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  1. The Offseason Thread

    No way. He loves the BBQ in Nashville. He becomes a Titan next season!
  2. Titans Release Sylvester Williams

    How much would Hankins cost??? Maybe we can grab both regardless, IF it's not too expensive. But I'm all for a Suh/Casey combo.
  3. Titans Coaching Staff Hires

    Is this not wonderful news?! Very interesting staff combo. Vrabel's off to a pretty good start IMO. I'm just waiting to see the new playbook and schemes.
  4. Titans Coaching Staff Hires

    Disregard. Bad info. It was just Todd Haley.
  5. Titans Coaching Staff Hires

    QUESTION: With Tomlin and Co. gone from Pittsburgh, wouldn't that make Mike Munchak eligible for hire? We still need an OL coach and he's still one of the best in the NFL, just saying.
  6. Titans Coaching Staff Hires

    I love the idea of having fresh faces in the coaching staff. They may not be the popular names we're all pining for, but if they're the right guys, I'm good with it. I'm just done with recycling well-known names trying to reheat leftovers, so to speak. I'm just in wait-and-see mode. Let the process happen, then see where we are.
  7. Mike Vrabel Hired As Head Coach

    Kinda so-so about the QB coach, but at least he played the position and should be able to help Mariota better. I'm cool with the LB coach because he's worked with Vrabel should be on the same page with his ideas.
  8. Mike Vrabel Hired As Head Coach

    So this will be the 3rd Mike we'll have as HC in the last 5 years. Munchak, Mularkey, and Vrabel.
  9. Wild Card Playoff vs Titans

    For the record, the rule is your whole body has to be passed the LOS in order for it to be illegal. You can step on the line or your body can even be in front of it, as long as you still have one foot behind the line, it's a legal pass. I saw the details of that ruling years ago on a play with Donovan McNabb.
  10. You don't have to. I'm sure we all can relate!
  11. Just out of curiosity, who did the play-calling for this game??? This is the first time I've seen this much spacing and production in a while.
  12. That stiffarm, that block, and all that other stuff in between.
  13. Kalan Reed is a playmaker waiting to happen.
  14. No more TE screens No more deep balls to Decker or TEs Get Taywan Taylor and Fluellen involved in the offense Put Kalan Reed in coverage
  15. Mularkey and Co. need to take notes on how to open things up and utilize ALL of your weapons, and not just the same 1 or 2 guys over and over.