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  1. Post Game talk Preseason Panthers vs. Titans

    Man how the Hell do you DELETE a post on this thing???
  2. Kevin Dodd talk - Does he make the team?

    That's kind of what I was thinking. Maybe he would be better suited to play on the line than from the LB spot. If he's more of a power based rusher, then he need to be up front right at the point of attack.
  3. Kevin Dodd talk - Does he make the team?

    Out of all the footage I've seen of Dodd (both college and pros), he never came off to me as any kind of a speed rusher. He was relentless and got to the QB well enough, but it was mostly through power and tenacity. He's probably better off as a situational player than a possible full-timer. But that's just me. I'm not ready to write him off just yet, until I see a larger body of work to judge.
  4. Post Game talk Preseason Panthers vs. Titans

    Pretty awesome news to hear. Our offense is already looking pretty good without him, I'm dying to see how much better will be WITH him (and Decker). But I'm really glad to see guys like Taywan Taylor get more time to showcase his skills, and McBride stepping his game up. So far, Taylor is doing what Wright didn't do, and that's showing a lot of consistency in his play. Davis should get a lot of work in against Chicago because the first team will play longer. My excitement is slowly increasing man. I can feel it.
  5. Aaron Wallace has been getting after it consistently. Looks like Aaron Wallace and Jayon Brown brought that speed to the LB position that we've been missing. Right now, I think Dodd is still just trying to get back into football shape. Remember, the dude missed a ton of real action with that foot injury since college.
  6. AFC South Discussion Thread

    We Titans fans always make fun of Blake Bortles until he plays against our secondary. Then he looks like Tom Brady.
  7. AFC South Discussion Thread

    ...means absolutely nothing if they don't execute. Just a lot of talent and money going to waste.
  8. After "painfully" watching the replay of this game, the team just looked flat all-around, and the Jets had something to prove, especially to themselves. I did see a few promising things from some of our young guys like Jayon Brown, Taywan Taylor, and Jeremy Boykins. Yeah, Tanney had a less-than-impressive outing, but the O-line didn't do him any favors to say the least. He took a pounding all night, so I'll give him a pass this week. Win or lose, I expect to see a much better effort from the team come next week.
  9. Preseason Week 1 GDT:Titans(0-0) at Jets(0-0)

    For the sake of staying positive, let's try not write Tanney off after one bad game. Maybe he bounces back next week, and redeems himself.
  10. Preseason Week 1 GDT:Titans(0-0) at Jets(0-0)

    ^^^ THIS ^^^
  11. Preseason Week 1 GDT:Titans(0-0) at Jets(0-0)

    Would it be safe to say we need to start looking for other options behind Cassel? Like possibly taking a look at someone else? Cassel is NOT the answer we need if Mariota goes down again.