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  1. Hue Jackson thread.

    I want to see Hue given a chance.....we basically took the mindset of were making ourselves and expansion team last season....and I don't have expectations of an expansion team making a deep playoff run in its second year (Carolina Panthers are the exception and were in a very unique situation. People can say what they want about our Front office, but they have made the most solid moves and best drafting record of any of our recent regimes....IMO...I think they have given Hue enough to craft an offense he can win with....He seems stuck on running his "Ideal System" deep passing game to score points and then try and salt away a win with the running game. We cannot win like this right now. I feel if Hue, leaned on the oline in the running game, it could be effective....we have a young QB and our best weapons are 2 TE's and our RB out of the backfield....so the passing game should be from the inside out....giving our rookie QB some simpler throw's.....the Patriots made a LIVING out of this type of offense....and that would also stop putting the D on the field for the entire game and playing from behind..... The pieces that the Front office gave Greg Williams...up until last week we had an top 5 NFL D (2nd vs the Run against)....he took what he had and crafted a D that you can win with, IF the offense would give you just a little something!!!! I dont understand Hue on this one......I figured he would be flexible enough to make it work....
  2. It's time to start Hogan.

    I feel where your point is coming from....and I understand your point. But from this statement here, I can tell that you are not married, and do not have any children for CERTAIN....I will also happen a guess that you dont have siblings or come from a pretty small family IF you were....you would understand "how you unconditionally put up with someone who makes you misserable and pissy for such a long time"..... Just keep putting miles in the rear view mirror and one day, this will become more clear to you
  3. It's time to start Hogan.

    Poor lil Stu
  4. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    If were sitting in the right spot and no trade up was needed....Based on what I've seen so far.....I would take a QB Its a trick question to ask me who I'm taking out of those two Though.....(my favorite QB is Luke Faulk from Wash St. ) so TECHNICALLY I COULD pass on both of those QB's if I thought Luke Faulk was avaliable with our lower 1rst round selection and go with Fitzpatrick and Faulk (But I understand the Spirit of the question) Same question back to you? And Who's currently your favorite QB potentially coming out next year?
  5. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    I am not out on Kizer yet..... I made my first Mock draft based on Kizer developing.....If he show's he's not the man.....then my draft would change...
  6. It's time to start Hogan.

    Not trying to be an ARSE here....just commenting on a few of those names.....you need to move Tom Brady (2 year starter), Arron Rogers (2 year starter and came out after his Jr. season) and Cam Newton (1 year starter at a major program, 1 year starter at a Junior College).....those were just a few names off the top of my head on this list...
  7. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    I was thinking about this myself....in my first rough draft mock, I had us taking Penny in Round 2 along with 2 WR's...and using our first two round...err...our two first round picks on Derwin James and Minka Fitzpatrick.....and actually run the Big Nickle next year....FS Minka F. with SS. Derwin James and then move Peppers to Slot Safety OR Flip Flop James and Peppers as not to have two rookies deep.......but with the way that JoScho is developing...might be hard to only have 2 LB's on the field at the same time.
  8. It's time to start Hogan.

    Also wanted to point this out.....the NFL loves certain players/Franchises and not others IMO. On Yesterday I saw articles in the paper about Turbisky being a "Baller"....now I was the biggest supporter of his in here. At the same time I was clear in saying ANY QB coming out this year should sit for a year......they jumped on Kizer not being ready...but Turbisky went 12/25 which is under 50% completion....also notice how he was asked to throw the ball 25 times and not 47 times. I also watched the ENTIRE game...MOST of Turb's passes were on Roll outs (where he only reads one side of the field) or Play Action....the bears ran it 30 times, which kept the LB;s stuck and made easier throws IMO. And last but not least...the int he throw, was in the Bears Redzone and cost them the game..but that TD he threw was a COMPLETE luck play...it was very similar to the Kizer int this weekend...except that the Safety got 2 hands on it..and tipped it back over his head RIGHT to the TE for the TD....if the SS makes the SIMPLE int...Turbs numbers would have been 11-25 0td's 2int's..... Young QB's, with limited starting time in college, in spread offenses, will need to time develop an NFL game...IMO
  9. good vibes only thread.

    The Development of Ogbah, Shon Coleman, Seth Devale, Joe Schobert and Derrick Kindred.....they are all developing nicely.... With Drango and Kessler looking like they both will develop into solid (not spectacular) NFL players Even Ricardo Louis looks like a #4 or #5 WR/ST Standout. With the way Jamar Taylor has resurrected his career (Acquired for a 7th that year) With only Jordan Payton and Trey Caldwell cut (Scooby Wright (was signed our off our PS by the Cards) Our draft from 2017 is looking pretty darn good....
  10. Not coming in here to be disrespectful, just wanted to see what the Dolphin faithful were saying. I saw some digs in here that made me laugh and I wanted to get in on the laughs. We are 0-5 so we don't have room to talk about anyone, so please take this in good fun.
  11. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    I agree here....there are only 3 positions and one circumstance you trade up for players 1. QB, 2. LT and 3. Pass rusher/DE/OLB and the last occasion is when someone of extreme value slides down....for example what the Browns did for Njoku...who was the 2nd rated TE behind OJ Howard...
  12. It's time to start Hogan.

    I respect your opinion, and your Right to Voice it..... But what is the point of this post? Do you expect this room to all of a sudden become empty and all of us close our accounts and open them up under other franchises that have experienced more success recently? Ok so you don't understand it....so that adds what to the discussion?, unless the topic is why you don't understand why fans stick with teams that don't win every year (Bandwaggoning), just because they've been rooting for them since their childhood? No offense meant, and not trying to be mean or nasty....just curious as to what the point of this post is? Unless:
  13. Would you trade for Jimmy G right now ?

    No I wouldn't...... IMO that ship has sailed and its either Kizer looks like he's going to develop or we go with the TOP QB in the draft next season. I think Garapolo is staying put, so he's out of the equation IMO.....and in other cases, I dont want a 30+ year old QB that has already played his best football....

    I didnt know where to post this.....One of the thing I was REALLY hoping to see last week was us Finally use the "Big Nickle" D as a base last week. I think the time was perfect with Garret coming back and Collins still out....Bring in Kia Nacua at the "Angel" position, keep Kindred at SS and move JP to the Slot nickle safety....Until Collins gets healthy, that will allow a more flexible blitz package and it would help us with the 7-12 yard TE routes over the middle that have killed us for the past couple of weeks....