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  1. Get Bynes as a stopgap. Draft some more.
  2. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Is it time to include Zack Baun to the Murray/Queen/Pick 19 discussion? Bucky Brooks ranked him 2nd behind Simmons and i've seen a few mocks where he's going in the 20s.
  3. Lawson isn't re-signed in his mock.
  4. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    No doubt, you're lucky if there's a couple starting quality OTs available in FA any given year. Makes me appreciate the Trent Brown signing even more.
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I can't see it. Even if the first 3 picks were on QBs, Young is the next one off the board. NYG is at 4 and they're not passing on Young. But I don't think Herbert goes that high anyway.
  6. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Yep, 32M dead cap. But they could still draft Tua, let him sit for a year and cut/trade Stafford next year. Anyway, i'd be shocked if Burrow, Tua and Herbert don't go before our pick. And with so many teams in the top 11 having glaring needs at OT, that's great for us.
  7. Howard has played both sides for the Dolphins. Mullen has played LCB for us but played both sides at Clemson.
  8. Imo, Key is worth keeping around on his cheap contract. But i guess it depends what they're willing to offer.
  9. New Derek Carr thread

    https://www.bucsnation.com/2009/9/28/1058186/the-most-popular-guy-in-town Everything is said right there. In our case, replace backup with next one.
  10. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    We have 54 players under contract already so the draft class won't eat 10M off our cap space. Everytime we sign or draft a guy, it pushes a currently signed player off the top 51. The guys at the bottom have a cap hit around 500k so for the draft class, for example, that's 7 x 500k coming off the top 51. So if the class is at 10M, the real cap hit added is 6.5M. (The numbers aren't accurate but that's in that range). We should have a bit more than 45M in space at this point. Gabe and Whitehead can clear 16M more. With 61M available, we can be active. As far as re-signing our FAs, we've already done most of that by re-signing Incognito, Good, Lawson and Richard (and Hudson during the season). I guess we could still bring back a couple more but i don't see any urgency there. I agree that i wouldn't spend 7M on a backup QB though.
  11. FA 2020

    Probably not. Someone would actually be willing to replace Carr with Newton?
  12. New Derek Carr thread

    The same thing happened with Pryor. It's not Carr.
  13. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    Probably because Brady just wants to get paid by NE and won't sign with anyone else. Kraft is calling his bluff.
  14. Random Raider Stuff

    A bit over 7M. I think he's cut if/when we sign LBs in FA. It doesn't look like there's any deadline to cut him as far as salary becoming guaranteed.
  15. You should draft a G at some point. Trading Gabe is the right move.
  16. Around The League V.2

    The rumor about Mack doesn't make sense. His dead cap would be 45M. He can't be traded.
  17. Random Raider Stuff

    He's a starter. Started 12 games, played the 2nd most snaps amongst DTs behind Hankins and the 4th most snaps amongst DLinemen (Crosby, Hankins, Ferrell).
  18. Around The League V.2

    Rivers officially done in LA. I think that's where Brady ends up if he leaves NE.
  19. New Derek Carr thread

  20. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

  21. FA 2020

    There's no Bruce Irvin role in Guenther's D. It's a classic 4-3 with the 3 LBs off the LOS. Any edge rusher added is getting into a rotation with Maxx and Cle and/or pushing one of those out of a starting spot. I don't think it's a bad idea to have 3 "starting" DEs sharing snaps. Keeps them fresher through games and the season. That's something we can afford with Maxx and Cle on rookie contracts. There wouldn't be many snaps left for Key (and Jordan if he's re-signed) though.
  22. FA 2020

    Avery Williamson from the Jets.
  23. New Derek Carr thread

    Rodgers has 1, Brees has 1, Marino has 0. There are different ways to win. If you have the elite QB, you'll be a contender for most of his career and could win a SB. If you don't, you can still build a SB winning team but you won't be a contender for long.
  24. FA 2020

    I don't have a problem with keeping Tyrell, although i think he's overpaid for what he brings, but i'll have a problem if we add Anderson in FA and think we're good at WR. Those 2 aren't high volume WRs and they don't complement each other well.
  25. Raiders extend RB Jalen Richard