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  1. Mock Off-Season

    Jalen Mills will be a better safety than Douglas. Peterson has been resistant to it, but this is just a known thing. The Eagles have been desperate at CB. However, when that gets solved, he's there. Read the news, son.
  2. Mock Off-Season

    McCloud sucks compared to who? There's no one on the roster who is better. What is his cost and who can replace him at that cost? Curry is likely to be cheap due to both his age and his willingness to re-sign here. Who is the better young option of which you speak? So, are you suggesting the Eagles sacrifice a mediocre LB for a mediocre LB when the team has too few LB's to begin with? How do they suddenly populate the LB corps with studs? Vaitai, by your account, is a starting OT. But, who is going to pilfer him, and at what cost? Is he really a starter? Howard is in the same boat. He's a share RB. If the Eagles are better off with a rookie, isn't everyone else? Who is going to overpay him? So, the Eagles should change the playbook because they now have a 7th round FB? That's just retarded.
  3. I remember parking about a mile from the Vet because it was only $5 and walking to the game in the freezing cold with my dad. I got a hot chocolate which was a half-a-pack of powdered mess with super hot water on top and a tiny wood stick to stir it and it never mixed. Then the Eagles found a new and interesting way to lose ... mostly missed kicks (FG's and PAT's). That was what I thought being an Eagles fan meant. The only saving grace was watching Harold Carmichael dominate. If the Eagles were going to win, it was because of him. Also, he was a great person. You could go to his house, knock on the front door and ask for an autograph. He would oblige. I don't know how "Christian" he might be, but by definition he acted like it. I've never seen him brag or taunt or do anything ego-maniacal. He was my hero like Garry Maddox, Bobby Jones or my dad for those reasons. A Big CONGRATULATIONS to Harold Carmichael!
  4. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Ask yourself ... do you want Lee or Cole? That's what I thought. (Also, Lee is due almost $9M.) Jeffery missed six games. He was surpassed by Alex Erickson, Chris Conley and Justin Gage. Are they better receivers? Prorated over 16 games he outproduced Kenny Golladay, Emmanuel Sanders and DK Metcalf. Is he better than them? I am asking if Foles for one year makes better financial sense. It doesn't appear that anyone has an answer to the question at hand. I just get peripheral disputes. This is a math question more than a football one. I bet Howie could answer it. Howie? Howie?
  5. To drink or to understand me?
  6. Mock Off-Season

    Please justify the following: S Rodney McCloud - They're better with him than without. DE Vinny Curry - Wants to play here, was decent and comes in below value LB Kamu Grugier-Hill - A solid player who won't command big money OT BIG V - A decent 3rd tackle, may be pilfered, but not a cut or non-tender RB Jordan Howard - Depends on price, but per game stats are OK and not injury prone FB Jay Jay Wilson - Not Dyn-o-mite, no point to this Too many goofy, wet dream trades More picks are better than targeting the guys you picked (Fulton, Hamlin, Fisher) I like Montez, but I think he goes higher
  7. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    So, what would an Alshon Jefferey for Nick Foles trade look like financially? To the best of my understanding: Jefferey is guaranteed almost as much as Foles for 2020. There is an out in 2021 in the Foles contract which would still result in a $12M+ cap hit. Foles could also restructure. Jacksonville is strapped by the Foles contract and thin at WR. This may afford them the opportunity to pursue some limited options and retain players otherwise slated for jettison. I do not have all of the details on the contracts and whether or not this is doable.* I am just thinking out loud. I wish the accumulated LTBE bonus credits were still in effect. Can anyone add to this? *Please mark this date. You may never see me say "I don't know" again.
  8. 4 Round Post Wilcard Mock With Comp Picks

    I don't believe there is any way Delpit gets out of the top 10. Herbert>Tagovialoa Shenault>Higgins While I love Henderson in the 2nd, he's been picked by then. Lemieux is likely to be gone in the first half of the 2nd. Not a bad Eagles draft, but it could be better. However, some of that is based on what I believe to be incorrect values. That being said, it would go like this: Grant Delpit (Laviska Shenault second choice) CJ Henderson (Brandon Aiyuk second choice) Shane Lemieux (Jonathan Greenard second choice) Jonathan Greenard (Evan Weaver second choice) Evan Weaver (Lamical Perine second choice) Lamical Perine (Colton McKivitz second choice)
  9. Rack's 2020 Mock Draft

    Love Shenault. I am on board.
  10. So, now the whole site doesn't drink? How the hell is anyone going to understand what I'm saying?
  11. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    75 yard TD's don't win championships. Controlling the ball and moving the chains does. Defense helps, too. This is what I mean about being in love with "shiny things." Make no mistake, Zach Ertz is on a trajectory to be a Hall of Fame TE. So, he should be traded for a WR with potential? He is currently 22nd in yards and 29 years old. The active TE's ahead of him in yards are 32, 33, 34 and 39 years old, respectively. (I didn't count 37 year old, Jason Witten.) He's 13th in catches, ahead of Gronkowski and Kelce. He's 23rd in TD's. 1,000 more yards would put him in 11th. 100 more catches would put him in 4th. 10 more TD's would put him in 11th. These are all doable in a single season. If not, they are likely in two seasons. Beyond that, most of the TE's on the list played to at least 35. 2019 was his 2nd best season in terms of catches and yards. It was his 3rd best in terms of TD's. The average top TE plays until 34 years old. I get it that it is better to move a guy before he is done, but the Eagles have nothing behind him. On a 10 point must, Ertz is a 10 and Goedert is a seven. No receiver scores over a four, except Alshon Jefferey and he's on the outs. Trading Ertz is just stupid. His football WAR is insanely high. People just love playing with the roster and making gay* trades. These are the same people who have a new mock every six weeks with different "must drafts." *By "gay" I meant "happy."
  12. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Reagor is a better WR. Aiyuk, however, is no joke. He kills it on returns and can stretch the field. He is not a plug-and-play WR, though. He'll need time to develop. I mean, he won't get a single vote for OROY. Reagor, either. I project Reagor as a pure slot guy with the need to be sent in motion to get off the line. Aiyuk is more versatile, but not a master of any skill except returns, both punt and KO. Reagor has a nice return resume, too. Reagor is probably sub 4.3. (4.28) Aiyuk, over 4.4, slightly. (4.42) If you love speed, Reagor has elite speed and will probably be taken higher because of it. He also gets more uncontested deep balls because he's faster. Aiyuk is about 15 pounds bigger. He doesn't get dragged down or tripped by an arm so often. He's adept at bubble screens and crossing routes, but doesn't always get as much separation as Reagor on deep balls. I can see GB taking Reagor in the first after he tests at the combine. I predict Aiyuk will go in the very late 2nd and maybe the early 3rd.
  13. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Laviska Shenault? That is so last year.
  14. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Said everyone in 2017.
  15. Week 17: Eagles' Forum Assemble!

    Three team parlay: Eagles (+1.5 now) Patriots (-4) Houston/Buffalo under (38.5) My best guess, but I lose half of the time. Watch the HOU/BUF game go Buffalo 20, Houston 19 after the Bills sign the son of Scott Norwood. Note: Norwood banked me big time in the past. ;-) This would be the universe just getting even.