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  1. Why didn't they just cut to the chase and trade him to UPS?
  2. John Oliver? The man who has forsaken his native netball and badminton for the NY Mets? You quote him?
  3. Meh, making into my list is like making into the phone book.
  4. Dunno, is this guy any good? I tried to watch game film on YouTube, but all it had was him kissing kittens and talking politics. Not sure about this guy. He looked pretty sober.
  5. Dillard will be fine in the long run. He wasn't a top 10 pick. He needed some time. He'll be the next Anthony Castonzo, but sooner.
  6. Reagor isn't better than Hopkins, but he is cheaper and with the impending salary cap doom, he is a necessary substitution. Ward wasn't ready all season. He may have been ready sooner, but not in tune with Wentz. WR's take time to acclimate. That doesn't mean he couldn't have come on a couple of weeks earlier, but not much.
  7. It's an old joke. They say that you win a Toyota. But, they really say toy Yoda. People get super excited ..... and sue.
  8. 1, 2, 3, 4 In one week she'll want to move in and you'll let her. In two weeks she will decide that she's meant to be a vegan, and so are you. In three weeks she will tell you that she is now a fan of the "funny hats" (Bengals) and you need to root for them because "You never support me in anything I do!" In three-and-a-half weeks the sex stops over your lack of concern of global warming, Bernie Sanders, wage inequality, stray kittens and such. In four weeks you will be asking about the availability of my couch.
  9. No, this is spot on. I made a post adjustment to allow Reagor. He couldn't be taken elsewhere and was available. There was enough chatter about him to say he was a viable pick there.
  10. You need to move Prince up or out. You have him in the same spot as the Eagles. Not allowed, Howie said so.
  11. You took Driscoll and Hightower in the same spots as the Eagles. You need to move them up or move them out. Note: I decided to allow Reagor at 1 across the board. He may actually have been your choice.
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