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  1. Dwayne Haskins signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Peace!!!
  2. For whatever reason it's just not loading for me at all. Everything else loads just fine. I thought it was my computer but that specific workbook doesn't load for me on my phone either. Very odd. Ill try again later. Peace!!!
  3. Is anyone else having a tough time pulling up the FA Transaction workbook? All of the other workbooks come up just fine except this one. Was just curious if anyone else was having issues. Peace!!!
  4. Really disappointed that DT Tommy Togiai entered the draft. I was really hoping he would come back to help fortify the middle of the defensive line. I wish him the best of luck. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2021/01/120417/ohio-state-defensive-tackle-tommy-togiai-entering-2021-nfl-draft-following-breakout-season Also, DE Tyreke Smith is returning for another year. Hopefully he can finally take things to the next level and help elevate the pass rush from last year. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2021/01/120689/ohio-state-defen
  5. This is a damn shame. I honestly felt like he was going to be a star in the NBA. We can't be outrageously shocked by this though. The reason why he made it to the bottom of the 1st round was due to potential character issues. Peace!!!
  6. This team fought until the end. It was a fun season. Hopefully players like Delpit and Greedy can get healthy to help the secondary. Browns just need to try and focus on the rest of the defense. Peace!!!
  7. Shouldn't that be a penalty on the defender for lowering his head and making helmet to helmet contact?? Peace!!!
  8. So happy that Baltimore lost. I take great pleasure in seeing them lose. Especially in the playoffs. Peace!!!
  9. I don't remember the exact trade either from last year but it was taking advantage of the system and there was a big discussion. Peace!!!
  10. I'm a little nervous about Meyer taking the Jaguars job and stealing the best personnel from Ohio State. I know that Alabama replaces personnel almost every year and still wins but it can't really be that easy. Especially with some of the coaches and their current relationships with future recruits. Peace!!!
  11. You can have the Browns if you like Nude. I can go with a different team. Peace!!!
  12. Congratulations on winning the Championship Alabama fans. Peace!!!
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