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  1. Rugby Thread

    2018 - European Champions / Challenge Cup - Semi Finals: (Reminder) Domestic leagues take break over the weekend, & European rugby resumes in their place. (Check Local Guides / Listings For Details) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Winners: *** * (Challenge SF) 1) Newcastle 2) Pau *** * (Champions SF) 1) Scarlets 2) Racing 92
  2. Rugby Thread

    Sale travelled to Newcastle for the battle of the North, & the game produced can only be described as a ripsnorter. Well done, Falcons. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2017/18 - Aviva Premiership - Best Tries, RND 20:
  3. Rugby Thread

    News - Rugby Sevens - 2018 - Gold Coast - Commonwealth Games / Results: Kelly Brazier the hero as New Zealand women's sevens team win gold at Commonwealth Games https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/commonwealth-games/103118175/kelly-brazier-the-hero-as-new-zealand-womens-sevens-team-win-gold-at-commonwealth-games ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NZ men's sevens join NZ women in winning gold on the Gold Coast https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/commonwealth-games/103118245/nz-mens-sevens-join-nz-women-in-winning-gold-on-the-gold-coast ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Final Standings) *** * Womens: NZL - Gold AUS - Silver ENG - Bronze *** * Mens: NZL - Gold FIJ - Silver ENG - Bronze
  4. Rugby Thread

    2018 - Vodafone - Super Rugby - Rnd 9 - Results / Rnd 10 - Fixtures: *** ** * (Rnd 9 - Results) https://sanzarrugby.com/superrugby/fixtures/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Rnd 10 - Fixtures) https://sanzarrugby.com/superrugby/fixtures/ (Times Listed Are AEST - Check Local Guides / Listings) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Standout Game of Round 9)
  5. 2018 NFL Schedule released - Opening game ATL @ PHI

    Good matchup. I'm looking forward to this.
  6. Montana on Brady's longevity

    Maybe. It's tough to tell. There's certainly a lot less helmet to helmet stuff, & the QBs legs are protected now. But, at the same time, the athletes have become significantly stronger & faster. Peyton who is considerably larger, only lasted two seasons longer than Montana. And, tbh - he was somewhat of a passenger his final season in Denver. 16 seasons isn't bad for a guy Montana's size. Cam Newton will need to play 8 more seasons to match it, & even though he has the body of a TE, the hits he takes makes me think he likely won't reach that milestone.
  7. No doubt. I remember similar resistance from a small group of players when the league started clamping down on helmet to helmet hits. As if making minor adjustments to tackling technique was some kind of biological impossibility.
  8. James Harrison has Retired.

    Very nice career. Pretty much unstoppable at his peak. As others have mentioned, he might sneak the hall after a considerable wait. Perhaps, in a down year in terms of class strength, or as a senior. Wish him well with his future.
  9. Well done, NFL... Seriously, why the heck would some players ignore the results, & wait till next season before switching?
  10. Montana on Brady's longevity

    Joe was always a little on the small side, tbf. I don't think he'd play any longer even if he played today.
  11. Does the NFL really need a draft?

    The draft is such an iconic feature of American sport. The NFL's version is by far & away the best of the lot, not to mention a highlight of the calendar year. What would you replace it with... Catchment areas, academies, & signing 15 year olds still in high school?
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    LOL... I had competently forgotten about that mank thumb nastiness.
  13. Mark Sanchez suspended 4 games for PEDs

    If Mark sez this due to over the counter PEYNUS enhancers. I'd believe him.
  14. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Harry! Wake up! ... Stop gazing longingly into that Markle woman's eyes, LOOK DOWN, & come to your damn senses... Call the wedding off, BRO!!! That's not wife material.
  15. Color Rush uniforms for TNF likely done.

    Twas fun while it lasted... RIP Condimental Cup