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  1. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    This conversation exemplifies why you pay a Khalil Mack. Regardless of salary impacts, "value", relationship between the salary of him and Carr, and so on.. You can't go out and buy a great pass rusher. He either has to be drafted, traded for, or kept. Frank Clark isn't going to be available, you can bet on that.
  2. The ________ Raiders? Update: Talks with Oakland resume

    I hear the merit in what you are saying, but this refers back to the decades long impasses teams often encounter. Oakland is a smallish market, the current stadium is a total wreck, and this team could never make money or compete in a modern era NFL playing there. The city did not want to do anything with the Raiders, even a small concession (small comparative to the 3/4 billion dollar contribution from Las Vegas) such as giving them control of the land or allowing it's purchase was something the city was unwilling to do. Oakland played "we can take it or leave it" in negotiation and the Raiders left. Surely it would have been a great success to get it done in Oakland, but sadly a nearly impossible one. The Raider organization was not in position to create a stadium alone. Not in Oakland anyway. Not at the very least without some control over the land or another viable option. Vegas may have been knee jerk, but that's not really the tack I am taking on this. Davis is a guy with a small percentage ownership in a team, who is not a cash rich individual the likes of some of the other billionaire owners. He was NOT well positioned at all to build a stadium. Putting together a 2 billion dollar stadium of any kind in any city is the major coup for this guy. Whether the location is knee jerk or not, he was NOT well positioned to get any stadium done anywhere, and not groomed for the responsibility either. He got plowed on the LA deal because Kroenke was putting together a major market proposal so ostentatious that it can be considered a bump for the NFL brand itself. SD got plowed by that too. So would 20 or more of the other franchises. It'll be the most expensive stadium project in the NFL when finished. Nothing got laughed off. The Raiders simply got severely outbid for the very reasons I laid out above. Big money, which Davis does not have rolling for him. So to come up with a big money deal without big money is the accomplishment. I get it, you sound cheesed off with Davis. And when it comes to running the team, in many ways, it has much merit. I find alot of things about the way this team operates beyond imbecilic. But the stadium story is not the same for whatever reasons.
  3. The ________ Raiders? Update: Talks with Oakland resume

    You know none of that. 1. If it was the team around him, then he was responsible for placing that team around him. 2. In all their years Al Davis, Amy Trask and all the other individuals involved couldn't make any headway on a stadium. All they did was engage in conflicts, failures, and lawsuits. He's the head man to look at for all of the organizational dysfunction. That falls on him, 100%. A blind person can see the stupidity in the decisions he makes in operating a team, sometimes it's a veritable circus. So how is it that in the midst of a great success he doesn't get the credit?
  4. The ________ Raiders? Update: Talks with Oakland resume

    I think that there is a marked level of genuine dysfunction in this organization starting at the top. Borderline stupidity and absolute dysfunction in it's definitive meaning. But to take credit away from Mark Davis for the stadium work is criminal. It's literally the only thing he has excelled at and he was masterful in getting the stadium done. He took on a level of debt noone thought possible, secured major amounts of money very quickly, will be raking fresh money from the new stadium. He outplayed a Las Vegas CEO in spectacular fashion, who may be the slickest fish there is in business. And he parlayed a losing hand in the LA stadium debacle into a major win in a short period of time, while other owners of other teams in all sports have been railroaded with stadium issues for years if not decades with no success. To think that you're saying he deserves little credit on the stadium front is crazy. He absolutely masterminded it. I was shocked at how adept he navigated the entire thing, being a spoiled son of an NFL owner and succeeding on the level of a world class CEO.
  5. Las Vegas Stadium News

    What you're suggesting might be more logistically difficult. If I had to guess, I'd say the team is overwhelmingly likely to play in one of these places next year: Oakland, SF, SD, Arizona, UK. Oakland for obvious reasons. SF, SD for obvious logisitical ease. UK also for the same reason. Even though playing overseas is a tricky thing, keep in mind that A) the NFL would love it to happen B) other NFL owners have NFL quality stadium connections in London, through soccer franchises.
  6. Las Vegas Stadium News

    I assume there are logistical city planning type issues involved. Not all cities can handle the influx of people, excess traffic, extra services necessary such as police, fire, etc... Not all cities have venues suited to the NFL either. There are specific needs a pro game has above and beyond college games, locker rooms, TV and cameras, pre production, and so on. It's entertainment with a certain production level and style. Same as the idea that you can't film a major motion picture in a studio designed for local news. Same general idea goes for venues for other sports. Also take into account not all of the politicians out there are keen on the extra work. I'm sure few are. They don't really care if the city and people make x amount of dollars or not, they're mostly just running their comfortable thing they have going. And cities tend to have lots of red tape that could get in the way. By the time they've done a viability assessment to figure out how much money it would make the city, years have passed and much money spent. Just some thoughts on it.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    First step, aggression, relentless all elite. But he'll get chewed up at DT at his size, and is he quick enough to play edge? Perhaps.. No way he's a tackle. I can't imagine him coming in over 270. He looks no smaller or larger than K. Mack.
  8. State of our team

