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  1. Redskins best players who are 25 or younger

    dont need too.
  2. Redskins best players who are 25 or younger

    lol at montae being listed. pretty average at best talent list
  3. Best Bets for 2018

    90% chance we have injuries on the o-line that derail our offense.
  4. Should we sign LG Ritchie Incognito?

    i cant believe we are heading into the year with shaun lavou likely being our guard again at some point.
  5. Kirk is better case closed. better passing stats with less talent case closed. also no running game, case closed. alex smith dumped by two team, case closed.
  6. checkdown charlie still isnt better then kirk
  7. DeAngelo Hall Retires

    he overstayed his welcome
  8. So,,, It Begins .. AGAIN. We Are Cursed .

    skins should use their 3rd and trade for a LG. i think they are expected to gain a 3rd next year anyways. this could be a blessing because it is gonna force the skins to take action.
  9. call me crazy but i want Dez now

    doctson gets separation. he was one of the best in the nfl on comback routes
  10. Scott Campbell is out per PFT

    snyder will NEVER deserve praise...
  11. call me crazy but i want Dez now