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  1. Raiders @ Cardinals - Preseason Week 2 GDT

    I didn't see the hype before and I still don't see it now, but I agree that it's too early to judge the final product.
  2. Raiders @ Cardinals - Preseason Week 2 GDT

    I just recently switched from cable to PlayStation Vue, like it so far and saving $80 a month.
  3. Raiders @ Cardinals - Preseason Week 2 GDT

    It's on ESPN on Thursday.
  4. Raiders v. Rams GDT! Preseason week 1.

    Lol, no one dominates in preseason.
  5. Training Camp 2019

    Good stuff so far, I agree. I'll be looking for consistency and for him to do it against someone he's not familiar with. I don't give a lot of credit to guys for practices because they get familiar with who they're going up against. Even practices against the Rams leading up to this game had some affect on the outcome I'm sure. Let's see what he can do against the Cards and see if he gets any reps against starting caliber players before we get to far ahead of ourselves. That's my philosophy for all players though.
  6. Training Camp 2019

    Yeah, he looked like a solid NT against backups. That's all I can say at this point.
  7. Raiders Defense

    He beat a TE, who clearly didn't even know what he was doing lol.
  8. Raiders Defense

    He wanted more money than anyone was willing to pay him when he hit free agency both times. I think he's finally settled in to realizing his own worth.
  9. 2019 Hard Knocks: Oakland Raiders

    I'd have to imagine he has all the fuel, fire, and grudgetastic motivation he would ever need after the off season he's had. Dissed by the media at every turn. Portrayed as a scared little baby in the pocket. A lot of his own fan base calling for him to be replaced.
  10. Training Camp 2019

    Well I went back and looked a bit. It wasn't the majority like I said, but there were quite a few unimpressed with Mack. Either way, the point remains. Give Ferrell a freaking chance to develop before labeling him as anything. I don't think it's fair to compare the two, especially since Ferrell is not part of the Mack trade. We could have easily drafted Ferrell even if we had kept Mack.
  11. Training Camp 2019

    But, that's my entire freaking point. None of what is happening now will determine whether a player is good in the preseason, regular season, or the rest of their careers. It's a marathon and I get tired of the people who think it's a sprint. I guess I'll just stop responding because no one is going to change. Keep over analyzing every tweet guys.
  12. Training Camp 2019

    I guess it's possible that you were one of Well it's possible that you were both defending Mack his rookie year like I was, but your words about Ferrell say otherwise. I'm not going back in the archives to find out, that'd be for you to prove. The majority of this site was bashing Mack and calling him a bust "after" his rookie season. You guys are doing the same thing to Ferrell before he has played a down.
  13. Training Camp 2019

    This is your mistake. No one is comparing Ferrell to Mack now. That's absurd. We are comparing them as rookies. It's like people forget that Mack wasn't a world beater as a rookie, hell he wasn't even a DE for crying out loud.
  14. 2019 Free Agency V2

    Richard made him obsolete their rookie year. I've been confused as to why he has stuck around for the last couple of years.
  15. Training Camp 2019

    So he is losing now? I thought it was competitive. Also, you guys are too hard on Miller. When healthy he was solid. "Miller’s start to the season, however, wasn’t as bad as the rest of the year. He came out of the gates playing well above expectation, as he allowed just five total pressures and zero sacks through his first 117 pass-block snaps in Weeks 1-3."