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  1. Really? He was a FA, he could have signed with someone else but no team did. I wonder why!
  2. Bowman never played a down of football after 2017. Why are you even talking about that guy?
  3. There's not more UDFAs than drafted players in the NFL. The percentage of UDFA is the highest if you compare it to each round of the draft but if you add every round together, it's not. Which is logical since there's going to be roughly 320+ UDFAs each year and 40 something players max in each round. https://overthecap.com/breaking-down-the-53-man-rosters/ The 2 teams with the most UDFAs on the roster this season have 21 which is obviously a minority on a 53 man roster.
  4. No matter the reasons, the organisation is to blame. They just drafted him and badly missed on something.
  5. Could be but i don't think he's anything special. So if the team would rather keep him than the guy they just drafted, they see no future for Bowden.
  6. I don't believe one word of what Mayock said. Even if they were expecting more OTAs to take place at the time of the draft, they would give the rookies more time when the offseason ends up being so limited. I don't know why they gave up on Bowden but he had to be incredibly bad on the field or extremely dumb off the field (they kept Gafford and Booker over him ffs, both would have probably make their way to the PS). They better hope he doesn't develop somewhere else.
  7. Well, if there's no demand, how good is he? We're pretty set with our starting OTs at this point but that's not the case throughout the league so if a good backup hits FA, someone should offer him more than we could afford. So what i'm saying is if we could bring him back cheaply, he's probably not that good.
  8. Sharpe is a UFA next season so his future was probably not in silver and black.
  9. No idea if the hype around Edwards is justified but it's coming from multiple sources.
  10. Playing WR for the Raiders the last 20 years is a curse.
  11. I'd guess they watched more than warm ups since they've been reporting on players seeing 1st or 2nd team reps.
  12. I think McMillan is starting week 1. And I wouldn't be surprised if Morrow is cut or traded in the next 2 weeks.
  13. bigplayzay is Isaiah Johnson for those wondering.
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