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  1. Usman is so boring. Doesn’t even try to finish the fight.
  2. He’s only 33. Ref should’ve stopped that much earlier.
  3. That fight could’ve gone either way and considering Jones was champ was thinking it would be a split decision for Jones. I had Reyes winning 48-47 but hardly robbery. 49-46 pretty dumb though.
  4. 2021 #1 Korey Foreman to Clemson
  5. Clemson Ohio State next year. Maybe Alabama depending on QB play. But Clemson and Ohio State should be huge favorites heading into the year.
  6. Then he will stay as DC making more than most HC. He doesn’t want to be a HC at a school he can’t win big at. He would’ve taken the TN job if they went for him over Pruitt.
  7. Lawrence picked a great time to play his worst game.
  8. I liked it better when Simmons was covering him.
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