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  1. The 53 & Roster Strengths, Weaknesses, & Question Marks

    There is no practice squad yet. That is only for when the roster is cut down to 53 and the league allows an additional group of 10 or so guys to be a part of the roster. Cutting Rod Johnson right now means we don't even think he's one of the best 89-90 players on the team (that's how many people we have on the squad right now) I have always been vocal that the Rod Johnson pick made no sense, he had some of the worst contact balance/feet/core strength I had ever seen on film for a multiple year starter. I thought he should've gone undrafted, and I always knew he would be cut sooner rather than later. As bad as Greg Robinson has been, he's not worse than Rod Johnson,but the plus is that Robinson can play inside. Love the move. Rod Johnson was a reflection of terrible scouting. Trading up to take a player in the 5th round that should've went undrafted.
  2. I can see it all now.... The Buffalo fans know what's coming... Lost in the excitement of renewed hope... Browns fans can't see what's coming... 3-and-outs... "Just take a shot man... just throw it," Tyrod seems to not want to push the ball down field. He's hesitating even though there could be a risky pass down field with a huge payoff he decides to tuck and run for short yardage. Punt. Next drive. Check down. Scramble. Run. Punt. Browns fans say to themselves "this is not an exciting brand of football" ... others say "man can you imagine this offense if Baker gunslinger, leader of men, football savior-cocksmith was in there.. man oh man...," ...The forum erupts with discussion on why Tyrod is holding this offense back. WRs in the locker room make public comments about wanting more big plays... Hue & Haley do the same... When all this happens, my fellow FF Bretheren don't give into the non-sense... just remember that risk-averse decision-making and sound defense is a more sustainable model for winning. It'll get you 8 wins in this league. If one has a special defense, it can get you more. When it comes to production (TDs, yards, etc...), don't discount the work Tyrod does with his legs in extending drives especially in the near-redzone in order to get in field goal range. In the near-red, defenses are often trying to take away the critical TD strike and only give up a FG... Tyrod in Buffalo was exceptional of creating the majority of his rushing yards in this situation and part of the field. He'll get us a lot of 3s, not a lot of 7s, but won't turn the ball over due to his conservative skill set. This is a good thing.... it's not going to be exciting... but the winning will. As fans, we always want more... to me that's where the Baker controversy comes in this year; that is, fans believing that Baker can get even more out of the offense. Let's just sit back and let it all play out... give Baker the full year on the bench if we can... we're not winning the super bowl this year 6-8 wins would be fantastic. So, Tyrod's frustrating us with conservative decision-making... so what... go with the flow... Don't worry... Be Happy... we'll likely be stacking up wins for the first time in 3 years.
  3. Duke Johnson - Contract Extension

    I thought that at first too, but then I looked at the numbers... the numbers tell a different story. It's a good contract for Duke.. it's just the unfortunate and terrible reality of RBs. In truth, this contract puts Duke Johnson and Carlos Hyde as the 8th and 9th RBs in the league in terms of AVERAGE ANNUAL Salary. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/contracts/running-back/ Le'Veon Bell is the outlier on the franchise tag at 14Mil plus. Top RB1s ahead of Duke and Carlos Hyde are either 1.) On recent Rookie CBA slotted deals like Fournette and Ezekiel Elliot making their average annual higher, or 2.) RB1s that have captured multiple pro-bowls and/or Rushing titles like Lesean Mccoy (8Mil per), Devonta Freeman ($8.25M per)... that leaves just 2 RBs ahead of Duke with Jerrick McKinnon who the 49ers overpaid giving him 7.5Million (the whole league thought they overpaid him) and Lamar Miller making 6.5Million for being Houston's lead RB. In fact, the $7.7 Million guaranteed at signing on a 3-year deal when adjusted for contract length of other RBs and taking out the rookie contracts (rookies are guaranteed a lot due to the CBA), in terms of guranteed money Duke has a top 6 RB contract based on active players. So, he did good for himself. His contract would be different if he was able to make the case as a slot WR .... the RB market is just really really bad for the players... but all in all Duke has top 8 avg annual salary and a top 6 contract in terms of adjusted $ guaranteed at salary. For a player that has yet to be given the opportunity to be a lead back, it's a really good contracts based on the current market. Even compared to Isiah Cro
  4. The 53 & Roster Strengths, Weaknesses, & Question Marks

