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  1. So any GM is a failure if they don't win a superbowl?
  2. When they do talk about us, we choke though, historically. Let's just fly under the radar.
  3. I hope we don't take a LB or a corner round one. Seems like a waste of a premium pick.
  4. We have 2 very good DT's that are going to take maybe 70% of the reps. After Hunter we have a lot of questions at DE. Holmes and Mata'afa were and still could play DT.
  5. How much of an upgrade, if any, is Stafford to Cousins? I don't see the point in using assets to trade for him. Use those picks to beef up our O-line / D-line.
  6. Yes. Let's get Jefferson the record. Especially with no Dalvin, lets just air it out all over the field.
  7. How do you know Pierce is overpriced, he hasn't played a down on his contract? We should be addressing DT, OG, Safety, OT, then Edge rusher in the draft and free agency hard. I don't mind seeing Wonnum/Idenigbo fighting for the end spot opposite of Hunter if we are able to grab a top flight guard and DT first. I still wonder if we need another corner as well if Hughes is going to always be injured.
  8. I wanted to keep Bridgewater. With our O-line he seemed to be a better fit. Him and Keenum could make plays outside the pocket and avoid the rush a lot better than Kirk. The extra money could've been used elsewhere.
  9. Pretty sure he didn't play much against GB. Like well under 50% of the snaps.
  10. Any guesses what the conditions on that 5th next year are?
  11. Why was Justin Jefferson not starting from day 1?
  12. I would be extremely happy with this.
  13. I really don't see the point in not extending him. Played top a top tier safety the last 2 seasons, and it will just be that much of a help for young corners to have 2 elite safeties coaching them up.
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