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  1. 2020/2021 - The 55: Roster Talk & Team-Building Analysis

    @freakygeniuskid @LETSGOBROWNIES Hahahaa .... Wow... hilarious.. I was trying to figure out what the heck you all were talking about and then I went back and read my post above... Lol... Somehow it saved an older out of date late night post draft in the post space and sent it when I meant to send an entirely different post from my phone. I've praised the Joseph and Johnson signings before and I will never trust phones.
  2. The Roster -- Updated (3/27/20): https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/team/players-roster/ Prospective 55-60 Roster: Offense (?): Quarterbacks (?): QB: Baker Mayfield // Case Keenum // Garrett Gilbert Practice Squad: N/A ------------ Running Backs (?): RB: Nick Chubb // Kareem Hunt // D'Ernest Johnson // Dontrell Hilliard Practice Squad: N/A ------------ Fullback (?): FB: Andy Janovich // Johnny Stanton Practice Squad: N/A ------------ Wide Receivers (?): WR1: Odell Beckham Jr. // Damion Ratley // DJ Montgomery WR2: Taywon Taylor // KhaDarel Hodge // J'Mon Moore Slot-WR: Jarvis Landry // JoJo Natson Practice Squad: N/A ----------- Tight Ends (?): TE: Austin Hooper // David Njoku // Stephen Carlson // Pharoah Brown Practice Squad: N/A ------------ Offensive Linemen (?): LT: Kendall Lamm LG: Joel Bitonio // Colby Gossett // Malcolm Pridgeon C: JC Tretter // Evan Brown // Willie Wright RG: Drew Forbes // Wyatt Teller RT: Jack Conklin // Chris Hubbard Practice Squad: N/A ------------------------- Defense (?): Defensive linemen (?): DE: Myles Garrett // // Chad Thomas // Robert McCray NT: Andrew Billings // Daniel Ekuale // Brandin Bryant // Justin Zimmer DT: Larry Ogunjobi // Sheldon Richardson // Eli Ankou DE: Olivier Vernon // Porter Gustin // Trevon Young Practice Squad: N/A ------------ Linebackers (?): SLB: Sione Takitaki // Tae Davis MLB: BJ Goodson // Jermaine Grace WLB: Mack Wilson // Willie Harvey // Montrel Meander Practice Squad: N/A ------------ Corner Backs (?): CB: Denzel Ward // Donovan Olumba // Donnie Lewis Jr. CB: Greedy Wiilliams // Terrance Mitchell // Tavierre Thomas NCB/NS: Kevin Johnson // Robert Jackson Practice Squad: N/A ------------ Safeties (?): FS: Andrew Sendejo // Sheldrick Redwine SS: Karl Joseph // JT Hassell Practice Squad: N/A ------------ Specialists (3): Kicker (1): Austin Seibert Punter (1): Jamie Gillan Long snapper (1): Charley Hughlett -------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------
  3. 2020/2021 - The 55: Roster Talk & Team-Building Analysis

    Internet Madness.
  4. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    There's a lot of smoke from all kinds of lesser known behind the scenes and well-known public draftnik scouting figures (i.e., Daniel Jeremiah) that suggests that the Chargers do not see Justin Herbert as a top 10 QB1, and that they are Tua or bust. If that's true, that means they are taking a Tackle or they are taking Isaiah Simmons in my mock scenario. There's also the chance that they trade down with the Browns given Andrew Berry and Tom Telesco's close working relationship and friendship. It doesn't seem to make sense now, but I'm telling you some of the QB needy teams are going to be angling for 1 of Trey Lance, Trevor Lawrence, or Justin Fields as primary options with Jamie Newman and D'Eriq King being highly regarded but less valued relative to Lawrence, Fields, and Lance. Tom Telesco marches to the beat of his own drum. Everyone is thinking they have to take a QB, but he's the type that he's not going to spend a pick on a guy he doesn't believe in. Justin Herbert is not not everyone's cup of tea much like Josh Allen and Josh Rosen before. Jameis Winson, Cam Newton, and potentially Andy Dalton are still out there. There's a lot of time (maybe even more than we know currently) between now, the draft, and the start of the season. The Chargers have a wide variety of options. With the Jaguars moving Cam Robinson to Guard as has been expected, there's no better time to take a Tackle. It is my worst case scenario, but I honestly think it's more likely than not at this point, especially if Telesco isn't all in on Herbert as his Franchise QB. He doesn't want to get Trubisky'd.
