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  1. (Name 'Em) 2019 Overrated, Underrated, & Avoid 'Em Prospects

    Yeah, I didn't really get the chance to study the QBs this year beyond just general game watching during the season, but it's been interesting hear opinions on them and how different one is from the other. Beyond the Cardinals It's crazy b/c I have no clue where any of the QBs are going b/c they are such hard projections; I don't know if I can recall another year such as this one where going into the draft I think the QBs all could fall to late round one with teams like Washington, the Giants, or the Broncos deciding to opt to select non-QBs to build their rosters. I hadn't heard the drug concerns or coachable concerns with Tillery. Will be interesting to see where he gets drafted come draft day.
  2. (Name 'Em) 2019 Overrated, Underrated, & Avoid 'Em Prospects

    Interesting. I haven't watched much of Nelson as the Browns don't play a 34, but I've heard great things. I wonder if he'll be the first 5-tech off the board or if teams would rather take Zach Allen and convert him to 34 DE. With Murray, where do you see the risk mostly? Is it his size in terms of weight and body composition leading to injury and durability issues? His height? His general play ability? Or instead that the risk is that he'll go back to baseball?? Height doesn't worry me nor does play ability with Murray, but I'm concerned about his body composition and size. He weighed similar to Russell Wilson but their bodies at the same weight were completely different as Murray was at his upper limit to get to that weight and Wilson had to strain to lose 12 pounds to get to that weight. With Collier, I think all his limitations are minimized by moving him inside to 3-tech and allowing him to win with quickness of hands and technique. His weaknesses on the outside as DE are apparent, but imo he could be a strong situational interior pass rusher where his lack of elite speed and quickness on the outside is still better than most DTs on the inside.
  3. (Name 'Em) 2019 Overrated, Underrated, & Avoid 'Em Prospects

    Savage for sure. His big explosive plays make up for the big misses, and I think it'll be the same way in the pros as his love for the game and competitive fire will hopefully see him avoid the big whiffs or misses more so than he did in college. A lot of rare ability for coaches to work off of. I'm right there with you on Jawaan Taylor as I think he has a weak anchor and often once DTs get into him instead of anchoring or going head up staying square with the DTs he opens the gate with his hip giving DEs/DTs shorter distance, more direct, and easy paths to the QB pressure or pocket disruption. It's a cardinal sin in OLine play to open one's shoulders and hips toward the sideline instead of staying square. It's more than a technique thing with him (although I he'll get better with pro coaches) it has more to do with core strength, hip flexibility, and willingness to fight. He's a nice prospect in the late teens or 20s, but not the consensus top 8 player many say he is, especially with the likely players to be on the board at that pick.
  4. (Name 'Em) 2019 Overrated, Underrated, & Avoid 'Em Prospects

    Hakeem Butler is polarizing for sure. Important questions: What were the nature of his drops? Is he a natural hands catcher of the ball? What of his hand positioning and hand strength? I and many others have asked that question and found the answer to be that the vast majority were concentration drops w/ many be of the "turning up the field before seeing the ball in variety." Look ... his drops cannot be ignored nor can they be undervalued, but they do not represent the entirety of WR play evaluation. What of some other dimensions of wide receiving skill ... route running against man versus zone, the ability to beat press, body-control, route awareness, combat catching ability, ability to separate with burst/quickness/or route savvy, deep ball tracking ability,does the WR attack the ball?, does he make big catches on big catches in big moments?, etc... Along such dimensions of WR play, Hakeem Butler is at the top or near the top of this WR class. Don't be mistaken though, I'm not saying he's an elite natural catcher of the ball just that he's solid to good with work to do. There are WRs that drop the ball b/c they can't catch, it's like they fight the ball and there are WRs that have too many concentration and poor technique drops that can catch the ball naturally. Corey Davis coming out of WMU had a lot of drops (16 drops.over 3 years; Butler was targeted a lot less but had 11), but Davis still went top 5 and has been an impact player for the Titans despite a underpowered passing attack. Here's Greg Cosell's evaluation of Butler with the drops as a negative but there is just so much more. He's got elite body control, hip fluidity, and is a loose athlete for such a big WR:
  5. 2019 Draft Prospects

