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  1. Week 14 GDT: Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans

    Don't disagree on Clowney needing to step up his game and that he "looks" better than he performs. Reality is that right now he may be the least valuable of our front 7. Covington has been outproducing him since he came back, Reader is our best run stopper and JJ converts sacks despite being doubled every play without penalties. McKinney and Mercilus do all the dirty work as complete LBs and Cunningham/Cole are critical to controlling the TE/RB pass game which has been rock solid since week 3. Clowney HAS to do more than just look scary a few times a game largely by trying to time snap counts which clearly is being nullified by hard counts. The dude is the most athletic player on the field every week by a long shot and it isn't even close. I can't even quite put my finger on why he can't produce more as it's not like when Mario Williams would just abuse the low hanging fruit to pads stats and go thru the motions the rest of the time. Clowney's motor has been fine and I suspect he's got plenty of "pressures" as he's always in the backfield, but he seems to whiff alot and overpursue especially outside (most of his sacks seem to come on stunts up the gut). However, we're still a far better team with him, he's stayed healthy, and we're in an envious cap situation for the next 3 years and production or not, Clowney is still going to be in massive demand as pass rushers that have to be accounted for on every play are still incredibly rare with only about a dozen or so with a few more added each draft class. Also, to be fair, for all the MVP hype Mack has gotten, he's sitting with the same # of tackles and 2 more sacks than Clowney. But no, Clowney is not Von Miller and he keeps getting passed by elite pass rushers in each class like Garrett, Chubb, TJ Watt and he's dropping well behind FA competition like Lawrence, Frank Clark, and Dee Ford is having a monster season. The one blessing is that if he put up 15 sacks this year, he would command well into $100m, so it could work to our benefit to lock him up for a Danielle Hunter-ish $70m or maybe as low as a Melvin Ingrim-ish $64. I don't see any logic in franchising a 25 year old in an era where guys like JPP, Wake, Calais, Bennett and of course Peppers and Suggs are still effective 32-38 years old. He's in a "contract year" this year, so it's not like franchising him would yield some motivational bump, but rather I fear that could turn into an ugly Bell/D.Brown situation after which we end up getting nothing. Given our cap and window of opportunity situation that would be far worse than Gruden tanking without Mack but getting 2 first rounders. The Chiefs survived overpaying Justin Houston after a monster season, so we can survive probably overpaying Clowney after an underwhelming, but healthy one.
  2. 2018 Roster

    Strange move. Needed Roderick Johnson to avoid the lack of active o-lineman that happened a few weeks ago with Fulton and Kelemete both going down, but Deante Burton or Vyncynt Smith could easily be shuttled to the PS. Scarlett is basically week to week with a minor ankle sprain and even practiced this week. His value is diminished with Cole back, but we have 3 weeks and some playoff games to go and he's been a special teams standout again and unlike Peters or Kalambayi is quality LB depth. BTW - Where has Duke Ejiofor gone - haven't seen him with quality snaps in weeks? Romeo seems to be running a very short rotation and we can't be limping into the playoffs.
  3. Week 14 GDT: Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans

    I get the Clowney frustration, but one dumb false start on 3rd and 1 in 4 down territory didn't cost us the game. Total team loss that shows we have plenty of weeks 1-3 probs still in us. Watson was awful - 4 of the 5 sacks were on HIM either staring at an obvious blitz and doing nothing to check out of it or find the hot read or holding the ball an absurd amount of time especially in situations where a sack simply can't happen. Receivers didn't separate all day - Nuk seemed checked out and again watched TY Hilton dominate his home turf. O-line couldn't run block and usual pre-snap penalties in red zone. D-line got virtually no pressure, crap tackling, and nobody could cover TY Hilton. O'Brien burned needed timeouts in each half that burned us (gave the Colts a free play in the 1st to hand them 3 points that was the difference) and some old lack of urgency down 2 scores inside 8 minutes, not to mention going away from the TEs which was all that was working especially with us having a QB playing in the slot. RAC somehow managed to be too conservative to generate a pass rush yet still leave the corners on islands. Gaine even gets the L for inexplicably cutting Bruce Ellington and Tyler Ervin leaving us with Joe Webb III playing in the slot with Keke Coutee made of glass. That all being said, this is not an end of the world loss. Shows we have plenty of work to do and if we want respect we have to step up our game against the good teams. Should have everyone's full attention in practice this week instead of reading press clippings or worrying about new contracts. Would have been nice to get the bye, but we still have a shot. Final 3 are all winnable, but ideally we break with tradition and win next 2 on the road and rest up week 17.
  4. As a gift to our distinguished guests I present my painstakingly curated list of the Dirty Dozen - all-time dual citizenship Brownish Texans Brock *name-redacted - QB - the one who's name we dare not speak Brian Hoyer - QB - altho with the 4 concussions he suffered vs. KC in the playoffs I doubt he remembers 2015 Jake Delhomme - QB - only one we share triple citizenship with the Frankfurt Galaxy I'm betting Brandon Weedon - QB - soon to be starring on ABC's The Rookie 2 - about an elderly former 1st round pick who goes to fire school Ben Tate - RB - somewhere some fantasy site is still hyping him to be next years breakout back Andre Davis - WR - might be our only shared "player of the week" 2002 & 2007 - surprised we didn't hang a banner Sammie Coates - WR - imagine where you would be if you had his production this season - 1 less catch / 12 less yards Jajuan Dawson - WR - names like this is why Houstonians weren't real happy with the Louisiana transplants after Katrina Billy Miller - TE - scored the first points and TD in Texans history and a Super Bowl TD - he's kind of our "Video Killed The Radio Star" Robaire Smith - DE - we may share a better Smith someday, but there's only one Robaire Kevin Bentley - LB - definitely our best former LB who got his MBA that is currently a snowboarding coach Zac Diles - LB - kind of cheating since he never actually played a down for you, but just wanted to reignite the Zac vs. Zakk fight with ET80 I seem to recall some shared o-lineman and d-backs, but scanning those old sections of rosters triggers my PTSD (post texans sack disgust), so I try to avoid on Fridays. Feel free to add to the list even if it ruins my clever moniker for them. Let's just agree that one of those dual half Browns/half Texans helmets would be really ugly and sadly I can name the one family who might be justified in having one. I'll give you until gameday to name that dual Texan-Brown family and award you my Apollodamus seal of obscure football knowledge.
  5. Texans Owner Bob McNair passes away

