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  1. Official Sunshine Thread 2018

    Nope - wikipedia nonsense. We've played the Saints 4 times (2-2) in our entire history and I don't think some post-Katrina bias or some training camp machismo quite counts. I think most Texans fans probably have fond feelings for Austin Westlake's own Drew Brees and any team hiring Houston heroes Bum Phillips, Earl Campbell, and Kenny Stabler are alright by most. Mechem family that owned the Saints before Benson are a prominent Houston family (Mechem fountain) and the Benson's are as tied to San Antonio as New Orleans. FYI - let's not leave Galveston out of the hurricane connection as the 1900 hurricane remains the worst natural disaster in US history by far killing off 8,000 people (1,800 in Katrina), and leaving 30,000 of 38,000 residents homeless. Galveston was equal parts Wall Street, Vegas, and Mardi Gras at the time, and rising to the richest and most populous city in Texas before the hurricane basically leveled it leading to the creation of the Ports of Houston and Beaumont. Patriots would make more sense as a "rival" due to the fact we've actually played them 8 times in the past 6 seasons including 2 playoff losses. O'Brien and Crennel are Belichick tree failures along with Vrabel, Izzo and more, but I like what I see in future OC Wes Welker. Before we tried to become New England South we were Denver South with the Kubiak/Smith era where we sheltered more failed Shanny diciples than the Boston archdiocese does fallen priests. Dolphins would be the closest we have to a winning rivalry as we've beaten them 7 of 8 (O'Brien managed to lose that streak with what is still the worst half of football in franchise history). Still undefeated vs. the Bears (4-0) and have never beaten the Vikings or Eagles (0-4). I'd put Browns (6-3), Raiders (6-4), and Bills (5-4) closer to the top of "rivals" as we've played each 9 or 10 times and they are amongst the few franchises we actually can consider ourselves superior to since our inception in 2002. I'd include the Ravens and Chiefs due to playoff losses, shared players (Ed Reed, Jacoby and Vonta Leach - KC guard exchange) and former GM rivalry between Ozzie Newsome and Rick Smith which was about as one sided as Belichick-O'Brien. Still plenty of leftover Oilers era hate for the Steelers and the Rooney Refs that have been gifting them playoff wins for 50 years. Personally, I'd rank it Cowboys #1, Titans #2, Jags #3, Colts #4 with Pats, Ravens, Chiefs, Steelers as wins we'd savor if they came, while losing to Dolphins, Bills, Raiders, Browns being particularly painful. Probably a worthy asterisk in there for the Bengals letting us beat them with TJ Yates quality QBs, but Marvin Lewis is the playoff gift that most franchises appreciate.
  2. Week 7 - Houston @ Jax

    BTW - Fournette is OUT again this week. They traded for Carlos Hyde today, but I doubt he sees much action with 2 days to learn the playbook. Jags are still committed to the run with Yeldon, but after shutting down Zeke, he certainly doesn't scare us.
  3. Week 7 - Houston @ Jax

