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  1. For my skipped pick, Cincinnati Bengals D/ST
  2. LFFKL 2017 Discussion Thread

    So just to keep track, @LionsFTW was skipped at 6.7, @1King was skipped at 6.8 (again; not sure he ever made his make-up pick in the 4th round when he mistakenly selected Fat Rob), FTW skipped again after that, then @TL-TwoWinsAway picked, @detfan782004 was skipped, then I picked. @X_Factor_40 is now on the clock with the first pick in the 7th round.
  3. RB James Conner, Pittsburgh
  4. Giovani Bernard, RB Cincinnati @detfan782004 missed his time slot and can pick whenever; @X_Factor_40 is on the clock at 8:00.
  5. Yeah I'm not real sure where we are, but the discussion thread says my slot today was 6:00 - 8:00 and it's after that, so I'm picking: QB Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles @X_Factor_40 is apparently on the clock until 10:00, then it's @davisblack I guess that means we have skipped @1King and @detfan782004 and so they can pick whenever?
  6. James White, RB New England
  7. RB Frank Gore, Indianapolis
  8. LFFKL 2017 Discussion Thread

    Feels weird to draft a rookie set to start the season on PUP with my first-round pick.
  9. Mike Williams, WR of the L.A. Chargers (man that feels weird to write) Sorry Detfan, I waited as long as I'm willing.