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  1. 2019 Draft Prospects

    If you guys want a LB, TJ Edwards is your guy. He’s elite in pass coverage.
  2. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Schobert is elite in pass coverage. In today’s NFL, that’s what you want out of a LB. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-browns-joe-schobert-is-flying-under-the-radar-as-the-nfls-top-coverage-linebacker-through-week-10
  3. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Deandre Baker most closely resembles Ward
  4. 2019 Draft Prospects

    If this happens, who do you guys want? Raiders - Nick Bosa Giants - Justin Herbert Cardinals - Ed Oliver 49ers - Greedy Williams Bills - Quinnen Williams
  5. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — Yikes

    I’ve read that OSU is looking into legal action against Murphy. Good, I hope they sue the **** out of him.
  6. Around the NFL and General discussion

    He’s such an idiot. Should have gone back to Hue when he had the chance.
  7. Rookies of the year

    OUR ROOKIE IS DANGEROUS. Honestly, idgaf who wins. My team finally has a QB.

    What I liked personally was that he got that angry over effort. I don’t like coaches yelling and cursing over a missed assignment, but effort is something I’m 100% cool with chewing somebody out over. For how much these guys get paid, effort should NEVER be an issue.

    He’s the opposite of Hue Jackson. I know some people hate this style, but if leads to wins I don’t care.
  10. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — Yikes

    Brett McMurphy is on a witch hunt. He wrote a story about an uncorroborated accusation that no one witnessed. The person who supposedly was called a racial slur wouldn’t talk to him. He’s going off of what Grimes convicted felon father said who hasn’t talked to his son or his mom in 2 years. Now he’s trying to tie urban in to this. I’m wondering if other schools are paying him to put out this garbage. It’d be smart. https://mobile.twitter.com/YoungKing_JD5/status/1062366442950193152
  11. Worst Starting QB in the History of Your Franchise

    Deshone Kizer is complete *** and I can’t believe we got a solid safety in Damarious Randall for him.
  12. Week 10 GDT: Chaos in Cleveland

    We like you.
  13. Week 11 | Other Games Thread

    Is he giving up on recruiting....? He might be getting fired anyways after this year. What an idiot.
  14. Bengals fire Austin

    Why is the defense struggling? Geno and Carlos are playing great.
  15. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Bengals might have the 2nd worst defense in the NFL. Very surprising to me. We might finally see the end of Marvin Lewis if the bengals struggle down the stretch.