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  1. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    yes but SirA format was all messed up so I asked him to re send to me
  2. Camden Offense (RPO Power Pistol base) Playoff time! We get to travel into Singapore to take on SirA and a very talented team. He beat us the last time we played by copy and pasting someone else's game plan, made for a different opponent to prove a point to the league. We didn't appreciate the disrespect then, and it's a big factor for us now. On our offensive side of the ball today, we aren't going to get crazy, we're going to work to our strengths and let talent win the day. Here are some of our keys to the game. Power Pistol run game- This will be our base set, how we line up for a majority of the game and run our RPO based offense out of. This set gives us the ability accentuates our offensive strengths. We give Lamar the ability to read a coverage and attack through the air right at the snap, but we can also use our big backs to play power football and run downhill at the Singapore defense, all while showing no tells and the defense not being able to key on one aspect. Running at this Singapore defense is a must, you can't just let this front pin their ears back and run. You need to start leaning on them, pressing them, wearing them down. From this formation they don't know what's coming and just attacking can be detrimental. I'm bringing 4 RB's into todays contest, 3 of them over 220 lbs and the "smallest" being 215. We want to get nasty in the trenches today. Quick plays in the pass game- With how aggressive the defensive line is, we want to get the ball out of Jackson's hand quickly. Our top 4 WR's are excel at the getting the ball quickly and making something happen after the catch. Singapore brings a decent set of corners into the matchup, but we're confident that against man or zone, our guys will be able to get open in part to how Singapore will have to respect our run, but more importantly how physical and talented this group is. Expect a lot of bunch and trip sets as usual, with lots of crossing patterns, quick outs and slants. These routes are all effective in getting guys open quickly and once they have the ball in their hands, they are in their element. Expect more than a few seam patterns from Sutton out of the RPO if Singapore creeps up a safety or plays a Cover 1 a lot. Protecting Lamar- Even with my offensive line back at full strength, protecting Lamar against a defensive line this good is paramount. The biggest key in having 3 really good receivers out wide is that you can focus other players on helping in protection and you don't hurt your offensive production. That's why most times today our TE and RB will be used as added blockers, giving us a 7 man protection on most plays. Often times, we'll stack our TE behind a tackle almost as an H-back, using motion from side to side to help figure out what the defense wants to do. Having him back there will also help if one of Sing's interior rushers gets free. This player also works as a lead blocker in the run game. Here is what that will look like: Jackson Factor- I kept this for last, because the QB isn't the end all be all for any matchup, but I wanted to highlight how Jackson can impact a game like this against this particular defense. When you go against a defensive front that can attack as quickly as this one, having a QB who can escape and make a team pay is so important. Singapore is going to make plays, but Jackson has shown throughout his short career that he can and will make any defense pay that attacks recklessly by breaking off huge runs and deflating the opponents momentum. We're banking on this today, and in turn looking for it to neuter the aggressive nature of this defense, turning what makes them best into what hurts them most. Defense (Cover 1 press man base) Going up against an Aaron Rodgers led offense is never easy, but we think we match up pretty well against his weapons and can implement a plan to slow him down. Here are our keys. Cover 1 press- This will be our base today, with one deep safety since we don't really fear too many deep options from Singapore other than Gordon occasionally. This will allow us to move Chuck Clark into our 'robber' role today, and work down and clog the area of the field that Singapore likes to work their offense, in the intermediate area of the field. Clark will switch off duties between roaming the intermediate part of the field, to covering Waller/RB and allowing Smith/Leonard to work LB blitzes, to blitzing himself and also to help against Singapores run game. Our coverage responsibilities are as follows: Allen- Bouye Gordon- Williams Beasley- Ward