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  1. Yeah Savage had a much more productive second half. Hard to say where that came from with Pettine maybe the tape showed him something or MLF got in his ear. It was a good move either way. Should be interesting to see this year what happens.
  2. I think you're right on most counts. Savage and Gary are still not quite there yet. But dam Gary improved so much from year 1-2. If he jumps a bit more and really puts it together this year it will be ideal on the edges. Savage started working to his strengths as the year went on. So was Pettine holding him a back?
  3. Just to jump in on the movie thing I took a chance and watched Boss Level the other day. WAs actually pretty good, funny good action and funny. Worth a watch again for me.
  4. It’s silly to talk about trust in a sport. What are they supposed to say. Most people can’t handle the truth. AR knows the writing is on the wall as do most. He’s expensive she chokes when it counts these days. As much asAR would not admit it he’s Brett part 2. I doubt the FO will care of us fans trust what they say. This is poker you keep your cards close to your chest.
  5. Which means they like the player and fit. Does no one really pay attention to our FO. We do work to keep guys and pay them. Preston can't help it that he was dropped in coverage allot last year. He didn't complain and piss and moan. His stats weren't great and that is the sad measure of most players.
  6. The GB FO is conservative kicking the cap down the road will result in dead cap at some point plain and simple. I just don't think they want it and will do it. They have lots of cash stashed away, but at the same time they don't have an idiot owner who is ok with millions of dead cap every year. GB just doesn't run that way or they haven't in well over a decade. I mean the last bad cap hit was what Perry and no one sniffed him after we cut him.
  7. Pretty tough with the economics what they are though. With that said every year teams play the FA game and some improve some don't. Most of the teams with lots of cash sucked they will improve sure, maybe the Pats will as BB knows defense but they have Cam Newton as their starter. All the good teams will be held back by the cap a bit. We won't do much we'll lose a few lesser pieces we can replace with the draft and later in the FA market. But the same team that won 13 games will be on the field again next year.
  8. This is something I didn't really like with Pettine why not move your best DB around to shut down the guy you need to. I get having a DB being comfortable on his side but that just limits you so much.
  9. This is a good comment and i think that it weighs heavily in GB. They are a close community without the night life and all that crap. Players, locker room and character matter greatly to the entire FO in GB. By all accounts AJ is a really good kid and teammate. Yes we do bring in those players who can be outside of this but it's not often.
  10. We're a pretty conservative FO we like;y were never going to kick the can that far down the road. Obviously we'll do more but we'll find all the pennies along the way. The Packers don't function with dead cap so pushing a bunch into years after players are gone is not something they like to do.
  11. If they want him back why not put a tag on him for a year it protects the club and well it would suck for Jones but he'll get good bank for the year?
  12. Agreed, we have done well there but it's about balance though we don't want any chump in there but we do have a few capable guys to jump in.
  13. I think any good team would pay the center and T's decent and work to keep the guards cheaper as they are protected. We have had good center play over the years as others have said.
  14. Good money for Watt, but not likely to be a championship caliber team next year with some of their losses and a very tough division. LA is better and San fran should not be broken like this year and is RW stays with the seachickens they will be good too.
  15. agreed within reason at the corners for sure. With that said though the caveat is on the QB being smart enough to say he boss i'm ok at 28 mill save a few bucks for a rainy day:)
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