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  1. We averaged 6.3 plays per drive which was 9th in the league so they would be wrong. 44 punts, 2nd least in the league.
  2. Ok i'll bite. He'd finally have a good oline. He knows Cable and Bradley from their time in Seattle. He'd have an elite player to throw to at TE. Gruden has been high on him since day 1 and, if the reports are true, the main issue between him and Carroll is he wants the offense to be "Wilson centered". Gruden's comments on draft day. And the business value of playing in Las Vegas is probably more important than all that.
  3. I don't really have to explain anything when the whole discussion stems from the report. You can't really expect fans not to talk about the agent for a top 5 QB mentioning their team as a possible trade destination. We'll see what happens and the most likely outcome is probably nothing at all.
  4. We should probably assume that if his agent said it he had discussed it with Wilson. Or are you saying the report is false?
  5. Yes because we're having a discussion about history here. Proceed with your lazy clichΓ©s.
  6. What? So the bad games tell you what this team is and the good games are an anomaly. I mean the Chargers with the backup QB tell you more about what? I'd gladly discuss disagreements on this forum but with takes like that, i can only shake my head.
  7. But he was solid last season in his most extensive action so far. I'm actually surprised he was waived.
  8. I don't think we'd have to trade a lot of picks. Seems like the value is 3 firsts. If Carr is 2 firsts, we lose 1 first. You can overcome that.
  9. How do the Raiders stop the media from saying whatever they want though?
  10. Pretty much what i believe is happening on that front. The Raiders will get something for Mariota, no idea what it will be though.
  11. My guess is 10 to 12 but on a short contract for JJSS.
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