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  1. Texans off-season thread

    Texans signed WR/KR Quan Bray whom the Bills cut when they stole Corey Coleman from the Browns. Return game continues to show nothing with Ervin and Braxton, so might as well give this guy a shot although he seems pretty redundant once KKQT gets back. I DO NOT want to see Fuller back there this season unless it's a critical return to try and pull a game out. Sure wish we'd bring in some more CB/S to get a shot as the back end remains quite suspect. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/10807/quan-bray
  2. Training Camp

    Some post pre-season game thoughts: 1) We are stacked at LB. Clowney, McKinney, Mercilus didn't play and we still dominated a team that thrives on the run and short pass game. Honestly, I think we may come to regret the McKinney deal in a few years as Cunningham already seems better than him, I'm not sure Cole is far behind, and Gilchrist not far behind him. To be clear, I like McKinney and we've got cap to burn, just strictly from a moneyball perspective, his skillset seems to be one we are able to reproduce easily and cheaply. Ejiofor looks like a steal and I'm actually thinking holding off on the Clowney deal may make sense. Kalambayi didn't show much this week, but he looks legit as well. That's your eight. That leaves Scarlett, Peters, Keyes, Lewis, Kamalu, and Bellamy fighting it out which is going to make for some tough cuts. Personally, I'm ready to be done with Peters who is useless as an on field LB and I'm not quite sure how he maintains such a solid rep as a special teams maven with the craptastic performance of our coverage teams all 3 years he has captained. Scarlett seems to be considered a lock by most, but I think it's just because he's gotten injury PT the past two years. 2) The secondary still sucks. Virgin flashes legit skills and may be tolerable as a #6, but he is really mistake prone. Josh Thornton strikes me as the best of the developmental guys with speed we desperately need and ball skills more advanced than Kareem has learned in 8 seasons. Colvin and Johnson were out there, but I didn't notice them (which is usually a good thing). First impression of Bandemosi is that my wishful thinking about him being more than just a special teamer was mostly wishful thinking. Andre Chachere got a long look and looked worse with every look and really needs to be cut loose when Kelly gets on the field (my expectations are as low with him). I'm always looking for something to rip on Corey Moore for, but he didn't provide any material this week. Decoud did and it's time to stop wasting time on a dumb wasted Rick Smith pick that combines terrible tangibles with terrible intangibles. Justin Reid seemed to get most of his reps in the slot with Campbell and Drummond playing SS without distinction and any illusions of him stepping in and taking over from day one were unrealistic. I sure wish we would bring in Bashaud Breeland for a look as we are one injury away from another disaster back there. I still think Eric Reid would be the 2nd best safety on this team, but might also be the 3rd best corner. yay politics. 3) WR/RB - Seems like we have flipped this from last offseason. We went into last year with only 4 WRs and it quickly burned us especially when combined with the injuries at TE. Coates isn't perfect, but I like what he brings to the table way more than Braxton Miller who I'd look to move to Cleveland as soon as their denial with Gordon and Callaway is over (tossing Corey Coleman away for a 7th rounder shows they are as incompetent as ever up there, so let's toss Hue another ill fitting part). If we don't, I predict he's hurt again by week 2 and I'd rather sell early than wait for the inevitable realization that like Strong and Posey, holding a roster spot for the light to come on for a #5 WR who isn't even useful on ST's is a waste. I'd keep Anderson as a #6WR/#4TE and ditch Prosch, but I know it will never happen. Now at RB, we seem to be perilously thin until Foreman can prove he's ready. Pope should easily be ahead of Ervin at this point as #3 RB, but we absolutely need to bring in someone to give Blue competition for his ridiculously undeserved role as primary backup and this mythical "ice away victories" role which in practice works like the prevent defense as in "prevents us from winning." I'm not sure why we didn't see Swanson this week, but I'm hoping he starts this week (seen enough of Lamar to put him in bubble wrap the rest of PS). Not really fair to judge this Lavon Coleman guy on 2 awful snaps, but we need another body in here to suck up carries and hopefully show something Blue simply doesn't have. 4) Joe Webb needs to be on this roster. We aren't replacing Watson if he goes down again, but with Weedon's arm and Webb's legs we could still be competitive. Would love to see him get some WR reps this week.
  3. Preseason Game#1 Thread: Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs

