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  1. This is a real question. Should we ever select anything besides QB or Pass rusher in the 1st round? I mean hypothetically since the Jaguars track record isn't very good when it comes to selecting those positions? At any other position, you can get away with having serviceable players manning those.
  2. Jaguars sign LB Jake Ryan

    Nice. I work with a childhood friend of his. Might make it up to a couple of games this season!
  3. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Elite WRs are overrated. Good Wrs are underrated. If your Qb is worth his salt, he'll make anyone decent work.
  4. Updated: Jaguars sign Nick Foles

    Looking at his contract now though, the FO did a great job as we can cut ties 2 years into it with almost no money owed. If it took an extra mil or 2 to have that freedom, it's all good. Also, maybe, hear me out on this, the FO doesn't see any franchise QBs in this draft...
  5. QB>>>>> any other position I guess...
  6. Updated: Jaguars sign Nick Foles

    I wasn't shocked. Bortles was due to make around 19. Cousins is making 30. 22 is about average starter money.
  7. I guess they see how bad the Offense has been and need all the funds necessary to throw money at he problem. We all know how that usually works out though...
  8. Man I hope these new guys are good enough to man the free safety position. I still have ptsd from the years prior to Tashaun solidifying our deep middle...
  9. Jaguars hire John DeFlippo as OC

    I really like this move.
  10. Jaguars getting rid of 6-7 players =/= blow up.
  11. Did y'all see how fast Blake ran off the bench?!? Lolol
  12. I can't. This is ridiculous. I'll be getting ready for my football team's season that starts in January.