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  1. Do I have a moral obligation to start Survivor 2 days after the end of BB? I planned to start it in January more or less Anyway right now I have no time to do anything on these forums, even participating in BDL is a challenge. So hosting a Survivor is impossible for at least another month
  2. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    What's up with @wwhickok making trade offers and leaving conversations a day after... I will do my best to turn a gameplan this week but I might not be able to vote on matchups this week again.
  3. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Having a crap week at work I'm unlikely to vote on all matchups, if any, this week. Sorry about that
  4. How exactly? They have their two best LB in double of Kelce. If he's isolated outside (which I stated in my gameplan), then I have Hooper and Everett vs Greenlaw and White. Both are part time players IRL, and at least LAC isn't exactly known for the quality of their LB play. But if you feel that's a good way to counter those TE options, what can I say ...
  5. Berlin Offense Singapore has an excellent defensive front. However, they have poopie DBs and that’s where we will attack. We are going to rotate Johnson and Jones with Johnson getting 60-65% of the snaps. We want Johnson to get at least 15-18 touches and Jones to get 10-12. Their defensive line likes to get upfield quickly, so we are going to run plenty of draws, traps and screens. Our OTs are very athletic, so we want to get them blocking out in space. For our standard runs, we are going run mostly zone plays as Donald likes to shoot gaps and get upfield which opens up running lanes behind him. 4 WR - Our base set for this game, we will have Brady in shotgun most of the time to make sure he has time against a good defensive front. Both our RBs excel in shotgun as well. We will use our bunch set again so our WRs can get a free release. We want to use a lot of crossers, slants, WR screens to supplement our rushing game and get the ball out quickly. We will run more draws and screens in this set as our rushing attack. Our RB will chip before going out in their route. MVS will rotate in to keep guys fresh. We will put a man in motion to give Brady information pre-snap. If they are in man, we will use our bunch to rub off defenders and get quick hitting crossing routes and option routes that Brady excels at. If it is zone, we will use those bunches to flood a zone and give Brady a more open target. We will target every member of the secondary regardless who is covering who. All our WRs will run every kind of route...but Fuller and Brown will typically stretch the defense vertically while Godwin and Golladay do all the dirty work. But we want to give Hollywood a couple quick slants or WR screens that he could break for a big gain. 3 WR - We are going to use this set maybe 5% of the time because we don’t want both the Sing LBs on the field. Irv will come in and be used as a fullback. This allows us to give our RB a lead blocker in short yardage situations. 2 TE - We use this set maybe 20% of the time with Irv and Shaheen. We are going to use them both as additional blockers. When we have a lead late in the game, we will use this set to grind out the clock. Shaheen will be the TE on the line and Irv will serve as a FB. And we will just grind out the game. Fuller/Golladay and Hollywood will be our WRs. If Sing tries to put an 8th man in the box in this set, we will throw it deep to one of these two. We trust Hollywood and Fuller to either win deep when one-on-one or Golladay to win a jump ball or back shoulder throw. And a single high safety won’t be much use as none have the speed to get over and help in time. This inability to get a numbers advantage in the run game will help us grind out these late longer drives to aid our defense and close out the game. We will run Defense - We have two goals. Shut down Le’Veon and shut down the deep ball. Base - Sing loves their base set. So we are gonna match that with our triple Williams Wall. Their OL is not good enough to handle this. We will rotate our DL guys in if needed(including Edge guys playing inside on passing downs), but we want this DL on the field as much as possible. This 5-on-5 front will annihilate their OL and shut down Bell. They will have to keep their FB in to block otherwise Rodgers might die. Rashaan will follow Bell everywhere and key in on the run game to ensure they can’t run. Tremaine takes Waller. Gareon and Byron play man as LCB and RCB. Lamarcus and Thornhill play deep halves and bracket their WRs. Rodgers doesn’t do as great when he can’t push the ball down the field. Nickel - If they go nickel, one of the Williams comes off for Kazee in the slot. We are going to play two man under