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  1. Trade Brown for what?

    Everybody will kick the tires on the idea. This whole Deebo interview thing could really hurt the value a lot because of the greater evidence of the need to move on from AB in a situation that is irreparable. Many of the better wrs tend to play well til about 34 or 35, so age shouldn't really be an issue. Locker room concerns really the only concern as the money isn't even that bad going forward. The Steelers really shouldn't move him for anything less than a 1st, and theres no reason why it cant be a high first , if the market is there, in what is very much considered a VERY thin draft in regards to top level talent at the position. Teams with significant need at the position: Arizona, San Francisco, NY Jets, Oakland , Buffalo, Jacksonville, Miami, Washington, Carolina, Cleveland, Dallas, Seattle to name a few. Teams with a significant cap space Indy (122m); NYJ (106m); Buf (84m); CLE (74m) ; Oak (71m) ; Hou (67m); Sea (60m); Arizona (57m); SF (53m) ; Dal (50m); Car (20m); Was (17m) ; Mia (13m) ; Jax (-6m) Cap is expected to expand by at least 10m.
  2. tomlin lovers

    Ravens havent made the playoffs in 3 years until our failing this year. Patriots move around exceptionally, draft not so great vs the opportunities they have, Their roster is depleted just they have the GOAT at qb. Saints had the worst Defense and poor Oline for several years. One draft corrected a lot of ills.
  3. tomlin lovers

    Senquez Golson was a horrible pick. Id gladly take a spot in the scouting dept.
  4. tomlin lovers

    The Steelers for whatever reasons have struggled even before Colbert to find and develop DB talent. Woodson was a no brainer, but corners opposite have seemed to have been not of great importance.
  5. tomlin lovers

    From the beginning of my post here I just asked that Tomlin look in the mirror and make some changes have more accountability for himself. Leaders/winners hold themselves accountable, whatever it takes to get them to where they need to be, if its not done, its something they could do better, its something they could change. If thats fire somebody on your staff then fire them.
  6. tomlin lovers

    Hold everyone accountable. If they fired Tomlin all the coaches will go too, if thats what you are suggesting about spreading out accountability. Do us all a favor and show us the GM that has been better at selecting talent while picking regularly in the 20s for the majority of his tenure. Again, I dont want Tomlin fired, but im supposed to be worried about spreading out the blame, so fire them all equally.
  7. tomlin lovers

    I get it, you have an emotional attachment to Tomlin for whatever reason. I root for Tomlin to do well, but if I'm not questioning these things about him Im being blinded. Again.. NO ONE questions whether this team has talent. The secondary has been an issue, however THE #1 Reason Tomlin is criticized is because his team has more talent than any (The job that Colbert has done.) At the end of the day I hope Tomlin gets it together, whatever it takes. If you need to get rid of a HOF QB or a potential HOF talent evaluator if thats what it takes than do it. But no excuses. If you want to blame the secondary coach you hired or the last one even though thats your coaching field of expertise, then go ahead, but fix it.
  8. tomlin lovers

    Attaining talent is Colbert's job not game planning or calling the plays or managing situations. Perhaps you missed that in your account of how a team runs. By most every account, the team "has the talent" and that is why they are questioned. I also didn't say that he shouldn't be questioned, but his track record is much greater than Tomlins with history of success before Tomlin. Colbert should be questioned for last years draft easily and several picks over the last few years. Chances are high that when Ben retires , both Tomlin and Colbert are "retired".
  9. tomlin lovers

    When business underperform, the business is reflected upon poorly. The stock devalues and someone is accountable. The guy that is in charge of making the company run, the CEO (the head coach).
  10. tomlin lovers

    You're oversimplifying what Ive said. The only business that operates like you want as far as culpability is the feel good business.
  11. tomlin lovers

    Yeah youre right. I dont judge Joe Smith when my Macbook doesnt work right. I judge Apple, I dont buy their product next time. I dont buy their stock because I see the lack of quality in their product and how they are managed,
  12. tomlin lovers

    That was a lame response. Your team/company has a direction , it gets that direction from the top. This is what I want, make it happen. There is no micromanaging thats managing. Putting the right people in place to execute the plan the way you want. If they dont do it in a satisfactory way, you retrain them, if they dont get it you replace them.
  13. tomlin lovers

    That attitude usually starts at the top. (Not the Rooneys) . If Mike cant coach Ben than you are admitting to the problem. Sorry to say.
  14. tomlin lovers

    We definitely disagree on this wholeheartedly. Unless something has changed everyone else is held to this standard. He hires the coaches and coordinators. There are times when they are asked to make changes or they will lose their jobs but he hires who he chooses primarily.
  15. tomlin lovers

    My biggest concern is why do they come out flat in a game like today. I still have no problem with the loss to New Orleans and taking calculated chances. I die inside when they lose to teams like Oakland, Tampa Bay etc. They were already embarassingly flat today before the pick was thrown and remained there throughout pretty much.