  5. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    How I see the Top 9 Playing Out: Bengals - Joe Burrow, QB LSU Washington - Chase Young, DE Ohio State Lions - Jeffrey Okudah, CB Ohio State Giants - Mekhi Becton, LT Louisville Dolphins - Tua Tagovailoa, QB Alabama Chargers - Jedrick Wills Jr., OT Alabama Panthers - Isaiah Simmons, LB Clemson Cardinals - Andrew Thomas, OT Georgia Jaguars - Justin Herbert, QB Oregon Browns - ????? This is how it is likely going to play out. It's going to be a shame when all the fan masses lulled to sleep by the Wirfs the Combine Uber Athlete Iowa OLine Factory OT1 propaganda will be jubilant and in bliss as they glad hand each other with "we got our Tackle for years to come" comments knowing not what they speak or what is to come. Derrick Brown, Tristan Wirfs, Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb, and Javon Kinlaw will be the premium persons still on the board. In a perfect world, the Browns catch Trade-Down madness and get wild. More likely though they'll take their gamble on WIrfs or gamble on interior pass rush production from Derrick Brown or Javon Kinlaw. The knee concerns and tendinitis from Kinlaw at such a young age makes that too much of a risky selection. We've seen how knee issues can spiral down a career in short order (Todd Gurley). Derrick Brown might not offer enough interior pass rush or pocket disruption to legitimize the pick based on positional value. CeeDee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy won't likely be selected. So, who do we target in a trade down? To me, the Browns will trade down and target Austin Jackson, LT USC in the mid-20s, or in a shocker signaling that they will be moving to Joe Woods' preferred 34-scheme the next year they'll target K'Lavon Chaisson, 34OLB LSU. The latter would make me ill; the former could end up becoming an all-pro by year 3 or 4. Overall, it makes me think one thing: Andrew Berry is going to aggressively trade up to get his guy whether that be Wills, Becton, or Thomas.
  6. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    No WRs Top 9; No Derrick Brown Top 9; No Tristan Wirfs Top 9. Players I see going top-9 with a high degree of confidence Joe Burrow, QB LSU Chase Young, DE Ohio State Jeffrey Okudah, CB Ohio State Jedrick Wills Jr., OT Alabama Tua Tagovailoa, QB Alabama Isaiah Simmons, LB Clemson Mekhi Becton, OT Louisville Andrew Thomas, OT Georgia Justin Herbert, QB Oregon If the Browns are super lucky indeed a WR or Derrick Brown o top 9 which would push someone down to 10. I don't see teams spending a top 10 selection on a Nose Tackle with a limited pass rushing skill set based on positional value. I think scouts and FO execs will see Wirfs as a Guard and/or too raw at Tackle for top 9 only because of the other quality players available in this draft. I think those players above go top-9. In that scenario, I hope we trade down.
  7. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Cardinals resigning of Marcus Gilbert coming off of an ACL injury where he missed the Cards season ... Could it just be a depth signing in the event that their Tackle of choice isn't available at their draft position? Likely. But I'm still holding out hope for any sign that the Browns can get Wills.
  8. Free Agency Discussion

  9. Free Agency Discussion

    Never heard of him; never watched him. All I know is the dream of taking over for JC for my pre-draft favorite and now Browns Practice Squad player Willie Wright is holding on by a thread.
  10. FFMD II '20 - General Manager & Writer Sign Up

    You lead the way, FGK. Lead us to GM victory. I'll pass. Proselytize; spread the good news of "Wirfs is a Guard" far and wide. Then, I wish fare thee well and good'morrow. If instead you join the cause of the lost and astray "Wirfs as OT1" masses, you will not find draftnik peace lest you repent of ye draftnikian trespasses.