in nickel with Tremaine following Waller, Evans keying on Bell, and our safeties taking deep halves. Singapore Motivation - It’s been a long and winding road but we came away 2-0-1 and are now Home, Sweet Home. Facing our former QB and longest rival in Berlin along with a little boost from Seoul still shouldn’t put the brakes on our goal of a Bizzbowl this season. Offensive Strategy Formations: 12/ 11 “Bunch”/ 10 Scheme: Pass (60%) vs Run (40%) Luckily I remembered that per BDL rules Darius Slay cannot be in the lineup this week because he was inactive last week and is on a bye this week IRL. Rodgers should be able to connect with our weapons even with Berlin adding Kendall Fuller (14 rec allowed on 17 targets) to cover the slot. Playing out of a 2TE formation will keep more of Berlin’s linebackers on the field and expose their lack of athleticism Darren Waller and Jimmy Graham form a solid 2TE set for our 12 personnel package that we will use about 50% of the time and should own the seam against Berlin’s LB’s. Josh Gordon and Keenan Allen will flood the field with a variety of routes (slants, crossing, hooks, etc) creating lots of opportunities for Rodgers to get the ball out versus the Blitz. Using 11 “Bunch” as our secondary formation (35%) this week, including receiving option routes designed to find space in Cover 2 and 3 that Berlin likes to deploy. We favor the matchups against an average secondary that Rodgers can take advantage of, by employing a quick passing game that includes Le’Veon Bell on swing and flat routes. While our bunched receiving core of Josh Gordon/WR, Keenan Allen/Slot, Darren Waller/TE, and Corey Davis as the Single WR on his side. For the remainder of the passing snaps (15%) we’ll look to spread out their secondary and go to a 4WR set with Mecole Hardman and David Moore being used as field stretchers. Bell will be our main back again getting 12-15 carries and 6 or so targets. James Conner will get 5-7 carries and a few targets as well. With Berlin’s interior line having some injuries this year we think we should be able to run either inside or out without many issues. Defensive Strategy Formation: 4-2-5 / 3-2-6 Tom Brady doesn’t like to get hit. So you gotta get to him … a lot. We’ve got two (three?) legit pass rushing threats on the outside in Danielle Hunter and Preston Smith, add in Everson Griffen off the bench and the pressure won’t let up. It’s gotta be a two-sided rush because if it’s just one guy, the offense can shift, slide, double-team, chip — and take a single rusher out of the game. With two pass rushers the offense can’t account for both of them without keeping an extra guy in to help. And that takes away one of Tom’s options downfield and forces them to pick their poison. We also have to get a good push up the middle and shrink the pocket so Tom can’t step up to avoid the outside rush. He’s gotta feel like he’s surrounded. Like he’s got nowhere to go. Aaron Donald is still a factor as a pass rusher this season even without the big sack numbers and is solid versus the run. Shelby Harris will be his partner in crime over Snacks this week since he is more than just a run stopper. Roy Robertson-Harris has 4 sacks this year and will keep the guys in the middle fresh so they can play for all 60 minutes. We will bluff the blitz a few times with Jaylon Smith but will generally only bring four rushers, which will allow us to drop seven men into coverage. Our back seven are all solid coverage guys allowing us to matchup with Berlin’s receiving threats. Smith will actually be a spy on David Johnson/Adam Jones and cover them out of the backfield. Our Run defense is top notch up front but we respect the Berlin run game enough to devote them extra attention in run situations with the use of a spy. We expect Berlin to deploy their own Bunch formation a lot to try and free up receivers for Brady. We’re going to combat it by showing Man coverage on the bunch but having only the corner over the lead receiver (Trae Waynes) in man to man and press that receiver at the line to disrupt his timing. The other two corners are pattern matching.The outside cornerback (Jonathan Jones) will match any out-breaking route, and the slot corner (Jason McCouty) will match against any in-breaking route. Kareem Jackson will cover the opposite side boundary receiver in man coverage. John Johnson III will be the deep high safety this week. Deion Jones will provide interference from his linebacker spot as the ‘Rat’ defender responsible for reading the QB, directing traffic, or disrupting any crossers coming over the middle. Desmond King comes in for Dime situations. Tracy Walker will take over for Jackson is he is out again this week. TL:DR: Pressure Brady, disrupt the bunch formation. Account for the RB’s. I’ll provide visual aides in the thread.