Darius Leonard and Jaylon Smith will switch off TE and RB duties. Letting them switch gives us the advantage of being able to blitz either of those guys while our robber fills in their responsibility. This keeps our coverage and pass rush veiled against Rodgers. If Hardman comes in, our defense will show more of a cover 2 look, Ward slides to Hardman and Witherspoon takes Ward's old assignment. Vary the pass rush- We know we don't have a truly dominant pass rusher like Singapore features, but we get creative with our pass rush and we have a bunch of guys who get the job done. We have to ability to use line stunts and slants, and bringing LB/S blitzes. If either the RB or the TE stay in the block today, expect either Leonard or Smith/Clark to get after Rodgers on a delayed blitz. Expect a 'fire blitz' or two today where our LB's blitz and one or both of our DE's immediately jump back into the quick passing lane. Since SirA likes to work lots of short stuff and crossing routes, maybe we can make a splash play here. Bottle that run game- We think todays success will be predicated on how well Singapore can establish a run game. We know our base defense is strong against the run, and that will force them into being 1 dimensional. Even with some injuries Singapore brings talented runners, so we won't overlook them. If we can stop Rodgers from leaning on a run game, we feel like our secondary can hold down this offense for good today. Singapore Offense We are going to rotate Hunt and Murray with Hunt getting 60-65% of the snaps. Their defensive line is young except for Snacks, who isn’t 100%, and likes to get up field quickly, so we are going to run plenty of draws, traps and screens. This is mostly going to be an Air Raid offense this week however as we look to exploit key players missing in their secondary. Once we get inside the 10 yd line we’ll switch it up and go Jumbo with either 6 OL or 3 TE to allow Kareem Hunt to break a tackle and score. 4 WR - Our base set for this game, we will have Rodgers in shotgun most of the time to make sure he has time to find the Mike and see where the pressure is coming from. Both our RBs excel in shotgun as well on short screens after chipping an edge rusher. We will put a man in motion to give Rodgers information pre-snap. If they are in man, we will use our bunch to rub off defenders and get quick hitting crossing routes and option routes that Rodgers excels at. If it is zone, we will use those bunches to flood a zone and give Rodgers a more open target. Allen and Moore will be the outside WR and deep threats with Beasley and Miller working out of the slot. We will use a bunch set so our WRs can get a free release and also occasionally give the man in motion a Jet Sweep carry out of the backfield. 3 WR - We are going to use this set maybe 10% because we don’t want both Smith and Leonard on the field a lot of the time. Juszcyzk will come in and be used as a fullback. This allows us to give our RB a lead blocker in short yardage situations. 2 TE/3TE - We use this set maybe 20% of the time with Waller and Higbee. The seam should be open without Adams in this week for the Hood Rats. We will use that advantage to attack their secondary and move the chains. When in the Red Zone a 3rd TE in Moreau will come in and open up blocking lanes even further. Defense We have two goals. Pressure Lamar Jackson and shut down the passing game. Camden’s OL is very comparable to ours in sacks allowed (11-12) but our Defensive Line is the best in the BDL. Even more so now after adding Chandler Jones,who is familiar with the Rats. Our guys are all solid Run defenders that can get to the QB. Aaron Donald leads the league in QB pressures again this season and Shelby Harris can penetrate the middle as well. The wrinkle this week will be using Everson Griffen as a DT inside in our version of a Nascar package. This front will annihilate their OL and shut down Hyde/Montgomery. We’ve got shutdown corners to spare this week and will let our guys man up on their sides of the field. Quinton Dunbar is playing like a Top 5 Corner this season and can cover Hopkins or Sutton. The same with the newly returning Bradley Roby who had an outstanding game last week. Jonathan Jones will take on Cooper Kupp in the slot with Kareem Jackson taking on either A.J. Brown or whatever TE Camden decides to use with Engram out this week. Tracy Walker will get single High coverage over the top. Deion Jones will be the Spy on Jackson out of the backfield on designed runs and containment on roll outs. Reggie Ragland will have coverage duties on the RB. We like our chances with Jackson having such limited time to throw due to the pressure our front 4 can get by themselves.
