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  1. Duke traded to Houston

    The pic got purged.... lol ... it was tasteful Burt Reynolds covered up... now Burt Reynolds playing Sean Connery in a biopic that's a thought... Either way.. fair enough
  2. Calloway is being suspended per Rapoport

    I'm not closed off to the possibility but I doubt it based on what I saw of him in college and AAF. It's a good thing he's flashed in camp earlier on. When we signed him I checked out everything I could find on him at JMU for his play speed and ability. He's no where close to faster than Callaway when it comes to real football play speed as he was getting chased down by lesser competition. When I checked the 40 time at the Duke pro day it was odd to me that it would be so low as he looked like a 4.52 on tape . Even still that pro day time was clocked somewhere in the range of 4.39 to 4.46 which means laser timed that range could be 4.45 to 4.51. Callaway ran a 4.41 laser timed 40 and plays even faster consistently. Ish has deceptive build up speed and isn't a quick twitch speed, blazing speed guy. If we need someone to fill the "Callaway" role we probably need to look elsewhere imo mostly based on play evaluation not necessarily 40 time.
  3. Duke traded to Houston

    Respect. Lol, missed you and the FF-Bretheren too.. Football has commenced... work busyness has subsided .... Good to be back to discuss football and exchange banter and jabs. We're all Just a couple of regular guys... ... some ALL-22 playing in the background... .... a little FF and chill....... know what I mean? *Insert innapropriate Sean Connery image here* ---------------------------------- Post more? I'm already on page 4 of "Context 5.0: The Hue Jackson Era Revisted-Again"
  4. Duke traded to Houston

    "You wanna know my secret..................................... I'm always triggered"
  5. Calloway is being suspended per Rapoport

    Higgins and Jarvis allow the defense to sit on their underneath routes and play close to the box muddying up the route space and making Baker's passing lanes and field vision more crowded. In turn, it makes it easier to try to just contain OBJ and let Jarvis and Higgins dink and dunk catch. Also, makes it harder for Nick Chubb. The only options to break up the defensive advantage are a seam running TE like Travis Kelce, a vertical speed threat move WR that can line up in the slot or boundary on any given play, or an Alvin Kamara catch and run option route out of the backfied pass catching back that commands a man and a zone responsiblity. We don't have the Kamara style RB.... we don't currently have the Speed WR with slot versatility with Ratley injured... it's David Njoku's show.. and we need him badly. There's an outside chance that maybe we use Derrick Willies as a big slot match-up nightmare like Michael Thomas. That would create the necessary gravity to give OBJ and whoever else is on the boundary more space to work. Oddly enough... a perfect player for us right now would be Travis Benjamin or it would've been amazing if we somehow would've paid Tyrell Williams big money on a 2 year deal. Dorsey and co. going to have to do their thing because I have a bad feeling that Callaway on suspension isn't going to make it back right.
  6. Calloway is being suspended per Rapoport

    Hope the young man can get it together and fast for his and the team's sake. Only four games gives him a chance to rally. Came into camp in worse shape than he was last year after a whole year or so away from the game. What he gives in terms of raw talent and ability is the most coveted skill set in a complimentary WR2/WR3 that can play the slot and command attention and panic from the defense with blazing speed on a vertical through the middle of the field. He puts so much pressure on safeties and nickel DBs. If he breaks routes off toward sideline after threatening a vertical it opens up space behind him for all kinds of option routes and more. His skill-set is literally the perfect compliment when your primary wide receivers are a speed, do everything WR (OBJ) and slow but quick underneath YAC specialist (Jarvis). Higgins no matter how reliable and sure-handed he is can't offer the synergy and big play ability potential for all WRs on the field that a Callaway skill set can offer. Higgins will do well at what he does, but that means Njoku will be used as the decoy and black hole player through the middle of the field to open up things for others as well as benefit from open targets. We need him to step up even more now. Will be interesting to see how Willies steps up and/or the young game-breaking WRs that fall off others rosters due to being unproven and the numbers game.
  7. Oh .... you don't think Stanton moonlight as QB1?
  8. Indeed, Couch definitely can improve. Seems like a missed opportunity to pair Crawford with someone that could make for a really engaging combo. There's a lot worse in the football broadcast call game than Couch however. So, I'll wait and see.
  9. Jay and Bernie would be good to go. Some good post play conversation and insights on play and call dynamics. Couch is just kind of describing whatever Crawford says or just blandly describing what we just saw on the field. It's preseason for everyone so maybe Tim progresses well over time.
  10. Well maybe if he puts that alumni jacket on a mystical force of the alumnus will somehow make Tim Couch more alive and engaging than right now.
  11. I never believed in Brad Seaton out of Villanova as an NFL player. His college film was terrible, but apparently he completely transformed his body and technique. Back-up OT is a spot we got to uplift via roster cut-downs.
  12. Indeed. Exactly what was running through my mind. Maybe it wouldn't be so meh if he was paired with a more dynamic personality rather than Jay Crawford. The duo's a flatline. Hopefully, there's a synergy there that uplifts it at some point.
  13. Duke traded to Houston

    Tremendous value. A fantastic trade given the market. Win-win for both teams though b/c a out the backfield safety valve player is going to be Deshaun Watson's best friend given that porous offensive line. Duke could see Kamara type targets and really go off for them as Lamar Miller is trending toward JAG status. Duke was an amazing Brown in terms of worksmanship and positive culture contribution even in the darkest times. Even when fans deemed him weak and frail early in his career he always gave his all despite some injuries. Good football player ... by all accounts a better and solid person. Sad to see him go, and I'm glad he gets the trade he was seeking.
  14. we made it to football... I thought this day would never come...
  15. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Really strong draft by Kolby Altman and Co. Windler and Porter Jr. were great gambles late round 1. We needed 3pt shooting and spacing badly and got it with all 3 picks. We have a lot of scoring and now can stretch the floor. Porter Jr. has some juice and is unbelievably dynamic. Hopefully he buys in and can keep his mind healthy. What we lack is a player that can create for others at an above average level, defensive length and defensive stop ability, and rim protection. ----------------------- Core Foundation Roster W/O Upcoming Expiring Contracts: CG: Darius Garland CG: Collin Sexton; Dylan Windler SG/SF: Cedi Osman; Kevin Porter Jr. PF: Kevin Love C: Larry Nance Jr.; Ante Zizic 2020 Expiring Contracts: Matthew Dellavadova (a valuable expiring contract the following year at 9mil+); Brandon Knight (a valuable expiring contract the following year at 15mil+); Jordan Clarkson (a valuable expiring contract the following year at 13mil+); Tristan Thompson (a valuable expiring contract the following year at 18mil+);