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  1. Let's talk WRs...

    Devonte Boyd is talented receiver from UNLV that has fallen under the radar. He was a bit inconsistent but is somebody that could surprise and you can get him late to FA. Equanimeous St. Brown suffered through some really awful qb play this past season. He should be a steal wherever he goes. The other guy that may be a steal is Robert Foster from Alabama. Lot of ability playing on a team and with a qb that ran the ball as many times than the 78 Steelers.
  2. Free Agency Tracker

    Good work. One thing I noticed was that you repeated a couple moves on the Bills & Bears ...Trent Murphy & Julian Stanford.
  3. My thoughts on the combine and a mock

    True accuracy for a QB has very little to do with the statistical completion percentage. It has everything to do with precision and location. Allen has a wild live arm and has not been accurate to the level he needs his entire time at Wyoming. Blaming it on the supporting cast is a copout...there is a hell of a receiver on the Chicago Bears roster named Tanner Gentry that made Josh Allen look better than he was last season and helped put him on the map. He also had a center that is on the Washington Redskins in Chase Roullier. Allen had the same issues last season as he has this season. Its on him. He wasn't under extreme duress at all times, in any case that is something he should be measured by anyway in how he handles it, its gonna happen and even worse on this level. He has to read faster and throw into tighter windows with anticipation now. But its not all about rocketing it in there, can he turn and throw an out to the sidelines without throwing it into the stands. Thats the type of accuracy you need to be concerned about. I don't not like Allen, but these are more legitimate concerns than his excusers like to make them out not to be. A Qb with a strong arm and accuracy issues is like a Home Run hitter that bats .225 and strikes out 200 times in a season. Sure he may be a hero sometimes, but far too & more often he is going to leave runners on base . He needs to make contact a lot more often than he needs to swing for the fence. The only real concern with arm strength is do they meet a pre requisite minimum to make all necessary throws. Obviously, it's better to a degree the stronger an arm is, but by far, the importance of Accuracy trumps Arm strength.
  4. Free Agency Update : Chris Hubbard to the Browns

    I didnt realize Steelers fans thought poorly of him at least to a degree that mattered. I mean he was an undrafted free agent. I do think he was an asset for the Steelers but do have some concerns for him elsewhere. He might be a better accent piece than a foundation. Glad he's getting paid, the scarcity of the market demands it. Just hope he starts and does well at least for this year and so we get as good as comp return as possible.
  5. NFL.com has it reported : Hubbard is joining the Browns on a five-year deal worth $37.5 million that includes nearly $18 million guaranteed, Rapoport reports. http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2018/03/browns_signing_ex-steelers_ot.html Should bring us some decent compensatory consideration.
  6. Players you think are being overhyped/overrated

    The combine had nothing to do with my evaluation. It only reflected and supported my opinion of him. I said it in my eval , he's a lesser Phil Loadholt in my mind. Thats a better comparison than Andre Smith in my book in Browns favor. You may want to review that tape you shared. The first 5 plays were actually a perfect illustration of all of the concerns about him. He whiffed on a pass block and luckily was picked up by a back. On all of the running plays... he was in the way, not making the way. Defenders so often and so easily get up under his pads on runs, and forget having him pull or move, hes one of the worst I've ever seen in that respect that was being considered as a pro prospect. He'll pass block and be a liability in the run game, and be frustrating at times in the pass game. If he works really hard, I suppose he could improve things, but why would you trust someone that has proven to have less than stellar work ethic to put in that work and such a vast improvement? Thing that usually frustrates me most is laziness on tape, he shows it often....reflected by the combine effort. Thats why the combine matters... Guys with special size and or speed projects should be 4th round or later projects. Brown will probably go in the 3rd with compensatory etc,. Matter of fact, the Bengals are a likely target. This is not a deep or very good tackle class IMO so that will help his draft stock, but doesnt really reflect his grade/value.
  7. Players you think are being overhyped/overrated

