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  1. What to do about Myles Garrett

    Garrett's subsequent contrition will probably spare him a full season, if only on appeal. This is Goodell's NFL. They are very much concerned with safety and how it is perceived by the public. They want kids to play football. This is as bad as the Ray Rice incident to the brand. I amend my comment. 16 games, reduced to 12, not 10. Well, maybe still 10. Nothing less.
  2. Browns vs. Steelers GDT

    May I suggest a thread just for the incident and the misguided hate and legitimate criticism that is sure to follow? When Garrett gets his 10 games people will want to vent and complain that it is too much/not enough.
  3. Eagles cut S Sendejo

    And he didn't. But, veterans are signed all of the time to elevate the respective units. He didn't. And he got cut. The signing was as good as could have been made at the time. That was my point. The Eagles signed a bunch of vets in 2017 and damn near every one worked out. You're not going to have that level of success forever. This one didn't work out in the long term, but he was decent in the first quarter of the season. Nobody expected him to come in and take over, just bolster the unit. And he wound up costing no draft picks to boot. The Eagles didn't "miss" on someone else who was an obvious long-term solution. "Thank you for your service." And don't give me any garbage about the Maddox injury. That was just football being football. That could have been anybody. It wasn't bad football. No harm, no foul.
  4. What to do about Myles Garrett

    10 games, into next season. You'll see Kaepernick on the field before Garrett.
  5. Eagles cut S Sendejo

    Meh, he was fair and worth the shot. He was also worth releasing at this point. I'll never understand why everyone got their panties in a bind over his signing. It wasn't like the Eagles missed out on someone better. He is also not the reason the Eagles are only 5-4.
  6. Should The Commish Punish This Behavior In A Dynasty League?

    What are anti-tanking rules, anyway? Do you tell an owner that he can't start Jaylen Samuels over James Conner because Conner is better? What if Samuels gets more carries? Maybe the Steelers are resigned to being out of the playoffs and aren't likely to give Conner as many carries. Maybe what is evident to them is not to us, ie. Conner is more injured than we though. What about Benny Snell? Let's say he has all three. Then what? (Don't even get me started on Trey Edmunds.) I mean, if the guy starts six guys, or even one, who is on IR and hasn't played and isn't going to play, fine. Censure him. But, in most circumstances it has to be hella-obvious, like starting Peyton Barber over Christian McCaffrey. Even then, though, in the first meeting between TB and CAR, McCaffrey was outscored by Barber by over eight points. Maybe that is his logic in game two. Or maybe he just doesn't want to win. Who really knows? But, even obvious may not be that obvious. Furthermore, there will be a game in the NFL in week 16 where some team who is hopelessly out of the playoffs meets a team jostling for a bye. Somebody good will sit. Someone else will excel. That is football. We play fantasy football. Also, what is he really going to get? It is as much about in-season management as it is about the draft. Maybe he'll get Saquon Barkley. Maybe he'll get Ki-Jana Carter. If you are better than him, you'll still win.

    Huh? That wasn't an option.
  8. Ty Johnson?

    Walton for sure. Guice, maybe. That's a speculation in DC, but probably worth it given your roster. I have no idea what Johnson is or may be. Follow the news (Twitter) on that one.

    It is week 9 and I am in a 14 team league with a six man bench. That means I need to cut the Saints and pick up a defense. I may not get the Jets for whom I've claimed. They play Miami. I may not even want them upon further review. There are the Browns who play a new QB. That could spell disaster for the Broncos and a windfall for me. My fear is that the Denver playbook will be so simplified that it is a roll-over-and-die week. There are the Panthers. Every website has them ranked high, higher than any other consideration. I just don't get it, but I'm wrong like, 45% of the time. Finally, there are the Cowboys. The Giants have been regular contributors to defenses all year. But, the Giants aren't absolutely terrible like some of the other teams the Cowboys faced, including the week 7 Eagles. Four defenses. Vote for one this week or rank them, but just this week. I need this win in particular and I'm down pretty much everyone. Thanks.
  10. OK, how about substituting the players who will be in the game for the ones who won't and call it that. Whose fault is it that a starter goes down and some turd goes in? I mean, the Cowboys and the Eagles are teams. Nobody should be making excuses that Jerome Brown is dead. You play with the roster you've built. If it is top-heavy and are suspect beyond that, so be it. My God, football is hard and people get hurt. Carson Wentz got hurt and the Eagles won the Super Bowl. That was due to building a sustainable roster. There was no compensation for injury. If you win, you win. If you lose, you lose. Eat it.
  11. I hate the Pats; which is you personal hated rival?

    Um, easy, the Cowboys. Not only are they somehow in the NFC East, but they beat the hell out of us from my birth until 1978 and then again from 1992 to 1996. All the while they claimed to be "America's Team" and amassed a following of uneducated, mouthy pseudo-fans across the country (and the globe) who knew nothing of football except the star. Their fandom is a mile wide and an inch deep. Eagle fans bleed green. Cowboy fans don't bleed because they are sub-human and don't care when the Cowboys are bad. They also take every opportunity to tell you about their greatness, referring to things that happened before they were even born. They are the quintessential front-runners when they win. They are invisible when they lose. Cowboy blood is clear, like water. Now don't get me wrong. I know there are actual people in and around Dallas and they root for the Cowboys under any circumstance. But, they never disavow the weak-*** fans who support them in NY, NJ, DC, FL and all other locations who favor them on specious grounds. It is like when a political party turns a blind eye to the racists and miscreants who support a candidate on such dubious means, just to win an election. As a whole the Cowboy mentality lacks a certain moral character. Bad for football. Bad for America. The Patriots cheated. The Saints beat the Eagles, fair and square. But, the Cowboys cut a deal with the ignorant. This is why I hate the Cowboys most. Praise be to football. Amen.
  12. Is It Unethical To Tank In Fantasy Football?

