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  1. https://overthecap.com/player/casey-hayward/2558/ I guess 1.5M in incentives somewhere to get to 4M. Not reported here though.
  2. Scheme fit is half the battle in the NFL. You have the elite players who can play in every scheme, then you have the majority of guys who'll go from good to bad depending on the scheme they're playing in. If you don't care about that, you'll end up with a mix of players who can't all play to their best in one scheme (no matter which one). For example, how are you going to have 2 CBs playing in the best situation if 1 is a press man CB and the other a zone CB? You can't scheme for that. One of them will waste his potential being asked to do something he isn't made for. Coherent team building re
  3. Washington. QB still has to be adressed in the near future but i like their roster.
  4. Same way John Pagano is a great DC probably.
  5. Gannon should have said something to Callahan in that Super Bowl then. Gannon was nothing until Gruden made him relevant.
  6. I don't know. Drafting Love and a backup RB in 2020 didn't seem to sit well with him. But his contract might be another reason. Anyway, what they're saying about Rodgers now doesn't sound much different from what they were saying about Wilson not long ago and it led to nothing. Some are starting to say it's fixable.
  7. That's funny because that's the role he played in the Jets game and Mayock talks about it in the interview.
  8. I don't think Rodgers is traded. 2 months ago, it was Wilson. Where did that go? Feels like they're just building stories to fill air time.
  9. There's a recent Mayock interview on raiders.com. A few interesting points. - They were after Hayward for a bit of time already. Hayward wanted to wait after the draft. Mentioned they had to adress the need for a veteran CB in this young group. - Ferrell is going to play base DE and move inside on passing downs. - Pressure is on Abram and Arnette to step up and mature. He didn't say it exactly like this but that's what i got.
  10. It's only UDFAs at the mini camp this weekend. Teams can't have more than 20 players attend so they went with UDFAs and try out guys.
  11. I agree with Moehrig, Deablo and Gillespie being the 3 best picks. Don't like Leatherwood with Darrisaw available. Don't know enough about Koonce and Hobbs. As far as not adressing DT, i know i'll be paying a lot of attention to Nixon's career as he's a guy i would have liked to see added to the rotation.
  12. I like Hurst, always have. The issue is the fit in this scheme. As mentioned above, the 3T have to be solid run defenders. They also have a type for their scheme and it requires more length than Hurst has. Basically, Hurst is a gap shooter and the scheme asks for gap controllers.
  13. You're right. That's what the video i posted above shows.
  14. Jefferson started 12 games for Seattle in 2018 and 2019 (56; 55% of the D snaps). More than Hurst ever had here.
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