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  1. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    The difference between the the 2nd and 9th worse records was only 6 games. Last year, the difference between the worst record and the 4th worst was 3 games. You do realize that we have the 3rd worse record in the league without Kevin love. It's not crazy to believe that adding Kevin Love gets us 3-5 more games against bad/tanking teams by the end of the season. That will be enough to drop us out of the top 3 unfortunately. I never said K.Love turns us into a major winner, but it's hard to deny that Love could lead us on the side of winning in close games 3-5 more times than we need to during the rest of the season.
  2. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    2019 Final Definitive Cavaliers NBA Big Board: 1.) Zion Williamson, SF/PF Duke 2.) Ja Morant, PG Murray State 3.) KZ Okpala, SG/SF Stanford 4.) Cameron Reddish, SG Duke 5.) Coby White, PG/SG UNC 6.) RJ Barrett, SG Duke ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019 Starting 5: (Kevin Love's play causes us to drop out of the top 3 lotto chance). 1(5): KZ Okpala 1(24) Coby White ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2020 Starting 5: (Kevin Love Traded in Off-Season for Draft Capital) PG: Coby White Combo Guard: Collin Sexton SF: Cedi Osman Forward Hybrid: KZ Okpala Big: Tristan Thompson
  3. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Obnoxiously and Sarcastically Clears Throat....
  4. 2019 Draft Prospects

    From the All-22 film, I can confirm you're correct...
  5. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Teams do a lot of stupid stuff. Trading Leonard Williams would fall into that category. As did trading Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper to teams likely to have later first round draft picks. I added him to the list simply due to media speculation all season that the Jets might be willing to do so, as well as Williams meeting the criteria for such trades that I laid out. I did not say my list of players were exhaustive (the list players were those that immediately came to mind). Jalen Ramsey is a good one that I forgot about. What would you be willing to give up for him right now as your maximum offer?? Much like Leonard Williams I'd be comfortable letting go of our 1st rounder if Ramsey passed all of our tests for assessing if a player is worthy to be a part of our organization longterm. I never once said that Washington would trade Scheriff or that Jacksonville would trade Myles Jack. They were simply players off the top of my head that were heading into their final contract year that were quality players between 24-28 on teams with potential cap issues or fall into the potential disgruntled player category. In Sheriff's case, he'll likely be franchised, but he is not happy with Washington and his relationship has been strained. Myles Jack's case requires a lot of other things to happen... much like Jaylon Smith, Myles Jack knee issue could make the Jags lowball him on his second contract causing a strained relationship or they may simply let him walk. I remember during the draft it was suggested that Jack's knee issue would influence him negatively in 5 years and would influence his second contract. He could become a cap casualty in the event that the Jags go all in at QB in Free Agency or via trade, Campbell is resigned, Jalen Ramsey is given a top 5 contract, Fournette is resigned, they make a big run at a highly regarded Offensive lineman and WR. In that case, a LB with knee issues will likely be devalued relative to those other key positions no matter how much they like that LB and especially if they have another alpha LB in the room to build a LB corps around. You're right about Dareus and McCoy, but I wasn't considering that we'd be willing to roster build with player 30 years old plus at this stage of our roster composition... not yet at least, but I'd love to make such trades for a McCoy type.
  6. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Yeah ... I was only saying that "I'd be willing to give up the 17th pick" for Leonard Williams and the 3rd for Smith not that it was preferable to do so, or that I think that's what it would cost, or even that those picks would be what I'd negotiate with those teams if I was Dorsey.
  7. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I've been waiting, meditating, chasing after long, non-quality post nirvana... Just a 1000 more posts of that variety and I shall ascend to that place beyond the clouds leaving you charlatans behind ... that place where the whole world and existence is viewed from ALL-22 ... where b.i.l.'s are on every corner... and Kai Nacua and Sam Darnold roam the streets with smiles... blessing all thee that believed....
