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  1. Texans off-season thread

    D. Cal is a typical rich kid who has never done anything but spend Daddy Warbucks money and play with his toys. He wears a porn stache and shoots cheetahs and big game as trophies, so I don't exactly trust his connection with the real world either, but by most accounts, he actually has a filter and rarely opens his stupid pie hole. Nobody could tell you what he actually does for the Texans, but he played high school football and he's worked off Kirby for 20 years and since he shares DNA with the boss has "risen" to have a COO title. There are no actual qualifications to be an owner, so I guess being in the building for two decades makes him practically an expert and at least he'll make his money the old fashioned way, (inheriting it) rather than by laundering fake Enron money or having a public utility pay for his private stadium. The best thing I can say about him is that he is not the attention whore his father is and doesn't think daddy's money entitles him to impose his inbred myopic worldview on people who just want to watch a team win football games.
  2. Texans off-season thread

    I didn't buy his revisionist story for a second as apologizing for something you didn't do in the first place is akin to a person saying they didn't mean to steal something while acting contrite and offering to pay for it. That's what a guilty person does. For him to double down not only shows continued tone deafness and public relations idiocy, but at this point I think the league would be absolutely justified in levying a hefty fine his way and firing up the lawyers to let him know that continued detrimental conduct could lead to forfeiting draft picks, suspension, and on up the line. Jer Jer in Dallas just got a $2 million lesson in publicly challenging league executives with his anti-Goddell,/Arthur Blank rantings. While using "inmates" to describe players may be an unpopular take in the court of public opinion, publicly saying league executives are treating owners like inmates is a violation of league bylaws that place the collective power of 31 other billionaires against the violator. McNair should take a hint at just how out of touch he is when he was the only one to speak up in defense of Jerry Richardson who wasn't strong enough to stand up to team and league pressure and pending investigations. I can see where his initial comments may have been made privately, but by publicly reopening this to again point the finger instead at a rift between owners and executives, he's crossing a line that requires the league to act or at the very least gives them the leverage to enforce a gag order and provide real consequences if he continues to make statements that damage both the team and the league. Hell, admitting that he viewed Duane Brown as an instigator and troublemaker and trading him because he raised a stink about an owner's racial comments opens him up to any number of potential legal issues including federal whistleblower, labor law, and civil rights violations and dovetails nicely into Kaep's collusion suit. If a coach or player complaining about referees after a single game draws a $25k fine, an owner criticizing executives breaches a far higher standard of respect for the shield. Players and coaches don't get to take back these comments or reexplain or point to the other positives they say over the course of a press conference and at this point McNair needs to be treated like a habitual offender and massive legal liability.
  3. Texans off-season thread

    Sinbad and Rob Schneider were in Necessary Roughness. John Matuszak and Dabney Coleman were in ND40. I rest my case. PS - I'll even spot you points for Kathy Ireland as the hot Kicker, but you'll never top GD Spradlin as evil pseudo Tom Landry.
  4. Texans off-season thread

    And for fun... Bob McNair reads a room so poorly, I half expect him to show up in Dallas for the draft, complain about Shaquem Griffin's handshake with the Commish, blame the July 2016 Dallas shootings on Kaepernick (who first took a knee in Sept 2016), compare Deshaun's accuracy with Lee Harvey Oswald's, call Dimebag and Stevie Ray overrated, name Vanilla Ice his favorite rapper, claim Scott Bakula's Necessary Roughness is a better football movie than Nick Nolte's North Dallas Forty, remind people JR got shot in his workplace by woman claiming sexual harassment and that Bobby Ewing would have never returned had he had to do it in a gender neutral bathroom. Of course, I'll forgive him if he reminds Cowboys fans that the lowly Texans beat the Cowboys in our first game ever and have more playoff wins than they do in the post Jimmy Johnson era.
  5. Texans off-season thread

