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  1. I'll be happy with either one. Hopefully SOS plays in our favor tomorrow.
  2. I could see them moving Puig before the trade deadline.
  3. We need quite a few upgrades on this coaching staff.
  4. I'm starting to wonder what's the holdup on adding another RB to the 53. They desperately need one.
  5. I thought the tackling was bad in the second half.
  6. Yep. If he would have bet on himself with a full season with Jimmy no doubt in my mind it would have cost us a lot more money.
  7. No he's not. He's average at best in run blocking. Pats just got a good one. He's outstanding in pass protection.
  8. It shouldn't change it at all. We can't rely on him regardless of how this situation turns out.
  9. You probably are there. Cooks is way more consistent than Watkins.
  10. Not a chance he falls out of top 10. Your opinion that's he's overrated is a whole another discussion.
  11. Darnold isn't falling out of top 10.
  12. I hope Lynch stays far away from this headcase.
  13. You may not see that way but more than likely it did. There both possession Wr's that don't really complement each other on the field. You ideally want a speed(Goodwin) Wr lining up on the opposite side of your possession WR.
  14. None of us know if or when he'll be cut. That's whole another discussion.
  15. It looks like your only looking at base salary. But his cap number the next 4 years will be 2018- 9.2 2019 - 8.4 2020- 11.3 2021-12
  16. It would be a no brainer for me if we didn't sign Garcon to a big deal last year. I can't see us giving out another big deal to a WR in consecutive offseasons.
  17. I don't want to trade down. We should have our pick between Smith and Edmunds and I'll be pretty happy to have either. We can't rely on Foster.
  18. Great day for Tremaine Edmunds.
  19. What's going happen with his Suh? His cap hit is like 24 mil.
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