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  1. Good, Bad, Ugly vs KC Part I

    In the good section, don't forget that this is the first good game Carr has ever played against the Chefs. His career numbers vs. them before yesterday were disastrous.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Jets. Not that they wouldn't improve, but it would still be a good pick. They're garbage like Oakland, so they would still be a losing team.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    To be fair it was out the first 4 picks. 3 of the first 4. I don't expect that. But time to do away with the thinking that all of the first 3 or 4 will be defense. No way.
  4. GDT: Oakland @ Arizona

    Roberts is a favorite of Carr on 3rd down. What the hell is the story there, because Roberts genuinely sucks.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    If you're saying that's a likelihood, you're 100% wrong. An offensive HC, a team bereft of skill players, expensive Gs, there's no doubt at least 1 of those picks will be offense, probably 2 or even 3..
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    We simply differ on what we're talking about. I am talking about what I think will happen, you're talking about what should happen. And this year, I don't think the "need vs. BPA" discussion is even relevant. Name a position where we don't have need other than center...
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    BPA might be, but I thoroughly doubt it will be all defense. Expect at least 2 offensive players. And at this point, the offense is so generally putrid and devoid of talent than I can't really argue it.
  8. Las Vegas Stadium News

    It was just meant to be a humourous reply, but if you want to discuss - how does what I said not apply to the people of Las Vegas? They're getting profit share?
  9. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Our stadium? Sweet. Can't wait for my share of the profits. The check is in the mail
  10. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    I think if you go back to my post(s) and read it more clearly, what I really want is to call ON fans, not call them OUT, to support or not support in this case a team run so poorly. It's a rough lesson to learn. But like I said you upvote with your dollars at this point. Hey, anyone who wants to go drop a grand or more of money they earn to go experience being a fan, nothing I can do about that. But with this team you know what you're paying for. The right to get reamed, a brutal loss, a lying coach, a nitwit owner who just got alot richer, players who don't care and cash checks. Saying it makes me trash and that I should STFU is pretty over the top. And absurd. But you seem to quietly acknowledge in the first sentences that I'm right. You don't give this team your money. Noone is mocking these people. You're confusing me with Victor Cotto. I am saying at this point the buyer needs to step back and assess what they're getting for their money. Remember we're not talking about thick and thin here, just mere down times for a team. We're talking about chronic clear organizational mismanagement for decades now, consistently. We're talking about a team, top to bottom, gleefully enjoying the fans money and putting out utter crap year after year, tons of lies and hype, and now leaving this fanbase completely.
  11. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    Vintage jerseys can actually be had on ebay of guys like Long and many others. For cheap. It's where I got my Bo one for next to nothing. It's an easy equation at this point in terms of turning things around and you will know when it happens. Once upon a time Al Davis was a dynamic enough mind to run a whole organization and be truly ascendent in the task. He was a special football case. That was back before these were multi million and billion dollar entities. Once the NFL got "big" and he aged, that no longer worked. As long as this team still runs a "team" concept with the players on the field, but doesn't emulate that in the front office (with a fully populated team of individuals in clearly defined roles, working together) there will be no consistent success. Maybe one good luck season, but nothing sustained. That Reggie McKenzie was ever relied on to modernize training facilities and scouting departments (among other things) exemplifies the issue. That's not in any modern GMs job description, and most definitely took away from personnel efforts. Basically, until we have a genuine team in place up top this will still be a dumpster fire. That Mark Davis left such responsibilities up to a GM highlights his lack of understanding of the full grasp of owning and running an NFL team. There is the problem, hiding in plain sight. I am still to this day astounded by the fact that he was able to put together the Las Vegas stadium, and moreso that he was able to outmaneuver Adelson in the process. Incredibly shrewd from a person who appears to be completely incompetent in running a team. Even though he has shown that acumen for the business side, the team problem remains. There is a massive lack of team management personnel, bad role definition, not nearly enough people and not enough skilled people.
  12. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    Ok, gotcha. Smart man. It's something people as consumers really struggle with. Your dollars go to the things you essentially "upvote" in life. Money spent on an abysmal dysfunctional organization habitually run badly, full of players lacking heart and effort bears no distinction from saying out loud that the fan supports (financially, literally) the way things are being done.
  13. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    2 of my major points illustrated well. You don't care the millions these guys are paid come from your pocket. Or that a guy paid 10 mil this year doesn't even care to do his job, to put any effort out to support you, as a fan. Or that he is currently being paid, with your money, to not even be on the team. And your jerseys, that you bought, are part of what pays these incompetent idiots. Why are you buying jerseys? To watch this team get paid huge dollars to do this crap? I wouldn't pay one cent of money I work hard for to watch other human beings fumble and flop their way through such half effort.
  14. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    Fans who paid for this haven't learned any lessons. Why pay for this crap the Raiders have put out for the better part of 35 years? Because they're leaving and it's a last hurrah? Fans gotta learn sometime. NFL keeps stacking cash, people talk on here about it like it's no big thing, but it's fans' money they're stacking. Always has been. I go nuts when twitter media mention salary negotiation and ask why fans even care what billionaires pay millionaires under the cap. "It's not your money"... It is! Oakland fans have simply been throwing it away on a joke of an organization.
  15. Random Raider Stuff

    Gruden wasn't wrong. It was just ill timed, it's been a general wreck, and organizational dysfunction still persists. Beginning with the Mack trade, and the bad optics of that when he went nuts his first game. This team went from competing early to imploding that last month. The competing stopped once Miller and Osemele got hurt. It's a very weak roster, always was. We can't survive losses of key players. Then Gruden started saying dumb stuff, making weird decisions that may or may not make sense (see Conley, Melvin, benching Irvin), other decisions that don't make sense (Cable, Martin, etc), traded Cooper, and it just kept snowballing. But the idea of a rebuild isn't off base. This team lost it's window. After the 2014 draft, the window for this team revolved around the contributors and stars of the 2015-17 drafts. All you need to see why it went south is a good look at those, absent entirely of both contributors and of course stars. 2015 was key. Hit a great draft there and this playoff team maybe wins a playoff game. Kill the '16 draft after that and maybe we're competing for a SB. Get nothing whatsoever contributing from those 3, and the brief window fades slowly into the abyss. We're not one of those teams that can reload and compete yearly. Those are predicated on true star QBs and organizational structure and stability. Teams like ours are lucky to have brief windows, and that window passed.