  11. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    It's very simple: If many of us think that due to positional value and OTs pivotal role that it makes sense to go Tackle over talented players like LB Isaiah Simmons, NT Derrick Brown, or even CB Jeffrey Okudah who plays at a high positional value position, why wouldn't other GMs on Teams with Tackle needs possibly/likely think that way as well. The reason it makes sense to try to get Trent Williams is because the "superstar" prospect Tackles might not be there at 10, and the consensus mocks or popular sentiments in the draftnik community overlook the Tackle needs of top 10 teams and disregard their GMs going positional value of Tackle in their mocks as a possibility over less positional value positions like LB, NT, and WR. Isaiah Simmons, Derrick Brown, and CeeDee Lamb/Jerry Jeudy are all valued over many Tackles in the draftnik mock community, but that may not be the case in the positional value minded minds of GMs. Excluding the Bengals and Washington, out of the 7 Teams ahead of the Browns 6 to 7 of them have glaring Tackle needs. 2 of the 7 (Chargers and Dolphins) have a QB1 need and are thought to be potential spots for Tua or Herbert, but one can't assume that both teams are Fine with either of the QBs. So, let's assume we can reduce the list to 6 teams instead of 7 crossing off the team that ends up with Tua. That Leaves us with: 1.) Giants 2.) Cardinals 3.) Lions 4.) Dolphins -OR- Chargers 5.) Panthers 6.) Jaguars --------- The Lions trading Darius Slay has people thinking Jeff Okudah is their guy, but no one has a clue what Patricia and co. want. If the Chargers lose out on Tua, does Tom Telesco really like Herbert giving his scouting history? Many don't think so and think he may choose to go positional value and wait for a QB next year. The Panthers losing Kuechly has people thinking Isaiah Simmons is their guy, but Matt Rhule's belief in positional value means we don't know what direction they'll go. Does Rhule believe in Greg Little as a true OT with Russell Okung or do they see Little as a Guard next year as many have assumed. At the end of the season, Doug Marrone and their FO realized they'd have to move Cam Robinson to Guard given his mighty struggles at Left Tackle. So, they have a glaring LT need. ----------- There are only 3 high quality Tackle Prospects in the draft imo: Jedrick Wills is a sure-thing superstar; Mekhi Becton has superstar upside but is a gamble with worse odds; and Andrew Thomas has superstar upside in a gap scheme. Tristan Wirfs is not a superstar Tackle prospect and many trusted scouting opinions see it as such categorizing him as a Guard instead. If the Giants, Cardinals, and 1 other team take a Tackle, where does that leave the Browns?? There's no guarantee even that the 4th Tackle on the board will be there. Trent Williams is a superstar with medical red flags, and if the Browns can get him for negligible draft capital or sign him out-right after he's cut.it would be a home run that allows them to go BPA at 10.
  12. Browns Pick at 10

    I agree. Good to see you've joined the growing rational mass of draftnikians.
  13. Consensus Mock Draft II - Post Combine - Pick 10 - Cleveland Browns

    With Jedrick Wills, Derrick Brown, Jeffrey Okudah, and Isaiah Simmons off the board the Browns should trade down. If they stayed put, the selection ranking is the following: 1.) gamble on Mekhi Becton's upside 2.) gamble on Andrew Thomas' high floor 3.) CeeDee Lamb // Jerry Jeudy
  14. 1.) Rank Your top Tackle Prospects and Why? 2.) Who has the highest floor? Who's the safest prospect? 3.) Who has the highest ceiling? 4.) Is there a clear best Tackle and Why? 5.) (FYI -- Even Joe Thomas Says Wirfs is a Guard) --------------------- Joe Thomas On Wirfs and the Tackles Joe Thomas is not a scout and has been transparent that he's has not watched the depth of film of the Tackle prospects on the level of a scout. He has however stated that he has seen some film on each of the top tackle prospects in preparation for his combine coverage so that he could have some baseline knowledge about the top guys. He also intently watched and analyzed the top Tackle prospects and big OLine names during their combine workouts. During and post combine, he conveyed some of his thoughts to NFL and Browns related media. Below, Joe Thomas in His Own Words during an appearance on a show called Cleveland Browns Daily: " I see Tristan Wirfs especially early on in his career as a guy that might start out as a Guard because just the way he moves he doesn't have as much hip mobility as I think he would need to come in and start right away as an Offensive Tackle and so when I watch him I think that he's probably going