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  1. Hotep Skins....errr WFT (Sorry I'm getting old and I've been calling them the Skins for 43 years LOL). My buddy asked me to go to work on a Offseason for the Skins....and while I'm attempting to put it together, I need opinions and Input, so appoligies if I come in the room to float "Strange" questions from time to time. May I ask how the WFT fans feel about the follow QB's. 1. Josh Rosen, 2. Tyrod Taylor 3. Fitzpatrick 4. Jameis Winston. And are you cool with bringing back Heinikei and Allen to "Further Develop" or have you guys seen enough to assess what your working with, w
  2. Speaking of Prospects that changed positions.....Caleb Farely the CB from VT....I'm starting to get a man Crush on him....
  3. Hind Site is 20 20, I dont either pick could go Wrong...but I liked Delpit more coming out of College, more tradition a the Program, Delpit had not missed significant time with injury in College (winfield missed most of 2 seasons with leg injuries), Delpit was much Bigger and had much better combine/pro day results, and Delpit could play either Safety, drop in the slot or play LB, so IMO better position versatility. I liked Winfield for his Blood Lines (his pops was a monster) and his KR/PR ability. I had Delpit rated as a top 15-Top20 pick, and Winfield jr. as a 2nd rounder. Based on all
  4. Respectfully disagree......Both went to 2 of the top 3 DB producing Schools of NFL DB's (LSU, OSU and Univ. of S.C.) Delpit started as a Freshman......Wade did not.....from watching both for multiple years, Delpit has been a beast since he took over for Jamal Adams IMO. Grant Delpit had more Sacks, Tackls for loss and Ints (Splash plays) in his Soph year than Wade was able to produce in 3 years of playing (and 17 less tackles Soph yr vs 3 years starting).....The Stats, seem to confirm what my eyes have seen.... Oh and if we want to talk about playing out of position....Grant Delpit did it
  5. I've watched him in 4 games this season......and he seems like a 3rd day pick at best...his only saving grace is he can play S and Slot CB, from what I saw he is a liability outside, he lacks technique and has ZERO instincts from what I saw of him. Solid tackler and makes a few splash plays a game....he reminds me of MJ Stewart...makes a couple splash plays a game (Tackle for loss and a pick) and then gets burned for 2 TD's...cant have that.
  6. Couple things I vehemently disagree with.......on second thought I wont get into it, I dont want to have anyone feel like I called them out....... some of the suggested cuts in here make entirely no sense whatsoever......for instance, getting rid of David Njoku because of salary were top 10 in projected salary cap space.....and he will cost 6 million which will make him the 17th highest paid TE in the league.....just make the argument make sense.....that dose not make sense....a player who will not be paid in the top 15 at his position, being cut because of salary on a team with 10th most proj
  7. At the beginning of this week, I didnt give us much of a chance to win.... but the MORE I look at this game....the more I think we can win this Mutha.... We got one thing that has ALWAYS shined in playoff football and that's the Run Game...it works at home, and on the road, it works in a dome or in snow....it works on a train and on a plane, Sam I am... I digress.....I have also been proud of Coach Woods, he has been taking Whatever we have available on defense (he has not has his entire starting secondary for ANY games this season) and crafting a defense designed to s
  8. Just saying.....sorry Children, this is a Man's game....and you dont get to talk ish, then get your arse handed to you AND then not expect it to come back on you. The Butt Kicker will REMIND you of how much of a tough guy you THOUGHT you were and how Good you THOUGHT you could fight..... Claypool is a Soft Child. GTFO'Here!!!
  9. Good To have you back around Ditch...... Also has anyone seen @cattleman78....one of our Elder Statesman in here....He should be enjoying the ride with the rest of Us...
  10. I actually have my first Mock and Offseason already done....but with the enjoyment of the Playoffs I REFUSE to post it, I am having too much fun enjoying the season..... But it does start with Malik Hooker in FA.......
  11. I accept and respect your Math...I see where you can say 4-5 first round picks Valuing the players on the WFT the way you do, I understand that. I would debate the value placed on them vs. the acquisition cost is playing into your valuation as well as I would also offer there is a shade of "He's the best we got"...as I Browns fan I had to learn to embrace that just because he's the best we got, dosent make him Good or Extremely Valuable, its just the "Best we Got". I like Sweat, but he has yet to post a double digit sack season...not saying he's not a good player, but I dont know if someone wo
  12. I respect your response, as hopefully as I am that you respect, attempting to pry a 26 year old Franchise QB away from a team, takes a Franchise ALTERING trade, and not just seeing "What's the least amount I want to give up" as not to upset my own franchise direction. And thinking of trading less than the equivalent of 3.5 to 4.5 first round picks in total Value is a waste of time for both parties involved. IF it takes Multiple first round picks worth of Value to be in position to even draft (crap shoot) one of the top 2 prospects coming out (most years), then why do you think it would be
  13. I respect it, and I have absolutely found you one of the fans from another fan base that I have always been able to have good debates with. I am asking you, what would you be willing to offer up and want in return, that you consider a TRULY honest offer? Maybe I am overvaluing the level of Franchise QB he is. I do have multiple level of Franchise QB, for the top 3 Franchise QB's I dont think there is an actual price for them....for instance I consider both Deshaun Watson and Pat Maholmes BOTH Franchise QB's. There is NO price for Pat Maholmes period.
  14. Speaking of Bandwagon....I had my current dating interest (Ravens Fan) she asked me how does one become a Browns fan, and could "I make someone a Brown's" Fan....I told her it is a COMPLETE CHOICE like embracing the Dark Side LOL. I sent her a pic of when I was made a Browns fan years ago....and it went like this....
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