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  1. Round 1 Pick 23: OT Tytus Howard

    You guys just don't understand the genius of Bill O'Brien. Can you imagine the short yardage opportunities for our new 325 lb 4th string QB? Let's see Sean McVay draw up a fumblerooskie pass double pass from our LT/TE/QB to our other QB/WR/Gunner then down field to Nuk or Fuller. Suck it Nashville - seeing all the replays of Wycheck throwing the Music City Miracle this week, we cultivated our next level roided up QB/TE plan. Heck, never forget the Houston Oilers drafted the Titans best player from fellow SWAC School Alcorn State (Steve McNair RIP). We were going to draft Jamaar Taylor, but seeing Taylor Swift shamelessly hocking her latest Big Machine concoction that hides her voice and her belly button, we choose to pass on a guy who could fit Taylors head in his belly button, but wouldn't be able to carry her two feet with his bad knees and back.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Let's just all take a breath and remember we have a guy on the roster who was as blue chip as blue chip gets in 2012 #4 overall pick Matt Khalil from Left Tackle U at USC (fu Boselli). I remind everyone about him, not because he's the answer but as a reminder that even the slam dunk LT's have a high fail rate and this year had NO slam dunks. We took a small school fat kid named Brandon Brooks in the 3rd that year and arguably, he ended up as the 2nd o lineman in that draft (Decastro probably the best). The next year Joeckel went #2 overall and he's already bounced from LT to LG to out of the league. 2014 - Greg Robinson went from can't miss #2 overall to Browns backup. 2015 Flowers #9 overall to cut in 2018. Oh yes, and Khalil may have not worked out in Carolina, but there is a big difference between being overpaid and not being able to play anymore. As a stopgap we could do much worse than a 29 year-old former Pro Bowl LT. I don't think many Rams fans were doing any backflips when they signed a 35 year old Whitworth. I'd rather pair an experienced LT with a bum knee with a healthy high ceiling guy like Howard than be the team that ignores the medical red flags on Taylor (Nix III/B. Williams, etc). Unlike Davenport, Howard profiles as an RT that can transition. Yes, missing Dillard hurts, but I remember crying in my beer when Vandy's Chris Williams went to the Bears and we ended up with some glorified Kubiak TE who is a top 5 player in franchise history in DB76. Khalil Mack turned out pretty good as a small school Edge and Marcus Davenport looks the part, so who is to say that Howard can't make the leap on the other side. He wasn't small school because he was a character problem, but because he was still growing. If he was 6' 5" 322 and not 6' 2" 235 as a recruit he might have a different Alabama on his resume and I promise you, he's got a better shot at being an NFL LT than Jonah Williams who is my Connor Williams bust call this year. Steelers have an undrafted All Pro LT who had high character out of Army and learned to like to eat (Villanueva). Terron Armstead became a Pro Bowl LT out of Arkansas-Pine Bluff. Not saying I'm in love with it, but if we end up getting Chris Harris or Pat Peterson with some combo of picks tomorrow grabbing Howard while we could could end up being sneaky smart.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I should probably just revisit my 2008 comments when I was convinced Duane Brown would have been sitting around for us in the 3rd and that Ricky got schooled when we traded down. Jeff Otah and Sam Baker were the bigger names at T, Talib and Mike Jenkins at CB, and Kenny Phillips at S. Of course, the whole world thought we were insane for not grabbing Rashard Mendenhall at RB (or CJ2k or Felix Jones hahaha pig suuey Jerry). Was my first and worst take, so I'm going to let this one develop a bit. I was half expecting an edge rusher, but I maintain trading Clowney would end any hopes of getting a Super Bowl in the Watson rookie deal window. We got leverage out the ying yang with all the cheap edges filling needs and the Chiefs valuing Clark higher. However, it's really not hard to feel like we again let telegraphing our pick burn us as Dillard falling seemed too good to be true and there is no excuse not to burn a 4th rounder to move up once he got past the Vikings. The value gap between Dillard and Tytus seems massive (but personally Dillard scared me as I saw plenty of my Baylor OL's star in our spread only to flop at the next level). Still, top 10 value vs. a project guy we could have likely gotten with either of our 2nds (say, the one we got for Duane Brown?) seems like we at least burned getting a bonus 4th rounder. Taylor falling makes it even harder optically, but clearly we aren't the only one's spooked by the knees. Experts likely had Ford ahead of Howard, but he is redundant with Rankin for me as a future guard (see also Jonah Williams) and Little doesn't fit our character model as he's a lazy underachiever. The Falcons moving back in to grab McGary at the bottom of the 1st makes me feel a bit better as I like Howard more than him and it's possible they were in on Howard (remember all the scuttlebutt saying the Chargers were in on DB). The scariest part for me is counting on Devlin to develop a small school guy, but if he can't get it done with the very coachable Howard, he's a goner. Boy, we Texans love that Senior Bowl don't we... Aside from the value equation, Howard was the best fit with Dillard gone and it's not like the value would have been much better at CB (Greedy was never going to be a Texan and I HATE slow corners in the 1st (Baker, Murphy). I was leaning Savage or Abram at this pick, but even as critical as I think 3rd safety is in our defense, it's pretty hard to justify when we don't have starting quality tackles. It certainly will not be a popular pick for the people that just want to hear SEC names called, but the pick simply HAD to be a tackle and this guy seems like a good fit once he gets some "mexican meat"/Cushing strength program going.
  4. Texans 2019 Depth Charts

