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  1. Around the league v.1.0

    Darius Leonard
  2. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    Well, i'm not saying we have to move on from Carr. I'm just saying he isn't and won't be one of the few elite QBs in the league.
  3. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    Ofc he's not an elite QB. Elite QBs don't lead their team to 1 win in their 5th year in the league. Elite QBs don't have 10 TDs in 9 games. You're elite if you can produce in any situation, Carr can't.
  4. Rumor: Raider Player to Retire (Jordy Nelson?)

    Sure but his yards/attempt have always been low, even when our oline was much better in pass pro. His yards/att is actually the best in his career this season but that's because his completion percentage is the highest it's ever been.
  5. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    The floor is over a 4 years period. We're in the 2017 to 2020 period. You'd have to find how much we spent in 2017 and 18 to know how much we have to spend in the next 2 years.
  6. Random Raider Stuff

    I think people expected too much out of him. He never lived up to his 1st round status, here or in Seattle. But as a complementary pass rusher, he did the job. A pass rusher getting less than 10M/Y isn't going to be much more than above average. It doesn't mean i want to keep him at this point. Our complementary pass rusher should be Key.
  7. Who should be shipped out next?

    Miller and Parker are worth developing. They played pretty well yesterday.
  8. GDT: Raiders - Colts

    I'm pretty sure the "Gruden didn't call me" talk is just BS from Mack's camp but if it isn't, how entitled is he? Does he need a BJ from the HC with his 100M+ contract? The HC is the boss, if you want to talk to him, get in his office.
  9. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Jordan Hicks or CJ Mosley.
  10. GDT: Raiders - Colts

    We should have re-signed Mack in 2017 when it would have been much cheaper. And i'm mostly tired of hearing about Mack. This forum sounds like the heartbreak hotel for about 2 months now.
  11. GDT: Raiders - Colts

    I forgot how good our Ds were when Mack was a Raider. Did you all notice KNJ is running a pretty good D in Seattle? How come he couldn't do it with us? Because most of our players were trash and Mack wasn't enough to overcome that.
  12. Who should be shipped out next?

    If there's no taker for Melvin, i see him getting cut this week.
  13. GDT: Raiders - Colts

    We weren't a lot better when he was on the team. And that's not hypothetical, that's fact.
  14. GDT: Raiders - Colts

    And you put him on this D and we're still trash.
  15. Who should be shipped out next?

    That's a poor excuse. A 27 year old QB has plenty of years left. It's totally different from most of the other positions. If some people want to trade Carr because they don't believe he will improve, fine.