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  1. Whats up with Baker

    Come on man. Stop it. After someone says something, hears their own words out loud, and then feels as if their words may come off to people in ways that can reflect negatively back on themselves, there's a basic thing in human communication where people then add statements/words after their originally express true feeling to control potential negative reactions to the first thing they said. During that presser, it was so very clear that the phrasing about "do not act like I have it all figured out" was added because he's smart and astute and by listening to his previous words he could hear that they could sound as if he believes "he has it all figured out." His statements about QB training as well as his past attitudes and behaviors suggest that his original words are more telling of how he truly feels relative to the corrective phrasing he added to control reaction to his original attitude. Selectively listening and giving weight to the Baker's statement reaction control phrasing overlooks the context of that press conference, how he delivered those statements, his expressed beliefs to Ryan Lindley and previous coaches, his past expressed attitudes, as well as basic elements of persuasive human communication. There are words/phrases stated by people about their beliefs and then there are words/phrases stated by people about their beliefs. Which words/phrases actually reflect a person's true attitudes and beliefs is a function of various aspect of communication and communication context. Baker is mostly a person that feels as if he "has it all figured out" in terms of what "has it all figured out" means in the general sense. That applies to his past beliefs and approaches to QB, skills, and athletic development as well as a wide-variety of other beliefs he has about things (i.e., how to interact in press conferences, or call out teammates in the media). The Good news is we have coaches that seek to keep Baker accountable, and Baker is going to face a fork in the road regarding what his career will become. His backs against the wall, and he has the ability to adapt and grow as a player and human being.
  2. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Passing the info along. Like Alonzo Highsmith was all-in on Nick Chubb and Eliot Wolf was all-in on Austin Corbett, Andrew Berry was all in on Miles Sanders last year with the Eagles. Apparently, before Berry left the Eagles he was All-in on Derrick Brown despite the Eagles knowing he'd be long gone before they pick. So much so that the fam thinks that, "if the Browns trade up don't be surprised if it's not for a Tackle but instead for Derrick Brown." If cards fall a particular way, and that's an accurate sentiment of Berry and co's, it would be a stunner for many. I don't have any idea though how people might actually take that type of selection. Though many would be disappointed with no OLineman, I have a feeling a lot of people would be fond of such a move.
  3. Alex Van Pelt gets it. In the Introduction presser from Van Pelt he immediately suggested that Baker bypass the right foot forward punch-drop mechanic a la Drew Brees in favor of the right foot back staggered open hip drop a la Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Those changes are specific to shotgun footwork, but Van Pelt will also be changing Baker's footwork under center as well. The most overlooked issue with Baker Mayfield and the offense this past year was how Baker's slow, inefficient punch-drop was causing him to be late with his eyes, , out of rhythm, out of timing with receivers, late on actual throws, and much slower regarding time to desired drop depth relative to his peers around the league Ken Zampese "got it" prior by drilling specific footwork with particular route concepts/plays which caused Baker's punch-step to be far more efficient, quick, with no wasted movement his first year. As Van Pelt stated, "the feet never lie." He's all about the details of footwork, eye-training, and preparation. We have a long way to go before we can be excited about or celebrate anything, but with Van Pelt's hiring we may very well get to actually see what Baker is and what he isn't. Not much has really been made of it yet, but it could be a game changer assuming Baker's also accountable to all the other QB improvement responsibilities, Andrew Berry can improve the team around him, and our OC can put him in successful situations. Below is why:
  4. Stefanski’s staff