    Defense LDE JJ Watt Carlos Watkins Joel Heath RDE Jadeveon Clowney Angelo Blackson NT DJ Reader Brandon Dunn SAM Whitney Mercilus Davin Bellamy MIKE Benardrick McKinney Tyrell Adams WILL Zach Cunningham Dylan Cole Peter Kalambayi JACK Brennan Scarlett Duke Ejiofor Chris Landrum CB Johnathan Joseph Bradley Roby Aaron Colvin Briean Boddy Calhoun Johnathan Bademosi Jermaine Kelly Deante Burton FS Tashaun Gibson AJ Moore AJ Hendy SS Justin Reid Mike Tyson P Trevor Daniel
  5. Texans 2019 Depth Charts

    Offense QB Deshaun Watson A.J. McCarron Joe Webb III RB Lamar Miller D'Onta Foreman Buddy Howell Josh Ferguson WR DeAndre Hopkins Will Fuller Keke Coutee DeAndre Carter Vyncint Smith Jester Weah Steven Mitchell Isaac Whitney TE Ryan Griffin Jordan Thomas Jordan Akins Darren Fells Jarell Adams LT Julie'n Davenport Matt Khalil Roderick Johnson LG Senio Kelemete Martinas Rankin C Nick Martin Marquise Shakir RG Zach Fulton Greg Mancz RT Seantrel Henderson Rick Leonard David Stienmetz LS Jon Weeks K Ka’iminoeauloameka’ikeokekumupa’a Fairbairn
  6. 2019 FA TALK!!!

