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  1. 5UP 5Down vs Bungles

    Not sure, but more than likely I was referring to guessing linebacker play or getting caught up in washes/traffic he has no business being in or should be more than capable to take on more effectively.
  2. 5UP 5Down vs Bungles

    Up 1. Conner 2. OLine , Decastro pulling ability right to left best in the biz. 3. Ben was pretty solid 4. Juju 5. Rosie Nix special teams deserves mention Down 1. Joe Haden needs to catch some of these opportunities, if he doesnt it gives more of a reason to attack him, thankfully for Joe we have other corners that are so exposed. 2. Artie Burns.. this guy must be somewhere in the mindset of Limas Sweed when it comes to confidence and desire. I believe they drafted him because they wanted DB's that are capable of making plays on the ball and actually catching it. Cant make any plays on the ball when you are nowhere near the guy you are supposed to cover. They definitely did not daft him for tackling ability. 3. I caught Vince being the victim of the many of the Bengals highlight plays. Im not gonna dog him entirely cause i didnt review the game for his other plays. 4. Tomlin not reviewing that goaline play. It was too close not to and almost cost the game. And it cost me 6 points for Conner. 5. Tomlin pulling his what seems like a typical statement review, I have no idea why he does those. I always feel its something to do with ego, either that or we have the worst spotters for review in the league. So often the ones he does challenge are so obvious and it cost us this time if his excuse for not reviewing the other play was because of this one.
  3. WEEK 6 - GDT Steelers @ Bengals

    LJ Fort inactive? Oh I see the answer above.. Uggh.
  4. Trades you want this year

    Any chance the Eagles trade Brandon Graham ? UFA next year, they have Bennet, Barnett and Long under contract for 3 years each and at a lot cheaper price than Graham will be. They are so far over the cap going into next year like 21 million and they have other big names to sign like Darby, Jordan Hicks, Corey Graham among others and will probably lose Ajayi & Sproles.
  5. 5 up/5 down; The Mahowned edition

    By who's ratings, Burns was a 3rd round value by most and i had him early 4th. Edmonds was an early 3rd round value or late 2nd, we werent that far off there but still a round early.
  6. 5 up/5 down; The Mahowned edition

    You know I dont like Bell at all, and I wouldn't pay him a dime to play running back, i wouldn't have paid him last year what they offered. 12 million was my cap at the time last year. Move on. He lost me after the 2nd suspension.
  7. 5 up/5 down; The Mahowned edition

    Butler definitely should be on the hot seat and both Tomlin and Colbert should be questioned about their defensive picks. Artie Burns sucks, he was 3rd to 4th round value that we took in the 1st
  8. 5 up/5 down; The Mahowned edition

    Can Bell play Corner, Safety or ILB? If he can cover a TE then pay him. By the way.. the Cardinals would've been fortunate if Sam Bradford retired at halftime.
  9. 5 UP / 5 DOWN. Disaster in Ohio.

    UP 1. Conner 2. Bostic was very impressive in 1st half especially 3. Sean Davis was showing up everywhere in 1st half especially 4. Ryan Switzer was a huge consistent factor on punt returns, every chance he seemed to get yards that we never get from any other returners, definite plus 5. The defense in general was very good, IMO , it gets demoralizing no matter what you try to say or do when your O keeps giving the ball away + TJ Watt keeps coming DOWN 1. Turnovers 2. AB seemed to be out of sync for much of the game 3. The Rain, football in snow is fun, but football in the rain is ugghh 4. Missed opportunities for turnovers. 5. Ben was off target at times, not even on the interceptions so much, just more erratic than normal.
  10. Bell contract 2018

    How appropriate for "Juice" & his agent....Sell, sell, sell ...just like Trading Places the price of Juice took a big hit today.
  11. GDT - Week 1 - Steelers at Browns

    Chances are very high that the Cleveland Run D and D itself will have a strong performance, no matter who is toting the rock. They look to be pretty underrated by the very minimal to no appreciation they are receiving. We will have to listen all week about how it was evident that the Steelers missed/need Le'veon Bell only to be followed by a standout performance by Conner vs Kansas City the following week. Stay Strong Pittsburgh.
  12. new punter?

    There were two excellent punters in this draft. Seattle drafted Michael Dickson from Texas, and Johnny Townsend who the Raiders drafted, both were very viable draft picks for the Steelers and should've been strongly considered.
  13. Trade for Ryan Switzer

    Its been foolish to use Antonio back there for the last 4-5 years except in playoff like come from behind situations.
  14. Trade for Ryan Switzer

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000951794/article/oakland-raiders-trading-ryan-switzer-to-steelers Finally getting a legitimate threat at punt return, and a shifty as hell receiver.
  15. Would you trade L.Bell for...

    Player for player absolutely, just not excited about tying up that percentage of cap in a non qb, hell even in a qb.