to end up starting right away as a Guard so for the Cleveland Browns they've got at least 1 really good Guard already so I think with that 1st pick they're going to be thinking offensive tackle and that's why I would put Tristan Wirfs back and say Andrew Thomas is more ready to start now as a prototypical offensive tackle. Number 3 as an offensive tackle I'd put Jedrick Wills...." --- Joe Thomas ---- ----- Joe Thomas also gave a ranking based on his combine observations of movement dynamics, footwork, and the sampling of film he's watched of the Top Big Name Tackles which was the following: 1.) Mekhi Becton: 2.) Andrew Thomas 3.) Jedrick Wills Jr. The next grouping he had as Guard Primary Tackle Maybe with an emphasis on the Maybe with a strained doubt intonation. 4.) Tristan Wirfs (** after giving his first reasoning on Wirfs as a Guard he called Wirfs a Guard 3 other times in the conversation.) 5.) Josh Jones. (Called Jones a Guard But Maybe Tackle) -------------------------------------- My Rankings & General Evaluative Summary: **All prospects have positive and negative qualities, but analyzing the positives and negatives of the Tackle class in my opinion reveals a clear OT1 that is head and shoulders above the rest.** 1.) Jedrick Wills Jr. The Good: Plays with uncanny natural knee bend, a natural extremely low center of gravity, and fantastic balance. Natural intuitive feel for leverage play and has elite body control. He plays with length, as well as with the highest level of functional strength and functional athleticism out of the group. He's a people mover who displaces even high level competition and has the blocking mentality and demeanor of a high level prospect looking to dominate the defender and make his presence known from the 1st to 4th Quarter. He has highlight blocks where he takes out 2 and sometimes 3 defenders to devastating effects. Sweet feet, powerful hands, and works hard and efficiently when on the move toward second level blocks. His anchor and redirect is out of this world. Finishes. Hand placement and technique is consistently elite. Has a high level of conditioning and sustained ability endurance. The Bad: Doesn't sustain blocks like you'd like to see in situations where he clearly has the decisive advantage. Gets overextended over his knees when working to prevent inside counter moves causing him to lose balance and lunge fall forward at times. His technique and assignment diligence regresses in blowout wins in the 4th Quarter when you'd like to see him finish and maintain focus. Has occasional mental lapses and struggles with punch and anchor timing when going up against wide-9 aligned Defensive Ends. In general, his worst tape is against wide-9 defenders and needs a complete overhaul of footwork and decision-making when going against such defensive schemes. Recognition skills when presented with exotic fronts or blitzes gives him trouble when rushers come from wide alignments and his true priority assignment is inside. --- 2.) Mekhi Becton The Good: Becton is indeed a super freak. He is the ultimate people mover who gets up in and under guys and makes them look silly. He mauls guys and is a devastating blocker on the move. Plays with consistent effort through 3 Quarters and uses his length to his advantage. Dominant blocking mentality. Is a loose and fluid athlete despite issues in foot biomechanical coordination.There's no better Tackle in the draft when Becton is locked in, prepared, and knowledgeable of his responsibilities, blocking angles, and blocking keys. Anchor and redirect is special. Has a natural feel for angles. Finishes through the whistle even when exhausted due to likely conditioning issues. When he properly identifies 2nd level responsibilities it's some of the most fun and memorable tape you'll ever see as he just ragdolls defenders on the move. His one arm push followed by his linear acceleration to the second level is remarkable. The Bad: Jekyll and Hyde 2019 versus 2018 film begs the question who's the real Mekhi? Hand placement is all over the place. Lacks endurance and fitness as his hands are on his hips and his technique and effort regress in the 4th Quarter. Oddly enough though, when he went against top competition (only 5 times his whole career really) he never displayed the dominance he shows when he knows his opponent is over-matched. Lacks the decision-making and targeting awareness on second level blocks. He lacks functional quick change of direction, technical feet, and hip flexibility to thrive in certain elements of a zone blocking scheme. His teammates often get frustrated with him when he blows assignments and they showed their frustration with him on the field multiple times. That likely happens only when they