    My general point when when I listed DT/NT as question mark/area of weakness was that in Meder and Coley we have neither a 1-tech NT that is elite at run-stopping or elite in interior pass rush disruption from the NT position. The most effective 43 Defenses are those that can push the pocket from the inside via the 3-tech and 1-tech as interior disruption is the most impactful way to effect the QBs vision and comfortability on platform even more so than outside rushing. Therefore, I was hoping that in pursuit of an elite defensive line we would upgrade at the NT position. I did however say that Caleb Brantley COULD be that do-it-all 1-tech type due to his play characteristics... i did however also see Larry as more of a 3-tech than a 1-tech based on his play at Charlotte and the limited sample size of plays on the Browns. If you think Larry is a 1-tech in skill set, then we just have a disagreement in terms of DL play evaluation. I see Larry as a linear inside penetrator who does a good job using short area burst and quickness to berserk into the backfield and blow up a run or pass play. Last year, when it came to run fit holding to make a play in 2 gaps he had a hard time locating the ball and over ran plays when having to run down the line. I saw this in multiple games. His problem is awareness likely do to still being young at the position in terms of experience. he also doesn't uses his hands well when it comes to holding up in the run. His game is all about winning at the snap and winning soon. When he doesn't he can get pushed around in the run game b/c of poor technique and awareness. That's why he's a quick win 3-tech for now... his skill set and awareness and technique will obviously grow as he's a diligent worker... but I'm not sure it will ever be elite. I never said that we needed a Pat Williams 1-tech type, I just was responding to buno's point that Larry is a 1-tech by giving examples of the body and play type/traits of 1-techs in the league in order to make the point that Larry is more of a 3-tech than a 1-tech when it comes to looking at Larry's play style & less importantly his body type (not about height weight speed per se, but arm length ... how he uses his length ... .does he hold the point of attack, etc..). I watched 10 games of Larry at Charlotte and 5 games last year for the Browns... imo he's a 3-tech who has the versatility to play 1-tech. I also said based on play traits that Caleb Brantley is more of a 1-tech with pass rush versatility than Trevon Coley. Brantley love to arm press and hold his two gaps than shed late to make a play... he also has the quickness to win at the snap and provide interior pass rush.
  5. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    I had Sam Beal as my 7th best CB in the draft and gave him a late 2nd/early 3rd round grade. His length and ball skills are impressive. He has great hip fluidity but has poor eye discipline and his eyes get him into trouble. He reminded me of Nnamdi Asomugha in terms of arm length and movement skills. Asomugha was known as having elite work ethic and studied the game/WRs religiously. I don't know if Beal has those characteristics, but if he's a diligent worker then we should absolutely spend a draft pick on him in the supplemental. It would be ideal if we could give a 4th round pick for him assuming there are no major red flags. He has serious starter upside and as even pro bowl potential. I wouldn't be surprised if a team uses a 3rd round pick on him. I'd stay away from Adonis Alexander as he's too slow and too stiff a mover to have success at CB in the league. he'll likely convert to an OLB or SS in the league. I liked his tape early on but he got exposed the more I watched. I don't know anything about the Safety out of TAMU, but if he has serious upside a FS and we could get him in the 4th or 5th it would be worth the gamble assuming he passes the character test.
  6. The 53 & Roster Strengths, Weaknesses, & Question Marks

    I think you may have misinterpreted my in the quote below... The position in question was really about our NT... that's why I discussed how Meder and Coley didn't get it done as elite at run stopping or creating inside pass rush. Larry Og is not a NT, he's a 3-tech with berserker inside disruption... he can get pushed around and caught in the wash in the run game as well if he doesn't immediately win off the line. 1-Tech's are Pat Williams, Haloti Ngata, Linvel Joseph, and Chris Baker types... they're usually mountain men with limited inside pass rush disruption but are unmovable and usually become run specialist. Larry neither has the body type (arm length) or stout strength to be this type of player. Ultimately, I'd like to pair a NT with pass rush disruption with Larry... Suh would've been the perfect signing in terms of style of play but money and personality wise they weren't fits...we'll have to likely look to the draft for that type of player. In terms of Larry, his play instincts in terms of locating the ball or slow shed and moving down the line and not overrunning the play are really bad (he's still new to the game of football)... to me this limits his ceiling and likely means he'll be a great berserker 3tech in a good rotation, but he won't be the guy long term unless he can grow into those deficient areas...
  7. The 53 & Roster Strengths, Weaknesses, & Question Marks

    Not sure what would make you think I gave Orchard a pass.... I didn't... I had Chris Smith and Myles Garrett on one side and Ogbah and Chad Thomas on the other. That's 4 DEs total at the 53 man cut down. I didn't even factor Orchard in as someone who could make the roster, but instead put Nassib on the bubble but as a possible roster cut... With the Kendricks signing, I just saw the 3-man bubble as being Nassib, one of the OL (Donald Stephenson) assuming we keep 9 (the 10th is cut); over 70 percent of the league carries 9 OLs at the 53... we've carried 10 for consecutive years, or trading/cutting one of Collins, Kirksey, Burgess, or Avery.
  8. The 53 & Roster Strengths, Weaknesses, & Question Marks

