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  1. Nick's Draft Week Mock Draft!

    I think you nailed it on MIller. He's more than a slot who can play the slot. His low end is Jason Avant. His high is Doug Baldwin. He will need a QB, though otherwise you'll get a lot of Avant.
  2. NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread #WinItAll4theHAUL

    So what's the point of saying that? I wanted to ask Natalie Portman to the prom, but she didn't go to my school and I'm twice her age. And now I'm implying that I almost hit that. Weak. For the record, this year's crop for me includes James Daniels, James Daniels, James Daniels, Anthony Miller, Josey Jewell, Kenny Young, Phillip Lindsay and Nate Wozniak. If they could swing a portion of those six, even with a trade or two, I'd be ecstatic.
  3. Howie Simulator April 2k18: A Draft Game

    They love the punter they have now. There won't be one drafted. They'll sit at 32 until anyone they like, mostly James Daniels, gets picked. Then they will try to trade down. Bet.
  4. The Draft Game We Play Every Year

    I so hope they draft a kicker named Hugh Jass. I'll buy you a cruise to the Isle of Cape Horn.
  5. Howie Simulator April 2k18: A Draft Game

    I though what a good idea it would be to use a time machine. But alas, my flux capacitor is in the shop. I would have suggested going back to 2012 and using the 7th round draft pick used on Bryce Brown in a trade. I would have shipped it to the Seahawks for a 2013 6th. Then I would have converted my IRA to bitcoin. I would then have flipped that for a 2014 5th from Washington. And I would have gone to the other party on New Year's Eve that year, too. The 2014 5th would have been swapped for a 2015 4th from Chicago or Tennessee. I would also have declined coffee and crabs from Jennifer that summer. The 4th would then be sent to Dallas for a 2016 3rd. Then I would have gone to Thailand instead of Australia. I thought I weighed the pros and cons, but Thailand had way more pros ... and ..... That 3rd would beget me a 2017 2nd from the Jets. My parking ticket would have pizaid right quick. Then the old Jets 2nd would be moved across town to the Giants for a 1. That 1 would be used on Quentin Nelson. And voila, using patience I converted a 7 to a 1. I started this trusty process in each successive draft, as well. There are multiple 1's to come. Also, this kind of explanation is probably why Howie keeps deleting my emails.
  6. Howie Simulator April 2k18: A Draft Game

    Nick Foles is traded to the Brady-less Patriots for the Patriot's 1 and 2. The Eagles combine both their 1 and The Pat's 1 to San Diego for a 1 and a 3. 1 - At 17th in the 1st round the Eagles take James Daniels. If you even remotely understand how the NFL works and how Howie is this is brilliant. The Eagles flip the center position over the next two years and save $10M with an 'equal to or better than' player. 2 - Anthony Averett The addition of the 3rd changes the dynamic and there are other receivers in the tier to which the Eagles have access. Even if Miller is available, there will be no more pro-ready slot corners. 3 - TreQuan Smith This is what you get for passing on Miller. Not ready, but not too shabby. Also, Jewell is gone. 4 - Troy Apke 4 - Hercules Mata'afa 5 - Phillip Lindsay 7 - Nate Wozniak Now probably and I mean prolly, like the SAT's, none of the above will happen. So .....
  7. Howie Simulator April 2k18: A Draft Game

    It is just a simple trade down ... 1 and 6 to Buffalo for the Ram's 2 and the Brown's 3. 2 - Anthony Miller 3 - Josey Jewell 4 - Troy Apke 4 - Hercules Mata'afa 5 - Phillip Lindsay 7 - Nate Wozniak This is unless Tom Brady sees the photoshopped images I sent him of Bill Belichick and Giselle and Brady decides to retire, in which case .....
  8. 2018 Schedule Released...16 Ws / 0 Ls

    L W W W W W W L W W W W L L W W
  9. The Draft Game We Play Every Year

    Cavon Walker? Kenny Young? Raising my PJ Hall to BJ Hill? From an Orstraylian? Good on ya'!
  10. NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread #WinItAll4theHAUL

