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  1. Freddie ain’t Ready

    Not all encompassing or proof of incompetence, but an interesting article from a new writer on Cleveland.com highlighting 8 or so times where Freddie has called the same play back to back in key situations and the results. The Safety in the Titans game was one of them. Full article: https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2019/10/repeating-play-calls-hasnt-been-working-very-well-for-the-browns-freddie-kitchens-film-review.html "Repeating play calls hasn’t been working very well for the Browns’ Freddie Kitchens -- Film Review"
  2. Trent Williams anyone???

    If MKC is right and we bench Greg Robinson for Kendall Lamm we'll soon find out that the grass is not always greener. i do wonder what's acceptable to give it for Williams... a 2nd and some change?
  3. Trent Williams anyone???

    The Psychology of a die-hard football fan is two to three notches from utter insanity.
  4. Freddie ain’t Ready

    There are different dialects and accents within the English language. Who cares about that.. lol. When the players speak in their regional and cultural dialects who cares. Doesn't mean they're not intelligent or professional. Lack of eating discipline is actually a funny one and made me laugh out loud. "run those sprints; stay in shape while I grab a burger." Attire doesn't matter when a team wins. No one cares when the hoodie wears hoodies. All in all.. no matter what your post was entertaining.
  5. Freddie ain’t Ready

    For the most important hire for this franchise, we put the team in the hands of a person with no head coaching experience and only 8 games as an Offensive Coordinator against mostly losing teams. It made sense to most at the time for many.
  6. Whats up with Baker

    Paul Baumeister (former QB) and Chris Simms talking about the 3 versus 5 step drop, extra hitches, and misdiagnoses of Baker on the Landry interception and others. Falling into the trap of "pre-determining where to go with the ball based on pre-snap expectations." Also, they talk about the 4th and 1 play call with the same formation and play-call.
  7. Around the league discussion

    You were out ahead on that train with few people. I didn't think Terry could have next level impact and basically moonlight as a true WR1 at all. I thought he was a utility guy who could step up and be a solid WR2 when need be. It's a shame because he'd work perfectly in this offense in the Callaway role, but McLaurin had elite character, elite intangibles/work ethic, and now has the play ability as well. I had him valued in the 3rd or late 2nd. He truly should've been a late first early second round guy.
  8. Around the league discussion

    We said we were going to be super bowl contenders and look at us now. Anyone looking at their secondary before the season knew they were BBQ chicken. I mean Jimmy Smith, Anthony Averett, and Brandon Carr at CB? Marlon Humphrey aside beyond him it was Earl Thomas and a seriously declining Tony Jefferson. They were who most people paying attention thought they were: BBQ Chicken. Yeah, Humphrey is an elite holder. It's crazy how much he gets away with. He's a tough tackler and physical CB who still make's plays though. Marcus Peter we'll just have to disagree as his game is completely different in zone vs man and for the Rams he was asked to do the very opposite of what he's good at as they let Talib be the zone CB and Peters play man. For the Ravens, Humphrey's is the man guy covered up by Earl Thomas in zone with now Marcus Peters playing zone covered up by Anthony Levine playing matching zone or man based on the call. It should allow Peters to thrive. He still competes and makes plays imo based on the limited sample size I've seen.
  9. Corbett traded to Rams

    Our reporters are ridiculous. There was a total of one fluff nothing question about Corbett to Dorsey. "What's up with OLine and the Corbett trade"? Answer: "OLine needs to be better." And nothing else asked about Corbett.
  10. Whats up with Baker

    Baldy Breakdowns is cool. For a quick/short video different perspective on the "rip throw to landry" Baldy loved see this:
  11. Whats up with Baker

    I think what Simms is eluding to is something he's talked about with Baker elsewhere and that is that Baker seems to "predetermine" where he's going with the ball and not let how plays unfold dictate where he's going with the ball. The defensive pick play was not the best example but there's some application of that thought to it if minimally.
  12. Whats up with Baker

    It's not about hindsight when we're talking about human beings and developmental projection over a time course development over time does matter. That's to say that in the draft, the better selections have to take into account not only what a player is the day they enter the building but what they might be over a 3 or 5 year time course. Baker was clearly the better QB entering any building after the draft. The question was where was his ceiling and where he might be over a 3-5 year time course relative to the other prospects. In reality, we don't know yet whether Baker was the right selection because how a QB develops matters in evaluating the quality of the selection. However, what can be said is that given all the information that John Dorsey and decision makers had at the point of the draft decision the decision to draft Baker was a solid one that had sound internal logic/rationale.
  13. Trent Williams anyone???

    Trent Williams for 1st rounder + VS. Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills for 2, 1st rounders + Tunsil is playing at an elite level battling through a foot injury and Stills was catching deep balls like he does before going down with a hammy. Tunsil and Jalen Ramsey types are young and elite. No matter the contract stuff they are worth 2, 1st rounders every day of the week especially if those firsts are 22nd pick to 32nd range. Much rather have done the Tunsil+Stills trade followed by the Ramsey trade instead of giving up a 1st or really even a 2nd for an elite player in Trent Williams. Stills was the perfect boundary deep threat speed who already had chemistry and worked with Baker in the offseason. Tunsil would be a top 3 LT for the next 7 years if not more. I said it then when everyone was poo pooing it but the Texans gave up a ton but what they got in return was special value for their team and franchise QB. A missed opportunity if we end up doing the Williams deal.
  14. Trent Williams anyone???

    Well .. it might feel like that (that our OL is below average ) .. it certainly does feel like that to me as well.. and I certainly haven't been able to watch all the OLines in the league, but just purely off of numbers and analytics wise (of course numbers don't tell the full story), our OL is indeed Average and just above middle of the pack on a variety of Efficiency indices.
  15. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    This draft is starting to look like one of those ones where from top to bottom there is special depth EVERYWHERE. We need to keep our draft picks this year as the 3rd round even at premium positions looks like it's going to have potential stars.