    Tanking can be done ethically, but often is not. TAKE RITALIN NOW. I've been in leagues with all sorts of penalties and obstacles in place and leagues with nothing. The one league was a redraft league with a three strikes and you're banished rule for infractions like ... not starting a replacement for a guy who was declared inactive at the last minute. This was even enforced in superfluous playoff games (like the No. 9 team vs. the No. 10 team for 9th place). It was too much. I'd rather have no rules. However, this sort of thing goes on in redraft league when there is a charge for moves. For example a 2-9 team does not pick up a kicker for one with a week 12 bye to avoid paying $5. But, there are two 8-3 teams vying for their own byes and he is playing one of them. I am OK with a penalty, like a $10 fine. But, once you get into money it gets dicey. In keeper leagues everyone has the right to rebuild. Collusion is another story. There's a fine line between being able to prove collusion and just a rebuild. A good owner, particularly a new one to the league can successfully rebuild a team. You can't deny him that opportunity. Therein lies the problem with the veto rule. Owners likely to be impacted negatively by the trade are also likely to veto on selfish interests, not what is right or wrong. I had a trade vetoed on those premises once and vetoed every other trade for the rest of the year. I am petty jerk like that. Similarly, I am in a position now where the commissioner had to be given all of the veto power and we rely on his discretion for the reason above. (Fortunately, he's 0-6 and has no vested interest in the action of any other team unless it is unethical.) When I look at the scenario above, I see an owner who doesn't understand the value of draft picks. He is either overrating the picks or his own ability to draft. I mean, you even said it, he was lucky, not good. He continues to be not good. He should have gotten more from each trade. But, would you have been OK with that? Let's say Julio Jones and Pringle for Diggs, Williams and a 2 ..... and JJSS and Conley for Tate, Anderson and a 3. That trade may not provide a better keeper than the ones you listed. But, it is more equitable in the short term. His decision that it doesn't matter to net those other players is short-sighted from an aesthetic perspective, but he's right in that it doesn't matter. I'd rather have a steak dinner than Anderson and Williams. (Make sure he's not getting any steak dinners out of this.) If you can catch him at the steak house or with the bottle of bourbon, it's collusion and he should be censured. But, short of that, he just looks like a weak link of an owner. At the end of the day, there is ethical "tanking" and unethical "tanking." Rebuilding is not a crime. Also, making a great trade on one side and a terrible one on the other is part of the fun if you are on the right side of things. You can't hate on that. Anyone who colludes should be made to suffer, so long as it doesn't cost a good friendship. It is only fantasy football after all.
  13. A Look at our Draft History (and why we suck)

    I think you need to distinguish between the Kelly era and the Pederson era. The picks Kelly made were with a certain bias (Huff, Hart) and clearly set the Eagles back. But, Pederson has not been bad. 1) Wentz and Barnett are green, even though you mislabeled one. 2) As for Jones, the jury is out, but skeptical. They got him there because of injury and then misplaced him in the slot. I'll give him another year in yellow to get to green. 3) Douglas is not a starter at this point even though he starts. His yellow needs to go green, but he needs to be matched against bigger receivers, not faster ones. Seumalo is OK. He may still improve. Also, he may be better at C. Hold tight on this one. 4) Pumphrey is a bust. Hollins is about what you'd expect from a 4th round WR, no love, no hate, yellow forever. 5) Vaitai and Gerry are serviceable. I was wrong on Gerry, but he took time to develop. Smallwood is barely a yellow, not a green. Gibson is the turd I said he was, but sometimes you just draft speed. 6) Countess and Qualls are borderline NFL players. You'd hope to hit on one of those picks, but it is the 6th round. 7) Mills has been solid when healthy. Walker was OK before the injury, but what do you want? McAllister had the speed, but not the "appetite" for the game. He's kinda what you get at 240. Conspicuously absent are the subsequent drafts. You still have to judge them. You can't discount the potential and current contributions. Remember, the Eagles got contributions from rookies in the Super Bowl season. 2018) Goedert and Maddox can play despite being day 2 and 3 picks respectively. Sweat, Pryor and Mailata have flashed. Jury out. 2019) Dillard and Sanders look like bona fide NFL starters. Arthega-Whiteside and Miller need time to get up to speed. Thorson was bad, somewhere between CFL and UPS bad. This regime needs to be distinguished from the previous one. The Eagles are not the Redskins where you can delineate the woes of the franchise to a singular point. I am OK with the current course, but it will take time to recover from mistakes of the past. That's just how it works. Some patience is required. Frankly, I'm more concerned with the play calling and the use of personnel than the talent evaluation. Compare the last four Eagles' drafts to any team in the NFL and they are pretty much par for the course.
  14. Eagles release LB Zach Brown

    Deone Bucannon anyone?