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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I know we get murdered in trades, I know QB needy teams have mostly filled the spot. I was just thinking on the idea of having the #1 pick. It's value is significantly greater if there's a QB wanted at that slot and to a desperate team. Kind of a waste to use it on a position player unless that guy is truly special. Taking into account that we literally had perhaps the best all around defender in football and our defense did in fact still suck and our team was still a loser, it makes some sense to suck all the draft capital out of that spot rather than pick one guy, even if he is all world. Obviously my comments speak nothing to the practical application of the idea, and the myriad ways the Raiders can screw it up. As for QB needy teams, maybe MIA, JAX, NYG, maybe TAM. It's a light need this year, and there doesn't seem to be those "hype" QBs coming out either. My hope is we get our act together on the field and don't end up in the top 10 anyway.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Honestly, if we're top 3 or somehow have the #1 pick - a trade out to a QB team makes the most sense. Burning a #1 on a non-QB player is asinine if there are teams that want the pick for a QB. Way too far off to say any of that though.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Perhaps, but considering his brother is also what could be considered oft injured at a young age, I would think it is of concern. This is not a Carr/Carr thing where you wonder about the mental aspects. Or a Watt thing, as JJ did have a number of healthy dominant years. Brothers are genetically similar, body structure relates to injury likelihood in some way.
  4. State of our team

    Then in reply I would say that we're going to see the same steady diet of unclear power structure, erratic and head scratching decision making based on no clear direction, and more dysfunction. Considering for 15 years we have been a disastrous organization in constant dysfunction and without direction, none of this is blown out of proportion. It's quite real. And the product of it is the circus we watch play every Sunday. To the other posters above, if Gruden adds his guy let's pray it's someone he gives actual clout to. It will be a dinosaur unless he cedes some power right off the bat. An up and coming guy like Eliot Wolf will never take this job. Not unless it's an actual GM position with corresponding control.
  5. State of our team

    I am no Reggie apologist. And it's clear he's not the best GM in the league. Laying the entire blame at his feet masks the ongoing issue anyway. But without a proper organizational structure I can't even really tell which decisions were his and which he allowed to happen as deference to prior staffs. What I would need to know is who ran the 2014 draft? And who ran the others? I know Reggie was the GM for all of them, but who was the one really making those choices? It seems to me 2014 was the only draft where he picked based on players disregarding system and staff. But that could be just appearances. Certainly the first draft and Bergstrom were a deference to the system they were running. 2015, 2016 very much seem like drafts based on need, guys Del Rio wanted at certain positions. How can a team even be run where in the course of 6 years you're picking based on 3 or 4 different draft philosophies? Does anyone else realize that your scouting staff is then tasked with scouting guys 4 different ways, or for 4 different player types? A mess. You're changing the scouts' entire approach almost every year. If a scout is good at what he does, 1 year later he has to take an entirely different view. Can't build scouting skills or stability, and go deep into player finding if the scouts are relearning every year what they are even looking for. What I do know however is that the guy (Reggie) was tasked with an entire organizational rebuild that stretched way beyond putting a team together. That is NOT a GM's job. And he still is operating without numerous other front office employees other teams have for all kinds of jobs involved in running a team. And I do know that he has not wielded power. He's exerted no definitive control over the team. It really seems he's deferred constantly to the whims of staff and others. If a GM intends to change an organization he has to proceed with some sort of iron sense of what the right and wrong decisions are. It's called vision. He's got none. He may or may not have scouting ability, but no vision. He seemed to have it at first when he cleaned house on the payroll, but it all fizzled and got dissolved along the way when it came time to put something back together with a specific vision. I'm not here to decide whose fault the past is. I am here to say that Gruden and/or Reggie can and will never be able to build a good and consistently winning team without a proper staff all aligned towards the same purpose and some checks and balances. I'll state it again. Gruden is running the Raiders right now without a GM with any power, a team president, an assistant GM, and others. He's on an island, and there is noone there as a voice of reason to say this is a good idea or a bad idea. Which is why and how the Mack trade, old roster, Cable hire, and line scheme change blunders happened in the first place. Gruden is being plopped down in the seat of power and learning by f'ing things up. If he is learning at all. We can only pray he is learning, and that he learns something before all and any talent we have left is gone.
  6. State of our team

    He built the roster the first time, true. But in a different era he built an old team. Some very important lucky strikes - Gannon, Rice, and so on. And after 4 years of some success the team imploded due to age. Bear that in mind - this team has yet to recover 15 years later from the ill effect of that implosion. In THIS era, with the league wide speed and athleticism at a peak, you simply can't have an old team like that any more. Right now we are living proof, being utterly murdered weekly by athleticism. So what he built, he can't build again. And he's neither the play caller, game planner or disciplinarian he was the first time around. Whether any of those skills return is debatable. After all is said and done, the real question now is "can he adapt". With no help, no organizational structure, and no checks and balances on his wild ideas and ego. Build a different type of team from scratch in this era, to win in this era. 5 games in says hell no. Major major missteps before we even played a game. Including trading off your absolutely best player, changing the blocking scheme of the only good unit on your team and upsetting your only game day advantage, hiring a much maligned coach with issues for that unit, and rapidly accumulating the oldest roster in the league. I will say on the record that there is no way that Gruden operating alone has any chance in this era of fixing this by himself. If he has no semblance of an organization around him, no way, I will commit to saying it (playoffs, much less SB victory) will not happen. I just hope that if all does continue to go bad: 1. He resigns like he said he would. 2. Before the team and what's left of the actual talent is completely dismantled. 3. Mark Davis sells the team soon after the move to Vegas so maybe one day Raider fans have a chance at normalcy. As of now the Raiders don't even have a fair competitive footing because there is noone to right this ship and no plan to do so that makes any sense. There is no Raiders' front office. Mind blowing.
  7. State of our team

