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  1. Yeah, I've just never been a fan of keeping a 3rd QB on the 53 unless it is a young guy you don't want to lose. Especially since you can keep a handful of vets on the PS now. I wouldn't mind him being the PS QB, but he doesn't deserve an active roster spot IMO
  2. Mullens sux. He doesn't belong in the NFL. Maybe if a team kept a 3rd QB. He has little potential to improve though, so it probably isn't worth keeping him as a developmental 3rd QB.
  3. Does Garoppolo have trade value? I don't know what to think. Some writers around the web seem to think so, others disagree. Some NE fans have proposed sending a 2nd rounder for him. Some people think nobody would take on his contract. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts, fellas.
  4. How dare you forget about Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley? 😁
  5. I'm sure he hates the idea of starting a rookie QB right away, but why would he hate the idea of handpicking and grooming someone who could excel in his system? He liked Beathard enough to draft him on day 2. If a QB is available at our pick and Shanahan thinks he could be a star, do you still think Shanahan wouldn't draft him because he "hates rookie QBs"?
  6. Maybe a not-so-crazy idea: Let Shanahan pick his QB of the future in the draft (assuming that QB exists and is available when we pick) and sign Alex Smith (likely to be released by WAS) to compete with Mullins to be a stop-gap starter. Smith could probably learn the playbook quickly and has a quick release.
  7. Cut Pettis before the plane takes off and leave him stranded in Seattle.
  8. Why in the F is Jimmy smiling after throwing a horrible pick? This guy pisses me off sometimes.
  9. He actually got called up in December because other teams were sniffing around (according to Barrows). But then he was cut before training camp, which is weird. SF didn't want to lose him to another team, but then willing cut him loose, only to bring him back again. He is the offensive Dontae Johnson.
  10. Next year is the last year of his rookie contract.
  11. I have not been impressed with Kwon as a Niner. He was definitely not worth the contract, at all.
  12. I just hope that he stays clean and mentally healthy. I'm rooting for him, even if he is a Cowboy. First time for everything.
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