    My #1 takeaway from this game, however, is that I don't know how Chiefs fans are going to survive the torrent of Kermit The Frog memes that are going to start flooding in as soon as Patrick Mahomes starts doing national press as their starting QB. I do not predict a "Rainbow Connection" from what I saw tonight where Chase Litton (one of my UDFA favs) was their most competent QB. I wish I could get the interview with him from tonight's game as I was in the other room and literally thought they were doing a bit for some new Muppet movie until I came around the corner and saw it was Mahomes. Sure, we had bigger problems to worry about the past few years at Baylor, but how did I miss the opportunity to harass my Tech friends about this guy?
  4. Preseason Game#1 Thread: Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs

    2nd half The Good Keenan Gillchrist - 5 more plays than Marcus made last year, dude was everywhere - THAT's how you earn a job Josh Keyes - he killed a dude Joe Webb - #5 looking like #4 - pleeez carry 3 QBs and no FB! Troymaine Pope - going to earn the Jonathan Grimes memorial preseason rb spot Romeo - so great to see the Denny's menu lanyard back vs. unwarranted pretty boy hype Oline - well if nobody blitzes this season, we are set Josh Thornton - maybe he can give Kareem some pointers on how to break up a pass without interfering - game saving breakup! Darius Kilgo - back to back stuffs at the 2 with the game on the line (some others in the pile I couldn't see) Goalline stand to win game after screwing up our own short yardage situations - still might wanna work on the o, Bob No real injuries that I saw! The Bad Andre Chachere - at least we didn't burn a 7th rounder on you like Lewis, no way San Jose Chester Weah - looked great right up to the part where you let the TD go off your fingers Stephen Anderson - roster spots are lost with horrible td drops like that Kendall Lamm - I like blocking TEs, just not ones we still think are LTs Jay Prosch - another 4th and 1 where he brings absolutely nothing - such a wasted roster spot Watson - ditch the gatorade towel headband look Josh Keyes - ok, the hit was nice - almost everything else was as goofy looking as your Merton Hanks neck Dee Virgin - every good play followed by a bad one No Shows Terry Swanson Jordan Thomas Stephen Morris
  5. Preseason Game#1 Thread: Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs

    1st half The good Watson - 1 solid series, then bubble wrap, beautiful Akins - 2 tds in 1 half, All Texans TEs in 16 games 2017: 2 O-Line - sack free half vs. vanilla Ejiofor - pretty good Clowney impersonation Weeden - efficient Lamar Miller - looks like the speed is back Troymaine Pope - mark it down , dude is making this roster Dylan Cole Kick Coverage - gee, Seely actually knows what he's doing Dee Virgin - got beat for TD, but also made some plays and great kick coverage Blackson - that is a mountain of a dude - I'm over-Dunn Sammy Coates - dude can get open, catching still TBD The bad Blue - vintage blue - 8 runs into lineman butts, 2 dropped passes Decoud - please cut this fool, just an awful football player Tyler Ervin - the alfred blue of returners, the job is to make people miss, not run to the pile Braxton Miller - got another owie - dude still plays like he's wearing a red "don't hit the QB" shirt Scarlett - nothing awful, but soft arm tackling aint going to fight off hungry guys gunning for your spot Justin Reid - nothing awful, just a bit soft in coverage Chachere - cha cha whiff O'Brien - punt on 4th and 1 inside the 50? - ya think short yardage might need the work more than our 42 year old punter? ABC Graphics guy - Brian Griffin is a dog, not our TE, Sentral Henderson? Senil Kelemente? Preseason caliber proofreading New kickoff rule - way to make the 1 play between 8 minutes of commercials even more pointless
  6. Training Camp

    I'm starting to come around on the thought that Stephen Anderson could be the odd man out. It is just too much of a liability to have a TE smaller than your punter and #3 QB who can't even pretend to block on passing downs and has no business out there when running. I don't even care if ever throw to our TE's outside of the red zone as long as we have a TE who can help actually help block on a few outside the tackle runs this season. Heck, I'm hearing Matt Lengel is the best in-line blocker of the lot, so maybe he pushes the nothingness that is Ryan Griffin off the roster. Incorporating the slot receiver full-time with Coutee & Ellington will open up the running game as well and unlike ****weiler, and Savage Watson doesn't need the dumpoff crutch. Now, I can still think of far more opportunities to use Anderson over the course of the season than any fullback, but especially one like Prosch who has participated in maybe 5 meaningful plays in 4 seasons and simply is not very good at the only thing a FB needs to be good at - run blocking. Hell, stick 6' 4" 230 Joe Webb III back there as Lechler's personal protector and one 4th down conversion will be more impactful than the entirety of Prosch's contributions as I bet we'll be better at 4th and 8 than we have been at 4th and 1 with Prosch bringing nothing to short yardage.
  7. Texans off-season thread

