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  1. I will take a look tomorrow morning. What's the issue? Who should I transfer it to?
  2. Appreciate it. I will try to help @samsel23 as much as he wants for the time being so I don't plan on going away completely
  3. I'm not sure I love those moves for @Jlash. Value is fine but Camden went 5-1 on the back of Russ and nuke and pretty much nothing else for a couple of weeks. The return of aj brown, Leonard and adams, and the possibility of improved play for Ngakoue due to his IRL trade would have made this team really dangerous and I am not necessarily fond of trading away assets when you are a championship contender. But I guess two championship rings make it easier for him than for anyone else to do that.
  4. Anything you need. I'll pm you later tonight
  5. Sorry @Outpost31, movies ain't my thing
  6. I've decided to leave BDL, at least as a full time owner. I already knew that was likely going to be my last year but to put it simply, the day to day has become too much of a burden for me compared to the pleasure I get out of it. I don't plan to go off the grid anytime soon so I am still here to handle spreadsheet hotline, at least until whoever is ready to handle it. Cheers guys, these 7 years have been a blast. Not sure if @Shady Slimwants to join in full time. If not, @samsel23 would be an awesome addition to this if you can convince him
  7. It was fun though hehe. @swoosh was about to go crazy in the dead convo too hehe. Congrats though, well deserved win. I kinda did though. Finn and gopher never answered. Mission answered like a week later. Twins didn't seem to trust me after the whole tribe swap thing (which I don't blame you at all @The Orca and @Pickle Rick) Same for Mookie after I idoled him out. So my plan was to remove myself as a potential target, get Gopher out, use my advantage (the one bcb played on swoosh) against Finn and see what happened after. Reality was I was probably a dead man walking.
  8. I could either submit one or two hours late with a very small window to write it or not send it. I chose the former and I think it covers the most necessary points. Obviously not the best gameplan I wrote, especially on defense, but I did what I could
  9. Going Portland. Obviously both defenses have their issues, but I believe Portland is able to outscore OKC. I like Montgomery here tbh, contrary to Blue, and either Fulgham or Andrews is going to enjoy a big game in the middle of the field. 31-28 Portland
  10. I really went back and forth on this one. I think it's an extremely close, quite defensive game and when undecided, I factor in homefield advantage. 21-20 WSR
  11. I think playing heavy zone vs Brady you need to rely on a very strong front 4. Don't think Sacramento has that in the pass rushing department and that will hurt them. Compensating with blitzes is fine but that gives space for every weapon and with two solid safety valve options out of the backfield I think Brady has success. On the other side, Singapore covers well for Sacramento weapons with that heavy dB lineup. The running game battle is contested on both side, I don't see a clear winner here, so advantage for Singapore, 31-20
  12. Going Hungary. I agree with Jlash, the fact that Tannehill improved greatly isn't unrelated to D.Henry. IC doesn't offer that here and they might be too one dimensional and put too much pressure on Tannehill to win by himself against a good secondary. Hungary going run first mitigates some of the pass rush brought by IC and I think they offer a bit more balance here. It's enough to squize out a win 24-20
  13. I think I'm lower on this Camden team than the rest of BDL tbh. They do have an amazing QB/weapons combo but that's really the only strength of the lineup imho. They have a great opportunity here with zeke and Jlash recognized it but it's hard to trust him right now honestly. I think Gotham has a more complete team and I can see them having a lot of success on O even if tyreek is properly contained. 34-27 Gotham
  14. I think Berlin may be the best team in BDL right now and I don't see Rome being able to beat them at full strength tbh. Sure Humphrey had success vs OBJ but it seems OBJ is playing much better now than he ever did in CLV so I'm curious about how it would work IRL nowadays. I don't think Rome necessarily have the DL talent to constantly beat Berlin OL which I find good and they have relying too much on their rookie QB to make things happen against a mix of coverage that should confuse him. 37-24 Berlin
  15. I think you'd have easily won against ET imho. I obviously didn't have a complete picture of what ET did in this game, but I don't think anyone did which would have worked greatly in your favor.
  16. If you want to vote against late gameplans Ruskie that's fine, but you then have to be consistent about it. Bcb has been for about 3 years so that's not an issue. As a general stance, IRL stuff can get in the way so if someone wants to turn in a gameplan a couple hours late that's fine by me. And if you get an autoloss for submitting a gameplan 2 hours late then there's no point in writing a gameplan at all. However if you do submit a late gameplan, using results from the week is a no-no. That gets an autoloss for me.
  17. @Outpost31 congrats on getting there. From what I got from swoosh in the jury convo, which was confirmed after, you dominated this game throughout. And I have no issue with you taking me out when you did, unlike @ET80 to whom I wish a lifetime of Romeo Crennel (would have been more effective 2 weeks ago). So I am not going to ask anything gameplay related because there's no question you outplayed mission, since you actually played. I think, like others in the jury, my sole issue is that you used inactives as a shield (gopher), as a voting block (mission, finn) and now as a ticket to what was supposed to be a guaranteed win (mission again). It was undeniably very effective for the first two parts, the third remaining to be seen. It also, in my honest opinion, reduces the appeal of the game for everyone involved since challenges go uncontested and there's little possibilities for drama. My question is this, now that you got this negative feedback from some people, would you do anything different and why?
  18. It's not an auto loss. Usually if you submit late you get the bcb penalty vote - and apparently now Counselor too. Now when you submit like 1 day late usually it is almost an auto loss even though there's nothing in the rules written like that
  19. I'm not accusing Counselor or ww of being biased just to be clear. I'm sure they voted against me for valid reasons. I just find funny that Counselor suddenly decides to vote against late gameplans which is inconsistent to past behavior and that ww voted against me with a similar reasoning he called pathetic on week 1. If it were anyone else I probably wouldn't have even noticed tbh, but those two yeah, I couldn't miss that. I also realize that I created what I complain about so I will stop here.
  20. On the games I could find where someone submitted late I found one example of you voting for the late dude. If there are others I couldn't find then I will apologize. As for my problem with you it's very simple. You and ww make the main thread unreadable (to me) in season with your constant complaining and controversy stiring. So when you act the same way you complain about, I'm calling you out on it
  21. Hurtful It worked out for you because bcb went after swoosh and not outpost with my advantage - which was 50/50 when I gave it to him
  22. I have a question for @ET80 while we wait for the pitches. Did you know I was being voted out when I was?
  23. *whines about divisional opponents not voting for him* *suddenly joins the BCB train of thought of voting against late gameplans on a divisional matchup* *whines about people not reading gameplans* *votes according to passing weapons in a game where both teams went run heavy and where Antartica passes on 22,5% of the snaps* *whines about Antartica getting the win W1 despite them having a terrible OL and a backup on offense* *apparently doesn't care anymore* You two and your BS never disappoint
  24. I'm stuck in traffic. Will do in a couple of hours
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