know he's been corrected to do something but he's not holding up his end of the bargain. High cut and has a high center of gravity. Has weight concerns and consistency issues, but his traits are off the charts and he has the raw ability to be a special player. --- 3.) Andrew Thomas The Good: Thomas' best quality is his play mentality/demeanor and his natural instincts and intuitive decisions to just get guys blocked even when it looks ugly. When on the field, he gives maximal effort and fights to the bitter end. He has the 2nd highest floor of the group and is sure to be a quality player in a particular scheme (also has the lowest ceiling of the top Tackles). Has a feel for the game regarding inside counters, as well as how to stay back in his stance and patiently, decisively punch with purpose. Sustains and finishes better than anyone in the OT class. Uses his length to his advantage. Has an advanced feel and instinctual awareness of angles to minimize the negative impact of his lateral movement/agility deficiencies. A fantastic gap scheme prospect with tremendous movement scheme deficiencies. The Bad: Lacks the functional athleticism to be elite in a movement based system, but beyond that his biggest weakness is his poor contact balance which sees him on the ground a ton. Did I mention how often he's on the ground or caught off balance? It's a lot. Solomon Kindley cleaned up a lot of his inside counter misses. He also struggles with help blocks as he often doesn't correctly identify stunts or uneven line stacks where his responsibilities change. Crosses his feet and/or heel clicks too often. Has deficient change of direction quickness and initial set movement balance. Waist bends too often. Struggles to hit targets and work to targets at the second level or on the move. He lacks elite traits but makes up for it with his natural feel for the game and willingness to leave it all on the field and battle. Too often lets Defensive Ends get underneath his bad and bend direct angles to the QB. Can he improve his balance and technique and overcome off the field red flags (i.e., arguments with strength coaches, missing workouts). Is he going to be reliable as a pro? --- 4.) Tristan Wirfs The Good: He is out of this world, truly otherworldly on a level never before seen in the draft when he is uncovered on the move working to the second level, running down-field on blocks, or pulling. It's a thing of unparalleled beauty. Has explosive quickness and natural feel for playing with force when working uncovered. Has an intuitive feel for hitting targets in open space. Has a naturally strong anchor with a low center of gravity. Uncanny balance and recovery skills. When he decides that he wants to be the most dominant OLineman in the country there are few players that can match the level of his play when he's dialed in with an aggressive and nasty blocking mentality. Doesn't get too high and doesn't get too low with his mentality. Makes it look easy and doesn't strain in movement. His down the field highlight real of best plays looks like things out an OLine Coaches dreams. The Bad: He hands down has the worst technique (i.e., sloppy feet, oversetting, opens the gate to the sideline, etc) and blocking attitude/mentality/disposition out of the group. Despite his unbelievable testing strength he doesn't play with pop or power in his hands and never mauls anyone preferring wrestle or bear hug guys in the direction of his block. He plays like a short-armed guard letting guys get into him and sometimes under him despite 34" arms. Because he's strong his bear hugs are effective, but he's more finesse than a people mover. So much raw ability, but the worry is does he have the mentality to truly be dominant. He's been criticized as "too nice" and having "all the tools but not the mindset" since his wrestling days in high school. Is he going be able lock into the right mindset to become a pro-bowl caliber Tackle talent in the NFL? He certainly has the highest ceiling but he also has the lowest floor as ankle. Joe Thomas recently called Wirfs a Guard because of his hip immobility. I've seen the same thing for a long time now (as have many others) regarding his hip flexibility and critical technique and feel for the Tackle game deficiencies. All of his issues and technique and play trait weaknesses are virtually wiped out if he moves to Guard paving the way for an All-Pro Career. ------------ Best Consistent Blocking Disposition/Attitude, Blocking Demeanor, and Willingness to Finish 1.) Andrew Thomas 2.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 3.) Mekhi Becton 4.) Tristan Wirfs Best Consistent Technique Via Play at Tackle 1.