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  1. I wonder how realistically better this would make the defense. Is it like a 2 to 3 win type of thing? Does he become the straw that stirs the drink that frees up our inside rush and outside rush or at least allow Myles to do so? A lot of people say his game fell off in terms of disruption ability and he's lost a lot of juice, but I don't know how true or not that is. It feels like it could be a game changer and worse case a net positive, but I just don't know. I know the physical is holding teams up, but I wonder what the Browns would be willing to give him. Clowney isn't the leader Olivier is ... he'd also probably come with it least 2 years of money commitments and wouldn't create a compensatory pick like Olivier might at year's end. The nerds might favor those things as Clowney given the wear and tear he's sustained due to playing the game means he isn't a real longterm solution most likely.
  2. It's bizarre and/or doesn't make sense likely b/c you don't belong to those groups or have many friendships or depthful interactions with people in those groups who could help you see things from the sight lines they might see things from. Some things no matter how intellectually capable someone is just can't be grasped without 1.) Being willing to assume a person/people groups isn't just whining, playing victim, or delusional when they discuss their experiences (not saying this is your perspective but often others'), and 2.) Realizing some knowledge bases can't be understood without asking if a person with first-hand experience could describe what things are like from their eyes. Two different examples may paint the picture better (they may not) regarding the word: 1.) Think about what a vaccine is intended to do (i.e., Take something dangerous, lethal, and harmful; weaken it then inject its weaker, controllable form into the body so the body can build up a defense and resistance to the harmful thing in such a way that when the body encounters that dangerous, lethal, and harmful thing in its true dangerous form it doesn't cause the pain, harm, or terror that it might have if the body didn't have experience with it in a controlled form before. Such is the n-word for many African Americans. Adding an "a" to the end and changing the word is a manner of weakening its violent nature and prepares psychological defense and resistance to the words true form and to those who would wield it in violence. It's not just that word though, human beings of all races and ethnicities backgrounds use words and change their forms as ways to cope with their realities, especially when such realities involve psychologically traumatic and violent physical and psychological experiences past and present. It's more about how human beings use language than anything else. That's called the social inoculation function of language. 2.) During traveling Gladiator tour days, many enslaved gladiators played games of death during their down-time away from the terrors and death they confronted in the arena and coliseum. Some of such games have been popularized in films one of which being how Gladiators would play skill and chance games with poisonous snakes and other lethal poison creatures as if they were simply playing cards in their off time. When asked why they would do such a thing, I forget the exact phrase from a historiography text that I read years ago but the gladiator explained to the inquiring child what was akin to something like, Death controlled prevents night terrors before facing uncontrollable death the next day. That is, controlling something on your own terms that characterizes violence has psychological value so one isn't constantly thinking and traumatized by the death/violence/terror swirling around them or what they may face the next day in an uncontrollable world. Humans do a lot of things to distance themselves from the horrors and terrors of their reality; humans do various things to prepare defense and resistance from psychological and physical terrors in their reality. Language use both verbally and internally via the language use of the mind is one way of doing so. Games or dangerous leisure activities are another way. In both cases, they can be used to distance oneself from the traumas and terrors of present life. In the case of language and games, there then comes with it the aspect of fun and creative expression which is enjoyable as is the experience of mastering various language sets and playing with them as one sees fit be it coming up with in-group language/slang styles or group created games/leisure activities. Language and games also serve other functions for humans; language and games can serve multiple functions for human beings at the same time. From a distance, intellectualizing what seems to be another person/people group's experience of "getting upset over words" without taking into account the various blindspots involved in viewing things from a distance from the outside makes it so certain extra-personal experiences will never be fully understood. What's missed is that for people in these groups it's not about getting upset about "words attached to past, historical horrors" as you said that would be a unsavory remnant from a dead, primordial, and ancient time but instead they are words that are a small component of a wider, colossal, and complex system that not only existed in the past but has evolved, adapted, and violently extends to do its bidding in present day life with no apparent end in sight. It's easy for most people to grasp that such words preceded and/or threatened soon-coming violence in past eras (they still do so in present as well), but it's a lot more difficult to understand that there are new words, double-speak, and ways of referring to certain people and/or their claimed experiences that are as terrorizing to people in those groups as they ever been. Words are powerful. The words we tell ourselves about who we are and what we can do govern so much of who we are as human beings. When words aren't just words but describe real power dynamics and social hierarchies and social relations the words carry weight and aren't just empty language.
