had other ideas.
  11. Injuries thread (Update: Smith and Conklin to IR)

    Man Delanie better forget about this year and let himself fully heal up. I hate he'd have to miss the playoffs if we make it, but he doesn't need to push it. Just prepare yourself for next season dude.
  12. Week 10 GDT: Patriots @ Titans

    Over the last few weeks, I'm EXTREMELY happy to see our young guys FINALLY step up and play like they're supposed to. People were screaming trades, cuts and firings (coaches) during the first half struggles looking for that "quick fix", but I'm all about and much happier with redemption. Jonnu's finding his game, Jennings is making plays where he's needed, Davis is becoming the new solid go-to receiver for Marcus, Henry's finding his rhythm and getting it going, and even the depth players are getting involved for crucial plays. The weapons are gelling and finally becoming just that, WEAPONS. The defense and ST were always there for us, but now that offense is coming alive and against stellar teams. Marcus has gotten comfortable with the scheme, and confident in his receivers. Our remaining opponents are in serious trouble.
  13. Week 10 GDT: Patriots @ Titans

    I'm one of the few people who could give a rat's @$$ what the media thinks. I just say ignore the media and just keep winning. But at times even I get sick of them shunning us and making 1000 excuses for other teams. We just dominated 2 of the highest rated NFL media darlings two weeks in a row. I just wonder how they're gonna spin the stories now when it comes to the lowly Tennessee Titans.
  14. Rishard Matthews released

    THANK YOU!!!
  15. Week 4 GDT- Eagles @ Titans

    What's the word on Adoree and Blaine? Did either clear concussion protocol?