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  1. Who would have thought a defense starting practice squad and street FA's would suck? Brandon Dunn - UDFA - the consummate Weaver-type player - 6 seasons here and you can't count 4 plays he's made (anyone remember that 1 career sack Weaver got for us)? PJ Hall - high draft pick to dumped street FA - how 'bout not signing Raiders flops and keeping your one draft steal of the decade (DJ Reader)? Tyrell Adams - UDFA (dude illustrates just how completely replaceable McKinney has always been, but $49 million cheaper) Brennan Scarlett - this loser has been with us 5 seasons now! Is pushing Zakk Diles, Petey Faggins, Jesse Nading, and Eddie Pleasant for the Texans Mount Rushmore of "how is this guy still on the roster, better yet getting snaps, better yet starting" Vernon Hargreaves - high draft pick to dumped street FA, should get a piece of turf as a momento for just bailing out and flopping at the feet of Henry Erik Murray - funny how the Texans have to relearn every 3 years that safeties that can cover TE's/RBs are kinda important - how 'bout not signing Browns backups Dylan Cole - this dude has been living off 3 or 4 decent plays 4 years and 3 acls ago Dump em all: Justin Reid, JJ are the only two keepers. Zach C, maybe after 2 months of Oklahoma drills. Get some picks for Mercilus and Roby. Play the rooks.
  2. And the award for softest defense in team history goes to... 2-ply is soft - we be 10-ply
  3. McKinney has been the most overrated Texan for a longggg time. Dude never got enough grief for the Chief's collapse last year as he was abused. Dude does nothing but tackle which is probably the cheapest quality to draft for as there are dozens of ILB/MLB types in the 5th-7th round every year, better yet undrafted. How he got paid and Clowney didn't as, at worst, he was a top run defending DE/LB, and at best a scary pass pressuring occasional sacking presence which are things at the top of payroll. McKinney isn't even a run stuffer, he's a hole filler, is one of the worst coverage LBs in the league, and brings nothing to pass rush. Freaking crazy his name is never mentioned in the "we can't pay everyone" debates. He's a jag, being paid like he's Kuechly. See if Jerry will bite as he loves overpaying generic LBs.
  4. I'm usually pretty dialed in to this side of the biz, but gotta admit I'm not as well versed as usual as I'm just coming out of my self-imposed exile from the O'Brien regime of terror. I'll throw my boy Jeff Ireland's (Saints #2) name into the ring as by far the most qualified and successful GM candidate out there, but unfortunately the overblown Dez Bryant crack ho mom stuff makes him a bad fit perceptually for this franchise. As a reminder, Dez's upbringing and family issues (it also wasn't a slur - his mom was actually a crack ho) were absolutely a factor in his truncated career and unfulfilled potential, so I will always maintain that this was a Dallas reporter hit job that coincided with Dolphins fans misdirected anger at crappy ownership that has become clear after a decade of irrelevance while the Saints have been killing it. Personally, I think we are way past the Casserly , Ron Wolf, Bobby Beathred type era of GM''s as omnipotent bosses as coaches are the leaders of franchises and the best GM's are the ones who have scouting expertise, player trust, and a voice strong enough to offer a dissenting opinion when coaches are making short-sighted or emotional decisions. While we are saying the right things about hiring a GM before a coach, the reality is that while an independent voice is preferred, it's the pairing with the Head Coach that will matter most.
  5. To answer the OP's question. YES! Clowney and Hop fleecings had Easterby's thinly veiled "character" fingerprints all over them. Not sure if Cal is quite as much of a right-wing christian fundamentalist as daddy was, but Pastor Jack got in the right peoples ear about Hop's "baby momma's" and somehow turned it into Aaron Hernandez, Jevon Belcher level issue which is where he made his "name." I'm terrified he will lead us in the direction of some Hugh Freeze type hypocritical bible banger and somewhere down the road we will find ourselves with Kirk Cousins leading the huddle in bible study. To be clear, I don't have anything against a religious head coach and maybe this angle leads us to Dabo, but it also could lead us to Marvis Lewis or Mark Richt type. I've never had a problem with this franchise including character as an important intangible as I don't want to ever be in the Antonio Brown business, but we have dipped our toes into some pretty shaky ground when it comes to cultural and racial issues especially when being all-in defending and paying Cushing because he checks some "right" boxes with ownership while bouncing Nuk, Clowney, Brown, Foster, AJ, et al. To be blunt, I think this team has had a simmering racial issue for years now and hiring a guy like Bieniemy would go a long way to fixing that issue whether real of perceptual. Make no mistake, Bieniemy is more than qualified to coach this team on his own merits and gets the Andy Reid stamp of character approval, but I just worry that a guy like Easterby will be the one in Cal's ear with scary stories about Eric being a "Q" (you know the "branding" fraternity from Howard) and a silly incident at Colorado that got Eric banned for a year. Look, had my boy Rhule been available (that Panthers team has 0-5 talent and sits in first place), I would have been all aboard the Easterby train and Frank Reich fits the Easterby mold too, but simple fact is that I just don't trust the dude. We just got rid of one power mad egomaniacal zealot and it's just scary that Easterby is cut from the same cloth even if he does it with hugs and happy prayers instead of profane tantrums. I just want us to be a championship football org, not someone's Sunday school project.