    Shareece Wright is OUT. Dude has been a life saver so far and one of the best man to man defenders we've had since Joseph's prime or that oNe yEaR WoNdEr UDFA we handed over to this weeks opponent. I assume this means Kareem draws full-time CB duty and Reid plays every snap again, but someone is getting their first defensive snaps as 5th/6th DBs this week. Kind of shocked we haven't made a roster move as you simply can't go into a game with 3 healthy CBs, one of them a 34 year old. DBs Bademosi, Jamerson, Moore, and Tyson have all been core special teamers but haven't seen a defensive snap yet. Just guessing, but Tyson is probably most likely as he's played some CB as well. I don't get the sense they want Bademosi back there. Wouldn't be shocked if Chachere got the call up this week from the PS. Ryan Griffin is OUT as well. Personally, I'm hoping Akins and Thomas seize the job while he's out as I still have no idea what O'Brien sees in Griffin to like as he's a poor to mediocre blocker, can't make a contested catch, and is too slow to get separation. On the bright side, after the Jags stop the Blue/Miller run up the middle, followed by the Coutee shovel pass or Hopkins fade, they might actually have to defend something other than the desperation heave to a completely covered Griffin on 3rd and 1 from the 1. Expecting to be dazzled by the creativity that ensues with our playcalling inside the 5. Heck, maybe we'll see something besides 4 yard passes to YACmaster Griffin on 3rd and 15 as well. Fulton is questionable. Dude has been one of our only decent pass protectors, but he is an absolute liability for the run game. Mancz would get the start if Fulton isn't ready to go. Personally, I'd like to see Mancz play center with Martin moving over to RG as amongst other things Martin is awful at actually snapping the ball with every shotgun snap nearly skipping off the ground which has got to disrupt Watson's rhythm and takes his eyes off the targets and the rush. Martin caused the critical false start from the 1 last week screwing up the snap count (attributed to Lamm, but the whole line moved because the ball wasn't snapped). Dude has gotten a pass for being a bottom tier center because tackle play has been so poor, but Fulton and Kelemete have been upgrades on XSF & Allen and it's time to admit Mancz was significantly better the year he subbed for Martin than Martin has been. If Davenport can be sat down a week to clear his head after the false start debacle, Martin should as well.
  4. Practice Squads

    We got another TE poached from the PS Matt Lengel - TE - signed by Bengals Jerrell Adams - TE - signed to PS. Adams was a 6th rounder in 2016 by the Giants and actually put up some stats w/24 Recs / 214 yards and a TD. Another SC alum. Physical freak at 6' 5" 250 to go with 4.64 speed. Not the greatest hands and mediocre blocker, but speed makes him a threat down the seam.
  5. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread V.2

