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  1. Because their defense only gave up 20PPG last year. Our defense is not capable of that unless something drastic changes. What scrabble said is the main reason. Another possibility is that the playoff win by the Titans last year was a fluke. I could be wrong about that but we'll see on 11/22/20 when they face each other again. Peace!!!
  2. I have to disagree for two reasons. Our defense is not that good and Baker Mayfield is not as capable to make plays with pressure in his face like Mahomes can. Peace!!!
  3. I take great pleasure in Baltimore's misery. Peace!!!
  4. It's so disappointing to see what's happened to Darnold. He looked to have so much promise coming out of college in my opinion. I believe the Jets have done absolutely nothing to help him progress and have broken him. To what extent, who knows. Can he be fixed, only time will tell and he either needs a new team or a capable head coach that can help develope him from the ground up. Peace!!!
  5. I seriously think the Jets will go 0-16. I don't know if it's because he has absolutely no weapons/offensive line or if he is just a bad QB in general, but Sam Darnold has played horribly. The back to back games they have against Miami in November may be the only hope they have. Peace!!!
  6. This lasts 3 years at most and that might be pushing it.. I just don't see him as the type of person who can take the day to day grind of a head coach. Peace!!!
  7. Totally agree with this. The only problem for the Eagles is that they gave Wentz a big contract and after doing that, they draft QB Jalen Hurts in the "2nd" round. That doesn't sound like a huge vote of confidence for your star QB. Like you said though, without the massive contracts rookie QB's used to get, it's way easier for teams to dump them if they are not producing quickly. Peace!!!
  8. Iā€™m just wondering when does Wentz start to receive the same level of scrutiny that Baker has NY Jets fans are already talking about replacing Sam Darnold with Trevor Lawrence. After Josh Rosen was given up on after one year of being a top 10 pick, I honestly think teams will have shorter leashes on QB's if a better prospect is available. Peace!!!
  9. I'm just going to say this now, the Jacksonville Jaguars are NOT going to be an easy win for the Browns in any way shape or form. They are not tanking games like many thought they were for Trevor Lawrence. They won there game last week and gave the Titans all they could handle in today's game. Peace!!!
  10. Post Kevin Stefanski curse. Vikings didn't realize how much they needed him. Browns got a steal. šŸ˜ Peace!!!
  11. Burrow is going to have to sit in an ice tub for a while after this game. Peace!!!
  12. Smart to move Garrett up and down the line. Peace!!!
  13. Is pulling on the jersey no longer pass interference??? Peace!!!
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