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    Darnold is better than Mayfield at the rare skills it takes to have success at Quarterbacking in the NFL... anticipation throwing, instinctual awareness and field vision, efficiency processing full field reads, off platform creation with pinpoint accuracy, big game poise, fourth quarter clutch factor, pocket athleticism and blitz avoidance, and pocket poise... Darnold being better than Mayfield has nothing to do with his height or off the field stuff...that stuff just makes the choice of whose best even clearer. If you still think Mayfield's limitations are height and off the field based.....you haven't studied the QBs intently and have missed a ton...
  2. Call your shots

    It's all about the eye of the beholder... there are several other QBs that are better than Mayfield according to whom? Not McCloughan, Dorsey, or Highsmith...Why does Scot McCloughan not believe the character issues are that big of deal? Why does he have him as him #1? Since then, Baker has aced the process... so now he's fallen? Why did some of the GM's Charlie Casserly polled not think it was a big deal and had Baker #1... Sam Darnold is the better prospect by majority consensus of experts... however, he may not be the consensus via majority of experts within the Browns organization. Prepare yourselves brethren.... and hope that Hue and the coaches have their say in the matter b/c if not...the pick is in and it's little Favre...

    Thank you kind sir... the hiatus was relaxing/great... thank you for the well wishes as I take my hiatus starting now until draft day...
  4. Call your shots

    Lol. There's zero chance that John Dorsey is telling a prospect that he's going to select them until the day of the draft... that info would leak to agents or family members... lifer scouts like Dorsey wouldn't ever think to do something like that... neither would the coaches as they are kept in the dark as to who the QB will be... what if the prospect gets into an accident or has a run in with the law...then the guy you select knows he wasn't the guy If that instatweeter thing is real, it means absolutely nothing... The sooner you accept Mayfield Favre as your QB, the better off you'll be... begin your grieving process today my friend.. you'll be better for it...

    " i don't do Tweeters...Baker Mayfield is a leader of men... guys love him and gravitate toward him, he's accurate, he's a winner, he has feet, and he's our franchise QB" -- John Dorsey
  6. Call your shots

    What Will Happen: 1(1). Baker Mayfield 1(4). Bradley Chubb ----------------------------- What I Want: 1(1). Sam Darnold 1(4). a, Denzel Ward // b. Bradley Chubb -Really torn on Ward vs Chubb after reviewing Ward again last week... If I knew Mike Hughes would fall and we'd get him, I'd go Chubb...
  7. Draft Discussion 3.0

