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  1. Redskins 2019 Schedule

    i have no optimism this year
  2. i feel like we are spending a top pick on a edge rusher every other year. the position is a rotating door for us
  3. Should Redskins trade for Josh Rosen

    i dont think it would be a shocker if we ended up with andy dalton as qb either. maybe they move on to a rookie and we snag him for a 3
  4. Should Redskins trade for Josh Rosen

    we cannot give up our 1 for rosen. we have keenum as a backup plan this year and leverage. there is always next year to draft.
  5. Washington Free Agency 2019

    watch us roll with shaun lavou again. this franchise is run by a 3rd grader.
  6. Gruden wants to get Perine more involved

    gruden had his shot with perine and never would commit. he's kinda a loss cause now since we have ap. maybe the kid could be a nice hybrid full back for us
  7. Washington Free Agency 2019

    why are the redskins thirsting for a tall wr when doctoson can outjump 90% of the cb's?
  8. Washington Free Agency 2019

    not to mention it looks like we wont address LG again.
  9. We have the worst reporters covering this team

    we should be moving on from him tnh. he is the most overrated backup qb.
  10. ha not if we trade away those picks to move up this year
  11. i dont think we should be cutting good players unless we have to and it is a last resort. we have to many holes right now
  12. Washington Free Agency 2019

    sorry but can we just draft a guy and sign another low cost guy in free agency. Id rather us draft a LG and pound people. lets face it. crowder was invisible a lot last year. we could snag a guy in 2-4 and be okay......maybe.
  13. Washington Free Agency 2019

    they only care about selling tickets. that's why they never tank and try to "win" the offseason. its disgusting that the 0-16 browns from 2 years ago have already built up there team better then us.
  14. Washington Free Agency 2019

    for the love of god please address LG this off season
  15. #FireBruceAllen

    we are back to the ol' sign a high free agent to sell tickets philosophy