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  1. I would say no. Jackson did not play all that bad and seemed to get better but King is a far better cover corner.
  2. And deserve's got nothing to do with it Clint says:) Our fans are funny. Just a game folks a game with more greed than most of us see or understand. Just watch it to it's football level and then let go.
  3. Yep, played LT, LG, C and RT so far this year alone. Kid has typed his own ticket he's a budding star on our Oline. Thank goodness we draft the way we do on the Oline. Runyan seems to be just like his old man and extremely capable he will likely be a starter for us as we reshuffle the line this offseason to save money:)
  4. I agree but we had success on the first 3 and seemed go go away from it. Just did not run the ball much in the second really. those last 2 the 3rd and 4th were just so plain also not very creative for MLF.
  5. How many 3rd and 1's and 4th and 1's yesterday and we ran none of them. Threw every time? The run was there and we didn't abuse it like we should have. That really killed the second half, that's on MLF if AR is passing on all RPO's its still on MLF to get in his ear and make him run the ball. It was there that was a very winnable game yesterday. The D did what it needed to do to a degree. They kept up with Indy and gave our O changes in the second half. Oh well onto next week. As frustrating as that second half was the best part for me was not reading the game day thread. I just enjoyed football.
  6. King a full participant when was the last time that happened. Him and those skinny quads or hammies. Lets hope him and Alexader are good to go.
  7. Hey Pettine you rush 4 see the results.
  8. Nope a puntoligist snd if you keep it up your proctologist
  9. So with the wind he can’t get hang time snd into the wind he does. Nope he’s a turd.
  10. A team with character pulls this out. MLF better pull this off.
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