  3. Camden QB- Lamar Jackson RB- Carlos Hyde WR- DeAndre Hopkins WR- Courtland Sutton Slot- Cooper Kupp TE- Jason Witten LT- Isaiah Wynn LG- Larry Warford C- Chase Roullier RG- Trai Turner RT- Orlando Brown Jr ______________________ RB- David Montgomery RB- Sony Michel RB- Benny Snell WR- AJ Brown TE- Darren Fells OL- Jason Peters OL- Isaac Seumalo QB- Jimmy Garoppolo DE- Yannick Ngakoue DT- Dexter Lawrence DT- Damon Harrison DE- Maxx Crosby LB- Darius Leonard LB- Jaylon Smith CB- AJ Bouye CB- Denzel Ward CB- Greedy Williams S- Kevin Byard S- Chuck Clark ____________________ CB- Ahkello Witherspoon CB- Justin Coleman DE- Montez Sweat DE- Carl Lawson DT- Tim Jernigan DT- Quinton Jefferson LB- Todd Davis S- Amani Hooker Singapore QB: Aaron Rodgers RB1: Kareem Hunt WR1: Keenan Allen WR2: Anthony Miller WR3: Cole Beasley WR4: David Moore LT: Duane Brown LG: Matt Feiler C: Eric McCoy RG: Billy Turner RT: Marcus Cannon -------------------- RB2: Latavius Murray RB3: Darrel Williams FB: Kyle Juszcyzk TE1: Darren Waller TE2: Tyler HIgbee TE3: Foster Moreau WR5: Mecole Hardman OL6: Joe Staley (Q) DE: Chandler Jones DT: Aaron Donald NT: Shelby Harris DE: Danielle Hunter WLB: Deion Jones MLB: Reggie Ragland CB: Quinton Dunbar CB: Bradley Roby SCB: Jonathan Jones FS: Tracy Walker III SS: Kareem Jackson -------------------- DE3: Preston Smith DE/DT3: Everson Griffen DT4: Bilal NIchols DT5: David Onyemata CB4: Desmond King II CB5: Jason McCourty (Q) LB3/S3: Duron Harmon S4: Jesse Bates III
  4. BDL 2019 Divisional Round Match: Camden Hood Rats @ Singapore Sentinels Away Owner: @Jlash Home Owner: @SirA1 Vote for who you think will win this game. Rules: One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results. One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own. For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote. Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion. Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions. Good luck to you both
  5. OKC Offense (Shotgun spread) We come into todays game as the clear underdogs here, let's be real. But this is where a team with such talented skill position players can do some damage. Here is the plan to do that. Spread NO out- NO is going to sell out to stop any running attack we have. They won't fear Allen and they'll force him to be them. To combat this we spread the defense out. And with weapons on the outside as talented as this, NO can't do anything but pay attention to them. We'll flex Mark Andrews out from time to time as well, but this is all to lighten the box for Mixon/Gordon initially. NO when spread out like this generally starts 1 LB, and has HaHa acting as a hybrid player. With a line as powerful as the interior of my line is, we think if we can lighten the box for Mixon/Gordon we can do some damage against this defense. Both our RB's are running behind a far superior line in BDL than they do IRL, and we think that can help them show off how they can change the course of a game. Let the WR's do the work- Allen has shown when he can be a game manager he can be effective. We aren't going to ask him to make 3/4 reads in a progression and dissect a talented defense. We're going to let ask our talented WR's to run high percentage quick routes: slants, outs, digs and such. If no one breaks open quickly, looking for a safety valve like Mark Andrews or his check downs in Mixon/Gordon. So basically, the way Tom Brady runs an offense now. Bait the NO line- With capable pass catchers like Mixon/Gordon/McKissic in the backfield and an aggressive defensive line, we want to run some screens, angle routes and draws to bait NO into giving up some chunk plays in clear passing situations. Having all 3 guys available for this allows us to run these plays without any tells, and we think it can be a big factor in the game. Defense (3-3-5 cover 1 base) NO brings a powerful offense that can attack from multiple fronts, we feel our personnel can match up and create some problems. Here is how: 3-3-5- We feel like this base gives us the best option to defend everything that NO can do. If gives us 3 powerful down lineman to defend against Zeke, it allows us to keep two very good pass rushers on the field to attack Josh Allen, it gives us a deep defender to combat Lockett getting behind anyone and it allows us a safety to roam the intermediate part of the field to help against Zeke and combat where Josh Allen thrives as a passer. The coverage assignments would go as follows: Thomas- White Lockett- Peters Moore- Haden Ertz- Littleton RB responsibilities will switch between Von/Judon and Amos since he'll be patrolling close to the LOS to begin with anyway. Clog up the interior of the field- Playing cover 1 allows us to sort of the clog the middle of the field where Allen likes to work, it let's us switch our robber off with another defender from time to time and attack as a blitzer, or let that other defender (Von or Judon) drop back into passing lanes. By switching up which player is coming as the 4th rusher constantly we can confuse Allen and force him to think rather just react each and every snap. Force Allen to beat us- The