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  1. He can have senorise perry spot.. I really don’t see why he still has a spot lol We really only signed him to make Julio comfortable when he gets here so he can see a familiar face lol. ITS HAPPENING!! 😂😂
  2. I really think they wanted JOK in the 2nd
  3. Ewww.. I’m convinced they are super high on Westbrook or we have trade lined up already. That can’t be what we bring into the season
  4. I think we’re going to trade for another WR or TE. This off-season just seems incomplete so far. Im holding out hope ART has given us a verbal ok on Julio trade.
  5. We have to be planning something. Just seems like the offense is missing something.
  6. Seahawks signed all the WRs I wanted with Terry and Cade. They drafted Eskridge too
  7. Welp Borregales to the Bucs
  8. For the players that opted out this past season can’t they go back to school or they lose the eligibility once they sign an agent?
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