    Just think of the top of the organization. There's Davis and.... who? McKenzie as GM was defacto head of personnel, team president, how many other roles are there in a typical organization? A few at least I think.. Who's assistant GM, anyone smart or qualified? In what way is this organized like a professional organization? It isn't. It's an owner unqualified when it comes to matters of the team itself, a neutered GM with way too many hats from day one in the first place, and a HC who has always been poor in team building and is now running wild ala Hue Jackson. In fact one could say this team has no better power structure, chain of command or depth of organizational roles than when Al Davis was alive, or when he had recently died. Which starts to explain why the dysfunction continues and the garbage team persists. I'm personally infuriated with this team. I have not been inclined to watch the games this year, as why the hell would I spend my time on this team, which I know is handicapped in every game before it hits the field. It's wasted hours and inevitable aggravation. If they win, good for them. If they lose, I won't have to be angry and want to vomit for four hours every Sunday.
  8. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    It's fine, I don't want to go on and on. We're a play or two away against Miami and Denver, but losing teams always have those plays go against them. And that's always the story they tell. It's an illusion. If it wasn't that one play it would be the next play. Against LAR we weren't one play away. And today, we were 20 plays away. And you know what, we really didn't even deserve the Browns win. So that's 5 games out of 5 that we really weren't the better team. Today was Dennis Allen quality stuff bro. I just want to stop getting fed a BS line every year. We suck. Consistently, week after week year after year. I'm fed up, aren't you? Why shouldn't I want more than one brief single season good team in 16 years and counting? And one Super Bowl appearance in the last three and a half decades.
  9. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    I disagree. He's worse this season. This is two times now he's thrown an interception on 1st down in the red zone. Those are the dumbest plays imaginable, rookies aren't that stupid. Other times he just throws it up to noone. Taking care of the ball is the most important thing a QB has to do because he's the only guy who touches it every single play. Yeah, he's moving the ball. I'm willing to give it time too, because we're fresh out of options or talent on this team. Reality dictates if Carr sucks, we're the worst team in the league. Whether it's fixable is debatable. The bold part makes me want to vomit in my mouth. This is exactly what the players and coaches say at the press conferences. It's an utter insult pretty much to every other better team in the league because it diminishes their effort, detail, execution, and ability.. Every loser team says it. It means nothing. As if somehow we're better if we just feel like it, or just fine utune this mean machine we have in Oakland. To be a top unit or a top team takes incredible effort and execution. One, two mistakes away is not that far off. This bumbling sideshow is quite a bit far off, in reality. Miles and miles. Does anyone really believe this litany of 10-30 critical errors a game across the roster is just a bit away from being a winner? I mean, they're constant. Constant failures on the field. Missed blocks, missed tackles, missed open receivers, bad passes, bad choices on playcalls and down and distance, turnovers, bad kicking, no speed, gaping holes of no talent, entire units of unqualified players, no leadership, idiot penalties. When you realize it's all of those things every game, does it seem like we're close seen through that lens?
  10. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    Not that easy to replace a guy. He probably has or is close to most if not all Raider QB passing records. Meaning, as bad as he looks right now he's the best QB we have had in decades of trotting out utter garbage at the position. Fact is once we traded Mack it was Carr's team and his team to carry. This is the results.
  11. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    Ok, well it's not just interceptions. They're bad damaging idiot interceptions. And it's a lack of scores as well. And our record is in part a direct result of his poor play, best expelified by those dmaging idiot passes. If you want to judge him on having alot of meaningless yards and high completion percentage on mostly non crucial plays, then yeah he's doing great.
  12. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    No sir. Carr is 5 TD 8 INT right now (6 TD as of the last one just now). That's underwater. We were 6-10 last year. We're on pace for something like 3-13 right now. I've never seen Carr with more INTs than TDs.
  13. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    Really doubt the bold. This is clearly the worst stretch of his career. Italic makes sense.
  14. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    Those apologizing for Carr at this point, you're not seeming sharp. He has 5 TDs, 8 INTs. There's no way of saying that is up to snuff. I'm not going to jump on the replace him or the he is trash bandwagon, but he is playing the worst of his career at the moment. No spinning that.
  15. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    It is if your player does absolutely nothing positive and plenty of negative. It isn't if he is productive in line with 9 million worth.