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  1. I was at the game, I'm not. I thought we were in trouble when he went in for Hudson. Then he had a terrible snap and I thought we were doomed. After that he was fine. I didn't go back and grade every snap he took, but the eye test at the game was perfectly fine.
  2. He had a bad snap, maybe two at the start of the game. Everyone remembers that, not that he settled in and played perfectly fine the rest of the game.
  3. Definitely. That amazing OLine really didn't play last year. Miller and Hudson were the only ones playing all year. Having Ritchie back can only be looked at as a positive in my book. Good was reliable across the board, so wherever he ends up can only be good for his consistency. Brown wasn't a factor at all, so someone better than Sam Young is an upgrade. So from my standpoint, we should be upgrading at 2-3 spots, staying pat at 1-2, and downgrading at Center. You'd think we'd be excited with that or at the very least less concerned.
  4. So happy that he lasted and they made the move up to get him. That’s a great sign that team understands that they have to get quality over quantity at this point. Very excited to see what we can add in the 3rd now. Two starters so far filling two of our biggest needs.
  5. Solid player who fills an immediate need. That’s all I can muster anymore. We just don’t play the same value game that everyone else does. Just have to hope he’s a prove em wrong and not prove em right player.
  6. Like others have said, I'd expect Richard to be gone now and replaced with an udfa. For $2 mill we upgrade Richard to Drake. Completely worth it.
  7. I'm surprised a bit, but I really like the move. Gruden clearly wants to go back to his roots of a 2 back system. We will see if it finds the same kind of success as before.
  8. Well I was shocked when I first saw it, then I became confused, and now I'm just going to wait for the other shoe to fall.
  9. Correct. We haven't been good at drafting, so we try to fill holes in free agency. When you don't hit on either, you end up where we are. Constantly sifting through players hoping that somebody sticks. Our only option is to keep trying. We can complain about it all we want, but it doesn't change reality.
  10. Lots of teams go big in free agency and then are completely different and torn apart in a couple years. We just don't pay as close attention to their issues.
  11. All a part of the growing and rebuilding process. No one ever hits on all of their free agent signings. It takes years of drafting and taking your shots in free agency before you get the right mix of players together. Unfortunately it's been far too long since we have truly hit on a player from either. We 100% have to get 1 or 2 real difference makers this season. Time to start filling holes again.
  12. Interpretation is in the eye of the beholder I guess. Just like "Pretty Firm", what does that mean? You see it as you said, I see it as they listened and said no thanks. Either way, same result. I wouldn't trust everything his brother said, but combine the two stories together and it's logical to think that at least one offer was made, the Colts at least inquired, and the Raiders aren't interested unless somebody wows them.
  13. That's a tad extreme. Saying he's not available and not listening to offers are not one and the same. Reality is more along the lines of the Wentz deal. If the Colts called inquiring about him and wanted to give up a 2nd and 3rd, I'm fully behind them saying no thanks.
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