    I reject any logic in waiting a year on the Clowney deal as it would waste the opportunity to front load and burn off as much as possible since we aren't using the cap space this year, but might bring in a high end OT or CB next year. Barring a catastrophic injury, there is almost no scenario where Clowney's market value is going to go down as edge rushers remain a far rarer commodity than people think (in a redraft, name me 4 edge rushers you take over him) and Clowney's trendline is still pointing up as we still haven't really seen him and JJ play together healthy. Planning on franchising him in 2019 makes zero sense as you want to lock up your 26 year old stars and spread bonus over 5-6 seasons through their prime, not strong arm them for a season and practically ensure they hit the market at peak value. You also want to keep Clowney and Mercilus' deals staggered as he's due in 2019. If we learned anything from the Duane Brown situation it's that leverage can be abused to the point where it breaks and we do not want to go further adding to a narrative about the team taking care of guys like Cushing and Watt and standing by them thru injury while using a minor scope as an excuse to make Clowney "prove" something he already has the past 2 seasons. DB rushed back early from injury to play in 2016 and just a season later we weren't willing to give him the security of guaranteeing some of his 2018 salary (we could sign 3 Duane Browns right now and still have cap to burn). Remember, it was our stupid old school coach using the media to pressure Clowney into coming back before he was ready that at least contributed to the need for microfracture surgery to begin with, so if anyone is justified resisting touching a football field until he has long-term security, it's Clowney. If I'm an agent, I bring footage of a concussed Hoyer still being sent out there in a blowout or Savage playing seconds after evidence of a traumatic brain injury to show exactly why you should never trust this staff to look out for your long-term interests. Hell, Fido had just signed a contract and we still managed to destroy his career by playing him too soon after a concussion, then screwed him by using his 3rd concussion as a pre-existing condition to void a huge chunk of his salary.
  8. Texans off-season thread

    I lend almost no credence to any of these "will he/won't he" sign "stories." Half the stories are blind speculation and the other half are just "plants" by agents/teams to create urgency and stir pressure. I saw nearly the exact same quote yesterday saying Julio Jones "will absolutely not get more money this year" vs. Julio Jones is "fuming" and 12 hours later his holdout was over. When 30 sources simultaneously report some version of "Aaron Donald will absolutely not play another down without a new contract" we should know it's basically a press release from his agent. You've got to read the coded language in these things like when Donald's agent uses a word like "insulted" by offer. My read on tone of the Clowney situations which has included words like "amicable" and "may play out final year" says both sides are happy with where they stand and have no need to use the media to push the needle. Basically this is the Jake Matthews / Taylor Lewan situation where the Falcons/Matthews couldn't finish their deal until the Lewan deal went through to set the market (and Jones had to wait for the Matthews deal to finish for them to adjust his). Clowney is behind Donald and Mack in the pecking order, so neither side is going to sign and risk it not fitting properly in scope of those deals. This entire story is from one tweet from Rappoport who's "source" is likely McClain who might as well draw a check directly from the Texans.
  9. Predict the Roster!

    Overall, I find it very disheartening that Gaine doesn't seem to be any more committed to shoring up depth than his predecessor. This time last year I didn't think a scrub like Giacomini was even going to make the 53, yet he took more snaps than any Texan last year. Our #3 TE took more snaps than any of our QBs including the one who took 200 snaps coming off the couch to a starting job for the 2nd time in 3 years. I've railed on the #4 CB shuffle enough already, but do you realize Angelo Blackson, Ufamba Kamalu, Lamar Houston, Jelani Jenkins, Gimel President, and Latroy Lewis played 671 defensive snaps last year which is more than healthy starter DJ Reader (526). Corey Moore and Eddie Pleasant also played more defensive snaps (545) combined than Reader and that's with Hal and Gilchrist healthy all season and almost never coming off the field. Our depth chart is improved at WR and LB, but we're going to be breaking in questionable starters at LT, RT, RG, TE, and CB, which be definition means their backups are even more suspect. Covington is a backup on most teams and despite losing Watt two seasons in a row, we still have nothing but UDFAs backing him up. We almost had depth at S before Hal went down but now we're back to Moore getting near starter snaps. I'm not sure where it's lost on the Texans that a secondary is essentially comprised of 6 starters (Joseph, Colvin, Johnson, Jackson, Mathieu, Reid). Johnson and Jackson were 2 of the worst CBs in football last year, Joseph is 34, Mathieu has stayed healthy 1 full season in his career, Reid is a rookie at a position with a notoriously tough transition, and Colvin is being asked to move to an outside role he was awful at 2 years ago. One tweaked hammy and we are right back to having special teamers out there getting humiliated by Brady. Injuries at QB, T, and CB/S remain season killers for us and if Watt goes down again this secondary is going to be torn apart just like last year. We should have taken advantage of the slow safety market the second Hal's diagnosis happened. I'm hoping Gaine has a CB in mind like he did with the EJ Gaines swap he pulled off late in Buffalo. I suspect we're going to have to wait for late preseason/cut down day to bring in a legit backup QB and a tackle, but we're flat nuts if we don't. Again, the Eagles won the Super Bowl because they planned ahead and had quality depth at QB and LT!
  10. Predict the Roster!

