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  1. State of our team

    I was wondering about something today, with all of the negativity, fire sale talk, and general state of things. If we had pulled out wins against Denver and Miami, would you feel differently about this team? Would your opinion of the state of things change if everything else stayed the same, but we were 3-3 instead of 1-5? Just curious.
  2. State of our team

    Which very well may be true. For some reason I just don't see it that way. Maybe because my personality is the same as Gruden's. Yes he's ripping Reggie, but he's not intentionally doing it in the way you're saying it or the media is making it out to be. Same with his comments about Carr. Gruden is just being honest and stating facts. The drafts have not panned out. The players that were drafted sucked and are gone. Everyone in turn says, well he's ripping Reggie. Anyone who says we need to draft better than the last 4 years is ripping Reggie, without saying directly Reggie sucks.
  3. The curious case of Amari Cooper

    If I told you at the beginning of the season Carr would throw for over 5,000 yards, with 3 - 1,000 yard receivers would you have thought I was crazy? Touchdowns are what is stopping this from being a positive or lack thereof. Current projections Carr - 5,056 Cooper - 896 Nelson - 1,014 Cook - 1,248 Throw in Lynch for the heck of it - 1,059
  4. State of our team

    Just playing Devil's Advocate, what if Reggie returns in 2019? I have a feeling he will and everything being said is blown out of proportion. I could easily be wrong.
  5. State of our team

    I completely understand. How can any of us ask for patience after all we've been through? Unfortunately, that's where we are each and every time we change coaches. Maybe that's why I'm looking at this differently. Gruden may not last all 10 years, but he certainly isn't going to be fired after 2 or 3 seasons like most of our coaches. This gives me some hope that there is a chance for him to build something. I also watched every bit of the last go around. Al Davis may have been in charge, but Gruden's hands were all over that roster. West coast scheme was all him and went directly against everything Al stood for. First 2 years for Gruden, 8-8 each season. Success wasn't instantaneous and it took him a few years to get the roster the way he wanted it. I know everybody is sour on Carr right now, but I'll beat my drum for him until half way through next season at least. He's played 5 games in this system!! His best season? His second season with the only OC he had for 2 years in a row. Yes, he has made some horrible throws, but take a look around the league. Every QB has those. The biggest concern I have is him and Cooper not always being on the same page. I think to myself, they've been together for years now. I have to remind myself that Cooper is in a new offense too and doesn't always no where to be yet. It's hard for a QB who doesn't fully trust his WR's yet in a new system. I'm sure I could go on and on, but the point once again is patience. I understand if you don't have any left.
  6. State of our team

    A ton of knee jerk reaction stuff on this forum. It's clear to me that the only thing that matters is wins at this point, which obviously is the goal. The team can be close and competitive in some games and that just doesn't matter to the masses. Growing pains are tough. I guess I'm just waiting for the rest of the fan base to go through the remaining steps. I see most are stuck in denial or anger. I had some hope in the beginning of the season that we would just come out and everything would click. However, the odds were always in favor of us being a bad team that overhauled it's roster.
  7. Random Raider Stuff

    He played some against the Browns.
  8. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    I guess when it comes to the James discussion the question now is, does any of it matter? James would definitely be a welcome replacement for any of our safeties, but would that trump Miller replacing Penn? IMO, LT is way more important and we may have got that right.
  9. Week 4 - Raiders vs. Browns

    I guess I'll be the negative guy. Doesn't look like he'll ever amount to more than an average NFL starter, which is better than I thought going into the draft. He has the "IT" factor you all speak of, but that's the main reason why he is Baker and not Johnny. He is a rookie so some of this can be worked on. I've seen a lot of crisp passes from him, but his decision making is no where near where it needs to be and his height is clearly an issue. I can't remember the last time our dlineman had so many batted balls. Only time will tell in this league, but I couldn't help thinking about how the Browns would win that game by 3 or 4 scores if they had Carr at QB. (which they should've)
  10. It isn't Gruden's fault. It is on Carr and Cooper

    And I'm not sure why anyone thinks he was uncovered to start the play? Two WRs and two DBs, am I missing something?
  11. It isn't Gruden's fault. It is on Carr and Cooper

    You do know an audible happens before the snap right? I think he was running the play that was called and that he never looked Amari's way because the play wasn't designed to go that way. I wish he had looked that way because I'm sure it would have resulted in a larger gain, but once he started rolling to the right it kinda sealed it for him.
  12. It isn't Gruden's fault. It is on Carr and Cooper

    Designed rollout to the right. Carr never looked that way because that's not the play. If you really want to complain about something with Carr, then complain about him running the plays to script and not being creative. However, I'll tell you the reason for that. He's just not comfortable enough in this system yet. Carr's best season? Year two with Musgrave. The only second season he has had with the same OC.
  13. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Mack may have tipped the scales in Denver, but he wouldn't have made much of a difference against the Rams. You guys need to quit thinking he'd be doing what he's doing with the Bears with us. The Mack we know always got off to slow starts and didn't make much noise for us until at least a few weeks into the season. He undoubtedly would make our defense much better, but let's be real.
  14. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Well apparently we dropped Price, so maybe we picked someone up to take his roster spot. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/09/18/raiders-cutting-defensive-tackle-brian-price/
  15. The Good, the Bad, the 0-2 team vs the Broncos

    This. I think he was hyped as something he wasn't. I could see him developing into a Michael Bennett type of player, he'll never be Von or Mack.