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  1. I would be extremely happy with this.
  2. I really don't see the point in not extending him. Played top a top tier safety the last 2 seasons, and it will just be that much of a help for young corners to have 2 elite safeties coaching them up.
  3. Unless an OT falls I think we're going to go Corner and WR if we keep both first rounders. I'm thinking Fulton if he's there, and then Mims or Reagor. We're obviously comfortable with Reiff right now, when hes healthy he is solid. O'Neill is a stud. 2nd round you hope there's an interior lineman there you can plug in and play/compete with Dozier and Elflein.
  4. Any more word about the talks with New Englad and an Anthony Harris deal?
  5. 0% chance the Vikings will take a LB in the first round.
  6. I'm not against moving up if there's a guy we really want and are confident in him. I'm kind of wanting us to move back with one of the picks and get an additional 2nd/3rd to try and get as many potential starters as possible. They love to get those top 100 picks, and I feel this draft is fairly deep for corners and WRs that can contribute for us.
  7. He's not bad either, it's an overpay for what he offers. He's solid, great tackler, fast but he has no ball skills.
  8. Even though he isn't necessarily old enough to lose athleticism like most, he's had a few injuries like a hip that have surely factored into that decline. He's also pretty much guaranteed to get banged up and leave a few times a game it seems also.
  9. Dalvin Cook Eric Kendricks, Danielle Hunter, and Everson Griffen should get some recognition as well.
  10. Good thing we play the giants next week so we can hear about how good this team is. Lol
  11. He knows the system, for a quick fix he'll do just fine.
  12. Change of scenery could do him good.
  13. I feel Warner is getting really undervalued here. He has a case to be the best, easily is top 5.
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