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  1. My guy. You're having 2 different arguments. I don't care about Lee and Moncrief. I'm addressing the Robinson situation. He's had 1 very good year and you want to break the bank for him. That's a recipe for cap hell. Do you remember those days?
  2. How many games did Robinson play last year? It's not just the ACL. It's that he's injury prone and isn't worth the price tag.
  3. Jaguars All-25

    He was the best receiver in football from 99-01. Yes, the best.
  4. Jaguars All-25

    Tony's gonna be #1 and deservedly so. He was the best tackle in football when he played.
  5. Jaguars All-25

    Ummm, where's the Best Defensive player in team history? Tony. Barckens!
  6. Jaguars All-25

    I didn't know where to put this so...
  7. Jaguars All-25

    Steelers killer!
  8. Jaguars All-25

  9. Congrats you the Raps and their fans!!!
  10. That's an offensive foul. Can't drop your shoulder...
  11. ...Or his teammates are the most disrespected ever!
  12. The shot was fine. It got blocked.