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  1. LB preview

    It's pretty crowded in the LB room. Hopefully Kendricks is ok playing on passing downs or however they use him.
  2. TE preview

    I'm pumped to see njoku
  3. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    But we want new stuff to talk about!!!!
  4. Add 1 Non-QB NFL Player onto the Browns

    I like Lewan's attitude and style of play.
  5. Add 1 Non-QB NFL Player onto the Browns

    Taylor Lewan
  6. Donald Stephenson gone

  7. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    We aren't going to take anyone
  8. Browns extend RB Duke Johnson

    He will probably have more receptions than carries so not really.
  9. Former Browns TE KWII arrested

    Beginning stages of CTE?
  10. Duke Johnson - Contract Extension

    Fair deal for a dozen touch/game RB.
  11. Even after dumping Shelton. I agree. Coley isn’t a pro bowler but he showed improvement. He still has room to develop as a nose. Meder is a solid backup. And then you have Ogbah and possibly Chad Thomas inside on pass downs.
  12. FA OLB Kendricks to visit Browns

    This isn't how I see it.
  13. FA OLB Kendricks to visit Browns

    Kendrick’s tweeting back at Rap that this isn’t a done deal....
  14. Eagles cut Kendricks (officially signs with Cleveland)

    Well this is annoying
  15. FA OLB Kendricks to visit Browns

    YESSSSSSSS that’s freakin awesome. I loved him coming out of cal. I love when we sign players I was high on in past drafts.