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  1. Sure does when you consider what you pay for each. I know you skipped over Breeland who I had first. But, if he goes the difference between Trufant and Amukamara allows you to sign someone like Ogletree or Bell or Joseph or Onwuasor.
  2. Redskins signed Buttcheeks, 2 years/$4M. Damn, I wanted buttcheeks. He's a crack defender and there's only one hole in his game.
  3. The thing about the Jenkins situation is that he essentially wanted back pay. He'd never get that anywhere else. He was more difficult to keep. There was not going to be a home town discount, in fact, quite the opposite. A bunch of these guys people are mentioning are way out there. Rhodes looks finished. Apple never started. Trufant is a one year fix. Harris is a one year 'broken.' Reid is a head case. Slay is not a FA, so you have to trade for him. It's a mess. At this point I'd rather the Eagles sign a guy to stabilize the defensive backfield and maybe not star. I feel like a #2 like Bashaud Breeland or Prince Amukamara could do that at a reasonable price. Yeah, I know, not exciting, but with no long term ramifications, either.
  4. There are 10 guys in that box. Four are veterans. I want none of them. The Eagles have two of them and they cost nothing. Why spend good money on mediocrity. Spend less and get it anyway. I'd rather speculate than give up and settle.
  5. NoGo on Green. He is just not what they are trying to do. I really liked MacKensie Alexander coming out. He may be a guy I'd take a flyer on. He spent two years trying to learn the slot which is not suited to him. He may be decent on the outside (and cheap). He isn't the only answer, though.
  6. Perriman had three-to-four good games. Robinson had one. Gabriel is a lesser version of what they have in Jackson. Also cut: Demaryius Thomas Keelan Doss Tommylee Lewis Deontay Burnett Greg Ward Pharoh Cooper Tre McBride* *Not my favorite, but the whole website wanted him
  7. I learned one thing. Don't masturbate with hand sanitizer. It may seem like a good idea, but it's not. Real hard to explain, too.
  8. So? Given the choice between Jason Avant and what's behind door number two, I'll go with the unknown. The upside is high and the downside is negligible.
  9. That doesn't mean you saddle yourself with garbage. There will be cuts, too, don't forget.
  10. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    WSU. He was really good and he's mastered the hard part (to this point). There are a ton of guys who can run block, but can't pass block. It is like he's great at multiplication and division. Now he just needs to get better at adding and subtracting. A much easier and more certain task.
  11. I put this post into Google Translate and it came back: "Jason Avant, Jason Avant, Jason Avant, Jason Avant, Jason Avant, Jason Avant." Wonderful.
  12. TCMD: Trade to pick Harrison Hand

    HATE on this. Jones has upside. He came in with a serious injury and was misused when he came back. He flashed a little last season. It was not enough to say he is going to be great, but he could be much more. Butler meanwhile, has been a turd. You got rooked. Don't make moves to make moves. Having depth is not a bad thing. Guys like Jones aren't expendable at the expense of shots-in-the-dark. He was the better player. Next time you want to make a move like his, go masturbate or something else to take your mind off it. When you're done, reevaluate the situation. Be patient. Don't try to boil the ocean.
  13. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Dilliard could be great, not just serviceable, not just good, not even very good. His upside is great. That move was deft. Even if Roseman blows the next two drafts, (Howie) people will probably look back and say, "Yeah, but what about Dillard?" He could be that good. The marginal difference between what the Eagles could have had pales in comparison. Now, it all may not work out that way, but the best play was made. If you want something else, get it this year. The Eagles needed more than a 600-800 yard receiver with 3-6 TD's to advance last year. If the OT class is deep as mentioned then the Eagles should be able to nab a decent third tackle later. That is what they will probably need.
  14. FWIW - I did a radio show on Thursday. I was the narrator / announcer / sidekick. It airs Saturday morning at 10 a.m. on WWDB, 860 AM. I read the commercials. For the record, I'll be toggling between me and Ray Didinger. But, I know that I have better pipes. The views expressed on the show do not necessarily reflect my opinions, nor do they necessarily contradict them.