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  1. You’ve gone from pick 9 to pick #19 overall. Awesome.
  2. Lol Daniel Jones with ZERO pocket presence
  3. The Giants are about to win on a walk off FG
  4. Wow, I can’t believe he made that catch. That throw was insane.
  5. Wow what a dirty shot by that Giants player
  6. Why would you go shotgun and call a QB run when you are 1 yard away from the goal??? And didn’t you draft a QB who’s best skill set is running the ball? I’m SO confused lol.
  7. That was a great call and execution for the TD
  8. Yeah it made NO sense. Wentz TE was wide open for a easy TD
  9. How do you trip after not getting touched for 80 yards lol
  10. This has to be the worst game I’ve ever seen this year. Lol. Incredible.
  11. Wow! How do you miss a 29 yard FG smh
  12. I still can’t believe they drafted a RB #4 overall over an elite CB. Him and Byron Jones would’ve been lockdown!
  13. I think in that draft Jerry came out and said if they stayed at their picks, they would’ve taken Brockers and Bobby Wagner. Those 2 players would’ve set us up quite nicely
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