    Not bad... Thoughts: QB: Going to be watching Jets preseason real close as Bridgewater may be the one guy we could realistically bring in that wouldn't mean another lost season if Watson goes down an extended period. Weedon fits the profile of a game manager backup who could "not lose" a few defensive games in a pinch, but coming off a season where 2 of the best teams barely missed a beat due to high end backups who slotted right into the system, it seems insane to be a snap away from being right back to the Savage, Yates turtle shell offense. Webb isn't a real QB, but part of me wants to see him succeed in the pre-season so we might be more willing to take a gamble on a better fitting upgrade like RG3. Wouldn't mind seeing Hoyer back here. RB: Bold move w/Swanson who I suspect is mostly competing w/Tyler Ervin for the speed back/special teamer role. I doubt we see Foreman at all this offseason and am starting to think he's gunna be petting the PUP for 6 weeks. It pains me to see Blue on this roster again almost as much as hearing the idiot faithful screaming Bluuuuuuueee which lasts 10 seconds longer than it takes for him to run into his lineman and fall down for a 2.6 yard run. WR: Not so bold. No way the Texans carry 6 WRs, especially 3 in the slot. I'm confident Coutee has that gig nailed and Braxton is going to be moved in one of those "conditional 7th rounder" deals on cutdown day. Coates speed and physicality are certainly intriguing, but he's got to get past that whole "catching the ball" thing and he seems to go against our offseason theme of intelligence (last year he gave the Irvin first down signal on 2 consecutive plays both a yard short of the marker). I wouldn't count Chris Thompson out either with his special teams ability. I'm hoping we aren't dumb enough to expose Will Fuller and his pencil thin frame to injury on punt returns again. TE: This is where I'd put the 6th receiver as reality that is Stephen Anderson is TE in name only as he's off the field in running situations. Personally, I'm hoping Atkins and Thomas make the "average at everything, good at nothing" Griffin expendable especially since he's a hit away from Fido-land. 4 TEs is rare, but when you draft 2 it's going to be a possibility. Oline: There is no way Chris Slade and Kendall Lamm should be on this roster again. I'll put Roderick Johnson on there for now slight ahead of Jones-Smith, but with the Rankin injury I'm thinking we will end up making a low end deal for a vet like we did when we traded for Chris Clark a few years back. If nothing else, Clark himself is clearly better than Lamm, so we could always bring him back. Rooting for DQ, but he needs to be more than a feel good story this year. Dline : Probably an oversight, but Covington is way ahead of the rest opposite JJ. Really wish we could push space-takers Dunn or Heath off the roster and am hoping Kamalu improves enough to do so. LB: I don't think Peters is a lock, but we'll need to see some indication Cole or Scarlett are ready to take over leadership of the ST unit. I think Ejiofor could end up seeing near starter level snaps before this is over (first in line when Clowney lines up as DE). I get the feeling my Kalambayi love is going to unrequited, but I'm hoping he's a ST's difference maker. CB: Kelly was a ridiculous waste of a draft pick and doesn't even warrant the IR Resort pass he's likely already earned (already Pup'd). Bandemosi better be more than a special teamer as banking on health from Glass Jaw Johnson and Grandpa Joseph is risking another season of the Marcus Williams, Banks, Burley, Cromartie waiver wire hustle. Not sold on Breeland, but we need a better #4. S: It is absolutely ridiculous that we can't get Corey Moore off this football team. Tre Boston would have been the perfect replacement for Hal, but Arizona just grabbed him probably at 1/8th of what we're paying Kareem. Mathieu has been healthy one season in his career. Drummond is a better special teamer than Moore and I have seen next to nothing to like about Decoud. Please end this madness and sign a real NFL safety like Kenny Vaccaro.
  11. Texans off-season thread

