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  1. Texans @ Packers - Pre Season Game 1

    I liked O'Brien's absurd challenge on a spot instead of challenging a very dicey PI that gave the Packers 3 more downs at the 1. Lost by 2 - 4 point swing on that play Bill - mid-season form. I'll wager his paycheck on him being the one coach who doesn't turn a game on this stupid new rule if he even knows it exists.
  2. Texans @ Packers - Pre Season Game 1

    Well, I'd say like last pre-season, the o-line was a pleasant surprise, but run blocking was particularly impressive. Max Sharping needs to be starting at RT - Henderson is a slug. Personally, I'm ready for Fulton to move to C with Nick Martin in the tub again and guards who actually can run block. RB's Higdon & Crockett look solid and Howell continues to excel on STs. Can't say that anyone made much of an impression on defense, but Lonnie Johnson confirmed my belief that he's not going to be much of a man to man defender as he got torched by a udfa for a 27 yard td. Roby looked good. Addae looks like a decent 4th-5th safety and Austin Exford might have practice squad potential. Pass rush was non-existent.
  3. Texans @ Packers - Pre Season Game 1

    Rooting for an ankle, but ACL wouldn't shock me. Time to give Bruce Ellington a call...
  4. Texans @ Packers - Pre Season Game 1

    Good time to resume my hatred of dual last name hyphen-players. Xavier Woodson-Lester - not good. We actually have one of my old Baylor Bears Ira Lewis on the roster, but "Savage" has suddenly appeared on his uniform as Savage-Lewis. Of course, O'Brien started the last Savage for no damn reason, so maybe he thinks it'll earn him points. Briean Boddy-Calhoun gets double hate points from me for stupid spelling of Brian and hyphen, but Vyncint Smith still wins the stupid spelling award.
  5. Texans @ Packers - Pre Season Game 1

    Yippee. Only the Texans START seasons with RBs starting as slot receivers. Yep, worked out great with Tyler Ervin. RBs work in the slot because they start out in the backfield and draw LB matchups, not slot corners.
  6. Texans @ Packers - Pre Season Game 1

    And THAT's why you don't count on Coutee and Fuller and a bunch of UDFA scrubs behind Nuk. I'm going to go with out 6-8 weeks min. It's almost like we needed to trade away a 4th and 7th for for a 31 year old WR last year and did nothing to address it. Roster malpractice for Watson and Nuk.
  7. Texans @ Packers - Pre Season Game 1

    Whelp, Taiwan you just lost the easiest $1 million job around. Jordan Todman sends his condolences.
  8. Texans @ Packers - Pre Season Game 1

    Just such an O'Brien decision to give 31 year old special teamer Taiwan Jones the 1st team reps as RB. Dude hasn't made an NFL yard in the past 3 years and has never gotten more than 20 rushes in any of his 8 seasons, but let's evaluate him as a feature back instead of the 5 guys actually competing for the #3 RB gig. I'm already going to award this guy the Jordan Todman pointless roster spot of the year. Ferguson, Higdon, Howell, Crockett, Gillaspia? Nah - run the old guy out there, I don't trust young RBs...
  9. Texans @ Packers - Pre Season Game 1

    Nah - my boy Fells
  10. Texans trade for RB Duke Johnson

    I haven't bothered to go back for the "I TOLD YOU SO" Apollodamus proof on Foreman, but I called that dude from jump street as a less talented lazy Ben Tate who's rep was propped up by about 5 plays and Longhorn homers and fantasy geeks. Duke Johnson is the polar opposite as a try hard overachiever that hopefully actually gets utilized. The o-line looked downright competent in the pre-season last year when Troymaine Pope was featured, so I'd LOVE to see us use DJ to shake up the routine and actually throw to a back on 1st down. It also means we aren't just bringing back Alfred Blue which would have been the most O'Brien move ever. Bringing in Melvin would have been pointless as he's simply not a dynamic back who would have been an overpay in both picks and $. I imagine an actual GM might have been able to get some late round compensation for Foreman by running him out there against 4th stringers in the PS, but I'd rather see us give reps to Higdon. Personally, I think Ferguson > Foreman so I don't care that he's a Colt. 3rd rounder was probably a bit high (if he isn't active 10 games, this trade is already a bust), but O'Brien doesn't seem to trust any young RBs, so Duke might actually get used unlike any DJ quality backs that are usually plentiful in the 3rd.
  11. Texans @ Packers - Pre Season Game 1

