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  1. Unlike Cobb, I REALLY hope this Amari guy can one day step up as a #1 wideout.
  2. Well, I can retire early tonight, at least. And third time lightning round, what the CRAP, guys?!
  3. Old School Search Engine. I'm too old for that Alexa [BLEEP].
  4. Apparently, a Bald Eagle's average weight is between 10-14 Pounds... and 14 Pounds equal 1 Stone.
  5. 32 Stone https://www.metric-conversions.org/weight/pounds-to-stones.htm
  6. Yikes, Munoz got that Gary Busey mouth/jaw thing going for him.
  7. Who saw the Bucs Draft Room and immediately tried to find Brady?
  8. I'm guessing Brady was taking a restroom break during this pick.
  9. Teams that were created AFTER the leather helmet era shouldn't have leather helmet merchandise.
  10. Can't really complain about that one. It IS a need after all.
  11. We've been shockingly quick on the draw this year.
  12. Marshall's gone. You can crawl out from under your bed now. Or out of your bottle.
  13. We might be in No Man's Land now as far as the majority of the in-thread crowd goes.
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