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  1. Favorite Team: Kansas City Chiefs Week 1 pick: LA Rams I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  2. Vote is in. I appreciated playing with and against you both this game. You both have been great competitors throughout the game in two very different ways and both deserve to be here over any of us. Congrats to both and we will have a very deserving winner, whoever of you two that is.
  3. @swoosh I would appreciate the same breakdown vote by vote Outpost did. Very insightful
  4. To be fair to you, I might have badmouthed outpost a bit so one of you voted him out at f5 hehe. But yeah originally it came from one of the in thread rants of Jason
  5. @Outpost31 The screenshot thing comes from me. Jason eluded to seeing some message from me to another player talking trash about him. The only person I told I was disappointed with Jason was you. So I figured either Jason was lying, or that you did send him a screenshot. I shared those concerns with swoosh and Shady in the Jason vs you vote and again after I think. For the record I believe that your reaction is genuine and I don't believe you did that.
  6. Truth to be told, had I to rule between you and jason, i'd have kept jason hehe. But both swoosh and shady wanted to keep you, and I didn't care enough to argue against you. You or jason would have meant the same odds for me to go to F2 I know and I ain't complaining. The first two I had zero chance because of the lag, it threw me off for the next two (but that's on me I shouldn't have lost focus) and the next two you just beat me fair and square. I totally accept that and you'd have won anyway.
  7. @swoosh I have two questions for you 1. Is there something you did in this game that I do not know and that I should know or get explained before I vote? 2. In the pickle vs outpost vote, you were supposed to vote pickle, I was supposed to vote outpost. I got drunk and paranaoid so I changed my vote, which was right since you changed as well. I understand why you did it but I'd like to know what did you envision for the rest of the game had pickle stayed vs outpost? @Outpost31 There's no question your endgame has been superb. You were dead in the water and you manage
  8. @Shady Slim @swoosh I absolutely loved playing with both of you. There wasn't a single moment where I was like "huh was is this guy thinking" and those moments usually happen a lot. Shady I knew already but it was the first time I worked with swoosh and I loved it. @Outpost31no hard feelings. I knew where I stood, I knew what I had to do and I chose not to do it. I'm at peace with how I played this game and I wouldn't change a thing (or almost). I hope someday we can be day 1 allies in one of these. That'd be a killer duo GL to all three of you. You all have a good case
  9. After consideration I have decided to not go through with this. I have been with swoosh from the get go, if I can go with him in the f2, I will. I have much respect for you as a competitor, but quite simply we've reached out to each other too late to be allies. @Shady Slim whatever outpost chooses, it's been a hell of ride brother.
  10. @Malfatron No need for unnecessary drama. @jasonwbantleis my first nominee. He's still here because of me, I'd like to correct that stain on my resume. @Outpost31 is the backup option in case jason wins HoH. I have a ton of respect for outpost, but we're simply not allies here. Those are the nominees
  11. I'm here. Sorry about the delay, got some issues to solve in the new home
  12. Are you guys available between 8:30am and noon ET?
  13. Sorry this really wasn't against you at all Who's butthurt now?
  14. I won't be available today. Would Sunday around 3-4 PM ET work for you @Outpost31 and @Malfatron
  15. @Malfatrontake me out of the block please
  16. Oh don't get me wrong. You think we're a power couple and want to break us up, I can understand that. I just don't think it was a good move for you, because you might make an enemy out of your only remaining allies. I'm not dumb and I know someone will take one of Shady-me out. But it shouldn't have been you, certainly not now. What I don't understand if the fabricated reasoning. Like this "I've read some staff, you should come clean" thing
  17. That's just not true and if outpost convinced you of that massive kudos to him. Once I'm gone, outpost and shady will likely work together. And who do you think will be outpost target then? You're foolish to trust outpost. His only play to survive was flipping you from the 4 ppl alliance we had with gopher, and he told you whatever you wanted to hear for that. You want to know why I put Shady over you? Because shady wouldn't have backstab me like that. I've told you I want to bring you to F2. So far I've backed that up by saving you twice. I don't know what other
  18. You needed 4 votes in that vote. Orca was voting ET and Dwight was voting you. So you needed Gopher, Shady and my vote to survive this. Orca did campaign for you - don't get me wrong - but the one who saved you was me. Orca had no influence on Shady or Gopher vote Now go back to you vs Boyle. Both Gopher and et wanted to vote you out. Shady and I were the ones successfully pushing for Boyle. Two people consistently backed you up and were willing to take you to f3 - at least. You chose to nom those two people. I don't get it but hey we'll see how it goes
  19. Sorry @MalfatronI'm moving from one place to another I don't have time for this challenge. Please take my one answer as my final submission
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