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  1. War's offseason mock

    Chris Hubbard is UFA and based on his performance, flexibility and the dearth of quality Olineman /Tackles in the NFL he should be getting a nice pay day. Congrats Chris. So should Nate Solder and he'd be crazy to give New England any kind of discount, especially with everybody else abandoning ship
  2. Week 17 Steelers vs. Browns Stay Healthy GDT

    The girl in pic #2 is ridiculous. Im not sure why they need a LT ? Al is what 29 ? easily get 3-4 years out of him. Same with Gilbert at 29. Have Hubbard 26 & drafted Hawkins 24. Draft talent if it is available but not an area of concern, Id be more interested in a replacement competition for Fosters spot.
  3. Christmas Eve Mock

    Id be more inclined to think they both have first round ability. If Adam Shaheen can go in the 2nd round, Goederrt could be the #1 pick , based on my previous observations. I really like Miller's want for the ball, he is AB type aggressive in most instances. I am a fan of Mark Andrews, if we win this whole thing I don't quite think he'll be there at 32. Tight end of course isnt our #1 need , that I feel is a playmaking Free Safety unless Ben rides off into the sunset. Would love to get Minkah Fitzpatrick, Im wondering if Tavarrus McFadden can make the move to safety. I have seen a couple of 1st round type corners I like that seem to be running low on the radar as far as their projection vs value. I am high on Rutgers Kemoko Turay's ability and remind everyone that he is returning from injury this season, he's the type of explosive that everyone is looking for.
  4. Christmas Eve Mock

    Goedertt and Miller should be considered 2nd round talents at worst, especially when you are talking about the end of those rounds . Miller most likely best pound for pound receiver in this class.
  5. Move Bud Dupree to ILB

    Buds tape was up and down at Kentucky. His LSU game stood out for pass rushing as I recall , but the one thing that was consistent was his ability to drop into coverage. I rated Bud pretty high in that class not because of his measurable numbers but because of the physical traits he displayed on the field. His ability to rush and drop were uncommon, thing that held him back was the show up or no show game to game rushing the passer. My concern would be that playing ILB is an instinctual thing. Truthfully I was not fond of Shazier's instincts even still, he was better than Timmons in this regard but played a lot more catch and chase in college than attack. Vince Williams on the other hand was pretty good instinctually at the position and could bring the hammer as well. Of course Spence was extremely instinctual but undersized and then the injury
  6. Steelers Win #7 Mock Draft

    Lamar Jackson will improve our return game, not sure about taking a kick returner in the 1st round but he is pretty dynamic in the open field.
  7. Steelers Christmas Classics: Week 15 GDT vs Pats

    I will say this .. it is interesting that the ground can't cause a fumble, but it can cause a catch to be incomplete?
  8. Steelers Christmas Classics: Week 15 GDT vs Pats

    On to Houston.... Blame whoever you want. They finally had a great game plan for the Pats. Pittsburgh had a great controlled offense the entire game. I was happy to see how they handled the Pats Offense for most of the game, they got good pressure on Brady consistently. Save for not being more aggressive with 3 minutes + left, everything else was pretty damn good. Way more ups than downs for the first time in many years vs this team. They did all of this without the league MVP. We all saw how the Pats and Brady did last week without Gronk. The most encouraging thing for me is that they did this without Haden. The main thing I wanted to get from this game was to see if Brady was going to pick them apart and sit back there all comfortable all day. I don't think he did either and they didn't really run on us as well. Honestly before this game I hoped they won but what I really wanted was to see them not allow what i stated before. Im very encouraged, even if it has to go to Gillette. All I have to say Im a huge Bills fan next week cause that 1st seed is still very much available and that Pats team looks extremely vulnerable, and if that doesnt happen, no big deal. On to Houston...
  9. Steelers Christmas Classics: Week 15 GDT vs Pats

    Why not play Brian Allen man to man on Gronk and then deal with the rest. He should be able to cover him at 6'3 215 , tackling might not be easy but rather deal with him being covered then trying to cover with LBs or smaller corners/safeties. Allen as a former receiver is also a ballhawk.
  10. Steelers Christmas Classics: Week 15 GDT vs Pats

    I thought it was a horrible look for DeAngelo, who I've always liked. He took being a 3 point underdog personally and took it out on those guys, especially Kyle Brandt. I enjoy watching the show and havent ever felt they have an exclusive bias to any team. The Patriots and Brady have had the Steelers number in all kinds of ways since before Brady was even there as far back as Kordell Stewart days and that damn Troy Brown who should probably get the credit for starting this dominant run over the black and gold. From what I saw he started taking it out on Kate and that was awkward because it felt so in your face to her and then of course the guys are going to go on the defensive, they tried to deflect and stay cool but then he really tried to personally attack BRandt and that was classless and was proven wrong again and again but kept doubling down on it ultimately by trying to say you didnt play in the NFL so that makes anything you say worthless.
  11. Week 14: SNF Ravens (7-5) at STEELERS (10-2)

    That was challenging
  12. Week 14: SNF Ravens (7-5) at STEELERS (10-2)

    Gonna win this fn game
  13. Week 14: SNF Ravens (7-5) at STEELERS (10-2)

    Now that guy is a machine.
  14. Week 14: SNF Ravens (7-5) at STEELERS (10-2)

    Bryant is an awful choice for Kick return. Hes so lackadaisical. No matter what he does positive it would be awfully difficult for me to want this guy on my team, hes so passive. It seems like its spreading.
  15. Week 14: SNF Ravens (7-5) at STEELERS (10-2)

    This umpire needs to retire, Im worried hes in the middle of having a stroke. He cant finish a sentence.