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  1. 49ers.com and nfl.com rosters suggest that SF has moved Ray Smith to OL. At his height, I can't see him playing anything other than center on offense. Mildly interesting, only because the news is so slow right now.
  2. I must have jumped in during the middle of a conversation. It seemed like he was saying a decent offense would have made Ahmad Bradshaw and Kyle Williams not see the field for us. He was saying that if we had a decent offense then the no-call on Bradshaw's fumble wouldn't have mattered because we would have still out scored them?
  3. But what does Bradshaw have to do with OUR offense in 2011?
  4. Gore also has no value on special teams. It would be difficult to activate him on game days.
  5. Teams actually have a limit on how much signing bonus $ they can give out across their entire UDFA class. In the past, it has been around $100K for all UDFA contracts combined. Where UDFAs get into the $100K+ range is with guaranteed salaries. For example, Darrion Daniels has $105K guaranteed, but only because $80K of that is guaranteed salary. He only actually got a signing bonus of $25K. From the data that we currently have, it looks like SF gave out a total of roughly $90K in signing bonuses, but around $360K in guaranteed salaries.
  6. Wasted Resources on WR

    That 2nd had more value than the 3rd and 4th combined though, so the point that Sanders cost two picks instead of one isn't relevant. What if we got him for two sevenths? That is still more picks than one 2nd.
  7. UDFA Thread

    Darrion Daniels (DL, Nebraska) to SF per Aaron Wilson
  8. UDFA Thread

    We usually end up cutting some fringe players. Thieneman, Ray Smith, Kofi Amichia, etc. could be cut to make room.
  9. UDFA Thread

    They probably don't need 19 DBs, so I expect Thieneman or Jermaine Kelly to get cut. They probably need one more DL, especially with Blair and Taylor possibly not ready for TC. Every other position looks pretty nice, IMHO. Probably need one more FB/TE I guess. They usually take 7 to TC.
  10. UDFA Thread

    They usually oversign though and then release a few fringe players on the 90. Guys like Thieneman, Alfieri, Amichia, Jones-Smith, Poindexter, Ray Smith, Barrett, etc. could be cut. They might like some UDFAs more than them.
  11. UDFA Thread

    My mother-in-law lives near North Central. Over the holidays, I went to a coffee shop to get some work done and Broc Rutter came in to get some coffee. The only reason I knew this was because the locals were just fawning all over him. This was like a week after he led them to the Div III Championship, but it was still weird.
  12. It is still a 53 man roster. Teams just have the option of promoting two PS players per week to the active roster. Therefore, it's not like we can safely keep 55 players. Those 2 PS players can still be poached by other teams and they still have to go though waivers after the initial cut down date and anytime after their second promotion to the active roster (which has to be done weekly).
  13. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    Charlie Campbell is usually pretty clueless, so we'll see if this happens. It seems like he is wrong every time he reports something.
  14. 2020 Draft Thread

    No IDL help?