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  1. LOL, I think I have a problem, I'm always thinking about stuff to post.....or a fix for something at work....while I'm in the shower. Apologies to the Brethren in here, I have been a bit Ghost, things at my job went absolute APE S#$%, massive layoffs, return to the Building from the Covid-19 stuff...so I may be scarce for a few months......and DURING the best Brown's season we've had since I was in my teenage years (1994)......The Almighty has a sense of humor obviously LOL.
  2. Random Shower thoughts from this morning LOL Two players I would like to see get resigned today...... I'd like to see us sign Wyatt Teller to a nice little 3 year 27M-30M extension. And I'd like to see us resign Terrance "Money Mitch" Mitchell, tack a 2 years on his current deal at 9M total....
  3. I've been saying Sheldrick Redwine all offseason......he is the best "Center Fielder" FS we got on the team. He started as CB his first two year at Miami and then moved to FS, at 6'0 197 lbs clocked at 4.44 40yrd and a 39.5 inch vertical...... he had good production his SR year at Miami 64 tks, 3.5 TFL, 3 sks, 3 int's, 2 FF, 1 FR, 6 PBU......and he comes from a school that is KNOW for their safety play (Sean Taylor, Ed Reed, Bennie Blades, Brandon Merriweather, Antrell Rolle) We need to see what we have in him this year.....ESPCIALLY if Woods wants to run my "Big Nickle" D with the 3 safeties......could next year be Redwine at FS, Harrison at SS and Delpit at the Slot Safety?
  4. I've been pulling for this kid to get some PT since the start of the Offseason......met by many skeptics in here LOL, but in his first significant action of the year, he gets a pick. I told cats he was a solid DB at Miami, and with Delpit out for the year, he is our best "Center Fielder" at FS IMO. Get this kid some reps and use Sendejo situationaly as a Vet presence.
  5. RIP to one of the Best to ever do it....
  6. You forgot he needs a Swig of Liquor to kill the pain.
  7. Random Comment...... I like the kid we signed to the Practice Squad., Jalen Jelks, the DE from Oregon 6'5" 258.....I like A.B.'s strategy here.....He's LOADING up on DE's....with grabbing Joe Jackson, stashing Curtis Weaver on the IR list for next year, and now Jelks on the PS to go along with the development of Porter Gustin.....I am already excited about our DE's moving forward next year. Or if Vernon keeps getting hurt this year, and Clayborn has to miss anymore time.
  8. I was hoping that we would have grabbed him when he got cut by Miami.....I wanted to see him sit and learn from Case Kenum....maybe develop an asset to trade down the road. Or options if we had injuries.
  9. and for more minutes if the game goes into overtime.
  10. Derick Brown Aub) was my #3 Prospect overall in the draft last year, and he wasnt known for his pass rushing. He's 6'5" 325. I also though Kinlaw was a 1rst round pick (6'4 315/320) Would you have taken him (or either) in the first round? Just taking the most recent DT as an example.
  11. You know I respect your opinion Good Brother.....I am opposite of that thinking though....the Dominant DT is ALWAYS in my sights (unless I run a 3-4), and I guess I'm just thinking about the Buckner's, Oliver's, Simmons's, Wilkin's, Brown's, Cox's, Armstead's and McCoy's of the world.....
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