    The blind faith shown in Davenport terrifies me. The dude was so awful in his first game he had to be pulled at halftime. Remember this gem where Davenport missed the punch and Sheard got more separation on a strip sack than Brandon Cooks on Texans DBs? It wasn't as horrific a debut as XSF (who looked like we stuck a rando samoan rugby player out there, not a 2nd round, 3 year starter from UCLA with a full camp and half a season of practice ). In case you need a reminder, here was a harbinger of the next 4 years of XSF's learning disability when it came to the punch and grab (the o-line equivalent of wrapping up on a tackle). All I've heard about Davenport this offseason is that he's "bigger." Well in 4 years of Mike Devlin's tutelage, XSF came back bigger every single season (downright fat last year), but Devlin barely made a dent in XSF's fundamental flaws, nor did he seem to even adjust to them other than to flip him over next to Duane Brown and try to minimize times he was isolated. Nobody should trust Devlin's ability to coach up talent or O'Brien's ability to identify coming trainwrecks after this braintrust thought Kendall Lamm had progressed to bring the best option to be our starting LT while we were without the services of DB76. By the time Davenport saw the field again the Texans had retreated into a run based turtle shell, with a completely unsustainable run/pass balance ratio that still allowed 9 sacks vs. 41 attempts. The final Colts game was used to support Davenport's "improvement", but we played nearly the entire game with DQ and Fuller protecting him outside meaning he was almost never blocking one on one. (BTW - Fuller is a guy we should be talking about more as he actually presents legit starter upside vs. Kelemete who is nothing more than the same old practice squader/turned reliable backup injury replacement that will get exposed as a starter just like Clark). I'm not a huge Fulton fan either, but at least he actually has looked good on a football field for stretches which is something Kelemete and Henderson have never done. I think he's probably closer to Wade Smith than Jeff Allen, but for goodness sake, is Wade Smith really the high bar we are shooting for when in O'Brien's first year he was deemed the weak link in the best line we've ever had in Brown-Smith-Myers-Brooks-Newton. Remember, Fulton looked good as a CENTER in KC, not a guard and we've seen that Devlin couldn't teach Jeff Allen to move from the left side to the right and Mancz was respectable as a center but awful as a guard under Devlin. Really, the one thing I'm counting on is that Nick Martin is talented enough to overcome poor coaching and that his struggles last year were more about the utter incompetence on either side of him and trying to do too much as essentially a rookie. I was never a huge Ben Jones fan, but he got to mentor alongside the smartest C in the game in Myers for 3 years before taking over at C and he had Duane Brown to cover for XSF's incompetence and Brooks as an island unto himself on the right. Personally, I think it would help him to play guard alongside Fulton as center, but Martin profiles as a pure right guard and left guard is WAYYY to important to leave it to Kelemete. I don't think Rankin is going to get on the field much until later in the season, but I think he would form a solid interior as LG ultimately allowing Fulton to move to C and Martin on the right. I'm not writing off Davenport just yet, but it won't shock me one bit if we are drafting LT/RT in the 1st/2nd next year - here's hoping the Titans or Falcons defy all logic and screw up the Lewan / Matthews extensions, but I think the Dolphins' Ju'waun James might be a more realistic target since they are cap strapped.
  12. Texans off-season thread

    Will follow 2 long posts with this. Looks like JJ is in shape. Watt Smash
  13. Texans off-season thread

    Bob McNair got the biggest sweetheart deal in the history of sports when he was gifted this franchise and a stadium in a shell game almost as shady as the $1.5 billion of Enron funny money that built his fortune. He paid $700 million, but the NFL handed $500 million of it to him interest free, meaning he essentially only had to borrow $225m from the bank to cover the remainder and interest until revenues paid off the notes. The Texans made $141m net profit last year alone and are currently valued at $2.8 billion if that tells you how risky that investment was (borrow $200m to make $2 billion). For this we get a 110-146 franchise with 3 playoff wins in 17 seasons, one of the lowest profile brands in the game, 0 championships, 0 hall of famers, 0 1st or 2nd round picks or top tier free agents coming off a season where we were 3rd worst in the sport. The honeymoon has to freaking end at some point for this guy and I think sitting on a $35 million pile of cap space while still fielding the games worst o-line and a marginally better secondary is a good place to start. Swallow this one - the Jaguars spent $442 million in cash the past 2 years while we spent $301, which while $ isn't everything, might offer a bit of a clue as to why they were 2 minutes from a Super Bowl and our big offseason acquisition is one of their spare parts (that they replaced with a former first round FA and a projected first round draft pick). This team scored more than 2 Td's in exactly 2 games without Deshaun Watson and gave up 148 points in 4 losses with him, so what part of this says again sticking him behind a line of backups, and backing him up with a guy (Weedon) you cut to keep Treston Decoud parked on the roster is going to hold up. But hey, at least the extra $44 million McNair is throwing to his pocket will go to worthy causes like to a President at war with the NFL and minority majority cities like Houston or to make sure men who prefer wearing dresses have to pee in the urinal at NRG like the drunk women do.
  14. Texans off-season thread

