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  1. Mychal Kendricks released by Philly

    Id find the money for this season to take him and then consider working on something longer. 3 years would be good. If not, it could be very likely that our main competitor shows some interest in him.
  2. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000933857/article/eagles-release-inside-linebacker-mychal-kendricks
  3. Rookie #'s Released

    Adams has a lot of potential with his burst and bend. He does seem so much smaller than his measured size.
  4. Shazier standing

    You come to appreciate your health sooo much more when you go through a scary trial with it.
  5. 2019 Targets for Steelers

    Devin White from LSU is a standout, like top 10-15 potential. TJ Edwards is a good LB from Wisconsin, might not be the "Sparq" guy everybody is looking for but good LB A guy I really like is the OG from Wisconsin Beau Benzschawel CB - Lavert Hill from Michigan
  6. 2019 Targets for Steelers

    At this point Im more impressed with Bosa from everything Ive seen. Harold impressed me early. Bosa impresses every single time I watch him. Obviously there is much more work to do.
  7. 2019 Targets for Steelers

    At minimum Nick Bosa should be a top 5 pick and could be #1 overall.
  8. 2019 Targets for Steelers

    Dline should be one of the better years in some time.
  9. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Browns Up)

    We're not so far off in opinions but you are undervaluing Edmunds with Day 3 range. I wasnt ecstatic about the pick but late 2nd early 3rd was the appropriate range with an arrow upward. It was the most questionable pick of the first round with the exception of New Orleans giving up next years 1st for a non QB. Im also not a fan of Washingtons and trying to come to grips with the pick. On the upside he has big strong hands but is not as consistent as folks would like you to think, he has lapses. So what Im guessing is the Steelers put significant value in someone being able to catch deep balls with regularity, however I fail to see how this receiver that shows no special ability to separate will do so to catch those deep balls as uncontested as they typically are in the Big 12. I was harder on Rudolph earlier in the draft process but I see the traits that intrigue. He did struggle at times with accuracy but I feel may have evolved some and can, similar to Dak Prescott perhaps who was a very shaky thrower up until late in his senior year at Miss State. The value at 79 was fine,I had him a little lower but the market always determines things with qbs, there was a market for him. The worst pick of the draft for the Steelers was easily the Okorafor pick based on several factors. His talent/technique and need for development. His hands are what bother me most, it takes a long time for him to get his hands up into position and to recoil and reset as well. The placement is typically outside rather than in and the combination of both factors leads to the potential for holding and getting beat. Im not fond of his get off / timing of the snap which again combined with the hands could be a killer. Lastly he isn't exactly aggressive, a characteristic that could've made up for some things. The other factors were the position itself and the lack of immediate need. I dont have a problem with taking BPA, but if your BPA is commonly regarded project in the 3rd round at a position you dont really need well then you must've really not thought much of the talent in this draft all together. Better talent at the position available at the time. Unless there were medical concerns about Tyrell Crosby's foot etc than its unfathomable for me to see how anyone could value Okorafor over Crosby. Time will tell but my money is on Crosby making a lot of of people question what they were looking at... The Jaylen Samuels pick was outstanding and I think you are short changing his ability somewhat. The value here made up for a lot of the bad. Marcus Allen is a great downhill player, with a great team attitude. Thing is we need more cover guys than anything and he has not shown much ability to do so. Frazier, its hard to figure how a 5 star prospect gets so little playing time. All those guys there deal with the same thing. I hope he produces, at the least beat out McCullers, however he will get a battle from LSU's UFA Greg Gilmore. Oughtta be a heck of a competition. I give it a C to a C- ...The Okorafor pick was what killed it for me. I really hope Washington proves us wrong. I see a 3rd or 4th receiver at best at any point is his career that we took in the 2nd round with a some very good DB talent on the board.
  10. Round 5 Pick 165: FB Jaylen Samuels

    Im not a fan of Okorafor, Ive done enough work on him to know my concerns. Mialata has athleticism and is 20 years old, hes clay thats yet to be shaped, I'd prefer to take that project on. I don't listen to anything the media says about anybody, except reports on injuries and character issues.
  11. His job is to stop the run and take up blockers. He does it very effectively. He didn't sit on the bench for 4 years and play sparingly. Hes better than the OT we took by far, so is everybody really.
  12. Thats better than half our draft picks
  13. Round 5 Pick 165: FB Jaylen Samuels

    I figured FRazier was a high chance. He should be able to unseat MCCullers but i need to do more work on him. He didnt play a lot on the games i tried to watch on him. Maybe they can grab Greg Gilmore as UFA.
  14. Round 5 Pick 165: FB Jaylen Samuels

    Liked the WIll Clapp pick by New Orleans