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  1. 2018 Draft Prospects

    The guy that should really be high on this teams radar is Mark Andrews - TE - Oklahoma , he's been a beast in the passing game since his freshman season. Always gets separation and makes great plays on the ball. He is a difference maker against all levels of competition. There is not a lot to go on as far as blocking but Jesse James was one of the worst blocking tight ends especially as effort and awareness go that I've seen in some time at PSU. I think Andrews has more natural physicality and pedigree than James. I like Marcus Allen a lot in regards to coming up on the ball, tackling and instinctiveness vs the run. He gambles or is highly aggressive ala Troy P. However he has not shown great awareness or ability vs the pass as far as coverage. He definitely favors a more strong safety type role that has a lot of growing to do vs the pass based on game evaluation prior to this season. Im quite sure you will see many similar traits in this years game hopefully with gradual growth. I have not been a fan of Josh Allen (anywhere near the level of hype he's received) based on tape prior to this season. Very inaccurate and wild at times. Good athlete with a very good arm and mobility. Don't believe any of the stuff you've heard about poor receivers. Tanner Gentry was an excellent receiver and if anything made Allen look a lot better than he was. Look for Gentry to surface soon for the Bears as he developed great chemistry with Mitchell Trubisky.
  2. The NFL season is upon us....Week 1 GDT

    Just watched the replay. I know he's really new to the defense, but Haden has got to improve quite a bit or he's gonna be a target and with better offenses & receivers, a day like today would've been a long one. Level of concern... to be determined.
  3. The NFL season is upon us....Week 1 GDT

    Pretty close with that scenario
  4. The NFL season is upon us....Week 1 GDT

    I remember when this series was tied, I believe the Browns were even ahead in the mid 80s and early 90s. Hard to imagine for many of the newer fans I suppose.
  5. 2018 Steelers Mock Draft

    I really like Kemoko Turay - OLB - Rutgers.. I don't care that they took an OLB in the 1st, if this guy flies under the radar enough with all the QB hype he should be worth the selection. He was injured last year, so that's why few had heard about him. He was all over Browning vs Washington. I just love it when the announcers talk about everything else but the obvious of him blowing up the Washington backfield on every passing down especially but also crashing down on the run. Think he might've had some kind of discipline cause he didn't play the 1st quarter. Make no mistake at 6'5 252 this guy is a force to be reckoned with. I imagine he'll end up a Packer or something as they often have similar likes/needs. He could fly up the board after the combine and workouts.
  6. 2018 Steelers Mock Draft

    And they just find another receiver next year with that 5th from Cleveland, its a decent spot for a non-priority value pick.
  7. 2018 Steelers Mock Draft

    Based on previous years ...Would not be interested in Rudolph and or Freeman. Guice and keep your eyes on Kyle Allen. I would not want them to reach for a QB regardless of what Ben does. If the right guy is available to trade to then maybe, but dont reach just to get one.
  8. Bucs Trade S Wilcox to Steelers

    I just learned how to Like something in here.
  9. Bucs Trade S Wilcox to Steelers

    I'm excited about it. Anything is an improvement over Golden. He brings energy to the field, something this defense is still lacking most of the time. Kind of like a Lethon Flowers, but it seems more to offer. Its horrible to see these Steelers defenders that can't tackle or aren't so wanting to tackle like I too often see from Golden.
  10. Need to be able to do more than return kicks. Especially if you are only doing it well enough to "not disappoint".
  11. Glad to see Davis go. I thought he actually looked slow and undecisive in the game where he had all the yards. A more explosive back would've had much more.
  12. It would be great to see them convert Brian Allen to FS.
  13. Our safeties suck. They arent even freshman level.
  14. Id be very reluctant to keep Trey Williams on roster. Perhaps PS
  15. Hilton got the sack despite being held.