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  1. Yeah... so you agree with me...
  2. Why does it matter? Why do you care? 😂
  3. 🙄 You can teach proper form while you’re pushing it.
  4. It’s a good workout and good blocking drill but it’s not that hard. We used to do it in High school once in a while.
  5. Free Agency Discussion

    It isnt A consensus. A draft writer said that and some moron on this board.
  6. Free Agency Discussion

    🤦🏼‍♂️ Is that the new “he’s not quite athletic enough to be a corner but he’d be an all pro safety!”
  7. Free Agency Discussion

    No trade down pleaaaase. Just take the tackle!
  8. plus his injury history.. he’s won’t be here more than a few years.
  9. You would rather have Williams, who they’ll be lucky to have for 2 years, than a potential franchise LT? You must not like Thomas at all. BPA is Thomas and it ain’t close. I’d be okay with Becton. He’s a bit of a boom/bust pick but his potential is ridiculous.
  10. Free Agency Discussion

    this is a great deal for us. He’s a solid backup, especially compared to playing McCray, a guard, at tackle at times last year. That was unbelievable...
  11. DP8017's Free Agent Frenzy Mock

    I feel like I made this. Outstanding
  12. FFMD II '20 - Cleveland Browns Front Office

    I completely forgot about this!
  13. Isaiah Simmons is not a safety. He is a WLB. I’d rather take Wills than Simmons and I don’t want Wills. I think our best option is Thomas if he’s availabke at this point. I wanted Wirfs but Conklin took his spot.
  14. Free Agency Discussion

    It’s March and we’re already talking about tanking 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
  15. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Andrew Thomas at 10 and Justin Madubuike/Antoine Winfield trade back up for Grant Delpit in the second.