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  1. sounds like we are predictable on defense just like the offense lol
  2. I hope this staff gets it together, we have too much talent on this team right now. Everything need to be better from personnel use to game planning to play calling.
  3. At this point we might as well try the deestroyin kid from YouTube lol
  4. Hopefully last game was a wake up call and we don’t fall into the hole like the browns did that year eveybody thought they were playoff contenders and we went there and embarrassed them. I expect Julio to bounce back after a terrible and I expect AJ to put on a show just because he’ll want better numbers then DK. I’m scared for our defense tho, we had trouble guarding DHop/Kirk and now DK/Lockett hit the field. Russ doesn’t have the explosion of Murray but he’s mobile and can escape the pocket with the best of them.
  5. Anybody want bet that our first play on offense will be a run into an 11 man box with nobody covering AJ or Julio lol
  6. I mean I thought it was common knowledge to try to keep guys fresh, but we are the Titans so we don’t rotate players lol. What else did he think would happen, it was his first game back plus no preseason
  7. I wonder why we move on so fast from every kicker but with Gotkowski we stuck with him all season even with his struggles. Being McCan back unless his injury was that bad.
  8. Fulton was the lone bright spot yesterday.. looking forward to seeing him progress
  9. Yea at some point we gotta attack a defense weakness instead of trying to force Henry into an 8 man box every game. It’s like our coaching staff is so stubborn. We have 2 great WRs on the outside but we still don’t let Tanny air it out until it’s too late. If we loosened defenses up with throwing Henry would get his touches regardless. We don’t adapt and it’s sad. It’s clear AZ knew we were running on early downs. I really wish we could have gotten Ryan Day. We need an OC with no prior Titan connection. We got the pieces to do power spread if we wanted. ravens gave everybody t
  10. Looking back on it with the current state of our oLine and our failed RT draft picks, Was not resigning Conklin still the right decision?
  11. Our leading WR was Chester Rogers.. It’s no reason why we shouldn’t have been trying to scheme open AJ and Julio more. Especially with the Cardinals secondary being questionable. Tanny definitely trust AJ more for sure. i could see us starting off 0-2 but knowing us we will come out guns blazing against Seattle and we will wonder where this offense was against the cardinals lol
  12. This game was all around terrible playcalling and and game planning. We didn’t adjust. We should have used the pass to open up the run from the beginning and it’s no excuse for 1 player to have 5 sacks.
  13. Why are we not chipping Jones? That’s just terrible playcalling
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