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  1. I wonder who else we have interviewed that wasn’t leaked to the media and I wonder what made the info come out now.
  2. Time to go look at Luck and T.Y highlights from 2014
  3. I was just finna say I remember the Colts offense being pretty good under him for a couple years.
  4. I’m convinced we’re waiting on somebody that’s still in the playoffs. Rumors are normally quiet for us but I don’t think they’ve ever been this quiet
  5. I can only imagine the numbers a healthy AJ will put up!! 1000 yard season while missing 2 games and not being close to 100%. He’s a baller!!
  6. With the draft picks and their cap situation I could see why.. Whoever takes over is probably going to have a fire sale
  7. I hope our next OC finds more creative ways to get AJ the ball like jet sweeps and screens.
  8. He’s somebody I would definitely look at. He has the run after catch ability and can take the top off the defense, which is something our offense needs. I wanted us to draft him when he was coming out.
  9. With how he helped the Steelers pass defense hire him today. If he can have KB playing like Fitzpatrick or even close I’m all for it. Anything is better then last season
  10. If he can help our secondary and have KB playing like Fitzpatrick hire him right now lol
  11. Oh yea this definitely isn’t happening but a man can dream lol
  12. This is from the draft network.. If we landed this draft class I would lose my mind. This class would be amazing. Wallace and Moore are 2 of my favorite WRs this year. ROUND 1 (NO. 22 OVERALL): ZAVEN COLLINS, LB, TULSA I was tempted to go with Azeez Ojulari here, but Collins’ skill sets is simply too much to pass on. He touts a unique blend of size, speed, and power any head coach would drool over to have as the “green dot” within their defense. Collins is a perfect example of the modern transformation of the linebacker position. Gone are the days of stagnant ‘backers who possessed m
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