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 2.) Andrew Thomas 3.) Mekhi Becton 4.) Tristan Wirfs Best Unharnessed Power/Strength 1.) Tristan Wirfs 2.) Mekhi Becton 3.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 4.) Andrew Thomas Best Functional People Moving Play Strength (Not Testing Strength) Via Play at Tackle 1.) Mekhi Becton 2.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 3.) Andrew Thomas 4.) Tristan Wirfs Best Functional Feet Via Play at Tackle 1.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 2.) Mekhi Becton 3.) Tristan Wirfs 4.) Andrew Thomas Best Raw Unrefined Athleticism 1.) Tristan Wirfs 2.) Mekhi Becton 3.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 4.) Andrew Thomas Best Functional Movement and Agility Skills 1.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 2.) Tristan Wirfs 3.) Mekhi Becton 4.) Andrew Thomas Best Out in Space 1.) Tristan Wirfs (and no one else is close) 2.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 3.) Mekhi Becton 4.) Andrew Thomas Best and Most Consistent Down-the-Field Wow Plays 1.) Tristan Wirfs (and no one else is close) 2.) Mekhi Becton 3.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 4.) Andrew Thomas Best Hands and Punch 1.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 2.) Mekhi Becton 3.) Andrew Thomas 4.) Tristan Wirfs Best Play with Length 1.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 2.) Mekhi Becton 3.) Andrew Thomas 4.) Tristan Wirfs Best Processing, Awareness, and Decision-Making 1.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 2.) Tristan Wirfs 3.) Andrew Thomas 4.) Mekhi Becton Lowest-Low Plays 1.) Tristan Wirfs 2.) Andrew Thomas 3.) Mekhi Becton 4.) Jedrick Wills Jr. Highest-High Plays 1.) Mekhi Becton 2.) Tristan Wirfs 3.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 4.) Andrew Thomas Who's the Safest Prospect at Tackle? 1.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 2.) Andrew Thomas 3.) Mekhi Becton 4.) Tristan Wirfs Who has the Highest Floor at Tackle? 1.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 2.) Andrew Thomas 3.) Mekhi Becton 4.) Tristan Wirfs Who has the Highest Ceiling at Tackle? 1.) Mekhi Becton 2.) Jedrick Wills 3.) Tristan Wirfs** (Highest Ceiling at Guard) 4.) Andrew Thomas Best Balance and Contact Balance 1.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 2.) Mekhi Becton 3.) Tristan Wirfs 4.) Andrew Thomas Best ZBS-Fit 1.) Jedrick Wills Jr. 2.) Tristan Wirfs 3.) Mekhi Becton 4.) Andrew Thomas Most Red Flags 1.) Andrew Thomas (No Crimes just workout/practice commitment issues, but shows up like he loves it on game day). 2.) Mekhi Becton (Weight Issues; Conditioning Issues) 3.) Tristan Wirfs (DUI; Looks for escape when the pressures on) 4.) Jedrick Wills Jr.
  15. It's always respect in the football discussion and there's always room for even strong disagreements. That's what makes it fun and informative. It's better that we're not all robots in agreement. But man you just said basically, " I always scout the player, and not the Helmet logo, BUT if someone tells me the Browns are going to draft a player with a certain Helmet logo, I'm pretty Much IN on that guy, site unseen" .... All I'm saying is that's the very definition of Helmet or Logo scouting. My point was just that Wirfs deviates from what we've typically seen from the helmet/logo Iowa in terms of the highest level of technique, fundamentals, and feel/instinct for the Tackle position. And that worries me; that is, why does a guy coming from a school that produces Tackles/OLineman with expert technique and savvy instincts lack them. Is it his mentality? Is it effort? What's holding him back? Has the OLine teaching fallen off in recent years, or is he just a different type of learner? In the end, maybe it clicks for Wirfs and he attacks improving his Technique at Tackle relentlessly and becomes an all-pro Tackle prospect worthy of a top 10 selection. I just don't see it at all and I've looked with a magnifying glass. I think Connor WIlliams from Dallas is an interesting comparison as he too had all the physical tools but mentality and/or instinct concerns. They've move him inside and he's thrived some. Wirfs has far more tools and ability than Williams, but ultimately I think his path to success is clear and it's at Guard. It will be interesting to see how high he goes in the draft and what position is declared on selection. Part of me feels that he's going to fall out of the top 12, but then again he might go top 5. I have no clue. ^^^^ That is exactly
