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  1. You're wrong my friend, French are only pacifists when they're about to lose - some might call that surrendering
  2. Given that my first move was cutting someone who isn't participating, I'm not sure that's such a great idea.
  3. Congrats @Pickle Rick. You guys kicked our a**
  4. Having slept on it I already feel better. The playcalling was awful but I will take that as a one off. Maybe Eric b was distracted by the HC talk, or Andy by his son accident. I think this game showed our biggest needs on offense, which is OL and WR. If we could rely on Fisher health wise in 2021 I'd be less worried about it but I think we need someone to stabilize our LT position to come in. Possibly a cheap veteran, someone like Veldheer for example. At WR we saw that when Tyreek gets taken away from the game, we have no other WR that we can consistently rely on. I think this is
  5. This game has made me appreciate Fisher a whole lot more
  6. Well he did have an INT called back for a BS call. But it seems it took him out of the game mentally
  7. We look done. It will take something special to mount a comeback
  8. I saw him block here and there but I don't remember seeing him run a route
  9. Hell no @samsel23 it's a no for me for now on washington. I actually like Williams and honestly I'm not sure Washington brings more to the table than anyone we can find in the 5th or 6th round - haven't dove in this WR class though so I might be wrong
  10. I think that's a decent matchup for us. Tampa doesn't run the ball that well and their offense is about big plays, which I think we can defend well. Tampa D is great at stopping the run but that's not what our O is about so that's a good matchup on paper (much better than GB). The big issue is whether our OL can hold on. Arod got pressured a ton yesterday and GB OL is definitely better than ours right now. Can't wait.
  11. Edmunds is good. He would play in the Sorensen role but he's better in coverage. Washington is pretty bad as far as I know.
  12. Hadn't they shot themselves in the foot today, Packers had a great chance I think.
  13. Once again great coverage leading to the INT. Our defensive backs have played a heck of game
  14. Is Ward still out? Cause if we lost Sneed and Ward that isn't great
  15. Perfect drive for Buf if they can get a TD. They couldn't afford to give us two consecutive drives
  16. I'm surprised we haven't seen more designed runs by Allen.
  17. we get the ball first in the 2nd half. If we can get a stop with enough time to score before HT, it might be game over
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