    In terms of sure fire talent, this free agent class is awful. I'd lock up Clowney, Honey Badger, and Covington, but I can live with letting Kareem walk as he's 31 and last season was an extreme outlier. I'm all for shopping at the top of the list with guys like Trent Brown, Ja'Waun James, Daryl Williams who we should be able to outbid nearly anyone for as tackle simply HAS to be the priority, but I think for other positions this is also a class where we can afford to take some risks further down the list. A guy I think we really need to explore is C Mitch Morse who brings dimensions Nick Martin never will even if he figures things out. The offense needs a screen game to punish teams for the all out pass rush which requires a smart and mobile center like Morse. Unlike Martin who still doesn't have the mental side down either, Morse can make line adjustments out of the huddle that Watson still isn't great at identifying. I don't understand why Fulton is on the right side at all as he's a horrific run blocker and I'd much rather see him at LG until Rankin is ready. Martin's long-term home is at RG in my mind. Jared Veldheer could be a solid and affordable addition at RT and great mentor for a rookie RT which to me has to be amongst our first two draft picks. I want to see us layer in a high floor-low ceiling guy to balance all the lottery tickets like Henderson, Rankin, and Davenport. I know we're all high on Coutee, but I'm not willing to have another season where the slot becomes an afterthought. Jamison Crowder has been one of my favorite receivers for years as the dude simply does everything well, can't be covered by most slot corners, and absolutely fits the profile of a smart-high character player. Could probably be had at a discount since he's coming off a down year and while he's not a #1, he slots in right in the middle of Fuller's speed and Hopkins hands, so he's great injury insurance as well. Deandre Carter was a pretty exciting returner, but Crowder gives us some other options if Carter get's a bit too free and loose with the football. I'd love to see us bring in CB Jason Varrett on a one-year prove it deal as if he can still healthy, he's got even more upside than Honey Badger did. No, we shouldn't base our strategy on him being or staying healthy, but if he does, we finally have a successor to Joseph in the building. Darqueze Dennard would be an upgrade on Colvin in the slot. Dude is as fundamentally sound as they come and equally comfortable in man or zone. I would love to see Gaine be able to admit FA or draft mistakes early instead of hoping they come around as we've done with Kevin Johnson and XSF. Aaron Colvin - I'm talking about you. At TE, I'd finally ditch the Ryan Griffin era and build around Akins and Thomas as the receiving threats and bring in one of the top notch blocking TE's that is available including Jesse James, Nick Boyle, James O'Shaunessy, Luke Stocker. However, if I were a betting man, I'd bet the farm on one of the Iowa guys (Hockenson or Fant) getting picked with our 2nd and we'll likely move up to get one of them. The Ferentz man-crush is strong with BOb but if it's Hockenson we're going to have to move ahead of the Pats as he'd be a perfect successor to or insurance for Gronk.
  7. ESPN speculates Le'Veon Bell to Texans

    Fun fact - 11 of the top 12 qualified ypc leaders were on rookie contracts. The one guy on a 2nd contract is Melvin Gordon, playing on a 4 year/$10 million deal. 1/7th - 1/8th of what Bell wants. You'll never get over the hump of mediocrity trying to moneyball the game exclusively with rookie deals (7 picks a year x 4 year rookie deals = 28 players or 1/2 a roster), but rookie deals on RBs lets you pay the real difference makers like Watt. Aaron Jones - 5.5 Kerryon Johnson - 5.4 Philip Lindsey - 5.3 - undrafted Matt Brieda - 5.3 - undrafted Gus Edwards - 5.2 - undrafted Austin Ekeler - 5.2 - undrafted Nick Chubb - 5.2 Melvin Gordon - 5.1 Christian McAffery - 5.0 Saquan Barkley - 5.0 Joe Mixon - 4.9 Derrick Henry - 4.9 Not too much further down the list are Chris Carson, Isiah Crowell, Tevin Coleman, and Marlon Mack Oh yes - and Lamar Miller avgd 4.6 ypc - Lev's career avg is 4.3ypc. And CJ Anderson got picked up off the scrap heap and avgd 6.0 ypc
  8. ESPN speculates Le'Veon Bell to Texans

    Hard pass. Gaine rebuilt the roster with high character hard workers. Bell sacrificed a narrowing window for a Super Bowl ring because he felt "unappreciated" with a contract that was going to pay him $45 million in the first 3 years. Talented, special player for sure, but also a dope smoking wannabe rapper who seems to prefer that lifestyle over a professional locker room. O'Brien ain't Tomlin and frankly, I'd give it 4 games before Bell hops on twitter and starts undermining his team and teammates. This ain't baseball - you don't get paid for what you did the last 6 years (really he's only had 2 great ones and 1 good one) - he's a 27 year old RB - who wants $17 million per season until he's 32 when his replacement played BETTER than him for $578k - 1/30th of what Bell makes. People keep ignoring that Bell barely hit 4.0 ypc behind that line with those weapons in 2017 (Conner was 4.5ypc behind that line with more 100 yard games in a ROW than Bell had all season) - it's hard to imagine a year of living the high life will be a motivator since he routinely shows up out of shape. I don't care how much cap space we have - signing any RB for $17m is foolhardy, especially one that has all the signs of being a paycheck player looking for "mogul money" so he can relax. My bet is that Bell actually has a stellar 2019 for someone like the Jets which all the pundits use to show how dumb the Steelers were - then Bell shows up 2020 unmotivated and out of shape and throw in another suspension or two and the next 4 years the Jets are saddled with $60 million regrets to go with the $15 good ones - proving making Bell "earn it" protected both him and the Steelers.
  9. Best AAF Team - Apollo's or Stallions?

