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  1. Official Jags Nostalgia Thread

    Where's Jimmy Smith's 295?
  2. Jaguars issue apology

    I echo these sentiments as well. Like I tell my kids all the time, if you don't understand something, ask questions until you do.
  3. Our underneath coverage keeps falling for their run action. If that stops, we'll be good.
  4. Fournette with the circle button leaving defenders clapping!!!
  5. I'm not. Aren't peel back blocks outlawed? Where was the flag for THAT?
  6. We flipped field position after starting deep in our territory. I'll take that
  7. Jaguars place WR Dede Westbrook on IR

    The specialist said he was good to go. I see no issue here.
  8. Adopt-a-Jag 2017 ---- DRAFT

    Can we keep a list of players selected? It would streamline this process. Gimme a sec... Edit: I'll take unsung hero, The Poz!
  9. The top 4 are locks. Benn because of special teams and can fill-in in a pinch. Last spot is Cole or Wynn's...
  10. New England post 2001 and the HOF.

    Came here to make sure my dude Ty Law wasn't forgotten. Peyton still has nightmares involving Law...