    Been traveling, but by way of catch-up, the time has officially come for Bob McNair to cede his CEO/Chairman role to Cal McNair before permanent and irreversible damage is done. I've never been a fan of McNair's right wing politics, but can admit they were largely aligned both with the state in which he does business and amongst his fellow owners. However, the line between politics and business has been clearly breached when for the second straight season he has made indefensible tone deaf public statements at ownership meetings on topics that are literally the biggest PR nightmare subjects facing entertainment properties and have brought down plenty of powerful CEO's. The "inmate" comment was damaging enough to cause a team walk-out and at the very least helped Duane Brown leverage the perception of racial bias into a ticket out of town and placed the Texans front and center in a league-wide controversy that regardless of side has been unquestionably bad for business. While those comments were more combustible than this years defense of serial sexual harasser Jerry Richardson, I think even the most right leaning Republicans would question why a CEO would chose to defend and justify a man who had already publicly admitted that it was time for him to sell his team after at least 4 sexual harassment settlements, a damning internal investigation, and several insensitive racial comments to boot. Look, plenty of us here in Austin stood by Lance Armstrong choosing to believe the best despite mounting evidence he was merely the best cheater and manipulator and used all the good he had done for cancer victims to justify the benefit of the doubt, but when his own foundation fired him was pretty much the signal that public defense was over and unlike Richardson, he didn't get sell anything and get a $3 billion payday. In 2018, if your CEO doesn't know how to address racial and sexual harassment issues in a manner befitting a mid-level fast food manager who sat through a mandatory web-ex seminar, he is not qualified to lead, period. McNair is absolutely on track to join his buddy Richardson and Sterling, Schott, DeBartolo, McCourt, as disgraced owners who lost their teams because of words coming out of their mouths as being old and tone deaf simply isn't an excuse. Cal needs to act now, both to protect his financial interest in a billion dollar franchise and the legacy of his father as both are in significant peril.
  6. Jadeveon Clowney contract

    I've resigned myself to Clowney getting $100m+ for a while now and really don't get too hung up on the "highest paid" thing anymore as all it means is that you have the most recent 2nd contract amongst the top 20 players at a premium position. Qb is a bit unique to itself but lets not forget that "Highest paid" status in the NFL includes Jimmy Garoppolo ($137m) by overall, Cousins ($28m) by average, and Stafford ($92m) by guarantee. That group has as many Pro Bowl appearances combined as Clowney (2). Mike Evans is coming off a season where he ranked 15th in yards, 23rd in rec, and 37th in TDs and already eclipsed Hopkins as "highest paid" with his $82.5 million deal. Nate Solder is maybe in the top half of LTs but is now "highest paid" in terms of average at $15.5. Interestingly, the top end of defensive salaries doesn't seem to carry quite as much disparity between performance and pay, but I think it's a bit of anomaly due to a lull in top players hitting FA, which will change with the Mack/Clowney/Donald deals. Currently Watt still leads DEs at $100m, DT's Suh at $114, LBs Miller at $114, CBs Norman at $75, S's Berry at $78. The only recent deal mirrors the Solder deal as far as I'm concerned with mid tier starter Trumaine Johnson getting #2 overall CB money at $72.5. As for Clowney the starting point is going to be at $100million/$50 guaranteed that V. Miller and J. Houston got, but it's going to be an interesting strategic decision as his agents will almost certainly want to hold off until Mack sets the new high bar, while we'd be better served locking him up ASAP and structuring to burn off a large chunk in the first 2 years since we have the space. As we learned with Bouye, contracts aren't about the cumulative value over the past 4 years, but the present + future value and p & f value of Clowney is still top of the line. If there was a defensive redraft tomorrow, I think Clowney would be top 5 off the board with Mack, Miller, Garrett, and soon to be $100 millionaire Aaron Donald. Sure fire edge rushers are more rare than you think they are and this years draft is a good example as after Chubb, who strikes me as a mid-tier starter, you're looking at a flyer on a guy from UTSA (Davenport) or mediocre J.A.G.s like Hubbard or Key who could just as easily be 2nd rounders. Would you take last year's Solomon Thomas, Darrick Barnett, or Charles Harris over Clowney - hell, I'd take Mercilus over the past two draft classes outside of Garrett. Reality is that regardless of overall value, NFL contracts are essentially 3 year deals with fluff stuck on the back end that will either get restructured, traded, or cut. Clowney may have started out a bit dicey (in part due to the Texans irresponsible approach to injuries), but he is 25 and coming off 2 exceptional seasons and we have plenty of space with no cap issues anywhere on the horizon with our franchise QB taking up less cap over the next 4 seasons than Tyrod Taylor or Case Keenum will make THIS season to keeps seats warm for rookies. The idea of giving Bouye $68/$26 coming off one great season at least gave me some apprehension (franchising didn't), but giving Clowney $100/$50 holds almost no downside for me and is a Hopkins/Watt level "just get it done" no brainer for me at this point.
  7. Texans off-season thread

