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  1. Week 8 GDT: Bucs(2-4) @ Titans(3-4)

    Bucs have the 1st ranked run defense and 32nd ranked pass defense. Hopefully RT takes advantage of it. Hopefully Art Smith has a game plan to exploit their pass defense
  2. Arthur Smith

    has a lot to do with barely being able to move the ball but it’s still nice to have a low number
  3. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    Yea Smiths route concepts are not QB friendly at all.. it’s constantly WRs close to each other which brings over an extra defender so the QB has to make perfect throws everytime which we saw yesterday. Tannehill isn’t going to have many perfect games like that. He just happened to be going up against a banged up team so he got away with some throws. I honestly don’t understand Smiths play designs
  4. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    I wouldn’t even say he wanted to save his timeouts because he wasted one to stop a 10 second run off
  5. Other Games/Teams Thread

    interesting interview about the whole Ramsey situation in Jacksonville. He pretty much had a problem with Coughlin
  6. Mike Vrabel

    Was the Redskins offense any good? Never really pay attention to them.
  7. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    I’ll be waiting on the baldy breakdowns.. I love his Twitter breakdowns
  8. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    Playcalling was a lot better today besides the usual wasted Lewis snaps. Conspiracy theory: they told Art Smith to make terrible play calls and game plans to make Mariota look bad so they can pull him and draft the QB they want. They had to sprinkle in a couple of good games so it wasn’t obvious 😂😂😂.. I Couldn’t resist
  9. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    We gave them a free 10 seconds.. Still not understanding the thought process from Vrabel on that one.. Best guess was giving our offense more time just in case they scored but still wasn’t a smart decision at all
  10. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    I think I’m more excited about Simmons then RT playing good. Simmons looks like a steal right now
  11. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    Casey not be racking up stats but he has been disruptive
  12. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    Casey got the recovery but did y’all see Simmons blow up the line of scrimmage
  13. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    Simmons blew the line of scrimmage up!! Simmons is a monster
  14. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    These refs are terrible!! Clock should still be running