    Names that will be on the borderline to make the 53 1. RT Donald Stephenson (he's not a good player and has underachieve whenever called to start throughout his entire career) 2. DE Carl Nassib (with Chris Smith and Chad Thomas being in the 2-deep of the DE depth chart there may not be room for a 3rd DE that's not a practice squad player) 3. C Austin Reiter (if Shon Coleman and Desmond Harrison prove worthy at LT; we might try Austin Corbett as a full OL swing in the Center to the Tackle position.. thus making Reiter a redundant piece on the roster that can be replaced by a practice squad player if necessary. 4. Trading Collins/Kirksey or cutting LB James Burgess or LB Genard Avery (highly unlikely imo as Burgess showed out in spots last year and Avery has longterm upside) 2 UDFA's make the 53 this year (both have long-term pro-bowl upside) 1. LT Desmond Harriosn 2. FS Elijah Campell
  9. The 53 & Roster Strengths, Weaknesses, & Question Marks

    Projecting out the 53 is really really hard this year based on the acquired talent..... Who do we cut? I think it comes down to: 1. Carl Nassib, 2. Carrying 9 OL instead of 10 like we have the past 2-3 years, 3. or trading away one of the LBs to make room for Kendricks (which would be ridiculously stupid b/c Jamie Collins and Christian Kirksey are far superior players based on the film compared to Kendricks... those on this forum that downplay Collins b/c of injury and perceived minimal impact haven't really watch the film closely... his impact was solid to very good in the run and pass despite no major splash plays). --------------- I think the best option would be releasing Donald Stephenson instead of Carl Nassib...
  10. The 53 & Roster Strengths, Weaknesses, & Question Marks

    ***UPDATED 6/3/18 W/ Mychal Kendricks Signing**** What the Roster Is Vs. Isn't: The good news is that we have thoroughly uplifted the talent and within-position competition for this roster in ways that will have us compete and stay in ball games throughout the entirety of the season. However, those that expect this team to strongly compete for 7-8 wins given our grueling schedule will be in for a rude awakening come the start of the season. I expect this team to be a 5-6 win team, and if we do so given our schedule so long as we compete in games and young players play well, it will be an enjoyable and fruitful season. If a lot of things come to fruition (Myles and Ogbah stay healthy, Coleman and Hubbard play well, Ogunjobi and Brantley/Coley elevate their game, Denzel Ward plays like the number 4 pick, our other CBs play well, Jabrill takes another step as a SS, Damarious Randall plays well at FS, Josh Gordon stays clean and healthy, David Njoku stays healthy and has improved... then I could definitely see this team being an 8-win team no question... Roster Weakness/Question Marks: DT/NT: As much as I love Larry Ogunobi, we still need a force up the middle that can provide both stout run stuffing power, but also provide a serious pass rushing threat. This will likely be the direction we go in next year's draft, but the combo of Trevon Coley and Jamie Meder did not get it done last year. In an ideal scenario, Brantley steps up as he is the ideal NT who is a better run stuffer than pass rusher, but provides enough juice in the pass rush to be a serious wrecking force against potent offenses. We really need Larry and Caleb to step up. TE: Count me as one of the individuals that hopes we can target a UDFA or veteran cut from another team to bring in another pass catching TE as I don't really believe in DeValve's impact in the event that Njoku goes down for a bit. Seth is serviceable, but he lacks any quick twitch and quick/explosive route running ability. There will be someone available by the time of 53-man roster cuts... hopefully this somebody has longer term starter upside. Daniel Fells was a really good signing... better than most understand... he does it all and does it at a solid level. LT/OL: Hopefully, UDFA Desmond Harrison can prove to be a viable option as he has all the traits one desires in a developmental LT with potential pro-bowl upside. The only question is will he work at it. I don't think Austin Corbett has the kick step athleticism to deal with pass rushers off the edge (Just watch the tape of him versus Myles Garrett in college); however, Corbett has pro-bowl ability at center or guard and likely can replace Tretter if he doesn't elevate his game or can replace Zeitler if his game falls off a cliff. Our line becomes a different force if both Chris Hubbard can hold it down on the right-side and Spencer Drango can prove to be an even better guard via skills development between last season and this one. Can Shon Coleman prove to be the LT of the future? I like his grit and toughness, but I ultimately think he's too stiff hipped and stiff in the ankles to move how he needs to in order to be effective. It will be interesting to see if a player falls off another roster that can help us here. FS: No more King Kai Nacua... who's going to be a viable FS2 if Randall struggles or goes down for some time? Is it BBC? Is it Currie? This is a position where we need to target other teams' rosters and UDFA pool to create impact depth. UDFA Elijah Campbell from Northern Iowa has long-term starter impact based on his tape... he's a willing and forceful tackler and has natural ball skills. If he's a relentless worker he could be a really good player at FS if Randall doesn't make the impact we expect. DE: I liked the Chris Smith signing as it gives us some juice and edge-setting strength, but Carl Nassib/Nate Orchard types have proven ineffective at creating a force and/or steady production off the edge. Is there a veteran that can help us here? I'd say a late camp addition Free Agent or late roster cut due to salary demands may help us boost the position's strength. Outside of additions, our defense's success all really comes down to 1. Can Myles and Emmanuel stay healthy? and 2. Can Ogbah raise his level of play as a pass rusher? ... if those things happen, there's outside chance that this defense is a special one and we truly win 7 games. We'll see what we have with Chad Thomas... he's a power player whose pass rushing impact may be limited. He will provide good depth and has the hands and powerful punch to kick inside to provide length and burst in the interior pass rush. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The First 54 Projection (With the Addition of Mychal Kendricks The Last cut comes down to Carl Nassib or an OLineman) **** As talent falls off other rosters, I expect the bottom of our roster to look much different and the defensive and offensive number of players kept to more equalize. Until then, this is an exercise to give a picture of what our roster could look like based on the best talent that I see on the roster at this time.**** The Browns 53-man roster breaks down as follows: Offense (26) Quarterbacks (3): QB: Tyrod Taylor // Drew Stanton // Baker Mayfield ------------ Running Backs (3): RB: Carlos Hyde // Nick Chubb // Duke Johnson // Practice Squad: Matthew Dayes ------------ Fullback (1): FB: Danny Vitale; ------------ Wide Receivers (6): WR1: Josh Gordon // Antonio Callaway WR2: Corey Coleman // Jeff Janis // Damion Ratley Slot-WR: Jarvis Landry // (Duke Johnson) ------------ Tight Ends (3): TE: David Njoku // Daniel Fells // Seth DeValve ------------ Offensive Linemen (10): LT: Shon Coleman // Desmond Harrison LG: Joel Bitonio // Austin Corbett C: J.C. Tretter // Austin Reiter RG: Kevin Zeitler // Spencer Drango RT: Chris Hubbard // Donald Stephenson ------------------------- Defense (25) Defensive linemen (9): DE: Myles Garrett // Chris Smith NT: Trevon Coley // Jamie Meder DT: Larry Ogunjobi // Caleb Brantley DE: Emmanuel Ogbah // Chad Thomas // Carl Nassib ------------ Linebackers (6): SLB: Christian Kirksey // Mychal Kendricks MLB: Joe Schobert // Genard Avery WLB: Jamie Collins Sr. // James Burgess ------------ Corner Backs (6): CB: Denzel Ward // Terrance Mitchell CB: T.J. Carrie // E.J. Gaines // Howard Wilson // Practice Squad: Simeon Thomas NCB: Briean Boddy-Calhoun ------------ Free Safeties (2): FS: Damarious Randall // Elijah Campbell // (Briean Boddy-Calhoun) ------------ Strong Safeties (2): SS: Jabrill Peppers // Derrick Kindred ------------ Specialists (3) Kicker (1): Zane Gonzalez; Punter (1):Britton Colquitt; Long snapper (1):Charley Hughlett
  11. The 53 & Roster Strengths, Weaknesses, & Question Marks