    Not my cup of tea.
  8. I started writing this topic earlier in the week but got too busy to finish it, perhaps it will seem like im piling on Orlando Brown, but I dont really care, I see what I see and figured I'd share anyways. I'll try to add a few guys when I can but for now these are at the forefront of my concerns. I didn't even add any commentary based on todays performance for Brown. Every year it happens a player or two or more that seems to be getting really hyped up by the media. When I don't see the same thing I typically try to find the tape or reason for all the love. When I've watched 4 or 5 games on a guy and still haven't seen it I have to put my hands up and question what am I missing? Usually Im pretty comfortable that Im not but am open to suggestions as to why the differences in points of view. Top Candidates so far this year 1. Orlando Brown - I understand hes a big guy and when he gets in front of you and his hands on you theres not much you can do. He plays sluggish often and is very lackadaisical on the field. He may have the genes but that doesnt mean he has the same desire or work ethic. If you want a comp for his size and style of play I'd argue that he is a lesser Phil Loadholdt. Phil was a huge guy that once he got his hands on you it was over, he tried to and could stay in front pretty well with his sheer size. I actually saw a lot better play from that Sooner than the current one. Does anybody have a game that they suggest I watch where I'd be impressed? Heres my actual notes on him Weaknesses: Feet/shuffle not very good. Often lunges at quicker ends and gets off balance. Very slow pulling and often doesn't get around in time. Does not locate blocks on the move. Stands upright in the run game and defenders get under his pads often clogging things up. Often slow and sluggish to react. Often slow and clunky pulling and often ties things up in the backfield, not even getting past center. Strengths: Long arms to keep defenders at bay and off of him, makes up for some of the sluggish feet. Difficult to get around in pass game. Technique is not great but difficult to move a mountain. Games viewed: 2017 vs UTEP; vs Texas; @ Oklahoma State; 2016 vs Ohio State; Currently ranked 116 with a 5th-6th round value grade. 2. Mason Rudolph - Isn't this the same Oklahoma State quarterback we see every year, just change the name plate. Big quarterback with a kind of big arm that throws not very accurate passes to big wide open receivers that win jump balls etc. Couple that with a speedy running back that opens thing up in the wide spread wide open Big 12. I don't see it at all with this guy other than the decently big arm. He's stiff as hell and his throws aren't very accurate. Summary - In search for the 5th/6th quarterback of the 2018 class, teams will try to push Rudolph up the board and potentially overvalue him. Accuracy is shaky at times. Semi mobile. Stiff. Stares down receivers at times. Arm average, mobility average, accuracy average. Eventual backup that teams will try to start for stretches during his career. Weaknesses - Pocket awareness. Kind of stiff and often flat footed. One read game. Accuracy and arm average. Strengths - Size. Games Watched - 2017 Camping World Bowl vs Va Tech; 2017 vs Oklahoma; @ Texas Tech; @ Texas; 2016 Alamo Bowl vs Colorado; 2015 vs Baylor; vs Texas Currently ranked 89th but his grade is a 4th round value 3. Mike McGlinchey - I don't not like McGlinchey but this is more of a buyer beware. He has some mighty struggles in the passing game at times and has been beaten many times just this year. Granted their QB was pretty awful, to the point that its hard for Equinameous St Brown to even have any kind of tape to evaluate from this year. That said, McGlinchey will probably start out a few pegs below a guy like Costanzo started. In other words he's not a definite #1 tackle with the certain fall of Brown, hes just ahead of the pack of O'Neil & Miller in my opinion because he has much more to offer in the running game. I do have two different legitimate tackles ahead of all of them. Summary - Cousin of Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan. His natural ability will be coveted. More experience and time and he should be very good depending on desire to hone his craft and skill. He should shoot up the boards by draft time and be a mid to late first round pick. Needs to use his hands more and better in sync with his feet to keep defenders from bending around his edge. Weaknesses - Hands and punch. Off balance and on the ground too much, gets caught reaching. Needs to get more consistent with technique, and a bit nastier. Strengths - Making contact on second level and driving blocks downfield. Has good athleticism and looks fluid going forward. Currently ranked 37th , grade is late 2nd to early 3rd value with more work to do. 4. Connor Williams - I like Connor Williams but this is another buyer beware. My concerns were confirmed yesterday with his measurements. However, coming in as light as he did has thrown me off a bit, makes it a little tougher to be that mauler inside. He did look to move pretty well though in some of the drills I watched. He can play outside but my fears when watching the tape was that he's the Big 12's next Luke Joeckel. His nastiness and punch make me much more comfortable for his play inside. I would hope that my team could draft him with a need and mindset that gaining a tackle or guard would be fine. Weaknesses- Feet are not great, can get beat back inside if forced to reset. Can get off balance. Arm length? Strengths - Good strong punch. Keeps hands inside shoulders well. Gets good push off the line and excels in run blocking. Very stout. Very nasty. Summary - May make a much better guard than tackle. Games Viewed - 2017 vs Maryland; @ West Virginia; 2016 vs TCU; vs West Virginia; Currently Ranked : 28th with a 2nd round value.
  9. The Official 2018 Steelers Forum Combine Thread

