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  1. Can't we decide to automatically hit for totals of 11 and less?
  2. @Malfatron after careful consideration I have decided to nominate @Outpost31and @Dwight_Schrute
  3. So it will always be swoosh choosing first, me second etc.?
  4. I have no idea how I'm still alive, but it all should be over soon
  5. Who wants some betting advice on this March madness? I'm proving my expertise here
  6. I did spend like an hour on the tiebreakers only (granted it was probably a waste of time). Time to pick completely randomly I guess
  7. Shady at pickle. I think the jets d can stop the panthers rushing attack while the lions D have no answer for Atlanta passing o Gopher at outpost. Chargers DL will destroy Burrow. Giants O vs Raiders D is a balanced matchups between two terrible units, so advantage Cinci O Dwight at Boyle. I think Boyle might have the best combo here. The jets O is putrid and the Cinci has a decent secondary but that's pretty much it - though I'm not sure how Geno will be graded there. Miami O and falcons D have some good players here and there, which will hurt Dwight Jason at josh. Tough match
  8. Wait Phillip Gaines is starting for Houston? Wtf? He was terrible with the Chiefs like 3 years ago, can't believe he's still in the league
  9. Are injuries discounted? For example, is Dak on the cowboys roster?
  10. I never come in with preconceived ideas on who I will work with or against. So my loyalty will go to whoever can help me go to the end and vice versa. The one person I will have a hard time voting out regardless is Shady, I don't think this is a secret. As for your second question, I've been talking to the twins and Boyle yes. And I will talk to them again if I survive this vote. It is not an exclusive relationship though
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