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  1. ill take cam on the cheap if we have no other options
  2. Kyle smith is one of the most overrated people on this team in the past 20 years. Im sorry wasn't our roster a dumpster fire before rivera came in? He's the one calling the final shots on picking players. We got terry mclaurin because Haskins told the team to look at terry when we were interviewing haskins at the combine.
  3. i feel he earned the right to have a chance to compete for the job next year, seriousy this guy was really good tonight. He was making good reads and was deadly accurate. not to mention he can scramble. This was a playoff game against tom brady and he made our offense look better then it has all year besides the dallas game i think. He seems like he's a student of the game and could be better then allen. Worse case scenario is that he is a backup.
  4. hopefully we have fans in the stands next year
  5. i know its a loss but the team left a good taste in my mouth. They played super hard
  6. played our tails off. Almost doesnt feel like a loss.
  7. why let shereff walk, we have money.
  8. cant we play him like a coverage LB? teams throw so much now i'm sure they could figure out how to get him on the field.
  9. My dad had a heart attack and is in the ICU yesterday. Seeing this news of cutting this bum was a true bright spot in my day.
  10. Haskins gonna be a beast in the XFL. The XFL league done messed up!
  11. he's 2 years into the rookie deal, jesus!
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