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  1. Yeah, this is more like it. I see more of a Tevin Coleman signing at RB, not a Mark Ingram-type or a draft pick. All of the early picks go to the lines, particularly defense. Jernigan gets cut at some point for sure. Bennett and Peters are candidates for restructure. Agholor gets an ultimatum restructure. Sign it or go. I am not a fan at $9M. Odabo. Test the market young'n. Let him sign with the Colts.
  2. Comp Picks announced; Eagles get a 4th & 6th

    I want that job. $ to sit in a tub. Although, if he had signed in NE, he may have had company (in the tub) apparently.
  3. Um, no. Macallan is scotch. Again, bourbon or brandy, not scotch. On 11/17/2018 at 10:30 AM, Jroc04 quoted Bleeding Green Nation: Even Kareem Hunt was a viable option, as explained (ranted) about at the time: You did give rise to Kareem Hunt. That really isn't the gist of this, however, it would not have been the solution. Ajayi was brought in to cover the season, re-signed in the future or not. There will be a guy, or more likely guys, in the near future to replace him adequately. Pumphrey, it was hoped would be one of them. He won't. He was brought in to fill the role Sproles does. Ajayi's demise was unfortunate, but you can't have an All-Pro at every position, much less an All-Pro reserve. Along with Pumphrey will be many other third day draft picks who will be delivering our packages from Amazon. This was not a great miss. :
  4. If Chris Long built a shrine to Nick Foles, then Foles needs to build one to Lane Johnson. Without that performance by Johnson, Foles stats would have looked as if they were mine. JJ Watt had fewer tackles than Deontae Burton or Aaron Colvin and no sacks. I see all of the stuff about how this was a poor performance. Really? The Texans still have more wins than the Eagles. This may not be the best win, but it's a win.....against a competent, playoff team. It is bigger than when Owen beat the video game. Relax. If the Vikes lose to the Bears and the Eagles don't capitalize, then complain. Until then, revel in victory. And hope. On another note, I got a text about how the Eagles were going to lose due to a missed XP. It wasn't the missed XP that was in question. It was the one they didn't attempt. Sometimes Pederson thinks he is smarter than he is. But, these were two teams equally decimated by injuries at DB, RB and OL. Pederson did better under those circumstances, slightly better, but better. Go Bears! Go 49'ers! I want the Rams. Oh yeah, go Birds, too!
  5. First of all, I was drinking brandy, Miguel Torres 10 yr., not whiskey. And when I drink whiskey it is bourbon, usually overproof, not just whiskey. Pumphrey was clearly expected to develop into Sproles' replacement. He didn't pan out. Most guys don't. You did mention Hunt. I liked him, too, but not at an additional cost. The point of the list was that there was not a subsequent pick who equated to an heir apparent to Sproles as a third down, receiving back. (For the record, I did suggest Phillip Lindsay (in a mock) due to his receiving stats (one drop in four years). But, that was another draft. Also, I tilt to Pac-12 players which casts a dubious light on some of my selections.) Nonetheless, the Eagles weren't just looking for "a back." They were trying to find a back who could do what Sproles can do. Clement was not drafted to be that guy. In fact, he wasn't even drafted. He was an afterthought. Pumphrey is just another guy who wasn't the right guy, like so many others. He was taken in the 4th round, trade up* or not, not a game changer. It was a calculated risk that fell outside the desired parameters. It was far from a horrible pick at the time. Nobody is going to say, "Ryan Leaf, Tony Mandarich, Donnell Pumphrey." Nobody is going to say, "Danny Watkins, Marcus Smith, Donnell Pumphrey." It just wasn't that bad. That's my point. *See Matt Barkley and Max Jean-Gilles
  6. The Eagles knew this weeks ago. You don't advertise it when it may affect how teams attack you. I predicted a mystery injury hours after the Cowboys game. I said he'd be benched. How convenient. # N'Keal Harry
  7. Fire Doug Pederson

    Deja vu. Oh yeah, there it is.
  8. Fire Doug Pederson

    Deja vu.
  9. (Douglas has shown some potential but the coaching staff has been reluctant to give him playing time even with Jalen Mills struggling.) The Eagles didn’t complete whiff on the position as they did snag Corey Clement as an undrafted free agent, but imagine what the backfield would look like today if Howie Roseman and crew went a different direction and actually selected a running back who at least projected to be a viable NFL player.” It was almost an entire impossibility that you could whiff on a RB prospect that year.....unless you chose Pump. What a disaster. One I won’t forget soon. You didn't "infer." Inferring is done by the listener. "I inferred that by your comments." However, you "implied." "Implying" is done by the speaker. And yes, you implied. In fact, you reinforced it by your comments. I am going to forget your wet dream about Kareem Hunt for many reasons. Here are the RB's taken after Pumphrey: Jamaal Williams Wayne Gallman Marlon Mack Brian Hill Jeremy McNichols T. J. Logan Aaron Jones Elijah McGuire De'Angelo Henderson Devante Mays Khalfani Muhammad Elijah Hood Chris Carson Matthew Dayes Now, who was the heir apparent to Darren Sproles?
  10. Sit everyone. IR who you can and tank it. Go for the draft pick. Wentz has necrotizing halitosis and needs prescription Tic-Tac treatment. Sit him. Jenkins and Cox, too. Three games. Three turds. Make sure no one cares. Punish the NFL for that travesty. I get the missed call on the launch. But, the fumble and the OPI were out-and-out disgusting. They both altered the trajectory of the game. 6-10 should put the Eagles in the 8-12 range in the draft. I'm OK with that. Go Bills, Jets, Broncos, Browns, Bengals, Jaguars, Giants, Redskins, Vikings, Packers, Lions, Panthers, Buccaneers and Falcons. The Cardinals, 49'ers and Raiders are pretty much lost causes, but .....
  11. Bills waive WR Terrelle Pryor

    He has talent. Pryor is an ex-QB who should understand routes. I do not know what is wrong with him. He was ascending in Cleveland. His best situation would be with a mentor. I move for AZ. I am not a Cardinals fan, but I see him catching up there.
  12. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Harry is better. Also, I think Sweat is a decent developmental DE. He isn't the be-all-to-end-all there, but he should fit decently into the rotation going forward.
  13. ????? You can't say that missing on a 4th round pick is the demise of the franchise. That's just insane. The Eagles secured Ajayi for this season. Does every team have the RB depth to replace a #1 RB sufficiently? Gurley, Elliot, Hunt, Barkley, McCaffrey, Jones, Miller, Johnson? The Eagles were notably thin there, like most. At this point I'd say sign CJ Anderson, but I don't have faith the line is good enough to make him good, aka, any better than what they have ..... and he is.
  14. Not good, just "good enough." Had he been pressured into the mistakes he is capable of making ..... The whole point was that if you can't force him into errant throws, he will do enough to beat you. He did. It was a Schwartz thing.
  15. Don't forget to take out the eyes.