    The CB was Kyron Brown. Yeah man... George Aston is the truth.... Lol... revolutionize he shall..., but I'd rather go Trevon Wesco and have a bigger H-Back that can basically function as an OLineman, lead block like a FB, and win mismatches in the passing game due to size and strength. TEs like that and FB vie for the same roster spots, but I think Aston over Wesco or Sweeney has tremendous special teams ability... which is a make or break type of thing for a FB1 or TE3/HB
  6. (Name 'Em) 2019 Overrated, Underrated, & Avoid 'Em Prospects

    Indeed. I agree; Layne and Campbell are position converts and it will take time. A lot of great picks on your underrated players list. Elgton Jenkins and Chris Lindstrom are going to solve a lot of problems for an OLine. Hakeem Butler is another seriously underrated player that I wonder if he goes mid-1st suggesting that personnel execs were high on him all along. CGJ is a really solid player. Will Grier is a hard one for me in terms of if he can be a franchise guy. What are your thoughts on Grier in terms of 1.) Do you think his career could be better than an Andy Dalton type "franchise QB," and 2.) Do you think it's close between Grier and Lock or Haskins? I've done some digging on TIllery and I think his consistency throughout this past year as a 3-tech was substantially improved and the "character" concerns stemmed from anger issues that have been worked on to positive effect as he became a leader a ND this year. I expected to see just a guy or a lazy player but by game 7 I saw so much consistency in technique, power, violent/heay hands, and even effort in the 4th quarter. His 2018 tape was so good to me and makes him underrated imho.
  7. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    " Scoreboard ... Scoreboard... " Well schucks... that's all you had to say... he did all that championship stuff huh... well excuse me.. I do declare... Guess we shouldn't criticize him for David Griffin who also has a ring leaving or any of those other players with rings leaving or any of that other stuff either b/c of his amazing job he's done with Lebron for 11 years in the past and continues to do. And the Rocket Mortgage Field house has undergone so many beautiful improvements and renovations via 105.5 million dollars of our tax dollars no one voted for. You've convinced me; we should build a statue for Dan Gilbert and silence all criticism. Bring on Rick Pitino...
  8. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I'm loving Lil'Jordan Humphrey, WR Texas slow but he is strong, fluid after the catch and is a tough football player that is sure handed with tremendous ball skills. It would be hard to find a spot on this roster for his skill set given the slow cant really separate on the boundary, sure handed, great ball skills WR in Jarvis Landry is already on our roster. Rashard Higgins also offers more boundary route versatility than Lil'Jordan. I'd love for Humphrey to add weight and become a TE.
  9. (Name 'Em) 2019 Overrated, Underrated, & Avoid 'Em Prospects

