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  1. Do we get teller back this week? Is wills healthy? I saw he went out for a time with a neck injury. We need the OL healthy. I want Chubb 😭
  2. Would be cool to get perriman back just to stretch the field. I bet he’d welcome it. They had fun. We need Harrison Smith bad. That would change everything. He’s not what he once was but we’d notice the change immediately.
  3. Lots of people wanted him gone in the early part of 2019. I don’t remember specific posts or posters but it was definitely a thing. edit: hate was a strong word but there were a contingency of people that wanted him off the roster.
  4. we need to trade a late Pick for a safety that’s on the block. keep Odell at least through the year in case we go to the playoffs and then see what the markets like. Bought high, would rather not sell at the lowest point.
  5. Well good. We’ll need him down the stretch in tough games like you said yesterday.
  6. Yup. Talk about baker hate. What about the Jarvis hate we’ve endured here. Even last year folks were wanting him traded or to be made a cap casualty. Dude is the heart and soul of the entire team in terms of leadership.
  7. Very nice. I’m proud of you. I dont care what the others say about you.
  8. Yes @NudeTayne come and save us from the ban hammer(andsickle) in this forum!
  9. Go long with it. They partnered with Shopify and have a ton of room for growth. BUY BUY BUY
  10. I continue to think it was something to do with his attitude toward blocking or special teams. He put that to bed 2 weeks ago, though.
  11. My favorite thing about wins is being able to send my parents, who don’t know anything about the internet, tweets of Donovan doing the call of the winning TDs.
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