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  1. You probably missed something about my interior OL. Can't do much better than Rodger Saffold and Brandon Schreff at guard. Other than that I agree with your overall assessment. If everything goes right I could be good but that's a lot of ifs
  2. For the first time in a while that might be too early for me. And I would hate missing the Pacific preview.
  3. @Jlash @wwhickok @rackcs @MD4L @RuskieTitan @Whicker @pheltzbahr @PR @Pickle Rick @The Orca @WFLukic @bcb1213 @Ragnarok @Counselor @SirA1 @Xmad I will launch a quick owners meeting. Same principle as last year - there will be several proposals so we will eliminate those we don't want first before choosing the one we want in the end. I have seen 4 proposals for now. 1. Opt outs count as IR players - they count against the cap but not against roster limit 2. Opt outs don't count at all - they count neither against the cap nor against the roster limit 3. Pheltz proposal - every owner has the choice to either eat the salary of the player opting out or to have them out of their roster for the year but that grants that player an automatic one year extension 4. My proposal - for every opt out, an owner gets 1K of additional cap space for the year There’s no point in voting now. If you have another proposal tag me
  4. Other question what do we do if the year is canceled?
  5. I will do whatever the league wants
  6. This is an owners meeting decision not a rule committee one. Every owner should have a vote on this. Also yes, opt outs should be considered as IR as far as roster spots go.
  7. How about we find an hybrid solution? Like for every player who has decided to opt out, the team gets for this year 1k of additional space?
  8. When did we decide that opt outs wouldn't count against the cap?
  9. Big thanks @EaglesPeteCfor all the picks you made for me. And sorry y'all for slowing the draft down on multiple occasions
  10. James Winchester, LS Thomas Morestead, P
  11. DC Dan Quinn @festiveonion you can go ahead the time I scout the punter and long snapper markets
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