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  1. Would you trade Baker Mayfield for...?

    Patrick Mahomes at this moment in time would be the only QB I would trade Baker for. Peace!!!
  2. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    The restructure guidelines look good to me. Peace!!!
  3. You will be missed Urban. Day has some huge shoes to fill but I do like the fact that the system wont change and the continuity will pretty much stay the same. Peace!!!
  4. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Unfortunatley, I don't have the time to help with the work books but I definitely wold like to participate again (Cleveland Browns please). In regards to the "if I miss out on player x, my bid for player y is used" question, I wouldn't mind it for the first round of UFA. Peace!!!
  5. What Are Your Final Thoughts On Hue Jackson?

    Was very happy about the hire and things just went downhill from there. Peace!!!
  6. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    I think Zion could overtake him. Barrett was kinda the consensus going into the season, and while he flashed in Duke's first game tonight, Zion stole the show. I've heard people say Williamson could be a bit of a tweener, but if he continues to get to the rim this easily, make great passes and put on a defensive clinic, I could definitely see him going #1. The way RJ Barret moves on the court reminds me of Evan Turner who had a smooth game in college. He needs to improve on his outside game. If the Cavaliers were to draft him I would hope he would have a much better career. In regards to Zion, he honestly reminds me of Larry Johnson. Thick build, athletic, and can throw down some serious dunks. For being listed at 6-7, 287 pounds, he looks light on his feet & doesn't look fat. If he can consistently shoot the mid-range jumper and keep his weight from being an issue, he could possibly be very special. Peace!!!
  7. Mahomes to Kelce is just not fair. Peace!!!

    Saban is a college football god but I just don't see him succeeding in the NFL. Saban's intimidation factor with players would be meaningless in the NFL with grown men who would make as much or more then him. You may say it works for Bill Belichick but he only gets away with it because Tom Brady has won Super Bowls for him. Belichick plays the grouch card to a tee but he is an anomaly more then the standard. Saban also wouldn't have the total power to pick players because Dorsey is handling that primarily. I also understand that you don't care how old Saban is but in my opinion, it would be better if we can have some stability at head coach for a change and have him longer then "just" 4 years. If Saban is smart, he will stay in college and end his career as the greatest college football head coach ever. Peace!!!
  9. I wonder sometimes, if Mahomes had played for Oklahoma and not Baker, would he have had a better opportunity to be the #1 overall pick the year he came out? Just a thought. Knowing Hue, he probably would have broken him. Peace!!!
  10. Are the Browns the poor mans KC Chiefs?? Patrick Mahomes <<<>>> Baker Mayfield Kareem Hunt <<<>>> Nick Chubb Travis Kelce <<<>>> David Njoku Tyreek Hill <<<>>> Jarvis Landry (with less speed) Sammy Watkins <<<>>> Antonio Callaway (with less speed) If the Browns players can live up to their potential, I'd say that it's a real good foundation for the future of the offense. Peace!!!
  11. Haley ALSO Fired

  12. Hue Jackson fired

    The sad part is I really liked the Hue hire at the time. Then he became this egomaniac throwing everyone under the bus to make himself look good and calling bad games. It went from happy to sad very quickly. To be honest, I'd be happy with just a solid coach at least. Would it be nice to have an offensive genius at head coach, yes it would, but as long as we have a great QB which is what Baker is supposed to be I can live with just having a solid coach. QB's more times then not in my opinion make coaches look great more then the other way around. Peace!!!
  13. Hue Jackson fired

    So begins 12 weeks of behind closed doors hush hush meetings with agents who represent potential coaching candidates. Peace!!!
  14. Trades?

    Would love to see the Browns somehow trade a 4th or lower for Gareon Conley. Peace!!!
  15. OFFICIAL GDT: Week 7 Tampa Edition

    How is a helmet to helmet NOT an automatic penalty??? Peace!!!