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  1. Shut the **** up moron. Hopefully that's not too pedantic for you.
  2. You do realise it's not just those 2, it's all the guys listed here. That doesn't mean they're great but it means the built in excuse that WRs aren't getting separation and Carr is never guilty of anything is a load of BS.
  3. Everybody is above the league average. Funny how people read what they want every time. It's pointless.
  4. Like everybody's opinion in here. They're a tool.
  5. No, it's just that you hate him. He was PFF's 2nd best OT in pass blocking coming into this game. But after this game, whoever wants to hate on any given player has new ammo.
  6. You know CWood is also speaking for MD right here.
  7. Yes, it's very obvious lately. Carr is great when the play happens exactly as planned. Past that, we're usually ****ed.
  8. I don't know if it's leadership but i don't believe it might be any different going forward and i'm sure that's how some of the players feel as well. If he disagreed with the logo huddle, it should have never happened since he's supposedly "the franchise" so yeah, it's probably leadership too. Could be that they know he's gone at the end of the year. Same with the coaching staff.
  9. Yep, a lot of points given up off the offense turnovers/ST plays through the last 6 weeks. Defense imrpoved enough to complement an effective offense but how can you expect it to jump to elite in 1 year? We'd need an elite D to win games when the offense is playing like that. Not specific to this game because we never had a chance.
  10. I read they can't start interviewing anybody until the final 2 weeks of the season (new rule).
  11. You don't win games when you have 5 turnovers. Stopped watching at 21-0. Might as well start Mariota to end the season. Don't risk injury to Carr in meaningless games and trade him this offseason.
  12. Littleton is active so i don't think Deablo plays much. Wright and Littleton should be the starters. They probably won't play base a whole lot against KC. Could be a lot of 1 LB formation with 6 DBs.
  13. Run D is giving up 4.0 yds/att over the last 5 games. That'd be top 10 over the full season.
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