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  1. Week 6 GDT: KC @ NE

    I watched the game yesterday. I thought our pass defense looked good. We allowed a couple of big plays here and there but we held up well against Brady and co. Can't have single coverage on Gronk in the last drive of the game though. Scandrick is looking much better and Lucas seem pretty good too. Our run defense was atrocious. We got bullied by NE OL. How many times did I see them pushing us 5 yds after the LoS. Michel had a big game and made like 1 defender miss. Everything else was just running through open holes. Front 6 is terrible save for Dee Ford.
  2. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    Really!? You never beat Seoul? GG to you too. As shown in the votes in the previous weeks, I have a lot of respect for your squad, even though I haven't necessarily shown it in this rivalry week
  3. Berlin in a tight one. I like Hill to have a big one (Sherman shut him down IRL week 3 I'd have put him in coverage on Hill tbh) and while Cuba can spread it out they don't have one area where I love them. Went with the home team which was Berlin
  4. So Foster on Kamara wide and McKinney (I guess) on Shepard? Two obvious mismatches there in the passing game. Orlando runs away with this one
  5. Joseph is a good player but I don't think I would start him over McCoy and certainly not over Geno.
  6. Don't fall for SirA trolling. I'd start 1 player from his starting line-up on offense over mine (counting Allen vs Green and not Allen vs Keke) and that's Kareem the Dream.
  7. Keke plays like 40% of the snaps Kelce is in single vs Bell
  8. That's what I was referring too @Jlash
  9. What now? You have 3 startable BDL players on your offense (Hunt Allen Staley) it's highly a juggernaut
  10. Allison out. So much for the 4WR gameplan
  11. Rome Offense Hurry up offense? Gutsy with IC pass rush. Though Rome does have the tackles to slow down Mack & Myles. Bcb is right, IC is weaker inside. Why not run straight up and use draws instead? Not saying it can't work, but a more classic running game could too. Screens with this OL and Gurley, against those LBs. Yes. We'll see if IC bites on blitzes. Watch out for Mack though, could see him read, react and disrupt, maybe pick, one. Here comes the power running game. My bad. Quick passing game obviously. Fits Rome offense. Curious to see IC coverage schemes. If IC plays man, I think Rome could regret not involving Gurley and Reed more in the passing game. IC is, after all, starting Derrick Johnson who couldn't start for the Raiders before being cut. I was about to complain that Goodwin wasn't involved enough given his IRL game. What an offense Rome has. IC Defense Ouch DJ is starting in nickel sets too. Woodyard out so Kwon gets the start? Or Baker? Not clear about that. Jefferson starts deep, so it goes into the plan of bcb feeding Gurley. Don't like it one bit for IC. Good thing they planned the adjustment of dropping Jefferson in the box Who covers Gurley in man? Is it Baker/Kwon? Since Jefferson plays deep I'm guessing so. I really don't like that matchup for IC. I do like IC corners fit vs Rome WR, I think they can limit them there. Ruskie told it himself, he trusts his LB to fill the gaps. I really dislike IC LBs (sorry Ruskie). Summary: Rome starts running the ball well, but when Jefferson drops in box, Rome has to rely on the passing game more. They're really good at it of course, but their best matchups (Reed & Gurley) feel a bit underutilized IC offense I like their rushing attack, and I respect they want to run the ball down your throat. Interested to see how Rome counters this I'm curious of bcb plan on defense, because I think they have the advantage in man to man vs IC receivers. Even Cooks is the slot can be handled by Jackson. Not fond of IC RB rotation though "Weaker in the front 7". I think they underrate Rome front 7, especially the LBs. Weak point of Rome for me is the safeties and a couple of spots in the DL. Love the play action Rome defense Lack of preparation for bcb. I sympathize as I'm guessing it's due to IRL stuff and I've been there 2 weeks ago I guess you have 3CB there Don't know what the safeties assignments are Not sure I like how Rome matchup their CBs. I'd have preferred Jackson on Cooks. Akamura isn't a bad choice Rome banks on coverage sacks. But the IC OL is good and allow more time for WRs to get open. Summary: I just thinks IC comes with a better plan, that suit their talent and are better prepared IC wins 26-21
  12. Camden O Not sure I've seen enough of Gordon to justify the high praise he receives by Jlash. I love moving ODB around. Don't think Njoku is a huge mismatch for Reshad Jones but we will see how Sydney choses to cover him. I do like the skill combination of Camden RBs. Compensate well for a lack of bellcow (maybe Michel becomes that?) Not much of straight running plats. Interesting let's see if Dingo bites. Splitting Njoku out vs a LB lightens the box but also lightens the run block unit. Sydney D It's going to be a long read. Starts with two tldr. Whicker will be pleased Byron Jones vs ODB with help up top. Jlash won't get his Ryan vs ODB matchup. Still expect ODB to get his share. Gordon vs Peters feels like an all time up and down matchup I love Dede vs Ryan in man. Especially with Smith as the QB. Does Jones cover the TE or double ODB? I'm confused 2 deep safeties more often that not. Alex Smith doesn't have a great deep ball but Camden WR have speed. Why not. I agree that Mack and David can handle the TE and the RB but if Njoku is split out it's 5vs5 in the run game. Camden OL can win some there. Blitzing! I love blitzes. Shane Ray as a LB in obvious passing situations? Does he substitute for Jack or David? They're much better assets for Sydney pass D. 60% man vs 40% zone. More zone than I expected. A cover 3 with Jones Jack David and Ryan at the second level could really slow down Alex. Wait I already saw the Reshad Jones stuff The obligatory Lamar Jackson mention. Didn't we already go through David role and the Blitzing? I do love blitzing Alex Smith though. Byron Jones can hold ODB in check enough for Alex Smith to crumble under pressure and take a sack. I don't necessarily share Dingo enthusiasm in his front 4 rotation, especially at edge. I do share his enthusiasm for my interior DL though. Another tldr Sumarry: aside from Dingo repeating himself a bit, I like the zone and blitz looks for Sydney. Not fond of their look in man and they seem more focused on stopping the pass which will work in Camden running game favour. Sydney O I'm tired and I'm not doing that again. We will see how Camden plays it but if Tate faces Ward, his workload could be an issue. Gimme Ridley over Brown or Williams, especially against that pass rush. Not fond of giving 35 touches to Johnson. Is he 100%? Nice to see Ekeler get some plays. He's been a beast so far. With Leonard and Adams yes Camden can shut down Jimmy G. I get the deep ball thoughts with Adams in box, but again does the OL hold on? Extra protection by RB/TE makes things interesting for the deep passing game. Wonder if Camden brought the blitz. What does targeting Camden CB3 have to do with running and blocking? Though I do agree it's a weak spot. Running outside is smart. It fits Sydney RBs too. Lots of redundancies. Camden D Zone? Interesting choice. I don't love it. First I love Ben vs zone. Second I thought Camden matched up well vs Sydney WRs. Camden does have the advantage at the LoS though. Would have liked a bit more specifics here tbh. No Vance McDonald? Do you plan on covering him? I like the 3 safeties look vs Sydney 2TE sets. A lot. Blitzing! I love blitzing. With Sydney RB/TE used in pass pro, I like that Jlash went after Ben with more resources. Sumarry: I expect big plays, Ben & Tate clicking, but also a lot of pressure, sacks and a couple of turnovers. Kinda like Sydney outside running game too. I do think Sydney offense will do more. But I also expect them to produce some turnovers. Give me the home team, 27-24 I'm never doing that again