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  1. One defensive drive and we got all caps posts already. On par with our forum well done folks.
  2. I wouldn't mess with Jenkins unless it was dire. I would think Wagner starts and if he's issued we have Lewis like an extra tackle anyway. Will be interesting. Thankfully we don't have to play Hunter this week.
  3. Agreed although I am unsure where the comments about guard came from. I was and have been surprised to see BT at RT listed but if that is our best line sure. It's an expsnsive back up in Wagner though as you noted.
  4. Totally agree seeing Wagner is an OT. REally confused about the RT situation so far in camp.
  5. Yeah that St Louis D was good. I would agree with Outpost about old QB a good D. It's not a perfect science but it's worked for Brady a few times. The Saint's and Brees took a couple early exits from the playoffs until the last couple years when they had a better D.
  6. i believe St Lou's d was ranked number 3 that year.
  7. Good number lets hope he can bring back the Ghost of Pickett.
  8. Bob you and others likely have watched some tape on him. With Martin on the mend what are your thoughts on if Burks can at least cover a TE? If we can get something put of him great. With that said not like we run allot of 2 ilb anyway.
  9. i think MLF will be much better to start the season the MM in the past. MM played so timid and passed to much. As a run first team it should open so many more doors for AR and the offense. We have the ponies to run it which should be fun to watch. As someone else noted our DL is a concern. i think we will be an 11-13 win team. lots of odd bounces but we have a strong vet presence and if AR spend time watching himself from the past and commits to working to be like that again we should be just as good as last year.
  10. PFT is reporting that Turner is hurt and that he was playing tackle.
  11. they have a cheap QB and Mixon may be their best player on O let alone that team. The math sucks but they don't have to pay many other players do they?
  12. I have not seen this posted but it seems our rookie ILB needs minor knee surgery putting him out for a few weeks at least. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/09/02/packers-linebacker-kamal-martin-having-knee-surgery/
  13. Thanks Vegas i forgot he went to WI. For what we want to do this should be good for him let him tee off early on the DE's and pound the rock. That should benefit him later in games when we need a hair more time. Plus he's not on that putrid line in Detroit.
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