    I couldn't disagree more... No way Chris Hubbard plays Tackle in the NFL... he could be solid guard.... Nope... I watched 2 seasons of play for Gennesy... he gets it done... just like Chris Hubbard... his technique is good and he's a fighter... he has the foot quickness and kickslide agility to get back to the fight point... He's not body beautiful and his game doesn't look pretty, but he gets it done and at a high level... I'd be willing to bet we try him at RT.
  12. The 53 & Roster Strengths, Weaknesses, & Question Marks

    We signed my 3rd favorite OLineman from the 2017 NFL Draft... OT/OG Avery Gennesy from TAMU.... His tape was impeccable as he has heavy hands..... competitive fire and is a fluid mover with good feet and a strong anchor. He played too tall and upright and had core strength issues. Unfortunately, he was typecast as a guard at 6ft3in and 318 pounds...he's not a guard in terms of movement and strength to move and pivot guys... he's a LT/RT... I could see him being a really good developmental OT on practice squad with longterm starter upside or beating out Donald Stephenson for a roster spot as I thought he was just that good.
  13. The 53 & Roster Strengths, Weaknesses, & Question Marks

    @DizzyDean Was released from scholarship from Northern Illinois due to off field issues... transferred to 3 schools in 4 years.... spent 2 years in JUCO... these are the types of players that make it to the UDFA pool. Ultra talented... got his life and game together the last year... upside is through the roof..
  14. The 53 & Roster Strengths, Weaknesses, & Question Marks

    We may have found our future FS1 in the UDFA pool. Elijah Campbell from Northern Iowa has long-term starter impact based on his tape... he's a willing and forceful tackler and has natural ball skills. If he's a relentless worker he could be a really good player at FS if Randall doesn't make the impact we expect.