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  1. Its crazy that you said that....I am from South Carolina...and I Fish...but my Boy's Hunt and Fish. We were BBQ'ing the last time I was home and as we were talking around the Pit...he said that was rule #4 of Hunting...."You see a Coyote....Put some Fire up his @$$"...LMAO..Literally had that Convo 3 weeks ago...
  2. I have a question to Pose to the Brotherhood in here......and this is a dangerous topic....because we can start to come off like overconfident, smug..."Oh they have one good year in 20 and now they are world beaters" type of attitude.....but at the Risk of this thing spinning outta control. Based on the Schedule, what are the top game (and then the 1b game) that you REALLY want to win....just REALLY want to stick it to this team. For me Personally, its going to be the Raven Bubble...my game 1 is Beating them in Baltimore and then my 1b is beating them 2 weeks later in Cleveland.....a
  3. I allow myself one to two weeks and only one to two weeks to project what we may do on the season.....assuming health and the team jelling.....I see us going worst case scenario going 10-7....on an average projections 11-6 or 12-5 and then an Optimistic stand point will I could us going 14-3 (loses to Ravens (in Bal), KC and Greenbay) Division Champs and Hosting a game the first week of the playoffs (KC gets the AFC playoff bye week at 15-2). After the week or two....the only team that will exist to me is KC.....Week 1.......D Day in Arrowhead
  4. We would be extremly happy if you guys would take care of Pittsburg and Bengals for us....Its gonna be a tight race in the AFC North...
  5. There is a Post already to discuss schedule and record? Just saying https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/36292-who-when-and-where/
  6. Greedy Gonna be here....he may wind up on IR with a different injury, but he's way to talented not to be...I actually see him winning the #2 across from Ward, and Newsome going into the slot....that would be ideal IMO.....Vet Hill give whoever needs a break a breather...and as much as I love Ward, he will miss a game or two....pop newsome outside and Hill starts in the slot.....easy rotation.... I think AJ Green the CB out of Okla st. we paid the "Premium" top UDFA contract to last draft, like Marvin Wilson this year.....he become the #5. That's the ONLY thing I would have changed a
  7. Not often do I see a perfect GIF for a response...but when Vince Smells the money and nod's you know he's saying "Oh....oh Yeah..." LMAO!!!!
  8. Hotep good Brothers, the schedule release is happening tomorrow night I believe, and I think we could get a little mileage outta this topic before it happen. And after the Schedule is set, we can cheer, vent how much the league loves us or hates us LOL, and what we can do with what we actually get. What would be your Ideal Schedule for our Beloved Browns? Now without further ado My dream schedule wk1 Texans - Home wk2 LIons -Home wk3 Ravens - Road wk4 Bengals -Road wk5 Raiders -Home wk6 Steelers - Road MNF wk7 Bengals - Home wk8 Chargers - Roa
  9. Are you asking me, or suggesting it? Still a lil confused.....
  10. 55 is just a cool number for a front 7 defender period...the Double Nickle....
  11. I was thinking this too....but I have the confidence in our Front Office with Brother Barry....wow funny to type that.....that he have price ranges in mind for what they do. I think this price allows us to remain flexible for cases where we have to go outside the structure (like to sign a RB, please sign Chubb)...and if a Vet dosent want to sign for our price (Clowney last year) he goes to plan B. IF a vet doesn't want to restructure to fit into the financial plan like Sheldon Richardson for example....then our Front office will tell them where to go: Typing that I trust this front o
  12. In one of my earlier Mock Drafts, I had us taking him at 26 and then trading back up to 32...but picking JOK for the specific reason of stopping certain offenses....now Woods can fully deploy the Big Nickle (4-2-5) with our potential Dline Rotation staying healthy as a Horse and fresh as Momma's baked Biscuits on Sunday Morning.....I think we got something here... With the unique offense that Baltimore and KC both run, we now have the perfect defense to stop them. With Walker and JOK, JJ3 calling the shots from FS, Harrison at SS and Delpit (Please GOD let him be healthy) as the slot safe
  13. One more Random Thought Before Bed..... I know that at one time, the Dawg Pound was the original "No Fly Zone" defense...but that name is more associated with Us Browns Fans, and is not the most Famous Stadium Section in Pro Football (The Black Hole used to be tied...but they moved to Vegas Now..and the Vegas Black Hole sounds like a strip club, where anything goes in the Champagne Room). DO we need to, come up with a new Name to Brand our Defense with? I am getting pretty excited about the Potential we have here, just looking at the possible synergy created by the parts..... IF
  14. The first statement I totally agree with.... The Second statement, not so sure about....he was forced to start as a rookie and he didnt completely crap the bed his rookie year......82 tackles, 7PD's, 1 int, 1 FF and a sack, definitely can be improved upon, but its not a liability especially for a 5th round pick. This past year, IMO, I am not sure how many saw the knee injury he had in the preseason, I remember a good amount of us, was planning on Mack Wilson improvement to hold our LB corps down last year (in the preseason it was projected as one of the worst in football)...but that Knee
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