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  1. Cowboys looking at Robert Quinn Trade

    Hopefully Dallas can get him for a conditional 5th round pick.
  2. Cowboys Reportedly Agree to Deal with Randall Cobb

    That's a great deal.
  3. Kerry Hyder - DL

    LOL. All I can say.
  4. Breaking: Earl Thomas to Ravens

    Well this team loves D-lineman with character issues and injured players in the 2nd round. So that's why I think it will happen. Thornhill will probably be "too rich" for their pick. Meanwhile Jeff Heath is still on the team.
  5. Breaking: Earl Thomas to Ravens

    Funny. Because there's no guarantee those two will even be there when we pick. At this point, I expect the pick to be Jeffrey Simmons. A 1st round talent with a controversial past, and he's injured so he will (most likely) miss his rookie season. That's right up the front offices (cheapskate) alley.
  6. Cowboys sign a returning FB

  7. Breaking: Earl Thomas to Ravens

    I'm numb at this point. Dallas prob. won't reach another championship game for another 24+ years or until Jerry is gone. So much for America's Team. Can't even sign a player who wanted to come here, thinking we can penny pinch him.
  8. Around the NFL - Playoffs Baby

    Yup. Let's keep trotting out the Jeff Heath's and fodder DTs of the world and expect something different next. We pushed Seattle to trade us E.T. for almost a year, only to watch him go to Cleveland. I'm furious.

    Congrats on the trade. It's an exciting time to be a Browns fan. I'm happy how things are looking for you all, especially seeing how you guys always kept a positive outlook on the forums when things were really bad.
  10. 2019 Free Agency - Potential Targets

    It's frustrating. Nobody is wanting them to go out and break the bank. But at least improve the team in some way. We hardly hear anything. The F.O. does nothing m during the first week or two in FA. Then they decide to sign bums to guaranteeed dollars only to cut them midway into the reg. season
  11. Around the NFL - Playoffs Baby

    And that was before they got Foster. One thing's for sure. It will be extremely tough to run on them. Would been nice to see Dallas actually try to sign a quality DT to help our D-line out with Gregory and Irving gone.
  12. Around the NFL - Playoffs Baby

    That Collins contract is ridiculous. Should've known the Redskins would screw up FA and make it hard for other teams.
  13. How would YOU address the safety position?

    I'm warming up to having Landon Collins on the team(a little). Having him on the field in the box would've made a big difference against the Rams. I want ET all day though.
  14. How would YOU address the safety position?

    This is an easy answer for me. I want a consistent, true free safety that makes plays. We haven't solved the safety position in two decades.