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  1. i hope we can get kerrigan back. One injury at DE and we are bare.
  2. because the cap goes up next year.
  3. guys there are two guards positions. just because we did this trade doesnt mean we are trading brandon. U dont build a line by trading the best player on the line.
  4. betting ryan wouldnt be available until next off season
  5. without a franchise qb we will only sniff the wildcard round.
  6. i think he's the key of having a deep edge rush for us. If sweat or chase gets hurt we can plug in kerrigan.
  7. really crazy, he's still good for 6-8 sacks with snaps.
  8. same, he sucked last year also. he was the number 3 in pittsburg
  9. i think tim settle is really good.
  10. can we not have another 1 year road leads to nowhere QB? id rather have alex smith over fitz and mitch.
  11. we did great on discount deals last year.
  12. i really dont want cam, he's done.
  13. kinda ridiculous how heinike has been written off already.
  14. i dont feel guards she be high on the priority last of paying people.
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