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  1. It show's Several things. If your talking about Individual players (Charles Rogers #2 overall pick vs Rod Smith - broncos), not as much. When were talking about in the context of the comments and debate that is taking place. I would say it shows a couple things. 1. Draft picks, are assets with a perceived value, some of it is subjective, but in General its pretty standard. So if an Organization is will to spend 3 1rsrt round picks on WR, and another spends 3 7th rounds picks on WR's, it show's an organizations willingness to invest in targets to support a passer. I believe the total appro
  2. And Coach Jackson......had his own offense......not a good one....but he had one.....so technically isnt that 4 systems and 5 guys calling plays?
  3. Well when you add in 1206 rushing yards and 7TD's..BEFORE you get to your RB position totals......that's easy to do
  4. To piggy back......the coaches started messing with his footwork last year....he's spent 24 years playing with his original footwork...on top of that, as a former Athlete, when I was playing hurt, it was about effectiveness VS. picture perfect mechanics.... And with a Broken Shoulder, Torn Labrum, Bone Bruise on the Knee AND a Bruised Heel.....yep IMO when it come down to performance and HOW to get it done....it would be Malcolm X. Time:
  5. Piggy backing of this comment (I actually brought up this point in my 2 long rants in here about 2 weeks ago LOL). Looking at some of the "Top Young QB's" Lamar Jackson- Rashard Bateman (1rst), Butterfingers Brown (1rst) and Sammy Watkins (#4 Overall 1rst round). Kyler Murry- Hopkins (former 1rst rounder and best WR in NFL IMO), Aj Green (former #4 overall pick), Christian Kirk 2nd rounder, Andy Isabella 2nd rounder, Rondell Moore 2nd rounder (and if Larry Fitz's comes outta semi retirement for a SB run) Joe Burrow- Jamar Chases (#4 overall pick), Boyd (2nd round), Higgins
  6. Brief Offseason Cuts/don’t resign – Case Kenum (savings), Landry, Higgins, Hubbard. Def: Malik Jackson, Mack Wilson, Malcom Smith, SS Harrison. (Debating on Anthony Walker) Restructure – Hooper Resign\Extend- Ward, Njoku, Clowney, Malik McDowell. Top FA Signing- Allen Robinson WR Chicago. Draft 1rst- Treylon Burks, WR, Arkansas Height: 6-3. Weight: 225 2nd Travon Walker, DE, Georgia Height: 6-5. Weight: 275 3rd Phidarian Mathis, DT, Alabama (Probably will be off the Board) Height: 6-4. Weight: 320 OR Travis Jones, DT,
  7. I would suggest one thing to Joe Woods for this evening....... I live up near Baltimore......and I know the Ravens......and this is EXACTLY what we must do to them...
  8. See when I say the Crap Narrative by the media.....Bottom Feeders like skip bayless https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/browns_locker_room_reportedly_very_close_to_turning_on_qb_baker_mayfield/s1_16514_36560720 See.....ISH like this dosent even make basic sense if you think about it FOR more than 3 seconds and have actually ever been part of a Locker Room.....read the article and think about the facts... Yeah a team who's 2 of their Highest paid players, celebrated their contracts with meeting over one of their houses for a game of Dungeon and Drangons.....and they are going
  9. Trust me....we're ALL Bitter Browns Fans...at least at some point over the past 25 years....AND trust me, I respect your opinion. I agree with Mayfield has to find the consistency he found last year and that he showed in his rookie year (also look at that Recieving Corps he had when he Broke the Record....Duke Johnson was his 2nd best WR.....Landry was best...a slot receiver and a 3rd down back). The only parts I have disagreement with is the 2nd Paragraph. The first statement would be a matter of perspective, as Baker is still JUST in his 4th year, and had so much success early with nea
  10. If our team plays like it has the last two weeks......dropped passes, pre snap penalties, bad throw's into double coverage, missed assignments, missed FG's, Blocked Extra Points, the Grant Delpit attempt to tackle Swift on that 57yard TD run, abandoning the running game too early and not making proper adjustments on defense......we will get OUR DAMN DOORS BLOWN OFF!!!!
  11. So at the same time if he plays a good Game, I dont want to hear ish about how the Ravens Defense was banged up and not 100%.
  12. OK, I dont know how to separate things out....so will address the sections as I can.... Section 1: You must mean "Consistently Play" like a top Tier QB, because at times he has, when he AND his weapons have been healthy, you dont break Browns Records, NFL Records and lead a Downtrodden Franchise to its first playoff win in over 20 years (missing your Head Coach and best O lineman) and not have played like a Top Tier QB. SO I agree if you are saying consistency...but please dont act like he's some sort of Dewayne Haskins type of QB.....Also Purely Hating on a guy is not going to make him p
  13. I can do that one....please shoot me a reminder in case I forget...Holiday season, things slip through the cracks with all the moving parts....I'm SURE you Fathers on here know LOL....
  14. The Absolute INSANITY that has ensued here is almost bringing me to tears......JOKES of Articles, about Rich eisien waking up the Browns fan base, or actually looking at QB's to replace Mayfield. This is pure foolishness. I cant believe that the Brown's fan base is allowing the media to fracture it like that. I know some are saying No, but anytime you have the Fan's calling to Fire a D.C. who is in his 2nd year, has injuries on its defense at KEY positions, and at the time had the 3rd ranked Defense in the NFL....and SERIOUSLY want to replace that in the 6 games into the season......that hurts
  15. I'll take this week......I will have something created and posted no later than Noon Tomorrow. EDIT: ooops, saw one posted already. I can take after the bye if none one else does.
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