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  1. I'm surprised Footsy got anything for Matthieu. Good deal for him assuming Avril retires
  2. Topic 2: no. I agree with Pheltz here. Topic 3: option b. I just don't see the downside of another day of voting. And given the number of people who didn't show up to vote every week, it would just help everyone.
  3. I'm willing to discuss trades for Matt Ryan if someone is interested
  4. How would that solve anything? Hockey still would have to look for a QB. @OleXmad didn't you recruit a co-owner this year? Is he involved?
  5. Making random punishments for random offenses wouldn't help the league at all. I've been on record saying Footsy should be kicked out of BDL since last year, but I don't see why he should lose a pick or a QB (stripping someone of a pick for being an a**hole is a Pandora box you don't want to open) and I don't see why should Compton benefit from it instead of another team. Either Hockey takes over Compton and he should try to find a QB the right way. Or he wants Orlando and we have a league vote on how to handle that.
  6. There is a new transaction thread @DingoLadd. Please use that one. @TheKillerNacho would you mind closing this thread if that's not too much trouble? Thanks.
  7. Smith to be traded...

    Getting Fuller as a part of the deal is awesome.
  8. Best scenario is @Hockey5djh taking over Compton. The QB thing is not really something to worry about. There are always good QBs to acquire. This year Luck and Big Ben might be FAs. Prescott is on the trade block. Stafford is a backup for Gotham. I'm sure à lot of QBs can be traded for. Plus doesnt Compton has a high draft pick? If he doesnt want it, and that's up to him, then I'd 100% back him up vs Footsy.
  9. Propositions to include in owners meeting + Extend waivers until week 17 (Lukic proposal)
  10. Not 100% commited to it, but that's a possibility.
  11. If you prefer, you can come to the Pacific and I'd relocate in the Atlantic. If the league is ok with it obviously.
  12. Speed Mafia: Sword => Shotgun => Zombie

    Can I still kill untouch or is it too late?