    The Pre-Draft Final Post (seriously): I'm done watching tape for good this year... I've never been so captivated by the skill set of a QB more so than that of Sam Darnold. Andrew Luck, Phillip Rivers, and Jared Goff were the only players that I felt close to as certainly positive about during evaluation of their college film. Darnold's Poise under pressure/duress, big moment clutch factor, elite field vision, full field scanning speed/efficiently, HOF-caliber anticipation, elite pocket athleticism, elite at making plays off-script and off-platform, pinpoint accuracy without fundamentally sound feet, pinpoint accuracy at all levels of the passing game... His advanced skill set as a young phenom/prodigy at Quarterbacking (20years old) is the rarest of things to find. However, the crown jewel of his skill set is his uncanny/natural Feel for the game...how he sees the game... his instincts and how he senses where to look, how quick to scan the field and cycle threw progressions... he's a generational prospect.... and with the right franchise is a sure-fire Hall of Famer... He won't be the only good QB out of this draft but he'll be the only All-Pro and first ballot Hall of Famer... His only issues are TOs and sometimes feet mechanical breakdowns (the mechanical/fundamental breakdowns aren't as relevant because he makes so many pinpoint/rare passes without sound mechanics which means a full time professional commitment to the game will likely easily fix such issues)... The main issue of fumbling can be fixed via drilling....if you chart his fumbles like I have over 32% of them are read option, mesh point fumbles between QB-RB, 34% of the others are being lose in the pocket with one hand on the ball when trying to make a big play by extending a play off platform, 8% are not feeling pressure, and 26% are reset/tucked off pump faking/double and triple patting of the ball holding onto the ball too long when he should have let it go.. Comparing Interception charting between this year and last year for Sam is also interesting... they weren't an issue last year when he had 31TDs to 9INTs... this year with 13INTs.. this year the majority (6 INTs) came off-script when scrambling after a pocket breakdown or trying to make a big play due to pocket breakdown... 2 came on tipped passes, 3 came on overthrows, 2 on clear misidentification of defense... His INT issues will be no different from those of Andrew Luck... he'll always have a winning TD to INT ratio even when he has INTs... Passing on Darnold for Mayfield will be the biggest mistake this franchise has made to date... and it will be made to the applause and rationalization of many Browns fans and draftniks... I'm taking a different approach to this draft... I'm going to let the first round play out without watching it... grab my phone go to the toilet or nearest trash can... pull up the nfl.com app draft pick tracker... click on the Browns to see what they did in the first round... and when I see that the pick was not Darnold... I will expel the sickness into the trash can or toilet... and not check on the team until maybe midseason or game 7... If that happens, I wish you all well and joy....enjoy the season... and enjoy the forum free of my long, nonquality, garbage post clutter... "Baker Mayfield is a leader of men... guys love him and gravitate toward him, he's accurate, he's a winner, he's our franchise QB" -- John Dorsey
  8. Draft Discussion 3.0

    If such a trade goes down...and we move to number 2... we're taking Mayfield not Allen... don't question that for a second.
  9. Draft Discussion 3.0

    HAHAHAA This is one of the most epic silly season rumors ever... That's my cue... I held on too long... Im out until draft day... I'm serious this time... LOL
  10. I knew a long while back it was mentioned somewhere else and our FF brethren @buno67 made sure to tell people how LOL 1. Trash of a poster I am, and 2. Discredited everything I've ever predicted by conflating my personal often wrong opinion predictions and the predictions family I have in the business (3/4 of these predictions came true during last year's draft). I didn't really know it's made it's way so many other places beyond a tidbit that @MistaBohmbastic mentioned to me the other day. The internet is truly a crazy place... As the Browns organization has gone completely Dark (some personnel scouts have been effectively let go now that the hays in the barn), there's no more leaks forthcoming unless directly sourced by John Dorsey, Hue, the Haslams, Paul DePo, etc... ) It's going to be a wild last few weeks... just rest assured that Josh Allen has a zero percent chance of being picked.... We will end up with Darnold or Mayfield at 1... hopefully something unknown or unseen has taken place to sway the forces that be in the direction of Darnold... Did Baker really get wasted the night before meeting with the Browns and the Browns found out about it?? (I doubt it, but that would definitely help if that rumor was true), Do the coaches have more power and standing with Haslam? Will a consensus experts win the day? We can only hope...
  11. LOL.. the internet far and wide... as in on this singular football forum... I haven't even posted this outside of the Browns specific forum into the other FF forums... Believe what you want... no one knows where things are at the moment except for John Dorsey, The Haslams, and maybe Hue.... I desperately hope things have been aligned to the Darnold consensus... I have nothing to gain by coming on here and posting some bullsh** , and I absolutely would put no validity if I read a poster like me post... especially when I know people get told stuff all the time that isn't all that accurate,,, I hate everything about that type of rumor garbage... Funny thing is the only stuff I post is for the draft, even when I hear other stuff, and i always have put out the caveat that this what my family's spycraft/intel gathering dept thinks...or has heard... not necessarily the gospel truth.... One thing that no one can refute is that on the Old Forum: 1. I posted "the Bears will look to trade up for Trubisky with either the Browns at 1 or San Fran at 2.".... THAT CAME TRUE 2. I also posted that "Sashi Brown was seen twice via my b.o.i.'s team spycraft department, 1st with Rick Smith of the Texans, and 2nd with Ryan Pace of the Bears at a private membership only room at a Wine & Cigar lounge in Indy" and... "Dont be surprised if we trade one of our picks to the Bears or Texans." That post received only like 4 responses and came true regarding the draft..... TRUE AGAIN 3. I posted that the Browns are trying to trade up for Leonard Fournette.... DIDNT COME TRUE... Fournette went 4...(we'll never know if this was subterfuge or their real intentions) How did I predict such things based on info passed along to me? Magic?? LOL...
  12. Draft Discussion 3.0

