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  1. GDT: Browns @ House of Cards

    This. NEVER FORGET what true non-quality, long-post, utter trash posting looks like. It was a day that will live in infamy. Gaze upon the blinding trash light horror post T'wonce more. Let even the thought of seeing it again bring sickness and blindness. BEHOLD... The Pain shall set you free!!!
  2. Freddie ain’t Ready

    Critical 4th Quarter Play: Terrance Mitchell Interception return to around the Pittsburgh 30 yard line in scoring position. With around 7:00 minutes to score down 7 points (20 PIT; 13 CLE) the team/offense is given new life. With arguably the two best running backs in the game, the calls are as follows: 1.) Pass call with 3, 30 yard+ routes down the field and 2 check-down options. Results in no gain. 2.) Pass call. Check-down to Kareem Hunt. Results in no gain. 3.) Pass call. Deep route combos again with 1 at the sticks. Results in a sack. Wyatt Teller gets beat and Pittsburgh had the basic route concept defended anyway. ------- 3 Pass calls in the biggest game and moment in the season to shift momentum toward a winning side. No awareness regarding player and team strengths. In Week 13 after making similar consistent play-calling issues throughout many weeks in the season, nothing has been learned resulting in the same big moment mistakes. This is not the play-caller that has the consistent depth of strategic thinking required to lead a winning offensive unit in critical moments and/or match wits when an opposition has high-level to elite Offensive/Defensive Play-callers/Teachers of Plans of Attack. More than just that game I even said it last year, Freddie's play-calls often do not build upon one another or have high-level internal logic based on our player strengths and/or what the defense has shown or is predicted to show going forward. Ultimately, to me Play-calling is like the art of Chess. There are different levels of Chess player mastery with the ability to think deeply about things like how one's move will influence the opposition upcoming series of consecutive moves, how to build a series of moves that exploit and attack the opposition's weakness, knowing when to aggressively attack and when not to, being able to implement high-level moves in critical big advantage deciding moments within the game, how to adapt to the changing approaches the opposition puts forth, etc. Good chess players can have success in games and can look like high-level experts when viewing them execute certain moves from afar; however, there are higher levels of mastery where a Grandmaster for example would look at that "good" chess player and see that though he can implement all the basic moves and famous move-set strategies, the Grandmaster sees that "good" player's moves lack an overall depth and sophistication of strategic thinking. I said it last year even when the offense had success. Freddie's play-calling often was more grab bag execution of Chess moves luckily against mostly bad defenses rather than a display of the ability to masterfully build adaptive, strategic winning plans of attack. Freddie is probably an expert Chess player. He has tons of expert knowledge regarding famous and winning moves. He has creative abilities to synthesize different move-sets he's become familiar with during his long tenure of experience with the game. Against certain opposition's he can have winning success and appear to be have Chess mastery. However, there's levels to this sh*t. In Chess, the levels are Expert, Master, FIDE-Master, International Master, and Grandmaster.; and there's a huge difference between an Expert and Grandmaster. Amongst other Expert-level Offensive Play-callers/Chess players Freddie's probably above the middle of the pack above average. In terms of his Head Coaching ability, he's below average.. below the middle of the pack relative to other Expert-level Head coaches. How much better can he get between now and next year? Between now and 3 years from now? I tend to think that his Head Coach and Offensive Play-Caller Ceiling is not high and we'd be better finding a higher-level Head Coach that either has Grandmaster level play-calling ability and/or the ability to hire other coaches that do.
  3. A Glimps into the Future

    I'm predicting that our Capologists, Analytics department, and Dorsey will care. I certainly couldn't give a F*** if a family of billionaires losses out on what amounts to be 10 dollars or so in relative working man's dollars if Schobert resigns a big contract. We do have some interesting decisions to make considering Wilks' 2-LB, nickel heavy system. Does Dorsey go with the youngins and leverage the cap resouces elsewhere? Who knows....
  4. A Glimps into the Future