    Sorry dude, the fanbase is a bit salty about genius Bo'B and his latest 1 for 6 red zone abomination this week. The general feeling is that O'Brien's key concept is to suck all life out of his offense in the first half trying to establish his 190 lb square peg in a round hole filled with 340lb DT's run game, unleash Watson to freelance for quarter and a half, then find new and innovative ways to crush our souls in the final 2 minutes. The core plays are the run up the middle, punt inside opponent territory, field goals inside the 5, and the post-game "I gotta call better plays" defense. Trying to steer away from complete sarcasm, here's how I would describe the Bill O'Brien offense: Supposedly this is a revamped playbook built to cater to Watson's strengths after he absolutely tore up the league his healthy 6 weeks last year largely with improvisation, but through 5 weeks it seems as if it's the same stale Fitz, Hogan, Osweiler, Savage 2014-2017 milquetoast, but with Watson livening things up by keeping plays alive and Nuk, Fuller, and now Coutee making things happen with their hands and wheels. Basically, I think he just removed the fullback, some of the more complicated stuff that required an Ivy League degree to make pre-snap adjustments to just run up the middle again and threw in some designed runs that he still calls with a QB coming off and ACL and probably serious rib/sternum/lung issues now. Oh yes, same o-line coach, 4 new low rent lineman with 2 more rotated in, same horrific pass protection, same fundamental flaws in technique, same inability to pick up a blitz, same decision to haphazardly flip left-side lineman to the right, same pre-snap penalties and crippling holding calls, same complete inability to open a hole at any level. CONSERVATIVE - 70's style run-run-pass to #1 WR. Runs are almost exclusively between the tackles despite having an interior line in Fulton, Kelemete, and Martin who are not good run blockers. Sadly, this is actually an improvement as XSF and Allen could neither pass protect or run block the past two years. Lamar Miller showed renewed burst in the preseason, but he doesn't have holes to burst thru, runs unbalanced, falls on first contact, and now has broken ribs. Blue has one 15-20 yard run in him every 15-20 carries and while he has looked more spry this year than the past several, he is the must stuff-prone runner in the league as he has no patience or vision and runs up the back of his lineman setting up 2nd and 9 more often than not. Bo'Bs stuck in the "run to set up the pass" mindset despite it usually just setting up 3rd and long. 2nd down has become the RPO, designed run "wrinkle down" which are poorly designed to get Watson pounded by LBs on the perimeter a few extra times per game to break up the 15 times he's hit by lineman. The commitment to the run seemingly is done out of rote habit/duty to start every drive vs. any strategic purpose to the extent that he'll still run on 1st down late in the game in the 2 minute drill killing off precious downs and seconds for 2 yard gains. Passing game lives off 10 yard outs to Hopkins on the sideline and Watson scrambling on 3rd downs. Fuller used to be all go routes and post patterns, but we worked him underneath a bit more the first few weeks before Coutee showed up. TE's are good for a long gain or two every game down the seam, but Watson ignores them as chain movers as throwing down the middle under pressure isn't advise and we are in 3rd and long ALOT. The screen and bubble screens have been a staple of this offense for 5 years and I can count the number of times they didn't lead to a loss or 1 yard gain on 3rd and 8 on one hand. Much of the success in the passing game is due to extraordinary effort from Hopkins on ordinary slants like the past two winning drives. Worst pass protection in the league means Watson is rarely going thru progressions, but running for his life and dumping it off or launching deep. Don't let the stats fool you as the yardage totals are nice, but massive chunks of it have been in late game comeback situations going off script. KeeKee Coutee - this is the one true innovation this year. Despite the NE roots of O'Brien's offense, the slot has been a wasteland for 4 years and 3 weeks, but Coutee has brought a fresh dynamic and has been used as essentially the run game the past two weeks. Jet sweeps have worked. Shovel passes have worked. Dude has been a target machine with plays clearly designed to get the ball out quick and generate YAC. Wes Welker for OC please! Predictability - almost everything that works is because it's a tendency breaker as 90% is "by the book" on down and distance. Invariably the rare 1st down passes successful or not are followed by runs up the middle. Productive runs are always followed by another less successful one. 3rd and long in own territory is always a safe short of the sticks pass to a RB or TE. 2nd and short is always a run to move the chains rather than an attempt for a kill shot. The rare plays we haven't seen before almost always come on 1st downs to start a drive in our territory, never 7 plays into a drive to finish it off. O'Brien gets completely lost after long plays usually leading to momentum killing time outs or delays of game. First half is a hyper hyper conservative pile of dust fest leading to the 2nd half being pass-sack-pass-int-pass extravaganza. Red Zone absurdity. I'll just let this week speak for itself. BTW - before you go thinking O'Brien is some sort of innovator for running shotgun from the 1, the past 4 years it was run into a pile 3 times (or sometimes 4) in a row with a fullback and smallish HB. And then there was the 4th and goal from the 1 fade. This is an o-line that will never impose it's will on people, so some deception is required, but the plays are so blatantly telegraphed there isn't a person in the building who doesn't know exactly what is coming - e.g. Watson in shotgun every down, but coming under center the one time we try to sneak it. 1st and GOAL at DAL 6, 7:33 left in 2Q 1st-Goal at 6 - Alfred Blue -3 yard run 2nd-Goal at 9 - Dehsaun Watson 2 yard scramble (shotgun) 3rd-Goal at 7 - Deshaun Watson incomplete pass to Tyler Ervin (shotgun) 4th-Goal at 7 - Ka'imi Fairbairn 20 yard FG 1st and GOAL at DAL 9, 0:29 left in 2Q 1st-Goal at 9 - Deshaun Watson incomplete to Ryan Griffin (shotgun) 2nd-Goal at 9 - Deshaun Watson incomplete to DeAndre Hopkins (shotgun) 3rd-Goal at 9 - Deshaun Watson complete to Hopkins 8 yards (shotgun) 4tth-Goal at 1 - Deshaun Watson scramble for -1 yard (shotgun) 1st and GOAL at DAL 4, 5:47 left in 3Q 1st-Goal at 4 - Deshaun Watson incomplete to DeAndre Hopkins (shotgun) 2nd-Goal at 4 - Deshaun Watson 1 yard designed run to left (shotgun) 3rd-Goal at 3 - Deshaun Watson incomplete to Ryan Griffin (shotgun) 4th-Goal at 3 - Ka'imi Fairbairn 21 yard FG 1st and GOAL at DAL 1, 10:01 left in 4Q 1st-Goal at 1 - Alfred Blue rush, no gain (shotgun) 2nd-Goal at 1 - Deshaun Watson QB sneak, no gain 3rd-Goal at 1 - Deshaun Watson incomplete to Ryan Griffin (shotgun) 4th-Goal at 1 - Ka'imi Fairbairn 19 yard FG Hey - you asked, buddy.
  6. 2018 Roster 53 man + more (Updated 9/8)