  3. One day we shall all return to the Nacuan Singularity of which all hitherto energy and states of being hath flown from.... In time, all will be revealed ... we are but the dreams of the Nacuan Oneness ... ashes to ashes ... nacua to nacua ... Pure Cheekian. TL;DR of course The following has been streamed straight from the Nacua Singularity Mind before Time .... Ebonics is referred to by those who speak as "a way of speaking" but the stuffy academic types and linguistics scientists now call it AAVE aka African-American Vernacular English. If one subscribes to "Redskin" is an honorary title, or is a part of the group(s) that mainly cites that as a defense, or cites the always available non-reality propaganda "poll says 10/10 [insert group name here] say they don't find [insert group caricature name here] offensive and they are beyond grateful for being called that word," or cites the "I'm a [insert group name here] and I am proud of being called [insert group caricature name here]" testimonial articles in the corporate toilet tissue rag "news" outlets then it speaks to being completely in a non-reality detached from the thinking reality such people in those groups are in-touch with. No concession needed and it's not another form of group language style/code as AAVE/"Ebonics" is an indigenous language and communication style mainly used by that group to communicate primarily with other group members. The Indigenous peoples' slang styles don't adopt or use "Redskin" as a word of honor or even as an altered/appropriated word to take the power and sting away from the original derogatory word by playing with an altered/safe/controlled version of it like many African Americans do when they appropriate the derogatory "n-word" and transform it to a word they control and can use on their own terms by adding an "a" at the end in primarily group based conversations in alignment with the inoculation purpose theory of language for minority communication styles discussed in the fields of semiotics and linguistics. TL;DR I call it how I see it ... Not long ago I saw it ... Ok..ok he doesn't go to the "torch lit ceremonies" but @penisies definitely knows people that do or people that are fond of such gatherings .. lol What a time ...
  4. Kai's true nature is the grand mystery.... the puzzle of our lifetime... My understanding is that Tae Davis was cut a la Carl Nassib cut aka the Giants drafted a guy higher and wanted to get him on the field after they saw what they liked in camp out of their guy Ryan Connelly. Connelly was their future and they went light numbers in the LB room to grow other positions. Also, Davis had a concussion and a knee injury and after playing well and the Giants didn't want to wait on an undrafted LB. Not sure why BJ Goodson was cut though. I don't feel good, but the synergy of play that Goodson and Davis found on the Giants where they're alternating cheeks and strengths covered for each other might help the Browns survive the season until such a time when we can draft, sign, or trade for a true LB high quality impact player. "People of color" acknowledges that someone is a person/human first and is on a different level than Redskins or Cleveland Chief Indian Redface Bugged Out Eyes Go Tribe. Sounds like bruce is gaining more humanity at the ripe age of 108. Regional Grandwizard @penisies no longer welcomes him to his "torch-lit" and "other objects on fire" gatherings. Bruce wouldn't go anyway. What a time...
  5. I've been meditating in the Quantum Realm on the nature of Kai Nacua and the context of Hue Jackson and Freddie Kitchens' struggles. Tae Davis was said to be Mike Preifer's favorite leader on the special teams unit last year and the catalyst for positive change via Preifer's own words who also stated that he had to fight to keep Davis solely on special teams. When I went back and watched Goodson, it was Tae Davis (who happened to be in his rookie year) who kept flashing over and over again. Mark my words on Mack.... Cheeks....
  6. 1.) Assuming there actually will be a season, Teller gets the nod as RG1 in camp, but Forbes beats him out by week 1. 2.) DPJ will be the starting big-slot. Taywon Taylor is an outside guy as is Damon Ratley. Higgins still has the ability but I wonder if the match-up issue that DPJ presents will win the day in terms of a slot role. 3.) Tae Davis at SLB// BJ Goodson at MLB // Mack Wilson at WLB will be our starting LBs if there is a season.
