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  1. Based on what? The giants have 2 wins against Washington and 1 against Philly. Those were all close too.
  2. If you’ve never seen Nick Chubb play, this is his style summarized:
  3. We can survive next week without him. Jacksonville is God awful. However, all hands on deck in 2 weeks against the Titans.
  4. Can’t be emphasized enough, but that Tennessee game needs to be viewed as a playoff game.
  5. Cleveland has 3 cupcakes left in the Jaguars, Jets, and Giants. That puts them at 10 wins. Pittsburgh might rest guys week 17. Just need them to lock up the #1 overall seed.
  6. Some of the only advantages are that it’s harder to read a QBs eyes in heavy rain and pass rushers have a hard time getting their feet where they want it to.
  7. They blow leads because they’re not as good of a team as Internet forums hype them up to be. If this happened once or twice, it’s bad luck. When it happens consistently and repeatedly, you’re a bad team. It’s weird that it’s considered bad luck or misfortune when they blow a lead. Why can’t it be that they just got lucky having a lead in the first place?
  8. The weather gets a thumbs down from me. Thank God Cleveland plays in Florida next week.
  9. I remember a time when fans suggested “guYS cAnT be GooD If tHEY’re a FrEE aGEnt!”
  10. Kansas Cities WRs are so freaking fast. I don’t know how you cover them.
  11. If Kansas City loses, that’s also kinda good. The Steelers would be more likely to rest guys week 17 against us.
  12. Goes without saying, but we want the chiefs to win. We also want Pittsburgh to beat Baltimore Thursday.
  13. It’s a big year, but for a different reason. I think we will build the heart of our defense for the next 10+ years with the 2021 draft class.
  14. Green Bay will lose in the 1st round of the playoffs.
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