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  1. suck hard for 1 year and win for 10 years with a elite QB prospect OR mediocre as we have been never having the top pick and still sucking. YOU PICK we have to bite the bullet only for a year. instead we will continue to play musical chairs at QB.
  2. He's hurt a lot and doesnt produce well with a good QB. NO THANKS
  3. ioannides is one of our best. Settle is good too. we have 70 mil in cap space we can pay guys.
  4. yet here he is starting for a NFL team winning football games.
  5. guys we are picking top 5. come off your high horse.
  6. have we not learned our lesson about Ohio State QB's yet? they always suck
  7. crazy that the dude played 2 snaps lol
  8. im hoping kyle can be a guy that can at least take advantage of the talent around him. I didnt think he was bad at all for what he has around him.
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