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  1. It's tough because often you have to stop their offense on four downs instead of three.
  2. There is a grey area I think your missing though. The tie would would given us a little more breathing room with the one seed if we lost one game to the Packers or Ravens. These are very good teams. I don't think it's fair the to say you don't deserve the one seed if you can't beat them both.
  3. I agree. A quick screen to Juice or Deebo Samuel probably should have been called.
  4. MM thinks we should have taken the tie and I agree. I know it doesn't send a great message to your team but a tie could given us a slight edge at keeping the one seed at the end of the season.
  5. I know most are pissed with Bourne but Goodwin and Pettis did nothing. I'm not even sure Goodwin played more than 10 snaps tonight. Goodwin's place in this offense has gone completely downhill. His speed was such a threat for us two years ago. Now Kyle has no use for him it seems.
  6. The salary structure is going to be a nightmare for Snead.
  7. Disagree. I'm running power I behind Nelson on second and short.
  8. Smh at calling that toss on second down.
  9. That hit on the Marcus Peters pick 6 was vicious. I really don't know how he got up.
  10. Garnett didn't help his case tonight. He looked really bad.
  11. I doubt we'll be picking top 5 but in this scenario I would take Thomas over Jeudy.
  12. Minutes after they blow a save.
  13. Niners are leaning towards QW. Bosa will be there at 3.
  14. Agreed. Most Niner Fans want Bosa but I think Q.Williams will end up being the more impactful player.
  15. I think the pick is going to be Q.Williams as well. I just think his upside will be too hard to pass up and he has less concerns with durability than Bosa.
  16. You want an edge rusher, that's understandable. I want one as well. But if you have a chance to take an elite prospect that could turn out to be the best defensive player in this draft you have to seriously consider it. Ruling it out would be very closed minded regardless of need.
  17. After reading the parts in bold it's clear we really don't see eye on eye on his ability. He's faced his share of double teams this season and he just continues to find a way to get in the backfield even as a NT in 3-4. Plus if your double teaming Williams that's actually helping Buckner. I don't see that as a negative.
  18. How so? A one tech isn't just limited to stopping the run.
  19. He would be the one tech and an instant upgrade over Jones and Mitchell.
  20. Nothing against Allen but I hope not. Unlike Bosa I just don't think Allen will hold up that well against the run at defensive end. I actually think Allen would be better off at 3-4 OLB or at SAM in our scheme.
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