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  1. The Cowboys traded 2 1st round picks for a trash WR twice but they won’t trade that for an All Pro safety who is the best at his position. That means they have missed out on Earl Thomas, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Juan Thornhill (who they stupidly passed on for a project DT in the draft) and now Jamal Adams. This team is a joke.
  2. I voted to place the Non Exclusive Franchise Tag on Dak next year. We need those two 1st round picks to package for a QB. I want Trevor Lawrence but if we can’t get to the #1 overall pick, my backup plan would be Trey Lance (who shouldn’t cost as much in a trade up).
  3. If the Cowboys use that excuse, they will be excoriated. That excuse doesn’t fly when you sign Jaylon, Amari and Zeke to mega deals before signing Dak. The Cowboys had cap space to sign Dak if they really wanted too. They could’ve got rid of Crawford’s terrible contract to create more cap room. The F.O. is not sold on him as the franchise QB.
  4. I’ve felt like this for years. When Romo was healthy, he should’ve gotten his starting job back. That was the Cowboys best year to win it all. Romo deserved the chance to change his legacy in the playoffs and finish last year with the Cowboys. And they stuck with Dak, then basically gave Romo the finger (by saying they would release him, then not doing so). 2 years later, the team signs Zeke (who behaved like a petulant child) but they can’t pay Dak? Why didn’t you let him test the market?! The Cowboys F.O. has no clue what they’re doing.
  5. Why? Are you not a fan of Cali? Northern California. Thumbs up or thumbs down?
  6. This is awful. Only 1/8 turned out to be really great on the list and they turned out to be a head case. I hope Lamb will break the trend.
  7. Just accepted a new job with a decent pay increase. I'll be moving from K.C. to California next week.
  8. That's what I was referring too. The tag where the Boys would've gotten two first round picks if they didn't match Dak's contract with another team. Those picks could've helped for a trade up to take Trevor Lawrence in next year's draft. I'm not the biggest fan of Dak, but this is awful business/decision making. We never get compensation for our players. What's frustrating is if the F.O. doesn't believe Dak deserves the money, get compensation. Don't drag your feet or pay other players with current contracts (looking at you Zeke and Jaylon) first. Make a decision and stick with it. But the F.O. lollygagged for 2 years instead. Now they don't have a young backup QB for the future.
  9. So it's actually 50 million a year with a no trade clause because Mahomes should match every guarantee mechanism. Wow.
  10. At this point, I'm assuming there's bad blood with Dak in how this thing has been handled. The Cowboys, should've transitioned tagged Dak and let him test the market, receiving the two 1st round picks or matching the deal he found. Now after the Mahomes contract, I can't see the Cowboys F.O. paying Dak over 40 million/yr. to make him the highest paid QB in the NFL. Outside of something drastic happening on July 15th, the Cowboys should have a succession plan in place for their next franchise QB.
  11. What about the Washington Redtails?
  12. We can never go a year without some kind of Zeke drama... smh
  13. I’m so glad that he did it. Since everyone else on this team is gutless
  14. I don't believe we'll even have an NFL season this year.
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