    I love Joe Scho, but at some point we have to make some hard decisions. LB money market is going to be insane this year. It was insane last year. Jordan Hicks and Kwon Alexander off injuries got 27-34 million guaranteed. CJ Mosley got 51 Million Guaranteed. Jaylon Smith signed a 35.5 million guaranteed contract setting the market for Joe Schobert who with a 2nd pro-bowl is likely looking at the 40-47 million guaranteed number if not more. You don't pay that for LB in today's game for a steady-eddy Linebacker who's consistent but not a true force or spectacular player. You pay that money for game changing, next level LBs. Joe Schobert is not that imo despite being very very good. He's likely to make the pro bowl again. Two pro-bowls in 3 years is going to net him near the top of the LB market. Dorsey may believe he already has his 2 LBs on the cheap (Wilson and Takitaki) and would rather spend a lot less on a 3rd proven guy than break the bank for Schobert. The money that would've went to Schobert and Damarious Randall likely goes to signing 2-3 big time Offensive lineman and 2 other defensive impact player. I certainly think Joe has earned his money, but the market these days may be too much for the Browns considering our other more pressing needs and future cap commitments.
  5. A Glimps into the Future

    1.) Sheldrick Redwine: I have a feeling he becomes our starting FS with Randall leaving in Free Agency. 2.) Mack Wilson: Does he have staying power as an impact starter? He's flashed a lot this year, but had horrendous plays with his fits as well. What's his best position? 3.) SIone Takitaki: Loved his Berserker mentality coming out of the draft. Injuries slowed his progression to a halt this year. I have a feeling we let Schobert walk as Dorsey and co. see his skills maximized at their apex now with decline to come and Schobert not being worth big money because although he's really good he's not a difference maker in big games in Dorsey's mind. Takitaki likely takes his place. Either he or Mack Wilson. If we retain Joe Scho, I wonder if Wilks will deviate to a more 3-LB look. 4.) Drew Forbes: Can he be an effective swing-first off the bench guy or more? Bryan Cox Jr. and Porter Gustin won't be on the roster next year and likely won't make on the roster past the draft. I also expect Pharoah Brown and Stephen Carlson to be gone as well with Njoku and RSJ being the Receiving TE and us upgrading with 2 other Blocking/Hybrid TEs.
  6. Whats up with Baker

    Didn't say get rid of him. That would be utter madness considering the QB market. I just meant that because of what we'll have heading into next year we'll have the diagnostic info on Baker after year 3 imo for the GM to proceed with planned search for the next guy whether that be starting to take mid-round shots or bringing in a bridge guy to push Baker with the thought that draft capital and/or other resources would need to be devoted and planned out for following year (after year 4) to potentially improve the position. Tipped passes get picked in this league. It's an analytic fact that he's been unlucky this season, but attributing the bad balls to bad luck as opposed to him making his own bad luck most of the time due to errant throws would be the wrong analysis imo. Goff probably not. Wentz and Dak are a no only because of holding out the belief that Baker will get to that next level after a bumpy 2nd year. But if I ask myself what Wentz, Dak, Jimmy G, Kirk Cousins, and Derek Carr would do with the same offensive tools this year, it would far outpace Baker and most would have us square in the playoff race. Baker has youth and inexperience on his side. A year from now, in the event that he has 2 bad years back to back a trade straight up for one of those guys might look a lot different value-wise.
  7. Whats up with Baker

    Some Emotionally Immature and/or Lack of Emotional Discipline Baker events (None would matter if Baker was playing well): 1.) (This one mattered no matter what) Talking about Duke Johnson like he did causing Sheldon Richardson, Olivier Vernon, Joel Bitonio and Jarvis Landry having a talk with him. 2.) Thinking it was going to be easy and not putting in the next level, elite effort to give himself the opportunity to take the next step. 3.) Related to the previous ... being all in on the celebrity and fame of being a QB before he truly arrived. 4.) Blowing up after being baited by Tony Grossi but even worse Tweeting about it to the Twitter troll world 5.) When presented with an opportunity to build OBJ up, he bashes the training staff instead of just saying "OBJ's been a warrior playing through injury; we love him for that; and we're all going to keep working until we can improve as a unit to be where we want to be." Then has to Tweeterverse again. ----- None of those things are fatal. This off-season is put up or shut up. Everything we were told about Baker suggests these are the moments when he shines. Contrary to what people bragged about him during the draft process, his college film showed a player that didn't elevate consistently in big moments relative to other elite QBs in the same and recent drafts. I hope this is his time to prove all the doubters wrong by tuning everything out and chasing that next level of greatness. The good news is Dorsey will continue to surround Baker with talent so if Baker doesn't get into the elite grind and mature this off-season we'll know by the end of year 3 whether or not he's the guy or not and will know unlike many teams that languish with a QB for 5 years to no avail whether or not we need to regrettably look elsewhere.
  8. Freddie ain’t Ready

