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  1. Both of the Seahawks late touchdowns came vs 3 deep zone where the corners didn't retreat deep enough...
  2. Why'd this game get flexed? It didn't increase the number of homes that will get to watch it. All it did was help the Seahawks circadian rhythm...
  3. Wilson didn't just escape outside the tackles though. He also escapes right up the middle.
  4. Week 11 GDT

    7-3 1st place in the AFC South More than doubled our win total from last season. Yeah. I don't think so.
  5. Where did this "Bottles lacks arm strength" rhetoric emerge from? His decision making and accuracy need help. He can get zip when necessary...
  6. One last note about this game... What was up with all the flopping? I thought I was watching a LA Clippers game for a minute.
  7. In season news and notes

    Jaguars revenge tour: Gus Bradley? Check Next up: Gabbert!
  8. In season news and notes

    Doug Marrone is 7-4 as the Jaguars HNIC. Let that sink in...