    So am I the only one who misses Troymaine Pope? Dude was electric in preseason as our receiving back which has been totally absent from our gameplan in the regular season. I think Blue has proven to be worth keeping and Ervin has been solid in returns, but what is the point of this Buddy Howell fellow who is a special teams afterthought with 1 tackle? Blue is an abysmal receiver and nearly got Deshaun killed missing a blitz pickup on the int. Worse still that stupid play where we have Lamar Miller lined up wide (which fools nobody) now has Blue out at receiver which is just laughable. If we are going to do this shotgun stuff in the red zone, Pope is way more of a threat to actually do something out wide and unlike Blue can actually catch a swing pass. I don't want to rock the boat with special teams rolling, but especially with Miller dinged up, Pope would be an asset we should reconsider. BTW - Side note for anyone thinking Foreman is going to come back and set the world on fire. NO running back has EVER effectively returned from a ruptured achilles. None. It is a career killer as it is the largest tendon in the body and is where explosiveness comes from. There is a reason we haven't heard squat about him. He may suit up this season, but he made about 4 plays last year and they were all explosive plays with dozens of no gains in between. Take away the explosiveness and you don't have much.
  7. Practice Squads

    Protect your earholes. Mike Tython is on the active roster. Mike Tyson - S - promoted to 53 - 6th round pick by seahawks in 2017, Univ of Cinn, 6' 1" 207, 4.56 speed. Played linebacker in hs, safety in college, corner for Seahawks (on practice squad all last year). Pretty much just a depth guy / special teamer like Jamerson and AJ Moore who I still don't think I've seen yet (they've played special teams, just haven't noticed). Moore has a tackle. Kayvon Webster - IR Robert Jackson - CB - signed to practice squad. Jackson is a UDFA from UNLV. Solid size speed at 6' 1" 202 lbs 4.44 speed. Was in Colts camp. Fits theme of Gaine's practice squad which is heavy on measurables and untapped potential, light on experience. Dude played football for the first time in his life his senior year of high school, Arkansas Baptist, transfer to UNLV where he started only 7 games. Lottery ticket.
  8. 2018 Roster 53 man + more (Updated 9/8)

    A Patrick Peterson deal would transform this franchise. I'd throw the Seahawks 2nd rounder out there for him in a heartbeat. Would probably need to sweeten the pot a bit with another middle rounder, but the Cards are going nowhere before his deal is up in 2020 and he's 28. They eat almost nothing in a trade ($3.9 mill hit, but saves $11m prorated by game this year, $11m in 19, $12m in 20). Timing works perfectly for us as we have $21m burning a hole in our pocket this year and $86m next year (Clowney will get a chunk of that). Watson will certainly get 5th year option in 2021 and resigned for $100m+ so window is perfect! I'd be shocked if we could pull it off, but with Honey Badger seemingly turning into our locker room leader, Pat Pete would be an amazing fit as that pairing had both playing at their peak. FYI - Kayvon Webster to IR after 2 snaps. Come on Gaine, enough with the reclamation projects or pipedreams. Go get a proven CB, draft a tackle, fire the OC and we've got legit Super Bowl potential within 2-3 years.
  9. Official Sunshine Thread 2018