    Coaches like Mike Tomlin, Kyle Shannahan (ask Hawk and Joe), Ron Rivera, John Harbaugh, and others are also elite at renewing buy-in from players, alleviating concerns, and painting a detailed vision of action moving forward that players can get on-board with. Jarvis' comments this year have revealed that he had doubts about Freddie as the offensive play caller... other players have been hesitant to express out-right endorsement and belief in Freddie as when reporters asked them about Freddie's job rumors they offered vanilla answers.. When Hue was losing, Joe Thomas and the young players all knew that losing was the plan and that there were brighter days ahead down the road. The vision was self-evident but one that no one could buy or get on-board with (Joe Thomas brokedown crying because of it). What's the vision for a brighter future now? Can the players on offense see it clearly and buy-in to Freddie's expertise? Freddie's biggest challenge yet may be after the season and whether or not he can renew belief and purpose heading into a vital offseason of growth. Getting on the same page with Odell is important; repairing relationships with players even when a coach or organization doesn't feel like they should have to is part of the job.
  9. Around the league discussion

    I never quite understand the need to bail on raw, young players before they complete their 3rd year like David Njoku. He's not like Austin Corbett. Coming out of college, everyone knew he was one of the rawest prospects. He has proven to be that way. However, he was better year 2 than year 1. He missed Everyone acting so fatalistic about the int/fumble he had in his first return. News flash... that was a completed catch in which David secured it and was no different than when a defender strips a ball late after a RB is on the ground. David hasn't played any this year due to going up for a high ball and taking a crazy hit that caused him to land terribly on his head/neck/and wrist. I'm keeping Njoku and have to see at least a 3rd full season in the league before I'm giving up on him.
  10. @MarkPrice25 @BleedTheClock That dream of a Head Coach change is lost. The best you can hope for at this point are the following: 1.) Replacing Ryan Lindley 2.) Turning over play-calling to Todd Monken --- I happen to think neither of those 2 options is at all likely as Lindley is Freddie's guy, and Freddie is saving giving up play-calling as a last ditch maneuver to save his job down the line if these get worse. He's banking on roster improvement to further covering up deficiencies this off-season and he'll likely get them.
  11. Possible Coaching Candidates If/When Freddie Gets Fired

    All I want is a high-level winning culture builder/leader that can hire a good-great OC, DC, and QB coach. I'd prefer it be an experienced successful winning coach likely coming from the college ranks with NFL connections as those are the only high level culture leaders typically available on the nfl job market. I want the Shannahan system so bad in Cleveland. There's no guarantee that Kyle's assistant coaches can replicate what he does, but if Robert Saleh can be that culture builder and culture leader and could bring with him Mike Daniels as the OC as a first option or Mike LaFleur as the OC second option along with the hiring of some big time quality assistant coaches I'd be down for that. The 49ers have over 427 rushing attempts and an insane play-action game. Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt would be the best duo to ever play in that system.
  12. Fix the Browns

