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  1. Marcus showed me a helluva lot tonight. Played from the pocket on a bad wheel, and still looked way better than Cassel I might add. Dude's steady improving.
  2. In order to have a passing game, you have to have a QB that can throw the ball over 10 yards more than twice without his arm deflating. That's not Matt Cassel by any stretch. Plus we need more innovative play calling.
  3. Serious question about Marcus and the QB situation

    I don't think we should give up on him, but I completely understand the concern. The first 2 times, he took cheap shot to his knee and a guy fell on his leg. That would've understandably injured anybody. But if he starts having these Jake Locker or Arian Foster moments, then yes there is a HUGE concern for us. I think we need to make a serious upgrade at backup QB. Next offseason, we need to start for a younger QB (via FA or draft) who will know and accept his role as backup, but ready to step in and play when needed. Tired of relying on these old dogs passed their prime with all the knowledge but little ability.
  4. Titans sign Weeden

    OK. At least it's something different, not that I'm cool with him being hurt by any means. Thanks for info. The Dolphins are a mess right now. Offensive disarray with Cutler and the coaches. Our defense should be pissed and ready to rip @ss after getting demoralized last week. If Cassel can manage this game, we can play power run offense and go small-ball passing. I'm looking for our RB combo, and our TEs to have a big game Sunday.
  5. Titans sign Weeden

    Damn, what's his problem? He's got a bad hamstring too? That seems to be going around a lot these days.
  6. Titans sign Weeden

    What I don't understand is, why didn't we just re-sign Alex Tanney? At least he knows the system and can move, and to my knowledge he's still a free agent.
  7. Titans sign Weeden

    Man we would've been better off signing Steve McNair's remains over Weeden. Kaep's phone should've been ringing off the hook before this move.

    You suspect wrong. No I'm not happy with the performance by any means, but I wouldn't care if his name was Cooter Brown, it's too early in the season for that crap. I say we need to look at the horses we have on the field first.

    I think the idea of firing LeBeau is pretty asinine in general, but our defense DOES need a mean streak. And it needs to start with that DL. Casey is the only name that I ever hear gets called on the DL. I don't even know who the other DL starters are most of the time.
  10. I suppose Murray hushed a lot of his doubters today.
  11. If Murray's hammy is acting up, I say sit him until it's fully healthy. Hamstrings are very tricky and too risky to trot him out there if he's not 100%. And I feel the same way about Corey Davis as well. Let Henry and Fluellen carry the load for now, and use Fowler from time to time. Allow DeMarco to heel properly for now, so he can been fresh and ready down the stretch in the second half. This is by no means an attempt to fade Murray out because the dude is money in our offense and still part of the 1-2 combo. And when he returns, he'll come back running angry and ready to tear a$$.
  12. But damn man, all of that flooding they reported in downtown J-ville...and it was still getting higher. Must be some serious drainage systems they have there. Any way, thanks for the info.
  13. Question about Week 2.... Does anyone know if they're still gonna try to hold that game in Jacksonville? I can't see that happening by any stretch. I don't think that city will be anywhere near ready to host a game Sunday. It would make more sense just to switch the schedule and play this game in Tennessee, then got to the Jags later.
  14. Same here. Right after the game, I was disappointed but not devastated. I just said Oakland was the better team that day. We didn't kill ourselves with stupid errors, they just played better football. I saw a LOT of promise in that game and believe we'll gel into a dangerous team as the seasons goes on. Corey Davis looked pretty damn good for his first pro game. This level doesn't seem too big for him at all.
  15. Final Cuts

    Dude was gonna be defensive MVP this year. Pro Bowl caliber and we let him walk, is all I'm saying. That's SuperBowl talent just gone man.