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  1. Taco TRADED to FA for roster spot

    Good riddance. I remember being pissed when they drafted him over TJ Watt, who was obviously the better player. Then they tried to sell everyone on Taco being the better "pick". Early signs looks to be of deja Vu in the 2019 draft, selecting Trysten Hill (who's now inactive) over the remaining available safeties like Juan Thornhill. We will see what happens though.
  2. So what happened when Marrone got in Ramsey's face? The players told Marrone to walk away and go coach, with one player pointing for him to do so. He's still the boss and can do what he wants but the players reaction to Marrone doing that was telling. We all know the heirarchy in sports. But similar to the NBA, NFL players (superstars) are starting to leverage control over how they want their careers to go. Bell, Brown, Fitzpatrick, Ramsey, Adams (possibly) are perfect examples. That's all I'm saying. Gone are the times where players will "stick it out" with one team through the hard times. As for Bell, yes he lost 15-20% of his earnings by missing all of last year. But if he plays on the one year franchise tag and gets injured, he risks losing a lot more. Look at what happened to Anthony Spencer. Break out season on the franchise tag, got tagged again and then was seriously injured. I don't think you can call Bell stupid after seeing the contract he got.
  3. Dez had to be physically restrained and talked to by both Witten and Ware after the Lions game, where he said in an interview he feels like he's better than Calvin Johnson. OBJ lost it on the sidelines in the game vs Carolina with Norman and to be physically restrained by coaches. He also said in an interview (beside Lil Wayne) he would like to play in a different city, after signing a huge contract with the Giants Myles Jack went crazy in Game 1 of this season and had to be dragged into the lockerroom by a coach. Antonio Brown lost it and slapped his coach hand away from him when Big Ben (another "little beach" who threatened retirement and complained when the Steelers drafted Rudolph) missed him for a TD last year. Even the goat Tom Brady, had a screaming match with Bill O'Brien where players had to break it up. Now is Ramsey the perfect player? No. Should he time it down a little bit? Yes he should. But the point I'm trying to make is that this of him being an egomanic or a cancer/toad is an extreme overreaction. Many players do a ton of stuff similar or worse than that. It's football.
  4. If he can do that, why did the opposite happen then? I don't recall seeing any Jaguars players get in Ramsey's face during (or after) the altercation to tell him he was out of line. In fact a defensive player was quick to defend Ramsey by pointing for Marrone to walk away and go coach instead. Like it or not, the NFL players are moving closer towards the NBA players method of thinking. It's a player driven league and if they're unhappy with how the team is being run, they're leaving/requesting trades.
  5. So Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Antonio Brown don't act like "little beaches" huh? Myles Jack, Dez, OBJ?
  6. A 2020 1st + 2020 3rd + 2021 3rd + Taco for Adams.
  7. @Matts4313 Deion explains why Ramsey was upset on the sidelines. He's stuck on a losing franchise, playing in a coverage that doesn't best utilize his skills. I can understanding why he's upset.
  8. Wow, Jamal Adams requesting a trade is incredible. As much of a supporter I am of Ramsey, if I had to choose between trading for Ramsey or Jamal Adams, I'm taking Adams all the way. He is that true safety that I've been wanting in the secondary for a decade. If the trade request is true (which I doubt), I would trade next year's 1st and a 3rd for him in a heartbeat.
  9. My mistake, you didn't say those words at all. I'm also sure you've seen players get into heated arguments with their coaches on the sidelines in an NFL game before. Is it a possible red flag? Yes. But with a top player you take those chances. I mean, look at what the Patriots deal with.
  10. Dez loved playing for us and was outspoken. We see where that got him.
  11. Yet the majority of Cowboys fans on here were ready to trade Zeke because he held out this offseason.
  12. Can you specify on what baggage Ramsey has? He's not getting suspended for substance abuse, assaulting security guards or getting accused by women of crimes in the offseason. It's actually been the opposite, he's had basically no injury history to speak of and has played every game in his career. Not singling you out @project T.O, but I'm generally curious as to what makes Jalen Ramsey a cancer/toad/baggage player because I haven't seen anything egregious enough to warrant that (unlike some ex/current players that are on the team). Because he will speak his mind and isn't essentially "quiet" like Cooper?
  13. How is it a one year rental when we would have Ramsey for this year and his team option next year? The Cowboys did that for Cooper and Ramsey is the better player at his position. Easily worth a 1st.
  14. You can't be serious. Ramsey would be our #1 corner. I'd start him opposite of Jones for the rest of the year. I'd also pay him over Byron Jones any day of the week. He's arguably the best corner in the NFL. Size, speed and ball skills. The defense would be championship level.
  15. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Thanks I'm torn between watching this game and cooking