    I think Gary is better than Gholston but get your point ... Mr. Rodgers sweater is hanging up there in the indoor train station in the sky for all time. So, do you have any players of your own that you believe are Overrated, Underrated, or think teams should avoid for whatever reasons? Or no.. you love every guy like Gruden in the broadcast booth? I did talk about where I'd slot Montez Sweat (in the OP I said mid to late 2nd not top 10 aka he's overrated); Greedy Williams (I said mid 3rd to early 4th not top 20 as he's often discussed therefore he's overrated imo); Parris Campbell (In the OP I said early 3rd to early 4th not late 1st or early 2nd as he's discussed in the draftnik world) ); No but seriously I hear some of your other points in a sense... I thought it would be readily apparent that I was wondering about peoples' overrated, underrated, players to avoid in the general sense not team-centric per se but that "I want my team to stay away from this player" as in " I think think our team and others should avoid this player for blah blah blah reasons." I wouldn't post a question intended for Browns fans only in the general NFL Draft forum and I thus framed the main OP question and title in the general sense as in "Please list your Underrated Prospects; your Overrated prospects you've evaluated during the draft process..." etc not mentioning anything about specific this or that... I did change "players you want your team to stay away from" to "players to avoid" since that was confusing to read and took out the paranthesed extra info about the Browns on the "players to avoid" list at the end.
  10. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Rick Pitino? That came out of nowhere...
  11. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Absolutely agree. I definitely hear you on the tribe man. The baseball team's decisions to readily move great players (So long Lindor soon smdh) hurts bad.... real bad. Unlike Baseball where there is a chance to take a shot at winning or compete to win every 6-7 years or so with lower salary commitments a la money-ball analytics-driven roster building Basketball is a 1 to 2 star player game money making monster, beyond reported revenue sport where having one of the nba greats on one's team at that time required an owner to maximally spend to compete with the nba team landscape. I've said it before... if a person makes $30,000 a year, 2.7% of that is $810; if a person makes $60,000 a year, 2.7% of that is $1,620; if a person has $6,000 million dollars, 2.7% of that is $162 million dollars which is approximately equal to the cavaliers highest payroll+luxury tax+expenditures. So, in comparative dollars, if Dan Gilbert made $30,000 a year he in effect paid $810 annually that year for the right to own the Cavaliers and all the economic, political, and social power and unreported $profits that comes with when owning a sports team's primary value to billionaires in their own words is not the profit of the team, but is more so about " the Power it bestows over the City's business and political machine and all decisions that flow from them." So, I'm not all that appreciative of Dan Gilbert spending given the circumstances of Lebron being on the team in that nba landscape. Spending money was the easier automatic decision that any NBA owner would've done in the same situation as part of the rules of engagement to maintain brand prestige/commitment. The issue is would any of the good to great owners torpedoed our basketball operations and personnel departments and disgruntled star players? Maybe some would but probably not...most are more prudent than that... that's why anything everything Dan Gilbert is trash and he deserves more criticism than praise by a massive margin.
  12. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    When Kolby gets fired in 3 years to meet the every 4 year GM firing "this is normal we're a great organization don't remember that we had Kyrie and Lebron and essentially fired the only GM to bring a modern day Championship to the City (David Griffin; Assist GM Trent Redden leaving after) b/c of power tripping " press conference, there will still be those " Gilbert should be applauded for spending so much money into the luxury tax for the championship (even though it was literally a drop in the bucket and the community subsidizes his wealth" Dan GIlbert stans willing and ready to fondle his nether region at a moments command. He has so much power in the political machine and media machine in Cleveland no journalist ever really challenge how terrible of an owner he is... no papers will run the stories.. it's a damn shame. The Kolby Altman intro presser after the Kyrie Trade... losing Lebron .. and firing David Griffin was shameful for the media as they were all too scared to raise any serious questions about the seismic change that had taken place that began with Gilbert not paying assistant coaches until the day of training camp and pestering and undermining David Griffin via his own trade calls incessantly 3 seasons prior til the present day. And the buffoon wanted to compete for playoffs this year and ruin our lottery pick .. we were never going to compete for the playoffs, but if our roster stayed healthy we would've likely lost our pick back to Atlanta having no real piece to build with on a below average team.
  13. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I'm in love with the blocking of Trevon Wesco, TE West Virginia, as well as Tommy Sweeney, TE Boston College. Sweeney is the lesser blocker but has tremendous body control and ball skills. Both move like molasses, but between them and Isaac Nauta I think one of them would be the perfect in-line blocking TE. Blocking-wise it's Wesco, Sweeney then Nauta .... Pass catcher-wise it's Nauta, Sweeney then Wesco. Sign me up for Sweeney as the preference then the others in the 6th round if not our last 5th round depending on who's on the board.
  14. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Love almost every one of these picks. Adderley, Bunting, Daley, and Davis are great value picks. Daley has swing versatility like Davis and their pairing as picks would give us a lot of versatility in personnel. Bunting would be great value in the 5th. Limitations to his game are real but he has a lot of star impact upside that he may reach by year 3. To be honest, I haven't watched Jamal Davis at all. A friend told me to watch him and one of their CBs who has a draftable grade but I never got around to it. How good is he? I like the grit and toughness and intangibles of TJ Edwards is great but I think his movement skills limit him to Inside LB and likely in a 34-defense. I've warmed up to Cashman game, but I wonder if he has the length to play OLB in our scheme. Maybe drafting him would see us move Schobert to OLB given his length and instincts for pass rush on the outside from his wisconsin and 34 days letting Cashman work at the inside.