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  1. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Me and Harrison have the same birthday. Year and all...so can i be 22 again also? 😂
  2. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Rudolphs blocking is fine, but he does seem like a guy who would be willing to take a pay cut for the team in order to get more guaranteed money. Hes a real class act.
  3. Who is the best number four receiver your team has had?

    Adam Thielen in 15. Otherwise its probably someone like Jarius Wright.
  4. Week 17: Bears (11-4) at VIKINGS (8-6-1)

    If Carlson doesnt miss 3 kicks or we dont get throttled at home to the Bills....🙄
  5. Week 17: Bears (11-4) at VIKINGS (8-6-1)

    What are our biggest needs? No more damn corners picked high please. Offensive line - 2 new guards for sure. Wr - need a reliable #3 guy desperately. K - obvious is obvious Dt - ? Joseph is getting older, richardson on a 1 year deal. I think Priefer finally needs to get canned.
  6. MNF GDT: Minnesota at Seattle

    The only thing wrong with Creed is Scott Stapp. Mark Tremonti is a god.
  7. MNF GDT: Minnesota at Seattle

    Cousins is not the qb to have behind our awful line. We have to build our line up if we're gonna have a fumbling statue back there. 😑
  8. MNF GDT: Minnesota at Seattle

    Man we suck. Our offense has way too much talent to be so awful.
  9. Week 14: VIKINGS (6-5-1) at Seahawks (7-5)

    He wont get fired.
  10. Week 14: VIKINGS (6-5-1) at Seahawks (7-5)

    Our offense is disgusting. I really dont get always putting Murray in for short yardage? He never gets it. Cook seems so much better as a back its hard to take him out at all...
  11. Both zimmer and Spielman are above average IMO. Spielman has some draft blunders(so does everyone), but we have a lot of late-mid round success as well. Hunter, Griffen, Harris/Sendejo, Holton Hill, Weatherly, Thielen, Diggs have all played a role this year. Defense is banged up, yet still in the top 5 despite Rhodes, Griffen, Robinson, Waynes, Alexander, Sendejo, and Barr being hurt off and on this year. We really really need to focus on O-line in the off-season. 2 new guards. Possibly another tight end.
  12. SNF: Packers @ Vikings

    Hes been really mediocre. Rumors are hes hurt, and hes left a few games this year with small injuries.
  13. 4th Best WR In The League?

    As much as i wanna vote Thielen. I think its OBJ.