    Yep, I don't quite get the EJ Gaines delay either. Based on performance alone, he was the top overall corner in my book with coverage skills far better than Butler, T. Johnson, or Kyle Fuller (and Colvin). I'd argue Gaines was more valuable than Watkins straight up, but Gaine also got a 2nd rounder out of the Rams for a guy who just walked for a stupid 3 / $48m contract for the Chiefs. Injury history is the knock on Gaines, but the dude played at Pro Bowl level last year and is 3 years removed from his lisfranc and just had a run of the mill hammy injury and shoulder injury from a hit neither of which make him "injury prone" especially at 26. At this point, most secondary guys are going to have to settle for one year deals as is the custom for FAs that don't get locked up early, so I think we'd be nuts not to be throwing the Mathieu deal at him, and I'd think he'd be happy to sign on for a role that helped get Bouye a $68 mil deal. We should be able to easily outbid the Cardinals on a short-term deal. As for the $40 million, I suspect we are going to use a healthy chunk to lock up Clowney and burn off some of his $100 mil+ in year 1 via a roster bonus which likely will double his 2018 hit from $12 to $24 (a shade under V. Miller). We might do the same with B. Mac who is sitting at only $1.7 million. Even accounting for those two big raises, we are likely sitting with at least $20m and that's before cutting KJack and saving $6.75. I'd hold $8m-$10m in reserve for a Whitworth type older o-line vet becomes available via draft/post draft trade (Valdheer/Bulaga/Penn/Peters). Gotta keep $3-$4 million around for a backup QB too. I like that Gaine isn't making any ridiculous long-term mistakes, but swapping Gaines for KJack for minimal cap difference seems like the final piece as Colvin/KJack/KJo/Matheiu have all proven to be overmatched outside, while Gaines brings true man to man cover skill out there. Who covers Odell, Dez, P. Richardson, Landry, Cooks, Jeffery, D. Thomas, E. Sanders, Hilton, Corey Davis this year? Remember, we gave up 186 to Keelan Cole, 175 to Hilton, 171 yards to Robert Woods, 131 to Cooks, 121 to Lockett, 105 to Richardson, 106 to Marquise Goodwin. Speed receivers destroyed us! Colvin and Mathieu may have improved the skill-level, but we still don't have an answer for the speed problem that has plagued us since Joseph started slowing down and we know KJack/KJohn aren't the answer.
  8. Texans off-season thread

    I actually think Marcedes Lewis would be a halfway decent bridge signing. Obviously, we need to draft a TE and this class is soft at the top but solid in the middle, so I think we can find some value especially on the pass catching side. TEs are notoriously slow to develop, especially under BOb, so expecting much from a mid round rookie is a stretch. 33 year old Lewis is still one of the top blocking TE's around and a huge red zone target both of which were sorely lacking last year. Anderson can fill the pass catching role while the rookie develops at TE and Lewis would be a huge asset to either Davenport or a rookie RT. Ryan Griffin's marginal skillset doesn't warrant the $5.2 million left on his deal vs. 0 cap hit for cutting him, especially since he is a concussion away from retirement just like Fido, which would leave us in a lurch again. Ed Dickson would be another decent bridge as a blocking TE which is absolutely necessary if we're sticking with glorified slot receiver Anderson for even half a season. Troy Niklas would be a decent younger option as a blocker and perhaps he could be coached up to be a bigger part of the passing game.
  9. Tyrann Mathieu to Houston

    My dad says he doesn't work hard enough on defense and that he doesn't really try... except during the playoffs. Of course, people have been saying that since his days at UCLA. Good co-pilot as long as you keep him away from the seafood. Roger, Roger.
  10. Texans off-season thread

    I hate to be "that guy", but I assume you are confusing your Rick Smith secondary roster fodder. I assume you mean Kurtis Drummond, not Lonnie Ballentine. Mr. Irrelevant Ballentine played in 4 games & had 3 IR trip seasons for the Texans before Allen Robinson and he went knee to knee and Ballentine dislocated his knee tearing PCL and LCL. Came back late in 2016, but didn't look right and added groin and ankle injuries to the knee problem only lasting 2 games. Didn't even come close to making the team last year looking awful in preseason falling behind Drummond, KJ Dillon, Malik Smith and Denzel Rice and Treston Decoud somehow owning roster spots to open the season. BTW - 6' 3" safeties that run sub 4.4 is exactly what I'm talking about with upside to groom vs. a waste of space like Decoud. Ballentine had supplanted Pleasant and was pushing Hal for snaps, and was having a huge game before he blew up his knee. Tough break for a guy who worked hard to finally get his shot, but he did draw an NFL salary for 3 seasons or $464,000 per tackle.
  11. Texans off-season thread

