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  1. TABT

    We drafted our 2018 WR this season with basically our 2019 2nd round pick. If Alexander is good (no idea) then spend another 2019 pick, just not an early one. Any idea on the guy's projected round(s)? I see it as getting an early year out of a draft pick provided you know what you are doing.
  2. NFC North 2018 Thread

    Are you saying "Polite". There's no "Polite" in Bears-Packers rivalry. Tip of the hat to "A league of Their Own". Using the word 'hate' twice so that kind of returns the NFC North talk to where it should be. Packers, Vikings. You measure yourself by the greatness of your rivals. I even politely slammed Detroit by leaving them off. Let's get three NFC North into the playoffs for the rest of the decade.
  3. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    I don't think that he can stay healthy. It's rare for a guy to have so many season ending injuries, especially right out of college, and then suddenly become a robust player. Bad luck or bad genes, he just does not look like his frame can handle the NFL.
  4. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    If there is a single player in the league that should not be exposed to special teams play it's Kevin White. The guy has been hurt preparing for the season, much the less just in games. Having White literally severed in half covering a kickoff will at least take the attention away from the concussion issue for awhile.
  5. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    For every can't miss guy that actually misses there are 100 can miss guys that miss. I'll take 100 to 1 odds every time.
  6. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    And Bama has probably the most NFL like Oline in college football.
  7. Watson and Kamara

    Way too early to tell with QB's. Far too often, the league figures out the QB after a season or several games and the QB has no 'B' option. Heck, Rich Mirer looked serviceable his first season by setting rookie records for yardage, completions and attempts and then finished his career with a QB rating in the 50's. Add in that Trubisky was certainly hampered by A) having one of the poorest WR corps in the league B) no go-to receiver be it TE or RB and C) having one of the most predictable NFL offenses over the last decade. I'd go with Mahommes and Kamura.
  8. 4 Years of Ryan Pace: Roster Overhaul

    Add in that his first round draft pick was injured before his rookie season started and has only played in 5 games due to injuries.
  9. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    Not hate. Guy's body just too fragile or unlucky for the NFL. Even many or most of us that HATED the pick don't hate the kid. Just the idea of drafting a raw one year of college production WR to a Bear's team coming off of two historically bad defense seasons was seen as a luxury pick to a team short several NFL level starters. When you've got a bottle of ketchup and two stale carrots in the fridge you don't go out and buy Grey Poupon mustard.
  10. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    This almost certainly means that not only will he not break something warming up before game two, but he'll lead the Bears in receiving yards and touchdowns in 2018.
  11. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - READ!!!

    Wow. We got Nall from Oregon State. I doubt he's a RB in the NFL and I don't know that he clocked that fast on a track, but I've seen him go 50 or so yards outrunning 3-4 defenders and I don't mean 4 fat DT's either. He broke through the line and headed downfield and 3-4 defenders closed in from the back and sides and I figured he'd get a good 20 yard or so run out of it and this big stiff looking guy outran all of the pursuit. Looks like I've got my own Chicago Bears' Mr Irrelevant to root for this camp.
  12. Bears Trade Back Into 2nd for Anthony Miller

    We didn't lose our 2019 pick. We get to draft our 2019 2nd rd pick in this draft at the cost of one of our two 4th round picks this year. If Miller is a guy they believe in, it's draft money well spent. Especially, on a WR which is thought to have a longer acclimation to the NFL game than most positions.
  13. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - READ!!!

    Does the WR being the additional lower second round pick even count then? Going to have to go to the fine print for that one.
  14. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - READ!!!

    This is the classic defensive version of don't force yourself to draft a QB you don't believe in because you need one. If Pace wasn't in love with any of the edge rushers then drafting arguably the best 1-2 defensive prospect in the entire draft and one who has the potential of being a defense changer, instead of merely taking the best of deemed questionable or limited pass rushers (after Chubb) then bravo Pace for taking a shot at an elite player. Then a well played second round with strong offensive draftees, especially for the value. Pace showed confidence moved to go into 2018 with 2-3 starters and all contributors rookie seasons. There seems to be some sort of thought out plan going on around Halas Hall being executed by decisive moves for both of the last two drafts. In some ways that thought almost makes me uncomfortable.
  15. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    "Big Cat" Williams was at Soldier Field?