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  1. The thought of Arizona running an air raid offense is interesting. Is it going to crash and burn like Chip Kelly's offense in Philly? Can it be somewhat successful like when the Houston Oilers ran the Run & Shoot with Warren Moon or the Atlanta Falcons for a period of time? To run that type of offense, in my opinion you need a good offensive line and Arizona just doesn't have it. Kyler Murray may end up running for his life on most plays or will be getting hit a lot this year. Who knows but last night was not a good look for the Cardinals starting offense. Peace!!!
  2. I always thought he should have transferred to UCLA to play for Chip Kelly. That offense was made for him. Peace!!!
  3. Fantasy Football

    I'm in if you'll take me. Peace!!!
  4. Giants WRs - ouch.......

    TE Evan Ingram is going to have a big year for the Giants. Peace!!!
  5. **TCMD** - Keeper Discussion Thread

    Option 3 seems like the best of both worlds to me so I would bote for that but hey, I'm down for whatever. Peace!!!
  6. **TCMD** - Keeper Draft Thread

    The Cleveland Spiders have decided not to draft a ST for the final round. @DTMW78 and the San Francisco 49'ers are on the clock. Peace!!!
  7. Cleveland Spiders release: 2660 Trayone Gray RB 2828 Willie Snead WR 2450 Seth Roberts WR 0500 Chris Moore WR 1249 Jaleel Scott WR 1521 Jordan Lasley WR 0168 Antoine Wesley WR 0626 D.J. Montgomery WR 0926 Dorian Baker WR 2444 Sean Modster WR 0257 Blake Jackson WR 0670 Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi WR 1188 Ishmael Hyman WR 1349 Jaylen Smith WR 1424 Joe Horn WR 1018 Eric Kush LG 1033 Ethan Pocic LG 0358 Bryan Witzmann LG 1535 Jordan Simmons LG 0814 Demetrius Knox LG 2829 Willie Wright C 1442 Joey Hunt C 0506 Chris Smith DE 0445 Chad Thomas DE 1317 Jarrell Owens DE 2834 Wyatt Ray DE 0503 Chris Peace DE 2192 Patrick Afriyie DE 0415 Carl Davis 34DE 2351 Rodney Gunter 43DT 2080 Morgan Burnett S 1020 Eric Murray S 2527 T.J. Carrie CB 2589 Terrance Mitchell CB 0143 Anthony Averett CB 1830 Lenzy Pipkins CB 2560 Tavierre Thomas CB 1201 J.T. McKay-Hassell CB 1404 Jhavonte Dean CB 2336 Robert Jackson CB 2590 Terrell Bonds CB Peace!!!
  8. **TCMD** - Keeper Draft Thread

    With the 1st pick in the 11th round, the Cleveland Spiders select BAL - WR @DTMW78 and the San Fransisco 49'ers are on the clock. Peace!!!
  9. **TCMD** - Keeper Draft Thread

    With the 1st pick in the 10th round, The Cleveland Spiders select SEA - INT OL @DTMW78 and the San Francisco 49'ers are on the clock. Peace!!!
  10. LET THE PURGE BEGIN........ Cleveland Spiders release: 0945 Drew Stanton QB 1243 Jake Rudock QB 1076 Garrett Gilbert QB 0741 David Blough QB 0745 David Fluellen RB 1382 Jeremy McNichols RB 0151 Anthony Firkser RB 0656 Dalyn Dawkins RB 0069 Alex Barnes RB 0636 D'ernest Johnson RB 0226 Ben Braunecker TE 2449 Seth DeValve TE 2176 Orson Charles TE 0770 Dax Raymond TE 1158 Ian Bunting TE 1002 Ellis Richardson TE 2503 Stephen Carlson TE 1121 Greg Senat OT 0722 Darrell Williams Jr. OT 2197 Patrick Mekari OT 0333 Brian Fineanganofo OT 1896 Marcus Applefield OT 0272 Brad Seaton OT 1642 Ka'John Armstrong OT 2264 Randin Crecelius OT 2519 Steven Moore OT 2592 Terrell McClain DT 0339 Brian Price DT 2688 Trevon Coley DT 2786 Vincent Valentine DT 0872 Devaroe Lawrence DT 2061 Miles Brown DT 1164 Immanuel Turner DT 0683 Daniel Ekuale DT 0039 Adarius Taylor ILB 2286 Ray-Ray Armstrong OLB 1596 Julian Stanford ILB 0988 Eli Harold OLB 0827 Deon Lacey OLB 0598 Corey Thompson OLB 2756 Tyrel Dodson OLB 1634 Juwan Foggie OLB 0790 Dedrick Young OLB 0163 Anthony Stubbs OLB 2826 Willie Harvey OLB 2256 Rafael Bush S 2071 Mo Alexander S 0778 Dean Marlowe S 1393 Jermaine Whitehead S 2487 Siran Neal S 1392 Jermaine Ponder S 2612 Tigie Sankoh S 1114 Greg Joseph K 0347 Britton Colquitt P Peace!!!
  11. **TCMD** - Keeper Discussion Thread

    @ny92mike I do not have the LAC - Edge who I drafted in the first round on my roster from what I can see. Can this be corrected please. Peace!!!
  12. **TCMD** - Keeper Discussion Thread

    @ny92mike I know that we have to keep rookies on our roster but I did have a question. Does that include undrafted free agent rookies? The only reason I'm asking is because I was taking a quick glance at my roster and when I looked at the Chi - TE group I drafted, I just realized that they have "THREE" undrafted free agent rookies. Now David Njoku/Trey Burton have automatic roster spots and I would like to keep at least one other veteran TE but I would prefer not to carry 6-7 TE's on my roster due to the undrafted free agent rookies. Just wanted to know if the rookie rule is for both drafted and undrafted free agent rookies or just the drafted rookies? Peace!!!
  13. **TCMD** - Keeper Draft Thread

    With the 1st pick in the 9th round, The Cleveland Spiders select MIA - QB. @DTMW78 and the San Francisco 49'ers are on the clock. Peace!!!
  14. **TCMD** - Keeper Draft Thread

    With the 1st pick in the 8th round. The Cleveland Spiders select Chi - TE. @DTMW78 and the San Francisco 49'ers are on the clock. Peace!!!
  15. **TCMD** - Keeper Draft Thread

    With the 1st pick in the 7th round. The Cleveland Spiders select Ten - RB/FB. @DTMW78 and the San Francisco 49'ers are on the clock. Peace!!!