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  1. I may be completely wrong, but I’m leaning towards drafting a WR in round 1. Get Baker somebody with height. So guys like Drake London or Treylon Burks. I think the defense has talent, but needs a coaching change.
  2. Need our o-line to play and the WRs to play. Ironically the defense is healthy.
  3. I think it’s slightly exaggerated. That list is worse case scenario. We don’t know about Conklin, Wills, Jarvis, and OBJ. Tretter is fine. He’s just banged up.
  4. We can survive IF Jarvis plays and our OTs can play.
  5. Injuries have destroyed our offense. No Baker, Kareem, and Nick. Possibly no Jarvis still. Not sure about Jedrick Wills and Jack Conklin.
  6. Keenum is starting for us. So this game should tell you guys a lot about your team. If you want your coaches gone, perfect game to lose lol
  7. I like Olave, but we need bigger WRs. Also, isn’t Zion coming off an Achilles tear? Yuck.
  8. Amazing for Cleveland. I personally debate if we need a DT or another DE. A lot depends on what happens with Joe Woods. Home run draft for Cleveland though.
  9. Vegas has them with the 4th best odds https://www.vegasinsider.com/nba/odds/futures/
  10. Myles went sleeveless so he has to take a random drug test again. This is amazing.
  11. People are sleeping on Milwaukee. They’re better built for the playoffs though.
  12. If you guys want a linebacker in round 1, Devin Lloyd of Utah is you’re guy. Explosive sideline to sideline guy.
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