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  1. Your exposure to guns and violence is obviously significantly higher than what your average citizen is exposed to.
  2. .......? Do me a favor and clear out your history, then reclick the link. There was also a giant chart talking about federal corruption convictions per capita.
  3. Where exactly is it better in Ohio? https://www.thisweeknews.com/story/news/2021/05/10/ohio-householder-prosecution-top-state-political-corruption-hb-6/4922865001/
  4. We will need more WR and DE help. We’re fine other than that.
  5. One guy had CEH, Jamar Chase, Justin Jefferson, and Terrance Marshall. The other had Michael Dyer and Darvin Adams.
  6. Notre Dame has quietly built some nice talent on the defensive side of the ball. Kyle Hamilton is as good as JOK.
  7. Tampa Bay won a super bowl spending big in free agency. I’m not just talking about Brady. We will see how things work for New England.
  8. He realized that you had to actually spend money in free agency to seriously compete.
  9. Swap Baker for Rodgers and this is the greatest team in franchise history.
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