    So, the interesting questions to ask start with 1. "When does hearing a name associated with a Team/GM's preference mean something versus when does it not?" Right now, we hear Josh Allen as the guy...does that mean something? The way I look at it is that every year teams at the top are associated with various names based on how good the narratives are for television viewership...Josh Allen going 1 is more believable than Baker Mayfield going 1 to the draftnik viewership audience...so that narrative gets the push because it has the "Browns are incompetently passing on the best QB for the big arm shiny QB", also has the "Favre had a big arm and low completion percentage, so does Allen" vibe, and the "Mahomes was a project with a big arm...Allen's a project with a big arm" thing so that gets the push... The next questions are, 1. How often do picks seemingly come out of nowhere?, and 2. Has that happened with John Dorsey ? The Joey Bosa to the Chargers, Blake Bortles to the Jags, Mitch Trubisky to the Bears, were all surprising picks where there was no smoke at all. The chargers were thought to be Jalen Ramsey or Deforest Buckner...no one had Bosa there or heard anything like Telesco was going there. In terms of Dorsey, no one thought he would go Eric Fisher over Luke Joeckel...absolutely no one...not Vegas...not anyone....No one thought the Packers were going to take a QB like Rodgers while Favre was still in his extended prime... and while people thought the Chiefs might look to upgrade at QB it was an extreme minority opinion to to think the Chiefs would really target Mahomes. So, ultimately what a person believes will happen is based on just that...what a person believes/want to happen... Dorsey is one of the most secretive GMs to ever do it in terms of final decision...so, the fact nothing has made the popular media yet regarding Mayfield doesn't mean anything to me just like it doesn't mean anything to me that Josh Allen is all over the headlines. But then again that's just me... I hope it's Darnold, but ultimately the only reason why Mayfield hasn't been linked to us is because no one believes that's a real believable possibility.... We shall see..
  13. Draft Discussion 3.0

    Bias in evaluations... overvaluing other characteristics while undervaluing others... is central to scouting and all GMs and evaluators have to resist the dark temptations of those biases. The thing about scouting is that these people are ultimately paid to have an opinion and often overly depend on traditionalist opinions that are skewed toward past players they've had experience with (a la Baker Mayfield is like Brett Favre...) when in actuality Sam Darnold's off platform game more similarly resembles Favre. Watching the tape and having a good process doesn't mean that bias won't take over when it's time to make a gut decision.... there are ways however to make sure biases don't overly influence decisions like the Sashi Brown way that 1. Hedged bets by acquiring more picks to protect the franchise from big mistakes, and 2. Relying on the consensus of experts rather than going with one's own evaluation to lead. Therefore, if Sashi was in the captain's chair he'd rely on the consensus of the Coaches, scouts, other evaluators of other teams, league wide consensus, analytics, etc...and from that base of knowledge he make a decision. In this year, that process would've led us to Sam Darnold for sure.. Football traditionalists often go with their gut and we have tons of examples of that with even well respected GMs. Will Dorsey listen to consensus, or will he go based on his and McCloughan's and others' bias toward Mayfield's personality and football skills set?
  14. Draft Discussion 3.0

    DJ Moore ladies and gentleman... Analysis and Breakdown of Play Traits Via Game Cutups by Matt Waldman of the RSP Film Room Moore is the Best WR in the draft imo... https://twitter.com/i/moments/972961170029207552