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  1. D line preview

    And that's the thing...I don't feel Nassib has been taught to use his physical skills properly...using his length to create angles and leverage. Using Leverage to turn speed/Quickness to power. Its like playing the old Street Fighter game..if you used Dhalsim, you couldn't try and use him like Blanka...you gotta play to his strengths....and I think they unlock that this year. A huge thing is Clyde Simmons.....IMO he's one of the top 3-5 Dline coaches in the league.......something tells me we will either have to promote him to DC next year (with Greg Williams taking Asst. HC Def) or we WILL LOOSE him a D Coordinator. IF Clyde cant get it outta Nassib....its not in there for an NFL level.
  2. D line preview

    Carl Nassib and another player I am standing on the table for, that most folks are I feel are not taking a real look at... Caleb Brantley in 2017 I would have ranked 1 pure DT ahead of him in that draft class IMO (Malik McDowell...and he was a DT/DE type of player coming out also)...or course Jonothan Allen was in that draft but at 6'3 284lbs, that's not a Pure DT to me.....tweener of a 3-Tech mixed with a 5-Tech. I felt like he was a 1rst round pick talent wise.....every service that I look at every year had him rated as a Mid/Late first rounder- very high 2nd rounder. I feel this kid is going to take over the 3-tech this year and run it like pimp runs a stable of whore's....
  3. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    Random thing I just did......As some of you know I've worked in the IT field since I been posting in here. One of my tasks is setting up Development and Testing labs for Software based solutions....I am working with this one Department in particular who always thinks their needs trumps everyone else's......Well the manager just requested that we add full names to some of our test users in one of our AD OU's....The names Added were to these test users...which managers and the client will see on their Demo/Test Reports are as follows: Joe Thomas, Josh Gordon, Myles Garrett, Jarvis Landry, Jamie Collins, Baker Mayfield, Duke Johnson and Jabril Peppers.....
  4. 2019 Early Mock Drafts

    Threads like this remind me of why I have spent so much time in here over the years LOL
  5. Nick Chubb = NFL Stud

  6. 2019 Early Mock Drafts

  7. 2019 Early Mock Drafts

  8. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    LETS GO 3!!!!
  9. The 53 & Roster Strengths, Weaknesses, & Question Marks

    Zane Gonzales was one of the best College Kickers I've seen in recent memory.....
  10. Supplemental Draft actually relevant??

    He's also 6'3" 1/2...has a 39 1/2 vertical and ran 4.44 and 4.47 at his pro day (electronically timed) and can play CB and FS/SS....that is a LOT of tools in that there box....and I had never heard of this kid before we brought him in for a visit. I still want Beal......IJS....add him and I feel we have rebuilt our secondary completely in a single offseason..
  11. Former Browns TE KWII arrested

    This might be the funniest post in here this year!!!!!!
  12. OTA Updates

    And after a team sticks up for you after 3 Substance suspensions....NOT 2.....but 3 (2 Marijuana and 1 Alcohol)....I could see him balking at a Franchise tag in 2020...but as far as the 4M-5M (projected) RFA 1rst round tender tag, I don't see him refusing to play for that.....IF he dominates for 2 seasons....he would be 29 heading into the 2020 season and that will be his LAST and ONLY chance at getting the Big Contract....no one wants to try and negotiate their first URFA deal at the age of 30....so I see us with Josh for this season and next...we will either have to sign him or trade him after that season. The way I see Dorsey doing it, is we will get his best for the next two seasons, and then I think we do exactly what Miami did....Franchise him and trade him for a 1rst to a contender who thinks they are 1 Wr away....somebody like Tenn in a couple years...giving Mariota a true #1 target or shipping him to Indy for a #1 target for Luck...
  13. OTA Updates

    Absolutely I love J.G.....and I think he is going to recapture the magic......(I got my hopes up again....which may not be prudent.)...but at the same time...we have stuck by him through the thick and thin....probably should have cut him a couple years ago...but since we didnt...and he is looking like he may recapture the magic....at the end of the day Josh....we stuck by you when times were bad........Now my message to him is........ We'd like to see a little R.O.I. on our Loyalty....
  14. OTA Updates

    This is possibly true.....they may have missed on him....or they may have never traded that extra 6th to move up (Which could have turned into another player) and with that extra 6th sat put and drafted Equinious St. Brown or Ritchie James.....and sat put in round 4 and grabbed the LT from Oregon.... Let me clarify by saying I like Dorseys Draft and this is no way an indictment on I think he did a bad job....