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  1. If you assumed he was profiled which is what I thought was the point of your post, yes, it’s lazy. If you don’t and it was a joke, I apologize.
  2. I assume you mean profiling. Such a lazy conclusion. 1. police receive a call for service where someone is driving erratically in a work zone. 2. Police observe the truck and also observe it driving erratically. 3. Conduct a stop, see a beer can in his lap, ask him to do field sobriety, which he fails (I watched. He failed. Not to mention we can’t this but if he failed his nystagmus test, it’s pretty much over.) 4. Bloodwork came back clean, charges dismissed. That’s what court is for.
  3. If a player opts out is it permanent or can they change their mind?
  4. Yes. The criminal aspect of aggravated robbery and witness coercion should be handled by a lump sum cash payment. Depending on how they handle their finances, they could maybe only do this a couple more times before more invasive punishment.
  5. bUt The wiTnESs aCcoUntS dOnT aDd uP!!!!! 🥴 sorry ive seen all the cool kids type that way and wanted to try it
  6. Seriously. And there’s a group of faux Cleveland sports analysts on twitter leading the charge. Obnoxious.
  7. Hunt and Chubb need to stay together as long as possible. Hunt is an absolute beast in all aspects of offense. Spoiled to have him as a backup/3rd down guy.
  8. Thank you for your reply. I’ll take it into consideration while forming my opinion on this matter.
  9. What’s the straw man? I’m asking a legitimate question. What triggers a name change?
  10. Call and complain it’s too expensive and they give it to You for free.... every single time. or so I’ve heard 👀
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