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  1. 2020 Draft Targets

    I think as of right now, these are the guys I’d be okay with us drafting at 33 WR Denzel Mims Justin Jefferson Tee Higgins Brandon Aiyuk IOL Cesar Ruiz OT Josh Jones Ezra Cleveland Isaiah Wilson LB Kenneth Murray Patrick Queen Zack Baun DL Yetur Gross-Matos AJ Epenesa CB Jeff Gladney Kristian Fulton AJ Terrell Noah Igbinoghene Jaylon Johnson Damon Arnette I think best case scenario for us would be to take a starting caliber offensive lineman at 33 so we can go bpa the rest of the draft excluding at least one LB pick.
  2. 2 Round Mock Draft (WITH TRADES!)

  3. FFMD II '20 - Cincinnati Bengals Front Office

    So we taking Burrow??
  4. 2020 Draft Targets

    I was listening to some podcast, I can’t remember which one, where this guy said he really struggles with getting a good release off of press coverage. I don’t know how coachable that is if that’s true? He was concerned that his inability to get a good release might affect one of his best traits, the deep ball. I just watched a bunch of his games and it seems like he’s afraid to block. He will literally run away from a defender so he doesn’t have to block him lol
  5. April Mock Draft

    Not a fan. I understand the position, I just don’t like Shenault. Maybe Zac Taylor loves him, who knows 🤷‍♂️
  6. 2 Round Mock Draft (no trades)

    I wouldn’t mind this at all. Personally I love Gross-Matos
  7. Goldfish's 7 Rounds (Updated 04/01/2020)

    I think you’re missing Tyler Biadasz. As for the Bengals, I would enjoy this outcome
  8. TheVillain112 Mock Draft v1.0...

    I don’t mind this mock. My only question is who else was there at 65 because there should be some solid IOL prospects available instead of having Wilson transition to OG.
  9. FFMD II '20 - Cincinnati Bengals Front Office

    Maybe WJIII if the price is right?
  10. FFMD II '20 - Cincinnati Bengals Front Office

    We should trade the pick lol
  11. You’re Cincy: What would it take from Miami?

    I think this is terrible because if you trade the pick you’re giving up one of the most sure prospects at QB in draft history to get 3 (hopefully) solid players. Also, you’re hoping that you play bad enough to get the top pick again. Lawrence, as of right now before he even plays a down in 2020, probably has a 5% or so less chance of being a bust than Burrow. So you’re gonna wait a year to maybe have a chance at a guy that gives you 5% better odds of finding your Franchise QB? Also, this plan requires you to push back any chance of being a contender by at least a year. Another thing is, isn’t the bengals going crazy in free agency basically the same concept as gaining draft picks? They all equate to players on the roster and we added 5 new starters on defense so far
  12. Non-Bengal Free Agents

    Who do you think it would be? Dre?
  13. Bengals sign Vonn Bell

    I am stunned
  14. I’m really curious as to why jeudy/lamb (whichever you prefer. For me it’s jeudy) isn’t more of a consideration here.