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  1. Redskins Sign ILB Bostic

    He seems like a solid veteran pick up and I hope he does well.
  2. NSFL S18 DRAFT (OTC: Scalamania MISS: waffles7)

    The Knights select Brandon Scherff - OG @RandyMossIsBoss
  3. NSFL S18 DRAFT (OTC: Scalamania MISS: waffles7)

    The Knights select Adam Humphries - WR @EaglesPeteC
  4. NSFL S18 DRAFT (OTC: Scalamania MISS: waffles7)

    The Knights Select Chris Carson - RB @RandyMossIsBoss
  5. Keepers QB – Derek Carr 4 DE – Michael Bennett 3 DT - Abry Jones 2 RT – Andre Smith 3 OLB – Leonard Floyd 2 ILB – Jordan Hicks 2 SS – Malcolm Jenkins 2 FS – Devin McCourty 2 So my main laptop has been having issues so that's why I late with this.
  6. Insane we got him this late since I saw a bunch of mocks of the Skins taking him in round 2. Steal
  7. Really like this pick up just seems like he can be a solid back-up and play in a pinch. Nice move
  8. Seems like he could be a starting LG on our line so I look forward to seeing what he could do.
  9. If he and Guice can stay healthy we have a really nice one two punch going forward.
  10. Draft Day Thread - Day 3

    My picks would be Deionte Thompson, Riley Ridley, Maxx Crosby and Foster Moreau
  11. Seems like he got potential to be a special team beast.
  12. A nice move if the talk of his health issues have been wrong are correct.
  13. I love this pick I think we needed a young QB and we got one.
  14. Draft Day Thread - Round 1

    The draft means I get to stay up till 5am my time to watch it and yeah.
  15. What’s your first 3 rounds

    Mine - I'm no expert or do I claim to be so. Round 1 Pick Number 15 - Dwayne Haskins - QB - Ohio State - Look we need a QB and I don't think Rosen is worth a 1st so I say get Haskins let him sit this year let him work on his issues and build to our future. Round 2 Pick Number 46 - Marquies Brown - WR - Oklahoma - Yes he small but honestly he could be our Tyreek Hill (On the field Hill) Round 3 1st Pick Number 76 - Christian Miller - EDGE - Alabama - You can never have enough pass rushers so let grab one from our fav SEC school Round 3 2nd Pick Number 96 - Josh Oliver - TE - San Jose State - Jordan Reed just can't stay healthy and Vernon Davis is probably on his last year so let's get a young TE to help out.