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  1. Definitely not about to go to the defense of players who are still proving themselves. The one I am highest on is Curtis Weaver, he was an absolute MONSTER at Boise State, and did it as a freshman. Now I KNOW its not the SEC, but he was a good looking prospect. Redwine and Green I feel the way @LETSGOBROWNIES does about those two. Potential, but no bullets down range yet. Biggest person that fits in this category, that has already been spoke about is Marvin Wilson....I have no idea how he went Undrafted. This is the most I've been excited about an UDFA since Isaiah Crowell out of Alabama
  2. A couple of players I am really looking forward to seeing in training camp are the young guys I'm looking to honestly see something from. I know our secondary looks good at this moment, but who is going to be that 5th CB.....the kid we broke the previous record with "for signing bonus for an UDFA" CB AJ Green out of Okla St. last year, it would be really good if he stepped up this year. I am also a huge fan of Curtis Weaver, I had him with a 2nd day grade coming out of Boise State in 2019...if this kid plays like he did there and improves like he did all 3 years at B. St., he could give us a s
  3. Not only these young guy's, but another shot in the dark, hail Marry, trying to catch lighting in a bottle DT prospect Malik McDowell, now its been a LONG time since he's played meaningful snaps of football...but he was a MONSTER at Mich St.....in a Perfect world, Wilson and McDowell both recognize their college promise and we are left to decide between Malik Jackson (Vet) and Andrew Billings (Run Stuffer) IF we keep a 5th DT.....with the top 4 being Wilson, Elliot, Tongi and McDowell....
  4. James Hudson in the 4th this year from Cincy
  5. I like this.....I Hope Joe Woods starts us out in a 4-2-5 with Delpit as the Slot Safety and JOK at the Flex LB/Rover/Wild Dog/Dingo spot and Ant Walker Jr as the MLB....being able to blitz either of those 2 or Harrison.....gives a lot of mismatch looks.....and if they want to line up Big and run....I like Billings/Jackson/Myles/Clowney and Walker as the Primary run defenders...your not pushing those guys around....and if there is any leekage, you have Delpit, Jok, Harrison and Johnson III all flying up to fill gaps....thats a lot of Forced Fumbles...
  6. With Better safeties and CB's this year......Hopefully this is Andy Reed and Eric Beienemy on Week 1, after Joe Woods unleashes the new defense.
  7. Lefties.... (I had an images of Lefty Drisell...but Corp's new Zscaler crap is seriously hindering my meme gif game....)
  8. I think even Jesse would be proud of that word...the TRUE master of making up words..
  9. I thought this thread was going to be a great discussion LMAO.....now it feels more like this.....
  10. Am I the only one or does Drew Rosenhouse just look like a Sleezy Scumbag Used Car Salesman.....
  11. Resisting the temptation of the Dark Side of the Force, and keeping with the intended theme of this topic..... I am thinking about the backfield of Chubb, Felton and Hunt.....How about "The Electric Mayhem"
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