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  1. AJ Green

    You mean Tate
  2. AJ Green

    I just miss AJ 😭😭
  3. Bengals decline John Ross’s 5th year option

    Also, depending on what happens with AJ, he might want to go elsewhere because our depth chart is so deep at WR. Especially if he ends up being the 4th guy behind Higgins at the end of the season.
  4. Bengals decline John Ross’s 5th year option

    We should try to extend him during the season to a short, cheap deal regardless of what happens
  5. Post Draft 53 Man Roster Prediction

    I just really do not want to see Ross walk away and become an elite WR elsewhere. He has so much talent and has shown that he can be great when he does play. It’s literally just injuries as to why he’s a bust. Those injuries are just enough to keep him off the field, not enough to affect his play on the field. He played in 8 games last year and was in on 65% or more of the snaps in 6 of those 8. His 16 game average last season would net him at 1,012 yards and 6 TDs. It feels like Cincy fans are already counting him gone after this year as if we’re on borrowed time with him. He’s the only guy on the roster that runs faster than a 4.5 and arguably his best attribute is he’s quickness, not his speed. I just don’t get it. He has all the talent in the world to be a top 5 WR in this league. It’s just injuries. We cannot let him walk
  6. Post Draft 53 Man Roster Prediction

    If Higgins catches on and Ross has a solid year, I would not be surprised if we re-sign Ross and let AJ walk
  7. Post Draft 53 Man Roster Prediction

    I wonder if AJ Green and John Ross are fighting for a spot on the roster in 2021. Both of their contracts are done after this year and depending on how they both play, one of them will get a big contract. So in 2021, it’d be Higgins/Boyd/ either Ross or AJ, whichever shows they deserve the contract more and probably lean towards Ross given his age. Obviously this theory is thrown out the window if the extend AJ before July 15.
  8. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    I wonder if the bengals even went after Moss. His relationship with Burrow, being basically best friends, might have been a problem had they had to cut him. And if they didn’t cut him and he was like the last TE on the roster, some people in the locker room might think they only kept Moss because he’s best friends with Burrow. I just think it would have been safer to just let him go elsewhere than make him a priority to bring in given he’s an udfa and wasn’t someone being mentioned in the early round conversation. As for the udfa class we did sign, I am intrigued by Scotty Washington. He seems fun to watch. And he seems raw in my uneducated opinion
  9. Post Draft 53 Man Roster Prediction

    Bailey could be a PUP candidate if they feel like he’s not all the way up to 100%
  10. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    I don’t think it’s as set as that because Darrius Phillips showed that he can be a good return man so it’s not like Erickson has that locked up as he has in recent years.
  11. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    I was looking at the size of our WRs after adding 6’4 Higgins and damn we have a lot of size. Not a lot of speed tho. The only one in the building that really runs faster than a 4.5 is Ross. I was watching some Scotty Washington highlights and he looks like he has all the talent in the world but also looks inexperienced. Idk his background so idk how long he’s played. Auden Tate 6’5 230 4.68 Tee Higgins 6’4 215 4.54 AJ Green 6’4 210 4.48 Tyler Boyd 6’1 200 4.58 John Ross 5’11 190 4.22 Scotty Washington 6’5 225 4.52 Damion Willis 6’3 205 4.56 DeMarkus Lodge 6’2 195 4.55 Trenton Irwin 6’1 200 4.54 Mike Thomas 6’1 190 4.53 Stanley Morgan 6’0 205 4.53 Alex Erickson 6’0 200 4.52
  12. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    When I watched Kareem after we drafted him, I saw an explosive burst on specific types of plays but then a horrible get off on plays that didn’t require an explosive burst. Almost seems like he takes plays off when he thinks he has no chance of making a play. I don’t get why every write I read about him says he has average burst off the ball when it seems like he picks and chooses when to try off the snap
  13. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    ADG might be bpa. When I watched the senior bowl, he looked so explosive. Small but extremely explosive
  14. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    I’d throw Muti out there as well as a guy I’d want. I’m not sure if the Bengals go for him considering the bad injury history we’ve had with draft picks recently
  15. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    @SmittyBacall I’ve said before that I love Blacklock as a prospect. I just think Jones can be elite and provide more value than Blacklock would. I’ve loved Blacklock since I first watched him so I wouldn’t hate it. I would jus prefer other guy/positions to him. Hubbard Blacklock Reader Atkins Dunlap Now that would be a fun starting front. Tupou would be a really good backup for rotation as well