    I certainly have plenty of issues with McNair's politics, the source of his fortune, and plenty of ownership/business decisions over the course of 18 years, but I could say the same about plenty of people seated around my Thanksgiving table each year and I still care for them. Bob wasn't the saint he'll be made out to be over the next few days, but we all deserve to be celebrated for the good we brought to this world in our time here and Bob bringing football back to Houston personally enriched my life in enumerable ways for which I will always be thankful. Every billionaire is lauded for their charitable efforts, but anyone like me who has had family members who wouldn't have been with us this Thanksgiving without the cutting edge medicine that happens at the Houston Med Center owes McNair some gratitude as his contributions went far beyond slapping his name on things, write offs, and photo ops as he was committed to using his fortune to make people's lives better. He deserves to have his life honored as it was a truly amazing success story and unlike a certain former football team owner who's team may be coming to town this week, he seemed to be beloved by most who dealt with him on a personal level and he leaves an ownership and personal legacy we can take pride in as a city and fanbase even if we don't support some of the words or positions attributed to him. In the grand scheme it's a trivial thing, but I'm glad he got to see his team rip off a 7 game win streak and be in first place and am hopeful we can continue to have improbable good fortune which seems an apt way to honor a man who certainly did plenty in life to make many of his "lucky breaks" happen.
  6. Practice Squads

    A bit of a surprise move this week. Andre Chachere - CB - cut from PS David Steinmetz - T - signed to PS Steinmetz was a UDFA from Purdue (grad transfer from Rhode Island) who spent time with the Dolphins. Was All Big 10 as a senior. Dude fits the PS profile of physical freak with upside as he's 6' 8' 321 and also decent athletic measurables at Pro day, but likely just a developmental guy around for an extended practice audition. If I were guessing, I figure letting Chachere go might indicate that either Kayvon Webster or Kevin Johnson could be approaching a IR-return designation (I can't imagine Jermaine Kelly is worth burning an IR return spot on). I'm pretty much counting on Dylan Cole (wrist) being 1 of our 2 IR-returns. Could just mean we are happy with Mike Tyson, Natrell Jamerson, and Deonte Burton as CB depth. Reid & Shareece Wright have been killing it to the extent where I'm not sure I want Colvin taking too many snaps. Could also indicate Kyle Fuller, Chad Slade or Roderick Johnson are getting promoted (we can't be a snap away from having a TE playing T like last week).
  7. Week 11 - Houston @ Washington