    Definitely consider him and Andrews.
  10. Thats pretty much what Im suggesting. He has ability as a corner but those abilities would probably be a better fit and utilized as a free safety. I don't see the same player as Sean Davis, other than they both played two positions. Sean Davis excelled more as a tackler and a strong safety type...Kelly is more natural in coverage and flowing freely and far more of a ballhawking/playmaking type of player. I currently have a late 3rd to mid 4th round grade on him, but have more work to do on him at least 2 more games.
  11. Are you sure you watched the right guy on this game? The guy that had two sacks, a forced fumble, an interception to close out a game on the final drive, and the only play you could suggest he was beat in coverage that he wasn't side by side with the receiver was handed off to the safety who was just 5 yards away and it ended up incomplete. What I can figure is that you are putting the two big runs that a Heisman frontrunning running back broke away on all on this cornerback, one play he was blocked out on ok, so he didnt get off of a block and then the other he made a diving attempt as a last ditch line of defense hope and just missed bringing him to the ground... thats why youre not going to draft a cover corner/safety ?? especially vs the $#!@ this team has. SDSU won the game 20-17.
  12. What game was that Armsteeld2.
  13. Thats what Im interested in him for. What we need is a ballhawking free safety......lucky us, heres a ballhawking cover guy that can tackle and blitz and has played safety for most of his career.
  14. I didn't either until two days ago. As for a player that seems to be under the radar quite a bit or hardly mentioned by Steelers fans. 6'2 196 lb cornerback/safety Kameron Kelly from San Diego State. Mount West Conference 1st team All Conference his senior year after moving over from Safety the previous three seasons. Ballhawking corner/ that gets great position. Has a very good backpedal, is a good tackler and a great blitzer.
  15. Im very high on J.C Jackson's ability, especially with his size. Teams will have to do a lot of digging on him as he was involved in two serious incidents that lead to his transfer from Florida to Maryland. He was involved in a shooting at a apartment complex where he and another friend were grazed with bullets while a third was shot in the face. As I understand 4 months later the more serious issue arose. He was arrested and charged for home invasion and robbery with a weapon. Apparently he and two others went to a "friends" house. Jackson left but the two others stayed and robbed the person by gunpoint of 2 game consoles and $400. I dont have all the details but thats what I did read. He was held on$150,000 bail. Much later he was finally found not guilty. Im hoping for his sake that the move to Maryland helped him get away from much of that. He is very talented , teams will be asking a lot of questions cause at the moment hes a 2nd-3rd rounder at worst based on talent. I expect to have an even higher grade on him the more games I get in on him. But the questions will tamp that down a bit.