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  1. Or we could keep the Hammer....and the 4M we save by TRADING Colquitt for a 4th rounder And before you say it wont happen.... https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/17417587/carolina-panthers-fill-void-trade-cleveland-browns-pro-bowl-punter-andy-lee and Kareem Hunt...." 22 Abstain from all appearance of evil. "....Stay out the Club Son....stay in the training room and meeting room. Were gonna need you as much as you need us. (Getting my Old Man ON!!!!!)
  2. Joe Thomas honor

    Neither does Microfracture surgury....just ask Courtney Brown....(Too Soon??!?!?? LOL) But on the real.....Couldnt be a More Deserving guy. A guy who displayed UNBELIEVABLE Loyalty and Toughness during his career, it is SO sad that we loose him the year before we start getting good. IF we added Joe Thomas to last years team...we might make the playoffs.... As I have argued for years......top 3 LT tackle of my lifetime (Munoz and Ogden are the other two).
  3. I've always looked at this and wondered.....LOL HOW IN THE WORLD do they do it.....it has to be bots...
  4. DAMNATION!!!! I'm late to the party.....Congrats good Brother....I havent been around as much and just got a chance to see this one. Thank the Almighty for the new tiny addition to the Dog Pound!!!! Hopefully Mother and Baby are doing fantastic...
  5. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Greg Robinson and Kareem Hunt.......maybe even Jalen Strong...
  6. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    You and me Both.... I also whiffed BADLY on Laquon Treadwell...and to a lesser extent but still a whiff Robert Nkemdiche....but Thomas and Treadwell you couldnt tell me wouldn't be bonified starts...
  7. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    I had a thought this morning.....of COURSE in the SHOWER.... My Madden teams starting improving when I started working it this way.....our Beloved Browns is a team that is now the most talented I've seen since we came back into the league. I think with the moves that J.D. has made.....this team in its current iteration is set up to make a real run at this things for the next 2 seasons. I think that is when the salary cap realness is going to set in a bit. One of the keys IMO is get very real with the talent assessment. We've been talent starved for so long....(how many folks in here have had real bar arguments over us having the best LT and KR in the NFL....not a QB, not a HC...but a KR.....love ya Cribbs....but a KR)...that we may overvalue and want to try and keep ALL of this talent. I personally think, there are 4 levels of players...the Core Group (the group that MUST be kept together no matter what), Winning talent (guys you need to win, but this homegrown talent WILL get payday's elsewhere, or took a payday to come here) I feel you can enjoy these players for 2-3 seasons, IF you pay them like core players you will affect your ability to sign your core players IMO, unless you identify them EARLY and give them a deal before its time. The Young Replacements (solid group of talent with potential, these guys make up your special teams and look like they could develop down the road or step in for letting some of the winning talent go) and your JAG's (just a guy). I feel our Core players are Mayfield, Garret, Bintonio and Ward (with room for one more). Winning talent: Schobert, Randle, Ogunjobi, Landry, Chubb, OBJ, NJoku, Hunt, Duke, Sheldon Richardson. Young Replacements: HIggins, Calloway, Greg Robinson (potential to more to Core) and Genard Avery. We have to keep our eyes on the core...let winning talent walk if it wont sign a team friendly deal, or we identify them EARLY and get them under contract with the cheap 2-3 year extension, and get the compensatory picks for them. Young replacements need to be extended early or traded to maximize value. PS. I read something funny yesterday on a Titians website....they want to trade their backup LT to us for David Njoku !!!!!!!!!!!! Crack Kills
  8. I got to say that I am pulling for the Scottish Hammer..... He is a graduate of a school that has educated my family for years......Pop's DaWg_Lb. Graduated from there....and his baby Brother (my Uncle Van) use to be the Head Basketball Coach there....so GO SCOTTISH HAMMER....save us that 4M we gonna need to sign the Big 4 (Mayfield, Garret, Ward and Randell)
  9. Run Game is largely irrelevant

  10. RB Considerations... Duke Johnson & More

    I like the way the boy's are closing ranks and making this a non issue.
  11. Maybe in a couple years when Vernon has to go....it becomes Chad Thomas on 1rst and 2nd as a base run stopping DE...and Avery on the rush downs?
  12. RB Considerations... Duke Johnson & More

    I respect the way Baker handled this......Your either On this Train...or your not.....Conductor Mayfield....