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  1. FA 2020

    Those are the most logical options. Every year someone gets there salary converted into bonus so I guess we will see.
  2. FA 2020

    I think it's cap space related. They can't officially put it on the books if we don't have the space. Restructuring contracts? Getting ready to cut or trade someone? That would have to happen first.
  3. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Some of these guys dig so big of a hole the only thing they can do is keep digging. If they get bailed out then they can say see I told you so from the beginning. If nothing happens, it's usually brushed off that the player didn't want to come here or the guy they wanted wasn't available. These guys are like meteorologists. 50% chance of rain!!
  4. Raiders Defense

    Glad to see others wanting to pick up Malik. Didn't want to be a homer for bringing him up. He is very unique for the LB spot.
  5. Raiders sign QB Marcus Mariota (2 years, $17.6 M)

    Bold statement. I completely disagree, but what else is new?
  6. Raiders sign QB Marcus Mariota (2 years, $17.6 M)

    So you're predicting Carr will get hurt? That's the only way.
  7. Raiders sign QB Marcus Mariota (2 years, $17.6 M)

    I guess I just see it differently. It doesn't mean anything other than he's the backup QB for 2020. If for whatever reason he does start in 2020, he gets rewarded for doing so and we get protected in 2021 against losing him after an "amazing" season. The front office did a great job of covering all potential bases. Worst case he's a really good backup for 1 year. Best case he pulls a Tannehil and we don't have to worry about him being a free agent in 2021. Competition isn't a bad thing, but I'm not getting ahead of myself on any of this.
  8. Raiders sign QB Marcus Mariota (2 years, $17.6 M)

    Thanks for spelling it out jim. I completely agree with your assessment. This contract covers all angles and really protects MM if he were to take over. It also helps us next year if that were to happen. I really don't read anything more into it than that. Come in and compete. Whatever happens, happens and all sides are covered in case MM wins the job. No matter how he wins it, outplaying Carr, Carr losing it, or Carr getting hurt. Smart play by our GM/contracts team.
  9. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    So we(the media), didn't know then and we(the media) still don't know now. Because according to the media, we had an offer out to Brady right after the Super Bowl and we were shopping Carr as early as the combine. Now it's we weren't offering anything close to what was reported and we weren't shopping Carr. Don't ever trust these guys.
  10. FA 2020

    I think you guys are missing the point of signing Collins. We won't need our DEs to play inside now. They put guys in there last year because of need. We only had 3 DTs active most weeks if IIRC. They tried a few guys, but none of them were better than Cle or Jordan.
  11. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    Maybe because they never wanted him??? Early reports were 2 years 64 million or something like that. If that was truly the case, we would have got him. Unless Brady just said no to us.
  12. New Derek Carr thread

    I'll say it in a different way. You start with Carr is gone. Mayock and Gruden don't want him and they see it. They will release or trade him. We will sign Brady. We will draft, fill in the blank. I trust in Mayock and Gruden. They're looking at all the draftable players. Look at all the available free agents. We would've drafted so and so if they'd been available last year. Oh well that guy and that guy are off the board, we can still get so and so. Hmm, we signed Mariota. We could still trade Carr to one of these teams. These other free agents are still available. We could still draft a QB. Well it's looking like we won't sign a free agent. We could still trade Carr to one of these teams. All these spots are filling up, so I guess we aren't signing anyone else or trading Carr anytime soon. We could still trade Carr during the draft. Carr better not play like crap or he might get replaced by Mariota. We could still draft a guy. We could still trade Carr..... This sums up the off-season. Obviously you don't want Carr and obviously you wanted something else, but at what point will you accept reality? We all know Carr has to perform. His job literally depends on it. Your opinion is just as valid as everyone else's. Maybe it's a say it enough and it will come true philosophy, I don't know. I think everyone is just tired of hearing it. No offense.
  13. Raiders sign Jeff Heath S

    Meh, but definitely an upgrade over Riley.
  14. Back on track with this one. Want to see the numbers, but seems like another solid move.