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  1. Sic em Bears! Ranked #1 Men's Basketball Ranked #2 Women's Basketball (reigning National Champs) New $105 Million Basketball Pavilion Starts Construction 2020 2019 Sugar Bowl - 2nd place Big 12 HC now 5th highest paid coach in NFL Hired Reigning National Champions DC And beyond the big 3 just to prove the alumni mag still has my address... #1 Acrobatics and Tumbling (5 straight National Champs) #3 Volleyball - Final Four #6 Tennis #9 Equestrian #21 Baseball - 3rd straight regional Big 12 Student Athlete Graduation Success Rate - (6 straight champs) Really makes me miss the debates with the Aggie homer (not Pastor) who once argued Baylor should be in Conference USA while proclaiming that their move to the SEC meant an end to their middle of the road mediocrity (of course, that's a bar UT athletics can't even clear anymore). Not so bad for a little private school two hours from the 2 best funded athletic programs in the country and their thriving airport gift shop t-shirt sales.
  2. As long as he's well behaved, donates to veterans causes, says yessir, and hugs the owners widow. We don't want any of those scary guys like Peppers or Clowney in the building.
  3. we just gunna ignore the false start on the kicker on the extra point? refs have given up too.
  4. I merely bruised ribs in high school (took a 90 MPH pitch from Jay Buhner) and nearly cried every time I had to twist to wipe my butt or get out of one of those school desks. Hopkins out there exposing those ribs for that conversion might have been the bravest thing I've seen. Meanwhile, ditto JJ Watt laying out with a torn pec to try to catch up to Mahomes. I just wish the coaching staff and half assed "leaders" like McKinney didn't waste their effort.
  5. That was a pretty heroic drive by Watson and Nuk. At least the offense is still swinging. Defense threw in the towel an hour ago.
  6. We have earned every bit of disrespect we get from the league and the media. Way to play down to low expectations. Such a shame Watson, Nuk, and Watt have to be a part of this mess.
  7. Bwaahahhah. Now I know Romo doesn't know the Texans. RAC with a different plan for the second half. Good stuff, Tony.
  8. Meanwhile, second year in a row a vastly inferior division opponent (both hired 2 years ago when O'Brien should have been fired) will advance beyond us in the playoffs. Texans ownership plays for profits and AFC South banners. O'Brien is set for life.
  9. I swear rooting for the Texans is like rooting for the Washington Generals. Every opponent is the Globetrotters just setting up scripts for new and awful ways to torture us with our opponents always revered as heroic. Just waiting for the moment when they throw the confetti popcorn at us - probably Honey Squirrel.
  10. Whelp, I guess I'll be the Kevin Bacon "all is well" guy today. Give me down by 4 at the half yesterday and I'd sign up.
  11. Let's not forget - their actual defense still hasn't done anything to keep us from scoring.
  12. Been waiting for that Carter fumble all season. Of course, it comes at the worst possible time.
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