  7. I think both BJ Goodson and Tae Davis offer a surprisingly really good synergy on the field going back to their days starting for the Giants and that both will start this year for the Browns. They are puzzle pieces that fit in terms of play urgency, toughness, and masking each others deficiencies. Neither is a longterm solution in the slightest and can easily be upgraded. But for this year, they may fill in much needed gaps. To me, rookie seasons are rookie seasons and you can't judge a player too harshly based on rookie struggles; however, the evaluations of Mack Wilson as being a future quality starter for the Browns are truly puzzling to me. There are those of us that thought Mack Wilson was a steal in the 5th Round and there are those of us (like me) that thought he went exactly where his film suggested he should go. His greatest qualities are versatility and pass coverage ability. His worst qualities are a really bad slow mental trigger, poor instincts and technique against the run, and even poorer feel for the game in terms of run fits and getting off blocks with urgency. He has upside, but he's the not the building block that so many people make him out to be. He was awful his rookie season except for 1.) An unbelievable string of flashes and INTs in training camp, and 2.) Preseason flash plays. I wouldn't be surprised to see Tae Davis // BJ Goodson // Mack Wilson as the first starters that step out on the field. By year's end, I have a strong feeling that Sione Takitaki, Jacob Phillips, Jermaine Grace, or Willie Harvey will get the nod over Mack unless he completely overhauls his game. BJ Goodson probably has more staying power in terms of being a starter that can call the defense over Tae Davis who is the fuel to the Browns special teams improvement. I doubt based on mentality and game inexperience that Jacob Phillips sees the field this year. ---------------------------- Tae Davis' Rookie Year starting: ------------------------- BJ Goodson 2018
  8. As the season is not nigh and the draft season has ended, my final thought is that Andrew Berry and co. are going to make some move to boost the edge rushing room substantially between now and the start of the season. With that, thine long awaited internet hibernation and slumber begins.... If the great amnesia-ing or pandemic begin to take thee, pray thee King Nacua grant thee sweet rest or come to thine aid... if thee be a charlatan, then there is no saving thee ... and eat thee a big bag ... Until the season...
  9. @brownie man You do realize that we took Nick Chubb 35th Overall in the 2018 NFL Draft, right? And Kareem Hunt's likely gone next year, and the Browns have to decide if they're going to pay Nick Chubb top RB money? I also specified both Antoine Winfield Jr. and Denzel Mims as the #1 and #2 prospects I would've preferred the Browns select at the 44 follwed by #3 JK Dobbins, #4 Antoino Gibson, and #5 Jeremy Chinn. If you want to make it all about JK Dobbins suit yourself, but even in that way I've given plenty of reasons why taking Dobbins make sense in the 2nd at the 44th pick in the draft as I think he has top 5 RB in the league ability and would make a sustainable dynamic 1, 2 punch in a run heavy offense so that the wheels don't fall off of Nick Chubb and his former torn ACL knee doesn't get too many miles on it too soon. The "you can find a RB anywhere logic" is a misunderstanding of the analytical positional value argument on RB draft selection. You can't find Nick Chubb or Dalvin Cook or Christian McCaffrey anywhere. I had DeeJay Dallas and Joshua Kelley as the best RBs available after Dobbins. I love both of their games, but they're no JK Dobbins. Name me the RB that was "found anywhere" after Nick Chubb with his quality that was selected after him in 2018? In both 2018 and 2019, there were 32 RBs drafted after each draft's 35th pick none close to the level of Nick Chubb. My pre-draft evaluation and the pre-draft evaluation of many others have JK Dobbins as an even higher rated RB than Nick Chubb. Even I would've preferred the Browns go for a player at another position other than RB at the Grant Delpit pick, but in terms of immediate ability, upside, value and scheme fit if the Browns drafted JK Dobbins it would've been just fine and a really good selection even though it's not a "need."