    BTW - it's not against the rules for someone to be a core special teamer AND key contributor/starter. Adorree Jackson, Jabrill Peppers, Adam Jones, Micah Hyde, Patrick Peterson, Malcolm Jenkins on D. Remember the days of JJ Watt blocking kicks? Dion Lewis, Tyler Lockett, Jamison Crowder, Tyreek Hill, Christian McAffery, Tarik Cohen, Alvin Kamara, Darren Sproles, Julian Edelman, Jarvis Landry, Ted Ginn, Antonio Brown all say hi. Rick Smith/Kubiak seemed to think once players rose to become starters, they were too valuable for STs (O'Brien sent a nice message early on by kicking Swearinger to the curb for refusing to play STs, but we seem to have reverted to the culture of players "graduating" from STs after 1 or 2 years). Quinton Demps averaged 30+ yards per kickoff return for KC returning 33 and was effective on 52 returns as a rookie for Philly, yet returned 7 kicks in 5 seasons for us despite averaging 33.8 yds. Daniel Manning was one of the top kickoff returners in the NFL for Chicago including cracking 1,000 kickoff return yards in 08 yet only returned 15 kickoffs for us in 3 years despite averaging 29.7 yards (of course, we let him return to returning after he lost his wheels and starting gig in 2014). Now I'm on record thinking sticking Will Fuller returning punts is a bad idea but that's because of his scrawny build and that when he get's hit he breaks bones. Yes, JJ Watt doesn't need to be exposing his back leaping for kicks. But if 25 year old Mathieu isn't a core special teamer, we're idiots. Stick Kevin Johnson out there to actually earn a paycheck and learn to tackle without getting dragged 6 yards. Jordan Todman taking up a roster spot while not even returning kicks and Treston Decoud not even active while we struggled to even have enough WRs, TEs, CBs, to execute the playbook and chasing street FA QBs instead of keeping Brandon Weedon is one of the most absurd roster decisions I've ever seen.
  12. Texans off-season thread

    Johnson Bandemosi. First off, fulfills naming Texans secondary naming convention (John', Joe's, Jack's). This is going to end up being a significant under the radar signing. First off, it finally gets us a gunner that's worthy of the title. One of the most maddening traits of the Rick Smith era was his habit of stocking the bottom of the roster with players too slow or unathletic to play their position which not only makes for a slow unathletic special teams unit, but sets you up for disaster when either due to injuries or game situation, these guys actually have to take defensive snaps or even start (Pleasant, Keo, Nolan, Barber). What I like about Bandemosi is that in addition to proven special teams desire and skill, he has situational usefulness as he runs a 4.39 40 and is one of our few 6 footers so he can contribute in quarters/prevent and red zone if required. I have no problem with a developmental spot or two in the secondary, but it needs to follow the AJ Bouye, Andre Hal model of guys with an NFL set of tools worth developing that can contribute on special teams in the meantime OR guys that have demonstrated or upside special teams ability like Bandemosi. We seem to be perpetually stuck in limbo with the Eddie Pleasant/Kurtis Drummond of the world that aren't ever going to develop into decent secondary components, but also haven't done much more than just take up space on special teams rather than excel. Corey Moore's runs like molasses in the secondary, so why would you have him out there running down returners who are usually the fastest players on the team? Charles James might have had heart, but if your depth is so poor that you have a 5 9" CB with 4.6 speed lining up against Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson, it's the GM's fault, not his when he literally falls on his face. Day 3 is where you take upside players that might not be ready to step into a lineup, but bring some tools that can be used in the meantime, yet Rick Smith regularly threw away the picks on players who had neither upside nor utility like Treston Decoud, Kenny Hilliard, Keith Mumphrey.
  13. Tyrann Mathieu to Houston

