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  1. Week 10 news: Dez throwing up the X for Who Dat

    Wow! Was Alex Smith's injury that bad?
  2. Week 11 GDT

    MVP! MVP! Drew Brees
  3. 2019 Free Agent Pool

    Trade Offer 2019 - 2nd round pick 2019 - 4th round pick 2020 - 2nd round pick Chidobe Awuzie Make it happen Jerry. Right the wrongs of the past.
  4. 2019 Free Agent Pool

    I hope really hope this is true! Bring him to Dallas!!
  5. Week 11 GDT

    He talks but backs it up on the field. He's stuck with a terrible QB who cannot capitalize on any turnovers the defense makes. So yeah I feel bad for him.
  6. Week 11 GDT

    I feel bad for Jalen Ramsey.
  7. Week 11 GDT

    And Bortles fumbles lol
  8. Week 11 GDT

    That was a terrible play
  9. Week 11 GDT

    What happened in this game?
  10. Week 11 GDT

    What was 91 doing for the Jags??? LOL
  11. Week 11 GDT

    Washington lol a 63 yarder???
  12. Week 11 GDT

    Why call a T.O. O'Brien???
  13. Week 10 news: Dez throwing up the X for Who Dat

    Texans making me nervous...
  14. Week 11 GDT

    LOL. Feel bad for Tampa.
  15. Week 11 GDT

    Freaking Texans. Needed you to beat Washington