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  1. Yea but I also don't like my spicy N burgers mixed together. Just doesn't go together in my opinion. I always tell them no jalapeños.
  2. I'm probably the only one in my family that's not a huge fan of whataburger. I enjoy the biscuits N gravy and the chicken strip meal with country gravy but just so so on the burgers. Probably because I'm not a huge fan of mustard. I'm more of a mayonnaise guy, yea I know strange. Although when I went to the OG whataburger in Corpus Christi it was strikingly better than the ones near me in Houston.
  3. Yea It's cleverly constructed but unless some unfortunate circumstances happen I'd be hard pressed to think the Chiefs will part ways with their Uber star QB by yr 2024.
  4. Good googly woogly can someone please kidnap BoB so he doesn't get wind of this. He's going to completely screw the pooch and destroy this franchise as we currently know it.
  5. I didn't want another smallish defensive back Reid included. Im tired of this trend. We need a big sure handed guy to challenge this new breed of receiver a la AJ Brown
  6. Damn Chiefs always poaching the players I want
  7. I hope Robertson is off the board before we pick again.
  8. Looks like we traded out of that early 4th
  9. I wish my Franchise could realize they made a mistake. 😡
  10. Plot twist - Bill O'Brien is a close relative of Bud Adams and is fulfilling his legacy to destroy the city of Houston. It all makes sense now.
  11. Let us not concede defeat yet. We still have till Wed to see if this is legit, right? Right?. Please tell me this isn't real and I'll wake up from this wacky alternate reality in the morning 😕
  12. Oh I agree. I only credit him for bringing football back to Houston. This family is snakebit and apparently have no idea how a football organization is supposed to be ran.
  13. Bill is gonna Bill. At this point Cal is the focus of my disdain. If you cannot override such an obvious mismanagement of the team your daddy fought to bring back to this city, then you sir are a blundering idiot.
  14. I'm still hoping this is a joke and we're getting trolled. It's unfreakinbelievable
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