  10. If you see the draft through the lens of Needs for the current year, then you're taking the worst approach to Draft Roster Building that there is. The idea that suggesting Dobbins as one of the better options in the 2nd is akin to OSU-homerism is ridiculous given Kareem Hunt's pending free agency and dependability/availability track record. Instead of jumping off the ledge in reaction, I made it very clear what my reasoning was for selecting imo more stable upside quality starters prospects like Antoine Winfield Jr., S Minnesota, Denzel Mims, WR Baylor, JK Dobbins, RB Ohio State, Antonio Gibson, PRB/WR Memphis, and Jeremy Chinn, S Southern Illinois (in that order) in the 2nd Round over a imo High High Ceiling Low Floor unstable production prospect like Grant Delpit. But let's address you're "BUT How could you say that when They won't play this year" perspective. I remember a time when people didn't want to draft a WR because "we already had Antonio Callaway," I remember when people didn't want to draft a LB or sign one because, "we already have Kirksey and Jamie Collins our depth is amazing at LB" Needs are fluid and highly changeable in the NFL. Kareem Hunt is headed for Undrafted Free Agency, even if he wasn't after years of off the field issues Kareem was pulled over in his own words in a bad emotional state drinking and smoking. Emotional instability off the field or troubles off the field often translate to dependability in the meeting room and on the field. Therefore, I don't know or trust if Kareem will be a reliable guy for the team even with the changes in the CBA that would cause the Browns investing moderately large dollars in him in the off-season if he has a big year. So, if Kareem leaves on his own accord b/c he wants a starting role or the Browns don't want to invest in him long-term, sustained winning teams benefit greatly from having multiple starter level quality RBs that can be swapped as change of pace RBs. At the end of the year, OBJ and Jarvis Landry are going to start calling for new money. Given their age range and injury history, the Browns might not be inclined to invest longterm in them the money that it will take. Therefore, it's highly plausible that either OBJ, Jarvis Landry, or both won't be the starting WRs in 2 years. Therefore, longterm quality starter prospects at WR like Denzel Mims and Antonio Gibson imo would've have been great options at 44. I also made the point that IF we wanted to go need at Safety, that in my opinion Winfield Jr. and to a much lesser extent Jeremy Chinn would've been better option. Even still, Delpit has a ton of upside and the pick has some logic to it though I would've preferred the Browns go in a different direction.
  11. Bob Sanders was a thumping safety from a different era. WInfield Jr. is more of a switchable chess piece in that he has tremendous ball-hawking range play-making ability but also thumps and range-destroys the running game when he decides to or is used in that role. Sanders never had the Free Safety ability Winfield Jr. has. Winfield Jr. had injury and medical concerns and the Bucs appear to see him more of the mismatch free safety type then just the "in the box, sacrifice your body" strong safety type. That could prolong his career and durability although he's really built like a tank.
  12. Here's my Draft: 1(10.) Jedrick Wills Jr., OT Alabama -- Excluding Chase Young, Wills was the number 1 player on my overall board. Home run selection. 2(44.) Antoine Winfield Jr., S Minnesota // Denzel Mims, WR Baylor // JK Dobbins, RB Ohio State // Antonio Gibson, PRB/WR Memphis // Jeremy Chinn, S Southern Illinois -- In a draft full of gambles, I can't bet on the volatility and variance of high high to low low play of Grant Delpit. To ignore the special and height of ability, is to be blind; To ignore the consistent severe issues over the course of the last 2 years, is biased selective information processing. He's boom-bust. Not only were there less variable immediate quality impact huge upside players on the board like JK Dobbins, Denzel Mims, and Antonio Gibson, there was a better and consistent albeit less physical tools Safety on the board in Antoine Winfield Jr. If we wanted to bet on a toolsy upside Safety, I think Jeremy Chinn even would've been a safer gamble with similar level of high payoff if the pick hits. If the Browns were set on going need and didn't want to invest in a RB or WR play-maker that wouldn't start now b/c of the current roster, I think that was the wrong approach as Dobbins, Mims, and Gibson are all going to be high level starters in a few years. Grant Delpit has unbelievable upside, but he's just too volatile imo to build around. 3(88.) Jordan Elliot, DT Missouri -- There was no higher rated player with the huge upside of Elliot on the board. Browns did well here. He had a knee that was flagged by some teams. I assume the Browns passed him or thought the medical risk was negligible in the 3rd round. He's a special pass rusher and has room to grow into a dominatn force against the run as well. Tremendous value selection. 