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  1. Offseason Discussion

    And Philips......is this an LSU thing??? LOL
  2. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    He was injured very early in the season, then our HC put him in the doghouse for some strange reason. Njoku had a decent rookie year, in year 2 he had a VERY Solid year and the arrow was pointing up.....he was hurt for 85% of year 3 (concussion and broken wrist on the same play). His value is not where we would like it to be, but I dont think the Browns front office is interested in moving him for a 3rd day pick.
  3. Offseason Discussion

    I can dig it, and I liked H. Bryant also and think he was the 2nd best TE in the draft behind Kelmet, with a late 2nd/Early 3rd round grade on him, getting him where we did was a steal. But based off Njoku's "Potential" with 2 years left on his deal, I'm not interested in possibly letting another team Recognize that potential for the cost of a 3rd day pick, I'd rather keep him and see what he does this year. And if gets injured or dosent perform up to standard, I think based off his age and Athletic potential, he would still be worth a 3rd day pick next offseason. And we already have extra 3rd, 4th and 5th round picks in next years draft. There are 2 scenario's I would be interested in.....trading him for a 2nd round pick in 2022 (year after next) or seeing if Indy is interested in him for a straight up swap for Malik Hooker. I am not interested in any deal that we have to give up additional assets (and then add a huge new contract), or trading him for a day 3 pick....I'd rather just keep him.
  4. Offseason Discussion

    Am I the only one who is thinking this? WE have a new young HC, and he runs a 2 TE offense...we have a former 1rst round pick under contract for 2 more years, what is our incentive to trade him? I personally get steamed up for our TE room with Hooper, Njoku and Harrison....thats a LOT of potential....especially since next year we COULD be rebuilding the entire WR corps....think of where our WR corps is right now....and next year could be minus Higgins and either Landry or OBJ in addition to Kareem Hunt.....I PERSONALLY want to keep that TE room together for the next 2 seasons.....ITS gonna be needed.....
  5. Offseason Discussion

    This is what I'm thinking here.....If I'm A.B., I just simply tell him NO, sit down, gear up and get ready to rock and roll this year. For me, having him as a #2 option, giving my Rookie Head Coach, the ideal pieces for his preferred offensive scheme...is worth more than what we would get in return for him right now....a 3rd round pick or later does not interest me at all to upset the apple cart right now. Unless someone pony's up a 2nd round pick, I simply reply with
  6. You may have contributed to a conversion here....I might give it a gander
  7. Hypothetical #1 Overall Pick 2021

    IF I was Andrew Berry, I would look like an auctioneer from the day we got the pick, until the night before the draft. Yep....3 1rsts sounds about right....
  8. Hypothetical #1 Overall Pick 2021

  9. Offseason Discussion

    Maybe it's just me...and I know that there are a LOT of question Marks at LB and Safety, but I for one am kinda interested in seeing what we got going with the potential at these positions. A couple of kids we have, that I liked in college, Willie Harvey from Iowa St., was a tough lil MLB there, I like to see what he develops into...Sione Takitaki was an interesting edge player at BYU, violent kid who was a good tackler, played both DE and LB while there, so there is some versatility. And once again going out on the Island alone....as far as Safety is concerned, Delpit was my favorite S in the draft, but I am also a fan of seeing what we have in Sheldrick Redwine, who didnt look lost at the end of last season, and this is going into his 2nd year, he was supremely athletically talented coming out (4.45 40yd, and 39.5 inch vertical) with some ability to play some slot CB, he had a nice stat line his Sr. year at Miami....I also want to see what we have in JT Hassle, after giving him a year on the Practice Squad to transition to SS...he's damn sure athletic enough to play it....( PRO DAY NUMBERS – 5111, 200 pounds, 42 inch vertical, 10’1 Broad Jump, 4.38 forty yard dash, 4.26 Short Shuttle, 6.84 3 Cone, and 23 reps of 225 on the bench)...and a ridiculous stat line is SR. year....with a year to be tutored by Sadeejo...some of these young kids could develop.....and an outside shot, is looking at A.J. Green the UDFA we paid a record contract to coming out of OKst., he could transition to safety potentially if he dosent work out at CB....
  10. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

  11. Heard this on the sport junkies yesterday, but didnt do any posting on any social media yesterday...but wanted to express So en-grained in the Culture in the DC area, from hall of fame and championship player.... to Head Coach..... to GM. He was a Really Special Person.... Rest in peace Condolences from the Brown's Forum...