    So I looked up the Texans Special Teams thru 5 games and it is nothing short of friggin phenomenal considering we were ranked 30-32 in practically everything since a few years into Kubiak's reign. We need to worship at the altar of Brad Seely. Both of our wins could have easily been destroyed by one big return which always seemed to come in crunch time in the past (Deji Karim anyone?). Kickoff coverage is best in the NFL! Tyler Ervin is not spectacular, but has been steady handed, regularly gets the first guy to miss getting 10 bonus yards on nearly every punt, and has made responsible fair catch decisions avoiding getting blown up or getting us pinned too deep. Can't find a stat, but I don't recall many flags on returns either which have been a staple for years to the extent that for several years I felt we would have been better off not blocking and sending 3 guys back to call for a fair catch which at least wasn't -10 yards. There has been only 2 kickoffs and 3 punts returned for TD's in the NFL this year, so I'll trade explosiveness for tough safe yards any day. Kickoffs Own - 266 yards - 24.2 avg - ranked #6 & #11 Coverage - 96 yards - 16.0 avg - ranked #4 & #1 Longest return is 21 yards! Only 6 returned. Punts Own - 139 yards - 10.7 avg - #7 & #9 Coverage - 49 yards - 7.0 avg - #9 & #14 Kicking Most FGs in NFL (13/16) - 10/10 xps Punts - Avg sucks, but 16th in Net, #6 inside 20 (11) with only 2 touchbacks, #2 in fair catches Basically the Texans have sought to eliminate the variable of opponent kick returns. Only 6 kickoffs and 7 punts returned in 5 games. They can't score if they can't return em.
  10. 2018 Roster 53 man + more (Updated 9/8)

    Hell, I'll go as far as to say he's the best man to man corner we've had since prime JonJo and Bouye '16. Dude is the one corner who actually has the stones to play tight coverage and break up passes vs. cushion and tackle. Was sad to see Webster go down so soon as he's a similar tight coverage guy - he lasted 2 snaps. BTW - Justin Reid played nearly every snap again and is playing at all-rookie team level. Bademosi has 1 snap on defense this season which is half of what Deandre Hopkins has (2). AJ Moore and Natrell Jamerson have not played a single defensive snap, but I can't argue with what we are doing on special teams.
  11. Week 5 GDT: Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans GDT

    Yep - was nice to see him actually tackle a guy backwards instead of being dragged an extra 6 yards to set up 3rd and 1 (which most teams outside of Texas actually convert). Pretty sure that's the first front of a jersey he's seen all season. For any other team holding Elliott to 54 yards rushing on 20 carries and picking off Dak twice means a romp. Maybe we need to see if Zach can shoot the gap with a ball in his hands. 462 yds to 292 is the final tally - I hearby dub our offense, "the bend, don't score offense." If OU can fire a Stoops brother after compiling a 68-17 record as DC for crapping the bed in a rivalry game in Texas, we can certainly fire our OC for 5 straight weeks of absurd playcalling. I think we're at the point where we just pay Weedon to play bizarro O'Brien and relay the exact opposite of the O'Brien playcall in to Watson or just go intramural style and have receivers tell Watson what they're running and rock, paper, scissor run vs. pass. Actually, I'm pretty sure O'Brien is one of those guys who would just go rock - then paper - then scissors, every single time and not realize 31 DCs know paper - scissors - rock will beat him EVERY time. Heck, he'd probably burn a challenge and 2 time outs before just going back to rock again.
  12. Week 5 GDT: Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans GDT

  13. Week 5 GDT: Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans GDT

  14. Week 5 GDT: Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans GDT

    Where is Reich when we need him.
  15. Week 5 GDT: Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans GDT

    And there's the punterception