    Kevin Stefanski's complete staff announced per ClevelandBrowns.com: Of note, looks like there's no Fred Pagac on staff in any formal capacity. -------------------- https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/browns-2020-coaching-staff "Kevin Stefanski has filled his first staff as Cleveland Browns head coach. Here is the full breakdown. Kevin Stefanski – head coach | Read More Joe Woods – defensive coordinator | Read More Alex Van Pelt – offensive coordinator | Read More Mike Priefer – special teams coordinator | Read More Stump Mitchell – run game coordinator/running backs | Read More Jeff Howard – pass game coordinator/defensive backs | Read More Ben Bloom – senior defensive assistant Stephen Bravo-Brown – defensive quality control Callie Brownson – chief of staff | Read More Bill Callahan – offensive line | Read More Doug Colman – assistant special teams Ryan Cordell – coaching assistant Jeremy Garrett – assistant defensive line Chris Kiffin – defensive line | Read More Brandon Lynch – assistant defensive backs T.C. McCartney – offensive assistant | Read More Chad O'Shea – wide receivers | Read More Scott Peters – assistant offensive line | Read More Drew Petzing – tight ends | Read More Seitu Smith – offensive quality control Jason Tarver – linebackers | Read More
  5. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    The "path" as you suggest of a young player is anything but certain, especially for 2nd to 3rd round draft picks who were taken in those rounds because of some clear deficiency or rawness in their games. That's especially true for completely raw athletes like Ogbah and David Njoku. A core component of what I think you're missing though is that we're talking about young players for which an extra off-season and extra year of development can make a substantial difference in their improvement. And we gave them away for nothing. And we had already paid out the majority of their guaranteed money commitments their first 2-3 years so it easily made sense to see if they hit or became something more in a final year before deciding to move on from them. Carl Nassib was cut in his 2nd year. Emmanuel Ogbah traded his 3rd year. When you have cost certainty on young pass rushing talents on low contract numbers you keep them around and let their rookie contracts run out and don't move on until you have to. Even if they aren't stars we've seen how quickly injuries create a situation where street free agents like Porter Gustin or Bryan Cox Jr. become starters. We would not have been worse off had we had Ogbah or Nassib to fill instead although we all know they aren't world beaters.
  6. Which Offensive Tackle Do You Want?

  7. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Ogbah was on pace for 9 sacks and a top 12 finish in DE TFLs and run stuffs with Kansas City (doesn't mean he'd get there of course but he was growing substantially). I just can't believe we had Carl Nassib and Emmanuel Ogbah and got literally nothing in return when Eric Murray walks off in free agency. Players like Ogbah and Njoku were some of the rawest players coming into the draft for a reason. Everyone worth their scouting weight knew it would take likely 3--4 years you could really evaluate their career trajectories.
  8. Garrett suspended indefinitely, Ogunjobi out One game

    More than anything I'm always grateful for situations like this in life because they provide Rorschach Tests to the public and allow people to reveal in their reactions what's truly in their hearts and minds mainly regarding the following: 1.) People's Illusions of Certainty and Illusions of Knowledge without direct experience with situations. 2.) People's core Attitudes and generalized Beliefs about the general validity and truthfulness of race-related Grievances and Claims made by racial/ethnic minority human beings. 3.) How people's identification membership in groups/teams influences how they perceive the behaviors of people they see as part of their group or team. 4.) People's ability or inability to process information and override programmed default beliefs about particular people or people groups. ------------------------ NFL Spokesperson/PR Exec. Brian McCarthy stated that “there was no sound recorded from the field.” The NFL also provided non-specific responses regarding their follow-up "investigation." Though NFL released the following statement. The vague comments "we looked into it." Reveal nothing of merit. Mike Tomlin's team-centric anecdotes and questions he asked of people after the fact reveal nothing of merit. The only human beings in proximity to Rudolph and Garrett were Steelers OLineman Matt Feiler and David DeCastro and a late arriving distant back-judge with earmuffs on. There's no certainty about what if anything those Steelers OLine heard or did not hear or whether they accurately represent the situation assuming they could make out things against the back-drop of the stadium or on the ground scuffling. All in all, I'm grateful that public reactions to situations like this continue to reveal the true darkness and ugliness in people's hearts/minds that lies in wait hidden until such at time as these when people feel they get to crawl into comment sections, forums, or publicize and spew their programmed non-reality based beliefs. Let's you see who people really are.
  9. 2020/2021 - The 53: Roster Talk & Off-Season Priorities

    The contract number for Jack Conklin is going to be utterly insane. Now that Humphries got 30GTD and AAV at 15 mil per. That's a tough floor. Conklin likely gets 17-18 mil per with 38 mill GTD exceeding Trent Brown's contract from last year, or more likely he'll get franchised due to his injury history. Greg Robinson and the Vaitai's of the world are going to get at least 12 mil AAV. The GTD money is up for debate.
  10. 2020/2021 - The 53: Roster Talk & Off-Season Priorities

    It's a good question. Maybe someone comes free after cut-downs or is able to be on the team via trade. It's not optimal, but what are the alternatives? The list of Free Agents is rough unless we want to make Jadaveon Clowney or Yannick Ngakoue top tier paid DEs or just roll with Chad Thomas and a Jabaal Sheard FA budget contract. Comparable talents are in-line for multi-year guaranteed deals and overpays. There is no future guaranteed money for Vernon and there's cost certainty. Unfortunately, depending on how FA and the draft shakes out Vernon on a reduced contract 1-year deal might be the best option.
  11. 2020/2021 - The 53: Roster Talk & Off-Season Priorities

