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  1. No need to keep repeating yourself. You have made your stance clear.
  2. Nelson is going top 10. Best Olinemen in this draft by far.
  3. McGlinchey before Nelson. Not happening.
  4. Our top 3 Wr's next year are probably going to be Garcon, Goodwin and Taylor. I could see us taking a Wr but probably in the 3-4th rounds on someone we can groom behind Garcon. Our Guard situation on the other hand needs upgrades right now to keep Garoppolo upright.
  5. You should have given the Niners Quenton Nelson. He's the BPA there and he fills a major need.
  6. You really think the Niners are giving up a high second round pick for half a season? Think McFly. He's either getting the franchise tag or a multi year deal. I'm betting the latter.
  7. We traded our fourth round pick to Denver for Bibbs. We only have one.
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