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  1. Where are the Sigs?

    the signature system is HORRIBLE. i spent 30 mins resizing picture down to microscopic and it still wouldn't work!
  2. Matt Jones

    coaches gave up on jones way to quick. tiki barber had a fumbling problem and they fixed that.
  3. skins in 2017 still having to rely on D Hall
  4. the skins roster they had mark brunnel, cooley, B llyod, randel el, moss, and portis was better on paper
  5. dont you know by now i dont read?? lol
  6. by playing? he could get hurt week 1 on the first snap.
  7. trent murphy belonged on this list over breeland. he has a great motor and have 9 sacks for us.
  8. our lazy team needs more work then that.
  9. Bears claim K Aguayo from Bucs

    does he cost a late pic a since he was claimed off waivers?
  10. we need to hit week 1 in midseason form. that should be grudens angle
  11. crowder will have 100 catches
  12. Trent Murphy Out For The Year-Torn ACL

    we've spent 3 2nd round pics on smith, murphy, and anderson. ONE OF THEM BETTER BE REALLY GOOD
  13. Trent Murphy Out For The Year-Torn ACL

    Murphy is a good player but i feel like we need a speed rusher. heck we need speed period on our defense. i thought that new LB from buffalo looked fast
  14. Redskins Forum Fantasy Football League

    please everyone be active in this league. i dont wanna waste my time