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  1. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    I glanced at the Packers' forum on the way here to find out who won last night and the two pages of posts slammed Rodgers worse than a bad day here for Cutler. One guy said the defense won their SuperBowl for him. Yikes. We are amateur QB haters around here in comparison.
  2. NFC North 2018 Thread

    Mostly agree. Being competitive was BEFORE Mack showed up and then he doubled down by having a historic start. To be fair, then he went down and we played like where we thought we would be. Now Trubisky is showing more promise which should (even without the Mack effect) put us ahead of schedule.
  3. Jets @ Bears Game Day Thread

    Biggest single play? Trubisky hitting Cohen for a 70 yard TD against pressure. Doesn't matter if he didn't have to dissect the play like Einstein. He made the D pay for pressure.
  4. Jets @ Bears Game Day Thread

    Vince or Steve? Rechecking your post and the 3,500 and 1,000 I assume it's Steve.
  5. Checking in with Trubisky

    I do. It's fun to bring up the non-religious Tebow of his day and Douglas was a hoot to watch play. He wasn't a good QB though. Of course you want a QB that is mobile and can move. I'll take a Rodgers over a P. Manning any day. However, it's not usually good for your QB to be leading the league in rushing for QBs. It's worse when he's young and given his observed QB play he's most likely doing it because he hasn't nearly mastered the complex job of being an NFL QB. I'd rather see his accuracy remain high and throwing with confidence than leading the league in rushing for QBs.
  6. Checking in with Trubisky

    So was Bobby Douglas who also wore number 10. How'd that work out? I love that he can run. I hate it that while he is leading the league in rushing he is throwing a ton of inaccurate passes, seems to be overly flustered by pressure, and in the three games I've seen has missed seeing critical open receivers in 'playable' areas of the field. The early success raised some expectations and now the team's performance, albeit driven by a heavy dose of injured Mack, is looking like a run of the mill team this season. The silver lining is that Mack should be getting more attention for MVP given how good the team looked with him and how bad without.
  7. Checking in with Trubisky

    While it's largely due to frustration with the ups and downs of this team, I said on the New England thread that this Bears' team finally has an identity, a team that finds a way to grab defeat from the jaws of victory. Mitch Cutler, eh, Trubisky does have young and early career going for him as he still has time to develop, but you'd like to be able to bank on some of his best traits like accuracy. His accuracy seems to come and go in major swings. This should be the exception and not the rule. I'm starting to fear and in a bigger way each bad game that he can't play effective ball when pressured and his whole game falls apart. Now pressure has negative impacts to virtually all QB's, especially on occasional games, but the good ones can make you pay for it more than the benefit of the pressure and they maintain their great talents or abilities. Mitch might be able to 'learn' his way out of poor pressure re-action or he might be another QB who only plays well when he has a great Oline in front of him, a great hot read offense, and against defenses that aren't good at pressure.
  8. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    Bears have now lost 3 games where they had double digit leads. Packers 20-0 3rd Qtr. Dolphins 21-10 3rd Qtr. The Bears force two fumbles and use them to go up 17-7 to get close to enough of one more score giving us a lead to force NE to be one dimensional and give it away with a special team's fail TD. Then after having a good drive to go back up 24-21 we go blocked punt, int, int en route to finishing the loss with a hail mary that needed a second hail mary because it did not reach the endzone. Close loss. Yes. But at home to a team without Gronk and that lost their starting RB early in the game. I agree that the Bears could have and almost did win this game. I disagree in that I think that they should have won it. Perhaps it's just that the NFL is getting closer every year to matching the NBA and the final round in Jeapordy where big leads are meant to be overcome.
  9. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    Well at least the Bears finally have an identity. A team that will always find a way to ****** defeat from the jaws of victory. Ugly to watch.
  10. Skill Position Projections

    Thanks for reminding me. Trubisky is showing a trait of really good QBs, especially experienced ones. Spread the ball around and not merely relying on one 'go to' guy to bail him out.
  11. Checking in with Trubisky

    His accuracy in college was the one thing that really stood out to me in videos. You need accuracy to be effective given the small windows you have in the NFL compared to many college defenses. Cade McNown was a decent college passer and nearly a complete bust in the NFL had it not been for Marcus Robinson being elite in going up for the up-chucked balls McNown routinely threw downfield to him. Extra points for the reference connection to his UCLA days.
  12. Checking in with Trubisky

    Amen. I'm more optimistic going forward with Trubisky then I was with Cutler and any other Bears' QB over the last forever.
  13. Checking in with Trubisky

    Define pick machine. Trubisky college career 41 TD 10 Int Mahomes 2016 season 41 TD 10 Int (career 93-29) For their careers Trubisky had a .07 TD pct and .017 Int pct on 572 passes. Mahomes had a .07 TD pct and .021 Int pct on 1,349 passes. Trubisky could easily turn out to be the better pro so I'm more than happy with Trubisky as the Bears' QB, but saying Mahomes was a pick machine in college puts Trubisky in almost the same boat as in whole numbers both would throw 2 picks per 100 passes during their college careers.
  14. Bears @ Dolphins, 10/14/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    Better to lose in a slow controlled manner than get aggressive and lose quickly. I HATE the bend don't break and then we give up huge plays to lose the GB game and now vomit one away to the offensive juggernaut that is Brock the 'O'. When you have a Mack, you had better have an aggressive approach or switch over to coaching ice dancing pairs.
  15. Jordan Howard trade rumors are back

    If you trade him now it would almost have to be for a good RB that fits Nagy's system better. So you have to find a team that wants to pound it and has a good fast RB that doesn't fit their system. Slim and Slimmer would be the name of the movie. Howard may not fit Nagy's system, but if we trade him for a draft pick I'm pretty sure the grocery clerk we add to the roster won't be great out of the backfield either. Kind of reminds me of trading away TE Olsen back in the day although I expect Nagy to stick around longer than Martz. Why undercut this year's run for the playoffs by adding a draft chit for next year's run? This current team's future is NOW.