game plan is essentially the same for both teams, the QB is the wildcard. If we can bottle up Zeke, our plans to confuse and clog Allen's strengths can be really effective. New Orleans Offense: It’s playoff time and one of the BDL’s greatest rivalries gets its 3rd and final edition for the 2019 season. Playoff football is about time of possession, limiting mistakes and relying on your playmakers to come up big in the key moments. So with this in mind, we’re playing our smashmouth brand of football with the running game up the middle and quick hits to our receivers being they keys. Firstly, our plan is to attack OKC up the middle of their defensive line. While their defensive line is generally on the lighter side, we do expect them to line-up with a nose tackle, likely Lawrence Guy, in their base set. Despite this, we’re confident that we’ll be able to run it successfully given the strength of our offensive line. If OKC does go heavy, we plant to counter this by incorporating the read option and having Allen work himself into the game on designed runs. Our suspicion is that OKC will go DL and secondary heavy, so Allen should be able to outmatch the DL with his athleticism, while being able to avoid in hits in the secondary given his physical presence. Zeke will get the majority of the snaps, in particular short yardage and goal line work but Singletary will see an increasing roll. In particular, we plan to get Singletary involved on delays and counters, where his vision, cutting ability and shift running style should be able to take advantage of it. On top of this, Johnson will see a nice amount of snaps as our 3rd down back, but also in two back sets in which he’ll on occasion motion to the slot or run routes out of the backfield. Broadly, the plan is to get Zeke the ball about 20 times, Singletary 10 and Johnson 5. The passing game will be heavily geared towards Allen’s strengths, and that’s getting him rolling out of the pocket or stepping up and hitting strikes in the short-intermediate zone. We’re not going to ask for any particular aggressiveness, but rather just have him look for the open man and throw a dart when he can. While Lockett will act as our deep threat primarily, Samuel will see an uptick in snaps and provide us a complementary YAC receiver on the other side of the field to where Moore lines up. Thomas as usual will be used heavily out of the slot on slants and crossing routes looking to pick up his usual 10-15 yards on each route, while Moore given his recent performances will see a more developed array of routes, including fades and deeper crossing patterns to take advantage of the matchup he’ll be getting against presumably Joe Haden. If OKC do go with zone, then the plan will just be having Allen look to run and slide where nothing is happening and taking the 5 yard or so gains, or sitting in the pocket and rifling it to whoever finds the soft spots in the zone. Ertz also figures to play an important role as the safety valve to keep our read option effective. If OKC go with man, he’ll largely be running short-intermediate out routes to keep his defender away from the middle, whereas if OKC zone, Ertz will be running drags and routes up the seam to keep the defenders further from the LOS. Defense: We anticipate that OKC will come out with 3 wide and 1 TE. In this instance we have the following assignments in our usual Cover 1: Gilmore – Robinson Harris Jr – Sanders Fuller – Woods Clinton Dix – Running Back Hyde – Andrews Johnson will generally sit in the underneath zone looking to hit any of OKC’s receivers running slants/crossing routes. Savage will sit up top as the single high safety. In the event that OKC go 4 wide, we’ll have JC Jackson come in as CB4 replacing Savage, Clinton-Dix will be the single high and Jackson will take the 4th WR with Hyde moving to cover the RB or remaining on Andrews if it’s 4WR 1TE. As usual, heavy rotation on the defensive line will be the name of the game as we plan to go heavier on early/running downs with this front: DE: Campbell/Atkins NT: Hankins DT: Simmons DE: Jordan/Vernon While on passing downs we’ll generally go with: DE: Bosa DT: Campbell DT: Atkins DE: Jordan With Allen rotating in on occasion for either Atkins and Campbell, with Jordan sliding in to keep them fresh, or for Jordan himself. Given Allen’s limited mobility and pocket presence, we plan to get aggressive on 3rd and longs and will bring in a 5 pass-rusher lineup (LB: Bosa, Allen - DL: Jordan, Campbell, Atkins) to bring the heat and make sure that we can force some ill-advised throws or get to Allen and take advantage of his fumbling issue. Tl;dr - Run the ball a lot and take advantage of Allen’s legs with the read option. - Passing game to take no chances – wait for the open man, or run where the opportunity comes and take what the defence gives you. - Aggressive man coverage with a single high safety – make Kyle Allen throw his receivers open if he wants to avoid getting sacked. - Rotate heavily on the DL, bring the heat on occasion but otherwise get the front 4 moving the pocket back, collapsing Allen and forcing quick and mistimed throws.
