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  1. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    I'm beginning to see why we see this incident and apparently what actions were shown on the film attached to the prior post so differently. Might you enlighten the forum by what level of omnipotence you can make a statement saying I got away with 'stuff' that would warrant me being considered for jail in my youth. Perhaps you are projecting a bit too much of your own past onto Hunt's situation?
  2. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    So even you admit he initiates the physical contact by giving her a hard shove when her hands are at her side. The after a bit more ruckus, Hunt shoves the other guy so hard he slams the gal into the wall and then the guy stays down on his knees for several seconds trying to shake it off. Meanwhile, the gal stands up and then wobbles and goes to the floor in a deep crouch and then Hunt comes up and while not trying a 50 yard field goal clearly kicks her which causes her to topple over to the floor. "Reaches his foot towards her" reminds me of the old "he punched my fist with his face" defense. I agree that if a gal starts a physical conflict with a guy he has every right to defend himself which is what I thought was going on when I first heard of the incident and saw a few seconds of video, but Hunt initiated the contact in the video and then pushed two people down and then while the gal was down and then kicked her off her crouch onto the floor after she was clearly defenseless. I'm done with this issue as I don't want a guy with so many "where there's smoke there's fire" incidents around him and I do agree with you that there is indeed a "societal and cultural problem" right now, but probably not he one you seem to be defending.
  3. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    I thought the victim was the gal in the blue dress? Looked like someone (Hunt?) pushed the one guy in the back and when he went over he steamrolled the gal in blue. Maybe it makes better sense with a sound narrative to explain who is who during the scene.
  4. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    Hadn't seen the whole video, just the start which I assumed was most of the video. He even took out one of his own with a mis-named friendly fire push to the back that seemed to have caused the biggest hit on the victim. Hunt shouldn't be playing in the NFL next season. He should be playing for the Allenville State Penitentiary Mean Machine along with (Reynolds or Sandler) Crewe. I believe in giving folks a change to earn their living once they've paid their dues and in this case the dues should last one or more NFL seasons worth of time before the NFL even gets involved with their own suspensions.
  5. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    January 7, 2018. I'd be very concerned, but you can write things into the contract and perhaps even require (if the NFL doesn't) anger management, etc. January 7, 2019. No way in heck I sign a guy this either stupid and/or out of control. Who the heck allows themselves to get into this situation after what he's just been through and was cut from a team. He needs to concentrate on getting his life back into order full time.
  6. 2019 free agency targets

    Good cost-benefit post. Going into the 2019 draft with 6-8 picks. Adding a RB with a skill set more suited to Nagy's system is justified. With our draft list, not so much. Howard is not nearly so broken that he has to be replaced, especially when we already have a broken place kicker with a big cap hit to solve.
  7. Why the Offense Lost the Game

    I don't think that he lost it either, even taking into account as part of his performance was an easy pick he threw right to a defender who dropped it when it would likely be caught 19-20 times. One interesting thing was that he only ran for 3 times for 9 yards. While I like that he did not panic and just take off running every other pass play. I don't like that if you are going to have a mobile QB run a bit more, a playoff game is the time to do it. My beef is that I want to be talking about games he is winning for us and not that he did not lose the game. I really liked Orton who did not lose games, but he was not a second overall pick that involved a draft pick to move up to get him. Do I get bonus points for working Orton into the conversation?
  8. Why the Offense Lost the Game

    Not so much excuses as expectations. While a rookie QB who is playing in his first playoff game is still technically in his rookie season, there should be a world of difference between a week 1-4 rookie and a week 13-16 rookie. Now throw in another 12 games or so from his real rookie season and Tru while not a seasoned, been there, done that QB, should not be a QB whose expectations on his play are based on any sort of 'rookie' connotation. Perhaps a playoff rookie is the middle ground we are looking at.
  9. Why the defense lost the game

    No problem. I was a fan back in the 70's when the offense couldn't reach the endzone during pregame warmups running plays against no defense at all. Remember a game where late in a close game the defense came back onto the field after yet another worthless offensive series and Butkus was noted to have said something like "...good, the offense is off the field, let's go win this..." and the Bears D did indeed score on a turnover (may have been a blocked punt by Butkus).
  10. Why the defense lost the game

    The defense gave up 16 points and generated two turnovers and held Philly to 42 rushing yards on 23 attempt for less than 2 yards a carry. Sheesh.
  11. Why the Offense Lost the Game

    So nearly rookie describes a guy coming into a game with 26 starts. When's the nearly rookie phase end? 48 games?64 games including a playoff game? It's really easy to interpret giving a QB with two seasons under his belt with a 'rookie' tag to sound like we need to be making excuses for the guy.
  12. Biggs: Donatell Interviewed, Pagano Interest

    I mentioned outside of a disastrous DC hire, but I think Fangio leaving SF was a lessor reason for their downfall. He left along with Harbaugh after the 2014 season so SF replaced their HC and not just their DC and there are usually performance reasons when a HC is let go. Fagio's 2013 defense was third in points. 2014 was 10th. Their offense in 2013 was 11th in scoring and in 2014 25th which doesn't do the defense any favors. Their only pro bowl defender in 2014 as SS Bethea who was 30 years old. They had 5 in 2013. Bowman was their only pro bowler in 2015. They fired Tomsula and his 5-11 record and brought in Chip Kelly and got a 2-14 record and another one year and out HC. I like Fangio, but SF's defense was going over the cliff with or without him. Given our current young defensive talent, I still believe it will take a really bad DC hire to mess things up, albeit there may be growing pains as the defense acclimates to the new DC.
  13. Biggs: Donatell Interviewed, Pagano Interest

    Yeah, I don't get all the doom and gloom per the defense. Who is leaving? Who is coming off a career threatening injury? Who is doing a Brown like sulk and out type funk? Meanwhile, we've got several young defenders with a season or two under their belts and two are promising stars, Smith and Jackson, and another is looking to be at least very solid, Nichols, and still have Mack and Hicks. I think that the biggest issue outside of a horrendously bad hire of DC would be the injury bug. Certainly, you can't assume we'll be ranked exactly the same and we'll likely play a bit tougher schedule, but as TB noted, I'm not concerned about the defense. I'm concerned about Mitch greatly improving his game coming into 2019 and the WR and Oline improving and finding enough solid backups with a limited draft stock. The defense falling from 1st in points to 4th isn't crippling. Mitch and offense being the 2018 version in 2019 is the problem.
  14. Packers Hire LaFleur

    What position does she play?
  15. 4 Bears named All Pro

    J A C K S O N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!