    Howdy boys! Have paid less attention than usual this offseason as this is just another McNair family fortune padding 9-7 team with Wild Card loss ceiling and 7-9 floor, but honestly preseason is often more interesting than the regular season for me as I love the 2 or 3 players that make a name for themselves. Obviously the o-line and secondary are the same old story and preseason told us absolutely nothing last year as they both looked competent vs. vanilla. I'm pretty sure the Tytus Howard panic pick is what got Gaine fired when O'Brien saw Davenport 2.0 in camp vs plug and play Dillard, so my expectations are exceedingly low there and think we'll see more of Sharping this year than him. I'm hoping Rankin looks competent at LG as Kelemete brings nothing to the table other than depth. A guy I think is being dismissed is Darren Fells who is the first TE we've had in the O'Brien era who can actually block. Warring is a fun prospect, but seemed like a luxury pick with enough TE projects in a position O'Brien never features and Watson ignores aside from 3rd and long dumps. Higdon is the guy to watch in the backfield, but the Texans have a long rich history of cutting our best preseason RB - still miss ya Trumaine Pope. Another storyline that doesn't seem to be getting much run is that we did absolutely nothing to address a WR room that had us giving playoff reps to Deandre Carter and Vyncynt Smith. Fuller is just never going to hold up for a full season, Coutee is being treated as a top end slot despite playing 4.5 games. Defense is pretty much rinse - repeat with elite front 7 that wont play in PS and garbage secondary aside from Reid filled with guys who can't cover man to man. My one prediction here is that UDFA Jamal Davis is going to have lots of people claiming we can save Clowney's $25 million with Davis/Ejiofor on the cheap. Obviously Lonnie Johnson is making a name for himself as a hitter in flag football, but I absolutely hate the fit for our defense as he's going to get roasted outside just like Kareem. I'm hoping Watkins finally takes the next step and justifies letting Covington walk and Blackson better justify his deal. Overall, I think this game is largely going to be a complete waste as the Joe Webb show will do nothing but generate a few garbage bombs to Vyncynt Smith but we'll get plenty of practice with a QB who holds on to the ball to long. I'm betting we get shut out until 5th stringer time in the 2nd half when the run game actually starts working against guys who can't tackle. I also predict horrific play by play with American Ninja Warrior type backstory fluff instead of any meaningful analysis of what is going on on the field. Post game story will be "it looks like our defense is ahead of the offense" which just means the Packers offense depth players are almost as bad as ours.
  12. Round 1 Pick 23: OT Tytus Howard