  16. Experts say it best, "Scout the Player not the logo Helmet." To me though, it's more alarming that Tristan Wirfs went to Iowa and not some other school that has deficiencies in teaching blocking. Here is why: How do we explain that has the worst technique and natural feel for blocking out of all the Top Tackle Prospects in spite of the advanced teaching and instruction he received at Iowa? For example, if a student attends a school that is world-renown in their teaching of mathematics and physics and tons of students come from that school with advanced understanding in those areas, what then would it say about a student that spends 3 years there and consistently displays basic failures of understanding and feel for physics and mathematics? It would be like a DLineman spending 3 years under Larry Johnson Sr. at Ohio State and showing on film that they don't understand the fundamentals or natural feel technique for hand usage in run or pass defense. It speaks to either a lack of diligence in his working on his craft or more likely in my mind a clear instinctual deficiency in his natural feel for the positon. Wirfs' footwork and overall technique as a Tackle is unsure of itself, elementary, and totally unrefined. To me, it tells me a few things: 1.) He's does not have the natural feel or instincts to play the position at a high level in the pros, 2.) He was able to thrive in college due to his other-worldly athleticism and the fact that he was not challenge by DEs in college which will be different in the pros. Now, for me everything changes when putting on the lens of Guard evaluation. Then, Wirfs becomes a clear 1st round prospect in the draft with immense through the rough all-pro upside. If you haven't yet and have the time and desire to do so, check out https://youtu.be/6K-OL21I2xE It's a good summary of some of Wirfs basic technical issues. Coming from Iowa whether it be Reily Reiff, Ike Boettger, Brandon Scherrf, Bryan Bulaga, or David Bahktiari all of them were light years ahead of Wirfs in terms of technique. For me, in terms of evaluating him at Tackle, if I think of Iowa-player specific comparisons Tristan Wirfs reminds me of a poorer technique version of Robert Gallery. As a Guard I think the more comparable comparison for Wirfs is Kevin Zeitler coming out of Wisconsin as a floor; with Ceiling being an athletic Marshal Yanda.
  17. Brownie Man's Isaiah Simmons Mock vs Jedrick Wills Mock

    ----------- Grant Delpit is cheek cheeks in the 1st. He's cheeks in the 2nd. In the 3rd, he's meh. In the 4th, he's whatever. ---------- The best Tackle in the draft with all-pro ability as identified by a wide-array of trusted, respected traditional football scouting analysts and analytic experts. -OR- Trade up and give up draft capital for an all-world athlete Linebacker? Positional value alone says that Wills is the clear decision as there are going to be LBs in the 2nd and 3rd rounds that can provide the quality and level of production/impact Simmons is likely to provide, but even with the best 2nd round Tackles their production and impact is very likely to pale in comparison to Jedrick Wills' impact/production over the course of time. The choice is clear and not just because I'm all in on Wills as the decision of OT1 over giving up draft capital to get LB1 makes sense for those that believe Mekhi Becton or whoever is their OT1.
  18. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    My criteria for a 2nd Round grade on a player is the following: 2nd Round Grade Being an "Immediate Starter Year 1, Quality Starter by Year 2, and High Quality Starter by Year 3. Includes Players with Injury Flags and Off the Field Flags for which excluded them from 1st round consideration. Tua Tagovailoa, QB Alabama Javon Kinlaw, DT South Carolina Willie Gay Jr., LB Miss. St. Justin Jefferson, WR LSU Laviska Shenault, WR Colorado Netane Muti, OG Fresno St. Jalen Reagor, WR TCU Zack Baun, LB Wisconsin Ross Blacklock, DT TCU Kenneth Murray, LB Oklahoma Patrick Queen, LB LSU Zack Moss, RB Utah Prince Tega-Wanogho, OT Auburn Xavier MckInney, FS Alabama Yetur Gross-Matos, DE Penn State Tee Higgins, WR Clemson Bryce Hall, CB Virginia Justin Herbert, QB Oregon Jalen Hurts, QB Oklahoma Tristan Wirfs, OG/OT Iowa (As a Tackle; based solely on upside) Jordan Love, QB Utah State Jordan Elliot, DT Missouri Julian Okwara, DE Notre Dame AJ Epenesa, DE Iowa Matt Peart, OT Connecticut If the Browns take a Tackle in the 1st then we should look elsewhere outside of the OLine in the 2nd. If they pass on Tackle in the 1st, they likely should look to taking a Tackle in the 2nd. Either way, that means that we shouldn't take Muti at 41 given other positional value matching up with high quality players still on the board. Furthermore, both Robert Hunt and/or Daishawn Dixon are 1st round graded Guards that I have ranked higher than Muti, and they are both likely to be there at 41. I still see Hunt as a successful Tackle, but he'd be dominant at Guard as well.
