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  1. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    We win, but yuck. Look at 12:21 cole Beasley is WIDE open. Idc man, that makes up for us missing OBJ last week.
  2. Ohio High School Football

    Region 3 is all I’m keeping an eye on.
  3. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    I don’t know what Alabama is. I could see them destroying teams and getting destroyed by Clemson and OSU.
  4. NFL Week 10 GDT

    Nah, but thank you for trying.
  5. Post game! Ups and downs

    My only down is the offensive line. I was cool with Freddie going for it the first time. I didn’t expect our offensive line to get punked. Major props to Freddie today.
  6. NFL Week 10 GDT

    Bad question, but what is that rap song being played at every football game? Just heard it during the Steelers vs Rams.
  7. Week 10 GDT: Battle of Lake Erie!

    I don’t know what it is about coaches / players. They become absolutely terrified of attacking the middle of the field late in a game, even WITH plenty of time and timeout(s).
  8. Notable Stats and Observations

    Kareem Hunt made a big impact today. We played him and Chubb at the same time a lot throughout the game. He would be in the backfield with Chubb and playing fullback. Then we’d line him up in the slot. He was a Swiss Army knife. 4 carries for 30 yards 7 catches for 44 yards
  9. Post game! Ups and downs

    Chubb and Hunt in the backfield the way we used them can be incredibly special. Props to Freddie for that.
  10. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    The only negative I have is the offensive line. Other than that, Freddie did a MUCH a better job this week.
  11. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    Browns should call a timeout
  12. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    Time for Myles Garrett
  13. Week Ten - Official GDT Vs. Bills MAFIA

    I have missed you Higgins.