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  1. Free Agency

    very true. i agree with that logic
  2. Free Agency

    we already signed zach brown. if anything the defense has gotten worse since we lost fuller and murphy.
  3. Free Agency

    you have yet to convince me on how alex will make the defense better like the niners and chiefs were. you defend every redskin and bruce allen so im not suprised. just dont be shocked when we are 6-10 this year. alex doesnt bring teams from behind
  4. Free Agency

    i agree
  5. Free Agency

    its amazing to me that you're ok with alex smith staying around here for the next 3-5 years. the delusion that we will win with him is incredible. dont you realize that two different teams who had stacked rosters MOVED ON FROM HIM because he could not get the job done? jesus christ
  6. Free Agency

    its the Redskins. this is why im bitter, because for atleast the next few years we have no REAL future with a 34 year old qb and a scrub as gm. we have no hope.
  7. kinda hope we could get him back for cheap. lets see how the market plays out
  8. wonder if we can get grant back for a team friendly deal???
  9. Free Agency

    just correcting your post thats all.
  10. Free Agency

    it was his second year bud.
  11. Free Agency

    fuller can easily be a star cb in this league.
  12. Free Agency

    redskins like to play jingo with there picks. they keep building it up and knocking it down. rinse and repeat.
  13. Free Agency

    how can you honestly say we are building through the draft when breeland, kirk, muprhy, grant, and long have all walked? to BUILD through the draft they need to be retained after their rookie contracts also. THAT IS THE POINT! to draft players who can play the majority of their career here. INSTEAD, we coach them up and let them walk in their prime and replace them with older guys looking for checks.
  14. Trent Murphy Likely Gone

    but wait we will sign a 30+ year old player to replace him and keep the process going
  15. Trent Murphy Likely Gone

    whats the guaranteed money??