    I picked your response on which to reply because I wanted to comment on Marcus Peters. Had the Eagles re-signed Jeremy Maclin the Chiefs may have chosen Agholor, leaving Peters to the Eagles. I am a Pac-10 guy, so I saw them both play a lot as I am also a night owl. I wanted Peters, but ...... my overall comment is that it is amazing how everyone wanted someone who is great now. "Yeah, I wanted to vote for Jesus. I totally scrolled it everywhere, but the scrolls got destroyed." I have nailed a few and missed a few. I am pretty close to 50/50. I mean, yeah, I'll probably never shut up about how I was the ONLY one who LOVED Russell Wilson. But, I also beat the drum and danced to my own beat when the Eagles took Riley Cooper, Daniel T'eo Nesheim, Marvin McNutt and Winston Justice. We should have re-draft threads and lock them like time capsules. My truth can't compete. Finally, Trivia: Prior to Brian Dawkins in 1996, who was the last Hall of Fame player drafted by the Eagles?
  11. It's back. So, you think you know anything about Doug Pederson? You probably don't. See how close you can come to reading his mind. Players count, rounds are unimportant. ALL ENTRIES DUE BY WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2018 AT MIDNIGHT EST 'Cause I said so. Rules: 1 ) Pick up to three players per position. 2 ) Rank them first, second and third by the order in which you place them. 3 ) If you do not think the Eagles will take a player at that position use 10 dots to represent that. You can do this in either first, second or third position.....or not at all. If you believe the Eagles won't draft a player at a position you may as well only leave the first spot blank as it will only score once. If you get two players right at a position, however, they will both count. 4 ) 5 points will be awarded if the Eagles select your player (or not if you use the dashes) in the first position. 5 ) 3 Points will be awarded if the Eagles select your player (or not if you use the dashes) in the second position. 6 ) 1 Point will be awarded if the Eagles select your player (or not if you use the dashes) in the third position. 7 ) If a player plays two positions they will only count once, so only pick them once. Duplicates will disqualify both picks. 8 ) If a player plays two positions and both you and the Eagles select them they count in full towards your total even if the Eagles announce they will be playing a different position so long as they play a logically connected position. ie. You can draft Holton Hill at either S or CB, but not at kicker. My call. Also, there is only LB, not OLB and ILB or, god forbid, MIKE, SAM and WILL. The same goes for safety, etc. 9 ) Deductions: No damn pictures (-25 points penalty per pic). You must have at least six selections in the first column, one per pick - as of today (-25 points penalty per incident). 10 ) No editing posts. Repost only before the due date. Edited posts will be disqualified. So, take your time. You have about a week. - In case of a tie, select the school from which Mr. Irrelevant will be drafted. It is not necessary to name a player, but you can if you want to do so for bragging rights. Town-to-town proximity (main or specified campus) from your pick's school to Mr. Irrelevant's school (in miles) will decide. The first to select without re-posting gets the tie breaker, so read through and pick a different school, idiot. Also, no points for UDFA signings, but bragging rights do apply. Winner gets nothing. Here is a template you can cut and paste so that the entries are uniform. Use the dashes to separate the three picks underneath the heading. I will fill out mine first as an example. Good luck! ________________________________________________________________________________ QB - - RB - - WR - - - TE - - OT - - OG - - C - - DE - - DT - - LB - - CB - - S - - K - - P - - ______________________________________________________________ QB .......... - Kyle Lauletta - Lamar Jackson RB Akrum Wadley - Mark Walton - Phillip Lindsay WR Javon Wims - Daurice Fountain - .......... TE Durham Smythe - Chris Herndon - .......... OT .......... - Jordan Mailata - Jamil Demby OG .......... - Matthew Gono - Dejon Allen C .......... - James Daniels - Tony Adams DE .......... - Bilal Nichols - Hercules Mata'afa DT .......... - PJ Hall - Christian LaCouture LB Darius Leonard - Jermaine Carter - .......... CB Tremon Smith - Malik Reaves - Donte Jackson S Jeremy Reaves - Justin Reid - Damon Webb K .......... - Michael Badgley - Griffin Oakes P .......... - Ryan Anderson - Ryan Winslow Tie Breaker: Kansas State (Byron Pringle, WR)
  12. The NFC East Thread

    Dez Bryant is "washed up" as a #1, $10M+ WR1. But, does he know that? Therein lies the problem. He's a Super-2 if he will take WR2 money. Where can a WR2 get WR1-2 money, though, especially now? Dallas did him wrong. He should have been cut before the caps were drained. - A one year deal with SF, incentive laden? - To SEA on a back-loaded contract which would never be fulfilled? - NE sponsors a hope to go to the Super Bowl in deference to a discount? His options are limited.
  13. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Amen. It means he's not good enough to carry on the roster as a potential distraction. Think of it in terms of girls. Of course you'd let her do that, but would you reciprocate? x2? Would you date her? Would you marry her? Kaepernick is looking for more that he brings to the equation.
  14. I worked with Cataldi's daughter. She acted as if you needed to be screened to even speak with her. (That may have actually applied to me.) But, she was a "b" with a capital "c" to everyone else, too. She married the top sales guy who made not just "cheddar," but cheeses you couldn't even pronounce ... at the time. The bottom dropped out of the mortgage industry, so I guess now she's banging a lawyer who's chasing the money that Donnie (the ex) doesn't have. She's a hack, so is he (Cataldi). Also, I think Morganti is funnier (in real time, rehearsed or not). As for Eskin, his schtick is to be the anti-Philly guy. He plays the villain well. He also looks ridiculous in a fur coat, but wears it to taunt. I once saw a sign at a car wash that said: CAR WASH --- Notre Dame Fans: $5.99 Miami Fans: $9.99 Howard Eskin: $99.99 Plus *&^%$#@! Tax His personal transgressions mean nothing to me, however, he is still just a caricature. The funny thing is that the Burger King guy looks just like him. I don't feel one way or the other about him. He's like a HJ. It's not what you really want, but it will do in a pinch. The best radio host ever is Jodie Mac. He's everybody's goombah. Also, he's fair and logical. I bartended his daughter's Christening. He was decent about it ($). The problem is that he's a NY fan at heart. If he could relocate his heart he'd be a God here. But, alas, he wants to be Yul Brynner.