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  1. Pick is in, #230 - DE, Quinton Bell

    You guys man, you love that kool aid. Watching the short vid on twitter of these guys going through the tackling dummies, Ferrell, Crosby, then Bell - it's clear those guys are DEs and Bell still has little clue. They're using leverage to get bend, aggressive, they have a sense of the position and how to use their body leverage and weight to generate power. Bell has no clue how to put the full movements of being a defensive end together. No way he see snaps unless he makes a radical shift. His technique is nowhere near NFL level.
  2. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    Why shouldn't they? When is it that the Raiders will be able to bank on rookies and young players to make substantive and positive contributions like every other successful team does? Rather than just being two hairs better than dead bodies at their positions for 3 of their 4 rookie contract years..
  3. Pick is in, #230 - DE, Quinton Bell

    238 at pro day, 220 is old info
  4. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    But they're literally trading to the pick right in front of us. And grabbing guys we're linked to and/or match our needs profile. Comparing this to past years, there's no doubt a pattern here I've never seen before. You think it's impossible to consider scouts near being fired wouldn't feed other teams some info if it meant maybe they get a job with that team? These are guys who need jobs.
  5. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    It seems to me Gruden and Mayock were really onto something with the leaks. Is it just me or does it seem we've been getting someone trading right in front of us in every round?
  6. Pick is in, #129 - CB Isaiah Johnson

    I like this more than Crosby. Need at DE was just too heavy. Personally this is not my mid round philosophy. They are picking boom bust NFL athletes in hopes of getting a home run. I'd be picking limited role players who excel at one thing. To each his own though.
  7. 2019 Draft Weekend Discussion!

    At 24, Risner, I think.
  8. Pick is in, #4 Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson

    You Raider fans are schizo, just accept it. To be frank, I would have picked Oliver personally and more than anything wanted a trade out. However, you complain if we reach on bad football athletes who don't perform. You complain about the Al Davis days. But every year you're clamoring for those guys again and again. These are not safe picks at all. I'm not even convinced Bosa is a safe pick considering his brother's injury history. And you're upset when we pick a solid unspectacular smart choice who is a solid scheme fit. Fit is how teams like Pitt and NE win. And how they draft. Not saying this is that. But I just think Raider fans are incredibly fickle. And want to win the draft desperately, but care less about what wins games over the subsequent years. I'm hoping we burned a top 5 pick on a permanent shift towards picking with a bottom half of the first round philosophy. Understand what I mean? It's a great pick for a playoff team, not for top 5. However, if we get to some miraculous place where we are a consistent playoff team this is exactly the philosophy to adopt. Boring, pedigree, fit, production. Build the team you want to be, then maybe they actually become it.
  9. 2019 Free Agency V2

    The Waller, Butler, Smith trio is exactly the type of unit we need to work and be productive if this team is ever going to be highly successful. You can't sign a high end FA or throw a high round draft pick at every position of need, especially considering the turnover on players in this league. At some point this team will have to consistently get value out of players above their pay grade or draft position. I'm definitely an advocate of letting Cook leave. And possibly an advocate of drafting a high TE. But more than anything I'd be an advocate of Butler and Waller being productive good players in our passing game. Whether they are those guys is certainly up for debate.
  10. Raiders sign LT/RT Trent Brown (4 years, $66 M)

    It's safe to say picking Miller over Derwin James last year was an official disaster. Most fans were clamoring for the no brainer pick of James. And now the "LT" we drafted is already a rough reach, at RT now and after a year full of terrible play, injuries notwithstanding. As long as this team makes moves anything like this, the dysfunction can be considered to be continual.
  11. Raiders sign Lamarcus Joyner

    Lots of assumptions that Harris is an odd man out. Not much mention that Joseph could easily be the odd man out, or traded. Considering he is still a safety who can't cover. I am sure the coaches know Joseph and Joyner on the field together present a mismatch on height. It's my belief Joseph is either gone or a part timer.
  12. If he can't produce when Cooper couldn't then the problem, definitively, is Carr. Because Brown is most definitely a producer. I propose than the issue was Cooper's own inconsistency. And the inconsistency sorta continued with Dallas.
  13. Raiders re-sign DT Jonathan Hankins (2 year deal, 8.5M)

    Vanderdoes was just not good when he played. So yeah, Id think he's gone. I do not think much of Ellis or Hall at this point but both are infinitely better than Vanderdoes. 4 players, there's the 4. And between possibilities of adding in FA and draft, Vanderdoes has no shot.
  14. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    To take it a step further, I didn't see the logic in signing him to that deal in the first place. Or the logic in fans' love for him. A totally non-descript player to me, and by that logic very replaceable every year.
  15. Raiders trade Kelechi Osemele to Jets

    Bears 6th for Jets 5th from what I read. Which is not a miniscule jump. It's fine. Osemele was not impressive since 2016. More interested in pancakes than playing sound like Hudson. ANd the money tied up in the guards was not the best way to build a team.