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  1. Iirc, they offered him a contract twice at least. One when they signed Carr and a second at the end of his last season here.
  2. Hopefully it ends similar to the way most of these big deals did. Nothing much to show for it and/or a short stint and traded away. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/patrick-mahomes-10-year-deal-chiefs
  3. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/marcus-mariota-derek-carr-las-vegas-raiders-starting-qb Good read, breaks it down very realistically without a bias.
  4. Yep, that's all this is. They're working in the off-season, good to see.
  5. Just a tad of sarcasm me thinks!
  6. I'm sorry, maybe it's just me. I get frustrated by posters saying the same thing over and over. Doesn't mean you're wrong and it doesn't mean you can't.
  7. That's all fine and good. However, you've been upset about this for far to long to prove anything otherwise. Let it go.
  8. Just my 2 cents. I think we can still see a better version of Carr inside of Gruden's offense. Better talent around him should obviously help. If you're hoping for a gunslinger return, I just don't see that happening in this offense.
  9. Maybe overreacting a bit? These guys aren't meant to come in and be starters. You hope that they give you competition and maybe make the PS or even the team. We aren't as terrible a roster anymore as well, so we don't need these guys to fill out a roster or be starters like in the past. Good article on Bowers with a bit of history. https://www.blackshoediaries.com/2020/4/14/21220317/so-you-drafted-penn-state-nittany-lions-football-te-nick-bowers-nfl-draft-2020
  10. Yeah I guess I don't remember that. He filled in for Hudson and we didn't miss a beat was my recollection. I could be wrong.
  11. I think James is our backup C, not Devey.
  12. I could argue that the only offense that the defense played in those 4 games was the Titans. While our offense played 3 top 15 defenses.
  13. Oh I agree with what your saying. However you're still focusing on one game and not giving the offense the same benefit. If the defense gets extra credit for "doing what it's supposed to" then what's the correlation for offense? A 3 and out doesn't equal a TD in my book. So is a 3 and out by the defense equal to a first down by the offense? 2 first downs? 3? Hope you understand what I mean.
  14. Yeah that can be said about every offense and QB ever though. Picking out a game here and there is not helpful. It would also be the same reasoning if I blamed the defense for not setting up the offense with turnovers and short fields all the time. Turnovers are going to happen from both sides of the ball and we all know the importance. I choose not to give the defense a break for giving up scores on short fields and I don't give the offense more credit for scoring on short fields. They get credit and blame equally in my book because it is part of football, it just is. I'd feel differently about one side of the ball if it was constantly at fault. That's definitely not the case with our offense. Now our defense comes very close to being worthless in that department some seasons though. Since 2014 we've had two seasons that the defense had more than 17 turnovers in a season, 2015 (25) & 2016 (30). The other four seasons they are bottom 5 in takeaways. The offense gave the ball away the most in 2014(29) & 2017(28). Everyone seems to give credit to that 2016 defense for the +16 turnover margin, but they always seem to leave out that the offense only gave it away 14 times. My point remains that it's a balance needed from both sides of the ball. Give and take if you will
  15. Well that's just downright false with 27 to the skins and 30 to the Ravens. What? I know Mack closed out a lot of games for us when he was here and we all loved him for it, but there's a big difference between sealing a 31-30 type game and being a good defense. If they were respectable, they wouldn't give up 30 to begin with.
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