    So I spent a good deal of time on another thread justifying why Earl Thomas is a far better player and a much better fit for the Texans. I still wholeheartedly believe this as Thomas is a hall of famer with several elite level season's left in him, but never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that we could get Mathieu on a 1 year $7 million prove it deal. I am hoping we tap the brakes on Mathieu's abilities as I absolutely fall into the "overrated" camp as he's 2 years removed from his one great season, plays the same spot Kareem/Colvin and Kevin Johnson play, and last year was the first time he actually stayed healthy a full season while being pretty average in taking a backseat to Budda Baker. However, the talent gap between him and Gilchrist represents as big of a free agent upgrade the Texans have had at any position since Pollard to D. Manning (J.Joseph will forever be the greatest overall talent improvement in my book as he essentially improved 3 positions in allowing us to move Quin to SS (E. Wilson out), helped Kareem become a serviceable #2 a few seasons, and took us from one of the worst coverage units to one of the best in a single season as a true elite #1. The true spectacular part is in the deal. There are just so many ridiculous comps it's hard to know where to start, but let's start with him being paid less next year than Kareem ($2 million less!) and Jeff Allen both of whom have been amongst worst starters at their positions in the league multiple seasons. Around the league, we're talking about a 25 year old getting the same deal the Bucs just paid for 34 year old Brent Grimes. The Jags paid the same to bring in Donte Moncrief who put up Bruce Ellington level production 3 of his 4 seasons. The Cardinals crack smoking front office will be paying Jermaine Gresham (a 30 year old TE that has never topped 400 years or 2 td for them) more next year. Eric Weddle is one of my favorite safeties ever, but the 33 year old version will be playing for $8.2 million next year. Sure, TM will be in a position to get right back to his top shelf 5 year / $62 million deal the Cards tore up if he plays back to 2015 level, but not only do we get the first crack at renewing him, but we likely score a 3rd round comp pick if we don't. The part that will be difficult to quantify is the credibility boost the Texans get due to the respect Mathieu holds with his peers as an incredibly popular player at a time where the Texans absolutely need a boost with the Duane Brown, Kaep, Reid (Jereme Solomon) narrative. I'll address his fit in the secondary in a separate post as I think we absolutely have to adjust to the fact that we lack size, man to man coverage skill outside of a slowing Joseph, and deep speed, but I trust Crennel's ability to scheme us into success way more than Vrabel who made a bad situation worse with his inability to gameplan or adjust to minimize obvious mismatches other than sitting in soft cover 4 for slow but certain death. I also hope we're not done as I'd love to see EJ Gaines round this out as a potential #1 as we're still sitting around with $40 mil in cap space and cutting Kareem would add $6.75m more.
  14. Texans off-season thread

    Unbelievable. Another zone exclusive inside slot corner who can't play man to man. Only way this is acceptable is if this means Kareem Jackson is getting moved AND we're using the money to bring in a #1 CB and SS (in which case I actually like the move). Also means the McNair PED hypocrisy continues as he was suspended 4 games in 2016, but at least he owned it instead of claiming he was pregnant or ate a dozen tainted steaks on a mexican vacation.
  15. Texans off-season thread

    Watson currently eats up 2.5% of our cap. Past 3 major QB deals have taken up 25% of teams capspace (Cousins, Garrappolo) and 17% (Stafford). The Vikings QB room from last year is going to top $50 million this year (Bradford $20, Keenum $18, Bridgewater getting less but longer). Packers, Seahawks, Ravens, Panthers, all won Super Bowls with QBs on rookie deals and have fallen (or are currently falling) apart once the $100 million deals kicked in (while the Colts blew up before ever making it once Luck got paid and not a good start for the Raiders with Carr's $125m). As a reminder we already have a $100 million deal on our books for a guy who has barely played the past 2 seasons and will shell out close to that for Clowney and $14-$15 million annually for Hopkins. We have a 2-3 year window to make this happen, yet early signs have us again going the route of overpaying a KC backup to play out of position at a starter salary for us (is it groundhog day?). Meanwhile, a year after stealing our CB that should have never been exposed to FA, that Jags just nabbed the franchise Left Guard to pair with Fournette. If we have any hope of keeping Watson upright to get to that $100 million deal, we need a running game (left guard) to minimize the hits he's going to take and not count on him bailing us out on 3rd and long with a Bucknell project protecting his blind side. Peters, Sherman, Talib, V. Davis, have already moved at CB, and a left side of Cordy Glenn and Weston Richburg would have had us half done. We are already sitting out the first day and a half of the draft, it sure would be nice if our Pro Personnel Expert FA didn't sit out the first days of FA as well. Get moving dude. We are what our record says we are and with the Browns seemingly killing it, that makes us the worst team in the AFC.