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  1. Boone did play well enough to keep his job imo. But maybe not well enough to justify his pay, so they asked him to take a pay cut. He said "nope" and they said "bye".
  2. Panphile is fine as a utility guy, but not as a starter. Same with Dotson. Sweezy wasn't very good in Seattle, but they paid him so he's staying put. That leaves LG and RT and RT that I want to see upgraded before Smith, unless they can get a stud and flip Smith over to RT where I always felt he belonged.
  3. Joe's not really a physical player at all, so I could see considering him finesse. Not soft, but a positioning/technique guy.
  4. Smith doesn't concern me nearly as much as everybody else other than Marpet.
  5. Wut? Zeitler is a damn goon out there, and I'm not sure I'd call Bitonio finesse. He's got a bit of an edge to him.
  6. I'd pick up Hodges just as an FU to the Vikings.
  7. They're starting ElfLord at guard? Ffs.
  8. As long as he's cool with being an interior reserve, then it's a good move.
  9. Looking forward to checking in on this thread from time to time. Hopefully, it's better than that disgrace on btsc.
  10. Good news for Bodymore. I enjoy the season more when the Ravens are good. And when you kick the stuffing out of the Tomlisbergers.
  11. If I'm not mistaken, the Steelers tried to get in on Ward, too. All around a win for the Bucs imo. Nice work fellas, now sweep the Panthers this year plz.
  12. Lol. Rosen doesn't want to play the 2nd half so he's pretending he has an ouchie.
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