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  1. Better now than in 3 weeks I guess
  2. Yeah do it. It's in the guidelines, plus it works much better for me as I will be able to test out the workbook Mike created for shark tank. I will review it beginning of the week and guide y'all through it end of the week
  3. That would work much better for me indeed.
  4. Unfortunately I'm in holidays until Monday and haven't really got time to look at it again beforehand. I thought I had a one week leeway between start of ST and end of holidays but apparently not. If I get a chance to look at it tonight or this weekend I will but don't set time aside for it. I will notify you if I have any question.
  5. Isn't shark tank supposed to be after 3rd preseason game? I think that's what we have in the guidelines
  6. TCMD League SIM - Official Signup

    I'm down for the Jags. If someone else want them I'm perfectly fine picking another team
  7. You're missing my point but whatever. I just don't feel the need to change something that has worked well before.
  8. No I'm voting for the current rule, which is : if you cut someone (non 3d/fa/sub500 cut), you have to pay for his yearly salary the reminder of the contract. You're arguing, possibly rightfully so, that this rule was never voted for. I'm saying I want this rule in place for the future, and if we need to clean up the language then let's do it. I probably shouldn't be the one to do it though since I'm not a native speaker. Fact is, the rule we have now prevented any of these kind of cuts for the 6 years I've been in BDL, which is the end result I want. Changing it now will create tanking opportunities I want to avoid. And the difficulty of tracking dead money is a fake excuse. We can do it easily and if SirA or bcb are concerned about it I will happily explain them how.
  9. Yeah for the short term watt was certainly more valuable to Orlando than Mahomes. But this is a flawed vision, as I argued at the time. No point in having this argument again
  10. So I vote for the rule where cap hit carries over the year. Basically a status quo, but established
  11. Big no for me for what Lukic has said Current rule is fine. Sure we would keep track of cap space but that's not a big deal. And nobody ever does that anyway because of it.
  12. So we might have an Orlando/Carolina situation yet again. BDP hasn't logged in since June 18 and hasn't posted anything since June 4th aside from an unhappy post to wwhicock. I've PMed him 2 or 3 weeks ago but he hasn't read or responded to my PM. Until now it wasn't a big issue, but with ST coming ahead and then the reg season. I've PMed @oldman9er about it, see if he wanted to join in case BDP didn't show up by September. In case he doesn't, we probably have to figure out a solution. Do we have someone in mind to replace BDP in case he's gone? Do we want to take a decision before Shark Tank or do we wait the reg season start? Can anyone reach out to BDP aside from forum PM?
  13. When is Shark Tank exactly?