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  1. Its more or less a bidding war. If there is multiple teams that want Nick foles they will have to outbid each other. Its a gamble for sure, but my bet is that there will be teams interested. Oakland Raiders, Jaguars, and Broncos are three teams that come to mind immediately. NFL teams will do a lot for a QB if they like what they see. There is a whole lot to like about Nick Foles.
  2. -Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson just announced that Carson Wentz is the Qb going forward. -Will do what is best for the team regarding Nick Foles -Would love to keep Nick Foles In other words, Carson is the future, and sounds like they are going to franchise tag, or come to a deal with Nick so they can trade him.
  3. Rasul Douglas and Avonte Maddox played great at the end of the year. Jalen Mills is solid as well. Darby can also be solid depending on his health. Safety is a concern considering Malcom Jenkins age. OL definitely needs an investment considering Kelce is contemplating retirement, Brooks has a serious injury, and Peters will retire soon as well. I think Kelce will stay, but the question will remain year to year. Running back is in my opinion the biggest need, though not sure about a first rounder for one. Their run game has been their biggest downfall this year.
  4. The D Sucking? The defense played great outside of one drive. Foles played poor outside the first quarter underthrowing it on several occasions. Not sure what game you were watching. Holding the Saints 20 points was great, especially when they had possession for 37 minutes. It was the offense that faltered.
  5. Doug Pederson made more of a commitment to the run game at the end of the year regardless of production(one reason the offense looked a bit better). It helped because it kept the defense off balance, but it can only do so much with little to no production. Im not convinced Josh Adams or Ajayi is the answer. The run game was good last year in large part because of Blount. Remember how many times he broke off for big runs? Now try and think to this year on how many big runs there was; Not many. Eagles need to invest in a running back at some point.
  6. Wentz is the future. Nick Foles can be a starter somewhere else, but this has been a classic example of QB's getting too much credit, and too much of the blame. The biggest difference I saw near the end of the year was the defense playing better. Rasul Douglas and Avonte Maddox deserve to start next year. They improved majorly over the end of the season. The thing that needs to improve the most next year is the run game which had a huge dropoff during Wentz's MVP caliber season.
  7. Im going to be super nervous sunday when he first gets hit. OL, please do your job and keep Wentz alive, and Wentz, please dont be too aggressive with the run.
  8. https://twitter.com/EliotShorrParks/status/1032797135551516681 According to Eliot Shor Parks, Foles has played this well in training camp as well.
  9. Foles looking much better this drive. Big V embarassed. He played well last year. To be fair, Garrett is a beast, so maybe this wont be a common thing
  10. This is just me, but I want Wentz to come back week 3-4. I dont want him to rush back and reinjure himself. Take his time. Foles may not look great right now, but he certainly has the potential of holding the fort for 2-3 weeks. He will also have better WR's, RB's, and LT.
  11. I like Foles, dont get me wrong, but he has got to be the most hot and cold QB ive ever seen. He reminds me so much of Joe Flacco.
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