    This is the "This" post of the season.. A lot of people keep saying things like, " we can't possibly run the ball more because Nick Chubb leads the league in touches" forgetting completely that the running game is about total rushing attempts from team ball carriers and can include a second and/or third or more players. The stat that really speaks to the issues of our run game utilization on offense is that we are 17th (317) in rushing attempts per game despite having the leading Rusher in the league. The top 10 teams are in the 390s to 470s and that amount is over and above what one might think might conflate the numbers like the team having a better defense and overall team giving them the opportunity to pound the clock and run late game. That context explains some but not the statistically significant drastic difference. With Kareem Hunt in the fold, he can be getting so many more rushing attempt touches along with his passing targets. We could be the two-headed running back threat. In analytics, when you lead an efficiency category (Nick Chubb) the goal is to increase sample size. Ultimately, it's not about how many rushes but when we are running the ball. We're still calling the game in ways that over the course of the last 2 weeks even in critical redzone moments we're opting to pass. Kareem Hunt needs more Rushing touches and so does Nick Chubb. We have the OLine personnel to run that 49ers movement edge zone game that can beat people up. Play-action off that for the win.
  13. Freddie ain’t Ready

    When the Head Coach is the Offensive Coordinator and the Offense struggles, players begin to not only lose faith in the offensive coordinator but also the Head Coach. This is especially true in the case of first year Head Coaches or first full year OCs. Early and consistent success is vital for the team and offense to believe in the program. If you're a defender and you hear the Head Coach talking about this or that, but you know the offense doesn't help you out ... it can be tough to buy-in fully. That's even more so the case as an offensive player. No one on the outside or in the football believes in this offense right now. It's up to Freddie to get buy-in from Odell and the rest of the players and sustain belief for better days ahead. A lot of us don't see better days ahead with Freddie at the helm. Some of do. If we can't see it in Freddie, imagine what the players think. They look around and see some of the greats in the game and they're wondering why they can't get it done. We have a crisis with 2 coaches right now imo. 1.) Ryan Lindley who is the QB coach and the Assistant play-caller on game-days with Monken up in the booth. Everyone knows Lindley is Freddie's guy and Lindley curries favor with Baker. Lindley clashed with Landry the week prior and Odell and Higgins this past week. 2.) Freddie the OC. Somehow someway Freddie and Lindley have to renew hope for better days with the players with the players knowing that they have to be active participants in the teams rescue.
  14. (Polls) Should We Trade OBJ?

    I'm just on guard man. It's just with this organization .. the momentum on things accelerates at a brake neck speed and I'm afraid that we'll create a self-fullfilling prophecy with fans and media making it that toxic environment that makes it easier for player to say "F-it get me out of this toxic place." Not accusing you or anyone on here, but in general our fans turn on players so quick especially the real or perceived "injured, underperforming type" fans say terrible things to those players and the media heightens the toxic environment with their sh*t negativity questions and their sh*t articles. Before you know it, the bolder of negativity is moving down the hill and the negativity entity that is cleveland sports media-fandom will help manifest bad outcomes. I saw people posting places about how Odell quit against Cincy by leaving the field after that vertical route because Tiki Barber said he sat on the bench in frustration after that route. Those takes disregard what anyone that plays football knows that when a player has a hamstring or core muscle injury and they run a hard deep vertical they come out the next play instead of running back to down field to get the next play off on time and put more strain. That's basic high school football injury management. I've seen it with cleveland fandom since I can remember football. We love to turn on players with injuries that don't perform at a high level for a wide variety of reasons even when they are putting it all out there. We're 1 Odell drop and more rumors away from people turning on him. Odell like Baker is tuned into the media environment and what people say about him. I just hope we can keep our environment around this situation s good as it can be. Situations like this would be perfect for a savvy veteran like Mike Tomlin, John Harbaugh, or Sean Payton. They'd make sure nothing becomes of this. No one on the outside or in the football believes in this offense right now. It's up to Freddie to get buy-in from Odell and the rest of the players and sustain belief for better days ahead.
  15. (Polls) Should We Trade OBJ?

    Mark man.. don't take the fun out of internet banter discussion by saying stuff like "my bad" man.. it's no worries and will always be all good ... Post an insulting, satirical, or randomly entertaining gif...a picture of a super model followed by a blurred middle finger... or crap on my post or something... I agree in that if he's going to be a malcontent it would be better to seek a trade in the offseason as long as we get impact player value in return.