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  1. That wasn’t a bad call, just horribly executed.
  2. That wasn’t a bad idea, but New England’s o-line got blown up.
  3. New England will do a Tebow pass
  4. Try a play, call timeout New England.
  5. If I am Seattle I’d consider using timeouts to get your defense he way you want to.
  6. You have 2 timeouts, take what the defense gives you.
  7. Need another pair of eyes to explain Seattle’s scheme. It looks like their front 7 is entirely focused on defending the run. I don’t see any pass rushers, but I see nasty run defenders.
  8. I have no idea. However, Belicheck has the perfect facemask on. It covers most of his face, but underneath it he can talk pretty clearly.
  9. Phenomenal footwork by Moore
  10. Random, but I think coaches may wear masks permanently. I say this because they all worry about opponents reading what they’re saying all the time.
  11. What is preventing DK Metcalf from being the most unguardable WR in the NFL? He’s amazing.
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