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  1. This rule has been scratched to prevent tanking and switched with cap penalties. Sorry mate. I hate that our rivalry game looked like that. GL for the rest of the year
  2. First. I will update vote and comment counts this WE
  3. I didnt vote this week. Didnt have time to read the gameplans (same reasons I couldnt write a decent one either). Things should get back to normal this week
  4. Due to RL stuff, my gameplan this week will the bare minimum and submitted 3 hours late. Sorry
  5. Most heart breaking loss

    Probably when we blew a 28 point second half lead over the Colts in the playoffs a few years ago.
  6. For the 3down yes. For the 3up&over I think you can do it all year long before the trade deadline, but I might be wrong. Trade deadline has passed anyway
  7. Claims are unvalid, like a trade of a FA bid would be invalid if a team went over the cap.
  8. Josh Shaw is not a FA, so you will eat his salary until the end of the year. You're ok with that?
  9. Matt Ryan is back as starting QB for the Seoul Dragons
  10. Bills Bench Tyrod Taylor

    sounds like pre-2017 Alex Smith. You could do worse. I haven't seen Peterman play at all. Did he look good in pre-season?
  11. I disagree. Nick Martin is staring for Orlando Anyway, GG Hockey, it was even harder to gameplan vs you than it was against the Jizz
  12. Given how Keenum and Diggs victimized Josh Norman this week, I don't understand everyone saying "I don't see Keenum throwing on that secondary". Especially with those receivers. I think it's a high scoring game but I like Compton offense better, despite Carson Wentz QBing Gotham. 30-24 Compton
  13. Dunbar was out, Sherman was injured. In retrospect, the decision to not feature heavily Brady in this game is a poor one. Despite that, I still kinda like Louisiana offense in this one, simply because Cuba LBers are really bad, and that will play against them. And having 6 DBs halp them against a lighter offense. I think Lousiana barely holds on here in game they should have won by 15
  14. It's closer than it should be, and I'd have considered Camden pulling off the upset at home, but on the road, I just don't think they have enough talent at the skill positions and in the secondary to pull it off. Carr engineers a 4th quarter comeback with Adams, Crowder and the RBs to win this one