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  1. Agree with Cleveland’s rank. Bill Callahan is amazing.
  2. So happy for Giannis. The most likable superstar since Dirk honestly.
  3. Really impressed by Giannis. His game isn’t analytically friendly, but he plays so damn hard. His “bulk stats” are so massive that it makes up for it being “inefficient.”
  4. Giannis plays like a young Lebron (not as good passing though). Just incredible.
  5. They’ll pull a Jets and miss out on a Trevor Lawrence type that emerges this year.
  6. It comes down to QB play. The Patriot way took a nose dive when Brady left. The Steelers are on the verge of collapsing, they just don’t realize it yet. Saints are going to be interesting (in a bad way). I guess I’m just not sold Baker is good enough to let you get away with building a team that way.
  7. You have to have superstars also to be able to pull that off.
  8. I understand being cost efficient, but it’s always going to be difficult getting all pro caliber talent. You can always draft a bunch of good and serviceable players. It’s what I’ve liked about the Steelers and Ravens models. For a long time they decided “we will always have a elite front 7” and are willing to be weak in other areas. I mentioned it before, but be like the Skins of the 80’s and Broncos of 90’s. Those teams weren’t stacked top to bottom. They had all time great o-lines and let that be their identity. Not ignoring that you need strong QB play too of course
  9. We need to keep Wyatt, Jack, and Jedrick until they’re around 32. I think James Hudson eventually plays guard. He plays nasty and he’s incredibly athletic.
  10. You have to be bad + have bad luck to lose every single game. Texans will win 1 game. In 2017 we almost beat the packers but we gave up a 65 yard punt return. They lost to the Jets 17-14 and had missed 2 field goals, 3 turnovers, and were 0/3 in the red zone.
  11. Cleveland: 1. The Fumble 2. Red right 88 3. Mark Jackson TD catch (the drive) 4. 5. And of course:
  12. I want to draft another 4.2 type of guy next year. Just keep adding elite of elite speed at WR. It’s worked for Kansas City.
  13. The greatest thing that ever happened for him was not going to ESPN. Mickey Mouse would have muzzled him. Plus he’s right when he gave this speech:
  14. Greatest sports broadcast personality ever? Ernies probably the best analyst host.
  15. I’m keeping Wyatt over Joel. Although we should try to keep both honestly. Keep that group together for 3 years. Be like the 90’s Broncos or 80’s Redskins. Makes me excited about James Hudson.
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