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  1. Agreed please GB don't set the bar like that. Adams is good but 28 M per year good is a terrible deal. What will we have to pay Alexander $50 a year. Let him walk get a 3rd rounder and start over at the WR with 2 more rooks next year.
  2. I live in a place with very little pro teams. in fact none. I was in GB back in 07 and it was great I would not go to a big city game and If I did I would not wear the other teams colors that's for sure. Just not worth it really. As a non drinker now and have been for years you see exactly what causes it and why it starts. It's crappy as you should be able to enjoy a live event like sports with your family or kids. Maybe day time games:)
  3. With the way it is to go to games it's not worth it these days anyways. You wear the wrong colors you may get beat or shot. Mind you baseball seems pretty relaxed.
  4. No way he gets dumped this early it's what year 3. I think they find a way to keep him they will call Dugera or someone a full back. Just to early after losing part of the year to the concussion.
  5. I hear ya, I'm like that as well and married my decent looker. But we were talking about AR's gals. So at that point i'm pushing my chips all in the hotter the better. Get her to sign a prenump and make sure she doesn't have a key to the knife drawer, gun cabinet and lock the door when your taking a bath so the toaster don't end up in with you. That and hope she's got a little sister to hit on!
  6. It was more about what she could do with her mouth! I could make money off that:)
  7. Yeah that's true until you have to go out during the day with the fugly chick.
  8. crazy hot scale Beekay...........it's the consequences of dating a hot chick.........or Norm's mom.
  9. The first one made me want to leave my wife:)
  10. I believe you'll remember............and dammit if I don't post that much but post something and you'll be there Norm. And I'll take it like a man! Fixed my avi just for you Norm now we'll both never forget.
  11. Mumm all day. Danica has those flat little lips which just don't do it for me. Need a woman with big full lips. Danica looked pissy all the time too. Munn looked like a good time. The new chick probably gets him..........she's terrible!
  12. Wondering this as well...............maybe that's why AR is so ............... sensitive on the subject of good ole Jake. Maybe they were close!
  13. If he shows up and is doing stuff like that they will merely send him home and await a trade. He'll won't kill his trade value that makes no sense at all then he goes to a bad team. He wants to not be on a lame duck year that's what he wants and has always wanted. He's under contract for 3 years the Pack hold all the cards. He'll either play nice, or demand a trade which he hasn't done yet.
  14. Ok I get you just was looking at the big picture in regards to the math. I doubt the drop off will be huge barring injury/s of some kind to him or other key components. As outpost would likely support AR's piss poor play in the previous years were not a decline in play, but a decline between the ears. AR can play and if he didn't have a bit of the choker him there is no reason he doesn't have another title under his belt. Trading him this year doesn't make allot of sense really, maybe a bit more after losing again and not playing well in the NFCCG. Had he won it all I would believe h
  15. You're not really eating 37 million in 2021 if he plays? If he sits out different story but if he plays and plays well does the Pack get their monies worth before the 2022 trade.
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