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  1. Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos

    He is better than Valoaga. If Moore was practice squad eligible, then Valoaga never would have been on the PS.
  2. Dallas couldn't tag Dak then though, right? I can't imagine they would risk that. Some team would swoop in with a crazy offer for him.
  3. Yeah, it was an incredibly entertaining game. Sucks that we lost, but I'm having a hard time calming down enough to go to sleep.
  4. Yeah, the combination of our tackles playing poorly + Jimmy not being the best downfield thrower + Goodwin having crappy hands this season = why is Goodwin even active?
  5. Good points, but everyone already knew that Jimmy G is shaky and our WRs can't catch haha. I don't know. We'll see how the rest of the season goes. This has never felt like a Super Bowl season to me. To be honest, it doesn't feel like we are 8-1. I just hope we can win the division and get a home field playoff game. Anything can happen in the playoffs. If we get a first round bye, then even better!
  6. Yeah, I hope not about Jones, but I haven't seen any updates. Being ruled out with a groin injury shortly after leaving the field doesn't sound great. Hopefully he just tweaked it.
  7. How so, other than that we can't move the ball without Kittle and/or Sanders? Maybe weaknesses in our OL?
  8. I feel strongly that we are a better team if Kittle and/or Sanders are healthy. Look what happened after Sanders went down. We were in control of the game and then the crap hit the fan!
  9. I keep waiting to hear news on Sanders, but I work in 7 hours and need sleep haha.
  10. Yeah, but if Jones and Blair are out then we are down 7 DL. Too few. They like rotating 8 during games. Would have to activate Street, call up Givens or Valoaga, or search the streets (Damontre Moore, for example).
  11. Maiocco just tweeted that Blair has a brace on his knee with MRI scheduled tomorrow. He was getting lots of hugs in the locker room. Doesn't sound great.
  12. It looked like he grabbed his hamstrings right after it happened. Either way, didn't look good. Blair has been pretty great in his somewhat limited role this year too. Solly and company are going to have to step it up. Also hope DJ is okay. He has played well too. If both are out, then perhaps Street gets designated for return.
  13. To add on to this - it really seems to be a mental thing with Pettis. I don't think he wants to be great. Maybe he has too many interests outside of football, which is fine for him as a person, but not great for our team. He doesn't seem fully invested in the game to me.
  14. This is so frustrating, because he showed so much potential in college (and last season to some degree). I keep wanting to give him chances, but if he was a late round pick then we probably would have moved on by now.
  15. Haha right, no I agree that nobody should have expected him to go 4/4 (especially since he entered the game 6/9 with LAC), but I just did not agree that he was "awesome" tonight.