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  1. daniel jeremiah’s new mock 5 Cincinnati Bengals Rashawn Slater · OT School: Northwestern | Year: Senior Florida TE Kyle Pitts would be tempting right here, but the Bengals must address the offensive line. Slater has five-position flexibility and his tape is outstanding. for context the top 4 are: 1. lawrence 2. wilson 3. chase 4. lance .... 10. sewell
  2. okay good point. the problem with this is that it’s specifically on passing plays. their article has nothing to do with stopping the run which is about 40-50% of the plays they’ll have to face. so about 40% of the time, that CB is basically useless against the run. that edge defender is a big part of stopping the run tho. also in terms of paying for players, in that article about coverage vs pass rush they say this: “Thus, when it comes to buying into a player like an edge defender versus a cornerback, we’re (on average) a lot more likely to know that an edge is good or bad based on
  3. i don’t think they really do. i don’t think they can pay lawson/wj3/an edge/and an OL. mid tier guys on the edge or OL, sure but nobody that is really gonna move the needle all that much like a barrett or clowney.
  4. here’s the safety chart which essentially says you need to have good safety play or else you’re not gonna be a very good team. what i get from this chart and the CB one is that having good safety play and 1 really good corner is really all you need for the secondary or else it just becomes too much investment in that area
  5. WJ3 had a 9.6m cap number this season and he played. we had the 13th and 15th highest cap numbers at CB this year with waynes and wj3 respectively. also mackenzie alexander had a 3.9m cap number. i get that this chart isn’t the end all be all. it’s just one stat and one stat doesn’t tell the whole story. some thoughts as to why the chart played out like that might be that another position on defense (most notably edge) might impact the game more than CB does. CBs generally only impact the passing game where’s an edge impacts both the running game and passing game. so maybe it’s bet
  6. i couldn’t figure out how to post pictures on here but i found something interesting about where good teams spend their money. these two pictures are really relevant for our lawson vs wj3 debate this offseason. historically (since 2013 which is as far back as over the cap goes) paying high dollar at CB generally isn’t the best option if you want to be a contender in the league. *the charts are spending rank by a team in a specific position group vs where they finished that season (SB winner is 32 and the worst team is 1). ** i have these charts for every position if you would like
  7. lol at aj green. (this is on targets only he says)
  8. ah so need > bpa is your argument the rams offense in 2018, when zac taylor was there had 3 really good WRs. kupp got hurt but he was on pace for 1,000 receiving yards which would have made for 3 1,000 yard WRs. that was a good offense they had that year. @ buffalo beating the ravens with 1 real rushing attempt in the first half in a divisional playoff game (the second was a QB scramble, not a designed run)
  9. i don’t think you’re arguing that tate is better than chase. i don’t see how you don’t think adding chase would be a massive upgrade to the offense (we should ignore sewell because i think we all agree he’s the best pick). adding parsons would not be an upgrade (for year 1 at least) over bynes. phillips played well elite in a few games. i get how that would be a bigger need than WR if we don’t tag or re-sign wj3. drafting for need is not how you should view the draft. it’s a horrible strategy. chase/smith/pitts are clearly better prospects than surtain is imo. i could understand if you t
  10. i’m still confused as to why you think drafting chase at 5 would be a mistake. the opportunity of play time is there. he would 100% have a large role in 2021. even if it’s not chase, i don’t see how a non playmaker (outside of sewell ofc) would be bpa at 5. especially parsons
  11. if tee higgins replaced aj green (somehow he replaced him while still playing on the field at the same time) then who is going to take over higgins’ 108 targets?
  12. to add onto the targets for aj green. remember how burrow and green were so close to hitting on multiple big plays early in the year and how much they struggled to get on the same page. if you give those targets, especially to a guy he already has a connection with, we probably win some of those games early in the season
  13. there’s only 1 ball. you’re right. that 1 ball was thrown at AJ Green 104 times this year and he’s gone. so who are those 104 targets going to go to? (7.7 tgts per game with burrow a 123 target 16 game pace) chase would be a phenomenal player to take those 104 targets and be a major contributor to the offense on day one. higgins was arguably our best receiver last year and he was a 2nd round rookie. imagine what a top 5 receiver with burrow throwing him the ball could do. as for LB, devin white 51.9 pff grade his rookie year after being the #5 pick. logan wilson had a 54
  14. i don’t understand this at all. please elaborate
  15. i was thinking about this the other day and i saw that ryan ramczyk has a $0 cap hit if the saints released him this year which they’re gonna need to release some guys to get below the cap line. so i was thinking we send our 2nd (38overall) to them for him and take on his contract for them. would save them some money while also getting some relatively high draft capital in return.
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