  6. OKC QB- Kyle Allen RB- Joe Mixon WR- Allen Robinson WR- Michael Gallup WR- Robert Woods TE- Mark Andrews LT- David Bahktiari LG- Quinton Spain C- Rodney Hudson RG- Brandon Brooks RT- Brian O'Neill _____________________ RB- Melvin Gordon RB- JD McKissic RB- Frank Gore WR- Emmanuel Sanders WR- Keelan Cole OL- Morgan Moses OL- DJ Fluker OLB- Von Miller DL- Cam Heyward DL- Lawrence Guy DL- Sheldon Richardson OLB- Matt Judon ILB- Cory Littleton CB- Tre White CB- Marcus Peters CB- Joe Haden S- Malik Hooker S- Adrian Amos __________________ CB- Fabian Moreau CB- Pierre Desir DL- Corey Peters DL- Steve McClendon DL- Margus Hunt OLB- Ryan Kerrigan LB- Dont'a Hightower S- Jordan Poyer New Orleans Offense: QB: Josh Allen RB: Ezekiel Elliott WR1: Michael Thomas WR2: Tyler Lockett WR3: D.J. Moore TE: Zach Ertz LT: Andrew Whitworth LG: Joel Bitonio C: Travis Frederick RG: Kevin Zeitler RT: Mitchell Schwartz RB2: Duke Johnson RB3: Devin Singletary WR4: Deebo Samuel WR5: Parris Campbell TE2: Mike Gesicki TE3: Tyler Kroft OL6: Riley Reiff OL7: Connor McGovern Defense: DE: Nick Bosa DT: Geno Atkins DT: Calais Campbell DE: Cameron Jordan LB: Alexander Johnson LB/S: Haha Clinton-Dix CB: Stephon Gilmore CB: Chris Harris Jr. CB: Kyle Fuller SS: Micah Hyde FS: Darnell Savage DE3: Josh Allen DE4: Olivier Vernon DT3: Jeffery Simmons DT4: Johnathan Hankins LB3: Alec Ogletree LB4/S4: Mark Barron CB4: JC Jackson CB5: Tre Herndon
  7. BDL 2019 Divisional Round Match: Oklahoma City EF5's @ New Orleans Jazz Away Owner: @Whicker Home Owner: @WFLukic Vote for who you think will win this game. Rules: One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results. One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own. For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote. Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion. Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions. Good luck to you both
  8. I won't bother doing research on you to manufacture angles like you did. But I did notice that none of your teammates bothered giving you any football for that painful attempt. I can only assume that you're that awkward kid who's glued to a group who keeps rejecting him. You're basically that girl So if you're not good at roasts, what are you good at? Gotcha. See you soon
  9. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Best executive is imho a two man race but boy it's a close one.
  10. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Can we vote for ourselves or our players? @rackcs
  11. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Can do. I can take another one too if you want I'm free this weekend
  12. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    This week is bye week. Next week playoffs start
  13. 2018/19 Europe Thread - It begins again

    This Euro draw was so dumb. There is something wrong with the pot seeding when you have the defending euro champ in pot 3 and the defending world champ in pot 2. I do think we are better than Portugal. Germany is a bit of a question mark. But with 4 3rds advancing there's a good chance all three teams advance