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  1. We need another CB. Greedy Williams is made of glass and Terrance Mitchell shouldn’t be starting.
  2. Mitchell is keeping Cincinnati alive in this game.
  3. That drop is the difference between winning and losing. You HAVE to have that.
  4. Holy hell There is literally no excuse for that drop.
  5. I really hope Myles doesn’t get screwed like Joe Thomas.
  6. Stat wise, Bryant is one of the best tight ends in college football history.
  7. One more drive and he’s getting benched. Stefanski will says it’s because of his ribs to spare him. Watch Baker be “in pain” this drive.
  8. A rookie QB who has a 2nd year HC (who’s terrible) is outplaying Baker.
  9. I never got an answer for this. Why does Joe Burrow look better than Baker? You can’t say Bakers struggles are due to coaching.
  10. Somebody in this thread said it best: It’s demoralizing having Baker as your QB.
  11. We need to treat him like Jay Cutler / Rex Grossman. Which means trading Jarvis and OBJ. There’s ZERO point in having them as WRs with Baker at QB.
  12. You realize there’s a very strong chance the team collapses right? Nobody is going to care about start 4-2 if they finish 6-10.
  13. Baker is not even freaking close on these throws.
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