    Oh yes, AAF. Watching the Rockets, so not watching tonight, but might be some interesting things come out of it. I suspect there will be a few Kurt Warner or Fred Jackson "graduates" to the NFL and maybe a rule change or two. I at least get pro football close to Austin with the SA Commanders and they have a few interesting players like Cyril Richardson (Baylor), Orion Stewart (Baylor). Trey Williams (A&M), Greg Ward Jr (UH). Remember when we thought Jaryd Jones-Smith might emerge as the next Derek Newton for the Texans? Ex Texans Kennan Gilchrist and Nick "please God don't let him make the Texans" Rose are Commanders. Their QB is Logan Woodside (Toledo) who I was hoping the Texans would bring is as a UDFA before the Bengals drafted him late. They really missed an opportunity not hiring one of my favorite Oilers "Commander Cody" Carlson, but otherwise I don't see me buying much "Commander" Merch. For the record, the Memphis Express is a brilliant name (home of FedEx)!
  10. Best AAF Team - Apollo's or Stallions?

    Okay, blatant self promotion there, but gotta love 2 of the 8 AAF teams jacking my moniker. For those not in the know, Apollo's and Stallions were the two runner up names to the Texans which is a name that I still hate although admittedly it sounds normal 18 years later. FYI - Dallas Texans remain the worst team in NFL history, going 1-11 in their only season before folding (yes, an NFL team playing in Texas managed to go broke). The next Dallas Texans started in the AFL and eventually became the Kansas City Chiefs after the NFL expanded to Texas with that "other" Dallas team. Then there was a Dallas Texans in the Arena League with a logo that looked like it was an elementary school project. I guess 4th time is the charm, but still hate that the Texans name has a heritage in Dallas and a poor one at that. From a marketing perspective the name was inherently limiting nationally as it basically threw away an opportunity to draw in audiences in "unclaimed" markets like LA, Vegas, Sacramento, Riverside, Ok City & Tulsa, Louisville, and it's not like the Cardinals own Arizona & New Mexico & Memphis who were salty about the Titans going to Nashville. Even now, "orphans" like St. Louis and San Diego could be "Apollos" or "Stallions" fans, but are no more going to show "Texan pride" as we will Louisiana or Oklahoma.
  11. Sean Ryan to the Lions

    We hired former Seahawks Associate Head Coach & QB coach, Carl Smith, as QB coach. He was a huge part of helping Russell Wilson become what he is. I think he brings much needed experience to balance the youth movement with our other offensive coaches (28 years as an NFL assistant). He's an older dude, 71, and his son Tracy is a special teams asst. with us. Was basically forced out of Seattle because Brian Shottenheimer wanted his guys. Wilson loves him and fought for him to stay last year. We also officially promoted Tim Kelly to OC and Will Lawling to TEs coach, TJ Yates as offensive assistant, John Ayward as offensive assistant, Akeem Dent as defensive asst, and Brian Cushing as Asst Strength and Conditioning coach along with Joe Distor and Jason George. Clay Hampton is brought over from Jets as Dir of Football Operations, which sounds like a big deal, but is more of a traveling secretary/stadium management type thing. Maddening that Devlin is still around with nobody else with o-line experience brought in, but O'Brien is loyal to a fault. https://www.chron.com/sports/texans/article/Texans-name-Tim-Kelly-OC-hire-Carl-Smith-QBs-coach-13591087.php
  12. Wife of ex-GM Rick Smith passes away