  6. Well boys, I was true to my word and refused to spend any further physical, emotional, psychological energy on this team until that man was gone. It was a bit like a breakup, where you have to work hard to avoid going by her house, checking social media, or hearing about her from friends, but I was rewarded by not having to be a part of the offseason false hope and spin, 4 more games of crippling playcalling and game mismanagement, and the inevitable collapse of a roster that has cast off talent that didn't worship at the altar of BoB's incompetence at every capacity. It's going to take years for this team to pull out of this hole Cal (and Bob) McNair allowed him to dig unabated and I hope you guys can recognize just how deep that is with the horrific contracts, empty draft classes, burned future draft capital, etc, but at least we can stop digging. BoB had some decent human qualities in him, but the emotional intelligence of a cucumber, unearned rep as an offensive mind, Trumpian levels of power-mad disconnection from reality, and was allowed to clear every room of anyone who might bring a new or refreshing take or approach as to do so would be to admit that someone besides him had a superior competency at any small aspect of running a billion dollar franchise. It's not like I trust Cal to lead a search that profile's any better than Capers, Kubiak, or O'Brien, better yet Casserly, Smith, Gaine, O'Brien, but even a broken clock is right twice a day, so we've got a shot at accidentally making a good hire. I don't have any illusions about this season turning around, but I think it might salvage hope for guys like JJ and Deshaun who were already checked out. Just being freed from the cloud O'Brien put over this franchise, ought to free them to at least see some light at the end of that tunnel. Similarly, I'm happy to have my team back, glad to be back here, and look forward to brighter days down the road. BTW - Is Devlin still here?
  7. Sic em Bears! Ranked #1 Men's Basketball Ranked #2 Women's Basketball (reigning National Champs) New $105 Million Basketball Pavilion Starts Construction 2020 2019 Sugar Bowl - 2nd place Big 12 HC now 5th highest paid coach in NFL Hired Reigning National Champions DC And beyond the big 3 just to prove the alumni mag still has my address... #1 Acrobatics and Tumbling (5 straight National Champs) #3 Volleyball - Final Four #6 Tennis #9 Equestrian #21 Baseball - 3rd straight regional Big 12 Student Athlete Graduation Success Rate - (6 straight champs) Really makes me miss the debates with the Aggie homer (not Pastor) who once argued Baylor should be in Conference USA while proclaiming that their move to the SEC meant an end to their middle of the road mediocrity (of course, that's a bar UT athletics can't even clear anymore). Not so bad for a little private school two hours from the 2 best funded athletic programs in the country and their thriving airport gift shop t-shirt sales.
  8. As long as he's well behaved, donates to veterans causes, says yessir, and hugs the owners widow. We don't want any of those scary guys like Peppers or Clowney in the building.
  9. we just gunna ignore the false start on the kicker on the extra point? refs have given up too.
  10. I merely bruised ribs in high school (took a 90 MPH pitch from Jay Buhner) and nearly cried every time I had to twist to wipe my butt or get out of one of those school desks. Hopkins out there exposing those ribs for that conversion might have been the bravest thing I've seen. Meanwhile, ditto JJ Watt laying out with a torn pec to try to catch up to Mahomes. I just wish the coaching staff and half assed "leaders" like McKinney didn't waste their effort.
  11. That was a pretty heroic drive by Watson and Nuk. At least the offense is still swinging. Defense threw in the towel an hour ago.
  12. We have earned every bit of disrespect we get from the league and the media. Way to play down to low expectations. Such a shame Watson, Nuk, and Watt have to be a part of this mess.
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