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  1. Not sure if helmet-to-helmet hits should count when Winston is involved. If the player doesn't have a brain, then you can't get concussed.
  2. Minor Niner News Thread

    Interesting practice squad salaries via Overthecap: Regular practice squad weekly salary: $8,000 Elijah Lee's weekly salary: $37,941 Ryan Pope's and Kevin Given's weekly salaries: $15,000 Jeff Wilson's weekly salary: $12,000 Everyone else on SF: $8,000 Additionally, Spotrac reports that Marcell Harris is making $30,000 per week
  3. Minor Niner News Thread

    This is where you lost me.
  4. 49ers cut Malcolm Smith

    You and everyone else.
  5. Both of the Cohns suck big time. No idea how they have jobs.
  6. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    As a Hawkeye fan, no deal! Stanley > Beathard and Epenesa > God
  7. Yeah, Jimmy is just fine.
  8. Tank For Lawrence!!

  9. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    What made you predict Sam Young? He has never played for Shanny and he isn't necessarily a great fit for our offense at this point in his career. He has lost a lot of the athletic ability that he had when he was younger.
  10. ITS BACK! Preseason week one GDT

    Ryan Schraeder >>> Gilliam, even with Schraeder's declining play. With that said, Gilliam will probably be a 49er tomorrow.
  11. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Lots of people thought he was too short to play outside CB
  12. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Glad to hear that Henry is looking good so far. I read that he had a case of the drops during OTAs. If he can stretch the field and catch the ball, then he could make a nice Goodwin replacement down the road. As Forge mentioned above, he got more guaranteed money than any other undrafted free agent, so the front office thought highly of him coming out of college.
  13. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    I wouldn't be shocked if we kept 10 DL this year. Yeah, it's a lot, but we have Armstead, Blair, and Day entering free agency after this year and we won't have a ton of cap space next offseason. At one point I was predicting that Day would be the odd man out, but he seems to be working with the first team so far. Ford/Bosa/Buckner/Armstead/Thomas/Blair/Day/Jones/Taylor/Street on the 53 with Givens and/or Garcia-Williams on the PS is actually doable (see below). That would leave a core of Ford/Bosa/Buckner/Thomas/Jones/Taylor/Street next year before resigning or drafting anyone. QB (2) - Garoppolo, Beathard OR Mullens RB (4) - Coleman/McKinnon/Breida/Mostert FB (1) - Juszczyk WR (6) - Pettis/Samuel/Taylor/Goodwin/Hurd/Matthews TE (2) - Kittle, Smith OL (9) - Staley/Tomlinson/Richburg/Person/McGlinchey/Garland/Garnett/Coleman/Skule DL (10) - See above LB (6) - Alexander/Warner/Greenlaw/Lee/Mayo/Nzeocha CB (5) - Sherman/Witherspoon/Verrett/Williams/Reed S (5) - Ward/Tartt/Colbert/Harris/Moore ST (3) - Gould/Wishnowsky/Holba SUS - Nelson PUP - Celek IR - Magnuson (unless hopefully settled) PS - QB Mullens OR Beathard, RB Wilson, FB/TE Mayfield, WR James, OL Reynolds, DL Givens, DL Garcia-Williams, LB Al-Shaair, CB Harris, S Flannigan-Fowles OR Robinson (I doubt any of these guys would be claimed by another team. Possibly QB, but most teams have a developmental QB that they already like and Mullens/Beathard would have to take a spot on their 53). Edit - regarding keeping only 2 TEs...Hurd could play there in an emergency. Mayfield could always be promoted. Celek could be activated after six weeks. Toilolo, Paul, and/or Dwelley would probably be available on the streets if needed.
  14. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Ah yeah, good point. Rookies can report 7 days prior to vets. Wonder why Shanny isn't bringing in the rooks early.