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  1. @Thomas5737 As with most of our discussions man, we'll just have to agree to disagree.... ....on whether it was a punishment or not, but those I heard and read online seem to agree with you. I do find it interesting b/c I watched Callaway's college snaps and during the game from his very first snaps I said the following in the preseason thread.... I said so b/c he was gassing out after the first vertical route and 20 yard come back... those were literally his first few snaps... I then went on to say that his body look so much heavier than and less fit than his Florida day... Within that context it seems to me that simply taking him out of activity in the game... hurts Callaway AND the TEAM... b/c we need him to be successful for our team to thrive... By implementing a multi-faceted punishment... it makes Callaway pay a price in sweat, exertion, and mental toughness... while not hurting the TEAM.... The punishment was multi-faceted: 1.) Sit down with Hue and Dorsey... 2.) Having to get up in front of over 80 men (coaches, players, execs...) and apologize and make oneself accountable to he players for what he did and explain himself... 3.) Run himself ragged in a game... when he wanted to quit... no letting him.. making him prove his worth to the team... and become more valuable as a piece of the team... ---------------------------------- I already made my points about the individual versus team dynamic when it comes to rewarding and punishing a player... It's a fine line to walk... but what's been done makes sense imo.
  2. As a specialist in bullsh*t ... you hit it right on the nose.... But I can't help it in this trash media sports town... where if a person played football they would've observed these very basic things and could easily fathom how it makes sense to make an athlete exert themselves as a form of punishment...
  3. Baseball is not a substitution intensive game... there is less repeated physical running and full speed exertion where a player is so gassed that they need a substitute. I'm not only saying that it's possible but a familiar method used in football by coaching: That is, the use of physical/cardio exertion while doing something that requires mental focus as a means to punish a player. These can include repeated wind sprints, suicide runs, laps around the field during practice... holding a medicine ball and running gassers with an assistant coach for the duration of practice, making them do bear crawls 50 and 100 yards, bleacher runs... etc... Those types of punishments come in practice... but without a practice for a cardio intensive position like WR.. especially for a player that is out of shape... run 40 yard routes at full speed (even a 10 yard slant or curl means the WR is covering more than 10 yards).. repeatedly... making the WR run vertical routes repeatedly is akin to cardio punishement ... it also has the bonus of not hurting the team and putting the punished player in a position where they have to keep fighting and not give up to show the team that they are willing to sacrifice and push through things there mind tells them to do (quit, give less effort... smoke weed) for the betterment of the team. Football and Hockey have a different cardio demand than baseball whereby without a substitution (especially at the WR position- a position required to run 10, 20, 40, 60 yard wind sprints ... then run back to the huddle or push another 200 pound human down the field) is on par with the grueling wind sprints or conditioning exertion that I'm sure you did in prep for baseball or other sports... In high school my friend Andy violated curfew and did one of the dumbest things ever... but we needed him desperately as a team.... instead of hurting us as a team... he ran verticla routes all game long into the 4th quarter even when the game was decided ( we blew the team out by 35... lol .. high school sports were awesome)... Coach told him that he had to sprint full speed back to the line of scrimmage or he wouldn't play for the rest of the playoffs... after the game he then had to do 100 yard gassers until he cried like a baby while we as a team watched... we carried him back to the locker room ... got him water... his tongue was dragging and he was exhausted... he could've quit... and hurt the team... instead he paid the price... and we were better for it...
  4. The more and more I read on here and in the news .... the more I realize people have never played real competitive sports a day in their lives... If so, they'd have memories of someone on a team doesn't something wrong and they'd be familiar with the various types of consequences and what they do for the team. There are multiple ways to punish an out of shape player (Before I knew he was being punished I knew he was out of shape by watching early game): 1.) (Punish the Player & the Team) Chastise the player individually... make them apologize to the team... and punish the player individually by taking them out of activities (this hurts the team if the player will be needed for team success). 2.) (Punish the Team... Have the team Punish the Player) Do group/team punishment and have the team hold the player accountable via shaming or social reprimand. 3.) (Punish the Player & Make them Improve their value to the team) Chastise the player individually...make them stand in front of the team and apologize... then have them exert their self physically and mentally through conditioning or strenuous play. The team sees them having to pay a price for the team... they come back more valuable to the team...
  5. (POLL) If We Sign Dez or Lafell, Which 6 WRs Do We Keep??

    Yeah... We can't cut a young guy that has the speed to take a slant to the house.... his 4.35 is so smooth...
  6. (POLL) If We Sign Dez or Lafell, Which 6 WRs Do We Keep??

    Facts and facts... Also, Absolutely agree that Ratley is the least likely to contribute... Yeah... it's probably best to just ride out with our current WR group and hope they take advantage of the opportunity...
  7. (POLL) If We Sign Dez or Lafell, Which 6 WRs Do We Keep??

    @Kiwibrown you know what it is I would feel if we cut Ratley... it's that we would not have a speed threat/burner on the team that is not a suspension or reliability/availability risk... Jarvis isn't a speed threat, Dez/Lafell aren't speed threats, Higgins isn't... those 3 WRs out on the field would allow the defense to sit on the routes... and pack the box... Only JG and Callaway to a lesser extent are... but we can rely on them not to at some point make themselves unavailability even after a prolong run of reliability... Janis had/has speed... but Ratley is a true track star with hands... a real speed threat... Ratley adds a different dimension... a rare one in the NFL...
  8. (POLL) If We Sign Dez or Lafell, Which 6 WRs Do We Keep??

