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  1. Hopefully we're keeping tabs on Reiff. That's a solid alternative should Trent Williams walk.
  2. Time to rest Jimmy until that ankle is completely healed.
  3. Hyder and Armstead have played well.
  4. I watched some of the All 22 today and one thing that stands out is how badly McGlinchey needs more help. Kyle needs to give him some either with Kittle or chipping more to his side with McKinnon. Putting him on an island right now is not a wise decision.
  5. Yeah it has to be Nick. No punts the entire game. It's been 27 years since that last happened with our franchise.
  6. I hope it means they could be reconsidering signing Clowney. On a one year deal I think it's worth a shot.
  7. Guess those reports weren't accurate. They know Verrett isn't very durable and yet they still were looking to move spoon.
  8. That seems to be a hint Witherspoon has had an underwhelming camp.
  9. Seattle gave up way too much.
  10. They could try this but I don't think it's going to work out well. Solly struggles against the run inside because he's undersized and Day is average at best.
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