  8. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Those were both really solid trades. The good news is that we will have the ability to recruit FAs going forward not just because of our cap space, but because of the renewed perception of our team, QB, and FO as being of the winning variety. Therefore, whereas before we'd have to trade for players just so we'd have a chance of acquiring them b/c they wouldn't give us a chance in Free Agency .... now we likely won't have that issue. Potential Trades & What Trades for Landry, Collins, and Randall Require: 1.) (Jarvis Landry & Jamie Collins Situation) Targeted Player is a 24-28 year old worthy of an extension from the Browns, the player is an immediate March FA this year, the player is unlikely to re-sign with their current team (disgruntled, strained-relationship, the team they're on doesn't have the cap space, and/or the team is unwilling to spend the cap space), and the Browns want to acquire the player before they hit free agency. I see zero players of this variety in the 2019 FA class. Players like Chris Conley types can be recruited during FA in the event that we want them. Big name FAs like Clowney or Demarcus Lawrence will probably be re-signed by their respective teams or be franchised. 2.) (Demarious Randall Situation) Targeted Player is heading into their final contract year the upcoming NFL season, the players is a 24-28 year old worthy of an extension from the Browns, the player is unlikely to re-sign with their current team (disgruntled, strained-relationship, the team they're on doesn't have the cap space, and/or the team is unwilling to spend the cap space on them). There are quite a few players that fall into this category: Leonard Williams (I don't want to here anything about how he can't play 43 DE, 3Tech or NT... he can play it all), Brandon Scheriff (could he swing to Tackle like in College?), Devante Parker, Xavien Howard, Jaylon Smith (knee and nerve issue), Myles Jack (knee issue could hurt second contract value), and A'Shawn Robinson. The Crown Jewel is Leonard Williams. I don't know why the Jets keep putting stuff out there about moving him. I trade our 17th overall pick for him right now and sign him long-term while Baker is on his rookie deal. I'd stick him next to Larry OGB and have a front-line of Myles Garrett, Leonard Williams, Larry OGB, Ogbah/Avery/Upgrade. I'd also trade for LB Jaylon Smith (pending continual improvement of his knee/nerve) as the Cowboys can't pay Dak, Zeke, Demarcus Lawrence, Byron Jones, Amari Cooper, and their OLine. His play was great mid-season on. He looked like a game changing player despite having movement limitations. I'm trading our 1st round pick for Leonard Williams and our 3rd and a 6th round pick for Jaylon Smith (pending physical and medical clearance). No one in the draft as DT is better or is going to better than Leonard Williams even after moving him to the 43. Not Quinnen Williams, Jerry Tillery, Ed Oliver, Rashan Gary, Jeffery Simmons... no one. The only Dlineman that likely will be is Bosa.
  9. 2019 Draft Prospects

    When it comes to my own speculations, predictions, and/or analyses I'm cool with criticism as I put my pants on one foot at a time like every other human headed toward death without complete certainty of what the heck happens afterward, but so many of you confuse my person predictions as well as the reasons/info behind such predictions and those predictions/beliefs that I clearly post as coming from my family in the business. @TheeRealDeal Within your post is a perfect example of a lot of misperceptions and misinformation regarding my "sources," my past posts, and the subsequent accuracy of such predictions/info. A lot of stuff being passed off as truth that shouldn't be. ------- First things First.... There are 3 Very Different Types of 1.) Things my brother-in-law tells me as heard via direct or indirect convos with people in the business (Baker at 1; Denzel at 4; Trubisky to the Bears at 1 or 2; Sashi meeting with then Texans GM Rick Smith' Sashi Meeting with Ryan Pace Browns Trade with Texans; Fournette Trade desire and research on teams for potential trades and/or to see who desired him, Quinnen Williams via rumor in the advanced scouting world has a bum arthritic knee, player A is shorter or player B is taller via rumor in the advanced scouting world type stuff, player C is a bad human being type stuff. etc.) 2.) My own speculation reading the tea leaves and analyzing information/online sources be it behind pay walls on various college team websites ( Sam Darnold returning to school, Eliot Wolf joining then not joining the Browns; Last Off-season Mike McCarthy and GB going there seperate ways and him reuniting in Cleveland_ 3.) My own speculation based on my opinions, analysis, and/or gut. (Everything Else, Mike Hughes is the 2nd best player in the draft for the Browns....Dane Cruikshank is a pro-bowl prospect) ----- Specifics On Darnold Returning to USC: Never once did I say that my b.i.l. was the source behind Darnold going back to school .... In fact, I explicitly posted the info that I based my speculation and belief on. 3 things come to mind, 1.) a USC insider pay-wall site that claimed to be talking to people in the program, Sam's podcast show co-host, and Sam himself. 2.) Matt Leinart saying Sam talked to people inside the progam and coming out in public in multiple videos suggesting thtat "I think Sam's staying and he's going to surprise a lot of people, and 3.) Other pay for "insider" info Specifics On Potential Leonard Fournette Draft Trade Desire: My b.i.l. told me that we were using our info gathering department (aka spycraft dept. in the business) to assess what teams were really focused on Fournette in the top 12 with the hopes that we'd be able to trade above that team to get Fournette. The Board didn't fall that way and it takes two to tango as the Jags were unwilling to trade that pick, as well as other teams ahead of us. Just because we didn't make the trade didn't mean that we did not attempt to. In fact, I said that the Browns were trying to trade up for Trubisky (priority 1) and Fournette (Priority 2) with latter perceived to be a more realistic option according to info at the time. ---- If we're going to throw out things slandering the good name of B.I.L. because people can't differentiate a post that says IMO vs my B.I.L. says, let's throw out other overlooked gems from my b.i.l. back in the good old forum days. 1. I posted via info from b.i.l. "the Bears will look to trade up for Trubisky with either the Browns at 1 or San Fran at 2.".... THAT CAME TRUE. Who on the Planet Earth had Trubisky going top 2 before the draft?? The entire draft world was shocked. 2. I also posted that "Sashi Brown was seen twice via my b.o.i.'s team spycraft department, 1st with Rick Smith of the Texans, and 2nd with Ryan Pace of the Bears at a private membership only room at a Wine & Cigar lounge in Indy" and... "Dont be surprised if we trade one of our picks to the Bears or Texans." That post received only like 4 responses and came true regarding the draft..... TRUE AGAIN In truth, I've only really posted 5-6 things my b.i.l. said would likely come true and all of them except 1 has come true except for the Fournette trade of which the info on the Browns' desire to trade could've been completely true, but the outcome wasn't I've probably posted about another 7-12 things that " I've heard from people in the business or my b.i.l." about a given player's character, how many in the business are viewing a player, how there are wide-varying views on certain players (i.e., Dawuane Smoot) some loving a player and some hating a player, stories/rumors from advanced scouting hullabaloo about player measurements and/or details about a player. Although the hit rate of these things is high as well. some things I clearly say are rumors to be verified or qualify them. A few of them have been wrong such as a player's expected measured height etc.... ------------ @LETSGOBROWNIES Pauline is a charlatan ...
