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  1. Around the NFL - Week 3

    I wondered what happened to you, as I sometimes post in the Browns forum. Now I see that you turned Benedict Arnold and joined the Eagles of all teams! Wow. I thought Browns fans revel in pain because it will make winning that more sweeter. Guess I was wrong.
  2. The Cleveland Browns are going to the Super Bowl.
  3. This coaching staff is scared
  4. Why do they keep calling run plays
  5. Ward = Rookie of The Year
  6. What kind of kick was that lol
  7. So what did I miss? Just cut the game on
  8. Josh Gordon Eyeing Cowboys

    I would love if we had that kind of management here. The Pats have structured management, arguably the GOAT at QB in Tom Brady, Bill Belicheat and a recent history of playoff success. When they bring in players with character concerns, they don't get in trouble often. We have arguably a puppet in Jason Garrett, questionable management structure (Jerry the GM) and a not so great recent history of success. Bringing Gordon here would most likely be a disaster.
  9. Josh Gordon Eyeing Cowboys

    I'd rather not have Gordon on this team. We already have Gregory and Irving who are potential issues. And we don't have the same locker room structure for it to work anyway. Let's not forget, Gordon is from Texas. He might come here and have another issue. I'm glad the team chose not to deal with another one of these guys.
  10. Dak

    Yesterday was a great win. Dak still only threw for only 160 yards.
  11. GDT: Week 2 - Cowboys vs Giants - Loser misses playoffs

    LOL Jarwin on the sideline
  12. GDT: Week 2 - Cowboys vs Giants - Loser misses playoffs

    That is why they took LVE. Even though I wanted Derwin, LVE is really good to have. I think the team moves on from Lee next year.
  13. GDT: Week 2 - Cowboys vs Giants - Loser misses playoffs

    Giants running the clock out for us. Love it.