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  1. Rivera: It takes 3-5 years to build a culture

    Mcvay did it in a year. depends how much we win
  2. hopefully we cant get another morgan moses outcome where we get a good player for a decent price for the long haul.
  3. Guice is injury prone, two years of being hurt all the time. As you know we drafted another Rb and already have Ap, mcisic, Barber, and bruce love coming back. Don't be surprised if the guy we see cut is guice. The best trait a player can have is being available, to which Guice is hurt all the time.
  4. we need these hybrid nickle and dime guys in todays NFL.
  5. Trent Williams traded to 49ers

    trent gonna play on the final year of his deal also lol
  6. NFL Draft Thread: Day 2

    Stidham can play, you'll see.
  7. NFL Draft Thread: Day 2

    anyone know whats going on with bryce love?
  8. NFL Draft Thread: Day 2

    bro we cant run a 46 in todays NFL.
  9. NFL Draft Thread: Day 2

    well we need him, we dont have any edge guys behind sweat and young
  10. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    i think williams has mailed it in. He only want one last guaranteed payday. He wont have the same motivation to be great.
  11. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

  12. he produces more then allen and payne
  13. Young- to easy of a pick.
  14. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    they way we are in free agency makes me think we will trade down for a haul of picks. We need a lot of players.
  15. Redskins Signing RB J.D. McKissic - 2 Year Deal

    CT always hurt