    Lol. It's definitely not here. The benefit could be more money over the course of two years. Players restructure in a final year before hitting free agency or when facing a certain cut at season's end when they believe it's financially advantageous to do so, especially when their value is at an all time low. After two consecutive years of missing at least 5 games and 3 consecutive games of at least 4, Vernon's contract value on the open market is at an all time low. Therefore, if he's offered to restructure or change his contract around so that he gets for example 9 million instead of 15 million in guarantees with 6 million built in as unlikely escalators, that 9 million may very well be more desirable than what he could get from the market immediately via release and subsequent Free Agency where he'll likely receive a low commitment 1-year prove-it deal. So, over the course of the next two years restructuring to a lower, more acceptable contract number before hitting UFA at season's end could net him more money than being immediately release, signing a 1-year prove-it deal (let's say this FA period teams are willing to give him 7million), and hitting the market at season's end. This would be especially true if this upcoming year in continues on his trajectory of 3-years in a row being out injured for multiple games.
  12. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Cheesecake Factory back parking lot sources say his "leader of men" is a big as Baker's. The roids are strong in that guy but so are those highlights. a.little roid-gate locked room controversy ... Sounds fun...
  13. 2020/2021 - The 53: Roster Talk & Off-Season Priorities

    And so it begins.. I think Vernon gets restructured as he and his agent know they're not getting even 9 if he hits the market now.
  14. Without an additional key piece our WRs will in effect be average, and it has everything to do with how Jarvis Landry and OBJ's skillsets work off one another, synergize, and how defensive play them. Without a 3rd it's difficult to create favorable match-ups that can adapt to defensive calls. An NFL roster is a living organism. One part of the organism's optimal functioning relies on other parts working in proper order. The Browns WR personnel (i.e., a quick but slow possession receiver in Jarvis and a more explosive all around WR that attracts double teams and defensive rotations in OBJ) requires a 3rd dynamic play-maker via the WR, TE, and/or Receiving-RB position to gravitate and pull-in defensive players coverage attention and field-focus so that Jarvis' slower developing routes cannot be sat on via conservative coverages while the defense rotates its resources toward OBJ. It creates terribly murky passing pictures for the QB to make a decision on when he looks out and sees conservative zone coverages overtop Jarvis and both a Safety and CB devoted to OBJs side of the play with LBs zoning underneath. In the end, without that 3rd piece to threaten the defenses and take away attentional and coverage responsibility focus away from Jarvis and OBJ, the sum of the WR parts will remain average. It can be argued that Kareem Hunt can serve in that role, but as long as Nick Chubb is on the team, our primary personnel packages lack that dynamic passing threat that can help create space or match-up opportunities. As much as Nick Chubb is arguably the best player on the team (and despite that Bengals circus TD catch his rookie year) his receiving and route running deficiencies limit his ability to be that although his running prowess can help create clean passing pictures via an effective play-action game. Maybe a healthy David Njoku can be that for us (there have been flashes throughout both of his healthy years), but it's nothing to bet on. The Browns DLine is also missing an additional piece in either an effective situational rusher at DE beyond Myles, a run stopping specialist at DT, a pass rushing specialist at DT, or some hybrid impact DLineman. The CBs are talented but injury prone, and they'll be helped when the opposing QB knows their is competent Safety help at various levels of the field threatening to disrupt plays. The good news is a piece here or there could make the whole far better than the sum of it's parts. We need 4 players to unlock the full synergistic power of our WRs and DLine groupings and transform both sides of the ball. We need a force at TE and a 3rd reliable, speed threat WR. That will unlock the full powers of OBJ and Jarvis. We need a pass-rushing or run-stopping force at DT and at least a situational pass rusher to squeeze the pocket and QB platform opposite Myles. Such players don't have to be stars, but they need to be stars in their roles. That's why roster-building synergies have to be taken into account for draft and roster decisions. That's a particular free agent approach could transform this team... or why a draft approach could. 1.) [Insert Impact DL Here] Javon Kinlaw, DT South Carolina // Derrick Brown, NT Auburn // AJ Epenesa, DE Iowa ... etc 2.) [Insert Impact WR Here] Henry Ruggs, WR Alabama // Jalen Reagor, WR TCU // Justin Jefferson, WR LSU // Laviska Shenault Jr., WR Colorado ... etc 3.) [Insert Impact WR Here] Adam Trautman, TE Dayton // Brycen Hopkins, TE Purdue ... etc We all our focused on OLine because it's a real need, but between Free Agency and the Draft we have to get those key pieces to unlock what we already have and elevate the whole to be more than the sum of its parts.
  15. QB 2 in 2020?

    Case Keenum Pay him well for 2 years and hope he never sees the field despite the pay.