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  1. I'll be ecstatic if the pick is either: 1. Pitts 2. Chase 3. Surtain I'll be reasonably okay with: Horn or Waddle
  2. The biggest reason I’m happy with this signing is that Xavier Woods will not be brought back.
  3. I bet he’s happy to retire after he stole money from Jerry for years. GTFO.
  4. I don’t think Horn makes it past 12. With Horn moving up as a top 15 pick, we have a good chance to get an elite player on defense. Exciting news.
  5. Yeah. With his numbers and Farley opting for back surgery, Surtain is the clear cut #1 CB in the draft. It just seems too good to be true for him to fall to us at 10. I can see Denver taking him since Fuller is on a 1 yr. deal. Surtain is probably the BPA at 9.
  6. I don’t think Surtain has brick hands like Byron Jones does. I mean, the football would hit Byron in the head multiple times and he couldn’t catch it. I’m still happy the team let him go.
  7. Jerry the idiot GM strikes again.
  8. Denver is the only team that has me concerned.
  9. Guys, would you rather have Jourdan Lewis on a 3 year deal or Patrick Peterson? This is a no brained to me. Lewis is a terribly overhyped CB.
  10. This team doesn't do anything right in FA, I don't even get my hopes up anymore. I won't be surprised if Dallas signs some bum to start at safety. Yet, many fans will still believe this roster is good enough for a SB run.
  11. Once Dak voids those last 2 years of the contract, there will be a big hit to the cap.
  12. When was the last time this team signed a good defensive free agent and not bottom of the barrel?
  13. That's why at the end of the deal, Jerry Jones should never oversee a contract again. He got hosed big time. And as a Dallas Cowboy fan, you can't be happy with them giving Dak EVERYTHING he wanted. Especially not after how Cooper, Lawrence, Zeke and the Jaylon deals turned out. If it takes you 2 years to come to a deal like this, you shouldn't be negotiating anything ever again.
  14. 40MM/yr. plus a no trade and no tag clause. What’s the point in waiting this long if you’re going to give Dak everything he wants? Just an incredibly ridiculous contract they gave Dak. Hopefully by the end of it, this will be the last one Jerry Jones ever gives.
  15. PFN Mock Draft Simulator gave Dallas: 10. Patrick Surtain II CB Alabama 44. Richie Grant S UCF 75. Dylan Moses LB Alabama 99. Tyler Shelvin DT LSU I would be ecstatic with this draft. Surtain was chosen over Pitts at #10.
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