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  1. Selection Sunday Thread

    The fact Clemson is better at every position on offense outside TE. And significantly better at the most important position on the field. I think Fields will struggle against Venables’ defense. The last time I was called a homer on here was when I said the B1G was awful and Clemson would destroy anyone from the conference if they met in the playoffs. We met Ohio State that year and we all know what happened. I trust what my eyes tell me. Not a homer, I skipped going to the games the two years we lost in because I didn’t think we were good enough to win. I went to the games the two years we won because I thought we would win. I’m pretty realistic about my takes. I don’t discount a team due to who they’ve played, I judge the team based on who they have.
  2. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    What an absolutely awful decision by Arkansas.
  3. Selection Sunday Thread

    I’ll be shocked if Clemson doesn’t win by 10+
  4. Selection Sunday Thread

    This is the best Clemson OL in a long time. The DL obviously isn’t as good as last year, but when you lose 3 top 17 picks there obviously is going to be a drop off. Still a lot of NFL talent along the DL.
  5. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    It looks like it is South Florida. He should do really well there. Hopefully WRU doesn’t drop off.
  6. Not sure I’d want Urban consulting after his game plan last time.
  7. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    Missouri or South Florida
  8. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    It appears Jeff Scott is getting a HC job and leaving Clemson.
  9. Selection Sunday Thread

    I hope LSU stays 2. Outside of us, they are the best team and would rather have more time to prepare for them.
  10. Selection Sunday Thread

    It looks like we are going to beat two of the best teams ever in back to back years then.
  11. Agreed. Conference championship game has to carry more weight than a regular season matchup.
  12. That wasn’t the same situation. You didn’t lose your final game. When you lose has always mattered in college football. Personally I think wisconsin and you should both make it if they win.
  13. Idk, conference championship week carries a lot of weight.
  14. Pretty sure he was referring to Alabama a few years ago when they got the 4 seed sitting at home watching the conference championship.
  15. But you want Georgia in who lost at home to a terrible South Carolina team (who played with no QB the entire second half) and got destroyed by the playoff team they faced?