    Man, Redskins fans are at Arby's level salty right now over this one. I totally get it due to the timing of the Norman hold and likely PI on Kareem on the deep pass, but Texans were absolutely robbed of a possession on the opening drive of the 2nd half with the indefensible Hopkins fumble on a non catch while we were driving into their territory. I counted at least 3 sacks averted by blatant holds on Watt and Clowney, 2 of them leading to 3rd down conversions. I feel for them as those late game calls are tough and easier to point to, but interference on what is essentially a hail mary play is hardly ever called and an argument . The 3rd down playcall was nuts though as they needed a 10 yard out to line up for a makeable FG (the bomb only took 8 seconds so 10 yards and out of bounds was the call with 16 seconds left and possibly enough to go down the middle and clock it). I couldn't believe O'Brien took a time out before 4th as late defensive time outs almost always benefit the offense who get more time to scan their playbook for "the play" and swap in personnel, but I figured he wanted to give Watt & Clowney a chance to catch their breath for a final all out pass rush and Jackson and Reid were gassed from the deep pass too. 4D chess move seemed to have played into Gruden not trusting Colt to execute a 10 yard out in 8 seconds and trusting a kicker to hit a FG easily out of his range more - why coaches continue to do this remains a mystery, but O'Brien throwing away 6 straight downs with Miller dives up the middle to play for a 45 yarder with a kicker who missed from the same distance earlier was just as egregious. Again, kicking it was the right call and really your kicker SHOULD make a 45 yarder, so burning their timeouts and not risking "losing" yards on a jet sweep or RPO (emphasis on R) is probably the right way to play it, but I'd love to see the analytics on kickers making kicks from the exact place they missed earlier with the game on the line (knuckballing like that is classic "overkicking." aka "mental." Tough loss for them, especially with Alex going down, but with what that org did to RG3 (both Shanny's & Gruden) I have a tough time having much sympathy beyond that and Colt running may be their best option anyway.
  8. Week 11 - Houston @ Washington

    BTW - Alex Smith broke both tibia and fibula and is in surgery. Full on compound break like Theismann on 33rd anny of the LT play. Feel bad for the guy who has been nothing but a great teammate and pro.
  9. Week 11 - Houston @ Washington

    I am just so used to being the team in the Colts, Cowboys, Bills, Broncos, Redskins side of these close wins where we have been arguably outplayed, I barely know how to react to these actual victories. The second I saw us playing for the field goal at the end, I KNEW we were missing it - just like the Kube's monday nighter. No problem with kicking it there - problem was in not mixing in something other than dives with the entire team crashing in on em. Depth perception on the Hopkins FG made me feel like I'm used to feeling, but then it all worked out. Holding penalty was a gift, but the Hopkins INT was absurd and umpire wouldn't throw a flag on the blatant holds on Watt/Clowney all day, so it's more like somebody brought our bike back after stealing it rather than a true gift. I saw Matt Lengel actually caught a TD for the Bengals today. Ryan Griffin is sub practice squad at this point and needs to be demoted if not cut. Dude is a liability in every way imaginable. Actually would have been better for us if the Jags won, but knowing how that locker room will implode after this, I'll take the crushing defeat.
  10. Week 11 - Houston @ Washington

    Good God, JJ was just dragged to the ground on that scramble. I don't know how that guy just doesn't throw his helmet down the field a la Kyle Turley sometimes.
  11. Week 11 - Houston @ Washington

    There's his all rookie team moment. For all of my draft frustrations over the years where the player I wanted was taken a pick or two before us, having Reid still on the board in the 3rd and us actually not overthinking it and taking him was such a franchise altering moment. Coutee, Akins, Thomas, Rankin and Reid all making their presence felt today. What a draft class! Side note - Bademosi is making a strong argument to go to the pro bowl as the special teamer.
  12. Week 11 - Houston @ Washington

    How did we not recover that fumble? Looked like Mercilus had it with more reenforcements - must have lost the battle in the pile. Dang it - Mercilus has failed to contain on about 3 conversions today and seems to get overpowered a lot. Dude is the one guy who has failed to play up to expectations this year. I know he's not going to rack up the sexy stats as the blue collar dude in our scheme, but he can't get destroyed at the edge by 30 year old Alex Smith and AP. I'm starting to wonder if the pec injury has caused a shift in his workout regimen (it's one of those hallmark injuries that can lead to more testing scrutiny). As I type that he made a great play.
  13. Week 11 - Houston @ Washington

    I warned ya'll the Colts are for real. Pounding Titans 17-0.
  14. Week 11 - Houston @ Washington

    This is the 2nd time this year we have lost 2 linemen in a game with only 7 active (only 7 on the roster actually). Having all the special teamers is nice, but Gaine needs to adjust this roster with Kelemete seemingly going down every week and Fulton dinged up to avoid an inexcusable gameday situation. I don't think I've ever seen a game when a non o-lineman had to play on the line, but I can't imagine how ugly that could be. Slade needs to be up here as a gameday contingency. Buddy Howell is a nice ST'er, but can't be living this dangerously with two injury prone guards. Vyncynt Smith seems to be unnecessary with Coates and Carter backing up Nuk, D. Thomas, and Keke with Webb, Akins, and Thomas available as WRs if necessary. Might get claimed on his way to PS, but not like that's going to impact us in the short or long-term.
  15. Week 11 - Houston @ Washington

    Everything I expected - probably should have been a fair catch, but just so much more dynamic. I still expect his aggressiveness to burn us at some point, but hopefully he breaks a few off first.