    @LETSGOBROWNIES Actually you've just convinced me that we need to keep Higgins over Janis.... lol If I could go back and change my vote it would be for option 2. where our 5th and 6th WRs are Damion Ratley and Rashard Higgins. Janis == Special Teams Gunner, Vertical Speed, High Point Ability, Vet Presence Maybe the extra Vet Leadership presence can come from our WR coach and Al Saunders helping out with mentorhship... We can make Ratley the ST Gunner... he has vertical speed and high point ability... Therefore, Janis can be the odd man out... Higgins has shined too much to cut probably.. I haven't heard anything about Janis shining at WR (Doesn't mean he hasn't though) Tough decisions...
  9. (POLL) If We Sign Dez or Lafell, Which 6 WRs Do We Keep??

    Yeah man.. the WR cut is a really tough decision. Do you think it's a better a decision to sign a vet Dez or someone else to the room or just keep the WR room as is and hope Higgins snd Janis can be a mainstays?? I go back and forth on that one... idk man... I'm leaning toward the vet signing just to throw all we can at this season... But I absolutely wouldn't want to cut Higgins as he's earned a roster spot, but I just think if it's between a young WR Ratley (a burner, vertical threat, natural catcher with high point ability) versus another young WR Higgins (precise intermediate route running, reliable hands, hardworking possession receiver)... I think we have to go with Ratley based on his skill sets projecting out to having more NFL impact and really b/c Higgins' skill sets can be found more readily than Ratley's ... Maybe that means Janis should be the one to... and maybe he will be... This 53 man cut is going be one of the most difficult one's in recent memory...
  10. The 6 Core 53-man roster WRs are as follows: 1.) Josh Gordon, 2.) Jarvis Landry, 3.) Antonio Callaway, 4.) Rashard Higgins, 5.) Jeff Janis, 6.) Damion Ratley. --------------- If we sign Dez Bryant or Brandon Lafell this week, who do we cut?? (Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing) 1.) Who has redundant skill sets... View the Group As a Unit with specific skills -- If we sign Dez or Lafell, who in the group has a similar skill set (i.e., possession receiver that doesn't separate well or have deep speed or elite quickness?? All signs point to Rashard Higgins ... Jeff Janis has speed and high point ability, but not the youth as Higgins does. -- If we sign Dez.. we need a veteran mentor workman stabilizing force in the room to hold people accountable without it being perceived like they just want more targets ... like Janis could possibly do.. 2.)Who has practice squad eligibility and who does not -- Ratley, Callaway (he won't be cut), and Higgins... 3.) Who might make it to the practice squad and who might not -- Teams LOVED Ratley as a late round flyer.. he'd be picked up by another team. Higgins has a limited skill set that teams don't usually like their 5th or 6th WR to have ------------ I think Ratley is too special (he was one of my favorite players/sleepers to scout) with his deep ball, vertical threat and YAC ability to cut. It comes down to Janis who hasn't ever produced more than 95 yards and 1 TD in a season or Rashard Higgins who is a young, hardworking possession receiver that cannot separate or pose a vertical threat, but can be a reliable 3rd down.. middle of the field target. Janis is more special as a Special Teams Gunner and tackler, but Ratley has the speed but not the strength and durability to do so. If I had to choose, I might choose to cut Higgins b/c I honestly think that despite him having a good camp.. he still would not be signed to the 53 of another team and we could retain him on the practice squad... he may elect to sign to another team's practice squad however b/c he might think we don't believe in him on the Browns. I think Janis brings a much needed, veteran steady presence in the room as well as better Special Teams skill as a 5th or 6th WR that Higgins can't... and that's what you want out of your 5th or 6th WR
  11. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Television Editing...
  12. Nothing really matters until Darnold, Mayfield, Rosen, etc... go against 1st team defenses... with their 1st team offense... If we really are going to talk about who looked this or that... we'd have to analyze the players around them (if they ran the right routes... did they drop the ball... did the OLine miss an assignment)... the quality of players and defensive calls the opposing team had out there... etc... etc... you know... real traditional football scouting analysis... Given that it's preseason game 1... there is no evaluation to be made about the worthiness of a Baker VS Darnold pick... Even if one was terrible and the other didn't miss a throw... that would tell us nothing in terms of their career prospects... This whole... look at the preseason game... we made he right pick... stuff is hilarious... Time will tell... both look promising based on the circumstance... but who cares... it's the preseason...
  13. Kizer preseason stat line 9/18, 134 yds, 0 TDs, 0 Ints... Some really good throws. And this deep bomb:
  14. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Me... unable to find evidence?? LOL Enjoy your Fire Hue season man.. I've posted numerous, numerous times... long... detailed.. contextual... on this very topic especially pointing to the factors around the coach all pointing to my Non-Fire-Hue conclusion based on how historical football coaching information imo shows similar outcomes team/coaching decision-wise given similar contextual variables/factors.. I could link them all, but I don't care to do that stuff anymore... Shoot... I've probably @'d u in some of those past messages... Enjoy your Fire Hue season... and your truths Believe what you believe... Good news is... you're not alone..
  15. But is he a leader of men and are his hands big enough?