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  1. Redskins likely to move on from Jordan Reed

    just shows how many games he's missed. He been around for a while.
  2. Redskins likely to move on from Jordan Reed

    happy he's gone. Just a liability.
  3. Quinton Dunbar no OTA's

    he wants to get paid because he knows he's injury prone.
  4. My totally unrealistic trade mania draft!

    thats to many picks in one year. spread it out and turn it into multiple years like when the pats would have two ones every year
  5. Young vs Simmons

    we've been drafting pass rushers for YEARS! take young so we can move on to addressing other positions
  6. 2020 Draft thread

    take young. we havent had a great defensive player in a while. everyone says trade down but hey we have a ton of cap space to sign players and theres always next years draft. being able to pick the best pass rusher dont happen every year.
  7. i think FS,SS, G, and RB. What do you guys think?
  8. he just wants to make haskins earn it
  9. Would we be playing the Saints today?

    i knew cuz could win in crunch when he beat Seattle with us with the whole line hurt
  10. Would we be playing the Saints today?

    vikes squad is very talented. that said, niners will wax kirk
  11. What Happens to Ryan Kerrigan Now?

    he can stay on as a backup pass rusher. he needs to be used like sean lee for us.
  12. What Happens to Ryan Kerrigan Now?

    depends if he will take less money. guy was invisible this year.
  13. With Bruce gone

    i would want trent back so we can focus on building other areas. Trent is still an elite player.
  14. #WeFiredBruceAllen!!!

    hahahahha lock it lol
  15. #WeFiredBruceAllen!!!

    fitting this thread reached 99 pages until he was fired lol. lets make it 100 pages for 100 loses for bruce!!