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  1. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32348191/northern-colorado-assistant-football-coach-max-mccaffrey-reprimanded-errant-clipboard-toss-hit-fan Ex-49er Max McCaffrey apparently threw a broken clipboard into the stands and accidentally hit an opposing team's fan haha. Weird story
  2. Tony Jefferson got a settlement on 8/24, no word on James yet but I'm guessing he will get one for sure since he didn't have a season ending injury
  3. I'm behind in the game right now, but Greg Papa just said verbatim "Low snap from center. Trey Lance bobbles the ball but keeps it. A high snap from center." Can they really not find somebody better than Papa?
  4. Wow, maybe I am just getting more optimistic with age, but that seems like quite a hyperbole. Was anybody really reporting that he was playing THAT badly before getting injured? Maybe I missed it. Either way, I've learned over time not to complain or worry about draft busts too often. Some of the best franchises over the last decade have been subpar drafters. Coaching and development are more important than just drafting talent, so hopefully Shanahan and Lynch learn from their draft mistakes and correct their actions in the future. If we did waste a second on Banks, then so be it. Hope
  5. And he might be starting if he didn't get injured. Who knows? I agree that he isn't off to an ideal start, but I'm not too down on him. Luckily we have a capable RG that can start in his place.
  6. At ND he wasn't coached to do what he needs to do to be successful in SF though. He was drafted based on SF's belief that he is physically able to adapt to our offense. Sure, I wish he had adapted sooner, but he has also been injured. Way too early to worry about him. If he plays this way next offseason, then yeah, he might be a bust.
  7. I think the 49ers should release Dontae Johnson and Zach Kerr to fit Hurst and Kendricks on the initial roster, since they have 4+ years of service and therefore would not be subject to waivers. Then on Sunday, Hurst and Kendricks can hit IR (making them eligible to return when healthy) and Johnson and Kerr can be resigned to the 53. Johnson shouldn't have a problem with this. Convincing Kerr might be more difficult, as it is possible that Hurst's eventual return could knock him off the roster, but lots can happen on the injury front in that time.
  8. I never want anybody to get injured, but wouldn't it be something if Rosen started against SF in week 15? Dude is terrible
  9. Hurst can't go on PUP. Either he is put on IR now and misses the season, he takes a 53 man roster spot initially and then is put on IR (with eligibility to return later in the season), he is waived-injured and reverts to IR, or he is waived-injured followed by an injury settlement (and is then eligible to return after a set number of weeks).
  10. 40+ picks left to go, my friend.
  11. I saw that they said he might sign after the draft, but I didn't read it as he might resign with SF after the draft. Maybe I missed a tweet.
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