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  1. Missing your best weapon on a short week when your OC said his gameplan was trash explains that performance.
  2. Is this what it feels like to be confident in your QB? I'm... not used to this feeling...
  3. On both Dolphin big runs, the weakside DE didn't stay home...
  4. https://twitter.com/KahunaMed/status/1309098395009679360?s=19
  5. Lasty, didn't we blow the doors off this team with our bad defense, our limited rookie qb and an OC on the cusp of termination? I get they added Rivers and some decent free agents but why are we the only team that doesn't get to enjoy the benefit of players growing and improving?
  6. A lot of defensive woes, especially vs the run, was guys freestyling and getting out of position pre-snap (The Carolina game was maddening to watch!). I believe Schobert can help guys get lined up correctly which, though might not not propel us into the best run defense in the league, will help us mitigate the damage and get us to middle of the pack.
  7. Ok. I'm about to vent. Why are we seen as tanking when: We're bringing back the best rookie QB we've ever had and was arguably the best rookie qb of 2019, amid, from what we now know, a toxic locker room and a bad scheme. He also won a game on the west coast which, as we know, is usually our opponents bye week. We've cleansed our team of the malcontents with mostly equitable replacements. Our division is not stacked. The Colts are meh, the Texans have Bill and the Titans offense is built on a power running game that if stifled, leaves their qb exposed. Going off 2019 alone and disregarding "brand name" recognition Division QB Rankings Watson MInshew Tannehill Rivers Our floor should be 6 wins with a ceiling of 10 if everything goes right.
  8. Didn't know where to put this so here... https://youtu.be/c7rATLH4plM
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