  6. Berlin Blitzkrieg Offense QB - Tom Brady RB - David Johnson Slot - Chris Godwin WR - Kenny Golladay WR - Will Fuller Slot - Marquise Brown LT - Kolton Miller LG - Dan Feeney C - Corey Linsley RG - Alex Cappa RT - Taylor Moton RB - Aaron Jones WR - MVS TE - Irv Smith Jr. TE - Adam Shaheen TE - Jordan Akins OG - AJ Cann OC - Ryan Kalil Defense DE - Justin Houston DT - Leonard Williams NT - Brandon Williams DT - Quinnen Williams DE - Demarcus Lawrence OLB - Tremaine Edmunds MLB - Rashaan Evans CB - Gareon Conley CB - Byron Murphy S - Lamarcus Joyner S - Juan Thornhill DE - Deatrich Wise DE - Za’Darius Smith DE - Trey Hendrickson DE - Markus Golden DT - Taven Bryan OLB - Blake Cashman CB/S - Damontae Kazee CB - Mike Hilton Singapore Sentinels Offense QB: Aaron Rodgers RB1: Le’Veon Bell WR1: Josh Gordon WR2: Keenan Allen TE1: Darren Waller TE2: Jimmy Graham LT: Duane Brown LG: Bradley Bozeman C: Weston Richburg RG: Billy Turner RT: Marcus Cannon -------------------- RB2: James Conner RB3: Darrel Williams TE3: Tyler Higbee WR3: Corey Davis WR4: Mecole Hardman WR5: David Moore OL6: Matt Feiler OL7: Eric McCoy Defense DE: Preston Smith DT: Aaron Donald NT: Shelby Harris DE: Danielle Hunter WLB: Deion Jones MLB: Jaylon Smith CB: Jason McCourty CB: Trae Waynes SCB: Jonathan Jones FS: Kareem Jackson (Q) SS: John Johnson III -------------------- OLB3: Everson Griffen OLB4: Brennan Scarlett DL4: Roy Robertson-Harris DL5: Damon Harrison CB4: Desmond King II CB5: Quinton Dunbar ILB3: Mychal Kendricks S3: Tracy Walker III
  7. BDL 2019 Week 5 Match: Berlin Blitzkrieg @ Singapore Sentinels Away Owner: @Ragnarok Home Owner: @SirA1 Vote for who you think will win this game. Rules: One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results. One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own. For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote. Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion. Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions. Good luck to you both
  8. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Now we can focus on the recent trade. Is Kupp really worth a 1st and Westbrook? Seems super high to me, well done by @Counselor
  9. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    I'm in. GL @PR
  10. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Sorry I'm good now @ny92mike
  11. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Well I'm banking on Berry not being signed and being a FA cut or retiring. That's a risk for sure. Johnson production doesn't match his salary. I'd definitely have 3downed him. That's why ww had so much trouble selling him during the off-season. We seem to be the only ones to like Fuller and he's an expiring. Not much value for me. Rags definitely gets help this year. But also gets 20k of cap next year and lose a 1st, on a year where he will need to sign a new QB, a new RB and a bunch of DLinemen at least. I don't think it's quite as straightforward. But I might be off for sure
  12. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    What’s your issue with it from my prospective? I'm genuinely curious about it.
  13. Seoul trades Darius Slay David Johnson Kendall Fuller Montae Nicholson Berlin trades Berlin 2021 1st Berlin 2020 6th Lamar Miller Eric Berry @Ragnarok to confirm
  14. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    I don't mind taking a look at it, but I won't vote in your game then. Can't be judge and party
  15. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    p.1 I'm not p.2 I may forget someone, but it's between Jlash, Whicker and Counselor for me.