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  1. I feel like it should be Ben Jones
  2. He’s 6’7 240! With the 16 man practice squad looks like we’re taking chances on guys with potential.
  3. 1+1= 2 or the Roman numeral for 2 looks like 11 lol or since he wore 82 in high school, 8 in college 2 for Tennessee. I like it tho! I knw a lot of players have reasons for the numbers Two-liioooooo
  4. Julio will either will wear #8 from college or #82 from high school. My best guess
  5. I hope Julio rocks the 8. I want to see a single digit at WR. Plus I don’t think 80s would look right on Julio
  6. I figured we see a restructure once the trade was done! In Jrob we trust!! What’s our cap space now?
  7. • The Titans’ initial offer was a 3 that could become a 2, and the 2022 second-round pick (without conditions) had been on the table for a bit. Atlanta wanting a sweetener was what needed to be sorted out, and the Titans securing a ’23 pick swap, rather than giving up, say, a 5 or a 6, means the Titans are down just one more pick in ’22 (they had already dealt their seventh), and come out even (with one pick devalued by two rounds) next year, and won’t lose a second player in the process. That made the idea of adding to the 2 more palatable for Tennessee.
  8. Melvin Ingram would be my top choice, especially since it seems like he wants to come here now. Edge depth is still a need
  9. I always felt like we had a deal in place from the jump.. the way we drafted was bizarre the way we were letting WRs pass us.. I think we had a verbal agreement and been working on minor details since then.
  10. Oh we need to make this happen.. I’d feel good about Landry, Dupree, weaver, and Ingram on the edge
  11. If I remember correctly moon said he could wear no 1 if he asked since he played for the oilers and not the Titans
  12. This also shows the commitment our identify to being a big tough physical football team. AJ and Julio are big for WR standards. Then Reynolds and Fitzpatrick are both over 6’1. Then there’s that monster in the backfield that’s 6’3 245
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