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  1. So happy that the Ben Roethlisberger era is FINALLY over. The torment of looking at his mug playing QB for Pittsburgh has been torture. Peace!!!
  2. No one is scared of New England without Tom Brady. Peace!!!
  3. CBS Sports has the Browns selecting QB Malik Willis with the 13th overall pick. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2022-nfl-mock-draft-one-quarterback-goes-in-top-10-jaguars-go-defense-with-no-1-overall-pick/ Peace!!!
  4. I expect a winner, but I just want Pittsburgh to sweat. Peace!!!
  5. Suck it Pittsburgh!!!! Peace!!!
  6. I'm surprised how close the Cavaliers are with how sloppy they've played so far. Peace!!!
  7. I'm curious to see how Clevelands Tall Ball matches up with Golden State tonight. Peace!!!
  8. Is Demarcus Cousins worth a look by the Cavaliers? He can add solid depth to the Bigs. Peace!!! Nevermind. He's being signed by Denver.
  9. What a joke. Baker gets a little butt hurt by MKC and actually responds. Baker should thank God he's not in a market like New York or Philadelphia because they would be eating him alive for the way he's played. The Cleveland media is so tame compared to other markets. Peace!!!
  10. Would anyone consider Marcus Mariota as a replacement for Keenum and possible competition for Baker? Just a thought. Peace!!!
  11. Why is Baker even playing? The moment we found out we were eliminated from the playoffs, Baker should have had his surgery scheduled for today. Period. Peace!!!
  12. Lets all be honest here. We all like this version of Love because he is a good soldier now & is playing well but it is what it is, he is not in the future plans for the Cavaliers. I know this won't be a popular suggestion given the team currently winning & chemistry but I think it would be best for the team long term to trade Love now while his stock is at it's highest & may never be this high again. Cavaliers Trade: (F) Kevin Love & future 2nd round pick Sacramento Kings Trade: (G) Buddy Hield & (F)Marvin Bagley III Buddy Hield provides the 3 point
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