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  1. One last thing about Mularkey. He’s never really had a shot. Ignoring the crap year in Jacksonville, he’s had teams above .500 3/4 years as a full time head coach. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Mularkey
  2. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Just read that we’ve given up the most sacks in the NFL.
  3. Tracking Baker Mayfield VS. Sam Darnold's 1st Yr Play

    Weird stat. Speed of the game is a rough adjustment. Baker will grow. The Browns rank 31st in completion percentage (55 percent) and have allowed the most sacks in the NFL (31), but don't put that on the offensive line. Cleveland's line has won its pass blocks by 2.5 seconds 62 percent of the time, the second-best rate in the NFL. -- Larson
  4. Mularkey isn’t a bad coach. I can’t name a single titans player other than Mariota and they did this last year. He’s just not “modern” and I understand the hesitation.
  5. Around the NFL and General discussion

    I forgot we play @Denver in December. There’s going to be crazy *** snow during that game, guarantee it.
  6. https://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2018/10/baker_mayfield_5.html
  7. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I think with how the league is, you’re kinda forced to be an offensive team and just hope your defense figures it out. Look at the top of the NFL standings right now. They’re almost all offensive teams. The only exception I see is Washington. The NFL wants to become the AFL. With the explosion of fantasy football and ratings, you can see why. https://www.nfl.com/standings/conference/2018/REG
  8. How much longer does Hue Jackson last

    Look at the dates on those articles. They’re equal to when Bill Polian had a “high grade” on Tom Brady.
  9. Patrick Peterson ask to be traded.

    Chiefs need to hop on this.
  10. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Cowboys for a 2019 1st

    I think you should consider trading Carr to Jacksonville.
  11. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    I’d want Joseph and Conley from Oakland. How much do Raider fans thing both will cost?
  12. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Dallas

    I’ll go bold. Carr will be a Jaguar.
  13. How much longer does Hue Jackson last

    He’s gone after this year. He should have been gone after 0-16.
  14. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Brian Burns needs to be considered. I don’t care how small he is. Just get him on the Yannick Ngakoue diet.
  15. I’m a LOT more worried about Chris Hubbard.
  16. Lol talk about dieing on a hill.
  17. Around the NFL and General discussion

    This is Andy Reid’s year. He doesn’t have a game manager at QB.
  18. Coaching targets

    He’s 56.
  19. Coaching targets

    Matt Campbell runs the exact same scheme and philosophy as Lincoln Riley.
  20. The 53: Player, Roster, & Acquisitions Talk

    We need to start adding vets. The penalties are out of control.
  21. OFFICIAL GDT: Week 7 Tampa Edition

    We need to add some older guys to this roster. The kids keep committing incredibly stupid penalties and hurting the team.
  22. OFFICIAL GDT: Week 7 Tampa Edition

  23. OFFICIAL GDT: Week 7 Tampa Edition

    We need more vets. That’s the only way these penalties will stop.