    That's rough. I know I've said some pretty brutal stuff over the years about Rick, but it's all just armchair GM stuff when this crosses over from sport to real life. I'm the same age as Rick and his wife and they got married a year after I did and have similar aged kids. My father is a cancer survivor and I know what it put us thru better yet him, so I can't imagine losing a parent so young or losing the mother of my children. I hope in time they find comfort and they will always be a part of the Texans extended family.
  13. Sean Ryan to the Lions

    Side note - Every time I want O'Brien fired, I try to envision who the uber conservative Texans would hire and Jeff Fisher screams Cal McNair hire. NFL establishment guy, Houston coaching history, national anthem defender, bible banger, country music fan, defensive coach following 2 straight offensive, 10 seasons at 7-9 or 8-8, mustache aficionado. Tell me I'm wrong... Yay BOb! PS - Yo Cal, you don't need to bring a single mustachioed rival like Fisher anywhere near your smokin hot wife! (Fish was reportedly banging Bud Adams daughter back in the day for those who believe the rumor mill about his oddly timed firing from the Titans)
  14. Sean Ryan to the Lions

    Promoting Kelly to OC doesn't necessarily mean O'Brien gives up playcalling. Kubiak had Rick Dennison with the OC title but he still called plays with Dennison as more of a "trusted advisor." O'Brien clearly sees himself as a Sean Payton, Doug Peterson, Andy Reid, Sean McVay level HC who's team needs his "genius" in the QBs ear and not the Dirk Koetter, Hue Jackson playcaller that he is on his bad days (aka vs. teams with winning records) and Jay Gruden, Adam Gase level HC playcaller on his best (vs. cupcakes). My bet is that we get some token announcement saying Kelly is calling plays before a few bad losses where he fails to run up the middle enough on 1st down and O'Brien takes back over like he did with similarly underqualified TE's coach to OC George Godsey. This guy is every bit as insecure as Kubiak was in not wanting anyone on his staff that presented a threat to take his job (which was handed to Wade Phillips who was finally forced on him when the parade of yes men cronies imploded 5 seasons in a row - Frank Bush says hi from his couch until somebody brings Jeff Fisher back). FWIW - I've tagged TJ Yates as a Kubiak clone since the day we drafted him. Smart dude who knew what to do, but his noodle arm didn't let him do it (except vs. the Bengals). Dude should do a pretty good Sean Ryan impersonation with his ability to pick up Ivy League's offense on the fly, twice. Speaking of the Ivy, I'd love to see us bring in Ryan Fitzpatrick as OC in waiting when he hangs up his cleats and a great first step would be to swap Weeden out for him this season as a refresher. Would also like to see us take a late round flyer on a backup QB or a priority UDFA project.
  15. Brian Cushing back on the Texans...

    Utter embarrassment. I hear lots of good things about the guy as a person and he seems to have some defensive knowledge and fire to share in a special assistant/LBs role, but to attach "strength and conditioning" to a guy who has been a known steroid abuser since high school is like hiring Ray Rice to coach Kareem Hunt or Snoop Dogg to coach Josh Gordon. Cushing achieved his NFL body by shortcuts and cheating and beyond the ethical concerns, his manner of bulk over flexibility (roids are antithetical to tendons and ligaments) is a step back into the Jersey Jughead mode where blowing out pecs, biceps, and triceps and trashing knees impressing bros by squatting stacks takes players off the field for seasons at a time with non contact injuries which notably didn't happen when Luke Richesson was brought in last offseasons and embraced being "healthy" (aka nutrition, stretching, clean living, etc). If we owe anyone a token "be around football" job it's Fido who got thoroughly screwed by this org, not Cushing who got a steroid aided $52 mill contract he never came close to playing up to including his final season where he burned 10 games of his $10 million salary again unavailable to help this team because he couldn't prepare for a season without seeing his pharmaceutical rep in the parking lot behind the Bergen County Gold's Gym. Cal is his daddy's son tho - Cush "supports the troops," so it's all good.