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  1. Around the league discussion

    I’m still in love with Barkley 😍🥰
  2. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Cheyenne O’grady 👀
  3. Darnold to miss multiple weeks with Mono

    They won’t.
  4. Please tell me Eric Murray isn’t starting....
  5. He’ll be gone after this year anyways. Get Minkah put him somewhere back there. I don’t even care where. He’s a beast.
  6. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Well... that’s the Browns game plan... 🥴
  7. Around the league discussion

    Minkah is a slot CB. Part of the reason he asked for a trade is because there was confusion about what position he was playing, adding weight, etc. He wants to be a corner. And it still makes Sense because we’re going to be without a slot corner after this year.
  8. Around the league discussion

    I like Njoku. He can’t block
  9. This is going to be very unpopular but I wish we didn’t trade for Beckham. I wish we kept peppers, drafted hockenson somehow and rolled with the WR we had...
  10. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Until this team Proves me otherwise I’m putting the first 2 rounds of my 2020 draft in cement 1. Tristan Wirfs OT Iowa 2. Jared Pinkney TE Vandy