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  1. OTA Thread

    You heard it here first.....Jets alredy on the phone with Alonzo Highsmith and Elliot Wolfe....
  2. You heard it here first.....Jets already on the phone with Elliot Wolfe and Alonzo Highsmith....
  3. Higgins

    I have been on the Rashard Higgins train, since he was competing with Amari Cooper in 2014 for the Belinknakoff award....I thought Higgins should have won...I am hopeful that he will be one of those guys who signs a "Team Friendly" deal to be on this squad for the next few years....he could technically take a discount on a 3 year deal and still become a Free agent again at the age of 28 and go for the Cash. I would think about this IF I thought I had a shot at a championship with the team that drafted me. The money would have to be reasonable...I wouldnt take 1/2 of what I could get on the open market...but maybe 80%-85%....ESPECIALLY if it was playing on THAT receiving Corps with THAT QB..for what could be the Hottest team in the League...
  4. No. 80 browns select Sione Takitaki

    We use the same techinques I see....I sometimes see a cool gif....and I will copy it and WAIT for the perfect time to use it. Like when I first used the gif of Denzel Washington looking disgusted and shaking his head, tossing a hammer and walking out of the room.....When someone said "I hope Tayshaun Gipson has a down year so he will be easier to resign long term".....I thought...this is EXACTLY how I would react to a statement like that.... I was DYING when I saw that GIF....from Undercover Brother, one of my favorite comedies....
  5. I literally just cut and pasted this post into a word doc...is sounds like you've been DOING for 2 years already, what I'm trying to do....
  6. No. 80 browns select Sione Takitaki

    CLASSIC!!!!!!! LMAOI!!!!!! I almost pissed myself......I am in a Customer Demo right now.....WebEx (but the PM and head of development is in the room with me) and I LITERALLY laughed out loud....folks stopped and looked at me like..."Your running tech support..shouldn't you be paying attention"
  7. I"M GOING TO CUT THE CORD TOO!!!! I'm going to get High Speed through Verizon...and go with my Fire Stick (with Kodi and apps installed) I got a deal for Hulu in Dec for $1.00 a month for 12 months, I am a Amazon Prime member (but never used it for TV) and I got one of my Cousins NetFlix Login's (he has the 4 account package...one for him, one for his wife and one for his kid...he asked me did I want the 4th)...and just roll with it!!!! Thank you guys for the inspiration!!!! $182.00 a Month is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  8. Great article on Myles Garrett

    I like how Joe Thomas says in that article....." The nicest thing I can say about him is he's got the brain of an offensive lineman," Thomas says. "He's not like your typical dumb defensive lineman. He's cerebral and thoughtful,...... Damn Joe.....LMAO!!!!
  9. No. 46 Overall; Greedy Williams, LSU

    CLICHE' BATTLE!!!!! * There is no "I" in team.... * We left everything on the Field today. * We have to play with more of a sense of urgency around here. * Were not concerned with our opponents, if we play our game and execute the way I know we can, we can beat any team in the NFL...on Any Give Sunday.
  10. Schobert potentially could be traded?

    Oh and a big fat NO on trading Joe Scho.......
  11. Schobert potentially could be traded?

    I thought I was the only one who watched this LOL....
  12. Draft game.