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  1. How much data? Raider fans invariably give all kinds of love to hype players who show nothing. As a counterpoint, what has Key done to show he deserves any playing time at all? Almost got some sacks two years ago??
  2. Both this and pass protection issues are concerning. But I think he is not strictly the RB2. Mayock and Gruden just stated he'll be versatile. Second point I want to make is that someone who can play so many positions so functionally should be able to pick up something like pass protections and excel faster than other typical rookies. And backup fill in RBs can be picked up here and there. We won't have a great back, but you can get a decent spot filler in there easier than at many other positions.
  3. I wouldn't go that far. Raider fans are consistently guilty of this. This safety group is unproven, at best. Nothing suggests it is a good group or a top unit. The 4 names you named, I coulod easily see with a little bit of bad luck that unit turning into a flaming pile again.
  4. I mean, that's the player I saw year in and year out. I wouldn't even say he had mediocre ball skills, they were straight bad. His first INT it looked like he was straining to catch a punt. People say he couldn't cover TEs due to his size, but neglect to mention that despite his size deficit sooo many times he was in the wrong position or on the wrong assignment, or late, in coverage. And that was the major issue, not his size.
  5. He's a decent in the box safety. Problem is that you can get an average box safety that is woefully undersized and injury prone in any round of the draft, any free agency period, and even undrafted every year. He could not cover, could not cover TEs specifically, had terrible ball skills. He could stop the run. There's no real distinction from him and a guy like Nick Morrow, draft value wise. He had apologists and supporters yearly, but I could never understand it.
  6. Don't forget 0 state taxes. That matters now, and truthfully probably alot more than a former coach.
  7. Now 99.99% sure the "Raiders might take two WRs in the first" hot take is all smoke. There's depth aplomb at WR, Mayock is not stupid. I never even heard of Chase Claypool until the above post, and he has some bona fide measurables. There's just a sea of WRs in this draft. I would not be surprised at all if the Raiders do not pick any WRs in the first, and hope to make other teams jump for them early.
  8. I get the vibe that this is a future set up for eventually handing every team a required international game, like the Thursdays setup.
  9. I can't wrap my head around this. He's 2 years in the league and has in that first year - MVP, and 2nd year - SB trophy. Each year he has a "tippy top of the NFL" accolade to his resume. I hate the damn Chiefs and I 100% root against Mahomes. It eats at me that the Chiefs have him because it's likely we'll be chasing for another 15 years because of it. Why are the Raiders never the team that gets a hold of the star NFL player? Because largely it's an organization of idiots. He is, in a very short period of time, already on a HOF arc. You can disparage his play style all you want but he is, right now, an amazing player. You want to see fail in everything he does because it's so unconventional and for 99% of all QBs it would be a face palm every other play. But not only does it work for him, it works astoundingly well. Whether he is equal to Rodgers or Wilson is inconsequential. He already has the equal of their career accolades in just a short 2 years. Right now, he is undoubtedly the best player in the NFL. And it's no surprise they are hyping him, because he is the peak of the NFL brand right now. A clean cut soft spoken individual killing it on the field. Why wouldn't the NFL want to sell him down people's throats.
  10. This is a 2-3 year old narrative. They have just recently sold 460 mil of PSLs, agreed to multiple naming rights deals. They were cash poor from the stadium efforts earlier in the process. They literally upgraded the stadium plan en route by 200 mil because of their improved financial position. Raiders commitment to Carr is also an older narrative. They can cut bait at this point with minimal issue due to his contract structure. .Not that I think it is all going to happen, nor do I agree it should. But what you are putting forth isn't the reasoning why it wouldn't happen.
  11. Oh, ok. Jeez, I thought we moved out of both. I get it, traded back twice with the same pick 19. Not bad then. I think the idea of this is hinged on whether or not Mayock feels he can find premier players in the 3rd and 4th. I am not sure we are the roster point any more where we just need bulk picks because our talent was so abysmal at one point. Now we need to get better talent, more 1st round types..
  12. Despite chart value, I also immediately thought this. Terrible value. The idea of trading back is only good if it is of significant benefit. If you pick up mid picks for it and skip premier players in the process, it's a waste of time. Plus we have 2 firsts. How did we end up with one at 29 and only ended up with a 3rd and 4th? There's no way that matches any chart. A 3rd and 4th for either of the picks is awful return. Let alone trading back both.
  13. I'm not buying the media Mayock unhappiness garbage at all after listening to this. He sounds like a guy engaged with all the facets of his work, keeping his head down. Fairly simple. The media loves infantile reality TV type drama crap. So much so that they just make it up on a whim.
  14. You can say I have no idea what I am talking about. Fair enough. But you, like me, are just a random fan. Teams protect their assets, that's their multi billion dollar business. The difference between you and I is that I am at least attempting to understand what a team will or might factually do. Whilst you're wishing the Raiders clean up on a dumb mistake the Chiefs make that is totally unnecessary and highly unlikely. Which is a very fan thing to think. The franchise tag exists for this very reason. Whether Jones is open to playing on a tag means little, he can refuse to show up but the Chiefs still hold his rights and have all the time they need to wait on a trade or leave him sitting at home. Like I said they can play kick the can on him for a year easy, and down the hard road they can do it for 2 or 3 years. Just like Cousins. And whether or not Mahomes gets his extension, also irrelevant. Even if it is an extension, this early, an extension can still carry a pretty low cap hit because it is an extension, which is added years. They can toss him a fat chunk in a bonus right off the bat, but they can also spread it out to soften the blow. I'm also pretty sure players can't sign a second deal until after year 3. It happened with Russell Wilson. You're doing alot of wishing here and pushing hard for it to be the truth, but not enough pragmatic thinking. They have no real pressure to let Jones just mosey on over to Las Vegas for free. Try to see it as if you were a Chiefs fan, and then your team did that. Or perhaps if this was K. Mack back when he was holding out, and not C. Jones. It's a different story when it's your team's player.
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