    You guys just don't understand the genius of Bill O'Brien. Can you imagine the short yardage opportunities for our new 325 lb 4th string QB? Let's see Sean McVay draw up a fumblerooskie pass double pass from our LT/TE/QB to our other QB/WR/Gunner then down field to Nuk or Fuller. Suck it Nashville - seeing all the replays of Wycheck throwing the Music City Miracle this week, we cultivated our next level roided up QB/TE plan. Heck, never forget the Houston Oilers drafted the Titans best player from fellow SWAC School Alcorn State (Steve McNair RIP). We were going to draft Jamaar Taylor, but seeing Taylor Swift shamelessly hocking her latest Big Machine concoction that hides her voice and her belly button, we choose to pass on a guy who could fit Taylors head in his belly button, but wouldn't be able to carry her two feet with his bad knees and back.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Let's just all take a breath and remember we have a guy on the roster who was as blue chip as blue chip gets in 2012 #4 overall pick Matt Khalil from Left Tackle U at USC (fu Boselli). I remind everyone about him, not because he's the answer but as a reminder that even the slam dunk LT's have a high fail rate and this year had NO slam dunks. We took a small school fat kid named Brandon Brooks in the 3rd that year and arguably, he ended up as the 2nd o lineman in that draft (Decastro probably the best). The next year Joeckel went #2 overall and he's already bounced from LT to LG to out of the league. 2014 - Greg Robinson went from can't miss #2 overall to Browns backup. 2015 Flowers #9 overall to cut in 2018. Oh yes, and Khalil may have not worked out in Carolina, but there is a big difference between being overpaid and not being able to play anymore. As a stopgap we could do much worse than a 29 year-old former Pro Bowl LT. I don't think many Rams fans were doing any backflips when they signed a 35 year old Whitworth. I'd rather pair an experienced LT with a bum knee with a healthy high ceiling guy like Howard than be the team that ignores the medical red flags on Taylor (Nix III/B. Williams, etc). Unlike Davenport, Howard profiles as an RT that can transition. Yes, missing Dillard hurts, but I remember crying in my beer when Vandy's Chris Williams went to the Bears and we ended up with some glorified Kubiak TE who is a top 5 player in franchise history in DB76. Khalil Mack turned out pretty good as a small school Edge and Marcus Davenport looks the part, so who is to say that Howard can't make the leap on the other side. He wasn't small school because he was a character problem, but because he was still growing. If he was 6' 5" 322 and not 6' 2" 235 as a recruit he might have a different Alabama on his resume and I promise you, he's got a better shot at being an NFL LT than Jonah Williams who is my Connor Williams bust call this year. Steelers have an undrafted All Pro LT who had high character out of Army and learned to like to eat (Villanueva). Terron Armstead became a Pro Bowl LT out of Arkansas-Pine Bluff. Not saying I'm in love with it, but if we end up getting Chris Harris or Pat Peterson with some combo of picks tomorrow grabbing Howard while we could could end up being sneaky smart.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I should probably just revisit my 2008 comments when I was convinced Duane Brown would have been sitting around for us in the 3rd and that Ricky got schooled when we traded down. Jeff Otah and Sam Baker were the bigger names at T, Talib and Mike Jenkins at CB, and Kenny Phillips at S. Of course, the whole world thought we were insane for not grabbing Rashard Mendenhall at RB (or CJ2k or Felix Jones hahaha pig suuey Jerry). Was my first and worst take, so I'm going to let this one develop a bit. I was half expecting an edge rusher, but I maintain trading Clowney would end any hopes of getting a Super Bowl in the Watson rookie deal window. We got leverage out the ying yang with all the cheap edges filling needs and the Chiefs valuing Clark higher. However, it's really not hard to feel like we again let telegraphing our pick burn us as Dillard falling seemed too good to be true and there is no excuse not to burn a 4th rounder to move up once he got past the Vikings. The value gap between Dillard and Tytus seems massive (but personally Dillard scared me as I saw plenty of my Baylor OL's star in our spread only to flop at the next level). Still, top 10 value vs. a project guy we could have likely gotten with either of our 2nds (say, the one we got for Duane Brown?) seems like we at least burned getting a bonus 4th rounder. Taylor falling makes it even harder optically, but clearly we aren't the only one's spooked by the knees. Experts likely had Ford ahead of Howard, but he is redundant with Rankin for me as a future guard (see also Jonah Williams) and Little doesn't fit our character model as he's a lazy underachiever. The Falcons moving back in to grab McGary at the bottom of the 1st makes me feel a bit better as I like Howard more than him and it's possible they were in on Howard (remember all the scuttlebutt saying the Chargers were in on DB). The scariest part for me is counting on Devlin to develop a small school guy, but if he can't get it done with the very coachable Howard, he's a goner. Boy, we Texans love that Senior Bowl don't we... Aside from the value equation, Howard was the best fit with Dillard gone and it's not like the value would have been much better at CB (Greedy was never going to be a Texan and I HATE slow corners in the 1st (Baker, Murphy). I was leaning Savage or Abram at this pick, but even as critical as I think 3rd safety is in our defense, it's pretty hard to justify when we don't have starting quality tackles. It certainly will not be a popular pick for the people that just want to hear SEC names called, but the pick simply HAD to be a tackle and this guy seems like a good fit once he gets some "mexican meat"/Cushing strength program going.
  15. Texans 2019 Depth Charts

    Defense LDE JJ Watt Carlos Watkins Joel Heath RDE Jadeveon Clowney Angelo Blackson NT DJ Reader Brandon Dunn SAM Whitney Mercilus Davin Bellamy MIKE Benardrick McKinney Tyrell Adams WILL Zach Cunningham Dylan Cole Peter Kalambayi JACK Brennan Scarlett Duke Ejiofor Chris Landrum CB Johnathan Joseph Bradley Roby Aaron Colvin Briean Boddy Calhoun Johnathan Bademosi Jermaine Kelly Deante Burton FS Tashaun Gibson AJ Moore AJ Hendy SS Justin Reid Mike Tyson P Trevor Daniel