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  1. i wonder if we’re making calls for any of those.. wouldn’t Ming Ingram or fuller
  2. Finally get to see Evans!! Eager to see what he brings to the offense
  3. Is his son any good? Could he be a future Titan lol
  4. We might as well get rid of Dez at this point lol.. we got 6th rounders and undrafted guys playing ahead of him lol. Maybe next year will be his year
  5. Rogers out? When he get hurt? Looking like a Kinsey call up
  6. Definetly wouldn’t mind Cooper.. I feel like Johnson and Rogers will handle the returns until/if a signing is made. Or Evans whenever he’s healthy
  7. Does Josh Reynolds have any trade value? We barely use him, might as well trade him
  8. I’ve noticed This team is big on continuity. Instead of trying to get better we always get guys that have been here and knw the playbook
  9. As much as our secondary already struggles with communication and making plays I doubt I new body can make it much worse lol
  10. Wouldn’t mind him on the practice squad
  11. Looking at King Henry 76 yard TD, he hit a different gear. Looks like he’s faster and stronger this season and that feels crazy to say.
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