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  1. I know other posters have said that Mobley is pretty much just a Center but is it truly out of the realm of possibility that he can turn into a great Power Forward? It looks as if he has the mobility and shooting mechanics to do it. I understand that Jarrett Allen isn't an all NBA Center but I think he has talent and I would like to see the Cavaliers at least try Allen & Mobley together to see if there is any chance whatsoever that they could catch lightning in a bottle. Peace!!!
  2. Supposedly the Knicks are the most interested in Collin Sexton. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2021/07/13/knicks-interested-in-collin-sexton-in-potential-nba-draft-trade/amp/ The article mentions Obi Topin and maybe the 19 or 21st pick in the 1st round. I'm not sure how I feel about this possible deal but this just came out today. Peace!!!
  3. Starting to worry about JT Tuimoloau. I thought he would have committed by now. Perhaps I'm paranoid but each passing day makes me feel as if he's having second thoughts about committing to Ohio State. Hoping I'm wrong. Peace!!!
  4. Supposedly there are 5 teams interested in Love. New Orleans/ Philadelphia/ Miami / LA Clippers / Portland. Not sure what those teams would want to give up but we'll see. https://www.google.com/amp/s/cavaliersnation.com/2021/07/01/report-5-teams-interested-in-kevin-love-as-big-man-looks-to-move-on-from-cavs/amp/ Peace!!!
  5. I totally understand what your saying but the hope is that Simmons would develop a semblance of a jump shot during the offseason so he wouldn't be such a liability. It's all make believe but it's nice to dream. Peace!!!
  6. I know it will never happen but..... Cleveland trades to Philadelphia: Collin Sexton/ Cedi Osman / Larry Nance Jr. Philadelphia trades to Cleveland: Ben Simmons Cleveland trades to Dallas: Kevin Love Dallas trades to Cleveland: Kristaps Porzingis PG - Garland / Dotson SG - Green / Okoro SF - Simmons / Windler PF - Porzingis / Prince C - Allen / Hartenstein For the Sixers trade, it provides them with a PG that is definitely not afraid to shoot, a PF who can come off the bench or start if they want to move Tobias Harris back
  7. After looking at their roster. I fully expect Houston to pick Mobley. They have NO big man that even remotely garners any real respect whatsoever. Jalen Green is going to be our pick. Peace!!!
  8. It should be Jalen Green period. Peace!!!
  9. I'll be happy with either Jalen Green or Evan Mobley. This team needs as much talent as possible & they both have it. Peace!!!
  10. So happy to get a top 3 pick. Was so expecting to pick 7th. Peace!!!
  11. I pray we get a top 5 pick but I'm expecting to pick 7th. I hate the draft lottery. Peace!!!
  12. I know this trade would be a longshot as well but maybe the Cavaliers could trade Love + Sexton for Kristaps Porzingis of the Dallas Mavericks. Porzingis has been injury prone as well & hasn't lived up to his New York Knick days but perhaps Dallas is starting to get tired of him. He hasn't been the Robin to Luca's Batman like they hoped so perhaps they feel Sexton can help with the scoring load & they could somehow get a more motivated Love. For the Cavaliers, they get Porzingis who is 7 years younger then Love & if he were to get back to his Knicks playing days would be an amazi
  13. The only way that works is if Portland was dumb enough to take Kevin Love in return so salaries some what match up plus probably Colin Sexton. Peace!!!
  14. I'm really hoping that at the very least the Cavaliers get a top 5 pick & are able to draft either Jalen Green or Jonathan Kuminga. I would also love to see the Cavaliers somehow get an extra pick in the 1st round to somehow draft Scottie Barnes. I think he's being a bit underrated & can be a difference maker. Peace!!!
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