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  1. Clowney Saga -

    I get the impression that the Eagles had no interest in renting Clowney. I'm not sure why, given the modest expense. How is he in the clubhouse?
  2. Eagles add S/LB Jonathan Cyprien

    Just about every team's 4th round picks go this way. This is not an exclusive thing. A 4th round pick is what a 4th round pick is. The Eagles are chasing a Super Bowl this year. They are not holding open tryouts like the Dolphins (or the 76'ers two years ago). "Maybe's" <<< known commodities. The primary concern needs to be what makes the team better now. Compiling middle round picks for the sake of compiling middle round picks should not be a priority. The Eagles traded down in the latter part of the draft and even moved a pick for a player, a known commodity. You have to take into consideration where you are in the grand scheme of things. Now, if a guy doesn't work out, then fine, cut him. But, are the Eagles going to develop a better safety than Sendejo or a better LB than Fort between now and week 10? Probably not. That should be OK if they win the division and a playoff game. For the record, I have no objection to amassing picks, just not at the expense of fielding the best team possible this year and for the foreseeable future. It would be different if they were a 5-11 team.
  3. 2020 4 Round Mock Draft

    It is way too early to mock and even earlier to criticize a mock, but here goes. I predict Justin Herbert will go 1st overall. He just has that NFL skill set that is so coveted. The QB position has been evolving since Randall Cunningham, but it hasn't made that 180. It always comes back to the same place. And forget who is the worst team. There will be a trade if necessary. The Eagles won't take a LB in the first round. Name the last one they took? Jerry Robinson in 1978. The current philosophy has not changed in 40 years, much less 20. Jacob Eason will find his way into the 1st. QB's are in that kind of demand. Two words: Daniel Jones Also, I find it interesting that he goes above Fromm. And I agree. It was nice to see Laviska Shenault getting some credit. He is uncoverable. However, I don't think he'll go to Indy. I can see either bay team chasing him. I also think Eno Benjamin goes higher. He has the same kind of lateral skills as LeSean McCoy did coming out. I agree the Eagles will probably draft a QB. I am OK with Montez if they take one in the 4th. Again, as a QB, he may go sooner than that. So, most of what I had to say revolved around the Eagles and the Pac-12 (Pac-10 to me). That's what I know. Good effort.
  4. NFC East: Now half good!

    This is a game. Zeke will sign for week one and post 80/20 with a TD. He's that good and everyone knows it. The Cowboys will still go 9-7, two games behind the Eagles.
  5. Eagles add S/LB Jonathan Cyprien

    Um no, see above.
  6. So, there are some huge differences between the Eagles and the Browns. I used to work in a Cleveland-themed bar replete with Stadium Mustard and Stadium Retards. It was owned by a former Indians prospect named Chris Hogue who was paralyzed in a car accident. In all of his Cleveland wisdom (and settlement) he bought a bar and called it the Dugout. What a s-hole. This was no indictment on Chris, but the place was bad. He hired Joe Charboneu, former ROY in the AL as a bartender. To say he was a loose cannon was an understatement. To say he was an a-hole to the 17th power was also an understatement. He once fielded a complaint about an undercooked bar pizza and pulled down his pants and sat on it as a response. "Is it better now?" Another time a women accidentally waltzed into the men's room while he was taking a leak. He followed her back to her seat and beat her about the face with his schwantz. I must admit, I did admire how he could open a longneck with his eye socket (no lie). But, not much else helped the bottom line (or the tip jar). The worst part, though, was listening how Bernie Kosar was the best QB in football and how he was gonna do this and gonna do that. Then he didn't. And everyone reveled in the misery. This is what being a "lovable loser" means. Philadelphia is not a city of lovable losers. We want to be neither lovable nor losers. But, alas ..... We berate our teams with the expectation that they are going to fail. Most of us signed up for this with low expectations. We boo our heroes, our hall-of-famers, our favorites and even Santa Claus with equal fervor. If Jesus comes back, he better not come to Philly unless he can rush for 200 yards, dunk or hit a 70 yard field goal. Winning is greatly appreciated because it has been the exception not the rule and we know it. If you win you are not living up to expectations, you are defying them. You need to bleed a lot before you can bleed green. This is what it means to be a Philadelphia fan.
  7. Eagles add S/LB Jonathan Cyprien

    I haven't seen where the Eagles were getting Clowney. That's just a nonsense reason to cut Sendejo. Plus, if there is a shot at Clowney, the Eagles will have other picks. He is worth it and they don't need that much. As for the pick, the last 10 4th round picks were: Shareef Miller Avonte Maddox Josh Sweat Mack Hollins Donnel Pumphrey Jaylen Watkins Matt Barkley Brandon Boykin Casey Mathews Alex Henery Other than Maddox, there hasn't been a lot of quality there. That's a 10% shot on the pick, not to mention it would be a sandwich pick, more akin to a 5th rounder. Clayton Thorson Shelton Gibson Nathan Gerry Wendell Smallwood Halapoulivaati Vaitai Taylor Hart Ed Reynolds Earl Wolff Dennis Kelly Dion Lewis Julian Vandervelde They are similar, albeit slightly better results. Still, they're not game changers. This team is built to win now. You push all in. The Eagles can't afford to have a glaring deficiency at the expense of the 135th pick in next year's draft. Inexpensive, veteran depth provides the Eagles with proven performance, a guy who can start in a pinch and leadership. If he's the best S2 in camp, even by a little, they should keep him. Frankly, I don't see Deiondre’ Hall beating him out.
  8. It was either McCown or just a body to get through the preseason (like Trevone Boykin) who would just get dumped. I prefer the McCown move just in case the injuries keep coming.
  9. Eagles add S/LB Jonathan Cyprien

    Sendejo has been the best of his ilk. Go with that. The pick he may cost is likely booty. A guy who can contribute is way better than some low end, day 2-3 pick. He's a #2 safety, not a QB. The Eagles are never going to have to commit significant cap space. The investment is minimal compared to what he may add to a contender. He is better here for his own sake and for the Eagles.
  10. Eagles sign Orlando Scandrick

    So ..... if it came out that the city of Dallas was too unaccommodating to a guy like Ezekial Elliot and the Eagles offered Jordan Howard, a 1st and another pick, you'd decline due to the fact he smells of silver and blue? Don't touch the trade details, they could be anything. Stick to the offer. What does your position even mean? I fully expect a crazy counter outside the parameters we've discussed.
  11. Your mom. Remember those posts? LOL You were a good sport.
  12. Tight Ends and When to Draft Them?

    Take Kelce. The TE proposition has always been about WAR. You have a #1 RB and a #1 WR. Given the remaining players, your decision is probably about Kittle or Ertz. Kelce is a no-brainer. I suspect that you will be choosing between Williams, Cooper, Chubb, Fournette, Kittle, Ertz and Thielen (minus one depending on rosters). I would not hesitate to go TE (Kittle or Ertz) and get a serious #2 at RB or WR on the wrap around.
  13. Pick 7 or Pick 12? Which do you prefer?

    12 is easier during the draft. If you are inexperienced, go with that. 7 presents more of a challenge, but increases the likelihood you will get a full-time-1 starter. That spot helps carry you and is easier to manage during the season. It also gives you a bigger trade piece if your league is trade-friendly. Size up your situation.
  14. Patriots sign Cameron Meredith

    Some guys pan out in the right system. The Patriots have the luxury to try. Good for them.
  15. An alcoholic is anyone who drinks more than you. He is not an alcoholic to me. He would get a little more love if he learned how to tip, though. He bad, real bad. He also needs to learn how not to speak every though that comes to his mind. It is about dignity. He could certainly be more dignified.