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  1. Rams Cut SS Maurice Alexander

    Im baffled to be honest. I guess I wasn’t paying attention closely enough to see him struggle badly enough to cut him. Must’ve been serious though. I wish him the very best because I loved how he played.
  2. Expectations for Jared Goff

    I know its just preseason, but if last night was any indication, Id say Goff is much improved from last year. And thats not me knocking him last year. Considering what his situation was, he did really well. Rookie playing the hardest position in football, with an amateur offensive staff, coming from a college spread no-huddle offense, and playing against some of the toughest NFL defenses with very little talent around him. What did everyone expect?
  3. Rams Acquire Sammy Watkins

    Hey guys, first time on the new forums, been super busy. Wanted to get on real quick and give my 2 cents on the Watkins deal. Even after about a week after the trade I'm still stoked. Good things are coming to this franchise. Before, we've created optimism out of thin air, but now we actually have legitimate reasons to be.