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  1. Did I miss you trade for a real QB this offseason?
  2. There's a big difference between rebuilding and tanking. Rebuilding I'm fine with. Tanking is purposely trying to lose games. I don't think Lukic is there yet
  3. I think it was that Marshawn Lynch was on the trade block
  4. I may not read it during my vacation but I would love to have your take on my draft @MD4L Started with 1.15, 4.15, 5.15, 7.6 & 7.8 Ended with 1.2 Bradlley Chubb 3.7 Justin Reid 4.1 Tim Settle 5.15 Terell Edmuns 6.5 Kalen Ballange 6.8 Micah Kiser 6.15 Antonio Callaway Traded 2019 1st and 3rd Traded for Cuba 2019 7th + Jerry Hughes
  5. I will most likely be off the next 2 weeks. I will be back for PFA
  6. R4 grades 4.1 Seoul - Settle: A- - Same story as before. The pick in itself is fine (always hard to be objectives about my picks), but this pick was made after a series of trade downs from 1.15. To downgrade from Payne to Settle, I basically got Reid, Callaway and Ballage. I feel this was the good strategy. 4.2 Hawaii - Goedert: B - I don't like this TE class very much, but I could see Goedert being the best of the bunch. Solid pick for Hawaii 4.3 Camden - Crosby : D - I'm not a fan of Crosby, I think this was too high a player who is not LT material. Plus Camden traded a 3rd next year to get him. Honestly, I think JLash will end up regretting this move. 4.4 Gotham - Johnson: A - I like Johnson a lot. Honestly, I feel like he's the 2nd best RB in this class. Solid pick by Gotham 4.5 Long Beach - Hubbard: A+ - I think Hubbard is highly underrated. He might not be a star, but I believe he's going to start early and for a long time in the NFL. Good pick for LB who definitely needs some help across Jordan at EDGE. It's an A+ because this picks comes from an earlier trade down from 1.8 to 1.10, both picks which would probably have been used on Vea. 4.6 Orlando - Pettis: C- - Definitely didn't have Pettis on my radar this early. Overall, I think Footsy reached a bit in this draft, which is weird considering the amount of picks he had 4.7 Berlin - Miller: A- - I have my reservations about Miller but there is no doubt this is solid value here. 4.8 Orlando - Shepherd: B+ - I like Shepherd. He's raw, but Footsy doesn't need him right away, and he has lots of upside. Solid pick for Orlando 4.9 Gotham - Cain: B- - I'm not overly excited about Cain, but this is a decent pick. 4.10 Cuba - Jefferson: B - I don't think Jefferson is polished enough to play LB in the NFL. We will see if he develops but I think he's a better athlete than football player. Nothing wrong going for upside in the middle of the 4th though 4.11 OKC - Miller: A+ - I really like Miller, and I like that OKC went after 2 wideouts early. Miller is, imho, much better than Cain or Pettis, so great pick by Whicker. 4.12 Camden - Elliott: B - Nothing to say here really. This is the range for Elliott. I believe there was better safeties available but I like the fact that he can play all safety positions since he's meant to be the 3rd safety for Camden 4.13 Louisiana - StBrown: A+ - StBrown has an awesome name but, more importantly, he has all the tools to succeed in the NFL. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he develops into the best WR in this class. Solid pick for Louisina. Plus, the fact they got this pick for an aging Eric Weddle is very smart. 4.14 Singapore - Bates: B+ - I like Bates, this is his range. Solid pick 4.15 Orlando - Warner: C - Nothing against Warner. I don't know if he can be a full time starter for a NFL team, but he can come in on 3rd downs and cover TEs, a role he could have for Orlando. In itself, the pick is a B. But this is the pick Footsy got for 1.2 in addition to 2019 picks. I won't go on about Footsy tactis of accumulating future picks, because it's pretty clear now that he's pushing ahead cap issues, but I believe Footsy would have been better served grabing Rosen at 1.2. 4.16 Rome - Smith: A - Solid value here for Rome with Braden Smith I won't do R5 to R7 because at this point there are no more reaches imho. Best value picks were: Lorenzo Carter at 5.6 - He could function well in Berlin scheme, hopefully he gets drafted by the right team Jamarco Jones at 6.13 - Jones has potential, I thought he would go in the 4th tbh Harrisson Phillips at 6.14 - Superb pick by JLash here, definitely didn't expect him to go that low Derrick Nnadi at 7.13
