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  1. Great article on Jaelan Phillips. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2939857-jaelan-phillips-is-nfl-drafts-biggest-boom-or-bust-defensive-player
  2. Clowney could play until he’s 34, I don’t think he will due to injuries though. Barmore is a guy I still want if possible.
  3. Another way to view this: Who are the pillars? Baker and Myles. What does Baker 100% need to be successful? Jedrick and Jack. What does Myles need to be successful? Another DE and a CB. So we have Denzel.
  4. I still believe in Clowney and think he could make a similar impact Conklin did for us last year.
  5. If we’re trying to do build a franchise similar to how Seattle did (they’re who I think we’re copying) I won’t be shocked if OBJ and Jarvis are gone next year. If we sign Clowney, I think there’s a better chance we keep him over those 2. It’s getting easier to find WRs every draft.
  6. Why can’t Clowney be considered a “mid-term” plan? Especially if he works out here. I’m still 100% cool and support drafting a DE with one of our 1st 2 picks. The other pick needs to be a CB.
  7. Question, who on our roster is truly untouchable? Myles - Obvious Baker - If he continues to develop I would say Denzel Ward if he could actually stay healthy. Every stat I’ve read says he’s a beast when he’s actually on the field. Would you say Conklin? He’s a 26 year old dominant all pro RT. If he was a LT, it’s no question. I want to say Wyatt, but he’s a RG. If Jedrick continues to develop I’d say him too. I guess the simple answer is whoever is young and has all pro potential.
  8. I hope that’s what they plan on doing with draft picks after round 3. We’re not really even hurting for depth. Bill Callahan will make any offensive linemen look good. The secondary just needs another starter at CB, but it has depth. D-line could be the 2nd deepest unit if we sign Clowney and draft a guy at 26. Imagine Clowney and Myles against Lamar.
  9. TIL Deshaun Watson sucks https://www.espn.com/nfl/boxscore/_/gameId/401220165 Derek Carr was trash too even though he was insanely hot coming into our game. Even torched the Chiefs and Bucs prior to our game. https://www.espn.com/nfl/boxscore/_/gameId/401220169 The Eagles game had God awful weather too, but I love boxscore scouting. So unless you think Cleveland had an elite defense, I’m going to argue the weather kinda messed with Bakers stats.
  10. We were an offensive team last year and will be carried by the offense next year, but I’m seeing a shift. I don’t know if it will be as dramatic as Denver’s shift from their 2014 team to their 2016 team. Myles is special like Von Miller and you build your defense around him.
  11. Hey So I want you as a nfl QB to play with guys you never practiced with and had less than 24 hours to learn your playbook. They were throwing passes in the ******* parking garage before the game. Tell me how that goes. Oh yeah, you’re going to be missing a lot of other guys too.
  12. Our offense is elite, but I said a few months ago our defense is going to be scary good in 1-2 years and better than our offense. Berry and the franchise as a whole are putting a TON of resources into the defense, especially the secondary.
  13. Dang Sione Takitaki is going to be the happiest dude in the world if we sign Clowney + draft defense. He’s not going to need to do squat and he’ll look good.
  14. Clowney is making his 2nd visit with Cleveland on Monday. He’d be a huge boost for our d-line. We’d have a TON of flexibility for the draft. We could afford to gamble on a Jayson Oweh.
  15. If Berry wants you, he will go after you lol He was thirsty after Takk too.
  16. If you want a deep threat, nuff said. He torched Derek Stingley who’s going to be the first CB drafted next year.
  17. Brady stopped the Steelers and Ravens from having a dynasty.
  18. Not just QBs, but guys in general. It’s not financially worth keeping any player and hoping he’s just a late bloomer.
  19. I’ll say it: IF we sign Clowney and IF a Devonta Smith slips to 15, I’m trading up. He’d be Bakers “Marvin Harrison” for 15 years.
  20. Infinity War was an all time great movie. Mainly because they let the bad guy win after 10 years of build up. However, I feel they released endgame too soon. There was no real buildup or hype. 1 year is way too quick and you should let the Internet talk about Infinity War.
  21. If we do sign Clowney, I think WR is a realistic option too. I say this because of OBJ and his contract.
  22. Sign Clowney and draft Oweh + Togiai. Garrett / McKinley Jackson / Elliott Richardson / Togiai Clowney / Oweh That’s nasty, idgaf who your LBs are.
  23. Just a random thought: If we sign Clowney, would it make MORE sense to draft Jayson Oweh? He’s purely a gamble pick. At least with Clowney you’d have a fallback plan.
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