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  1. Pick should have been Shaun Wade. Peace!!!
  2. I honestly believe that Shaun Wade will have a better Pro career then his last year in college showed. I would take him this round easily and you can never have enough DB's. Peace!!!
  3. Love the JOK pick. You never have to take him off of the field. Love the versatility. Peace!!!
  4. Is DT Christian Barmore not a consideration for the Browns if he reaches 26? I'm starting to hear that he may have some character issues?? I would think he would be a good pick as a pass rushing DT with Clowney being more of a run defender as a DE. Also, I'm a little hesitant in regards to the Browns picking CB Caleb Farley. He could possibly be a stud but having back surgery worries me. Peace!!!
  5. Might as well add Andre Drummond for even more rebounding off the bench. If Brooklyn can be fully healthy by the playoffs, they have to be the favorite to win the championship. Peace!!!
  6. As much as I would LOVE to keep Chubb on the team, I honestly don't think it happens if he is asking for top 3-5 money due to analytics. Is Chubb a great player, yes he is. Is Chubb a great person off the field, yes he is but unfortunately, the bottom line is that runningback is one of the easiest if not thee easiest position to fill in the NFL. In regards to your quote above, players know that the NFL is a business and I honestly feel that the players would miss Chubb but would prefer to win without Chubb then lose with him on the team just so he can be a good influence in the lo
  7. In the conspiracy world, this lawsuit is to scare potential suitors away from Watson so that he has to stay a Texan. Peace!!!
  8. I understand that the current construction of the Cavaliers is more Gaurd centric with Sexton and Garland but Jarrett Allen only having 8 points on just 4-8 shooting is terrible. Bickerstaff NEEDS to get it through Sexton's & Garlands heads to get the ball to Allen more. Peace!!!
  9. I told Nudetayne in the Browns GM forum I would participate with him for the Cleveland Browns. Peace!!!
  10. I will participate with you Tayne. Peace!!!
  11. With picks 254 & 255. The Cleveland Browns Select...... D-0179 Isaiah McKoy - WR Kent State University D-0276 Luke Farrell - TE The Ohio State University @T-rade and the Philadelphia Eagles are up with the last pick in the draft. Peace!!!
  12. I'm beginning to think every DB is going to run a 4.3, which will put serious questions on the numbers. There are legitimately slow corners running 4.3's. Jaycee Horn is not a 4.3 guy on tape. Eric Stokes, who I like a lot, is not a 4.2 guy. I think we would have had to move up for Horn regardless of his 40, but I don't think a 40 time this year moves the needle all that much. These numbers are clearly skewed. With no official combine, players are doing their 40 times on fast surfaces which will help a lot of slow players have remarkable 40 times this year. Buyer beware.
  13. With the 211th pick in the 6th round. The Cleveland Browns select...... D-0226 Jonathon Cooper - DE The Ohio State Peace!!!
  14. That Dak contract is just stupid money & I'm sorry guys but Baker doesn't deserve Dak money. Dak doesn't even deserve the new contract he has. Dallas is going to instantly regret this contract & hamper their ability to build a Super Bowl contending team. Peace!!!
  15. Brady for years took less money with NE so that they could allocate money to other parts of the team, by no means was he poor but very rarely too top of the position money My feeling is that Brady taking a discount over the years with New England was a very rare anomaly and the QB'S of this generation will not give the "hometown" discount to any team in the future. Peace!!!
  16. With the 145th pick in the 5th round. The Cleveland Browns select........ D-0236 Joshuah Bledsoe - S University of Missouri @jch1911 and the Houston Texans are on the clock. Peace!!!
  17. With the 170th pick in the 5th round. The Cleveland Browns select..... D-0047 Brandon Smith - WR Iowa @JetsandIand the Minnesota Vikings are on the clock even though he did say to skip him this round. Peace!!!
  18. The Cleveland Browns release..... 2127 - Ryan Switzer WR Peace!!!
  19. Sorry for holding up the draft guys. Work has has kept me incredibly busy today. Peace!!!
  20. With the 129th pick in the 4th round. The Cleveland Browns select.... D-0288 Marquez Stevenson - WR Houston @EaglesPeteC and the Los Angeles Rams are on the clock. Peace!!!
  21. The Cleveland Browns have traded: Pick #109 overall in the 4th round To @pwny and the Jacksonville Jaguars for: Pick#129 overall in the 5th round Pick#170 overall in the 5th round Peace!!!
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