    Penn is a fighter, but I am not sure he has any years left. You're talking about a 35-36 year old with a significant foot injury. Adding a vet would be fine and makes good sense, which ties into why Penn is not fine. You're looking to add something reliable. Injured and an open question mark is the opposite of reliable. I was pretty much talking about our first round draft capital when referring to what to focus on. Spending any of it on OL is overkill and overlooking other more important personnel needs. I understand that drafting on best player rather than need is smart, so Jonah Williams might be in play. Beyond that, we really need to add skill players and front 7 soooo much more than OL.
  9. State of our team

    Eh, Cable's work sucks and his record is poor, and I am NOT a fan of his hire, his fit for this team. But maybe this year's line isn't all on Cable. You have a new offense. You've got a right guard playing all year with a pec issue, ankle issue, elbow issue. You have a left guard dealing all year with injury problems, who I personally think fans overrate. Yes, he is a mauler, yes, he has had past accolades. But Osemele hasn't looked as good as 2016 since 2016. And I always thought he was more focused on pancakes than on the kind of intelligent consistent play Hudson is all about. You have two rookie tackles both of whom could be considered "not really ready" for the amount of playing time they've seen. One of whom played through knee issues that clearly affected his play. I think the line has been fine. Not great, at times bad, but not awful as a whole. Run blocking is actually better than before with the two rookie tackles. Carr has managed to go 10 games without an INT. So the pressure can't be that bad. Take the sacks that are going to be sacks, learn to work the pocket, throw it away when it's time to, attack the defense with nuanced play. It's what all the best QBs do. I've seen Rothlisberger and Rodgers play behind some of the worst line play imaginable. Having a perfect performing line guarantees nothing. Having a line like David Carr's Houston line is swung too far in the opposite direction. It's far more useful for the QB himself to have all the fine points (the stuff listed above) figured out. Having a line that's good enough is, well, good enough. If I had to add to this team to make it better I wouldn't focus on the line at this point. I'd focus on some real and consistent skill position gamebreakers who fit the offense well. And true impact defenders in the front 7. Not just bodies, not just guys who seem like good adds, not players fans overhype. Players who are actually a wide gap better than the players they are replacing who can consistently make impact plays that affect games.
  10. Random Raider Stuff

    I'm not a huge believer that "Mark Davis has no money", but you have to look a bit further than the numbers you guys are posting. 255M is revenue, not profit. Teams have massive operations to fund. Further down in the article it says GB had $34M PROFIT. And the increased valuation of a team does not yield any cash outright. It would only do so if you A. sell a portion, or B. use it to secure loans. Mark Davis already has a dizzying debt load he is carrying from building this stadium, which is secured by the team's value. And has such a small portion of the ownership of the team that he really cannot sell much more of it. Now do I believe he is poor or cannot pay? No. Because as much debt as he has right now and as much as the Raiders aren't very profitable along the lines of a team like Dallas, there are other factors. The PSLs are a huge new sum of cash. The Caesar's deal is certain to be a profit infusion, and more naming and partnership deals are coming. He already claimed of having 500m cash for the stadium, and that is not magically paid out to anyone in one chunk sum for any stadium work. I believe he has plenty of money. But I also believe the building of the stadium and the debt load he took on may present a temporary cash crunch in the short term while it is being built. Any business paying large amounts for expansion is in a profit crunch. Do I think this played into not paying Mack and Cooper. Nah. Maybe, but nah. Maybe Mack regarding the guaranteed money. 90m is not a tiny amount. And Mark Davis is in a temporary period until 2020 where his cash is being devoted to building a stadium and his outlay and debt is tremendous. Until the new tier of revenues start coming in from the Vegas stadium, he might actually be cash poor.
  11. Good, Bad, Ugly vs KC Part I

    In the good section, don't forget that this is the first good game Carr has ever played against the Chefs. His career numbers vs. them before yesterday were disastrous.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Jets. Not that they wouldn't improve, but it would still be a good pick. They're garbage like Oakland, so they would still be a losing team.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    To be fair it was out the first 4 picks. 3 of the first 4. I don't expect that. But time to do away with the thinking that all of the first 3 or 4 will be defense. No way.
  14. GDT: Oakland @ Arizona

    Roberts is a favorite of Carr on 3rd down. What the hell is the story there, because Roberts genuinely sucks.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    If you're saying that's a likelihood, you're 100% wrong. An offensive HC, a team bereft of skill players, expensive Gs, there's no doubt at least 1 of those picks will be offense, probably 2 or even 3..