3(97.) Troy Dye, LB Oregon // Jack Driscoll, OG/OT Auburn -- Jacob Phillips is a straight-ahead, linear, tight-hipped, occasional thumper, 34-ILB, tackling machine, with limited range, and even worse instincts and feel for pass coverage. He doesn't have the ability to cover the slot TEs or WRs; he doesn't have the instincts or know-how to turn his back in coverage or range move to cover a zone that's not right in front of his eyes. I don't see how the selection helps the Browns match-up with the Bengals coming spread or the Ravens TEs. The move might foreshadow a Browns scheme move to 34 in 2021. Everything Phillips lacks Troy Dye has. If not Troy Dye, Jack Driscoll would've been a great plug and play Guard with RT upside if/when Conklin leaves. The Phillips selection in the 3rd Round was puzzling, but maybe he has off the chart intangibles that I'm not taking into account. 4(115.) Harrison Bryant, TE FAU -- There wasn't a better value-pick on the board. Bryant has functional strength issues that will limit his impact and ability to stay on the field for the next 2 years. Once he has the strength, he has the catch ability and the will and technique as a blocker to be a really quality player for many years to come 5(160.) Justin Strnad, LB Wake Forrest -- The Nick Harris selection was great value in its own right, but to me Justin Strnad has pro-bowl upside as a range play-maker. No one has a better combination of know-how and range in the pass game and against the run. His limitations are physicality. Getting Troy Dye and Justin Strnad would've guaranteed a quality range play-making LB for the Browns that could take away slot WRs/TEs and cover large areas via range against the run. Both Dye and Strnad are also highly intelligent players on the field. 6(187.) SLOT-EXCLUSIVE Donovan Peoples-Jones, Slot-WR Michigan --OR-- Kristian Welch, LB Iowa // Trajan Bandy, NCB Miami -- IF we plan to use DPJ as a big-slot developmental prospect, the selection is a home run. If the plan is to use DPJ as an outside WR, the selection is a huge miss, and the Browns should've instead opted to go for quality upside players like Kristian Welch and Trajan Bandy imo. DPJ's quality has to be understood through one lens alone; that is, he's a BIG SLOT match-up upside nightmare. He's CHEEK cheeks as an outside WR not able to get separation quickly nor able to respond physically off the line to beat press. He's a special weapon as a slot-exclusive player who can get free in zone for big 3rd down games and can win one on ones. His exceptional jump ball ability makes him an elite slot Redzone weapon even in the off the ball TE-slot alignment. The Browns can utilize a "Lob City" redzone package with David Njoku Outside 1-on-1, OBJ on the opposite outside spot, with DPJ in the inside-slot off the line, Austin Hooper on the line, and Jarvis aligned as the catch and run Half Back/Running Back alignment. The possibilities are endless if DPJ and Njoku can ascend.
  13. His size and slight frame is likely going to limit coaches want-to give him snaps to let him display his talents. However, when he gets his shot what he has is elite route running skill and probably the best route sense, technique and spatial awareness of any WR in the draft. He's not a burner. But he's quick in and out of breaks and does magical work at the top of his route. He's a fierce competitor and will go get it and bully defenders with a major size advantage on him. His skillset is more as an outside WR so that may limit his ability to stick on a roster given that teams would likely want a WR3,4,5 to be a quick twitch slot jitterbug. Blast from the past that didn't have a successful career due to injury issues, but he reminds me of a slower better ball skills version of Mark Clayton, WR Oklahoma.
  14. Obviously. Meant to add " aren't going to get the browns where they want to go," to Olivier Vernon, Chad Thomas, Adrian Clayborn listing. That's why it's 1. Phillips has a MLB skillset but I doubt they'd have a rookie play MLB and call the defense. So, based on Takitaki's saying the coaches want him at WLB I'm just assuming Mack moves in at MLB. Could be wrong though. If they think BJ Goodson is our starter MLB we're screwed. 1.) Humble pie or not.. getting Baker's buddy out of there will change the professionalism dynamic in the room which is the most important thing. 2.) I'm down to roll with the Princeton UDFA QB over as Gilbert has a slow processor and is a poor anticipation thrower with slow and bad feet. He's a bigger arm, arm chucker. He doesn't have upside and his style of play is completely different from Case and Baker. 3.) It doesn't take much investment to replace Gilbert low contract guy with both more upside and the mentality to push Baker with similar style of play development. Indeed. Indeed.
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