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  1. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Eno Benjamin
  2. Ranking the (B)East - OT - Second Starter

    What is obvious is that Jason Peters is a Hall of Fame tackle. Period. And while he's missed nine games after turning 30, he spread them over six seasons. He's better than Lane Johnson. He's better than Trent Williams. He's arguably better than Tyron Smith and it is a legitimate argument. I am not sure about the criteria for voting. Peters is the best tackle in the division for one game or one season. After that, maybe not. But, he's been totally sold out just because his successor is in place. I'd take Smith or Williams over Johnson. But, not over Peters. The Eagles have the luxury of starting Johnson on the right because of Peters. Johnson gets love for that, but it is Peters who makes it a reality. Johnson hasn't done it on the left side through no fault of his own. T1: Peters - Martin - Kelce - Scherff - Smith T2: Williams - Hernandez - Frederick -Brooks - Johnson Please forgive any out of position lineman. I think they are all competent to switch if necessary.
  3. How will the dynasty end?

    Everything ends the same way ..... with a whimper. Brady will retire or, God forbid, hang on too long and be replaced by a QB who is good, but only 85% of what Brady is (That's like, everybody.). I envision little kids in Boston praying, "God bless Mommy and Daddy and please let Tom Brady retire." Belichick will fail to change at some point and the game will pass him by and he will still insist on his way. "Rosebud, Rosebud, Rosebud." he'll say. "We should have drafted Rosebud!" The Dolphins, the Bills and even the Jets will make some savvy picks in the draft and the division will turn upside down. The Patriots will look up ..... and whimper. This is the way things end. Back to the percocets.
  4. Ranking the (B)East - OG - Second Starter

    Big ups to this GIF, governor. I voted Scherff.
  5. 2010 1st Round OT Anthony Davis seeks reinstatement

    I heard UPS may have layoffs.
  6. Best Qb,Rb,Receiver tandem in the east

    Don't the Cowboys have Jason Witten and Randall Cobb?
  7. So, do we start a new Blake Countess thread or reinvigorate the one from three years ago?
  8. Eagles sign LB Zach Brown

    Kamu Grugier-Hill is an ascending talent. He could be a real contributor. Nathan Gerry is a failed hypothesis. Or maybe he stuck around just long enough to get good as a Deone Bucannon type. Bradham, Brown, Grugier-Hill, Fort, Edwards/Worrilow and Alfari at LB? With Edwards maybe on PS or Worrilow cut.
  9. Exactly. Read the quote to which I responded. I'll save you the reading. It said that he was better in the full time role. But, those numbers only reflected volume, not efficiency. My point was that he's best in a smaller role.
  10. It is a week later and not enough has been said about how the Eagles rooked the Texans to get Dillard. Yeah, I know, it may work out in the other direction with Howard being better player, but c'mon. The Texans wanted Dillard and were salivating over him. The Eagles were the boss and got Dillard, widely regarded as a better player. The pick is nothing without the trade. While it may not ultimately work out that way it was not only the right move at the time, it was superior. Hindsight is irrelevant. A+
  11. Only in terms of volume. Otherwise, his per touch was higher as a #2. I still view him as a complementary back
  12. 5.158 Michael Jackson, CB - Miami

    I firmly believe the Eagles would have taken him a few picks later.
  13. Draft Room - Day 2

    The real problem with just five picks is that there is little margin for error. It is great if everyone works out, but they won't. Dillard and Thorson don't look to be immediate contributors, except that Dillard should see limited snaps with hopes of future greatness. Miller and Aecega-Whiteside look to be nominal contributors in rotational roles with some upside. Miller looks to max out as a rotational player, even if he contributes immediately. The Eagles need one, if not two, of the UDFA's to pan out, Edwards being the most likely. That doesn't make it a bad draft, just one with limited immediate and potential future impact. B-
  14. He is only like Ingram in the way that he needs a better back to make him truly effective.
  15. OK, wayyy too dark. It wasn't just my old eyes, either. I couldn't tell who was killing who or which dragon was which. Also, why didn't anyone important die except for a couple of Mormonts. I mean, Samwell Tarley was dead to rights about 15 times. He reminds me of Johnny L********, a friend (actually associate) of mine, who owed money to the mob. You couldn't stand next to him for fear of catching a bullet. How did Arya get to the tree undetected? It would have made sense if she had attacked wearing a face of the dead and then stripped it off. They missed an opportunity. So, what did the Night King want with Bran anyway? That wasn't really explained. And why don't Night Kings burn? All of the other dead did. Why did all of the military geniuses send in the cavalry first without ariel cover other than trebuchets? They had bloody dragons. Similarly to an earlier point, where did everyone else come from? The moment someone was trapped, another appeared to save them from nowhere. Classic deus ex machina. Why did they need the sorceress to light the trenches? It took ten minutes. Given the protection, I could have done it with a Zippo ..... or 20 torches. Hell, Omar from "The Wire" could have done it with his d***. And if Tyrion was so smart, how did he not see the dead rising from the crypt in advance. He came up short on that one. Finally, this Saturday there's a special "This Old House," Winterfell. WTF?