    Just a cap update after the McKinney extension and cutting Jeff Allen - the Texans still have $34.8 million in cap space. That's good for 5th most behind the rebuilding Browns, Colts, 49ers and a virtual tie with the Titans. For 2019 we have over $60 million with only $1.25 million in dead cap (Allen). I was curious about the spending floor which was supposedly a big deal back when the new CBA was signed in 2011 as it would effectively force the "cheap" owners like Mike Brown, Bill Bidwell, Ralph Wilson, William Clay Ford, and Malcolm Glazer to stay within 89% of the cap over a 4 year period. Well, folks it seems as though amongst other grievances, we can now count Bob McNair as one of the cheapskate owners. I don't have the inclination to explain all the details of this rule, but they calculate it over two 4 year periods (2013-16 & 2017-20) and use actual cash spent vs. cap meaning bonuses aren't prorated like they are for cap purposes. For 2017, the Texans spent only 85% of the cap, making us one of 5 teams to not hit the 89% threshold in year 1. For 2018 we are at 93%, but that assumes we actually pay out everyone on the books right now, which assuredly will not happen since we have 37 cuts to make and not all of those are going to be making the minimum (we have the 4th lowest cash spending in the league for 2018). The total is a 4 year cumulative total whereby actual cash spending is divided by total cap, but 2 years in we are at 87% which is 3rd lowest behind the Colts (who paid $30 million cash to Luck in 2016) and Cowboys (who are paying 3 lineman, Demarcus Lawrence, and nobody else). Now, in reality the cap floor was just another farce the owners duped the NFLPA with as the only real consequence is that if you are below the floor after 4 years, you have to distribute the difference to the players (no teams fell under last time), but as a comparative measure it shows that the owner of the 8th most valuable franchise that generates the 6th most revenue (Chicago & LA jump us in value due to market size) is bottom 3 in player spending. Understand, that McNair carries almost no debt as almost the entire expansion fee was funded interest free from the NFL, taxpayers directly paid 72% of building Reliant/NRG, and the hidden tax in Houstonian's electric bills via $300 million/30 year naming rights deal (still the 3rd largest of all time). For reference, NONE of the Giants/Jets $1.6 billion stadium was funded by taxpayers, NONE of LA's forthcoming $2.6 billion stadium, only 12% of the $1 billion 49ers stadium, and Jerry paid 3/4ths of the bill on Jerry World.
  15. Texans off-season thread

    It's also a media fail as when he was placed on the reserve/PUP on May 11, this was fait accompli, making this conclusion nothing more than bookkeeping. As I explained 2 months ago, by placing him on reserve/pup (aka regular season pup) vs. active/pup (aka preseason pup) we were locking him into not being able to touch a football field until weeks 6-10 which makes no sense to do in May since you can transfer anyone from active/pup to reserve/pup as long as they don't step onto a practice field. Reserve/Pup in is only used in May for players like Derek Newton and Ryan Shazier who are assured of missing the season, not a guy who missed the final two games of last season with a concussion (without any concerning history). If we actually planned on having him play for us, he would have been placed on the active/pup which is where you put players returning from offseason surgeries or minor injuries basically on the off chance they don't pass a physical before the end of the preseason. Reserve/PUP doesn't effect salary cap in the slightest, but does open up a spot on the 90 man roster. Not sure why this bugs me so much, but it is just crazy to me that so many people who actually draw salaries for being "journalists" can't take 15 minutes to understand the differences and implications for basic NFL designations. The Texans o-line should be one of our biggest storylines of the offseason as it was the worst in the league last year and is still god awful protecting a QB with 2 rebuilt acls, but Jeff Allen was never going to be a part of it and that was made clear when we chose to bring in a 91st player in May.