  7. he was past the LoS. To this days it still makes me mad
  8. Well at least you're winning something.
  9. R3 Grades 3.1 - Cuba - Harrison: C+ : I like the fact that Cuba traded down to get 3.1 and 4.1 so that boosts the grade a bit. I'm not really a fan of Harrison but I understand why he was picked there. My issue with this pick is that I don't think he and James are really complementary 3.2 - Orlando - Williams: A : Good job by Footsy trading up while giving a player that was a bit expensive for his cap situation. Even better job to get, imho, the best tackle in the draft. After a couple of reaches in the end of the 2nd, Footsy would have gotten an A+ if he didn't trade down from 1.9 (though he did get good value), where he could have taken Roquan Smith. 3.3 - OKC - Daniels: C+ : A bit early for Daniels imho, though I get the need. Should have given a F for not trading for Alex Mack 3.4 - LB - Bryan: B+ : I'm not as high on Bryan as others, as I think this is his range. No issues with the pick or the trade up, Counselor didn't get incredible value neither, imho 3.5 - Orlando - Ragnow: B+ : Solid pick and Orlando needed an upgrade at center. Solid pick 3.6 - Portland - Hernandez: A: For its only pick in the draft, XMad gets a guy who could have gone at the end of the 2nd. Nice pick 3.7 - Seoul - Reid: B+: I think this was the range for Reid. Bumping from a B to a B+ comes from the trade, who I liked in terms of value (look at me, liking my own trades) 3.8 - OKC - Price: C+ : I like Price and this is his range, but I see him more as a center than a guard. Why did Whicker trade up to get a 2nd center after taking one 6 picks earlier? I like Price better than Daniels though 3.9 - Gotham - H.Hurst: C+ : I think Hurst is a bit of a reach here. Solid player but he's 24 years old and I don't see a ton of upside there. I think he will be decent depth for Gotham but that's it. 3.10 - Hawaii - Hughes: A+ : I wouldn't have batted an eye if Hughes went in the 2nd but a corner was bound to drop. Nice grab by Hawaii here. Worst case, I think Hughes becomes a solid slot corner. 3.11 - Camden - Sutton: B : Same as Bryan, Sutton might be seen as a steal here but I think this is his range. I think he becomes a solid #2 in the NFL, but a borderline starter in BDL. 3.12 - Orlando - Ronald Jones II: B- : Not a fan of Jones II, but I think he's a good fit in Orlando backfield, complementing Kamara. 3.13 - Ivory Coast - M.Hurst: A : Nice value for Ruskie. Traded down and got a player that would have been solid value at 3.2, while picking up Poe, who will be a nice shortgap starter in case Payne isn't ready. IC had a really weak interior DL before the draft and now has a solid anchors and 2 young guys with upside. Well done. 3.14 - Hawaii - Kirk: A- : This is Kirk range, and I actually like him more than most (maybe that's because I'm a homer). I think he could be a superb slot receiver, which always comes handy in BDL. 3.15 - Camden - Leonard: A- : I didn't expect Leonard to go in the 3rd, but I like him. He could fit well next to Ragland in Camden LB corps. 3.16 - Camden - Michel: A- : Sony Michel could easily have been the 2nd Rb taken in the draft. Nice pick for Camden
  10. BDL - 2018 Draft Thread - PICKS ONLY

    6.15 Antonio Callaway, WR, Florida
  11. I take that post as trade approval from a 3rd member of the committee. @MD4L you're up