  19. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    My criteria for a 1st Round grade on a player is the following: 1st Round Pick Being an "Immediate High Quality Starter with Pro-Bowl and/or All-Pro Upside" imo, Tristan Wirfs categorized as a Tackle prospect is not that and does not satisfy that 1st Round grade criteria. He does fall into that criteria when considering him as a Guard. As the draftnik and popular NFL media sentiment still categorizes Wirfs as a Tackle, I then thought that I should evaluate him as such. Below are some of more specified analysis and/or evaluation of Wirfs and ultimately the reasons why I don't see the way many do.
  20. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    27, 1st Round Picks with my definition of 1st Round Pick Being an "Immediate High Quality Starter with Pro-Bowl and/or All-Pro Upside" *** List excludes 1st Round Evaluation Players with serious medical flags (i.e., Tua Tagovailoa, Javon Kinlaw, & Netane Muti) and/or off-the field flags (i.e., Willie Gay Jr). *** Chase Young, DE Ohio State Jedrick Wills Jr., OT Alabama Joe Burrow, QB LSU Jeffrey Okudah, CB Ohio State Derrick Brown, NT Auburn Isaiah Simmons, LB Clemson CeeDee Lamb, WR Oklahoma Jerry Jeudy, WR Alabama Jeff Gladney, CB TCU CJ Henderson, CB Florida Mekhi Becton, OT Louisville Robert Hunt, OT/OG Louisiana-Lafayette Antoine Winfied Jr., SS Minnesota Andrew Thomas, OT Georgia Jonathan Taylor, RB Wisconsin Denzel Mims, WR Baylor D’Andre Swift, RB Georgia Henry Ruggs III, WR Alabama Cole Kmet, TE Notre Dame Tony Brown, WR Colorado Daishawn Dixon, OG/OC San Diego St. Michael Pittman Jr., WR USC Kristian Fulton, CB LSU Jack Driscoll, OT Auburn JK Dobbins, RB Ohio State Austin Jackson, OT USC Troy Dye, LB Oregon
  21. 2020 NFL Combine Noteworthy Results & Talk

    wrong thread post.
  22. Here's a live tracker for CBS: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2020-nfl-combine-results-live-updates-draft-workouts-40-yard-dash-times-for-qbs-wrs-henry-ruggs/live/ ------ Thread for discussing noteworthy results ------- Albert Okwuegbunam ran a 4.49 and 4.50, 40 yard dash. I loved his tape last year, but his play speed looked absolutely nothing like a 4.6 and instead looked 4.88-like. Play speed is much more important than timed speed, but his impressive 40 is of note because of how he retooled his body for this season relative to last season. That time is a true shocker. Cole Kemet with an impressive 4.7. My favorite underrated late-round rising TE is UCLA's Devin Asiasi. He ran a 4.77 40 time. He's going to be an absolute steal. FAU's Harrison Bryant ran a 4.73 Josiah Deguara the all everything HB/FB/TE ran a 4.72 Adam Trautman, TE Dayton with a 4.8. Brycen Hopkins with the 4.66. Stephen Sullivan ran a 4.66, but his tape is consistently cheeks so who cares. He's more of a big-WR instead of TE. This TE class is getting a little wild. As expected, the TE on my all-buttcheeks team that a lot of you have loved forever but I never did Jared Pinkney runs a 4.98. That time is one of the better things to his game as his tape is cheeks and has always been cheeks. Thaddeus Moss isn't running a 40 at the combine and isn't working out due to a Jones-Fracture discovered in his foot during medical checks. Unfortunate for him. Hope he gets healthy soon. Could drop him to the Browns at a favorable draft position.
  23. 2020 NFL Combine Noteworthy Results & Talk

    I definitely think Muti's injury history drops him somewhere between 32 to 50 so indeed if we wanted to sel;ect him in the 2nd round we'll likely have that opportunity.
  24. "Make" Stream of consciousness serves the person it emanates from not those viewing the tl;dr. No one's reading the long-post anyway so it is that which it is.