  10. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Saunders is a good player. Yeah... obliterated was definitely hyperbole ... more so meant that most of the accounts I've heard as well as analysis of his play spoke of his time in Mobile in glowing terms...
  11. 2019 Draft Prospects

    See below buddy boy .... ----------- Note the date... i believe August qualifies as last fall. I'd consider Pro-Bowl Upside and the number 3 LT to be considered strong feelings towards a player. Additionally, there's a difference between really liking and loving a player and mocking them in round 3 or later because of a belief like "the NFL going to miss on them b/c they don't have prototypical size," and mocking them in later rounds because of the belief "this player is overrated I don't like them they should go much later." I mocked him in the 3rd because of the former not the latter. I've talked about Dillard a lot, and I did so all in terms of the positive. I've posted videos etc. The only negative thing I said was from advanced scouting scuttlebutt about his arm length supposedly being short. TONS of things like "I saw that guy on campus his arms aren't as long as I'd like" ... "I hear he has a bum shoulder that's really bad" ... " I heard all he does is party" are part of the convos that scouts have with one another all the time and get passed along to people. In every case, it's about trusting the tape and doing more research all the way up to the draft and being open to having rumors disconfirmed/affirmed. When most of the stuff ends up being correct, it's all part of the scouting season. Dillard measured with 34 in. arms and was 6'4" 7/8 ... both of those measurements were unexpected based on the info I heard (as you'd remember our convo), but my belief in his ability has remain constant. Oh ... here's some more stuff on Dillard.
  12. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Nope ... I have him as an exclusive LT with swing versatility that just happens to be an outlier in terms of prototypical size..6'3" 6/8 is good enough for me considering his arm length and how he plays with great leverage. Isaiah Wynn was much small last year in terms of height, body type, and arm length but the Pats still were dedicated to playing him at LT and RT exclusively before he got injured. In our division where both the Ratbirds and Stealers play the 34, quicker long arm tackles with better leverage against 34OLB edge players is good enough for what we need, especially when such tackle prospects have flexible hips and can sit down with a strong base and anchor well against bigger 43 DEs like is the case with the Edoga's skillset as well as Wynn last year. While I've loved Andre Dillard since last fall, he does not anchor against power well enough at this point in his career despite being a tremendous pass blocker and possessing a great zone run blocking skill set.
  13. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Real Football Players Mock Draft: 1.) TJ Hockenson, TE Iowa // Dre'Mont Jones, DT OSU 2.) Chuma Edoga, LT USC 3.) Emmanuel Butler, WR NAU 3.) Renell Wren, NT/DT ASU 4.) Khalen Saunders, NT/DT Western Illinois 5.) Devine Ozigbo, RB Nebraska 5.) Dawson Knox, TE Ole Miss 5.) Travis Fulgham,WR Old Dominion // Tyre Brady, WR Marshall // Hunter Renfrow, WR Clemson // Stanley Morgan Jr., WR Nebraska // Riley Ridley, WR Georgia 6.) Best CB Available 7.) Best LB Available
  14. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Seems like they both obliterated the senior bowl. It sucks when around this time of the year one's late round sleepers become players that likely won't make it that low in the draft. One then has to face the reality that the NFL is likely not going to miss proper scouting of players, but draftnik media is always super late to the party. Therefore, never base your mocks on what the draftnik media has early season just trust your eyes or else like many a person's mock will have players like Orlando Brown and Javon Snead top 10.
  15. Must read long read about haslams ownership

    This.... And... This. hahahah